Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kalvin Shares Lies


jp said...

Chubby little loser. National joke.

Oh Kal, it's been years since I checked in you, you banal and facile waste of space.

I wonder, where's the original crew?
F1Racer - you still check in sometimes?
Jimmy D?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHA! I just watched that fat piece of shit Kal K. Korff on his big time media giant's You Tube channel with a while 14 views. 15 now and you can thank me later Kal you bloated windbag. Kal looks awful! Not only has he gained all that weight but his eyes are puffy with large dark circles to go with it. Kal's fat face looks like it will explode soon. Kal has no business reporting news on any level be it in a free newspaper or anywhere else for that matter. Watching Kal try so hard to some kind of journalist is just painful.

Pathetic Earthlings. Hurling your bodies into the void. said...

Just burning up the internet with those new Kal Korff Show episodes. Hard to keep track of how many there are! What are we up to now, episode seventeen or so? That'd be one every week, which is what television shows do, and he says it's TV. And such a diverse body of guests, my favorite being the well-known scientist from the US and that endless parade of Indian fashion models with whom he is so enviably close. Hope Kal isn't working too hard. Looks like the pace he keeps is just relentless. Just work work work work work for that boy. Glad he has a wife who loves him waiting at home to, you know, help him relax at the end of the day, with lots of bangin' howling groping sex. Women have needs and if Kal is half the animal he is in bed as he is with the show she must be one happy camper, boasting about it to all her pretty girlfriends.

Ain't that right Kal? Success story like you, shucks. It's being humble that makes it so honorable.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget that hit Kal Korff: The Movie movie! You know, with the UFO abduction from Connecticut that is all the buzz there in India with those fashion model girls. That 8th grade book report project is the very definition of the words "conclusive proof", especially with the plaid binder cover mom picked out at the drug store. Just showing the binder itself brought a hushed silence upon the rowdy uptown theater crowd I got to see it with. Place was packed! Mostly young women too, all in awe of the physique of the mysterious Man In Black at the heart of the story. Look out Hugh Jackman! Here comes Kal K. Korff, a bloated squat-faced 54 year old flying saucer expert who uses Just For Men on his goatee to look more like Commander Riker. Special Edition two disc DVD set for Christmas, I hear! with lots of bonus features including a behind the scenes making of special and of course the extended director's cut with all the nudity in the original 1:78:1 anamorphic. Language track options for English, Spanish, French and of course Hindi, and subtitled for pretty much everyone else including Norway. Standalone ROM music soundtrack and the first 500 copies hand-signed by the Korff-Man.


Anonymous said...

Gold Plated Post Right There!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This note is directed to all you newer Korffers that missed the blobs heights of idiocy back in the first decade of the new century.

Back in those days of yester-year Korff routinely exploded on the net. His targets were numerous. He had a weekly spot on the Robb McConnell show out of Canada, and McConnell had to have known Korff was out of his fucking head ... but played along with Korffs lunacy. (he must have thought it upped his radio ratings.) Finally down the road McConnell finally had enough and disavowed Korff. HOW-SO-EVER .. before that happened a lot of people from this blog emailed and wrote to McConnell about that fucking train crash of Kal Korff. So .. with that in mind here is a little trip back to September of 2008 .. a missive McConnell wrote to his critics and to the world!

"This is Rob McConnell:

I am in possession of objects, which were sent to me by Kal Korff, which are supposed to be nano components. I am making arrangements with the engineering department of a Canadian university which specializes in nano technology to have them examine and establish what they are. They resemble small particles of plastic/foil and I cannot identify what they might be.
Once I have the results from the university, I will release them to both Kal Korff and this blog site at the same time.

Also, the iPod that I have received from Kal has been duly registered on line with Apple.

As I said the other night on my radio show, I cannot understand why people are singling out and targeting Kal, when, there are other members of the UFO community who have been charged by police and law enforcement agencies for criminal offences and have been found either found guilty or pled guilty. How come no one is targeting them?

Kal Korff is Kal Korff, unlike members of the UFO community who use two and even three aliases. How come no one is targeting them?

Do you remember the claims that were made by Art Bell on Y2K and how he profited from it and how he scared the hell out of a lot of people? Do you remember when Art Bell talked about an alien invasion and had a couple of people in an airplane over the desert in Nevada to report the invasion? Do you remember the satellite photo that had a data drop in it that Art Bell claimed was a UFO? Do you remember when a Art Bell talked about a space craft in the tail of Hale Bopp and we all remember what happened with Heaven’s Gate don’t we? How come the UFO community is not going after Art?"

cont. next post ..

Anonymous said...

cont. from above

"What about the claims by Blossom Good Child that a 2,000 mile diameter UFO will make an appearance and cover entire cities for a period of three days? I haven’t seen you people go after her. How come?

When Kal was on the show this week, I asked him about his retraction on the Art Bell Show, he answered and explained what had happened.

I have been personally in touch with the people at Cables and Simms and I was told by them that there is no present legal action against Kal Korff, nor is there any police involvement. They did tell me that Kal has been in contact with them.

As for Kal’s goal of getting a PhD – if he gets a legitimate one – Bravo! Good for him! I know for a fact that there are many people past and present in the UFO community who have claimed to have degrees of all kinds, including PhD’s and I do not see them getting targeted. How come? If Kal’s quest for higher knowledge and PhD will be legit and given by a recognized university / institution – then great.

The fact that Kal uses Colonel in front of his name as a “rank” or “title” is common within the private sector in the security field. There are patrolman, corporal, sergeant, captain, inspector, major, colonel – and yes, they can jump rank from captain to colonel or from patrolman to inspector and so on. Some of the private sector companies that use ranks include Pinkertons, Corps of Commissionaires and even the SPCA has inspectors."

jp said...

Someone mentioned the old days of Korffing. Way back, some 10 years ago, Kal claimed he created "nanobots" - big, big secret technology only Kal was privy to.

Well, checking out the game Everspace - I found Kal's nanobots! HAHA!!

Here's a screenshot:

Kal's nanobots in Everspace

jp said...

Following up on Kal's nanobots....

I made this video back when we lived in Prague. (We live in Canada now)
See around 1:45 for Kal's "Scientific Innovation" when he reveals his little vial of nanobots.

Kult of Kal

God, what a tool. Always has been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I love that video!

Anonymous said...

Kal K Korff, of course!! Why don't we all just say that Kalvin is (in a nutshell of course) simply OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND! He was out of his mind, He is out of his mind, and going out on a limb here ... He will continue to stay out of his fucking mind.

The only difference now as compared to 7 or 8 years ago is ... the fucking shithead doesn't quite ACT OUT quite as publicly now as he did then. I suspect he is afraid those folks in India will discover what a genuine lunatic he really is.

Hey Kalvin ... FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!

Anonymous said...

How can one be content to live such a miserable existence.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin has to content with this, why....

Because we will never, EVER stop.

Payback, it's a bitch, Kalvin Karlton Korff.

I found Korff .. AGAIN said...

Well Kalvin Lard Ass, it is almost 751 days PAST DUE on the release of your book or series of books. I suppose we can now declare no book or series of books will be coming ... at least not in this lifetime.

On to other news, it has been months and months since you gave any information out on you "soon to be a blockbuster movie!" Is that stored in the same file as your book or series of books ... never to be mentioned again ... in this lifetime?

Oh yes, your "RADIO SHOW" has also been among the missing. Where is your radio show Kalvin? I suppose that is another FAILURE to add to all the other failures?

Hey, how is the Mrs. and your Junior Genius IQ level kid? Nothing on the home front for a couple of years now.

Christ you fucking Moron ... do you have any idea what a Predictable Piece of Shit you are? It is just like shooting those fish in a small barrel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kult of Kal, damn I remember your vid and just watched it again after many years!

I love lil' kal in his kowboy hat!! LOL!!! What a TOOL he is! LOL!! I LOVE his little science ribbon! My God you can't make this shit up! Everybody needs to remind ourselves what a loose cannon is rolling around with this chubby little national joke! However by looking at some of those photographs on the front of this blog I think our little chubby national joke is now a MOST ROTUND NATIONAL JOKE! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the people of India who rely on Daily World for their breaking news found Kal Korff's "television show" explaining his delusional mind's perceptions of the 2016 US Presidential elections absolutely worthless, a waste of time and of no practical application to their own lives.

Confucius say Fat bloated ugly little man wearing the same turtleneck every day make for poor choice to sit next to on bus.

Remember me Kal? said...

Hmm, I see that tub of shit is still around? Hey Korff, go on a diet why don't ya? Man, you look like shit.