Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kal Korff and missle defense bullshit part 2

Kal you should post your video or shut your mouth. No one believes a word that flies out of your fat face.

Reply from CriticalThinkers.org, your question already answered‏
From: Kal Korff (kalkorff@kalkorff.com)
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 8:41:19 AM
To: Daniela Abrahamova (daniela.abrahamova@hotmail.com)
Dear Ms. Abrahamova,

As you were already previously informed, a fact you are aware of, Miss Martina Týčová has both the videos you inquire about, as well as the rights to broadcast this material.

Since she also filmed it, we do not "control" this issue, we have nothing further to add to this matter.

You may wish to correct your "facts" since they are obviously not accurate.

Also, I am not "Colonel Kal Korff," Mr. Korff does not speak the Czech language.

I do.

Your last name implies that you are of Czech nationality, so your letter was forwarded to me.

You have the right to "believe" whatever you wish, the choice is yours.

Regardless, it does not "magically change" the facts, which do not care about people's opinions.

Kind regards,


On Nov 8, 2008, at 12:34 PM, Daniela Abrahamova wrote:

Dear Colonel,

How many times do I have to ask you? Where is the clip of you sending off your book series on terrorism to your publisher.

Again - I reproduce below the relevant text from your very own website:

"CriticalThinkers.org announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

Frankly, a more cynical person than I would be beginning to suspect that there never was any such videotaped footage...



Kult of Kal said...
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Kult of Kal said...

A couple observations:

1. Straight from Kal and "Martina's" replies, there is animosity between them.
Kal's reply was full of "me versus her" type of speak. From "Martina" personality, I read the same. Only I'm not convinced it's a different person.

2. Kal continues to group any one person with all attackers.
Even as only Daniela questions him, Kal replies to Daniela, "his kritics", "Jimmy D and others who use more than one phony screen name." Why value is there in bringing up all others to Daniela?

3. Anymore, Kal is a natural at being on the defensive and a victim.
That's how I read: ...when SHE wants to, not when ... Kal in general, "demand" it.
And: "When...., I think Mr. Korff has his own rights for once."

It's a beautiful thing to witness someone be so transparent when they believe they're being so smug and secretive.

Daniela said...

STOP PRESS - 48-hour special offer!

I've just sent off a little provocative follow-up to Colonel Crackpot.

By all means, feel free to check yourselves to see if the madman rises to the bait.

My email is daniela.abrahamova@hotmail.com [you need to fill in all of that in the "Windows live ID" field"

The password - for the next 48 hours - is: "kalisanidiot"

But please don't delete anything or send messages from that account or do anything with it.

KIAI - perhaps you could take and post a screenshot of any further correspondence?

Anonymous said...

Getting a rise out of Kal is too easy. The guy is such a self centered ego feeding bitch that he'll never sit back and just let something go or move on to whatever is next. He has an unhealthy obsession with certain people and it is a good thing he lives on the other sied of the world because his behavior would likely elicit a few restraining orders. Kal Korff is a fucking lunatic.

Kult of Kal said...

Nice effort, Daniela. I read your latest sent messages.

I'm not holding my breath for a response from Kal, but here's hoping!

Anonymous said...


This is what needs to be done, I'm sad to say. Kal MUST be asked very pointed questions, very single minded questions, like D. is doing.

In my experiance with Kal, when you do this he will generally then ask you for something very specific to back up why you are asking the question.

In this case, that is not needed, as Kal is being asked to back up his own words.

This is the path to take.

Anonymous said...


A couple days ago, I asked Kal this pointed question:
"Kal, your video of you speaking to the Israeli delegation has anyone actually there. Can you explain?"

Kal's response (via Youtube):

reply from secretxwars, vid explained

Dear xxxx,

This was a video clip from a rehearsal for a speech before a delegation. The web entry for it said it was from a much longer scene, which is not shown because of the 10 minute limit.

People have assumed whatever they want, they do it regardless. Doesn't mean it is true. Furthermore, they were not present, so they cannot comment.

The practice speech was liked, it was kept and published, instead of being erased.

This matter is very simple, and it is only people with ulterior motives who have tried to "read" and do project whatever they wish into it.

Thanks for your comments.


Anonymous said...

By the way, more about my previous post - Kal's response about his practice speech...
Daniela had to write Kal several times for him to respond to her. However, Kal responded to me within 1 day of my message.

Here's why: I submitted the comment as feedback to his video. Kal moderates his comments (not allowing them to be posted). But at least, he will respond to video comments faster than e-mail.

Anonymous said...

"... rehearsal for a speech before a delegation..."
So what about posting another 10-minute clip of the REAL speech, you bullshitting fantasist?

Anonymous said...

A practice speech? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is why Kal points to the "crowd" like someone is there he knows and he gets all emotional telling his life story and how some guy at work "stole" his girlfriend? BWAHAHAHAH! Kal you sick little freak monkey!! You are off your fucking rocker Kal! Practice speech!!! Go get see a shrink Kal and get a pro to help you with your mental issues you sick little creep.

Daniela said...

'A couple days ago, I asked Kal this pointed question:
"Kal, your video of you speaking to the Israeli delegation has anyone actually there. Can you explain?"'

---by way of a follow-up question, could you ask the good Colonel if this too was a "practice":


Squonkamatic said...

How did Major Randle put it? "We are dealing with someone who has no ethical standards."

The YouTube notes for the videos clearly imply that he is speaking before a live audience, including a couple of times when he pretends to be pointing at someone for a question or just clowning around. There is obviously nobody else in the room with him, the Israeli flag is the same one seen in his Prague apartment videos, the camera does not move nor are there any adjustments on the framing as Kal K. Korff waddles back and forth. He is a liar.

I also sensed that a rift has developed between Kal K. Korff and this poor Martina woman, and that now Kal K. Korff is trying to blame not having the video footage in question on some misdeed by her. Which is probably easily explained by her blowing him off and demanding her digital camera back WHICH IS WHY WE AREN'T SEEING NEW VIDEOS BY HIM unless they were sourced from videotapes or Rob McConnell's studio webcam feed.

Yes it IS hilarious to see somebody being so transparent while they are trying to blatantly lie to try and get themselves out of a jam. All Kal K. Korff had to do was say "I'm sorry, that post was inaccurate, said footage does not exist and I am too embarrassed to discuss this further, have a nice day."

Anonymous said...


I watched that video you mentioned, for me to ask if he's "rehearsing" again.

Sorry, but it's not worth my worry.

In that video, Kal's constant darting of his eyes left, right, left --- that's just because he's a shallow, little man (inside and out). He's not rehearsing or acting like he's talking to other people. He's just being the whimpering Kal in most of his 'empty' videos.