Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coward Kal Korff "defies" British law.....from 800 MILES AWAY!

It certainly appears a certain conniving coward isn't taking his medication again. Yes oh yes that crackpot of a lad Kal Korff has hit the ground in full nutty and wasting no time at all in torturing everyone with his usual blabbering.

Yes indeed ever so so so brave Kal Korff is so courageous that he has chosen to "defy" a law in England making it illegal to publish the name and picture of a mother who took part in the alleged torture/murder of her own child.

Let me be crystal clear here so Conniving Kal Korff can't try to twist this all around and I will say that the act this woman is accused of having committed is utterly despicable and she indeed needs to do her time if she is found guilty. Unlike Coward Kal Korff I believe everyone, even an accused murder has a right to due processes in place by law. Just look at Kal's brother who got his due process and was found GUILTY of trying to run down a police man with a car and is IN PRISON. But I digress.

So here we have "big bad and brave" Kal Korff rather laughably "defying" British law from 800 MILES AWAY! This is the same Colonel Coward who claims to fight terrorists from Prague while the REAL HEROES fight the enemy on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Colonel Coward has indeed mastered the art of throwing rocks from afar and running like the pathetic coward he has been his entire life.

Kal listen here, if you were as brave as you make yourself out to be then you'd be on the first plane to London and you would hand out fliers in the streets with this woman's name and picture. You would stay in London letting all know where you were staying and you would put out youtube.com videos about it freely. But you won't do that because that requires courage and committment and ethics all of which you clearly have lacked all your life by trying to run down easy targets so you can make yourself feel like you are brave and trying desperately to give your less than meager life meaning.

So Colonel Coward until you get on that plane to England and do just that you need to shut that huge mouth you have. Having a big mouth is easy and you prove that all the time to excess. Actually having the balls to take action to back your words is something entirely different. Whether you realise it or not Kal the entire world knows there is no bite to your rather loud bark. Anyone can be brave from 800 MILES AWAY! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Colonel Coward at his finest walking up to the line and making faces but never having the balls to step over the line.


Anonymous said...

I really like how Kal is trying to call Kevin Ranle a coward when it was Kal who dodged Kevin at the last debate that was scheduled in advance. Now Kal is taking pot shots at someone from another continent away , which isn;t surprising at all since this is Kal's standard operating procedure.

Get some professional help, Kal, you lunatic.

Anonymous said...

For the record, here is Kal's challenge to the UK, posted by him on 11/15/08:

("I don't care if they put me in jail for publishing this, they have NO jurisdiction if I am NOT in the UK nor a British citizen. Fuck them, we ARE printing this story. I will be happy to go to the UK if they insist, to face whatever charges. Go ahead, I DARE THEM!" - Kal Korff).

Anonymous said...

Jurisdiction only applies to Kal when it is convenient for him. Kal has threatened to sue a number of people in Europe who are not European citizens. Kal is hoping for something to happen so he can get some media attention. Kal's a preposterous coward who stalks targets he considers easy or he tries to "go after" people who won't waste their time responding to his delusions.

Speaking of lawsuits what did ever happen to all those lawsuits Kal said he was going to make happen? Nothing happened because Kal K. Korff is full of shit.

Kal is a boner said...

I was just reading this shit on Kal's site about he and Mikey Horn becoming buddies! This is the same Kal K. Korff who claims to be such a compassionate intellectual that he told Mikey Horn to "go fuck yourself sideways" not all that long ago.

This is the same Mikey Horn Kal said he was going to have prosecuted for criminal fraud and was going to sue him. Kal even said he wanted to "personally" slap the cuffs on Mikey Horn because Mikey was going to get arrested.

Conveniently none of that has happened. Poor Kal K. Korff has no idea that Mikey Horn is going to use and abuse him. lol! Yep, Mikey Horn is playing Kal Korff like a fiddle at a barn dance. Kal just isn't very bright, not at all.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point to any legal action ever having taken place against anyone Kal called out? I know the UFO Watchdog never heard from Kal at all. Nothing, other than e-mail, from Kal, and a long time ago.

What gives Rob? Kal makes all these claims and you never once call him on them.

Rob: "Hey Kal, what's up with all of those law suits?"
Kal: "Law suits, what law suits?"
Rob: "Is this just more of the same crap Kal?"
Kal: "Yup."

Anonymous said...


Administrative Contact:
Tycova, Martina info@ufowatchcat.com
Rybna 20
Praha, Prague 10001
Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Prague City Beat

Bigfoot and the Supermodel
by sambeckwith

Former Prague Post IT columnist Kal K. Korff has the cover story in the January 2005 issue of Fortean Times (not yet online), debunking the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage. (You’ll know it when you see it.)

One mystery remains unsolved, though: Who is the “Czech supermodel & media personality, Martina Tycova” that presents Kal’s The Making of The Making of Bigfoot video?

Searches on Google and Seznam draw a blank when it comes to this shadowy figure.

Anonymous said...

Kal is a boner:

Yup, you guessed right. Michael Horn has 'buddied up' to Kal for only one purpose. His business is producing DVDs and CDs, mostly concerning the Billy Meier case. Getting Kal to record his comments to Rob McConnell's questions is just material for another one. Dumb Kal is so naive, he doesn't realize he is being 'used' for that purpose only. Michael Horn could give a shit about patching up old differences with Kal.


Anonymous said...

Ufoology.com was registered to Martina Tycova on May 24, 2008. The address given is the Hotel Josef in downtown Prague. Does that raise any questions?

Anonymous said...

I use a fake address for my URL's as well. It's an easy matter of using www.betterwhois.com to find the address of anyone with a URL....

BritinPrague said...

How dare this creature use this awful case to big himself up - safe in the sure knowledge that noone would ever call him on it?

You are the dregs, Korff.

BritinPrague said...

He did much the same thing in one of his YouTube rants (which the coward subsequently deleted - a fragment is, however, viewable on '"Secret Boors" - Vol. 1' on YouTube) viz a viz OJ Simpson:

""...We're gonna nail OJ Simpson...He did kill his ex-wife, regardless of what he says. And if Simpson wants to come after me ... come on, OJ - go ahead. "

Anonymous said...

In case anyone had doubts, the phone number (602-832-6552) Martina used also is a deadend.

A Czech number with replies in both Czech & English: "The number you've dialed is unavailable - please try again later."

BritinPrague said...

"Speaking of lawsuits what did ever happen to all those lawsuits Kal said he was going to make happen? Nothing happened because Kal K. Korff is full of shit."

---in one of his YouTube rants, Kalvin claimed to have dropped all his lawsuits. This was - he laughably claimed - in order to allow his targets to defend themselves and respond to his attacks. His reasoning was that with certain matters being sub judice (being the subject of libel suits and othter legal actions), his opponents were prevented from commenting publicly. Now, with all law suits dropped, he reasoned, there was nothing stopping them fronm speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Martina Tycova "third place winner" in a modeling competition according to Kal. What the fuck is a "third place winner"?????? The loser next in line behind the runner up. Third place "winner" bwahahahahah Only in Kal's corny world. And this lawsuit bullshit is just that and always was. Kal doesn't have the nuts or the money let alone any legal ground to sue anyone on. Go fuck yourself Kal you twat.

Anonymous said...

I see Kal is back in full swing on the nutjob express. What a loser piece of trash. Kal we are not laughing with you. Let me spell it out: WE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU! You provide endless laughs with your pathetic claims and crapfest videos. Please make some more videos so I can laugh so hard I nearly piss myself. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of lawsuits what did ever happen to all those lawsuits Kal said he was going to make happen?"

Kal will never sue anyone because:

1) the first thing any attorney will demand from Kal before filing any suit is a retainer, and that will be thousands of dollars Kal doesn't have.

2) If he files suit, Kal will be subject to deposition and discovery by the defendant's attorney, and imagine the fun of Kal having to answer questions, under penalty of perjury, about being a colonel in the "Special Secret Services"!

Kal is never, ever going to sue anyone. Period.

Anonymous said...

Kal is a mouth piece, all talk and no action. Ignore the bum and his contradictory self righteousness.

Squonkamatic said...

Wasn't Kal K. Korff supposedly posting a video where Martina would answer all of the questions concerning her and prove all of the critics wrong? Wasn't that due "in two weeks" about a month ago? I lose track of how many times KAL K. KORFF HAS LIED to people about his activities & contacts, but I went to YouTube just now hoping to have these questions about Martina finally answered and all I saw was the same worthless sack of shit in a pink shirt "lecturing" on Billy Meier. But wait a minute, isn't Michael Horn the mouthpiece of this armless unwashed Swiss UFO cult idiot?

So Kal K. Korff is both denouncing Billy Meier AND buddying up with his marketing rep at the same time? I am reminded of the scene from Woody Allen's "Bananas" where US troops were parachuting into San Lorenzo, half to support the rebels and half to support the Federales, just to make sure they were backing whoever came out on top.

Anonymous said...

Kal MUST go for this Horn deal. Who else will talk with him but Horn and Rob?

I find it enlightening that Kal continues to call out Randle as less than a man because Randle chooses to ignore Kal (after his no show) than make nice with Kal......

I think we should look forward to more team-ups betweem Kal and his old nemesis'....

Anonymous said...

rofl more hijinks and buffonery from Kal K Korff

f1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Kal wil be on the X Zoner boner talking about how he solved JFK's assassination. You really need to get some new material Kal. Stop clinging to the past because whatever moment you consider your 'glory days' was over a long, long, long time ago.

Let's see here, Kal talks about how he solved JFK case, the Roswell case, Billy Meier case. Let's look at some dates here.

JFK - video released January 2000

Roswell book - released in mass paperback March 2000

Billy Meier book - released January 1995

Larry King Live! appearance - November 1993

Terrorism book - will never see the light of day.

Nanotechnology work - Thee is none. Kal has no college education and has never written a peer reviewed scientific paper that has been published legitimately.

Terrorism work - There is no proof supporting any of this.

So aside from writing a now defunct column for a free newspaper and giving Czechs terrible advice on English, showing the world how delusional he is, filling in the late night slot on a silly radio show, and posting stupid music videos to his website what has the "great" Kal K. Korff really done in the past 8 years? He hasn't done shit.

Any idiot can take up a subject, disagree with it, and write down his conclusions to favor his view.

Kal is so desperate for attention that he is willing to align himself with a person from the Billy Meier camp!

So let me get this right, Kal is willing to team up with someone he has accused of committing fraud but Kal judges others? Give me a break. Kal is a hypocrite of the worst variety.

And if you notice, Kal will continually target those people who know better than to waste their time with his lunacy. This is why Kal keeps after Kevin Randle because he knows Kevin will never respond after Kal turned tail and ran out on their Roswell debate.

Kal is a coward. Never forget that and never worry about any of his legal threats. Kal has been making legal threats for years and has not followed through on a single one. Never has, never will because that requires a few things Kal is terribly short on: money, brains, and an actual legal basis for a lawsuit.

Kal is a joke, an oddity placed on this planet for some less than meager entertainment and nothing more. He's the kind of guy you point out to your friends and openly mock because he willingly invites it.

Anonymous said...

You are a piece of shit, Korff.

I absolutely loathe you.

Anonymous said...

>>> Let's look at some dates here.

Well done my fellow Korffer. Well done.

BTW, maybe a few of you, if you have the time, maybe you should wait for Kal to appear, if he does, and then send Rob an e-mail, while they are on the air, and ask him about the nanbot components?

Rob stated to more than one that this week he would be releasing the inspection results.

Let's have it Rob.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone listen to Colonel Crackhead tonight? I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Anonymous said...

Please! Kal is still trying to ride the JFK train?!?! Bwaha! Kal is a fucking moron and one crazy son of a bitch. Seriously. A nut to the core and he always has been and always will be. Kal's level of ineptitude is unsurpassed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kal, where is the big consumer fraud lawsuit against Ray Santilli you've been promising for YEARS now? You fucking loser, Kal.

Jacques Vallee said...

Bonjour, mes amis!! I have found that Korff has traveled briefly to the US, and may miss his next X-Zone appearance:


Neb. police arrest 'Butt Bandit' vandalism suspect
Nov 21 04:14 PM US/Eastern
VALENTINE, Neb. (AP) - Authorities said they've arrested a suspect in the rash of so-called "Butt Bandit" vandalism cases. County Attorney Eric Scott said a 35-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday morning. Formal charges have not yet been filed. Some vandal had been skipping from one building to another at night, pressing his naked buttocks, groin or both on windows.

Store owners, church workers and school janitors have had to wash lotion and petroleum jelly off the windows he selects.

Anonymous said...

Saw on Korff's website that he speaks positively about Michael Horn and that they are 'friends' now. Others such as Biedney, Kimball, Meyers, Randle and Eckers should talk and be friendly to Korff as well. How old is this guy?
Korff threatend every last one of them and now they should be friendly with him? What a lunatic. It's Korff that needs to apologize. How delusional can you get. Two years ago Korff threatend to sue Horn for consumer fraud and months ago Horn could go fuck himself sideways according to Colonel Ass-talker.
Korff is just a freak show. The only legitimate question is; is he delusional or playing nasty games?

Anonymous said...

To the poster asking about Korff's last appearance.

They talked about the JFK deal because it was the ann of the shooting.

Then I was listening to the Bell show (or whatever it's called now) and the guests on there had a completely different stance on the whole deal...?

Whom to beleive...? Our buddy, or a panel of people currently working on projects AND willing to discuss them in an open forum?

You listening Rob?

Horn and Korff indeed.

Horn is no dummy. He's going to use whatever avenue he can to get his "truth" out there. Korff will as well, because 1993 was a long time ago, and nobody cares anymore.

lastly, anybody bother to load up that video software? I'll still with vegas and Speed Edit. Kicks as on the Korff software, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Kal let's see you man up for once and go to England and defy the authorities to their face. If you such a noble crusader and this woman has committed such a horrid act, then you should go there and prove to the world you are really willing to make sacrifice to stand up for what you believe is justice.

Big brave kal Korff "standing up" in usual fashion from a distance, and 800-miles to top it off. If Kal has a pair he'd have gone staight to London and marched in the street with signs blazing. But, no, Kal is the scarecrow from Oz with the exception that Kal will never find courage.

You're no protector of consumers, Kal, nor are you some noble knight in shining armour riding to the rescue of the helpless. You are a coward with a rather large mouth.

Kal hides behind his delusions because it takes real courage to confront the real world each day, to interact in it and to do something meaningful.

Kal Korff is a coward's coward, a "man" who will create stories so he can avoid confrontation and talk as though he has faced many enemies.

Kal Korff is such a oward that he left the United States because he was afraid of facing someone he called a fraud and a coward. Instead of facing the person in court, Kal ran away with his tail firmly tucked between his legs because Kal knows deep down he is a nobody with no real brass.