Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kal Korff sells Internet website?

Someone just sent me some information about a website owned by Kal Korff. I don't understand the significance of the Internet website other than it has the name Roswell in it so I will show you what was sent to me.

" Years ago that fucknut Kal Korff weaseled his way into taking possession of a website called The former domain holder got fed up with the Roswell circus and decided to stop wasting his time on ufo stuff and gave the website to Kal Korff. I am not 100% certain of this but I do believe Kal was given the webiste on the condition it only be used to further expose Roswell.

With a string of follies and other problems following Kal, who seems to be a fuck-up magnet, I've been told Kal was forced to sell the website to pay bills and to settle up on some other financial obligations. The guy who is now listed as the owner of the domain name is someone who buys and sells domain names for big bucks, though I have serious doubts Kal was savvy enough to come out very far ahead if he did sell it. If Kal didn't sell the domain name why is it now under someone else's name and no longer redirected to Kal's awful website? I think the name of the guy who used to own it is Kent Jeffries but I am not sure. I do recall Kal giving his usual "gosh I'm so honored and humbled" bullshit when Kal was talking about him being given the domain name."

Sure enough I did check on the Internet website and it no longer is connected to any of Kal's lunacy. There is also a new owner listed for the Internet website.

So has Kal Korff sold out again? If kal has sold out again I wonder what he used the money for? maybe Kal paid off some iPods? A laptop? A cellphone bill? A bus ticket?

I guess being humled and honored is meaningless against the might of the dollar and perhaps event he ethics Kal claims he has which everyone knows is as big a joke as Kal is.


Anonymous said...

Dollars and Euros, that's what Korff is interested in inspite of his lingo "dedicated to human causes". Human causes being filling Korff's pockets. He probably thought; 'I'm a dick anyway I might as well make a living from it'.

James said...
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James said...
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Anonymous said...

Kal is beyond being a fuckwit, he is into fucktard territory

f1 racer
aka Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kal has apparently unloaded that domain name. It did originally belong to a Kent Jeffries and now belongs to a Warren Royal, who indeed is a domain broker and website designer. I'm sure he got it for a steal since Kal seems to be a bit short of cash these days. Further evidence is on Kal's website, where several months ago he indicated he had 40 websites, then several weeks ago, it was 38, and today its down to 36. Knowing him though, I doubt there ever was that many, but it seems to show that he's unloading now.
Maybe he just realized that that Michael Horn DVD isn't going to make him so rich after all!


Anonymous said...

Kal said he was humbled, honored, grateful, and all that usual shit he sputters that he was given that website. What a load of shit. So Korff turns around and sells it after prancing around that he had the ethics to not sell the website to the city of Roswell. lol Way to go Kal and way to fuck over Kent Jeffries and all that giving the website to you in the first place stood for. Yep Kal K. Korff is a fucking sellout who is now willing to sellout to anyone and even going as far as teaming up with Mike Horn. Kal says he fights consumer fraud but he is allowing Mike Horn to profit from this DVD deal and is promoting Mike Horn's views. Kal is so inept he doesn't realize Mike Horn is using him like a $2 whore. And don;t think you're anything other than a cheap whore Kal.

Anonymous said...

UFO WatchCat TV - Billy Meier UFO Hoax
Written by Kal Korff via UFO WatchCatTV
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 11:17

Dear World,
As we continue to move forward with trying to have Mikey Horn of the Billy Meier cult charged with CONSUMER FRAUD for promoting a FRAUD and a UFO CULT (otherwise known as the Eduard "Billy" Meier case in Switzerland) we will of course keep you informed.

In the meantime, while Mikey Horn continues to LIE and DECEIVE you, here's a short news segment from Korean TV where some reporters easily duplicated Billy Meier's "UFO" photos and MOVIES.

While Mikey will of course "deny" this, this is exactly what those who commit CONSUMER FRAUD do!

The above from Kal's website.
So Kal is now going to be a participant in
Michael Horn's CONSUMER FRAUD!


Kal Korff blows said...

Kal will sell out at the drop of a hat. Kal isn;t protecting consumers by "teaming up" with Michael Horn. Just wait until after the "debate" and see what happens. I predict that Michael Horn will pull the rug out from under Kal and Kal will go back to waging his silly "consumer fraud" war against Michael and others. Michael owns that idiot Kal K. Korff and is using Kal to get exactly what he wants, which is a skeptical boxing partner who can only cat fight and not throw a punch.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Kal playing his usual games by pissing on good faith agreements he has made with others. Kent Jeffries must be regretting ever giving that domain to Kal. I will laugh like there is no end when the city of Roswell buys that domain name from whoever Kal sold it to. I hope the city of Roswell puts a picture of Kal on the front page with a thank you note for giving them a way to grab that domain name. Nice job Kal you fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

This debate with Horn is about one thing for Korff and that is money. And not only is it Horn and Korff cahsing in but Rob McConnell is the one selling it! Kal's website says to contact which is run by McConnell! Check it out for yourself

These clowns are cross promoting so they can make a buck! Kal K. Korff is the biggest piece of shit hypocrite I have ever had the absolute displeasure of coming across.

Kal "Buy Me Cheap" Korff

Squonkamatic said...

So the usual suspects all over again using the same baloney and repeating the same drivel they have been shoveling out since the early 90s. To coin a phrase, what a "bunch of crap".

There won't actually end up being a debate either I bet, Kal K. Korff and his enablers will just hype it up for a month or two to get people to subscribe to the streaming pay per view event with some sort of non-refundable clause, and then one or the other won't show (or some fishy technical difficulties), perhaps with a promise that the debate will be re-staged at a later date. Then the tactic will be to change the subject, find another distraction, and hope that everyone forgets about it. Just like they have forgotten about the Nanobots, Major Kevin Randle, the Martina Tycova exclusive interview, Vojtec Sadlacek, and that 2 year lease in Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

A two year lease in Switzerland?? Man, I knew I should have checked in on the site more...

Just like Kal to claim some crazy BS as the truth once again...

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Daniela said...

Check into (password: kalisanidiot).

Have a look at the second most recent item in my inbox - it was definitely written by a native Czech-speaker (or at least, someone with a perfect knowledge of Czech).

So either Martina is still on board, or he has bamboozled some other poor stooge.

Anonymous said...

Kal is so clearly bent on pursuing Rnadle, Meyers, Biedney, Kimball and the rest of those folks I would dare to say that it is practically stalking. To any reasonable person Kal would come as an obsessed stalker at worst. And what dd any of those guys ever do to Kal but call him out on his delusional state? Kal is an egotistical and narcissistic fruticake that he can never be wrong nor can he ever admit to being wrong. Just look at how Kal blabs on and on and on about his brother being "innocent" when the stark reality is that his brother is serving a 40 month sentence in state prison. Kal has never

Kal is so obsessed with trying to destroy Randle, Kimball Meyers and the rest that he has now tried to tie them to 9/11 conspiracy nuts without a shred of proof that any of them promote those views. Kal will make things up, lie, exaggerate, and create rumor and innuendo in an attempt to smear people and try to get them to respond to his nonsense so he can have meaning to his pathetically dull and senseless life. Kal has no life and has no sense of true purpose so he has to make it up as he goes even if that means doing it at the expense of others whether that be his brother's misery and suffering or falsely calling kevin Randle a coward. Try to remember Kal that it was you who chose to make up some bullshit excuse so you could dodge Kevin and it is also you who chooses to continue to try your pathetic attempts at smearing Kevin who has more courage in the cuticle on his little toe than you will ever have because you are a spineless worm who has done nothing but sit on the sidelines your entire life living vicariously through the works and eyes of others. Lets not forget you have also regurgitated the work of others claiming it as your own and you have not contributed a single original thing to the world ever. Stop recycling shit you did last century Kal and please try for once in your miserable pile of shit life to come up with something original and something you actually follow through with. You make organizational charts on your laptop all day long but they don;t mean a fucking thing if it is only done on paper.

Good lord Kal you wretched piece of worthless shit.

Squonkamatic said...

The ORIGINAL Kal K. Korff??

This doesn't have anything really to do with Colonel Clambake but I found some really eerie coincidences that made me think of Kal K. Korff standing there in that Beatles "Revolver" T-shirt.

Confidence hucksters are of course a tradition within western culture but last night I stumbled upon the king: A guy buy the name of YANNI ALEXIS MARDAS (Anglicanized to John Mardas), who at the age of 22 insinuated himself into the inner circle of The Beatles in 1966 or so. Mardas was a television repair technician who dazzled John Lennon with a series of electronic gadgets that he claimed to have invented. Lennon nicknamed him MAGIC ALEX due to his apparent adeptness at whipping up exactly the electronic concoction that might be needed at a given moment, and Mardas became one of the central figures of The Beatles' entourage.

One of his claims to fame was having introduced Brain Jones and the Rolling Stones to the Beatles and in 1967 Mardas designed a light show rig for the Stones' European tour. The only problem was that it didn't work right and after a few shows they junked it and sent Mardas back to England where, amongst other misadventures, he was able to get a cameo part in the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie. He became a regular guest on the band's vacation trips and "advised" them during their recording sessions at EMI's Abbey Road studio where he developed an antagonistic relationship with George Martin, who noted that Mardas was always quick to disparage the recording equipment but was observed to be taking careful notes numerous times on how it was all set up.

The real fun began though when he started to get anxious when The Beatles traveled to India to meet with the Maharishi Yogi, and fearing that their contact with the Indian spiritualist might endanger his connection to The Beatles' sect of hangers-on, traveled to India to accuse the mystic of being a fraud. Mardas was apparently also the originator of the rumor that the Maharishi had tried to put the moves on Mia Farrow, who had accompanied The Beatles and Donovan to learn the Maharishi's transcendental meditation, and was apparently successful in planting enough seeds of doubt in the minds of both John and George Harrison to manipulate the two into breaking off contact with Yogi and returning to England. The story of the amorous Maharishi has been effectively debunked over the years and both Paul & George eventually offered their apologies for the incident.

Magic Alex also apparently developed a fixation on John in particular and played a specific role in the division that developed between John and his then wife Cynthia Lennon, going to such lengths as getting her drunk & essentially trying to date-rape her (the success of which is still in dispute). Then stalking her to Italy where, without being asked to intervene, he informed her of Lennon's intention to divorce her and marry Yoko Ono, with Mardas offering to testify as to Cynthia's adultery with him at trial. To this day Cynthia has denied any personal involvement with Mardas, but the band was apparently impressed enough to solicit Mardas to help them negotiate the purchase of a small island chain off the coast of Greece that was to be their "Pepperland" retreat, though the deal was never realized.

Never the less -- and this is where the story really gets interesting for Kal K. Korff fans -- Magic Alex became a fixture of The Beatles' Apple Corps venture, becoming their official Apple Electronics Technician and head of Apple's Electronics division with hilarious results. After repeatedly mocking the recording equipment at Abbey Road EMI Studios, in late 1968 the band gave Mardas a blank check to make them a state of the art recording studio in the basement of Apple's Saville Row offices that was to include a Mardas designed 72 track recording console (this in an era where 8 track recording technology was still in it's infancy). Various demonstrations of Mardas' creations at Apple Electronics were repeatedly cancelled due to "technical problems", mysterious fires, and other vague excuses for the devices not functioning that the band accepted Mardas' explanations for at face value.

None of his supposed inventions (such as electronic paint that would change colors, a telephone voice recognition system, invisible electronic sonic sound buffer fields, and an "artificial sun" contraption that would turn night into day) was ever actually demonstrated, though one at least did theoretically anticipate a modern concept in regards to anti-piracy efforts to block the signal of Beatles records from being recorded over the radio. Mardas pitched the idea to EMI Enterprises who did not pursue his proposal, and a working model of his contraption was never built. It is estimated that he applied for nearly 100 patents for various "inventions" that were either never built or were modifications on previously existing patents that he tried to pass off as his own creations.

The plot thickens when the band abandoned their attempts at the ill-fated "Get Back" sessions at Twickingham Studios and decided instead to move the proceedings to their new Apple Studios at Saville Row. They arrived to find the basement room selected in a state of disrepair with a non-functioning jury rigged 16 track recorder and a series of speakers haphazardly hammered to the walls. One accouterment of the promised studio was an invisible electronic "sound barrier" in place of the standard acoustical absorption tiles of the day that was never installed, forcing the band to have to turn off the building's heating system in order to record without the sounds of the boiler bleeding into the recording space.

According to George the whole "studio" setup Mardas rigged had to be junked and George Martin came to the rescue by borrowing two by then obsolete four track recorders from EMI Studios that were installed and the wiring completely re-done at cost and delay to the project, which contributed to the inner tensions the band was going through as they sat around waiting for the work to be done. Harrison became especially concerned about what was going on when Mardas began to become a regular fixture at Apple offices wandering around in a white lab coat while holding a clipboard. At one point Paul told Mardas to get lost after repeated conflicts with George Martin and the "Get Back" project was indefinitely shelved when the tapes recorded were deemed to be unacceptable by the band.

It has been roughly estimated that Mardas' various schemes cost The Beatles and Apple as much a 300,000 pounds sterling in 1969 money (3 million pounds today adjusted for inflation, or just about $9 million US dollars) with little or nothing to show for the investment. After Mardas left Apple he became a SECURITY CONSULTANT specializing in ANT-TERRORISM SYSTEMS, the most notable being a fleet of cars he added electronic bulletproof defense systems to that did not work as they were described.

In 2006 Mardas effectively sued a British science journal for slander after they questioned much of his background story and were forced to print a retraction to avoid litigation APOLOGIZING for the accusation that he had been "fired" from Apple for incompetence (Mardas maintains that he was a primary shareholder in Apple and left voluntarily). He still works as a security consultant for private counter terrorism services in Great Britain and refuses to publicly discuss his connections to The Beatles or his activities at Apple Electronics.

SOUND FAMILIAR? I sat there with my jaw hanging open in disbelief reading this stuff last night. The Beatles got suckered by a confidence huckster, and the details I share above are just the tip of the iceberg. The guy was a total piece of work, and further information on his exploits can be found here:

and in even more detail here

It's really fun reading. Rob McConnell in particular might want to look this over, since con men often use the same kind of language, and I find the parallels to the legend of Kal K. Korff to be intriguing to say the least (I love the invention idea for electronic paint that would change color with the flick of a switch) including the celebrity stalking/obsession fixation on John and Cynthia Lennon. If nothing else it shows that even the most important rock band in the history of the world can be infiltrated and swindled by a con man who knows how to tell people exactly what they want to hear. And yes, "Revolver" is my favorite Beatles album. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Kal korff may be a deciever and user and abuser but he is no where near as birght or cunning as this fellow who conned the Beatles.

Squonkamatic said...

LOL! Agreed, but isn't Alex a trip?? Somehow in all my years of worshipping them I have never heard about this guy before, though I did hear the legend that they used a 72 track console for "Let It Be" that was invented just for their use. Only problem is that never happened.

ALSO, just for clarification and to avoid any misunderstanding, when I wrote "Rob McConnell in particular might want to look this over, since con men often use the same kind of language" I was implying that some of it might sound similar to Kal K. Korff's repeated claims to have invented devices or softwares etc that either don't end up being what they were described to be or are never actually built at all. Like those Nanobots we are still waiting for an appraisal of.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kal can get Zeppelin to hit the road again? :-) Use those nanobots to protect them from those 60 year old groupies....!

Anonymous said...

Korff, 'the untalented Mr. Ripley'?

Anonymous said...

More like "talentless dipshit"

Anonymous said...

IS that the best Kal Korf can do these days? Try to tie ufo people he hates to 9-11 conspiracy crap? Kal you sad little worm. I see the hate fest against the ufo people who told the world how crazy you are continues into what, its third or fourth year? Kal, you inspire stalkers to work harder at being crazed, obsessed freaks like you. Kal must really need the attention badly.

Anonymous said...

Here's what we get when we go to Kal's amazing site today. The index page reads as follows: • CriticalThinkers • Kal'sKorner • UFO WatchCat •

This Web site is temporarily offline, please check back soon.

Thank you.

And I notice a new log on procedure:



Kal Korff is a loser said...


My name is Kal K. Korff and I am a self-professed computer engineer and genius. In spite of that, I cannot run a simple website nor do I have the ability to write my own code, instead replying on less than sophisticated web templates.

I also know nothing about cohesive web design, I have no real spatial ability, I litter my home page with useless videos and other nonsense that clogs the loading speed, and I'm too cheap to get a real server with better load times.

I really should hire someone to help me with this, but after my Czech help figured out how worthless the rubles I was paying them with are, well, let's just say I had to take matters into my own hands and do the entire website myself.

I think it would be safe to assume that someone claiming to have an extensive and literate computer background coupled with a might high IQ would be able to run a simple website. Guess not.

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Kal is going off about OJ Simpson going to prison and Kal's claim of having been involved in both the criminal prosecution and the civil trial of OJ. Bullshit. I challenge Kal Korff to provide a single pay stub from the LA county District Attorney's Officer for his services. Show me one single court document or report with your name on it Kal. Just one. You won't because you can't and none of it is true. Kal isn't even on a witness list for the civil case! I could put together a video with a bunch of people saying I was involved in the Saddam Hussein trial and it wouldn't make it so. Kal Korff was never involved in any OJ Simpson investigation and he knows it. Kepp dreaming Kal you delusional prick.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal could you just point out your name in any of these press articles on OJ's legal plight?

You can't? I know because you are conveniently not mentioned any where yet claim to have held this prominent role. Just like verything spattering out of Kal's mouth it is 100% shit.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all just write to the Goldman's attorney for the civil case and ask what exactly the role of Kal Korff was:

Daniel Petrocelli

Yet another hard working professional dragged into the delusional world of Kal K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

Nanobots? Did Kal mail off a picture of his cock to Rob McConnell? maybe this is why he won't release the results? lol

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that Rob never ask's Kal what's going on with the Randel software; over release date, Kal's server move; site is down, those nanobots; no results, and on and on... It seems that Rob thinks is funny to carry on like this, "We'll show them, little buddy!" But in reality, it's sad Rob. You're blowing it.....

Anonymous said...

Rob McConnell is a tool. HE isn't a journalist or anything even close to one. McConnell is an entertainer at best. The hilarious thing here is that McConnell was gullible enough to believe Kal! Now McConnell can't risk exposing Kal. Funny, pathetic, sad, hilarious all at once.

Dani said...

KIAI - sign into (password: kalisanidiot) and check out the most recent "sent" message. A long, long string - trying to get the "Colonel" to answer two simple questions - with zero response. Worthy of a screenshot in this blog?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks. I certainly don’t always agree with Paul, but Kal is off the wall.


The above is an email I got from Stan Friedman today after sending him a copy of Kal's latest website rant about Paul Kimball.
I couldn't have said it better myself!


Anonymous said...

Daniel, et al;

A year or so ago, Paul Kimball did a follow-up on Kal's claim to have been a witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. Being a good attorney that he is, he checked all the court documents and other sources and found absolutely no reference to a Mr. Korff anywhere from any source.
When Paul announced that on his blogspot and Kal read it, Kal went ballastic. And that's why Kal has been so vehement about Paul, even doing one of his YouTube (since removed) attacks against Paul.


Anonymous said...

>>> KIAI - sign into (password: kalisanidiot) and check out the most recent "sent" message. <<<

I've sent Kal and Rob many an e-mail. Never got a response from Kal, and he knows me. Rob sent me the same deal, "I'll release the findings shortly..."

In the end, I think the person(s) who have stated that Rob needs Kal to fill that hour may well be correct. Regardless of what Kal may or may not be, Rob cannot afford to let Kal go; he needs to fill that space and he may know now that kal is full of shit and he will make Rob look bad or worse.

BTW, when Rob invited any of us to appear on his show and ask Kal questions, a few months back, I don't think nayone on this list bothered to appear.


Maybe that's why Rob made the call to stick with Kal, nobody was willing to go live, we only sent e-mail questions....


Anonymous said...

Kal korff had absolutely nothing to do with either OJ case. Kal is a user who will jump on whatever wagon is hot at the time so he can try and whore himself out for his precious "media attention". Kal is a first rate nutjob.

We all know there will be no reference found pertaining to Kal in any document from either case because Kal is full of shit as usual. Kal got exposed by Paul Kimball and is pissed that he got caught. Boo hoo Kal boo hoo for you liar liar pants on fire.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!!! said...

You are vermin, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Korff's site is back up. No, nothing up there yet. I would expect a rash of youtube postings to follow shortly.

Korff, being the co-inventor of the hyperlink and all, is using ready made templates for his Joomla created site:

Korff doesn’t know even basic html. Why else would he be using Joomla? Bloated and slow code as it is.

He’s also using:

which is basically doing the mobile stuff for him.

Not that using these resources is a bad thing. However, as Korff has positioned himself as a technology expert, among other things, one would think that he would have a much better handle on, and understanding of, the technology he professes to know so well and helped invent?

Well, lets see what the "new" site will offer up. I'd say more of the same.

Brad Hudson said...

HAHAHA!! Kal wasn't even smart enough to remove the template's name prior to putting his site up!!

My God, what a moron Kal is. Does he even realize that by using JOOMLA he's basically invalidating his own claims of being some type of computer genius??

And why the hell does Kal feel the need to completely change his site so often?

Every day Kal does something a little dumber than the day before.....

I. Am. Kal. said...

FYI all - I updated the Kult of Kal website with a "lawsuit" entry.

Plus, an old Korff family friend contacted me. I finally got some updated info on his junior high school and high school.

Yeah, I know I don't update the Kult site much at all, but (again), it's strictly a fact-filled site, not for commentary. So, I really depend on folks to come forward with more and more info from his past.

best to all-
Kult of Kal.

I. Am. Kal. said...

I'm finally catching up with Kal's website.

I'm a little pissed off, since I read he wants to make money off of our hard work.

Ok, so I understood that to mean, Kal intends to sell DVDs of the videos I made. The videos are already available for free. Now, he'll copy the video, burn a couple meg file to a DVD and sell it for ...$24.95 or whatever? What the fuck?

Kal, if you want the original, high-quality (and larger file) videos, contact me at Else, you can just dupe the lower quality ones off of Google video. Jackass.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. No one is going to buy the rubbish Kal pretends he will produce and sell later. Christ, how many years are we going on now that Kal has said his book will be coming out? Anyone stupid enough to buy something from Kal is lost.

rednecksoldier1 said...

I just want to say that none of you here have the intelligence that Kal Korff has in his pinkie finger. None of you could carry his jock strap in a suit case.