Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A most marvelous review posted by "Rick" in one of the comments section about this absolute joke of a book Kal:

I just punished myself by reading through that piece of shit Kal Korff has the nerve to call a book. All Kal has succeeded in doing is showing the entire world that he has the literary skill of a fern. I've seen better written research papers from high school freshmen and more honesty from a pedophile in a schoolyard.

This book (I cringe at ever using the word to describe this piece of trash Kal Korff has rigged together) is the sort even a "print it yourself" publisher would be embarrassed to print.

Essentially all Kal has done is taken a PowerPoint presentation compiled by someone else, some court documents compiled by soeone else, some court photos taken by someone else, a few Googled articles written by someone else, and has mixed them together in a and discombobulated 147 page poo fest.

Kal spares no room in dragging Kevin Randle, Royce Meyers, and David Bideny through the mud by making one of the farthest stretches I have ever seen by trying to tie them into a police shooting they have nothing to do with, all because apparently they dared to have an opinion or made a comment about it at some time. Kal should be prepared to get sued because were I ever mentioned in that manner my lawyer would sue Kal for every last i-Pod, third grade science award, and newspaper clipping he owns. Why someone hasn't sued that lying slanderer Kal Korff at this point is puzzling.

This thing Kal has put out is so incredibly painful I would rather take a wire coat hanger, straighten it, and use the hook part to remove my own brain through an ear than subject anyone else to this babbling ball of bullshit Kal Korff has concocted.

Kal Korff is not an author, a researcher, or an investigator of any sort of caliber, and he really never was. If you go look through his previous works you will see books with large fonts, oft used capital letters, liberties taken with previous works and no credit given, and a million other amateur marks consistent of someone who has no extended education or real experience in literature or research.

I'm an opponent of the Billy Meier case, but Kal Korff's Meier book is chock full of mistakes and baseless proclamations led not by research, but by Kal Korff's own ego and desire to steer the evidence toward his own belief.

Kal Korff once had a little credibility, and I emphasize little. But through his own antics, wild claims, and publicly broadcast delusions he is only viewed, even by the skeptics who once supported him, as nothing more than a discredited wacko nutjob living on the fringes.


Anonymous said...

If all the detainees at Guantanamo were forced to read this disjointed rubbish Kal slapped together, well, the war on terror would have been over with that kind of torture. Fuck that, hook my nipples and dick up to some electrodes but please, for the love of God, don't ever make me suffer through another thing written by Kal. Please!!!

Anonymous said...

there have been better all night research papers written by stoned college students. where inthe world does kal korff get the idea that this 'thing' he has 'written' would ever qualify as a book? and i have serious doubts that there have been over 12,000 downloads. there is just no way and considering this is kal claiming it to be true that alone makes it automatically suspect if not completely untrue. excuse the language but i have to ask, how in the fuck did kal ever get a book published??? how?!!!?

Rick said...

I've read where this Kal Korff character states he has contributed original concepts to specific area of science.

However, I can't seem to find a single scientific paper or patent with this Kal Korff's name attached to it.

The way Kal Korff has listed his "credentials", one would expect to readily be able to find independent and verifiable reference to his self claimed accomplishments. Yet no such reference can be found outside of Kal Korff's own words and writings.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Kal is hilarious because it is so obvious he is taking it using a laptop. Kal is a wnata' be. That review of Kal's PDF deal is just blistering!

Anonymous said...

I think Rick hit the nail on the head with his review of Korff's "book".