Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kal is an IDIOT! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I wonder if Kal will post me an iPod for the holidays? Perhaps Santa will bring Kal a free KMPG audit or perhaps a free publishing deal courtesy of Kinko's self publishing? I certainly will have to post a 2009 wrap of all the antics, lies, and utter bullshit Kal has dished up in 2008. Tow things I have been waiting for for literally YEARS now are the KPMG audit and Kal's book getting published by Prometheus books. That's right! How could I forget? Not one of those is ever going to happen because Kal is an IDIOT!

Tell me in the comments what you think Kal might get from Santa or what kind of gift Kal might give to certain persons.

Jolly holidays to all and wishes for a Kal-FREE Christmas.


Anonymous said...

KIAI, have a great Xmas and New Year!

Kal, go jump off a cliff.

Brad Hudson said...

KIAI, thanks for all the laughs this year! Stay fresh and bring us more fun in '09

Kal, just go swallow the business end of a .357

Anonymous said...

I hope Santa runs over Kal in his sleigh and the reindeers take a huge dump on his body

ho ho ho kiddies

Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Kalvin is currently in Oregon, as he is claiming.

If that were the case then

a/ his family would intervene forcibly to secure him the treatment that he so desperately needs; and
b/ the various parties aiming to sue him for this and that would be making a beeline for him in order to serve writs.

You are a piece of shit, Kalvin. I hope you get what's coming to you sometime soon...

Anonymous said...

Check out Kal's website. Looks like he has come off his rocker again. Kal is back in full swing with new lawsuit threats and claiming that he will sue Paul Kimball in Europe just like Kal has threatened to do so many times previously to others and without any result.

And when Kal does present himself as an "expert witness" which he did then it is easy to call him a liar because the role of an expert witness is so clearly defined in the law there is no bending its meaning for Kal to suit himself. Kal K. Korff was never an expert witness in the OJ Simpson civil trial. Kal K. Korff's claim of this is a fabrication.

Anonymous said...

"Being Jewish myself, the Torah COMMANDS us to try to talk to one another and find common ground, but it also DEMANDS that we expose liars and frauds and call "truth" TRUTH, even when we do not like it."

So says Kal. So Kal when can we expect you to come clean and start telling the truth? God is watching after all and your overblown ego doesn't preclude you from his law.

Anonymous said...

"Since my brother was found INNOCENT of the main charge"

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that Kal K. Korff has PUBLICLY ADMITTED that his brother was FOUND GUILTY but of course Kal K. Korff being the lame revisionist he is never mentions what his brother was found GUILTY of. Kal's brother was CONVICTED OF FELONY CRIMES and is in PRISON serving 40 MONTHS for his crimes. Kal's brother was CONVICTED of attmepted FELONIOUS ASSAULT and of being a CONVICTED FELON WITH A WEAPON! Everyone that was with Kal's brother when he was SHOT IN THE HEAD FOR TRYING TO MOW DOWN A COP WITH A CAR all of those people were also CONVICTED!

In Kal's world criminals like OJ Simpson need to pay the price, but criminals like his brother don't have to. Justice can't be convenient. Kal your brother is GUILTY! How about those other CRIMES your brother is GUILTY of committing like delivery and possession of DRUGS and CHILD NEGLECT, ENDANGERING the welfare of a MINOR. Care to elaborate on what your brother was accused of on the California coast Kal? I'm pretty sure the Crescent City, California police report is still available for the public under case number 1992-0129. Maybe I will get a copy for a small public record fee and post it here for all to see.

Anonymous said...

How many lawsuits has Korff threatened people with??? Get a new gag, Kal, this is plainly old and silly like you.

Anonymous said...

From Korff's site:

>>>> FACTS vs. A LYING Paul Kimball

Paul Kimball LIED and said I was NOT an "expert witness" in the second Simpson trial, because I never testified in Court before any judge.



Kal, read up on the definition of a "expert witness". You did not fulfill that capacity.

If, they called you, or if, you called them and ponied up a bit of information which helped out the case, fine. Blowing this thing up to the point that your information sealed the deal, and without you OJ might have walked again...? No way. And this "is" how you've positon your involvment in the case, if you had any at all. Your position is and was, not true.

If this was the case, now follow me closely, you would be smart enough to know that OJ can not profit of this case, or any case. The law is clear. You seem to not know this,

Mr. "Expert Witness"

I thinkth that we've gotten uder your skin,

Mr. "Expert Witness"

Paul Kimball said...

I just wish Korff would stop saying that I've claimed to be Jewish. Honestly, the man is an idiot.

As for his latest tirade, it provided my friends, family and I endless amusement on Christmas Eve. It still doesn't make poor KKK an expert witness in the OJ Trial, but you have to admire his chutzpah in continuing to assert something that is clearly false in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will take him seriously.

Merry Christmas, Kolonel Krazy!

Paul Kimball
somewhere next to Greenland

Anonymous said...

Kal obviously isn't smart enough to figure out that no one is buying any of his OJ rubbish. Kal Korff is a third rate clown who can't live outside his past and has chosen to live vicariously in a fantasy world where he can be a someone when the rest of the world laughs at his foolishness and hatred.

Anonymous said...

Watching what Kal wrote on his webpage only confirmed my suspicion. He called a lawyer up, that's basicly it and that's also what he forgot to mention 2 years ago. The guy is such an asshole. And right now he's washing his hands in innocence and blaming everyone else.

You weren't an 'expert witness' Kal! Maybe a consultant at best. Kimball's argument still stands you revisionist hypocrite lying sack of shit. I hope Santa locks you up this X-mas in a small cell with a 7-feet gay cellmate.

Everyone else, have a nice X-mas...

Anonymous said...

Where's the big video proving all your OJ claims, Kal? I guess we can put this on the list along with your book, tv series, nanobots and the plethora of worthless claims you've made.

Had Kal actually worked with the criminal team prosecuting OJ Kal's name would have come up somehwere. What an asshole.

Anonymous said...

For a great laugh check out both and Korff is at it again making up phony book covers and claiming he is going to expose everyone. lol

Korff isn't smart enough to realize that no one is taking his threats as anything but a joke and no matter how many silly photoshop covers for books Korff makes everyone knows he is completely full of shit and that no book is ever going to actually come out.

Does Korff really think he scares people or that people are afraid of him? Korff has already proved he is all barks and whines after he said it was a fact people were getting sued. To no surprise at all not a single person Korff claimed to be suing has been sued. lol

I'll just sit back, relax, watch and laugh as Korff drowns in his own madness.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Paul Kimball can write a companion book for his Kal K. Korff documentary where Kal's life is documented from his childhood to his current mental meltdown. I wonder how Kal will react to being on the receiving end of being exposed as the loon he is. Can't wait to see that documentary. Kal wants to be famous and I suppose Paul will give him his wish. Merry Christmas Kal, you dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Kal is a crackpot worse than any of the UFO nuts out there.