Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kal Korff and his pal OJ Simpson

To the surprise of nobody, that dolt OJ Simpson is now behind bars for robbery and kidnapping. And to no surprise that other dolt and steaming pile of poo Kal Korff has once again tried to insert himself as somehow being involved in the previous OJ Simpson court dramas.

Kal actually has had the balls to stake claim to being an integral part in both the criminal prosecution and the civil lawsuit against OJ Simpson.

That chap Paul Kimball made a complete fool out of Kal by PUBLICLY HUMILIATING Kal and showing the world that Kal's story of him being an "expert witness" was complete nonsense. Not that it is very difficult to make a fool of Kal since he does just fine on his own with that but it was highly entertaining to see Kal blow a fuse over it. Could you possibly imagine Kal being called as a witness of any kind during the criminal trial or civil trial? A lawyer would have a field day and then some with crazy Kal Korff on the witness stand. If there is a remote chance Kal did work on the criminal trial then it is no wonder OJ was never convicted. Kal can't even produce a video he has claimed will be done and he certainly can't get his book published on time. What the hell would make anyone think Kal would be competent enough to get a killer convicted?

Until Kal provides irrefutable documentation or other proof of his self claimed roles in both OJ murder related cases I'm going to have to call Kal out as the loud mouthed loon he continues to prove he is. Kal you are a PATHETIC and LOUD MOUTHED MORON and continue to prove just how UTTERLY STUPID you truly are. I CHALLENGE KAL KORFF TO PROVIDE A SINGLE COURT DOCUMENT OR INVESTIGATIVE REPORT FROM EITHER TRIAL WITH KAL'S NAME ON IT.

If you really did have a part in either OJ trial Kal then you will have no problem proving it. After all Kal you're still carrying around ribbons and newspaper clippings from when you were a kid so it should not be a problem for you at all to prove what you say. And don;t give us this BULLSHIT where you try to turn this all around by saying it isn;t up to you to prove anything and that people need to look for it. IT IS UP TO YOU KAL TO PROVE SINCE YOU OPENED THAT GOD AWFUL THING YOU CALL A MOUTH AND PROCLAIMED IT A FACT THAT YOU WERE INVOLVED IN BOTH OJ MURDER TRIALS. Either PROVE IT or SHUT UP Kal. No one likes a braggart liar and I smell more of your BULLSHIT coming down the way as usual.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff is 100% full of bullshit where his claim of being directly involved in any part of any investigation pertaining to the civil or criminal trials of O.J. Simpson are concerned. Korff was never a witness in either trial and he did not participate in any criminal investigation pertaining to Simpson.

Once again, this is Korff attempting to hop on a hot topic wagon and a rather backhanded way to try to insert his name in the media again.

Kal K. Korff did not have any involvement in either trial and was never an expert witness in the civil trial as he boldly claims.

I find it rather disgusting and immoral that Korff would dare try to insert himself at the cost of two murdered people. Korff has no shame.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Kal really is delusional! Do you not think that if Kal had anything to do with that case that OJ's defense team would not have called him to the stand to further discredit the shoddy investigation that was done? The defense called everyone possible and there is no way they would have missed Kal Korff's name and they would have called him.

Kal Korff's name is conveniently absent from any newspaper articles or witness lists:

With the sheer amount of media coverage this case received coupled with Kal's claims I am going to have to say Kal is doing more than just bending the truth here. Some might even call it an outright lie.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You actually have to have intelligence and skill to do criminal investigations, so this automatically disqualifies Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch this load of shit from Kal's site?

"Having engaged in other, past operations against O.J. Simpson, and with ONE STILL UNDERWAY to PREVENT HIM FROM PROFITING FROM HIS WRITINGS and EXPLOITING the two murders he committed, WE WILL BE RELEASING A DVD FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC"

Uh, Kal, there's already a judgement order in place preventing OJ from making any money from the murders. You might have missed that Fred Goldman sued and won a court order against OJ and the book he was trying to publish. Earth to Kal, earth to Kal. Hello???????

Kal really is this fucking stupid. I see Kal doesn't want OJ to profit from the murders but it is okay for Kal to do it by selling a DVD? Let me guess, we will see Kal rant like the crazyass he is one on one into a camera while making no sense and showing off ribbons, a computer printed copy of his "book", and more yellowing newspaper articles from his childhood.

Get a clue, Kal. Or at least go slip yourself into a straight jacket you crazed fuck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ROFL I knew Pedo-Kal would try and worm his way into the OJ thing.

On an unrelated topic, anyone watch Trailer Park Boys?

Kal = Randy

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

So why exactly would Kal get hired as some sort of expert in a murder case considering he had no college degree in any technical field let alone no college degree? Kal was never a cop and only worked as a lowly security guard. He was never a police detective that I know of. Yet he is able to present himself before a court as an expert witness? I'm not buying it and would love to see Kal's CV that makes him an expert in any field. When you are an expert witness you are required to submit to the court an affidavit saying what makes you an expert witness and the judge decides if you are truly an expert or not. I too would like to see Kal post a single court document with his name on it. Kal Korff was never an expert witness in the Simpson case. Never.

Kal Korff is a joke said...

Write to the Goldman's attorney for the civil case and ask whatthe role of Kal Korff was:

Daniel Petrocelli

Yet another hard working professional dragged into the delusional world of Kal K. Korff. I'm betting he won't answer any e-mails and has already received plenty while scratching his head saying, "Who the fuck is Kal Korff?"

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff worked on both O.J. cases? Two words for Kal: prove it.

Squonkamatic said...

So to keep O.J. from cashing in on his crimes, Kal K. Korff is going to cash in on them. How much more pathetic can this guy make himself seem? And like he's actually going to be selling any DVDs to anybody, right along with those 500 books that Prometheus is supposedly publishing.

Kal K. Korff is a liar.

Anonymous said...


So, where's the Randel software Kal? Another deadline missed...

I sent an e-mail to Daniel Petrocelli.

I'll post whatever they may respond with.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Kal simply called one of the lawyers with a supposed expertise. Maybe they went along with it or not but Kal immediately bombarded himself as an expert witness. Totally exaggerated of course.
Paul Kimball, who's a non-practicing lawyer, explained the definition of a witness to Korff who blew his stack right away and started discrediting Kimball because he simply got busted and wanted to shift the attention away from the fact he was no witness in the true sense of the word. Kal is such a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Tough question: Who do you trust more - Kal or OJ?

Kiss my ass Kal said...

Notice how Kal is always so desperate to try and insert himself into whatever is hot at the moment? Give us all a fucking break Kal. No one believes you had anything to do with the OJ case outside of watching it on TV and reading about it like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Some 15 years ago, I attended (crashed, uninvited) a free seminar that was for private detectives. Does that now make me a detective, Kal?

What if I've had a couple garage sales, and even pawned off some quasi-antiques for a couple bucks. Am I an antique dealer now?

Anonymous said...

If Kal's a journalist because he knows how to type "I sue you", then I'm a chef because I just made brownies.

Squonkamatic said...

Someone commented about how Kal K. Korff always tries to inject himself into whatever topic might be hot at the moment and that got me thinking about Rob McConnell's visit here back in August (or maybe September) when he admonished us for singling out Kal K. Korff for ridicule & scorn when the paranormal interest field is chock full of bona fide charlatans who make Colonel Kumquat's antics seem third rate by comparison. I finally have an answer.

The reason we single out Kal K. Korff is that he has a genuinely annoying tendency to trivialize what might be important issues by sticking himself in the middle of them as some sort of "expert" who has supposed inside knowledge or experience. The OJ Simpson case is just one of several pet subjects -- JFK, Roswell, Bigfoot, 9/11 -- that Kal K. Korff has tried to use to define himself as an expert. Next week it will be something else. Instead of actually working to resolve the enigmas he choses to immerse himself within he uses them as a way to prop up his own reputation, usually at the expense of the reputation of others who have made those particular areas of study their specialty. He then fosters a conflict with those "specialists" and makes his case not on whatever evidence or data might be available, but on his conflict with those individuals.

The enigma ceases being about UFOs or Bigfoot or terrorists and becomes instead a study of Kal K. Korff. His buddying up with this Michael Horn of the Billy Meier mouseketeer club is literal proof that the issue itself doesn't matter and that there is no ethical moral center from which he operates. This idea of him selling OJ Simpson DVDs is further proof, since ultimately what Kal K. Korff would be doing is exploiting the murders of Ron Goldman and Niccole Brown for his own gain -- exactly that which he is accusing OJ of doing in the first place. Both attempts to cash in on the murders and noteriety are equally disgusting. The only way that Kal K. Korff can justify his cashing in is by promoting this idea that he was somehow involved in the case against OJ.

And if that were true, look at all the good it did. Here's a guy who is saying that he contributed to the prosecution of a murder and LOST and yet he still wants to profit from it. If Kal K. Korff genuinely had an interest in "justice" he would be volunteering to donate the proceeds from the sale of his DVDs either to the Ron Goldman Fund or some sort of charity for battered women. He isn't, so the motivation is profit and that makes it exploitation.

Rob, this is why we single Kal K. Korff out. He exploits hot button topics for gain, profit, prestige, status, whatever he can get out of it. The subject at hand doesn't matter so much as what Kal K. Korff can gain by shoving his face in the middle of an issue that almost surely he had absolutely nothing to do with. I am not sure exactly when Kal K. Korff began his conflict with Paul Kimball but Kal K. Korff has had at least since then to produce one shred of evidence proving beyond a doubt that he did have something to do with the cases against OJ.

He hasn't done that just the same way that you haven't given us a timely report on the bits of solder and plastic he sent you claiming they were Nanobots. It's completely ridiculous for Kal K. Korff to claim that he had anything to do with the Simpson prosecution. There are exhaustive records of every person who contributed to both the prosecution and the defense and his name does not turn up anywhere. It's only the most publicly documented murder trial of the 20th century, you'd think that if somebody actually had something to do with it someone somewhere would have made note of that in the 14 years since the incident.

Which gets me thinking about how Kal K. Korff is lying about his age too: If we are to believe his claim on his YouTube channel pages that he is a strapping young lad of 36 years old then he contributed to the prosecution as an "expert witness" at the age of 22 with no college education, background in law enforcement, or meaningful work in the area of forensics under his belt that can be documented. I even reject the idea of him calling up the legal squad with a tip or anything like that: Do you know how many crackpot idiots probably tried to do the same thing every day during Simpson's first highly publicized trial? It was only on Court TV every day for about five months.

More likely, Kal K. Korff watched the trial on cable TV and had a running dialog with the TV set and therefore has deluded himself into thinking that he contributed to the trial. He's a complete fruitcake and a liar and a Walter Mitty baloneytitted jerkoff who thinks he's somebody important. But as long as we are even discussing this Kal K. Korff is getting exactly what he wants by being the focus of attention. That's what really pisses us off, Rob.

Sorry it took me so long to answer your question.


Anonymous said...

From Kult of Kal.

Timeline/"CV" of Kal Korff

Anybody who can contribute details or corrections - please submit to

1960/61 - Kal Kern Korff is born, location unknown

1973-1976 - Kal's junior high school: Walters Junior High in Fremont, California
1976-1980 - Kal's high school: JF Kennedy HS, also in Fremont, California.
End of formal education.

1980's-1990's - various, intermittant employment at Claris and LLNL (where else?)

2002 - Kal relocates to Prague (why?)

2006-2007 - Kal wrote 'Kal's Korner' for free daily paper, "Express" (since discontinued; out of circulation)

2008 - Kal "relocates" again to Switzerland (signing 2 year lease), but promptly returns back to Prague.
Posted by I. Am. Kal.

Anonymous said...


“But as long as we are even discussing this Kal K. Korff is getting exactly what he wants by being the focus of attention.”

And yet, as we discuss this guy, he will continue, because he can't help himself. Rob, you're doing an even better job at keeping Kal in a lime light, as this blog has a very small audience.

Your show must have a larger audience so, Rob, please keep it up, for as sure as the sun rises each morning, Kal will continue to trivialize important issues because people are paying attention and you are helping push the man down this path, Rob.

At some point, Kal will finally do something so stupid, so vile, so hurtful that his chicken will come home to roost. And you Rob, you will do a turn about (Heavens Gate ring an Art Bell, Rob) claiming that all you did was report the facts…

This will not end well Rob. Kal will step in it and his supporters will be called out to explain. What will you say Rob? How will you come to terms with what will surely be an unseemly outcome to Korff’s shenanigans…

Anonymous said...

Name: Avim Ashkenazi
Company: Special Secret Services, -- Israel

YourEnquiry: Your wife writes that Col. Korff was not a witness in the OJ Simpson civil case. Truth: Mr. Korff certainly WAS a witness. Col. Korff never claimed he appeared before any judge. Mr. Kimball's claim is dishonest.

I'm sening this email as a friendly "warning" -- we presume you will take steps to promptly CORRECT these false claims your wife made without conducting any diligence.

If you do not do so, I will forward this matter to our legal counsel for immediate action.

We wish to resolve this matter amicably, and avoid informing the media and filing suit.

Avim Ashkenazi
Adjutant to Colonel Kal Korff -- Warrant Officer, Special Secret Services - Israel

HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30)
DATE: 23:34:3 2007-8-6


Anonymous said...
Interesting IP address. Too bad it's in the Czech Republic and not Israel. It might have had a tad more credibility.

As far Kal... I used to work with him at Boeing. He always seemed one or two clicks off true then. I can tell you for sure tho.. that during the Simpson trial.. he was up in Seattle.. and nowhere near that courthouse.

Kal.. you need meds buddy.. seriously..

4:10 AM ADT

The above is verbatim from a another site. Note the date.

JimmyD said...

Right on, Stephen:

"The subject at hand doesn't matter so much as what Kal K. Korff can gain by shoving his face in the middle of an issue that almost surely he had absolutely nothing to do with."

Ditto his posturing and attempts to big himself up using an appalling case of child cruelty and infanticide the other day in the UK (go a few posts back in this blog to see what I'm talking about). Utterly vile. Utterly cowardly. Utterly inexcusable.

I. Am. Kal. said...


I used what you posted to update Kal's "timeline".


Squonkamatic said...

The warning from Avimi (or "Avim" for short) is interesting because the language is virtually identical to the vague threat that was messaged to me through YouTube in September. He must have this templated out in his head and just plugs in the details for specific recipients. What is even MORE interesting is seeing the Windows NT notation in the email header. Where's that white Macbook laptop mom sent him? Or is that just the server machine that his email is routed through?

One other intriguing part of the threat reproduced above: Kal K. Korff is maintaining he was a "witness" even though he "never appeared in front of a judge" which IMPLIES that he was never sworn in and did not participate in the actual legal maneuvers. In any event it trivializes the importance of the event, and by not providing specific proof of exactly what Kal K. Korff may have contributed to the effort makes the discussion once again about Kal K. Korff rather than the crimes and the victims.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff has not been and was never involved in either O.J. Simpson murder case. His claims to this are fueled by his desperate attempts to gain some notoriety and to gain favor from the unsuspecting.

The person posting a challenge for Kal to produce documented proof of his involvement will be waiting an awful long time for that to happen, because it never did and there is no documentation to be had in this case.

Do you not think that with all the media attention surrounding both cases that Kal would have had to appear on camera at some point? Kal cannot get enough "media" attention to fill the void in his black little soul.

The media was interviewing everyone they possibly could and there is simply no way that an "expert" taking part in the case would have been missed.

Kal, you are full of shit as usual. How dare you, Kal, attempt to exploit the murder of two people and the suffering of a family for your own gain! Shame on you, you bloated heap of waste.

Liar Liar Kal Korff on fire! said...

Where's your video "proving" you were involved with the OJ case, Kal? And it better be more than just some radio interview where you say you were involved. Any idiot can get on a radio show and spew whatever nonsense they want - that alone does not make it true.

Unless you provide concrete, independently verifiable proof of your claim Kal, you are a liar.

Anonymous said...

The picture of OJ and Kal is killing me!! HAHA! I'd believe that photo is 100% real before I would ever believe Kal has anything to do with being an expert witness of any kind. If Kal ever filed an affidavit with the court about what makes him an expert witness, the ass would get laughed out of court.

Where are your credentials Kal? What education beyond JFK High do you have? what specialized training do you have that makes you any sort of expert on anything?

You're a fraud Kal.

Kal "The Little Bitch" Korff said...

Just Korff loves to boast that it is up to those making the claim to prove it. You have no where to run Korff. You opened your big mouth and made the claim of being an expert witness in the OJ Simpson civil lawsuit and have apparently claimed to have been part of the official criminal investigation.

All one has to do is submit a freedom of information act request for those OJ criminal documents to find out the truth, which we all know is that Korff had no involvement in either case.

Paul Kimball spanked Korff like the little bitch that Korff is. Korff, you got OWNED by Paul Kimball who rightfully made you look like a complete ass, a liar, and a fraud. Hell, Paul didn't just make you look like an idiot he proved to everyone that you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

"A Broadcaster, Lecturer, Producer and Teacher, Korff devotes his life to humanitarian causes and issues of universal importance."

You mean causes like selling iPods and exploiting the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson for his own personal gain?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a clown.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch that dipshit Korff on X Zone? I can't stand to listen anymore.

Anonymous said...

The fat moron didn;t make it on the show. He was on December 5th blathering his way through the hour by repeating what the news has already reported.

Kal again said he was a terrorism analyst and spouted his ever so lame "If you don;t address a problem it is only going to get worse." Gee whiz, you think so Kal? What a tard.

Kal said he was back in Prague. Kal said his book was coming out soon. Kal refers to the first chapter of the book that he has sent rob McConnell. Kal slipped in that he used to work for Boeing. Kal siad his supervisor at Boeing was a guy named David Sage. Now Kal claims to have been some sort of engineer at Boeing.

This is hilarious: Rob McConnell asks Kal what was new in the world of the paranormal and Kal launches into this bit abou thim doing "final eidts" on his book about the massacre at Munich and then Kal goes into this Billy Meyre and Michael Horn thing. Martina is producing the debate.

kal says there isn't any reason for us all to communicate with each other including JFK and Roswell conspiracy people. There is a problem with this that Kal does not mention and that is when you disagree with Kal or call him out he barrages you with endless legal threats and claims he is going to call your bosses. Kal, this is why no one wants any communication with you you fucking nut. Kal says people can make up their own minds but everyone knows that isn;t that case when you disagree with Kal.

You have to look at the people who study the paranormal are not scientists. What field of science does Kal have a degree in? Since when is Kal a scientist??

Kal said he and Prometheus books (?) got threatened with a lawsuit from Billy Myere and called the bluff. Funny but didn't kal also threaten to sue a bunch of people and they called him on his bluff?

Kal said if you have a problem and don;t fix it that it just gets wosre and Kal actually used someone not fixing a medical problem and the person's condition getting worse. Kal, this also applies to mental issues too.

Kal talked about the old Nigeria

Kal claimed he conducted an investigation with FedEx and during this part of the show, Kal quickly paused and it sounded like he was at a payphone again because I could hear the sound of street traffic in the background.

Kal claims he did an investigation with Yahoo! about the Nigeria e-mail scam. Kal, you should check out Dateline NBC because they exposed this whole Nigerian scam a few years ago. wow Kal is just such a pioneer.

Kal is promising more Roswell software and yap yap yap yap yap yap.

squonkamatic said...

Had some free time tonight and did some keyword searching on KAL KORFF SIMPSON TRIAL and as can be expected the only references to be found are those either made by Kal K. Korff himself (or his dubiously existent staff members, none of whom have identities apart from Kal K. Korff, but I digress) or made by those mentioning that Kal K. Korff claims to have been an "expert witness" for the civil case. The most specific claim is found at

and is recreated below:

In late 1996 Korff made history yet another time when he played a key role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defense case, which resulted in a conviction against Simpson via a guilty verdict. Korff used his unique expertise on Kennedy's assassination to help prep and brief lawyers who then successfully cross-examined and subsequently destroyed the credibility of Simpson's "photographic expert" and JFK "conspiracy buff", Robert J. Groden.

So he claims to have helped "prep" the lawyers in the civil trial, playing a "key role" that has never been mentioned anywhere by anybody officially connected to the case. The most logical conclusion is that he's making it up and deliberately wording the claim in a manner that is impossible to verify or disprove. So as is usual with all things relating to Kal K. Korff you have to take his word for it. I say he's making it up as yet another Walter Mitty fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I would think that his involvement would have something to do with some kind of video re-creation of the murder site and those activities.


Show us the material Korff.

Any problem with that?

Squonkamatic said...

That Nationmaster website is a user-edited reference tool meaning that anybody can go ahead and make any claim they like on it about themselves without any ethical oversight. Hence the flowering, masturbatory praise with Kal K. Korff "making history" and having a reference page that is almost as long as Carl Sagan's.

It's interesting to note that Kal K. Korff recently had any and all references to him stricken from Wikipedia and then apparently goes ahead and stuffs himself full of self-praise at this alternate source. He truly is a douchebag of cosmic proportions.

Anonymous said...

from Nationmaster I see this:

Kal K. Korff, (born Steven Thomas ) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CriticalThinkers

I never heard of the Steven Thomas identity!!!

Anonymous said...

....then there is this:

Anonymous said...

The Steve Thomas name is what Kal used when he went "undercover" at the Billy Meier UFO cult. You have to read Kal's book about him getting dressed up in camo and crawling onto the Meier property to get soil samples. LOL!! Anyone can walk right up there at anytime but big bad and brave commando Kal has to crawl up through the bushes. LOL!!

Paul Kimball said...

Once a liar, always a liar.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Note that the Nationmaster entry is fairly lucid until it gets to the "Criticism and Controversy" section. Then it very quickly descends into run-of-the-mill Korff-speak.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - once an asshole, always an asshole.

Anonymous said...

It seems,

That we should be able to blow this guys claims out of the water?

I e-mailed that OJ lawyer and I never got a response but...

Can't we just do a bit of research in regards to a lot of this material, publish the results and make Kal come clean or run and hide?

In this regard, what are the top 5 claims and how should we go about confirming the claims?

Anonymous said...

Ask the Los Angeles County Disrict Attorney's Office about Kal's so called "involvement" in the Simpson case.

Brad Hudson said...

Kal is such an idiot. If he had anything to do with the Simpson civil case certainly he would know that, in a civil matter, no one is "convicted" nor is there any kind of "guilty verdict".

Kal, when you rewrite your entry on Nationmaster, it's Simpson was "found to be liable" for the death of Goldman. Civil cases don't have "guilty verdicts" or "convictions". Hell, my only legal training comes from a semester of business law in college and I know this, which goes to show that Kal doesn't even have that minute amount of legal knowledge.

Oh yeah, that's right, Kal never went to college. It's amazing that any attorney in America, hell, any attorney or 1st year law student, would call Kal Korff for advice on ANYTHING, much less the crack team that represented Fred Goldman in the civil suit.

And could somebody explain to me what the hell the JFK assassination has to do with OJ Simpson hacking up his ex-wife and her boyfriend with a knife?? Was the Simpson defense team their was a second stabber hiding in the shrubbery by the glassy light pole??

Anonymous said...

You are a disgrace, "Colonel".

Bob In Pensacola said...

A second stabber! By the glassy light pole! Oh God, now there's a couple of coffee-spewing lines if I ever read one...err, two. Made me laugh right out loud, it did.

You know, I half-hope Kooky Kal never completely goes away. He's just been the source of too many belly laughs. I mean, I don't even watch "Seinfeld" reruns anymore. I just come here for my daily guffaw.

Keep up the good work, mates!

Bob in Pensacola

Brit_in_Prague said...

Reading this in today's Guardian:

jogged my memory about this:

You nutjob, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Kal isn't doing his usual spot tonight on dorko's X-Zone show.

Anonymous said...

While things are a bit slow, I might inject this little bit regarding Kal's phony claims.
On his website, he claims to have received over 48 million hits.
Well, quite by accident, about a week ago I noticed that his 'hit' counter seemed to be adding up fairly fast. Out of curiosity I logged in and back out a half dozen times as fast as I could. Every time I did, the counter went up more than one hit worth and by the same amount each time. Now this was at 2AM EST. So I began to track it for a solid week at various times of the day and night, both for short times and long times. Surprise! Other than some variations as expected, I did a statistical analysis and found that the long term mean hit rate was about 90 per hour with less than 100% deviation except for an occasional spike. This was 24 hours per day,7 days a week. Normally, one would say that's reasonable, since many websites do a whole lot better. Now I could believe that, but between the fact that it's a consistent rate around the clock, and that the total is over 48 million so far, I had some doubt. So, doing a little simple math, I found that it would take just over 61 years to total that amount! And that I don't believe.
Just another case of Kal being a flat out liar again.


Anonymous said...

Kal misleading consumers with phony website data

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Fellow Korff Watchers,

I’m running a real-time site stat deal on Korff's site. I’ll give it a few days and I’ll report on the findings. Easy enough to do.

Also, we’ve all seen his “28 sites” referred to on his site. What these are, I’m not sure? I can count, maybe 2: and Having many youtube channels doesn’t count, and having many sections (pages)to your main web site doesn’t count either.

I’m talking about separate sites with their own extension. Hosting them on one server, no problem but, if you can’t type in a unique URL .com, .net, ,org, whatever, and have it go to a site or forward to his main site, that doesn’t count.

Also, I see that when he’s linking to video, mostly off you tube, and for the most part, copyrighted material (which Kal doesn’t own and really, should the protector of humanity and a rights advocate, should he really be utilizing what is in essence, a huge bootlegging site?)

Shouldn’t he be posting his own material, material that he owns and material which could enlighten us to save ourselves?

Oh wait, he does this; on you tube, so I guess he’s trading his material for, anything else that can be found on that site.

Do the Eagles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and the others really want to be associated with Kal Korff? Maybe Kal should ask for PREMISSION before he STEALS their material?

Anyway, I see that each video has an accompanying paragraph to tell we users what we are watching. Every entry but one, starts off with either “here” or “here’s”.

Now that's total command of the English language or, maybe, as we have always suspected, Kal’s “interns” are updating his site(s) while he continues to research and protect humanity?

Kal, buddy... Where's that Randle software, buddy?

Kal, fess up, you never sent a damn thing to Royce Meyers. From the horses mouth, "Korff has never sent me anything, other than a few loony tunes e-mails, I've never recieved any paperwork, nothing, period." - Royce Meyers.

Rob, any word on that nanobot material? Come on Rob, the truth hurts but it'll set you free.

Anyone...? Bueller...? Bueller...? Bueller...?

"The example he sets is a first class ticket to nowhere!" - Ferris Bueller

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here's the list of known URL's:

Of these, the following URL's forward to the main site;, making them a sister site at best:

The following sites do not work or are parked but contain no data; dead URL's: - this URL is now available. Korff does not own this URL anymore. - this URL is now available. Korff does not own this URL anymore. - This is registered by:

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
Phone(480) 624-2599
Fax (480) 624-2598 - set to expire in December 2008

Anonymous said...

That address in Arizona is for and is their "anonymous" registration contact. Kal is redirecting all of his sites to now since he sold and betrayed the original intent of the website and betrayed the spirit behind why he was given the website to begin with. Yes, Kal Korff did not pay a single dime to acquire that website. What will be hilarious is when the city of Roswell buys it from the guy Kal sold it to after Kal said he would do everything to make sure that website never fell into the hands of the city of Roswell. Nice job Colonel Numbnuts for selling it to a domain flipper. I guess Kal had to settle up those old debts since he isn't drawing a check from the Special Secret Services. hahahaha Kal Korff is a sellout with a mouth.

Anonymous said... now leads us to a site all about Roswell.

Roswell, Georgia, that is.

Well, I guess Kal's butt is out of the fire as Roswell, NM didn't end up with it.

Still pretty low to SELL a domain that he was GIVEN FOR FREE.

Everyday you sink a little lower, Kolonel Korff.

Anonymous said...

HO HO HO I bet ole Santa Claus (or KLAUS for those of us in Prague ahahah) will probably be leaving Kal a ton of coal this year!

Or the dvd's of Lazy Town since Kal goes down that path!

Francis Underwood
still waitin for the police!

Anonymous said...

We're not laughing with you, Kal, you sad little monkey.

Anonymous said...

Korff still is saying his brother is innocent! Korff's brother is a CONVICTED FELON who was found GUILTY of attempting to commit a FELONIOUS ASSAULT against a police officer!

Korff's brother is in PRISON serving his CRIMINAL SENTENCE. And don;t forget Korff's brother PLEADED GUILTY to being a FELON possessing a WEAPON and when the police stopped Korff's brother Korff's brother had a WARRANT out for his ARREST. Too bad Oregon cops aren't better shots.

When Korff says his brother is innocent Korff is LYING.

Squonkamatic said...

Yes, Kal K. Korff is a liar who lies all the time. He is like one of those logic problems, like when a liar who lies all the time tells you he is lying, is he telling the truth? He's the biggest liar and fraud on the internet as far as I can see. I've always suspected that the paranormal interest field was awash with deceptive claims but Kal K. Korff is such a complete liar and fraud that one should automatically suspect any claim he may make as being dishonest. If Kal K. Korff were to tell me that today's date was December 21 I would check my calendar before accepting the claim.

Anonymous said...

Kal is presenting another bootlegged you tube video on his site. This video has Kal in it, talking about Area 51, etc.

In the explanation paragraph, one of Kal’s interns attempts to explain what we are seeing and what we should take away from our experience:

“While at LLNL, Kal Korff had access to government information and projects. It was during this time in the late 1980s that Korff understood and saw firsthand that the so-called "Cosmic Watergate" (the so-called "UFO cover-up" because the U.S. Government has the remains of crashed saucers or their alien crew stashed away), ESSENTIALLY does NOT exist. “

So what does Kal really mean to say here? That the cover-up is…

In essence
In effect
In actual fact
For all intents and purposes
More or less
For the most part
To a great extent

… does not exist?

Talk about hedging ones bet!

Kal, you may want to look over this material before your girlfriend or whomever it is, posts this stuff.

Squonkamatic said...

The YouTube thing also helps to prove that Kal K. Korff is shamelessly lying about his hit count for his pathetic little websites. Even his most viewed video postings on YouTube have play counts of 300 or so, maximum. Those play counts include off-YouTube embeds, so of all the visitors to his web pages only .0000000017 % of them have bothered to watch even his most widely viewed video postings. The numbers don't even come close to matching up, OR Kal K. Korff's website visitors don't give a flying fuck about his videos and just visit his web page to bask in his writing prose.

Let's pick one of his YouTube clips as an example, and to be generous one with what for Kal K. Korff is an exceedingly large number of views. I'll pick this one

which as of today has 362 unique views logged. Those 362 views account for both YouTube visitors and people playing the video as an embed on Kal K. Korff's web pages. It's also somewhat out of proportion to the average number of views that his videos have generated, making me suspect that a large percentage of those 362 viewers are actually watching it on YouTube itself. By contrast, look at the statistics for this clip posted at more or less the same time

which has had a whopping 66 views in total since it was posted on November 1.

My thinking is that the majority of those 66 views were done by viewers accessing it as an embed on the Kal K. Korff websites, and is probably a better actual representation of the kind of web traffic he is actually getting: 66 unique viewers in a roughly 2 month period, or 33 unique visitors a month, which averages out to about 8 unique visitors per week, or one new visitor per day. That would mean that on a yearly basis he attracts rougly 370 new unique web visitors to his websites, the rest are merely repeat visitors.

Silly Kal K. Korff, getting tripped up by the very internet resources he tries to exploit once again.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Mr. Nyland.

Anonymous said...

You are garbage, "Colonel". Vermin. Scum. Filth.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff,

Where is your terrorism book you promised would be out "next year" for the last three years?

Where is the 'smoking gun evidence' you promised to release on the 60th anniversary of Roswell?

Where is the KPMG audit of Kevin Randle?

Where are all of your promised lawsuits against Rnadle, Meyers, Kimball and others?

Why can't your name be found on one official document from any of the OJ Simpson legal proceedings after you claimed to be an 'expert witness'?

Why was your brother found guilty and why did he use a taxpayers funded defense when you claimed you would use your S3 resources to get him off the hook?

Why do all your self shot videos suck and why aren't you using professional production facilities with the $25mil you claim to have?

Why are you a lying lunatic?

Anonymous said...

For those of you who can't wait for Korff's crappy web site to load. Just posted today, item #1:

Paul KimBULL and O.J. Simpson - The "Other Side Of Truth" — IS A LIE!

As some of you may recall, UFO and Pro "Little Grey Man" huckster, lawyer wannabee Paul Kimball, made the FALSE CLAIM that I ( Kal Korff) was NOT involved in the attempt to prosecute O.J. Simpson. Even though Paul Kimball was NOT present during this time, is not even American, and lives practically near Greenland, NONE of this stopped Kimball from LYING about this issue, regardless.

Naturally, the imaginary "UFO field" NEVER held KimBULL accountable, they never do. Just like KimBULL NEVER "COMES CLEAN" about his famous Uncle, UFO MJ-12 hoax endorser, Stanton Friedman.

FOR THE RECORD, as many people have LONG known, (too bad for KimBULL), I (Kal Korff) was not only "involved" in BOTH attempts to prosecute Simpson, but I was ESPECIALLY involved in the civil suit, where I supplied testimony and cross examination points which DESTROYED Simpson's phony "photographic expert" Robert Groden, who is a Kennedy ASSassination CONspiracy nut and con artist.

The moment Simpson's team hired Groden to be an "expert," it was OBVIOUS to even a Paul Kimball (but he missed these facts because he wasn't there) that Simpson WAS guilty.




Gee, what else is new?

KimBULL, not "surprisingly," is a "friend" of Royce Myers III, Kevin Randle, (who KimBULL practically worships) and of course David "I want to hurt Kal Korff" Biedny, and naturally Don Ecker.

WHY are we NOT "surprised"?

Because we know better, and it is time the public also found out.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 December 2008 05:47 )

Anonymous said...

Another post from today:

Kurtis Korff Unlawful Shooting U.S. Federal Lawsuit Against Oregon Police Deputies Goes to Trial!

News - Latest
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed

Monday, 22 December 2008 02:22

Dear World,

I am pleased to announce that despite the very hard efforts of various parties to either deny events or stop us from seeking justice, so far they have all failed.

Effective with this announcement, I am pleased to officially state that the lawsuit against Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger, Oregon Deputy Brad Johnson, and numerous other parties, including forensic specialist Dovci, is now GOING FORWARD WITH THE COURT'S BLESSINGS.

Since my brother was found INNOCENT of the main charge, a charge that corrupt DA Stephen Campbell FABRICATED, WE HAVE WON EVERY ROUND IN COURT SINCE THE VERDICT, AND ALSO IN THE APPEALS COURT.




Have a Merry Christmas, we, as a family are certainly enjoying ours in Oregon, right near these criminals, and look forward to having the Courts deliver legal justice to them starting in 2009.

Last Updated ( Monday, 22 December 2008 02:32 )

Anonymous said...


Squonkamatic said...

The famous last words from Kal K. Korff's oxygen deprived web posting:


For sale to the public = for profit, unless it is stated that the proceeds will be donated to a charity. Kal K. Korff is looking to profit from the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. I am sure that Fred Goldman would be interested to hear about this.

He is a completely despicable dirtbag looking to exploit the murders of two innocent victims for his own personal gain, including the status of his reputation via bragging rights. His comments about his brother's continuing legal troubles also indicate that he is currently in the USA for the Christmas season. If so, those with warrants, writs, subpeonas or summons pending againts Kal K. Korff for whatever actions compelled him to flee US jurisdiction might want to jump on the opportunity and serve them.

Squonkamatic said...

Kal, look, you just can't win. Shut the fuck up, get a real everyday job, deal with your legal problems and stop acting like a fuckwad. The whole internet is watching, it's not 1988 anymore and your shithead douchebag claims can be instantly checked by anyone. We have been and what we are coming up with time and time again is zilch, which suggests that you're a bullshitter making all this crap up to try and make yourself look like a big shot or important man. Whining like a little god damn bitch about Major Kevin Randle or Officer Royce Meyers every time you get busted for lying and making shit up just makes you look more and more like a pathetic little weasel.

You're totally busted with this OJ bullshit just the same way you're totally busted with your Israeli intelligence bullshit and your nanobot bullshit and your 500 book deal bullshit and everything else that you have lied about since I started following your comedy. Nobody believes a god damn thing you say, claim, write or boast about, and every time you claim or boast about something new it just makes you look even worse. Fun is fun and making stuff up about UFOs or JFK is one thing, for the most part that's just harmless conspiracy theory fartnoise anyway, nobody cares. But when you're openly bragging about cashing in on the brutal murders of two innocent people just so you can one-up Paul Kimball and make some rent money to pay back Martina it gets a bit disgusting.

Seriously, Kal. Get a steady job. Lose the internet connection for a month, or limit yourself to just reposting music videos or something harmless. Be invisible, go away, and help people to forget your name for a while. Come back when you feel like being honest about yourself, which is that you have nothing, you are nothing, and that there's no shame in that. 99.9% of us on this planet just have regular jobs and families, we work hard and pay bills and try to have meaningful lives with our families and friends. It's fun to make a living for yourself and save for your future, rather than running around living some made up fruitcake existence that always gets you into trouble. Cooperate with Czech authorities on the Cables & Simms swindle, work a dignified job and pay back your friends/family who have generously supported you, maybe look into taking some night classes if getting a formal education culminating in a PHD, if that's what you really want.

All of those things require hard work, dedication and above all honesty, especially being honest with yourself. We'll know when you're being honest about who you are and what you do, and I'm sure that you'll notice that all this "hatred" you perceive as being directed at you would cease. Until then you're just an obnoxious footnote of human oddity, a human maggot living off the decaying corpse of the underside of existence. A cockroach scuttling out of the light once again lest you be exposed for what you really are: A small, insignificant speck of humanity awash in the vastness of forever. Just like the rest of us.

Merry Christmas, asshole.

Anonymous said...

"Since my brother was found INNOCENT of the main charge"

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that Kal K. Korff has PUBLICLY ADMITTED that his brother was FOUND GUILTY but of course Kal K. Korff being the lame revisionist he is never mentions what his brother was found GUILTY of. Kal's brother was CONVICTED OF FELONY CRIMES and is in PRISON serving 40 MONTHS for his crimes. Kal's brother was CONVICTED of attmepted FELONIOUS ASSAULT and of being a CONVICTED FELON WITH A WEAPON! Everyone that was with Kal's brother when he was SHOT IN THE HEAD FOR TRYING TO MOW DOWN A COP WITH A CAR all of those people were also CONVICTED!

In Kal's world criminals like OJ Simpson need to pay the price, but criminals like his brother don't have to. Justice can't be convenient. Kal your brother is GUILTY! How about those other CRIMES your brother is GUILTY of committing like delivery and possession of DRUGS and CHILD NEGLECT, ENDANGERING the welfare of a MINOR. Care to elaborate on what your brother was accused of on the California coast Kal? I'm pretty sure the Crescent City, California police report is still available for the public under case number 1992-0129. Maybe I will get a copy for a small public record fee and post it here for all to see.

Brad Hudson said...

Hmmm, I wonder if anyone would be interested to know that Kal is apparently in Oregon....

Anonymous said...

You cares? Doesn't matter. Only that it'll cost him more of his 25 million to fly back "home."

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that everyone STILL keeps paying attention to Kal and that he has resurfaced apparently in Prague.

To my own dismay, and during the time that Kal was putting together what passed for an actual book about Billy Meier (and printed by one of the most right wing small publishing houses in Amerika who's best selling books are Steve Allen's old books) at Kal's request I was privy to many of his dealings.

I'm not here to name call, but using a woman, or attaching himself to a woman who Kal eventually drains of either money or patience, or both, is normal. I know of at least 2 women in the USA that Kal, in under a year, had taken for over $10,000 allegedly on the promise he would pay them back "after my book comes out". Needless to say the book sold less than 10,000 copies. WHY he got a JFK book deal (I know why) still amazes me as the rough drafts were all basically stolen from other authors or footnoted quotes from other authors. He had done NO research on his own at the time.

Kal left Kalifornia in a hurry and due to an upcoming eviction. I know for a FACT that he left the other member of "TotalResearch", man what a joke that was, with a $1300 phone bill and ruined Kal's "best friend's" credit. Kompletely. Kal had to sell his computer gear just to pay for the move back up to his mother's trailer in Oregon. I tried to lose touch with Kal after that but he keeps popping up on the internet. This is AFTER he had run up over $5000 on a friend's credit card for video monitors, of course this money was never paid back. He had also upset Apple so much that they removed him from his part-time job (6 hours a day when he did work) at Apple in Cupertino as a customer service rep. NOT exactly the level of intelligence you need to work at LLML. In fact I personally could NOT find any evidence of this alleged "work".

Kal also DOES NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL PHOTOS OR NEGATIVES OF HIS OWN BILLY MEIER PHOTOS! Last I heard they were residing in Modesto with a now defunct mail order video company owner who had refused to give them back due to the money that Kal owed him. Same guy used to tell me stories about how Kal would come down for days at a time and they would smoke pot (not that there's anything wrong with that, but if he's now claiming an absurdly high IQ, the stuff has been proven to kill brain cells. :-) Same guy used to tell me that he didn't smoke herb until Kal came along and "would blow smoke in my face for hours". Kal would also pressure this same guy, who claimed to be at least a 3rd degree black belt and was several cards short of a full deck as well, to smoke pot with him. I witnessed this on one really stupid waste of time trip to Modesto with some of Kal's sycophants. Kal didn't even have a car by this time due to his removal from Apple. Call it what you will. While at Apple Kal falsely represented himself and acquired over $5000 worth of software from a well known company by using the Apple name and agreeing to "swap" Apple software for theirs. He tried to give them copies pulled off the Apple server (he did this ALL the time back then, as did everyone else who worked at Apple). Kal left in a hurry and basically alienated every person he came into contact with including his own relatives. Sad but true. After that, again he moved up to his mom's trailer in Oregon. He NEVER PAID ANY OF US BACK THE MONEY HE OWES US TO THIS DAY!!

The idea of Kal being a member of ANY paramilitary group, especially the Israelis, is laughable. A. He isn't Jewish which IS pretty much mandatory for ANY post above private in the Israeli military. B. There's NO SUCH ORGANIZATION. C. He's FAT and so out of shape it's hysterical.

Why bother with this guy. I'm surprised to see him try to reinvent himself but Kal IS good at one thing. He's a total and completely unabashed self-promoter. He got himself on the Larry King show by calling THEM and misrepresenting the status of his JFK research and book, well that and they couldn't get Gerald Posner for the show for some reason and they needed an in studio "expert". Kal afterwards immediately stated that "Larry invited me back" as well as that "Larry offered to write the Introduction to my book".

Literally EVERY appearance of any kind, from the Longs Drug store book signings, for which he bought 200 of his own books from the publisher using his friend's credit card, and sold less than 50 of the books over a 3 month period afterwards, to his Sightings appearance etc. were all HIS doing and because he would abuse Stanton Friedman (sp?)reputation as a REPUTABLE UFO researcher, and who IS a decent human being imho.

Kal in my experience would also switch sides in a millisecond to the UFO side instead of the "debunker" side IF he saw any advantage from it. i.e. He got himself involved in the beginnings of the Alien Autopsy footage and claimed to me they were "100% genuine", then after Rob (total A-hole btw) Kiviat FIRED him and had him removed from the set (people like Rob give H-Wood a bad name, again my opinion)and whom he had met as Rob was a lowly segment producer for Sightings when Kal was on the show. Immediately after he got fired from Alien Autopsy, the fight according to Kal had been because Rob allegedly had promised Kal some airtime/facetime on air, and reneged on it. That program almost ruined the reputation of several decent effects people who appeared on the show, one of whom I know and have worked with in the past......and is a minor legend in the business.

I think that debunking Kal is a SERVICE to anyone who would be taken by him. My opinion of him is that of a "con man with an overinflated ego", and that he refuses to go away.

Given the correct online forum, I have enough information and firsthand experience with Kal (unfortunately) to completely debunk Kal and his past statements. Kal has hurt a LOT of people and has taken them for over $30,000 in the 2-3 years that I knew him. This is besides destroying his then GF's bosses older Mercedes which he was driving without insurance or permission. Of course the guy never got his money back and his GF got fired and had to leave the country, Kal still owing her over $10,000 which she had brought with her to last her until she could get a job. She wasn't that bright or educated, neither is Kal.

Again, UNLIKE Stanton, you're talking about a guy with a HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE and NO other education or real training, even in computers. And he uses MACS.

$25 mil? Geez, with $25 mil I'd vanish from the face of the earth with my family and buy some tropical paradise and never look at another newspaper again. Like Arthur C., except without the hairless young boys.....Kal has absolutely NO possibility of tapping into that kind of money. He might be talking about a relative who's head of an investment fund who was interested in what Kal was doing, and was interested in making some money off of it, until he realized that "TotalResearch" was basically 2 stoners living in a house. He was also living with a girl who he had promised to hire as his head of PR, she was the smart one and moved out after Kal failed to make rent for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Kal DID approach, i.e. CALLED the LA County DA's office regarding the OJ case when the murder trial was happening, and of course he was rebuffed almost immediately although he had 1 good theory that could have disproven or proven OJ's story. Who cares now. OJ got some of what he deserved. I abhor violence personally, unless somebody else starts it :-).

Kal left a trail of broken lives, empty bank accounts and again alienated everyone he came into contact with and his ONLY way of feeling important was to go to UFO conventions. It got so bad that right before he moved he was starting to go out of state as nobody in CA would take him seriously anymore.

IF you can find it there's a good and true public interest story mildly about Kal in the San Jose Mercury News basically portraying Kal in a similiar light, or as simply another "nut".

I DON'T think it helped either that the Billy Meier photo with "I WANT TO BELIEVE" was part of the backdrop of "Mulder's" office on the Xfiles series which seemingly gave Kal credibility.

Kal has also claimed he would be on 20/20. Never happened and he's been threatening lawsuits now for over 20 years. Not a single one has ever been filed.

I wouldn't call Kal a "kid" anymore. He's approaching 43-44, almost to 50 now. He looks terrible in that recent photo btw and he's shaved his beard. He should have kept it.

So anyone that is approached by Kal, RUN SCREAMING THE OTHER WAY. Unless you like misery, broken promises and an empty bank account and being to the point of homelessness because Kal has taken all your money. Much like he did to his roommates, people at Apple and the list seems to keep going.

Sad. Kal, get married, have a kid and get a regular job someplace. And how about paying some of us back???? Yeah, and "monkeys might fly out of my butt". Sorry Wayne's World quote which seems apropo.

Best to y'all.

Anonymous said...

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