Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just what might Conniving Kal Korff say ifhe were to to outright confess about what he is all about in reality? What would the repugnant little clown say about all of the vile things he has done and said? What would the little Internet website terrorist Kal Korff confess to us all? Don't hold your breath waiting for Kal to come out and tell the truth any time soon. instead you should just go about amusing yourself by reading Konfessions! which is a rather hilarious look at what Kal might say if he were ethical enough to admit anything or was courageous enough to come and say what really was going on in that wacky little bozo head of his. It is never too late to apologize Kal. andunlike you there are people who havebeen following your shenanigans who would actually forgive you if you finally just fessed up.

Too bad contraception wasn't more publicly promoted way back when Kal was CONceived! Then again I do suppose we would not have Kal around to provide us with the unlimited laughs he provides with his 'life'. ahahahahahahahaha Kal Clownboy Korff sure just keeps the laughs rolling. Yes Kal that is right! We ARE NOT laughing WITH you. ahahahahahahahahaha
Konfessions is just funny funny funny.


Squonkamatic said...

Taking the liberty of re-posting this comment from the previous entry:

I just realized that Kal K. Korff STOLE his "For Immediate Release" and "Developing ... " web post style from Matt Drudge. I was wondering where I'd seen it before, and today Drudge has a new "breaking news" web post up which you can see here

Now granted this one lacks the usual "Developing ... " tag at the end. But it's pretty clear that Kal K. Korff has been ripping off somebody else's more professional style of posting information all along to try and give his pathetic little web presence a more authoritative tone. Any insistence that he started using those tags long before Drudge and that Drudge must have swiped the idea from Kal K. Korff would be ridiculous. Drudge has averaged about six million hits per day since 1998 and is one of the pioneers of internet journalism regardless of what anybody thinks of his methods.

All Kal K. Korff can do is rip off other people's ideas.

Squonkamatic said...

PS: Konfessions is a masterpiece, can whoever is blogging that change the comments posting parameters so that non-registered readers like myself can leave our encouragement??

Anonymous said...

From Dip Shit's site today - 02/12/2009:

>>> Remember, Eugene, Oregon Security Officer, Mr. Royce Myers III, originally REFUSED to "believe" that any of this was true. <<<

Hey, Dip Shit, who cares?

Do you really give a shit that RMIII does not believe you, Kalvin?

And what if he did believe you Kalvin?

What would this change?

No matter ANY outcome, Kalvin, you will never be put back in his glorious Hall Of Fame.

Kalvin, maybe you should ask a few professional lawyers to comment of your brother’s case? See what they say and note the ones who don't agree...

Then, call them out on your crappy web site...

Make a few videos....

Oh wait, they matter and they will take you down.

RMIII does not matter Kalvin.

This is the only reason you continue to use his name and try to get him to react.

RMIII isn’t interested in you and he will not react to you, Kalvin.

What better a target for a coward?

Show us what kind of big man you are, Kalvin. Go after someone who matters.

Little Bitch.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

UDDERly HIGHlarious.
LITTERally the (Watch)cat's meow!

Bozo #6

Anonymous said...

"Some "Watchdog" eh. folks?"

Kal, you need to get a new line and some courage. Meyers clearly is ignoring you for the third rate lunatic you're showing everyone you are.

Clearly these complaints you allege to be filing are being done out of spite. Only a coward like you Kal would try to harm someone professionally and personally just to get back at them for some perceived wrong. And really, what Meyers does on his own time is not any manner relevant to his job, but you will make it so because you are running out of avenues to get at him, aren't you now?

So of course Kal is going to keep on about Meyers because Kal knows he isn't going to get a response and this way Kal can keep boosting himself up.

Kal, you aren't worth Meyers's time and you clearly do not get that. Does it really mean that much to you Kal, being removed from the hall of fame of a website that hasn't been running in years?

Do you feel shunned? Embarrassed? Slighted? Do you feel like a girl at a drive-in movie who got felt up and then let down? Are you the little boy who overheard mommy and daddy inadvertently talking about how Santa doesn't exist and your world was shattered?

You're creepy, Kal. You give people goosebumps and not the good kind. You're the kind of moron people look at and say, "There's just something really wrong with that guy," even when you're on your best behavior. You can't hide that people, Kal, no matter how normal you try to come off as.

Kal, is it me or do you indeed have a sickeningly deep and distrubing fascination with Meyers? Is it sexual for you? Is it a matter of being rejected as a friend or something? Is it because your brother is sitting in prison and you've conveniently neglected to mention this fact? Is it out of want or need? Is your obsession with Meyers out of spite?

Yes, I'm going to go with spite and rejection here. Perhaps Kal was surprised when the Valentine's Day card Kal meticulously chose and thoughtfully wrote in for Royce was sent back to Kal "return to sender" unopened. A lover scorned? This is just a comical guess, but you never know. Perhaps Kal just realized he wasn't on par intellectually or ethically with Meyers?

Kal, speaking of deeply intellectual, do you mean comments like, "Fuck you, Milos Bartu!" ? Kal, you're such a shallow, predictable and hypocritical coward. Keep posting though,Kal, because it is clear that no hole you dig will be deep enough for you.

I really hope someone sues the living hell out of Kal and that mouth of his. Kal should count himself lucky that he doesn't appear to have much in terms of money or anything that could be liquidated, because I have a list of lawyers that would gladly take any libel suit against Kal on contingency.

I guarantee you if Kal's bogus $25mil had been real, it would have been frozen and portioned among the successful litigants and their attorneys long ago. Trust me, Prague is not out of reach for the legal system in another country and neither is Kal.

Anonymous said...

This Kal Korff stuff is really disturbing. Were I the target of this Kal Korff guy I'd be seriously concerned for the safety of myself and my family. There is just no telling what people will do these days and this Kal person seems capable of doing something weird.

Squonkamatic said...
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Anonymous said...

The 'watch cat' is Kal's childish poke at 'watch dog'. It is very original.....for a third grader maybe, but even then.....

Anonymous said...

From fruitcake's webpage, "Kal Korff's wildly popular syndicated column, Kal's Korner, (which also helps Czechs learn English), will RETURN THIS MONDAY, 16 FEBRUARY, 2009. Stay Tuned, by popular request, Kal's Korner will be appearing in many places, where people can DOWNLOAD STUFF FOR FREE."

Wildy popular? It was so wildly popular that it got the boot from Idnes and the Met and so did Kal!

You do realize Kal that in order to have a "syndicated" column, it has to be picked up independently and by multiple sources other than the dozen or so website domain names you have registered?

Maybe Kal will be stupid enough to publish some of his usual libel in some paper and this way a whole crowd can sue the paper and Kal and they might actually get something. Then again what newspaper would ever hire Kal after his disastrous "English" column and low grade journalism? I've seen high school newspaper reporters with more in-depth journalism than Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal has 3 things going for him. This blog, his idiotic website and a measly weekly spot on the xzone radio show.
He has has been banned from all other radio programs, all blog sites such as UFO Updates, all printed publications (including Prometheus), all TV appearances and YouTube.
So out of desparation for any attention, which he so badly needs, be it positive or negative, all he can do now is blast away on his website, hoping for some reaction from anyone, just to make him feel important.
As for me, I'll go along just for the entertainment value, but I do not for one second believe a single word he says, either now or previously. In the REAL world, he's known as a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.


Anonymous said...

>>> just for the entertainment <<<

So true.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Comments now open to anyone.


Anonymous said...

The Word Verification deal just sits there, loading... forever.... I want to post my Anonymous
kestion to Kalvin!

Anonymous said...

It's working now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kal will help to define a new chapter in psychology. Something like 'Korffian Personality Disorder'.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Note - I got around to posting a quick blurb about Kal's liberal use of quotation marks.

What a f'ing moron.


Anonymous said...


I'm loving "the" store and the eduation "about" Korff. ;-0

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the first issue of:

"What is Kalvin K. Korff (UFOWATCHCAT.COM) really trying to say...?”

Created to help the consumer decipher what it is Kalvin K. Korff is attempting to communicate.

From Kalvin K. Korff (UFOWATCHCAT.COM) website:

>>> Thursday, 12 February 2009 23:12

SECOND Formal Complaint against Officer Royce Myers III Gets Cleared and Sent <<<

So here we have Kalvin stating that the compliant was CLEARED and SENT. But, by whom?

One can only assume that both Kalvin and Martina finished the document(s), or assisted with their creation, and it was then CLEARED and SENT by, Kalvin and Martina.

Hence, the close proximity in which Kalvin and Martina find themselves in relationship to the material would then give Kalvin and Martina the ability to make the statement, “got CONFIRMED and SENT”, in the past tense.

>>> UFO WatchCat has CONFIRMED that Eugene, Oregon Public Safety security guard, Mr. Royce Myers III, is now the recipient of a SECOND formal complaint, which will arrive and be filed officially with his superiors shortly. <<<

Which really means, the material, IF it exists, is in TRANSIT and RMIII IS NOT in RECEIPT, or as Kalvin states, ”is now the recipient of” this material?

Seems simple enough.

Kalvin K. Korff is LYING, once again.

Another historical example of Kalvin K. Korff lying to the consumer.

From Kalvin K. Korff (UFOWATCHCAT.COM) website.

NOTE: The verbiage is presented here as best as can be remembered by this reporter. Certainly the first person language is correct.

I’m a busy person and I cannot spare the time nor do I have the patience to wait for Kalvin K. Korff’s website to load...

Well, you get the picture.

Kalvin K. Korff, “I’m pleased to have the opportunity to be the first person to break this exciting news AND to share this with the X-Zone audience...“

This is in regards to the NASA news that there seems to be microbes, or whatever, on Mars, pointing to life on Mars.

Kalvin’s “news release” stated that Kalvin had already shared this with the X-Zone audience a full 2 days before his scheduled appearance


This news was already announced on the NASA web site a full 3 days before Kalvin made his grandiose remarks about himself being the first to break the news, to anyone, anywhere.


Kalvin K. Korff is prone to exaggerations, outright fabrications and lies, in his attempt to give the impression of importance to the public.

Kalvin's misuse of the future and past tense verb rules and structure of the English language to help him manipulate the time-line,and his liberal use of quotation marks is a clear sign of a psychosis of some kind however, I'm an educator, not a psychologist, and we’ll leave a more detailed diagnosis to a more qualified professional.

However I’m sure I’m close to the truth correct in my assessment.

Stay tuned for the next issue of,

"What is Kalvin K. Korff (UFOWATCHCAT.COM) really trying to say...?”

And please, write your own, it isn’t copyrighted or syndicated in any way.


Fuck Nut

Squonkamatic said...

UFO WatchCat Confirms Breaking Discovery By Kal K. Korff, Colonel and SAPSTOE of YS3 Israeli Intel and PhD Doctoral Candidate, CEO/CTO/CIO of Critical, and Inventor of the Salad Shooter

February 13, 2009

There "is" no "spoon".

Developing ...

Anonymous said...

>>> There "is" no "spoon". <<<



Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Kal just blew a gasket on his website again! Kal is DESPERATE to get some sort of reaction out Meyers and Kimball it is just TOO FUNNY and utterly PATHETIC at the4 same time!!!! ROFL!!!!!

My side hurts from laughing so hard! Thanks for the LAUGHS Kal!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree.

Kalvin is once again responding to this site and to the non reaction of RMIII.

Bob oh boy...

As we adults get on with our lives AND included this “Korff Watch” into our full and engrossing lives, Kalvin just can’t move past his inclusion into the RMIII, UFO Hall of Fame, and RMII reluctance to believe the bullshit Kalvin spews forth out of his evil, lying little clap trap.

This reminds me of a little kid whose first crush broke up with him and will not talk to him anymore.

Sad, little, repellant man,

Kalvin K. Korff, fighting the tines of wind mills alone.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Korff is also going after Stanton Friedman. Probably because Friedman described a debunker so well and that fits Korff like a glove.

"Debunkers seem to employ four major rules:

A: What the public doesn't know, we certainly won't tell them. The largest official USAF UFO study isn't even mentioned in twelve anti-UFO books, though every one of those books' authors was aware of it.

B: Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.

C: If one can't attack the data, attack the people. It is easier.

D: Do one's research by proclamation rather than investigation. It is much easier, and nobody will know the difference anyway."