Friday, February 27, 2009

Kal Korff MELTDOWN!!

Well well well it has been rather fun reading the comments here. I do indeed like the one posted by Brad Hudson where Kal "Conniving" Korff sends a blathering and dizzying response to an e-mail where this chap Brad Hudson asks a few simple questions that require nothing at all but simple answers. But do we ever get a straight answer from Conniving Kal? Instead we are given this delightful email reply from Kal where Brad's eloquently constructed message invites a full on MELTDOWN of epic proportions from Kal!!! Read on and watch how little it takes to make Kal come unwoven like a cheap suit!! Kal Korff is just like a thin skinned tire on a truck crusing down the interstate when it suddenly BLOWS OUT!!! BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! Kal's UTTER MELTDOWN is PRICELESS!!!!! ahahahaahahahahahaa!!!

Brad Hudson wrote this, "Wow, Kal, you've outdone yourself today. I don't even know where to begin dissecting the rant you've gone off on, but let me try:

1. What the hell does Don Ecker have to do with anything? He used
to own UFO, now he doesn't. He's not selling anything, so why does he

2. Kevin Randle, again. You need to get over this one. Randle will have more credibility than you until the end of time (and I don't believe everything he prints, either). Plus, you know there's a difference between slander and libel, right? Because judging by your site, I don't think you do.

3. Stanton Friedman. Ask for my money back? Really?? Mr. Friedman has done more to advance the study of UFO's than anyone else currently alive. I think I'll take the word of a nuclear physicist over a non-college educated ex-pat any day. I think we also need to point out that you were once Mr. Friedman's protege and now he has distanced from you so far that it would take light at least 10 years to get to him. He (along with Phillip Mantle) pretty much describe you as someone who can't be believed on any topic.

4. Paul Kimball. You know he's distanced from Stan Friedman, right? And that he's publicly disavowed any belief in the ET Hypothesis. Oh, wait, he's put together a movie about you. That's why you're so desperate to trash him. And that's why I'm so desperate to see the finished project. Did you not realize someone was trailing you around town with a camera? And you call yourself an intelligence officer?????

5. Royce Myers III. He hasn't done anything with that site in years. Why are you so up in arms over it? Does it mean that much to you? And don't give me any consumer crap, either. Royce doesn't sell anything, so how could I be a "consumer" of his product? (Notice that I used quotes correctly, something you still need to work on). Or is it because he said your brother would be guilty? He was guilty of assault, was he not? And he is in prison? Just checking.

Kal, you really are nothing more than an enormous joke. Just last year you claimed you were going back to the USA to work on your brother's trial. That didn't happen. You said you had signed a 5 year contract with Voijtek, and we all know how that little escapade ended up. then it was F1 racer being arrested, deported, having his YouTube account suspended. How much of that happened? Zero, mi amigo!

You need to get a job and leave all this behind. You are so bitter that those of us who dabble in Korff-dom don't need any help in making you look like an ass. You do all the work for us.

Best wishes on your final meltdown,


WOW! Brad Hudson is one hell of a psychic as he predicts the coming MELTDOWN from Kal and hold on your to your seats because the response from Kal should be a case study piece for any asylum staffers! This gets UGLY and don't get too dizzy reading Kal's CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY response and here it is "Dear Brad Hudson,

Thanks for writing, let me now respond to your various points.

1. Thanks for "thinking" for me and "telling me" HOW I feel. Problem Brad: I helped write that piece, but am NOT the piece's sole author. But you would not know this, because you didn't bother checking. I assume you know that you do NOT "think" nor "speak" for me, so you might as well stop trying.

2. I NEVER said Royce has done anything with his web site recently, did I?

Instead, YOU did. You ca ask yourself why you lie about this, it is not my problem.

I also did not largely write that part. The FACT remains that a thorough
systematic expose of Royce has YET to be done. I am NOT doing it, others are. I care not what you "believe".

3. You say I was a "prodigy" of Friedman?

Since you were NOT there, you CANNOT say I was.

For the record, I NEVER was, in fact in at least ONE of the articles that showed Friedman and I together, you can clearly see me frown and stare at him right after he made the "certain prediction" that the Space Shuttle would "bring down the UFOs."

My comment was "Do you REALLY think so?" and of course this has proved NOT
to be true.

4. You say that Friedman has done "more" for the "study of UFOs" than anyone
else has. I respectfully DISAGREE. Brad Sparks kicks Friedman's ass sideways, and 24 hours a day.

Let's "review" Friedman's track record:

A. He endorses MJ-12. Despite the FACT it is a hoax. He has NEVER come clean
about this.
B. He "endorses" the infamous Rex Heflin photos from Santa Ana, California,
in 1965. These photos show a TRAIN wheel.
C. He "endorses" the Trindade Island photos from Brazil in 1957 which ARE
D. He "endorsed" in his movie UFOs Are Real, the Santa Catalina "UFO" film
of 1966, which shows a CESSNA Airplane.
E. He "endorses" the Betty and Barney Hill "star map" — DESPITE THE FACT
Atterburg's "star map" is a BETTER match. The FACT that more than one
"candidate" exists, PROVES and REDUCES the Hill case to "just another story."
F. Friedman "endorses" Roswell — enough said.
G. Friedman "endorses" the Cutler-Twining Memo, deliberately and selctively
quotes from it, FAILED to "understand" that it was a HOAX and FRAUD and does
NOT say what he claimed it said.
H. I (Kal Korff) have SEEN a "UFO" — Friedman has NOT.
I. Try to find "alien worlds" in the star system of Zeta Reticuli, etc., and
the other stars in the Hill map. THEY ARE NOT THERE! FACT! So WHERE is "ET"
hiding out? On a death star which cannot be tracked by red shift light
studies nor Hubble? Yeah, right.
J. He "endorses" the NSA "UFO" memo, which has since been declassified — it
does NOT prove any such thing. Friedman was wrong, and NEVER had the right
to "profess to know" what content was in those redacted portions. Instead,
he projected his ideas into it, just like MJ-12.

5. Paul Kimball has NOT FULLY "COME CLEAN" about his Uncle Stan — it would
cause more disruptions in the family. Instead, he has done DAMAGE CONTROL
and "spin" which is very different. The key word is FULLY, but you MISSED

You have NO "excuse" — your "open mind" is ALREADY made up!

6. Kimball quotes Brad Sparks over the Rb-47 case, never holds Randle
accountable, Sparks says RB-47 case involves "real aliens" or NOW Paul says he doesn;t buy this 'explanation" for UFOs? What a hypocrite. Can't have it BOTH ways, but Paul does. And of course Paul (like Stan) will still take your money. FACT. If I endorsed a FRAUD and as THE MAIN PROPONENT OF THAT FRAUD, I WOULD REFUND PEOPLE'S MONEY.

7. We predicted YEARS AGO Paul would eventually produce a video "hit piece"
on me. Accordingly, we filmed TWO YEARS AGO interviews about this. We will
air them AFTER Paul strikes first. Our whole strategy to expose Paul, is based on him behaving like the "Little Big Man, Gotta Get You Back" syndrome we say he DOES suffer from. We will not and cannot release anything until Paul "fires first." It also fits perfectly into my thesis on human psychoses and biases. UFOOLogy is a perfect study lab for people's foibles, just like Islamofascists are.

Honestly, I do NOT care about Kimball. The exposes of him are largely ALREADY done, (thanks to Martina) and since Paul has NEVER had the ethics, morals nor decency to contact me directly, (that makes him certainly NOT a journalist) that's Paul KimBULL for you, as his nickname is, most appropriately.

8. Randle - Yes, Randle both says and writes that law enforcement and military personnel have threatened to kill Roswell eyewitnesses. I notice YOU DO NOT HOLD RANDLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS. Instead, we or I am "evil" for
pointing this out and trying to do so. Writing and saying it IS both libel and slander, look it up.

9. You FAIL to mention that Royce ONLY "retired" AFTER he started to get
exposed, gee, how honorable of Royce, who to this day, remains a coward who
won't admit he blew with both of his lips, the forensics in my brother's shooting. You can read them yourself, unless you think Billy Meier hoaxed them.

Royce promised in writing to "gladly eat crow" if he was wrong. FACT: he IS wrong, unless you think the forensic scientists are liars or incompetent. But notice Royce remains "retired" and ONLY has time to send a bogus newspaper article about me to (surprise!) his "good buddy" David Biedny. Most people send bogus articles to their proxies to attack others, it is the Number #1 hobby of most "retirees" — isn't it?

ASK BRAD SPARKS YOURSELF — the SJMN article IS BOGUS, please do NOT take my word for it. Brad is in the article, and the article shows me "wearing glasses" — I have never worn them in my life. Congratulations, Mr. Hudson!

10. I am not "bitter" over anything. I also hate NO ONE, not even Bin Laden. QUIT trying to "tell me" how I feel. The FACT you DO, is YOUR problem.

11. You CONfuse "bitterness" with your OWN emotional projections. The next time you decide to TELL ME HOW I "feel" — ASK ME FIRST!

12. Get a real job or words to that effect. I have always had at least one, but you wouldn't know this, and I don't respond to comments like this, because I do not need to. They are YOUR problem.

13. "Meltdown" — in your dreams I guess, since no such thing is taking place. But yes, people like YOU DO "judge" others, — I prefer to leave that "job" to God. You also project things onto me, I am not that way, and i won't defend your behavior on this, because there is NO "defense."

14. As we have made clear, Martina and others who use and post on this site, the exposes WILL stop when they are complete. In the interim there are far more important things to do — if people "criticize" me for focusing instead on nailing the rogue officers who are now the subject of a U.S. Federal Lawsuit for wrongly shooting my brother over having Randle audited at a time and date of MY choosing — well, while we all have different priorities, I will NOT "apologize" for putting an illegal shooting case (regardless of who is involved) before either NON-existent Little Grey Men, or "Bigfoot."

When you claim that Friedman has "advanced" the study of UFOs more than any
other person, since there is NO EVIDENCE of Little Grey Men, -- exactly WHAT
has he "advanced"? The answer is his BANK ACCOUNT. Friedman admitted to me
and others YEARS ago that he only got "into" UFOs because the market was
dying for Nuclear "Physicists" — despite the fact he is an Engineer.

THANKS to Friedman, the MYTHS of Roswell and especially MJ-12 are now
entrenched in our society. Gee, that's "science" for you, and GREAT "PROGRESS" — isn't it?

Obviously, I have known Friedman for decades. I was bothered in 1975 when I
first met him and he was clearly and PASSIONATELY jealous and always attacked Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who I also knew VERY well and spent much time with.

But you wouldn't know this, that HYNEK, NOT FRIEDMAN, WAS MY REAL "hero" —
ask Friedman yourself, AFTER he moved to Canada I never had contact with him
until later when I exposed him in my Roswell book. FACT. Whereas with Hynek,
I saw and stayed in touch with him up to near his death, and STOPPED the Meier people from exploiting him for MONEY after he started to lose his mental facilities thanks to brain cancer. Same with the Lorenzens, Brad Sparks and I were VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN TRYING TO PROTECT APRO from Meier's people as well. I saw Coral Lorenzen before she died, when she needed oxygen to survive and was wheelchair bound. I fed her and took care of her for a weekend, Mr. Hudson, and also Jim Lorenzen.

The photos we took together appear on the cover of the new Meier debate series.

So much for your "expertise" on these issues.

But you wouldn't know any of this, just like you may NOT know how I appear in the notes of the expose on MJ-12. Look my name up in the expose Sparks and Greenwood did, which I notice you do NOT refute.

Because you CANNOT. You also don't hold Friedman accountable, your mind is
ALREADY made up. If I blew MJ-12, you would "crucify" me.

My best advice to you is to STOP trying to "think" for me and "tell me" what I either stand for, or believe. I can and DO "speak" for myself.

And about Paul Kimball, yes, a man who now hunts "ghosts" — gee, THAT's
"credibility" for you.


Get a clue, will ya?

In the vague chance that you might actually LEARN something, just like Randle does NOT use nor know the definition of "Debunker" properly (and notice that Paul Kimball did not interrupt Randle nor correct him, because he is also wrong and doesn't know what the word "debunker" means, like most UFO nuts) I have pasted below the Oxford Dictionary definition for the word "rant" — notice it does NOT mean what YOU claim.

But then again, anyone who cites the "logic" that you do, I would never expect them to know the different between a "rant" versus pointing out BLUNT FACTS. I do not mince words, as you know.

You seem to be "drunk" on the pro-ET "LGM" kook-aid. You may wish to stop
drinking it, your choice.

"Final meltdown?"

Whatever, Mr. All-knowing, Judgmental person. Maybe you confused me with the
song "Final Countdown" — at least THAT is understandable.

For the record, it does NOT "bother" me if UFO CONspiracy or JFK CONspiracy or Bigfoot "believers" do not think I am "credible" — I desire NONE of them as "friends" and I do not subscribe to their uneven lack of standards and quite often, lack of morals.

Instead, I prefer to expose them for what they are.


15. Regarding Vojtek, we have video of us signing the agreement, etc., which Vojtek participated in because we did intend to work together. But I (Kal) and three others changed our minds. We have many hours of video we WILL air several months from now, about what we REALLY did with Vojtek. Martina has ALL of this footage and she will release it as she sees fit, since she also worked with me with Vojtek, as did my Adjutant. Martina is in these videos a lot.

16. Regarding F1 racer, sorry I cannot talk about Mr. Underwood right now. I will not "explain" WHY, I don't have to and I "owe" you nothing on this. Just like I do not have to "explain" to you, especially, if I decide NOT to work with someone.

17. Who dies and made YOU "King"?

18. The fact you would quote or cite a person (F1) who calls others a pedophile or jew hater, claims I have images of Hitler in my living room, and other such "intellectual" things says ALL I need to know about YOU.

You keep and cite some rather hate-filled friends.

rant |rant|
verb [ intrans. ]
speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way : she was still ranting
on about the unfairness of it all.
a spell of ranting; a tirade : his rants against organized religion.
rant and rave shout and complain angrily and at length.
ranter |ˈrøn(t)ər| |ˈrantə| noun
rantingly |ˈrøn(t)ɪŋli| adverb
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [behave in a boisterous way] ): from
Dutch ranten 'talk nonsense, rave.'



And there you have Kal Korff's MELTDOWN!! And yes reading Kal making statements about morals is a joke. I do believe that most would agree that pretending to have a brain tumor isn't very moral or ethical as an example. Neither is promising to deliver on things for years at a time and never doing such.

Kal you should wake up and smell the coffee and realize that for all your silly efforts that it is clear to any reasonable and intelligent person that email to Brad Hudson was you dodging questions and going into a full on MELTDOWN!!! And I believe Brad Hudson brings about several precise points in his email message to you. Oh I almost forgot to show Brad Hudson's response to Kal's MELTDOWN!!!!! Here is Brad Hudson's response throwing Kal's bullshit right back in his own face, "Wow. I had no idea I had made that many points.

Wait, I didn't, but I'll be glad to go through them.

1. You didn't write it all. Right. Have the author come forward.

2. No, but you act as if the site is, in fact, still active. Additionally, if you are aware of the state of the site isn't it somewhat disingenuous of you to compare it to your site, an active one? Not mentioning the site has not been updated for some time certainly might lead readers to believe you are being actively wronged rather than the truth that RMIII removed you from his HoF and added the always witty "Kan 'o Korff" section (one of the modern classics, I assure you).

3. No, Kal, I said you were his protege, not prodigy. Dear God, learn to read. And, yes, you did begin with Friedman, did you not?

4. Brad Sparks is a fine researcher, but I still defer to Friedman. (Let it go, Kal, we can back and forth all day. BTW, MUFON isn't too happy about the hotlink.). Brad's MJ12 rebuttal is compelling, but I still go with Friedman on this (and, no, Brad didn't prove the docs are hoaxed, nor does he say that in his conclusion. He says he feels they are fraudulent. That ain't proof, tubby).

Your other Friedman lines are tired rhetoric.

5. Paul Kimball has consistently stated he has problems with his uncle's work. Anything beyond that is obviously something you want but won't get.

6. Actually, Brad says that the case involves real radar signals. His own conclusions (in the document you linked to) are that he sees no evidence fully supporting the ETH, so, no, Brad doesn't say definitely that aliens were the cause of the signals in the RB-47 case

(Wow, I was pretty sure I only had 5 points in my email. How you got 18 is beyond me)

7. Care to share the date code on that tape? Hmm, I don't believe you Kal. Odd, huh? Of course, not believing you puts me in pretty good company these days. Prove you have 2 year old tape, Kal. You can't, but you'll just bellow "I don't have to". Have you ever read "A Confederacy of Dunces"? Fabulous book. You are a modern Ignatius Reilly, for sure.

8. No, actually Randle states that witnesses were threatened at the time. That is entirely believable for the time and in no way libels any current military officer.

9. Kal, RMII retired and then you started tilting at his windmill. What "expose" are you talking about?? Your crusade because he happens to think you're full of shit?? Hardly a groundswell of backlash. As for the article you mention, the author stands by it and has stated you did not ask for a contraction when it was printed. Sorry, Kal, again I'm going to have to take the writer's version here, mostly because he's never BS'd me before.

10. (This is boring) You could have fooled me as you seem awfully bitter over the fact that RMIII called a spade a spade. And I never mentioned once the word hate. You inserted that (as you are prone to do. I see how "involved you were in Brad's MJ12 piece. You were in the room for a CONVERSATION! Do you want a cookie for that? You did nothing but act as a witness that, yes, this conversation did happen. Helluva research job, pardner).

11. Just see the above statement. Normally, Kal, you would only number different trains of thought.

12. No, Kal , I said "Get a job", you added the "real" modifier. What actual job have you held in the last 12 months? None that I can see.

13. Don't defend me. I wouldn't want you on my side. BTW, your writings do indicate someone on the edge of a mental breakdown. Just my educated opinion (and my opinion is educated in these matters)

14. OK, you're kind of all over the place here. I'm pretty sure I never mentioned Hynek or the Randle audit (which you claimed in a video to be "dropping off", another of your lies). I'll just skip ahead.

15. What you really did with Voijtek was to be hired to teach English on a freelance basis and then leveraged that into receiving goods from a local Apple seller. That's what is in the public record. These "hours of video" will never surface, so don't bother talking about things you don't have.

16. Hmm, perhaps you can't talk about it because there's nothing to talk about. If you were seriously trying to stop him you would have already filed suit overt his site where he actively libels you on a regular basis. You won't because you know you'll get torched in court when the house of cards that is your web of lies (wow, two metaphors!) will come crashing down as courts require more proof than a couple of yellowed newspapers and an old science fair ribbon.

17. I think you meant "died" here, and I don't ever remember claiming a throne anywhere. Nope, I've never once claimed to be a King, Duke, or any other royalty.

18. No, that would make you a bigot for judging me by something as facetious as that.

Kal, your long winded reply failed to do one thing: answer the more salient points in my email and, just like your past email to me you have dodged the bigger issues.

Brad Hudson

PS - I forgot to ask: it's OK for you to rail on Randle via the dictionary but when Paul Kimball uses 3 of them to refute your nonsense it's not OK?? Oops, forgot who I was writing to. Double Standard Kal.

After this Kal sent me an email claiming he would reply to my points in full at a later time.

I guess it will be sometime after the audit of Randle's work gets done...."


Anonymous said...

holy...shite!!!! the guy is a loon! i don't even want to take the time to point out everything that is so wrong with what kal said. a first grader could not only write better but would pick apart kal's ramblings.

Anonymous said...

There must be climate change!?!

What else could explain this meltdown?

The simple truth, Kalvin, just state the SIMPLE truth, and you'd stay nice and cool and maybe, just maybe, have a friend or two to hang out with.

You know, like a normal "person."

Fuck Nut

Ed V. said...

'Kal, see if you can radio Jesus Christ'. Oh, no wait, that was a line from the previous YouTube link I posted. Maybe this one catches the behaviour of Captain Kirk, er... Captain Korff more accurately;

Anonymous said...

Youtube videos posted on the front page of my crappy little site =


Rants about RMIII receiving my non existent complaints on my crappy little site =


Insightful blogs calling me out on my bullshit =



Fuck Nut

Don Ecker said...

Because its been a long time, and I couldn't help myself.
Don Ecker

Kal K Korff-International Man of Mystery!
Hey Kal is an Idiot Forum members, Don Ecker here with some news on one of your favorite folks ... Kolonel Kal K Korff.

Most of you will know that after 20 years wading through the UFO sh*t, I left the field early this year. Matter of fact Gene and David interviewed me on it back about April. However, several weeks ago I did something very stupid, I answered an email from Alfred Webre who was posting a question about a certain guy named "Kal K Korff" a former Systems Analyst - LEVEL III from Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Well, just like a dumb-ass I wrote Webre and ... oh hell, here is what I wrote.

" Alfred,

I was "torn" on whether I wished to jump in here but I could not help myself. "Kal K. Korff" is one of those people that is a "Legend in his own MIND." He bills himself as a "Colonel" but in a non-existent intelligence service in Israel. He used to bill himself as a "Captain" that suddenly shot up to "Colonel." He solved the JFK assassination, etc. etc. etc. ... I could go on and on .... but if he worked as a "Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore" Labs, I will eat my hat!!! This guy is Walter Mitty.... and then some."

Well, Kolonel Kal K Korff, and the Special Secret Services jumped all over me...

"Dear World,
Mr. Don Ecker, a former Editor of the sensationalistic-leaning magazine "UFO Magazine," has said that I never worked as a Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.
Can you IMAGINE this folks?
I guess Mr. Ecker, as usual, failed to find several newspaper articles written AT THAT TIME which PROVE it.
Ecker is so incompetent, he CAN'T even find the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services on the Internet!
Don Ecker says "I will eat my hat" if he is wrong.
Well, Don, I have known you for years. As far as I know, you DO NOT WEAR A HAT.
Challenge to Mr. Ecker: PROVE that I (Kal Korff) NEVER WORKED at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Then, PROVE that I am NOT a Colonel in the S3, and that my email address at this facility is "imaginary."
Don Ecker, it is probably BEST that you quit the UFO field. Ever since you sold OUT to Roswell mythmaker William Birnes regarding Colonel Corso's false claims, you have never been the "same."
Allow me to continue. So, before I know it I am all over Kal's website with dire threats raining down on me. Next I am informed I will be exposed on Rob McConnells X-Zone radio show! Okay, I wrote McConnell and informed him that Kal K Korff would be monitored by me and if he engaged in slander or liable my attorney would be in touch with him and his network. Kal came on and did not slander me but McConnell seemed to be playing a "double" game.

Here are several emails and responses from McConnell who seems to be getting a little tired of Kal. wrote:
Hi Don:

Thanks for CC’ing me on your email to Kal.
If you would be interested in coming on the show with Korff, please let me know and I would be happy to arrange it.

All the very best for a great weekend.

I wrote McConnell back;

From: Don Ecker [mailto]
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 3:27 PM
Subject: RE: From Don Ecker

Well Rob, thank you once again for your invitation to appear on your program. However, would you please explain why I would wish to appear with a guy I consider to be an absolute moron and have less than zero respect for, to give him credibility by my appearing with him?

No thank you.

Don Ecker

McConnell's responses;

To: "'Don Ecker'"
Subject: RE: From Don Ecker
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 15:47:12 -0400

Well, maybe it’s about time that someone takes Kal to the task.

Anyway, I thought I would ask.

All the best,


Well, I finally acknowledged that MAYBE Kolonel Korff did work at LLNL's so I wrote him a note. It is next....

The following has my note to Kolonel Korff and a note to the world at large.

Greetings to Any and All. This little note is one that I’ve promised to send to “Colonel Kal K. Korff” and before I enclose what I have personally written to “Colonel Korff” a little background is in order. Some of this you may be aware of, some you may not be, and most of you probably will not give a shit… but what the hell…. Read on anyway.

After spending 20 years shoveling through the UFO sh*t, and becoming increasingly disgusted with most of it, I left the UFO field in early 2007. Quite frankly, the longer I dealt with many mush-headed “researchers” there, and wading through the (being charitable now) the fuzzy cases, I knew it was time to leave.

I still have friends and acquaintances in the UFO field like Kevin Randle, Royce Meyers, Gene Steinberg, David Biedny among others, and I would hear things but mostly didn’t pay too much attention. Then I did something I now regret, I responded to an open email from Alfred Webre concerning an “announcement” on the Phoenix Lights from “Kolonel Kal Korff” a senior systems analyst-level III. I wrote Alfred a note describing myself as “torn” about whether to respond, but I did, and stated I doubted “Kolonel Korff” was in fact a former employee at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Now a little bit on why I was skeptical.

For months now, “Kolonel Korff” has been on a rampage against Dr. Kevin Randle over Randle’s Roswell research. I know Kevin, I have always respected Kevin and his research and I honor him for his military service in “my war” Viet Nam, and the current war in Iraq. I was disgusted at this fu*king little poser (Kolonel Korff) denigrating Randle’s service in Iraq, then I began to do some research on Korff. Here are just some of his claims so follow along now, it gets very good.

Have Ray Santilli prosecuted for consumer fraud and that the FBI and Department of Justice were involved.
• He was going to "nail" Billy Meier and his promoter having them both prosecuted for consumer fraud.
• Said a Meier promoter was going to be taken into custody by the United States Secret Service. Korff expressed a desire to personally "slap the handcuffs" on this person.
• Said he was going to sue a Meier promoter for "libel and slander."
• Claimed all these alleged legal actions were "official."
• Had psy-ops working on a Meier representative and had this person pegged and was playing him based on this supposed psy-ops info.
• Wanted to get Bob Gimlin "under oath" and have him put under "cross examination."
• Is the director of a nanotechnology project and had a forensics project in the Balkans. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his "ops" for a reality tv show showing "Captain" Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds.
• Was a consultant to the OJ Simpson criminal prosecution team and an expert witness for the defense in the OJ Simpson civil trial.
• Said he had cutting edge technology that he wanted to share with me for use on the Internet. Korff claimed to have created this cutting edge technology.
• Has a $25,000,000 budget to work with to pursue UFO frauds.
• Is going to be publishing a 24 volume series exposing the Billy Meier case and has a 500 book deal. Yes, you read right, five-hundred, 5-0-0.
• Is a Captain in the Special Secret Services and works in anti-terrorism as a SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution).
• Korff even offered to provide me with the name of a Sheriff here in Oregon that would confirm Korff's claims.

“The above was provided by Royce Meyers with special thanks to Royce.”

Now, I will be the first to admit that some of these claims I found to be fantastic and some VERY funny. Like “Kolonel Korff” writing a column in a “free” newspaper offering to go into people’s homes to “cook them American dinners!” Korff currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, and used this free newspaper and his offer to cook American dinners for those who asked to verify his claims to Royce Meyers.

His military rank is also curious to the inquiring mind. I was a soldier in the United States Army Security Agency, (ASA), I served in Viet Nam and was wounded in combat on April 2nd, 1972. I know something about the military, intelligence operations, and military rank. For the longest time “Kolonel Korff” was “Captain Korff” in the “Special Secret Services” of Israel. Huh? Like, what the fu*k is that? And! … if real and if he were a member, would this clown brag about it on the fu*king “INTERNET?” I mean, WTF?? (This is SO SECRET, nobody has ever heard of it.) Oh, yeah, and Kal has “Staff” serving under him … and protecting him! Lets see, there is “Lt. Martina Tycova” according to Kal a former Czech “SUPERMODEL” running errands for Kal, I guess getting him coffee. Then there is “Warrant Officer Avimi Askenazi, who I suppose does all of “Kolonel Korff’s heavy lifting. So! What started this new Kal K. Korff feud? (And Jesus, this guy has SO MANY FEUDS GOING ON RIGHT NOW)

Korff wrote me a really pissed off letter demanding I retract my statements that he never worked at LLNL. I wrote him back and told him “Okay, if I’m wrong with what I said to Alfred Webre, I will retract it … so what proof do you have that you worked at LLNL’s? Kal didn’t like that. Here is a sampling of his response … verbatim.

“I am writing this to give you the "heads up" that tomorrow yet another
newspaper here is calling you a liar. Also, another one indicates you said
you will retract. I will now send your email to them, telling them you are
not, they will "deal" with you as THEY see fit.

IF you are "serious" then get OFF YOUR BUTT and check yourself. This means
YOU contact them, go dig up the clippings, get my publications and go
chase names. THEY ARE ALL THERE DON!

I do NOT have to "prove" something that IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD.

(And by the way, George Knapp pointed out that if a newspaper story is "PROOF" of someones claims, then there can be no doubt about Bob Lazar, I mean how many newspapers reported on him?)





Don’t you just love it when one of these guys begins “screaming” all in CAPS? Then up on Korff’s website he announces that “I will be exposed” on Rob McConnell’s X-Zone Radio show. Okay, I wrote McConnell a note stating that I would be monitoring his program and if I was slandered he would be hearing from my attorney. (Apparently Korff tried this with Paul Kimball and Kimball went to Canada’s version of the FCC. They nipped that horseshit in the bud.) Well Korff came on and did his thing and did not slander me. Maybe McConnell had a chat with him. Any anyrate … I listened to the show and checked Korff’s Billy Meier book, found 3 places where Korff simply said he had worked at LLNL’s and agreed to write him telling him that I now accept that he worked there. (And really, who gives a sh*t?) This was after a continuous barrage of threatening emails. Like this one … sent to me but not written to me.

“Since I cannot "protect" Don from the media exposing him anymore, and Don
has refused to admit he made allegations WITHOUT first checking his facts,
you may now "deal" with Mr. Ecker as per your orders from Tel Aviv, since
I cannot protect him anymore.

You were BOTH right, Avim and Martina, Ecker should NEVER have made
allegations without first checking his facts, and then he tries to shift
the "burden" on me, IGNORING lots of undeniable evidence that has been in
the public record for 19 years.

Inexcusable, but that's UFOOLogy, as you have aptly noted Martina.

I am steeping aside, I REALLY tried, Avim... :-(

Tonight on the XZone Ecker will get his "evidence" at his rightful
expense, unless we receive a formal retraction before air time.

I am alerting the media NOW and within an hour the first stories will
start to appear about this. Avim, the PRESS RELEASE you wanted to release
about Ecker, I cannot stop it now.

To the both of you, please do not worry about any more "Kal Korff
considerations," you may do as both of you see fit.

Sometimes it takes the dropping of a nuke to wake some people up to the
obvious, and I will make sure that the relevant issue is focused on here:

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DOUCEBAG! (My remarks, not Korff’s)

So anyway, early Friday morning I sent “Kal Korff, International Man of Mystery” the following Mea Culpa… Twice. So far he has refused to respond. Here is my note.

“Alright Korff, I did indeed listen to your appearence on the X-Zone radio program.

I have come to the conclusion that you did indeed work at LLNL's, and I was no doubt much too hasty in my remarks to Alfred Webre.

I now believe I was wrong, okay?

Of course that does not erase the fact that during the course of this "tempest in a teapot", and the fact that I never said definitively that you did not work there, only that I doubted it, you did in fact prove you are a Major Asshole.

I was a member of the United States Army, I did serve in Viet Nam, I was wounded in combat and your claims to be a Colonel, jumping directly from Captain, sound too much like more bullsh*t. If this is indeed a private organization, the only other private group with military rank is the Salvation Army.

One more thing I might add for your edification... I left UFOs the beginning of this year after 20 years of dealing with Assholes ... like you. So here is what I propose ....

I will write Alfred Webre and tell him that I believe I was wrong concerning your working at LLNL, hell I will even cc: you with my note. Then forget you and I ever communicated and you can continue on in what ever it is that you do. Okay?

Don Ecker”

So to sum up, just what do we have here? Well, in my opinion we have a guy that is desperate for attention, any attention, and he desires it so deeply he simply doesn’t care how much of a doucebag he presents himself to the public. I mean this is almost Halloween and there are some who do enjoy “dressing up” for the season but I mean… passing yourself off as a “Kolonel” jumping two grades from a “Captain” in a non-existent “Special Secret Service?” The only other civilian group that passes out military rank here in the U.S. is the Salvation Army. Maybe Kal is doing the Czech version and instead of feeding the homeless and the hungry, he is feeding the incredibly “DULL” who read his columns in the free-be giveaway newspaper.

Okay Kal, here is my Mea Culpa that I promised you. And if you really want to play… yeah, I’m game.

By now I was giving Kolonel Kal K Korff some of his own medicine. I told this cowardly little sh*t that if he wants to play, then lets play.

Oh, did I mention that Kal's Supermodel Lt. Martina Tycova wrote me? I have a folder of all this stuff (what can I say, I've been bored) on file and I named this one BIMBO.TXT.

Dear Mr. Ecker,

My name is Martina Tycova. I know you have heard of me.

Because of your behavior, and refusal to face facts, I am now publishing
my magazine exposing you. It will be out after the weekend, I am giving
you 48 hours to respond, to include some sort of reply to "defend"
yourself if you wish. This is most reasonable.

Included in it is the evidence you "missed" which proves that Kal Korff
worked at LLNL. This would be a newspaper article which was written
specifically on Korff because of him getting hired there, so your claim
"it could be wrong" is IRRELEVANT and is NOT true in this case.

Had you bothered to check the newspapers for 1988 you would have seen this article, among others.

Mr. Ecker, I have only one question for you. If you refuse to answer it,
I'll let the media know. If you answer it, I will also let them know.


The answer is NONE. Because there is NONE. There is ONLY EVIDENCE HE

What you CANNOT "escape" from, Mr. Ecker, is the FACT that you made
allegations which were NOT true, and they were NOT based on any FACTS.

Regardless of the subject, this is WRONG.

And even you would agree, yet you did it.

So please provide your "evidence Korff did NOT work there" or please be
HONEST and admit you were all too human and blew it.

Please contact your attorneys if you wish. I would be happy to engage them.

Your attempt to worm out of this is disgusting. You made accusations

Furthermore, Kal Korff has NOT "threatened" you. He made that clear.

Yet this is not what you have told people. You are guilty again, of
misrepresenting the truth.

Today, Mr. Ecker, four million more readers of the newspapers will be
updated on what you have done. Whatever your response is or "defense" of yourself, we will publish it.

And we are also putting this on TV. Once this expose comes out, we
consider this matter closed. The public will know the TRUTH, know that you were WRONG, and that you NEVER HAD ANY EVIDENCE, yet made this statement anyway, and then "worry about being libeled?"

Disingenuous, and pure UFOOLogy. I am now making this one of the episodes in my new show, whose name is UFOOLogy.

If you have any further questions about Colonel Korff, feel free to ask.
If you ever get a copy of our magazine, you'll see the evidence you
missed, only because you failed to trouble yourself to do the right thing.


The "CCs" here Mr. Ecker are to people who KNOW Korff worked at LLNL. It's all part of documenting the facts against you, and how you refused to face the facts. It is really bad, Mr. Ecker, when you misrepresent your OWN emails.


So this morning I sent Kal K Korff and his Supermodel Martina Tycova a note with my "musings". Its been 3 days and still no word from the K-man....

Note to Self- hmmm, it has been almost three days since I sent Kolonel Kal K Korff my note acknowledging he worked at LLNL, NO RESPONSE!!

Gee whiz, this waiting is becoming nerve wracking waiting for Kolonel Korff to get back to me. What could be the hold-up?? I wonder if he is on the run from an Islamist Hit Team? Could he be holed up with his Czech Supermodel? Now there is a picture! Anyway, what makes a model a supermodel? I never was up close and next to a Supermodel before. Of course I have seen photos of supermodels, but gee whiz, those gals looked like walking stick figures. No ass or tits to speak of. I wonder if Kolonel Korffs supermodel has ass and tits? Maybe when he writes me back he will send some pictures of Lt. Martina Tycova’s ass and tits and my questions might be answered. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Maybe Kolonel Korff is busy shooting another “totally pathetic” You Tube video! Yeah! that could be it! There he is running around in Prague wearing his cowboy Stetson hat, avoiding that Islamist Hit Team, or perhaps he is running to his very next Czech home to cook them DINNER!! Wow, to be a real “International Man of Mystery!!”

But wait! Maybe he is planning his counter-strike on Corrupt District Attorney Stephen Campbell, who has Kolonel Korff’s dirt-bag brother Kurtis Korff in the slammer with a police bullet up his ass! Yeah, maybe that’s it. Hmmm, let’s see ….

Oh yeah, here is the news article from Oregon Live dot com ….

Kurtis Korff was wounded in the head Sunday night when two deputies responded to a report of a burglary and assault at a Cave Junction home. Korff was in a car near the home and appeared to accelerate the car toward one of the deputies after being ordered to stop, police said.

Both deputies fired at him. He was treated at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland for the head wound and released Tuesday. He was then arrested on a state parole and probation warrant for failure to appear and taken to the Multnomah County Justice Center, police said. They didn't have any other information on the warrant.

Yeah, its always tough when you have a sh*t bag and dirt ball for a brother. That’s gotta be tough on Kolonel Korff with the Special Secret Service’s, I wonder what they think?

Oh wait, there is always the possibility that Kolonel Korff went back to Iraq on another super-secret Op to find more nuclear bombs!!! I mean Kolonel Korff did make an A-bomb design when he was a KID! Wow! To be a genuine International Man of Mystery!

Well, I guess I will just have to wait for Kolonel Korff to contact me. Umm, lets see, its been almost three days … and counting.

Further Note to Self …..
I wonder if Supermodels give Super-sex? You know, really great head or something? Gee whiz, I sometimes wish I wasn’t so curious …….

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker...

You're my hero.

Kalvin? Please respond. I'm in need of comedy.

Fuck Nut

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


Excellent to hear from you - glad you took the time.

So, a quick sidebar here...I google Alfred Webre, the guy you mentioned originally asking about Korff.

Is that 'the' Alfred Webre?

I would have thought a guy who's a lawyer, M.D. and UFO fan/organizer like Alfred would have already checked up on Korff's antics himself -and long ago deduced Kal's a nut. Why does Alfred post questions about Kal before doing his own research?

Don, don't get me wrong - I'm not questioning you. I'm questioning how a fruitcake like Kal can still fool even some learned people out there. If Kal is still able to create interest in people like Alfred, then our work here is far from finished.

Again, thanks Don for chiming in. I don't know about my other forum mates, but when I hear from Kal's feud targets (e.g. you, Kimbull), I get this feeling like "okay, it's worthwhile."

-Kult of Kal

David Biedny said...

Don, I just saw your post here - isn't it sad that we even take the time to engage in this silliness?

I just wanted to chime in here about Alfred Webre - he's a total, absolute nutcase who thinks that there's intelligent life on Mars, and that alien beam particle weapons brought down the WTC towers. He's a loon, right up there with Korff. Just FYI.

Like Don, I enjoy the posts here, and seeing Korff being brought down to his actual size is certainly gratifying. Just realize that this attention is all he's got, very few folks actually listen to the X-Zoned car crash, and McConnell is a total enabler for Korff, and is every bit as bad as him. These guys think that ANY attention is good, so just keep that in mind as you proceed with this blog.


Squonkamatic said...

Can someone find & reproduce that explanation from Kal K. Koff that details how this Lt. Martina Tycova was compelled to learn how to type exactly like Kal K. Korff, right down to the pathetic little typos and bizarre syntax errors?

Only a complete idiot would conclude otherwise than that Kal K. Korff typed that message from Martina himself, and she either doesn't really exist, or like poor Michaela Kocis was a real person who took pity on Kal K. Korff and essentially had their identity appropriated by him to serve as a mouthpiece, then had him turn on them in a frightening display of uncontrolled wrath. In addition to stalking and terrorizing them, Kal K. Korff has made these women seem even more foolish than he is by making it look like they actually believed in him and collaborated with him, when in actuality they both very quickly realized that he was an unstable ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and even implied that their relationships with Kal K. Korff were more than just work related -- when in reality he made their flesh crawl, prompted them to do things like change their phone numbers & relocate, and now won't confirm nor deny having had anything to do with him.

Kal K. Korff is a psychotic little monster, and a complete fucking idiot.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Wow - Don Ecker AND David Biedny!

Considering Paul Kimball visits, too....this is becoming a "Who's Who" of Kal's enemies. I love it.

David, thanks for adding the info on Alfred.
It is interesting to hear the insider scoop, but honestly, before all this anti-Kal blogging, I hadn't given a single serious thought to whether UFOs exist or not. And already, I'm at a loss to remember who's a nut and who's not.
Frankly, -whatever; I couldn't care less. All I know are 2 things:
1. Kal is a nut.
2. Anyone Kal doesn't like, I have more respect for, even without knowing one iota about him/her.

Kult of Kal

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Kal gets his rocks off by having a hand full of people pointing out the obvious problems with his mental breakdown.

And where, where in the fuck was Kal ever the center of some media frenzy? Unless you were in UFO circles at the time or had an interest in the JFK conspiracy, it is highly doubtful that anyone outside those circles knows who Kal Korff is.

Kal is a has been who will do and say anything to capture that fleeting and minute bit of attention he was getting way back when.

No one cares what Kal says or does, other than those amused by his outbursts and what I think anyone would call mental issues.

Kal is akin to a circus clown with turrets who can't control his outbursts. Though I give any circus clown more credibility than a bozo like Kal Korff.

A supposed racist father, a brother who likes to try and run over cops, and then there's Kal and his fruitcake behavior. Wow. The Korff family must boast quite a great legacy. LOL

Brad Hudson said...

Glad I could provide everyone some entertainment with this. It's been something of a pet project to see what I can get out of the "Kernal", and, now, I've got some time to put back into it.

I started a web site a few months back with the intention of talking about various UFOlogical topics, but the death of my father got in the way.

Now that I've gotten my mother situated and my business turned in the right direction (yes, there are still a few ways to make money in this economy), I've decided to fire it back up.

Doing some full blown research with verifiable sources on Kal's BS was always in the plans, and now I'm moving ahead.

If anyone cares to take a look, it's at . Right now it's pretty much just a couple of blog posts, but check back for some serious research.

Thanks for reading,

Brad Hudson
Satori Legal
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...


First things first, sorry to hear about your loss. From how you speak of your Dad on your blog, he seemed to make a real positive influence.

And secondly, hell of a good start on UFO blog. Hope it helps you reach both objectives.

-kult of kal

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

Sorry to hear about your loss. It's a big one and a tough one...

Whatever that can be done to expose Kalvin is a positive for all.

Thx for the effort, this Korffer will be watching with glee.

Fuck Nut

Ed V. said...

What's up with Korff's website? It looks like the freakin' History Channel.

Anonymous said...

>>> What's up with Korff's website? <<<

Lazy, stupid, all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Suppose you wanted to get Kal expelled from the Czech Republic or to have him involunatarily held for psychiatric observation upon his return to the USA.

Take his videos. Take his rambling e-mails (like the one here). Present them to the appropriate Czech authorities or to a judge in the United States along with the appropriate legal petition.

What do you think would happen next??

Seriously, there is enough already out there to cause big problems for Kal. Do Czech officials really want an admitted Israeli superspy operating freely in Prague??

Squonkamatic said...

"Wow, I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do."

Anonymous said...

I check the Paracast website out (David Biedny one of KKK's "buddies") several times a week. I see that Don Ecker is a guest on their next show. There is a link to Eckers website .. interesting. You might want to check it out.


Anonymous said...

oops should have been


Brad Hudson said...

Don is absolutely great. He pulls no punches and suffers no fools.

When you're on his site, check out the pdf file of his "20 years in the UFO Fog". He's got it linked right there in his most recent post, and it's a real eye opener.

Don is (was) one of the truly great guys floating around this topic, and it's unfortunate that the number of great guys are massively outnumbered by the crazies, liars, and thieves.

Brad Hudson

Ed V. said...

Checked out don Ecker's website. Boy has he been around and I can understand his dissappointment with the 'field'. There just isn't any cohesion and all kinds of theories spread like wildfire with out any real substance.
Seeing that Don was in the media so many times I get the impression Kal Korff is a little jealous of Don's achievements. Add a little spite because Kal is on the other side of the ufological spectrum and it's more understandable why Korff aims his sights at Ecker.
Read the file "20 years in the UFO fog" and it's obvious (for those who are objective - wink at Kal) that Don Ecker is also skeptical about many UFO claims and the people that make them. But I guess Kal is to much focused on discrediting someone to notice that.
Was fun to see that actor Dwight Schultz is a personal friend of Don. I had no idea Dwight was interested in UFO stuff. You learn something every day.