Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kal Korff CAUGHT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Kal Korff just can't STOP GETTING CAUGHT!! Poor, dumb, moronic Kal Korff CAN'T GET HIS OWN STORY STRAIGHT!!! Kal first claims that he was indeed an "expert witness" for the plaintiff in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. This is a FACT supported by Kal's OWN WORDS!!!!!
Just seconds after saying he said was an expert witness, in the next paragraph Kal Korff then says he never made the claim!!!!!! read kal's own words from his Internet website.................................

"Dear World,

For the past few years, we have exposed Paul Kimball concerning his less than ethical behavior. For example, his FALSE CLAIMS about how I was "not" an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil suit — (never mind the fact that at least EIGHT people know better and I certainly WAS!) — Paul says I wasn't an "expert witness" because I never testified in court.

Since I (Kal Korff) NEVER made this claim to begin with, for Kimball to try and "expose" me over something I NEVER said nor claimed, well, that's Paul Kimball for you, which is WHY we refer to him (and do others) as Paul KimBULL!"

I know you get easily confused Kal but which is it??????????????? Confused Kal sticks his ass in his mouth again!!!!!

While we are on the topic of Kal and O.J. Simpson I want to know WHERE IS YOUR PROOF KAL??? Kal was NEVER an expert witness of any kind!! NEVER! And now Kal is going after Paul Kimball AGAIN over sour grapes because Pual Kimball thoroughly EXPOSED Kal Korff's RIDICULOUS CLAIM! Did Kal offer any sort of proof to refute Paul Kimball's claims? NOPE! Kal HAS NOT provided a grain of evidence supporting ANY of his O.J. Simpson claims!!!! NOT ONE GRAIN OF PROOF from Kal!! NOTHING!!!!


Face reality here for once Kal and admit that Paul Kimball PUBLICLLY DISPATCHED YOU! Paul Kimball COMPLETELY EXPOSED YOUR SILLY CLAIM KAL!!! Kal you should be EMBARRASSED at calling yourself an analyst or investigator of any kind for anyone expecting to take just your word!! Kal you should also be utterly ASHAMED for GETTING CAUGHT and RIGHTFULLY EXPOSED!!! Kal you should APOLOGIZE to consumers worldwide!!! And this is not the first time you have had to PUBLICLLY APOLOGIZE!!! I don't think anyone will forget Art Bell HUMBLING you on WORLDWIDE RADIO and HUMBLING YOU in front of MILLIONS of people!!! How utterly HUMILIATING that must have been for you to know that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE wre listening to you KISS ASS on LIVE RADIO and having Art Bell berate you for LYING about him!!!!!

Kal wants proof from everyone and Kal says it is up to the person making the claim to provide the proof but this standard doesn't apply to Kal Korff when it comes to him having to prove something. And when I say proof Kal you should know this means tangible and verifiable proof that doesn't include your childish self lauding news paper clippings, elementary school prize ribbons or your word or asking your mommy for proof.

Kal has mentioned he was on radio talking about his role in the O.J. Simpson civil case. THIS PROVES NOTHING!! As Kal has shown it is easy to hop radio and let fly with anything you want to claim. Just take a look at Kal's slot on the X zone radio!!! The X zone is where any nutball can get on there and make all sort of claims about flying saucers, ghosts, psychic powers and lizards disguised as humans!!!!!!! But that is ok with Kal Korff because he is Kal Korff and his ethics and standards are flexible to accommodate a situation so long as it benefits Kal!! This is an outrage and a complete INSULT TO CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE!!!

Conniving Kal Korff cuaght AGAIN!!! You're a disgrace to consumers Kal!


Anonymous said...

Concerning the "expert witness" status Korff claims to have had, he's just trying to shift attention away from the fact that a witness - let alone an expert - has to testify in court. Korff clearly didn't, so the best thing he can do next is diversion tactics. 'No (blablabla) I didn't testify in court (blablabla) there was no need to (blablabla) you're the one making false claims (blablabla). Typical behavior of a con artist.

Just reading Kal's website he put up this rather delusional rant.

"We not only expose these individuals and their statements, but we charge money for this now, because these people should pay both literally and figuratively for their behavior," explained WatchCat."

So I'm gonna pay for listening to a delusional fat fraud? Get real Korff, you're not even worth 5 cents. We are not going to 'sponsor' a lunatic. Strapped for cash ey Korff? Nice try, both at trying to get some cash and shutting up your critics. Wont work 219IQ fartbrain.

Anonymous said...


February 9, 2009 at 1:29 PM EST

PRAGUE — The Czech Republic will offer a free plane ticket and €500 ($795) to foreign workers who voluntarily agree to return home after losing their jobs in the economic downturn, the government said on Monday.

There you go Kal. Grab it while you can. Better get in line!
Momma's waiting.

Brad Hudson said...

Wait, what? Kal now thinks we'll pay to watch videos of his rants? and what's up with the bit about his "Kritics" should pay fo this??

Dear Lord, Kal may have finally stepped off the diving board into the deep end.

NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL PAY FOR ANYTHING YOU PRODUCE, KAL!! (like my Korff-esque writing style there?)

Kal, you need to seriously look in to this program the Czech Republic has put together. It's probably the only chane you have to make $795 for just being Kal Korff. Move back in with your mom, get some help, and then get a job, for chris'sakes! Stop being a buffoon and make an honest living, not one that involves imagined injustice and selling stolen property.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

I wonder what set Kal off so suddenly? Did Colonel Crackhead get some bad news? Usually when Kal goes on his lunatic rampages it is connected to something not going Kal's way.

Anything we should know Kal? Did the Czech police finally catch up to you? Martina not putting out for you still? Get turned down to be employed as an English teacher again - which wouldn't be a surprise considering you have no teaching credentials. Come on Kal, open up and let us know what is troubling you. lol

Anonymous said...

NOOOO!!! Don't send that turd Kal Korff back here. Please KEEP him!! If Kal returns here he'll start hunting down hippies again! For fuck's sake just leave him in Prague! If Kal comes back here he'll tie up the courts for years with all the lawsuits awaiting him. If Kal does have $25mil he is going to need it to pay off all those damages!

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I can fathom this logic.
UFO WatchCat will be releasing new videos to the public, but if I'm a 'kritic' I have to pay to view?
Kal: How does that work, may I ask?
Can I use my PayPal account? Do you accept Visa or MasterCard as well??


Anonymous said...

Let's outline a few of Kal's claims here.

Kal said: Ray Santilli was going to be sued and arrested for consumer fraud.

Reality: Nothing happened and Ray santilli is laughing in Kal's face while swimming in all the cash he made off the Alien Autopsy. I think Kal is jealous he didn't think of it first.

Kal said: He was going to sue and have Bob Gimlin arrested for consumer fraud.

Reality: Nothing happened other than Kal and some chic harassed this old guy.

Kal said: He had documents showing Art Bell tried to keep Kal off the air and that Art was scared of Kal.

Reality: Kal practically had his tongue up Art Bell's ass on national radio as Kal apologized for lying even after he told Art Bell that he would send Art the documents. Art got his apology but never did get those documents Kal promised he would personally send to Art. Here's what Kal wrote in an open letter to Art Bell, "Updates - Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 23:53:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kal Korff's 'Open Letter To Art Bell'

...In the interim, if you could please send me an address where I
can send the appropriate documentation to you for my appearance
on your popular show, we can start moving this process forward
towards resolution. I would like an address from you, and will
send two packages of documentation via overnight mail, and I will
request that you personally sign for the package and will
guarantee me IN WRITING that you will receive the material AND
read it and ADDRESS it with me together on your show. If what you
say is true Mr. Bell, that you never made any such calls or
"threats" to these radio stations, then this should prove no
problem for you..."

and then there's this little piece Kal published later, "...Personally, I have NO PROBLEM with anyone who makes an honest
or innocent research error or mistake...heck, look at my Art Bell
apology and episode..."

Mistake? Incompetent and inexcusable is more like it, especially when you claim to be in possession of the evidence which Kal never had from the start.

Kal said: Kal claimed he was going to build a massive online UFO documents repository.

Reality: Never happened and a teenage kid did what Kal could not and built the largest repository for government documents. Kal outsmarted by a teenager isn't a shock.

Kal said: For the 60th anniversary of the famed Roswell UFO crash, Kal said he was going to drop the smoking gun showing it all to be nothing on the city of Roswell and was going to have the city served with legal documents.

Reality: Just more of Kal blowing air out his ass. Nothing ever happened.

Kal said: Kal has stated many times he worked on both on the OJ Simpson criminal and civil cases.

Reality: Kal has not provided and evidence of his alleged involvement and there is no reference to Kal anywhere in any of the OJ literature, news reports, or anywhere else for that matter.

One must ask how Kal "Mr.Media" Korff escaped all the major networks and news papers covering these trials?

I could on with all the delusions claims and dementia Kal has spread among the masses via the web, but it would be terabytes of claims followed by howling laughter at the absurdity of Kal and his claims.

Anonymous said...




Brad Hudson said...

Man, I'm still confused. How is it that a "Kritic" should put up money to see Kal scramble around the truth in an effort to make himself look legit??

And who pissed in his Post Toasties and got him all riled up about the name "Kalvin"??

Geez, Korff, I think you may need some heavy drugs to mask this schizophrenia you've developed. You're starting to remind me of Ignatius Riley, all blubber and bluster..

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Squonkamatic said...

If I am reading Kal K. Korff's statement correctly, his beef with Paul Kimball seems to be that Paul maintains that Kal K. Korff could not have given testimony as a witness without being sworn in and without their being a court transcript of Kal K. Korff's testimony. Kal K. Korff instead maintains that he has never claimed to have been sworn in, implying that he never was sworn in and that there will be no court transcript of any information he provided since it was given outside of the presence of the court without being sworn in, and that the definition of witness that Paul provided doesn't cover the capacity with which he contributed ... I think that's what he means, at any rate.

What he is trying to do is to provide for himself to have participated without any paper trail or documentation that would prove or disprove whatever it was he claims to have said -- the usual Kal K. Korff bullshit. If he was sworn in there would be a record of it, and if he had provided testimony in court there would be a transcript. He's setting up a condition whereby there would be no way to prove or disprove his claim by way of transcripts or court logs. And as the other fellow points out, it's a tactic often used by con artists to set themselves up to be above whatever jam they find themselves in when their claims come into question.

He's also creating the situation where the only way to prove whether or not he participated in preparing the prosecution would be to ask the team members themselves if they recall any of this. What Kal K. Korff is banking on is that nobody will. OR that if someone did ask and one or more of them do respond and say no, they don't remember him, Kal K. Korff can then say "Well I never had any contact with that particular person and have never claimed that I did, my interaction was with somebody else." One would presumably have to check with every prosecutor, assistant, investigator and staff person on record ... and even then he'd be free to claim "No, it was someone else." You'd also inevitably not be able to check with every single person on the team, or it's inevitable that at least one of them wouldn't get back to you about it. And if even one person says they weren't sure or couldn't remember exactly who may or may not have advised them, then bingo, he's got his explanation made for him.

It's a perfect con artist setup by a master of deception who apparently spent a lot of time setting up the con to make sure it couldn't be verified. He slipped up using the word witness though, and I believe the words of a lawyer over an unemployed iPod salesman when the lawyer asserts that witnesses have to be sworn in, implying that there would be a transcript of their testimony. Kal K. Korff is saying no, there won't be, because that's not the capacity in which he contributed, and like a bratty adolescent he's refusing to clarify exactly how he did participate after getting caught slipping up on the wording he chose. He was an expert witness but he wasn't an actual witness as described by the accepted definition -- Which is just like how Kal K. Koff insists he has made nanobots but they aren't nanobots as described by the accepted definition of the day. They are, well, something else that he refers to as nanobots, and he wasn't a witness but he's calling what he did being a witness, just not that kind of a witness.

Makes perfect sense to me and it's ridiculous. All of this is just ridiculous, and as usual it trivializes the importance of the case in question. Just like everything else (Bigfoot, UFOs, terrorism, JFK) the issue stops being about the specifics of the case and starts being about Kal K. Korff. He tried to insert his name into a famous public matter for his own personal glorification, doing so in a way that cannot be proven or disproven, tripped up on his wording, got caught by someone with actual working experience in the area of question, and is now trying to deny his way out of the jam by defaming the reputation of the person who tripped him up while offering nothing of substance to back up his claim. And indeed insisting that even if he wanted to there is no way to prove any of it.

In other words this is just a whole colossal waste of time. Like the Bigfoot folks said when given a picture of the monkey suit Kal K. Korff claims was used to fake the Bigfoot movie, I can't believe that we are arguing about this with the guy. It's so retardedly stupid and absurd that nobody in the entire world would take the claim seriously given the circumstances under which it was made.

Squonkamatic said...

I just read my post back over and it's like trying to follow the loops and figure 8's of a pretzel. I've been baffled by the bullshit and have no idea what point I was even trying to make!

SonofaBadger said...

And now I have a virus from Kal's site.

Of course, the return volley will be much more harsh...

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is all ego. Always has been, always will be. Just a few of the words Kal has twisted by inserting the letter K or his name:


I think you all get the point. Kal really thinks he is the be all end all of everything on the planet. Extreme delusions of grandeur.

Brad Hudson said...

ck that on the virus. It was just some of my more evil colleagues having a bit of fun...

...those bastards!!

Brad Hudson

Anonymous said...

There would be a way for HIM to prove that HE had part in any OJ dealings...

When He talked with, or faxed to, or meet with ANYONE involved with the case, they would have made a note of this so they could call HIM up and ask for more information, ask HIM to appear, etc.

So, you see, there is a paper trail, or sorts.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...


February 9, 2009 at 1:29 PM EST

PRAGUE — The Czech Republic will offer a free plane ticket and €500 ($795) to foreign workers who voluntarily agree to return home after losing their jobs in the economic downturn, the government said on Monday.

There you go Kal. Grab it while you can. Better get in line!
Momma's waiting."

Hahahahaha I bet Kal is caught up in the whole European downturn. Maybe the only way to make some cash these days is to sell things one got for free? I would guess that if Kal remains in the Czech Republic, he might be an secret agent, a meta author, great inventor, important figure, etc. I still can't believe anyone would tell so many 'tall tail' lies like Kal has. I mean Kal, I am open minded and it is hard to believe any of your bullshit. show me someone other than puppy dog McConnell that does not even question Korff? I mean it is scary. The world vs. lone nut Kal Korff. I mean you would have to be a moron to believe anything Kal claims. So even on these grounds I would not want to look like a fool. It is just too damn far fetched. Nothing he ever claims can be backed up. I mean it literally is with Korff: "go ask my mommy."

I can see it all now... International Ladies Man of Mystery Kal Korff flees Europe to return to his mom's basement. Where he has to masterbate to pornographic dvds because no woman in her right mind would shack up with such a lieing and pathetic loser.

Kal you scary bastard, get a life and stand on your own two feet! The great KKK turns out to be a homeless squat on his poor mom's couch. Where is your meta million dollar budget, Korff?

Pathethic. I hope Korff's mom throws her loser son out on his ass. I love for Kimball to make his Korff documentary with KKK living out of a box next to a dumpster claiming to be the richest man on earth!

Anonymous said...

47 years old and the guy is still out at recess playing. Utterly pathetic to see a 47 year old guy acting like he's 9. Grow up Kal and perhaps if you start acting like an adult instead of child having a temper tantrum you might not have to eat at the kids table any more. lol

If I act like Kal does when I hit 47 I hope someone either commits me to an insane asylum for treatment or someone just takes pity on me and shoots me in the head.

Anonymous said...

I found a stunning picture of kal Korff in his Prague flat!


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff at 3AM trying to get a pek into Kevin Randle's house...


Squonkamatic said...

When He talked with, or faxed to, or meet with ANYONE involved with the case, they would have made a note of this so they could call HIM up and ask for more information, ask HIM to appear, etc.

Yes, with any other person this would be the case, and all you'd have to do would be to poll the former prosecution team and see who may have record of having met with Kal K. Korff in their prosecution of OJ Simpson's civil suit ... pardon while I laugh here for a minute at how ridiculous that sounds. LOL.

This is all completely ridiculous and a waste of time. He didn't advise shit. In 1994 - 1997 Kal K. Korff was doing paranormal UFO TV shows on Fox as some sort of UFO nerd. I am fairly certain that the prosecution team would have taken that into consideration when deciding whether or not to even take his calls. Their need to maintain their own credibility on the matter would have excluded their use of anything he may have had to say, otherwise all the defense would have need to do was comment about how they got the information from the flying saucer fanatic who was advising them, question how much more of their case they got from such sources, and wonder aloud about what other colorful characters might be behind the prosecution of their client.

But let's get down to the brass tacks of what this is all about: What would Kal K. Korff have had to offer that would have been of any use to anybody arguing a murder case in a court of law that they couldn't have gotten from somebody else without his instant credibility problems? If he was an "expert witness" than who he was would have been just as of not even more important and what he might have had to say. So who was Kal K. Korff in 1996 or 1997? He was a UFO fanatic who's been on some Fox TV specials narrated by Commander Riker from "Star Trek". Unless their objective was to lose the case by having all of their other experts discredited because of having relied on a babbling wild eyed UFO nut, there's no way they could have used him or any of his information.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kal has blown a gasket out again on his website. Something about a package and aliens and postal inspectors or some such rubbish.

Anonymous said...

WTF is Kal talking about? The guy has flipped his lid!

Anonymous said...

Note to Kal:
Quit crapping all over your website. Nobody believes a damn thing you're saying!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here’s what Dip Shit is talking about... evidently.

I’m guessing here but it doesn’t take a genius to assume what’s going on here.

Oh, BTW, Kalvin, having you respond to this blog, and so quickly, is quite amusing.

Thank You.

Kalvin sends off paperwork to RMIII regarding Kalvin’s brother, Kurtis Korff’s police situation.

After all, RMIII is in the police biz and he lives up in that area where the "crime" went down.

RMIII, evidently, doesn’t agree with Kalvin, and RMIII tells Kalvin to fuck off and to add insult to injury, RMIII also takes Kalvin K. Korff out of the UFOWatchdog’s esteemed, UFO Hall of Fame.

So, maybe RMIII holds on the material (the master’s, maybe…?) and Kalvin cry’s and bitches and moans that he wants his documents back. But Kalvin makes a mistake….

Kalvin doesn’t instruct RMIII to REGISTER the package. Hence, there’s no real way to track it. Although there is a customs tag, there has to be, you know how over-work the US Postal Service is? Nothing can be found to verify that the package was sent...

None of us here will surprised if Kalvin posts on his wretched web site that the Postal Service could find no evidence of the package ever being sent.

No surprise there. It happens all the time. Mail is lost in the US, in CZ, God knows?

In the end, it’ll be RMIII word against Kalvin’s word. Nothing will or can come of this. RMIII says he sent the material back, the US Postal Service can find no proof...

Korff can’t prove RMII did or didn’t send the material.

USPS can’t prove the RMIII did or didn’t send the material.

No theft, just lack of proof of the material being sent.

You can’t sue, or have someone arrested for lack of proof, Kalvin.

You can’t sue, or have someone arrested for lost mail, Kalvin.

You fucked up Kalvin, you sent your master documents to RMIII, or, just want your copies back from RMIII.

As RMIII, evidently stated, he did send them back.

You lose, once again, Dip Shit.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

So Kal's real name in not Kalvin. So what's this?:
Recorded in California -

Kalvin K Korff
Kal K Korf
Cal K Korff
Kal Korff
Kal K Korff
Age 46 (2008)
Santa Clara , CA
Palo Alto , CA
Redmond , WA
Menlo Park , CA
Dublin , CA
Fremont , CA
Union City , CA
Pleasanton , CA
Hayward , CA

Anonymous said...

I won;t say who I am but I do know what has happened here. Royce just wants to ignore Kal and all of Kal's delusional rantings. Royce was being a nice guy and tried to help Kal out. Once Royce found out how much of a wack job Kal really is, Royce decided to have nothing to do with Kal. Royce has since ignored the idiot. Kal holds a grudge and is trying desperately to pay Royce back. Pay Royce back for what? Exactly.

Someone should tell Kal that Royce doesn't believe in little gray guys and that Royce stopped exposing idiots like Kal a few years back. Get a clue Kal and get your fats straight about other people before you let fly the shit that comes out of that orifice you call a mouth.

Kal has tried to make his vendettas against people who have rightuflly called him a loon personal and is going to lengths to stalk people. You can;t call it anything other than that. Kal can write it isn't personal but even a retarded shellfish sees that it is personal on the part of Kal.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me that Kal took his best shot at RMIII and it was the laughable attempt everyone thought it would be. Kal must be utterly embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

>>> I won;t say who I am but I do know what has happened here. <<<

Sounds about right.

>>> It looks to me that Kal took his best shot at RMIII and it was the laughable attempt everyone thought it would be.<<<

Yup. Guess he felt he had to try and do SOMETHING.

I mean, how long could he take it, being called out as a lard ass and liar, all over the web and world?

Side bar; it is over Kalvin, you must know this by now? Any attempt to right the wrong can never happen because, the web happened and truth followed close behind.


In Kalvin's pea brain, he thought it might fix it all and he could redeem himself as hero if he got ANYTHING done and something to stick.

It won't and you haven't.

Kalvin "Sue Happy" Korff

Anonymous said...

Kalvin continues the lie:

Kalvin K. Korff: "I'm not a director and I've never claimed to be a director."

Youtube Channels / Feb. 2009

Channel Type: Director
Age: 36 ????????????????????

Channel Type: Director

Channel Type: Director

Brit_in_Prague said...

UFO WatchCat CONFIRMS: 2nd Official Police Complaint against Royce Myers III Gets Filed this "Wednesday"

Er, Kalvin - why does "Wednesday" have quote marks around it?

Just wonderin'...

Anonymous said...

It's simple, Kalvin.

Stop lying, and the pain will stop. Just stop lying.

Anonymous said...

Dip Shit has "re-posted" a video on his site today, Feb. 11, 2009:

The Scandals Of Kevin Randle
Episode 13

This "episode" was posted on his Youtube Channel, Secert X Wars, 7 months ago.

This "episode" has received 92 views in 7 months.

Way to go Director Kalvin.

I guess Martina took her video camera back, again, after the last video meltdown...

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...


Hey Kal, you miserable excuse of a researcher. You need to check your facts. Royce Meyers doesn't run the UFO Watchdog site and hasn't for years now. Earth to Kal! Hello??? Yep. No one home as usual.

Why Kal, why do have such a hard on for Meyers and Randle? And please spare me the Trojan horse "consumer fraud" bit. Is it beause they both are honorable men? Is it because they've done what you only dream of doing? Is it because they showed the world that you're no better than the UFO nuts they both expose?

Meyers exposes Sean Morton and that con artist Doctor Reed. Randle writes a great book exposing the myth of alien abductions. But then we have Kal Korff who wrote a few meager books and who goes around posting hate and spite against a number of good people. And for what? I see it as Kal Korff getting his rocks off because he has nothing else to do and nothing to offer the world as a citizen other than his befuddling, hate filled, and useless internet rants.

Anonymous said...

Kal never claimed to be an 'expert witness' in the OJ civil trial?
Uh huh...



Anonymous said...

>>> Kal never claimed to be an 'expert witness' in the OJ civil trial?
Uh huh...

www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Kal-K.-Korff <<<

No, you have to read carefully what he says, at all times.

Kalvin says that he never testified, but, Kalvin says, you don't have to testify to be called and expert witness... or a consultant, I suppose.

In short, Kalvin has always stated that he was an expert wintness - consulant.

I'm not aware of Kalvin making the statment that he was a testifing expert witness or consultant.

Though, this doesn't matter because, as Fuck Nut so rightly stated, there would be proof of this, and Korff will not supply this to "us" or the world, because, as he likes to say, "I don't have to."

Kalvin would rather yell and scream and rant and rave, for in his mind, these kinds of fights and words games give him a voice of some kind?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff will play on words and twist and turn anything around he possibly can when he gets backed into a corner and caught by someone with half a brain who has done some minor checking into a claim made by Kal.

It really doesn't take much to dis-spell the myths and fairly tales woven by Kal Korff about his own background and various other claims.

Squonkamatic said...

Sounds like he's using the tried & true method of diverting attention away from an area in which he has been completely humiliated (Royce Meyers III and Paul Kimball's legal experience) and back to one that he hasn't mined for a while (Major Kevin Randle, USAR) combined with a new scam to raise quick cash (subscription fee to his website) to completely confuse anybody who might have wondered if they were wasting their time following along at home.

There is no way that any prosecutor would rely on a self professed expert in paranormal studies as a source of guidance for their prosecution of a murder suspect. All that a defense attorney would have to do is conjure up the term UFO Nut and whistle some of the "Twilight Zone" theme and whatever evidence may have come from that source would be immediately discredited. Kal K. Korff also opened himself up to further charges of lying about his OJ Simpson experience by claiming to have resigned from the prosecution team during the criminal trial. If he resigned that means he had been hired on and there would be a paper trail in regards to payment for services rendered, as well as mention of his involvement in the public record. There isn't any.

It is all a lie. How's that thesis coming, professor?

Brad Hudson said...

So, Kal seriously believes that ANYONE in their right mind would pay for his site? If that's the case, then Kal has really lost his mind.

Kal, there's enough material on the web already (yes, even the videos you tried to hide by deleting them) for us to call "Bullshit" on until the end of time. We really don't need any new material, but once you see that nobody is going to your site you'll take off the chains on the door and we'll be right back in, busting your lies left and right.

You can't dodge the truth forever, Kal-VIN.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Found a new site dedicated to the "Kernal"...



Squonkamatic said...

LOL!! Haha that's great.

I'd also like to clarify something: Just because someone is a UFO researcher or a paranormal enthusiast etc, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be a credible witness in a court of law. I am referring to Kal K. Korff in specific, and a murder trial or civil wrongful death proceeding of national interest in particular. And the singular instance of the OJ Simpson fiascos. They would have wanted to make sure every i was dotted and every t crossed, especially after the way the criminal trial was so completely bungled. No prosecutor in their right mind working that civil case would have allowed their integrity to be compromised by someone of Kal K. Korff's background.

Even if they had been desperate for someone to do some digital image processing (which if I recall correctly is what Kal K. Korff took credit for, something about refuting the defense's use of certain photos of shoes or gloves) they would have seen right through the Total Reasearch Inc. front for exactly what it was. That's even before considering Kal K. Korff's background as a UFO/paranormal interest personality, which would have been all she wrote if they hadn't said "No, thank you, we're all set on the expert witness stuff for now" up to that point.

As someone volunteered a while ago there's every chance that Kal K. Korff may very well have called up someone's office and babbled about pictures of shoes before being hung up on (crackpots were probably calling both the prosecution and defense teams on a daily basis offering to "help"). And in his infantile, sick, and very warped mind that would definitely translate out to Kal K. Korff as having advised them. Who knows or cares: his name isn't on the public record about it anyway so it might as well have never happened even if it did.

It's up to Kal K. Korff to prove himself, not for his critics to prove otherwise. He can't prove he worked for the prosecution any more than we can prove he didn't, because there is no proof. It's all just a colossal ball of bull shit for him to stroke off to, knowing that once again he's trivialized what to some is a terribly important subject.

Anonymous said...

why waste time asking kal korf for evidence of a claim he doesn't have because what he claims never happened. kal is a nut who wants for nothing more than to have these little fights because without the conflict in his life he'd shrivel up and die.

Anonymous said...

A 47 year old adult named Kal Korff filming himself for the fruitcake he is and posting it for all to watch in horrific astonishment as to just exactly how nutso Kal Korff comes off as being. Wow. Mad as a hatter.

Anonymous said...

Just read Kal's latest poopfest on his website. He's attacking Kevin Randle again and this time over the usage of the word debunker. Korff put up a video made by Paul Kimball where Randle elequently explains the difference between a skeptic and a debunker.

Korff however brings in a dictionary and the definition of the word "debunk" in order to further attack Randle's credibility. Korff even has the balls to state this;
"The question now becomes: WHO is RIGHT? The Oxford English Dictonary, or Major Kevin Randle's DICKtionary?"

Firstly Korff, the word "debunker" implicates in modern translation as someone who exposes the falseness or at least tries to. It doesn't automatically mean the "debunker" is right. That's where the 'ufological' interpretation comes in; someone who denies a (paranormal) event no matter what. That's you Korff.
Secondly Korff, now you bring in a dictionary? Paul Kimball showed you a definition of an "expert witness straight out of several dictionaries, and YOU dismissed it. Moron.

The above clearly shows what a mindless DEBUNKER Kal K. Korff in fact is. In order to discredit someone using definitions out of a dictionary is ok but when Kal receives criticism those same definitions are rejected such as in the "expert witness" argument. That's what debunkers do; setting the standard when and where it suits them.
You are a DEBUNKER Korff and a foul one.

Anonymous said...

"As UFO WatchCat and Kal Korff have proved long ago, Kimball, arguably, suffers from the "Little Big Man, Gotta Get You Back" syndrome."

Written by the man who stalked, insulted and harrassed Royce Myers III for the last 2 years hoping to get a reaction. What a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

"DICKtionary" Could Kal Korff be any more childish? Kal is a self rooted debunker, meaning that he will vilify one thing and praise another when it suits him regardless of the facts.

Pointing out the selective use of dictionary definitions is a perfect example of Kal 'Debunker' Korff at work.

So the best of the best in legal dictionaries are all wrong, yet Kal Korff is right? Laughably pathetic.

I'll take a cue here from Kal - Bullshit is bullshit, a hater is a hater, a moron is a moron and an asshole is an asshole regardless of where in Prague he may hide and lash out from.

Your rhetoric of hate and targeting of the same people gets old Kal. You've been going on and on and on with Randle, Kimball and the rest for years now Kal.

Some of those people Kal, and let's just call what it is, the people that Kal stalks rarely respond and appear to only do so when your slandering of their character or other antics gets too far out of hand.

Let's face it Kal, you are far and away as out of hand as it gets with your ill behavior, threats, insinuations, and the unerhanded actions you take to 'get even' with people (for whatever reason) you obviously have a deep hatred of.

No reasonable person honesty interested in debating the facts or issue, and more importantly was being honest with themself, would ever act like this. Not on any level.

Grow up Kal. Get some help, as it appears you are in desperate need of some. Stop acting out and figure out exactly what your problem is, deal with it, and move on to greener pastures instead of drowning in a pool of your own vileness.

Anonymous said...

So does this make Kal Korff guilty of copyright infringement? I do believe that video is copyrighted and such infringement here in the United States through INTERPOL and treaties with other countires is a felony crime.

A single fax to Kal's internet host will get his site completely shut down over a copyright issue. And reposting constitutes copyright infringement. Maybe Kal needs a dictionary for such a large word as infringement. Who am I kidding? If the definition didn't meet Kal's own needs, Kal would merely toss it aside as irrelevant.

Convenient that Kal is able to break laws yet when Kal thinks someone else is doing it there are cries for a lynching.

Anonymous said...

I did notice the other petty thing about Kal. Kal wrote that his website has surpassed Ufo Watchdog in hit counts. ROFLMAO!!

The sad thing here is that if you peruse Kal's site you will see certain pages on have received 13 hits, some 34 hits and so forth.

If you research this thoroughly, you will see that Kal's website gets very little traffic. Though now I am certain Kal will go into his website statistics tool and post some graphs showing what percentage of his visitors are male, female, and so forth.

Someone really ought to mention to Kal that 70% seems like a large number, yet 70% of less than 100 people who might, *might* visit his site is still only 70 people.

Ever notice that Kal has a thing for organizational charts and graphs and ratio pies and the like? Anyone recall Kal ever posting those silly charts for his imaginary organization?

Anyhow, I got a great laugh at how Kal is so desperate to try to portray himself superior to the little group he is constantly spinning in circles over that Kal would resort to the 'my website gets more hits than yours! Nah-nah!' routine.

I would hope that even the most meager of websites would get more hits than Ufo Watchdog considering Meyers doesn't even run the site and hasn't for a few years now. Earth to Kal?

Based on the rankings of Kal's site via various web traffic monitoring sites, one can readily find that Kal's website even replete with its multi domain redirects is getting very little traffic at all.

Really, Kal, are you so desperate and frantic for attention that you will say and do anything you can to try to get some sort of response from Meyers, Kimball, Randle, Bieddny or any number of other people who called you spot on for the wack job you really are?

Apparently so.

Squonkamatic said...

I just realized that Kal K. Korff STOLE his "For Immediate Release" and "Developing ... " web post style from Matt Drudge. I was wondering where I'd seen it before, and today Drudge has a new "breaking news" web post up which you can see here


Now granted this one lacks the usual "Developing ... " tag at the end. But it's pretty clear that Kal K. Korff has been ripping off somebody else's more professional style of posting information all along to try and give his pathetic little web presence a more authoritative tone. Any insistence that he started using those tags long before Drudge and that Drudge must have swiped the idea from Kal K. Korff would be ridiculous. Drudge has averaged about six million hits per day since 1998 and is one of the pioneers of internet journalism regardless of what anybody thinks of his methods.

All Kal K. Korff can do is rip off other people's ideas.

Anonymous said...

Kal thinks he's Drudge. He's got the same right-wing political bent as Drudge and he ripped off the "developing...", "SHOCK:" headlines and style from Drudge, and he steals "breaking news" from other websites like the Jerusalem Post and passes it off as his own, as we saw with the whole "life discovered on Mars" story a month or so ago

Jesse Marcel said...

..hey goofballs!!!

...spare us the political felderkarb.....

'Drudge' took his print stylebook from US newspapers in the 1940s and 1950s....

..this ain't about left-right-up-down voting...

..Korff is an apolitical equal opportunity PITA...!!!

..spare us from your drooling BDS.....