Saturday, February 7, 2009


Poor, stupid, moronic Kal Korff just can't seem to stop getting caught!! Kal has once again opened his big fat mouth and stuck both feet on in. Kal desperately tried to refute the charges against him made by Milos Bartu. Kal is accused of committing FRAUD and THEFT for stealing some ipods and a laptop.

Kal's come back to the charges was a poorly planned video response where Kal in the most absurd manner tried to blame the entire matter on Milos! ahahahahaha Kal even said "Fuck you Milos Bartu!"

During this video rant Kal claims that he had a business named DotJo or DotJoss and that it was a business located in Oregon with a shipping address that kal was supposed to used to import ipods into the Czech Republic.

Some have claimed the business name DotJos/DottJoss belongs to Kal mother. Regardless of who it belongs to it is a FACT that there is NO business entity registered in Oregon state!! This means that if DotJos/DottJoss is operating as any kind of business entity that business is OPERATING ILLEGALLY! This also means that DotJos/DottJoss is not reporting any or paying any taxes!! We call this TAX EVASION and it is a state and FEDERAL CRIME to COMMIT!!! There are very strict federal rules in place for businesses exporting goods to foreign countries.

Since Kal is in the business of filing complaints it looks like a couple of people have decided to give this very thing a try and have FILED OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS with the secrtary of state for Oregon, the Oregon department of revenue, and the IRS!! Best of all the video rants Kal put up on the Internet have been submitted to these agencies as EVIDENCE with Kal Korff OFFICIALLY NAMED IN THE COMPLAINTS ALONG WITH THE ADDRESS PROVIDED FOR DOTJOSS!!!!

I wonder if Kal's family is just full of criminals? I guess we will find out! Thanks for the EVIDENCE Kal!


Anonymous said...

While I wouldn’t WANT to include KKK’s family in this situation, I suppose it was, udderly, unavoidable?

Regardless, the chicken has come home to roost, Kalvin, has it not?

Cry, cry, cry, bitch, bitch bitch, blame, blame, blame, and lie, lie, lie, and what has this gotten you Kalvin?

It’s gotten you bitch slapped, FOR REAL, with the same type of threats you continually spew against others, and seemingly...


Please, I implore the users who sent in these complaints, please, please, please, keep us KKIAI fans updated on the process, and progress of this activity.

I congratulate you for stepping up and taking action, an activity Kalvin seems...

UNABLE to accomplish.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Firstly, and for the record, Dot (Dorthy) Joss is Kal's mother's maiden name.
Secondly, we know that his brother Kurtis is a criminal.
Thirdly, since Kal himself brought his family into the picture by telling me that I had contacted and threatened them, I see no reason why they all couldn't be considered 'fair game', as someone else put it.
And for the further record, I have a nice little file on his family members, including his parents, their second marriages, his brother Kurtis, his sister Kyra Kamille (Korff) Bridgeman, his half-sister Erica, his so-called 'brother' Danny Joseph Korff and ex-wife Beth, and a few others. I won't mention Kal's wife and son (as he claimed) since neither exists.
All of the above is a matter of public records from the States of California, Nevada, Iowa, Texas, Hawaii and Oregon.


Anonymous said...

I listened to Kal's segment on the xzone radio program last night, live for a change!, and have a question for Kal:
At about 46 minutes into the program (07:46AM Prague time) someone flushed a toilet while you were speaking. Who might that have been?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone list a few of the jems KKK talked about last night?

I had a real big... errr, something or other, to deal with and I couldn't get to the PC...

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

I hope someone in Prague follows up with Kal acting as an importer and retailer. I suppose someone would have to have a business license to sell things in Prague and they would have to pay taxes. I'd also follow up with the IRS on Kal. Americans living and working abroad still have to pay their federal income taxes. i would also check on Kal's visa status and I'd go to the U.S. embassy to check in about Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is Milos Bartu's bitch! Your ass is owned Kal! OWNED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA!!!
Kal is going down!!

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, dear God, there's a Korff in Texas??

Geez, I feel a little queasy just thinking about that.

Brad Hudson
Waiting to be sued
Dallas, Texas

Jimmy D said...

"Colonel" -

The criticism you cop from all over the world would cease, and this blog would be rendered redundant, if only you would see sense and do one simple thing:

just STOP!

Anonymous said...

File your complaints here:

Be sure to reference the videos where Kal talks about the business exporting goods and use this address:

Dorothy Toone
c/o DotJoss
993 Bailey Drive
Grants Pass, Oregon

First Kal's brother get state taxpayers to fund his criminal defense where he was found GUILTY and now according to Kal his own relative may be operating a business without registering it with the state and the IRS!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can someone translate this latest from Milos Bartu's website about Kal Korff?

UPDATE (27.1.2009)

Zboží doposud nebylo uhrazeno ani navráceno . Žádná další zásilka nebyla doručena. Zvažujeme ohlášení na policii ČR pro zjevný podvod. Někteří uživatelé nám posílají odkazy na videa, kde o nás Kal Korff šíří lži.

UPDATE (3.12.2008)

Doposud nebylo zboží uhrazeno . Kal Korff zaslal mezinárodní poštou jako řešení dluhu 1x iPod Touch 16GB . Zásilku jsme odmítli. Dohoda zněla: navrácení kompletního zboží ( 2x ipod , 1x MacBook ) nebo zaplacení dlužné částky .

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kal used to post to some flying saucer mailing list. Someone took a lot of Kal's own words from this list and the pattern is the same then as it is now with Kal talking terrorism and threatening to expose everyone.

All of the same rubbish Kal is trying to get people to gush over is the same crap he was spreading around 12 years ago including suing people and making statements in ALL CAPS. Not a thing has changed with this nut job Kal.

Anonymous said...

From that Virtually Strange forum text:

>>> I was also a consultant for the Prosecution on the O.J.
Simpson case. I resigned,however, after seeing how inept they
were -- much like several "UFOlogists" I know. <<<

So, Dip Shit as gone from a "Consultant" to and "Expert Witness"

who, nevertheless, "resigned"...

Dip Shit lies about his lies....

Is there an OJ Consultant list out there?

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...


Check out the date, and then read the text.....

Updates - Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 22:58:12 EST

Subject: Re: Jim Dilettoso Finally Exposed for Good

...I have told you that accountability is coming to this field,
and thanks to con artists like Dilettoso the media is becoming
hostile, and rightly so. Mark my words, everyone -- a series of
devastating exposes are being written by various journalists on
many of you and I am just standing by the wayside, waiting for
the bullpuckey to hit the fan, (those who are being exposed
deserve it) and focusing on my government UFO document retrieval

The poster of that link on this blog, was so right.

10 years on and Dip Shit has followed through with NOTHING.

Yelling to the sky is not research Kalvin. If you want people to pay attention, you must do some NEW work.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

So this last week I've been in some counter-terrorism training and quite a bit of it came from Israel and not once did they mention Kal Korff. There were Israeli experts, one in a ski mask who sounded nothing like our kolonel. They did mention the Mossad, the Shin Bet and the Israeli Border Patrol which does some highly classified work, but nothing about the Super Duper Secret Special Secret services or the S3 or YS3... they did talk about something known as GEK Cobra in Europe.

So, how could they miss Kal. He is the expert in this but he wasn't there. Others, including high ranking Israelis were but no Kal. Just thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous said...

GEK Cobra:

Expect the Kol. to now, refer to this group... :-)

Sue Happy Kalvin K. Korff

Anonymous said...

Translation of Bartu's 1-27-09 posting:

"Goods has not yet been refunded or returned. No other consignment has not been received. Are subject to a declaration to the police Czech Republic for apparent fraud. Some users we sent references to video, where the us sludge korff spread lies."


Anonymous said...

Translation of Bartu's 12-3-08 posting:

"So far has not been goods refunded. Sludge korff was sent by post international as a solution debt 1x iPod Touch 16GB. Consignment we rejected. The Agreement was: recovery complete goods (2x ipod, 1x MacBook) or payment due amount."


Anonymous said...

Brilliant find!!!

"...For the record, as my new book on Roswell due out shortly proves, I was also a consultant for the Prosecution on the O.J. Simpson case. I resigned, however, after seeing how inept they were -- much like several "UFOlogists" I know."

Korff, in his own words, said in 1997 that he was not an "expert witness" but a "consultant" and that he "resigned". Totally different compared to the story Korff viciously defended last year where insisted he was an "expert witness" and everyone else was wrong.

Kal is clearly caught lying here.

Article for the main blog for sure...

Squonkamatic said...

I have absolutely no background in legal matters but am fairly certain that the term expert witness is a meaningless expression specifically arrived at because there is no way to prove or disprove the claim. Consultant is different, since consultants are usually paid for their services, which would leave a paper trail of sorts from the payment disbursement to the person cashing the check. Just looking at the term expert witness the implied operative part of the phrase would be witness, meaning someone who would have had sufficient exposure to the incident at hand to provide substantive testimony in regards to that which the were witness to. The term expert however sounds like a hollow caveat attached to the witness part that is meant to imply that this witness had some sort of professional expertise that would have been of use in the arguments based on what the witness may or may not have testified to.

Since it has been concluded without much room for doubt that Kal K. Korff was not deposed as a witness in either of OJ Simpson's murder trials from the 1990s -- he has himself admitted that he did not testify under oath -- then it's easy to also conclude that he's making this claim up and chose specific wording that resists an independent effort to verify the claim. Which once you think about it is Kal K. Korff's specialty: Inventing claims which cannot be verified. This one in particular does not wash because of how well documented both proceedings against the Juice were by the media. Kal K. Korff simply chose to claim he played a role in the civil proceedings because it received less daily coverage and wasn't on Court TV so the records about who may or may not have contributed to either side is probably not as redundantly recorded. There's a good chance too that Kal K. Korff may have done some research first when preparing his lie by trying to find public records of those who contributed to the prosecution's case, and coming up empty decided that there was an opportunity then to claim to have played a part in it since nobody could easily check up on the facts of who may have contributed.

Kal K. Korff is a liar, and his lies crisscross the internet like the slime trails of a slug. As usual all he would have to do is to call up some sort of record to support his claim and that would be the end of the issue. Instead, like a 12 year old brat caught lying about something stupid, he throws a temper tantrum whenever confronted over this completely ridiculous claim of having advised the Simpson civil trial prosecution team on anything other than maybe a good local sandwich shop to go have lunch at. If he can't or is unwilling to prove his claims than it can be safely concluded that it's a lie made up to try and make him look like some sort of extraordinary person who's lived a fulfilling, exciting life rather than just some pinhead idiot who can't hold a real job and travels the world looking for people to swindle.

Squonkamatic said...

Including, by the way, Michaela Kocis, who has not responded to a question through Facebook for long enough to conclude that she wants nothing more to do with Kal K. Korff, up to and including ignoring friendly requests from people looking for clarification on just what role she may have served in his Bigfoot endeavors. I think it's fairly obvious that the infamous Jeff Rense interview from 2004 is a fabrication of some sort (the question/answer about her views on religion reads like a dead giveaway as Kal K. Korff talking about himself) and that Kal K. Korff made it up to deflect attention from his own role in the Greg Long book fiasco. Ms. Kocis is without a doubt a real person and may very well have had contact with Kal K. Korff, but it seems pretty obvious that as with the Martina Tycova invention the professor used her identity in a manner that is less than ethical (she used the words "abusive and somewhat delusional" to describe her opinion of him) and she retaliated by breaking off contact & refusing to address the matter any further. Good moves.

But it's now been a month and I think that if she had anything to say about Kal K. Korff she would have done so by now, and that it's not just a matter of her neglecting her Facebook page. I'm certainly not going to pursue the matter any further in an effort to respect her privacy on the matter and wish her well in her pursuits.

Paul Kimball said...

I have absolutely no background in legal matters but am fairly certain that the term expert witness is a meaningless expression specifically arrived at because there is no way to prove or disprove the claim.

Actually, there is a very precise legal definition of who is qualified as an "expert witness" and who is not, and Korff doesn't meet it, not by a long shot.


Korff's ego was writing cheques the facts couldn't cash, and he just can't admit it, which is why he's been stalking me for a couple of years now. Sad.

Paul Kimball

Squonkamatic said...

Keep up the good work Paul!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kimball, did Kal Korff ever file any complaints against you or threaten you?

The man is a loon for certain and I thank you for sharing this splendid article where you thoroughly show how big of an imbecile Kal Korff is.

Anonymous said...

Kal's off his rocker again going off about how 10 more complaints are going to be filed against Royce Meyers. Royce must be laughing his off at this lunacy. I hope Royce sues the living hell out of Kal for all the nonsense Kal has pushed off as fact. Since Kal obviously has no real knowledge on how the law works, it goes something like this Kal.

When you call people frauds and say they are guilty of crimes and they are not, this is called slander if you speak it or it is called libel if you publish it. In case you aren't too clear on what publishing might mean Kal let me clear it up for you and I'll be sure to use small words. Putting stuff up on the web equals publishing.

You are lucky it isn't me you are spreading this nonsense about because I would own your ass Kal. From what I can see Royce Meyers, Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, David Biedny and a lot of other people are standing on solid ground to sue your stupid ass.

But now comes the real question. What could Kal Korff possibly have in terms of money? Does kal Korff own a house or car? Does Kal Korff own anything of value that could possibly be seized in order to satisfy a court ordered judgment? I seriously doubt it and this is likely the reason no one has sued Kal at this point. An award in court is supposed to serve as punishment and you can't punish someone who likely is broke.

Count yourself lucky Kal that I don;t go after you. I have plenty of time and money and maybe I'll offer to fund the lawsuit of anyone who wishes to sue you. Just because you are in another country Kal does not make you untouchable. There are people who serve civil papers all over the world.

Anonymous said...

More COMPLETE bullshit from Lard Asses web site today, Feb. 9, 2009:

>>> UFO WatchCat has also CONFIRMED that there are as many as TEN MORE official complaints scheduled to be filed against Royce Myers III, covering a wide variety of alleged offenses.

Let us see now how many people continue to lie on the Internet and say that this is "not true." <<<

Fuck you Kalvin K. Korff.

Fat Ass, Loathsome Prick.

You CANNOT, and WILL NOT EVER prove that even one single complaint has EVER been filed against RMIII.

Even when you stated that you would PROVE that the first compliant was indeed filed, and that you WOULD make that document available to ANYONE who registered with your PATHITIC excuse for a website, you recanted your offer, instead asking people to contact RMIII employer and ask for a copy.

Some of us KKIAI uses did just that and guess what, you strange little repulsive waddling sloth of a man?

NOTHING. They couldn’t send us anything because nothing was filed.

A 47 year old man, getting his rocks off posting fraudulent shit on the web in an attempt to get a reaction out of a man you took you off a UFO Hall of Fame!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ain’t that fucking rich!?!

Get a life you antagonistic Dip Shit.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

And Kal Korff says none of this is personal. lol Could you be any more obvious Kal? It is clear to anyone paying attention that these so called complaints, if they are really being sent, are nothing less than Kal trying to get even for whatever reason. Somebody please sue that fool Kal Korff! Please!!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff = nut job. There just ain't no other way to describe the guy and the way he tries to get even with people. Some might even call this stalking. My opinion is that the guy is completely crackers and there ain't a judge out there who would disagree.

Paul Kimball said...

Korff has indeed threatened me with "action" - of course, none of it ever came to fruition.

As for suing him, he is what people with a knowledge of the law would call judgment proof. Pretty hard to suck blood from a turnip, and never worth the effort.

Besides, there are always other ways of getting to people like Korff.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you are absolutely correct. I speak from personal experience. Years ago, I filed suit against a guy that deliberately 'ripped' me off for a substantial sum. (OK, so it was only a bit in excess of $20,000). I had a solid signed and witnessed contract to back me up so we filed. The guy's attorney responded, with essentially the exact words Paul just used,
'you can't get blood from a turnip!'. So we dropped it, after finding out that the guy owed tons more than he was worth.
Hey, Kal still owes over $3000 USD to Cables & Simms for those items he sold on the street!

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Paul's doc on Korff exists... I asked Rob McConnell to ask Paul but he did not bring up the subject.

If Paul does have footage of Kal in Prague it would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Korff, who reads this blog, countered on his website with the same old bullshit. Threatens with "formal complaints" and the usual attempts at discrediting people like Royce Myers, Paul Kimball and David Biedney.

Korff you got busted. Plain and simple. In 1997 you wrote you were a consultant for the prosecution during the O.J. Simpson trial (which means you probably picked up a phone and called them) and that you 'resigned'.
Last year you claimed you were an "expert witness" when in fact you don't meet the definition of the word by a long shot. So what is it Korff, "consultant" or "expert witness"?

Time for you to prove your claims as to being an "expert witness" or even a "consultant".
You've been caught for providing seemingly inaccurate contradictory information by your own words and it will be difficult to manouvre your ass out of this one.
But what am I talking about. You're conniving Korff. You'll never prove your claims because it would clearly show you're a fraud who lies, embellishes, exaggerates, omits, using selective reasoning and double standards.

We already know you are a fraud Kal and you are going to be exposed for what you are. An angry little old man who would rather tear down the world then to admit he was wrong about many things and mostly himself. You're going down Korff.

Anonymous said...

It looks like someone got under Kal's skin again tonight. Nice going Paul! What an idiotic rampage against you - same old broken record, but with a new, somewhat 'ghostly', twist. LOL
I like that ghostly thought, since I can relate to it firsthand, hence my name...
(get it?)

Anonymous said...

So Kal Korff and UFOWatchKat will 10 more complaints against Royce Myers III. Let's see now...
$25,000,000 budget from Arabia.
500 book deal.
50,000 downloads of his 'Point Blank' book.
Nearly 50,000,000 'hits' on his website.
Lectured to more than 400,000.
Has an IQ of 219.
Has only admitted ONCE to telling a lie.
Kal, numbers don't lie, YOU do!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Dip Shit can't keep from reading and RESPONDING to this wonderful blog.

You gotta love it.




Hey, Dip Shit, PROVE that ghosts don't exist.

That's right, take a little time and some of your 25 million, and PROVE to THE WORLD that ghosts do not exist.

Please, Dip Shit, save the world from believing that ghosts are real.

My God Kalvin, pick a better fight like, solving the horrors in Africa, or helping the Auzzy's deal with the hell they're going through...

But no......

You go after UFO and ghost enthusiast and people whom remove your name from a UFO Hall of Fame... ;-)


What a waste of a life. Glad it's yours but what a waste of time.

Oh well, we KKIAI uses are enjoying the melt down.

Fuck Nut

Paul Kimball said...

Poor Korff doesn't understand that a proper investigation doesn't begin with a conclusion, but rather with questions, and a search for answers. I'm an agnostic (i.e. a skeptic) when it comes to ghosts, just as I am with regards to "little grey men". The Kolonel, however, misleads his consumer(s) by telling them otherwise. There's the real fraud, and the real lies... and a day of reckoning is indeed coming - just not the one Korff talks about.

Kal "Ghosbuster" Korff said...

See this link here

Kal K. Korff publicly claims that these are photos of real ghosts with "ectoplasm" and were supposed to be used for a special called Ghosts: Best Evidence Caught On Tape.

Kal Korff gets caught with his pants down again! When will you ever learn Kal?

Brad Hudson said...

Wow, Kal has really blown a gasket today. It seems that the fact that Paul has real TV experience is getting his goat, and the piece about Royce and the second complaint? What the hell does any of that have to do with Kimball, Ecker, Biedny, and Randle? I don't think Kal could put together a paragraph without threatening one of his "Favorite Five".

Kal is coming apart at the seams and the meltdown will be omplete when he finally sees his sad life played out on a TV screen.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Squonkamatic said...

LMAO ten more official complaints? How many un-official or off the record complaints does that equal? And when is Kal K. Korff finding the time to file these complaints in an official manner? Over an archived website that hasn't been updated in what, five years? I can literally picture Kal K. Korff checking three to five times every day like an udderly complete obsessive maniac, actually expecting to see it updated just to re-instate him back in the UFO Hall of Fame.

"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"Did he update it yet?"
"No, Colonel."

"That does it!! Libel! Slander! Ten more official complaints going out, Martina you'd better make coffee and Avimi (or "Avim" for short), order some take-out and run me a hot bath, this could take all night!"

Anonymous said...

Kal's losing it and can't put together a coherent thought these days. Everything is centered around Randle, Kimball, Meyer, Biedney, threats, complaints, lawsuits, and a mound of other bullshit jumbled with delusional ranting.

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Robertsondyfv said...

Translation of Bartu's 12-3-08 posting: "So far has not been goods refunded. Sludge korff was sent by post international as a solution debt 1x iPod Touch 16GB. Consignment we rejected. The Agreement was: recovery complete goods (2x ipod, 1x MacBook) or payment due amount." Digger