Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kal Korff gets booted from Xzone?

I do not think it will be too long before you hear Kal screaming "Fuck you Rob McConnell!!!!" in a future video shot by Kalvin on location near a small bathroom in a flat somewhere. People leaving comments on this blog say they have received messages from Xzone radio host Rob McConnel where McConnel is saying ""Kal is no longer associated or affiliated with The ‘X’ Zone in any manner." <<< WShen asked why Rob McConnel has replied "We are no longer doing anything with Kal Korff" and "All questions will be answered in an up coming expose on Kal Kaorff." I do wonder if anyone else might perhaps recall a similar event where Rob McConnel said Kal would no longer be on the show? Did that happen or am I just confused? Likely just confused but I think I am more confused as to why Rob McConnel would boot his "good buddy" Kal from the show. Rob McConnel was a big advocate for Kal defending him from what Rob called "more crap" from people criticizng Kal's obviously imaginary foray into the world of nanotechnology and counter terrorism. I guess though we shouldn't expect much from Rob McConnel who promised to investigate Kal's claims but never did much like Rob McConnel's failed promised to have a lab at a university look at some bits Kal sent where Kal claimed the bits to be nanotechnology. I agree with the thought of Rob McConnel not being very responsible in his hosting duties and enabling Kal to live out these ridiculous fantasies on the air. Rob is a radio host who was apparently wanting to stir some sort of controversy on his show using Kal as the center piece in what I think to have been a pretty poorly planned attempt to boost the ratings for the show. Think about it. Rob McConnel has nutty Kalvin Korff on accusing people of being terrorists and frauds and exposing them. The people Kal went after reacted like anyone else and then Rob is challenging people to come on the air and debate Kal. Rob gets no takers because no one wants to waste their time with a washed up computer tech support idiot who had a few poorly written books publsihed and they don't want to give the nutty little fuck an ounce of attention so Kal now has an excuse to continue iwth his bizarre behavior and outright hateful rantings. No one bites, Kal runs from his debate with Kevin Randle, Kal doesn't show for a couple of shows, the debate with this Mike Horn guy never happens, Kal fails to deliver on all the promises he has made, and there you have it. Rob likely has figured he has scraped every bit out of Kal he can get and what is even funnier is that Kal fell for it. Whoa. A SAPSTOE getting taken by a fifth rate late night radio goofball. Ouch. And how embarrassing is it to get booted from the xzone where psychics and a guy who thinks reptiles are secretly ruling the world will still be appearing. ahahahahahahaahhhaaaa So I suppose it is only a matter of time before we all get a taste of how Kal is going to expose Rob McConnel and that Kal was working undercover on the show so he could "nail" Rob and expose the show as a fraud in as yet some unnamed mega book, movie, television, and media deal. It was Rob McConnel's choice to give his "European Bureau Chief" the big boot to the ass. Now will Rob McConnel be prepared to deal with the same treatment Kal has given to others who Kal through his warped thinking have betrayed him? I think if it does happen that Rob McConnel deserves it for stringing Kal along and allowing the dolt to endlessly ramble on the air. Looks like the love affair that was Rob and Kal has come to a close................................................................


Brad Hudson said...

I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. The XZone is broadcast from Canada. Paul's movie will be featured on Canadian television. Rob has to distance from Kal prior to broadcast or Rob looks like a big buffoon. By nuking Kal now, Rob can say that he found these things out himself rather than learned of them from Paul's movie.

Slimy, but simple.

Anonymous said...

Brad, well stated.

Something a bit off track but interesting nontheless:


So, what's the count down to show time now? 2 months and how many days.... :-)


Anonymous said...

gaVery good observation Brad.
Re: the Billy Meier thing - did you know that years ago Kal actually grew his beard and long hair to go to Switzerland and join the Billy Meier cult? He was rejected when he learned that there were rules and obligations to follow, like giving 10% of his income to the cult, etc. Hence, he turned against it and then wrote his debunking book about Billy. Sound familiar?

Re: the xzone radio site. I noticed that Rob hasn't posted any scheduled guests for this week. What's up with that?

On a slightly related topic, I received this email yesterday -

"I'm directing a short film written and produced by my good friend Sandy MacLean in May. It fits in the horror genre. We're looking for two non-union female actors, aged 21 - 30, for a couple of supporting roles, and both male and female extras of any age for a key scene in a bar. If you're interested, or know someone who is, you can e-mail me directly at voiceoflondon@aol.com.

Paul Kimball"


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kalvin would say that he wasn't going to join the cult but, infiltraite it, as he laid out in his book.

No winning this argument.

Can't be proved.

I like your story better anyway!


Anonymous said...

Don't sit on my horse Mr Korff...


Anonymous said...

It's all over, Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

KIAI - can we have some fresh shots of Kalvin at the top of your posts?

Anonymous said...

Seems a little strange that Kal still has all the X-Zone widgets and links up on his site. No new posts since the Obama visit April 6.

Does getting kicked off the X-Zone complicate the Billy Meier DVD release (80% done according to Kalon McConnell's show weeks ago)?

Are you still out there, Kal?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that there ever will be any DVD with Michael Horn regarding the Meier case. Nor will Rob McConnell be the 'moderator'.
The whole thing was just another of Kal's well known proposterous ideas to get some temporary attention. He's been doing that sort of thing for decades. Nothing ever develops.
His little trick of putting the xzone stuff on his website was just to keep in the good graces of Rob in order to be able to be kept on the program. Same technique he used by sending Rob a free iPod, supposedly programmed with xzone stuff.

I'm sure it doesn't take a genius with an IQ of 219 to figure out what's been going on with Kal lately. The perfect ending for Paul Kimball's 'Worlds Away'!

Anonymous said...

Horn did tell me that he was "working" with Kalvin on this project. But, Horn has other projects in front of that one...

All I know is Paul's deal will come out first, and shake Kalvin to his core.


Anonymous said...

Cooked Kalzone anyone? Nice to see Rob taking care of numero uno by ditching his "good buddy" Kal. With friends like these. Take the I-Pod and run, Rob.

Squonkamatic said...


Rob if you're reading this, what you want to do is connect that iPod Kal K. Korff sent you to your computer with USB2, preferably, switch on iTunes (it's free from www.apple.com/downloads if you don't), and once it recognizes the iPod select it and choose the option RESTORE. That will literally restore the iPod to it's factory settings, eliminating all of the alterations and modifications Kal K. Korff infested it with before sending it to you.

It will also eliminate everything else on it so make sure you have all your music & other files handy to re-load through iTunes (manually or using the SYNC option) once the restore process has finished, which should take about two minutes. If you need any help re-naming it or otherwise eliminating any and all indication of Kal K. Korff's influence over it, check the website http://www.methodshop.com , which has comprehensive tutorials on managing every known variant of the Apple iPod.

Hopefully you kept it in the $5.99 "poly-carbonate protection case" that Kal K. Korff was foisting on his buyers for probably $30 bucks, and the iPod has retained it's market value for resale or maybe a gift giving need. Turn it into cash on eBay and order some leftover Hurrican Katrina issue MREs or whatever you guys hoard up there for the coming apocalypse of the Lizard Men. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

For God's sake, Mr Korff. Take down your YouTube postings, shut down your website and go home to your family so that they can get you the help you so obviously and desperately need.


Anonymous said...

Did Kal finally fall through the crack? You know, the one he made for himself.
No money, no job, no girl friend, no video camera, no computer?, only one (inactive) website, no more talk shows, no more books that anyone wants, in fact, no more nothing.
His poor mother must feel some disgusted, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

"F-U, Bartu!"

I'd like to watch that video again. Also the one of Kal delivering the ipods.

Anonymous said...

"It's a win-win solution."

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is time to move on. Kal has gone underground and hopefully it is for good. It started not being very entertaining when Kal flipped out on a few people. I will be hanging out and checking to see when Paul's film is released.

Kal Korff has been thoroughly exposed and taken to task for his bullshit here. Well done everyone for protecting consumers worldwide from that ass monkey Kal Korff!

Brad Hudson said...

I believe Kult of Kal has both the Ipod delivery and the FU BARTU videos (or has used them in his own fils)

I think there's a link to his vid page out front.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Is it too much to hope that Kalvin has done the decent and honourable thing and jumped off a tall building?


You mark my words - he'll be back.

You are vermin, "Colonel".

KRandle said...

Since it has been a while since I stirred the pot, I thought I’d let you all read the first missive from “Captain Kal Korff - Greetings :-)” that he sent after I complained that he had been disparaging my Iraqi service on the radio. I merely pointed out that he knew nothing of my service and didn’t seen to understand the role of the Reserve Component but he took offense anyway. My comments are noted parenthetically unless in the middle of a Korff rant. Here are the then “Captain’s” own words... and oh yes, the mistakes in spelling and grammar are his, not mind.

Dear Kevin,

I was sent a copy of your email attack concerning me on Kimball’s blog, from a colleague in Israel who monitors Paul Kimball’s web site, and I am extremely disappointed that you decided to “attack” me based on heresay.

(It wasn’t on Kimball’s blog, but mine and it wasn’t an attack).

That is unfortunate.

Surely, you of ALL people should know what heresay is. This is inexcusable, Kevin, and beneath the standards of a professional like yourself, especially an OFFICER of the U.S. military.

Furthermore, you should have contacted me and asked me directly, Surely you know about interviewing firsthand witnesses. :-(

Kevin, let me make my position concerning YOU very clear: If anyone else claims any different they are lying. I am the only person qualified to speak for myself, no one else is.

Kevin, I do NOT “disrespect” you service or duty in Iraq, nor to your country at all. GET SERIOUS.

For the record, I admire EVERY soldier who serves his country and fights for freedom and democracy. And I also believe that we are “right” to be in Iraq. Just so you know, as a Captain in S3, I worked with the Kurds up north years before you were even in Iraq and helped supply intel info to the JStar and Rockstar teams. As you MAY have heard while you were in Iraq, Israel worked with the Kurds to help infiltrate both Iran and Iraq and as my new three book series Secret Wars, being published by Prometheus proves, I was involved in such activities. I “left Iraq” after I obtained original images of the nuclear components of Saddam’s nuclear bomb program, which remain classified, although Prometheus intends to publish them regardless.

(This is from March 2007... and we still haven’t seen the damn books)

Go ASK them if you don’t believe me. Neither kimball or others have the “balls” do.

(Well, people have...)

Kevin, you made the claim that I belong to an organization “no one has ever heard of.” This is not only a lie, Kevin, it is libel and slander.

(Actually, I believe, if it wasn’t true, it would be classed as a mistake, but in the world of Korff everything takes on a much grander scale.)

You may consider this a FORMAL WARNING to you.

Perhaps you should have said “that I (Kevin Randle) have never heard of.”

(Or perhaps I should have said that no one outside Kal’s head had heard of.)

The FACT you do not know about S3 proves one thing: you don’t know about it. That’s all. I certainly am a Captain, and S3 is an ISRAELI organization.

I have NEVER claimed it was American, people have projected that into my statements. I am now suing a person over this issue. Please don’t make me add you to this list.

You need not fear me per se, Kevin, but my backers. Secret Wars is literally a series of operations now underway for the next five years. Many people will die, – terrorists, as a result. Also, in a quid pro quo, I get to go after Santilli and Meier and people like Kimball for consumer fraud and other things.

Sheikh Khalid Mohammad, who was in Iraq so maybe you know him, is one of my main backers. We have a 20 MILLION Euro budget to crush those who need to be, are ARE doing so. Money is not a problem. :-)

(Yeah, there were what 25 million people in Iraq and I know this one guy. I won’t even touch his 20 MILLION Euro nonsense.)

Furthermore, you should know that a female agent has now contacted a lawyer in the Uk and is threatening to write a kiss and tell book about our secret operations together. Since I commanded several people, I don’t her name yet. But there will be some sort of publishing announcement soon on this and Prometheus will be racing to get my books out before hers. She is a Czech supermodel, so this is worse than a Valerie Plame/James Bond Girl type thing.

(I’ll say it anyway... looks like Prometheus is going to lose since they seem to have no plans to publish Kal’s book.)

I am a Hasidic Jew, Kevin, and I know you cannot read Hebrew and that you are not a Jew. I have deliberately withheld the Hebrew name for this organization I hold the rank of Captain in because I am genuinely enjoying seeing bozos like Paul Kimball and others continue to trip over their own whatever you wish to call it.

I assure you I did not leave American literally forever unless I was up to some DEEP stuff. Kevin, as a fellow America, IMAGINE YOU leaving and NEVER returning.

It is hard.

Especially as you see American struggling and now very much hated around the world. You know what that “feels like” once you leave the country.

I have a new TV series coming out called Secret Wars and it starts broadcasting in the fall. Kimball and others are in it, they have no choice. And they are taken down and out and exposed by lawyers.

(Broadcasting where? YouTube? In the fall? What year?)

Several people are also being sued and this is all in the show.

Kimball denies he said he was an attorney. That is a lie. Read his own web site. It was his first posting when he attacked me. Then I called him on it, and he said he was not a practising attorney.

Well, duh!

So, when Kimball says, “Trust me, as a lawyer...” he is LYING to people because by legal definition a “lawyer” PRACTICES law. Kimball SHOULD have said, “as someone who graduated from law school but does not practice law”... NOT this “trust me, as an attorney...”

It is very revealing that Kimball would say, “Trust me...” right before he lies. Most intriguing.

Kimball never has practised law, and admits in a posting of his he was not even the best law student.

My point in all of this is that YOU should have checked with me first.

That’s what the U.S. military even trained you do to, Kevin. CONFIRM firsthand information, right?

If you had, you would have saved yourself some time, and now some egg on your face.

I WON’T go public with this, Kevin, unless you escalate. If you do, so be it, I will turn you over to the Sheikh and others.

I am chasing terrorists, NOT UFOOlogists.

For the record, I do NOT consider you to be a UFOOlogist, but you are clearly WRONG concerning me. Just ask Brad Sparks.

And Kimball? Have you LOST your mind? This is a guy who worshipped Friedman, then dissed him. You yourself, as do Brad Sparks and I because we grew up with Friedman, per se, KNOW his many “problems”. He is stuck in a loop and most of the cases in his UFOs Are Real movie have fallen apart.

Kevin, you have more credibility than Friedman does. And let’s be honest, you have a mutual non-agression pact with Stan. Most “convenient” – but at the expense of certain issues.

(Yeah, I have a non-aggression pact with Stan... you can tell by the article he published about me in UFO a few months back.)

Everyone knows it is a case of avoidance, Kevin, regarding Friedman.

Kevin, the only think I said about you on the X Zone is that the stories of you being or playing “Rambo” over in Iraq are not true. YOU also know that.

(What? They’re not true? Just what were these stories and how do you know they weren’t true? Maybe you should have asked me first... oh, crap, now I sound like Korff.)

I also know you NEVER made such claims, and that you keep your “macho army alter ego” for the fictional characters you write about in your military adventure books under other names.

I could not believe what I was hearing. So that is all I responded to. I also may have mentioned that you used to endorse Frank Kaufmann, and as you know, I was NEVER that stupid! :-) (needle, needle.) Remember Seattle? I told you Kaufmann was a FRAUD, and I was right. Same with Glen Dennis.

After you confessed you were wrong, although it wasn’t a full complete admission down with the same fervor you used to promote the ET aspect of Roswell, – Kevin, you should have know that several letters came in from Seattle from people who were in that audience who basically said you have lost your credibility.

(Damn... I had it and now I’ve lost it, all in one email.)

I have no idea. I don’t care. I am not “after” you, but you ARE being “played” by parties who wish to get me.

If you have any other “issues” with me, DEAL WITH ME.

I presume you will now do the responsible ting, and I wish you the best.

By the way, after my five year assignment is complete, I retire. I won’t even accept a promotion. I am only doing this to get certain people and criminals. That is all.

(So he’s not a colonel because he said he wouldn’t accept a promotion.)

Then I retire, and collect my pay from an account in Lichtenstein. It is all in the new series.

To show you how legally exposed Kimball has made himself, and the Sheik is sending him one last warning, the ONLY warning in fact, when Kimball posts photos of you in Iraq or of his productions, it is considered “hard evidence.”

But when I do the same, and even include stills from Secret Wars TV segments we are filming and you can see these people are named and this is real, it is not accepted as “proof.” This means that dozens of people in the show are all “lying” and deceiving people like Kimball. Yeah, right.

Whenever ANYONE denies a REALITY–TV SHOW with DOZENS of people in it, INCLUDING Philip Mantle, Mark Center, Rob McConnell, etc., there’s something fundamentally “wrong” with such “thinking.”

I can’t imagine you being in denial over a TV series that is currently being filmed which exposes you. Kimball knows he is in the show. He admits it. Claims even “hooray”... yet it is “not true”?

Do you now understand what a judge is going to think and say when the show broadcasts and are formally submitted into evidence? We only need wait for the Fall. And since we already have cut previews loose on the XZone where millios have seen them, and we are releasing video segments shortly as well, – sorry, Kevin... this all borders on delusional.

(Well, he’s got that right. It borders on delusional.)

Well, Kimball CAN’T “cherry pick” his facts, but he does. Like Royce Meyers, they have uneven standards of evidence.

(Did you really think he could go on a rant without bringing Royce Meyers?)

That’s WHY they’re going to be nailed by my backers, because to claim this is NOT true when they do not do firsthand investigation of their own, are not over here in Israel and the former Iron Curtain filming like we are, is outright libel, slander, and theyn LIE to the public.

Furthermore, the very reason for the existence of this show and WHY I am “suddenly back” out of “nowhere” IS BECAUSE I am who I claim.

Tomorrow, Kevin, (Which would have been March 9, 2007) I meet with Pavel Janousek, one of the Executive Producers other than the Sheik. I will give him this email, for his records and for his lawyer.

I will have him email you. I hope you are embarrased now.:-(

(I have never heard from this man.)

Please don’t do anything stupid to get yourself in my show. EVERYONE “featured” in it, either ends up dead, or nailed in court, Kevin.

That’s the POINT of the show.

This is NOT a “threat” Kevin, just a fact. Terrorists are going to die and we are documenting before the world how that is being done and by whom.

(Well, I think by any legal definition that was a treat and it was directed right at me.)


(And how is that going?)

And you think we are “worried” about Kimball? Right now, to be blunt, we are using these absurd “criticisms” as fodder in the show. They post on their blog sites, the WORLD gets to see them taken down and out, which is part of my formal training.

Others, like Santilli and certain types like Kimball, had better be prepared to try and outspend a member of the Saudi Royal Family.

I wish them luck. :-)

If you have any other “issues” with me, Kevin, ask away.


If you choose war, you’ll deal with Israel and the Arab world, Armenia, etc., not me. I am focused elsewhere, not on UFOs that much. Right now what is being done is clean up work.

I’ll be happy to tell you more about my secret other life many have long suspected and I wrote about in my books as you may recall. As long as I don’t violate my publication agreements. I’ll answer any reasonable questions, as long as their motives are correct.

My best wishes to you, Kevin, and CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion. I presume you are now Colonel?”

I am not sure, Sir, so please FORGIVE ME for not addressing you by rank.

One last thing, Kevin, I am not “jealous” of you or anyone else.

Please STOP such speculation and nonsense which only makes you look foolish. If you saw the reactions of people over here, who don’t live in America’s isolated bubble, ever since I was “outed” by the media last year and had no choice but to admit my activities, the reaction here is “Those stupid Americans again.”

No “wonder” they hate us, and the comment that has been passed around lately is: “Americans are so screwed up, they hate each other!”

I look forward to your sincere and kind reply.

Best wishes,

Brad Hudson said...



There is enough going on in that email to keep a whole class of graduate psych students busy for months.

It just shows how Kal's mind works. He throws out lies, and those that he doesn't get called on he inflates until they are at a whole new level of insane. I mean, he claims to be Hasid, but someone must have called him on it as he hasn't tried to claim he's anything beyond a regular Jew (not that's there's anything wrong with that....with apologies to Jerry Seinfeld).

I also like the contradictions contained within: "I'm chasing terrorists, not UFOOLogists", to "Many people will die, – terrorists, as a result. Also, in a quid pro quo, I get to go after Santilli and Meier and people like Kimball for consumer fraud and other things.". It's amazing someone can type that IN THE SAME EMAIL!!

It's also interesting that we see the genesis of "Martina" here. Did anyone else get a huge laugh out of "Furthermore, you should know that a female agent has now contacted a lawyer in the Uk and is threatening to write a kiss and tell book about our secret operations together. Since I commanded several people, I don’t her name yet. But there will be some sort of publishing announcement soon on this and Prometheus will be racing to get my books out before hers. She is a Czech supermodel, so this is worse than a Valerie Plame/James Bond Girl type thing."

My Dr Pepper did a nasal reverse when I saw that. I guess Kal knows her name now, huh?

I really think Kal is Pathologic. He leaves a trail everywhere yet just comes up with new stories based loosely on the old ones. It's actually kind of sad....

BTW, thanks, Kevin, for sharing that gem with us.

Squonkamatic said...

This was the paragraph excerpt that cause a nasal reversal of my orange Powerade:

"Just so you know, as a Captain in S3, I worked with the Kurds up north years before you were even in Iraq and helped supply intel info to the JStar and Rockstar teams. As you MAY have heard while you were in Iraq, Israel worked with the Kurds to help infiltrate both Iran and Iraq and as my new three book series Secret Wars, being published by Prometheus proves, I was involved in such activities. I “left Iraq” after I obtained original images of the nuclear components of Saddam’s nuclear bomb program, which remain classified, although Prometheus intends to publish them regardless. "It seriously sounds like Kal K. Korff got himself the Macintosh version of GHOST HUNTER RECON and convinced himself that playing it was just as good as having actually gone to Iraq. I was under the impression that Kal K. Korff had been researching the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film with pretty Michaela Kocis during the early 2000s, raising the question of just when it was that Kal K. Korff thinks he was "in" Iraq "working" with the Kurds. It is some of the most audacious and all-encompassing lying that I have ever seen. You think you've seen the worst of Kal K. Korff and then someone opens up their own mailbag. I would say that this epic email document is at least as damaging to Kal K. Korff's "reputation" than the Royce Meyers III letter which found its way onto the Paracast forums. The final nail in the coffin.

That also reminds me: I did hear back from Michaela Kocis via Facebook (this would have been in November), who very politely told me that she had absolutely nothing to say about Kal K. Korff that would be of use to me or anybody else regarding her collaboration with him. She was very very careful in her wording, did confirm that she had participated to some extent in his Bigfoot obsession, and I decided on the spot to drop the matter. She has gotten on with her life and done it as far away from Prague as possible and refuses to re-live any of it, which in itself speaks volumes. She must have been completely terrorized by the guy and I wish her all my best & would encourage others to leave her alone as well.

Anonymous said...

One interesting thing to me is that Kal has this need to imagine a whole secret force behind him just waiting to pounce on his enemies at his command. These include sheiks, spies, Armenians, lawyers, Isrealis, etc. Presumably they are so enthralled with his superior intellect and connections that they actually moniter his detractors blogs for him and report back to him regularly. My question is this: is he actually delusional in that he somehow convinces himself that his ragtag outcast following actually have these powers? Or is he just a bad liar? Does anyone with some mental health training have any insight into just what's going on here?

Squonkamatic said...

No training but Kal K. Korff knew he was lying to Kevin Randle when writing that email. He figured that Kevin would be so impressed by the names & events dropped that Kevin would regard Kal K. Korff as a colleague, and perhaps even one with superior connections to the intelligence community. Kal K. Korff certainly considers himself to be superior to Kevin not only evidenced by the way that he tries to talk down to or admonish Kevin for their past conflicts, but that he then went ahead and did exactly what he said he wouldn't do in the email by "promoting" himself to colonel while Kevin was still a major. Brad raises a great point by showing how Kal K. Korff contradicts himself even within the same sentence -- he's not going after UFO personalities but terrorists, though he'll squeeze in Ray Santilli too just for the hell of it. He'll find time for both, and like Kevin humorously asks, how's that going by the way?

I think Kal K. Korff isn't so much deluded enough to believe that he really is a spy for some Israeli organization, but is deluded enough to actually feel that everybody else should believe him when he makes such claims, accept it as gospel truth and not need any independent verification. He wanted Kevin to accept him as an equal without any qualifications or proof and perhaps consider some sort of professional interaction that would result in the two of them being paid just for being who they are. On his own Kal K. Korff isn't worth very much which is why he always has a partner or collaborator and preferably one who hasn't had the credibility problems that Kal K. Korff has apparently faced since the 9th grade.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin Randall for sharing a perfect gem of Kal Korff's own. It is certainly one of those that Korffers will admire until the film comes out.

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone with some mental health training have any insight into just what's going on here?"

I think its pretty clear (though alarming enough) that the guy is in a state of hunchbacked mental development from when he was praised as a genius when he was a teenager and gave speeches on UFOs and the JFK assasination, only to get lost in the world of BBS systems and enemy building in the 80s, 90s, and the 21st century.

Quite sad. Insights have been gathered on this blog by various posters.

Or as Kal would say, those who make a "point to hate".

Anonymous said...

I also agree that it's quite sad that a man could carry on a charade like this for years, and escalate the absurdity even in the face of overwhelming critisism. But it's funny that I don't feel "sorry" for him as there's enough lucidity and cool calculation for my gut feeling to give him a "jerk" classification. If he were a street person or a recently released mental patient ranting on like this I think I could drum up some real pity for the guy. Just can't get there from here, sorry Kal.

Now here's a thought: what IF everything Kal said is true and he's exactly who he says he is and the rest of the world is the butt of the joke...wait....what are those guys in white suits looking in my window for? Is that a straight jacket? No..no ..no...I take it all back...just one more chance, PLEASE.....

Anonymous said...

So now Kal is now "off the grid" and I'm sure he'll be gone for a little while and reemerge with tales of having to disappear suddenly because he had to shave his head, go undercover somewhere and has just returned from glory! Like all nuts Kal will only be gone for a short time and he'll come back nuttier than ever. Has anyone checked to see if Kal's stupid ass finally got deported if he was arrested over the infamous iPod caper?

Anonymous said...

So when will Kal post something along the lines of "I warned everyone years ago about swine flu" or some other bullshit

F1 Racer
wearing his bio-mask

Anonymous said...

No “wonder” they hate us, and the comment that has been passed around lately is: “Americans are so screwed up, they hate each other!”

What does Kal think quotation marks are for, some kind of emphasis? He already overuses ALL CAPS. The way he uses quotation marks seems like he's confused them with bold or italics. There is no explanation why he would put the word "wonder" in quotations.

Not Stanton Friedman said...

I think Korff has gone "underground" because he's waiting to see what turns up in Paul Kimball's film. Thank you, Mr. Kimball!

Here's a thought. What if Paul never releases the film? Would this effectively keep Korff underground for good?

One can dream!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff? Bah. the guy is a moron. Waste o time on his worthless ass.

Anonymous said...

I think Kal is having some serious problems as of late.
Could be legal, financial or mental.
Legal - the Cables & Simms case.
Financial - he's broke.
Mental - he cracked after being booted from the xzone show.
A hopeless case, if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kal's got a few problems.

But I sure wouldn't want to be David Biedny or Royce Meyers III or Paul Kimball or Don Ecker or Kevin Randall right now. According to Kal, things are really bad for them.

ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah things are really bad for those guys. Where does Kal get his fucking delusions? I thought everyone was suposed to have been sued, arrested, prosecuted, and beheaded by now the way Kal was laying things out. HAHA! I won't be at all surprised if Kal was finally deported.

Brad Hudson said...

Sheikh Kalid Muhammad: Kal's super secret backer.

Kalid Sheikh Muhammad: Pakistani terrorist picked up by the US.

Such a strange coincidence.....

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff has no Saudi prince backing him or any other high rollers for that matter. Kal Korff is a broke American wandering Europe in hopes of finding a few fish to hook. Kal Korff has not changed in 20 years and he has always tried to get a free ride and felt he was entitled to a better because he considered himself smarter than everyone else around him. I hope Kal Korff just drops off somewhere and doesn't resurface only to start attacking people again or to seek out someone else to befriend and then turn around and attack. If this film about Kal Korff is real then it needs to be shown and I hope that people have not stooped to Kal's level by making empty threats.

Anonymous said...

I personally am at a bit of a low point at the moment, but when I feel particularly down, all I have to do is think of poor David Biedny and I immediately feel much better.

Things continue to get really bad for him, don't they?

You fuckwit, "Colonel".

Brad Hudson said...

Well, it appears Kal has risen from his hole. He posted some more about his brother's legal situation, and again proved he has no knowledge of how the legal system works. To wit: his brother was "found innocent" of the charge of attacking an officer with a deadly weapon". Umm, no, Kal, he was found NOT GUILTY of that charge but you conveniently left out the fact he was convicted of other charges and currently sits in prison. Also, bringing a lawsuit (a civil matter) doesn't mean that the officers, the DA, and the county forensics officer are GUILTY of anything. Even if your brother wins this suit (highly unlikely), there is no GUILT involved. It's called LIABILITY, not guilt, you moron. If you had ever taken ANY college law class (hell, even a basic civics class in high school) you'd understand the difference between criminal and civil trials.

All this means is that your no-good, sack of shit brother has done something you'll never do: actually file a lawsuit.

Now pipe back down until Kimball's film comes out....

Anonymous said...

I see Kal is back in regular form making leaps and bounds by trying to tie the holocaust into the shooting of his brother! You are a FUCKING IDIOT Kal and how dare you insult the victims of the holocaust by shamelessly and wrongfully trying to compare it to your brother's situation!! Kal is a disgusting lowlife who will reach lower and lower each time.

Anonymous said...

I did a bit of poking around and found this:

"Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Mistrial declared in case of man accused of attacking deputy
By Shaun Hall
A mistrial was declared Wednesday after one day of testimony in the trial of a 40-year-old O'Brien man who allegedly tried to run down a Josephine County Sheriff's Office deputy early last year. The man, Kurtis K. Korff, had been shot in the head by the deputy, but he survived and now faces a charge of attempted murder.
The mistrial was declared by Josephine County Circuit Court Judge Mike Newman, after defense attorney Mary Landers said photographs in the possession of prosecutors did not find their way to her. Landers asked Newman for more time to prepare her case, and Josephine County District Attorney Stephen Campbell agreed. A 12-person jury was sent home.
The shooting occurred Feb. 26, 2006, after deputies Brad Johnson and Jim Geiger went to a home in the 37400 block of the Redwood Highway near O'Brien. A resident there said he had been pistol-whipped during a home invasion robbery.
Leaving the scene, Korff had moved into the driver's seat of a car and accelerated toward Geiger, who had fallen in front of the car, on a muddy driveway, according to Campbell.
Landers has denied that her client tried to run over the officer. She said it was dark and raining hard at the time of the incident.
Landers said other occupants of the car would testify, as would crime lab and ballistics specialists. The bullet entered Korff's head near his temple and lodged in his neck.
A new trial is expected to be reset to occur within the next two months.
Five other people already have been convicted on a range of charges - from assault to burglary - in connection with the incident.
In a related matter, Korff has given notice he intends to sue the county for use of excessive force and also lack of medical care in jail. Former Sheriff Dave Daniel last summer said the shooting was justified. [END ARTICLE]"


Brad Hudson said...

At the retrial he was found guilty of a lesser charge, assault with a deadly weapon, and a weapons charge.

Kal claiming he is "innocent" is misleading, to put it mildly, but in Kal-World if you don't get the top charge you are obviously "innocent". Of course, in Kal-World you are also "guilty" because a suit has been filed against you, never mind the fucked up terminology and the fact that the case hasn't even gone to trial.

I wonder if Kal wants to fess up as to who paid for the forensics work of Mr. Pex? I find it hard to believe he would qualify for the Oregon Indigent Defense Fund if his brother was really bankrolled by Saudi billionaires (at an Israeli para-military organization, no less. we all know how much the Saudis and Israelis love each other so much).

How is it you couldn't spot your brother money for his defense, Kal? How come you were never at any of his trials? Oh, wait, I'm sure Royce Meyers was somehow involved in getting you barred from the state of Oregon.

Or was it the fact that the second you touch down on US soil the line of process servers will be around the terminal, waiting to slap subpoenas into your hands?

Anonymous said...

So Kal is back and bringing up his brother's case again. Old news, not 'breaking' news. His brother is a well known repeat criminal and always will be.
I thought Kal was busy working on a DVD with Michael Horn about the Billy Meier case. Michael Horn will be on the Xzone radio show early Friday morning. Wonder how Kal feels about that!

Anonymous said...

Kal, let me assist you through your repeated and heavy ignorance here and a few other items.

1) You cannot have someone "prosecuted" in a civil case. You are a moron, Kal. "Prosecuted" is a term for a criminal court proceeding, not a civil court proceeding. The only penalty imposed in a civil trial is financial and you are not find "guilty" in a civil claim. Kal, stop misleading people with your nonsense. Kal, you don't know shit about the law and you don't have to keep proving me right each and every single time.

2) Anyone can sue anyone for anything on any given day for any reason. Just because a lawsuit is filed it does not mean the accused party has done anything wrong. Stop assuming people are "guilty" because of your sibling attachment here. Like everything else from flying saucers to books you have made this very personal. Also, refer to number 1 for why people are not found "guilty" in a civil case.

3) "a jury of 10 people AGREED, my brother was found innocent of any such charge."

Yes and the same 10 people AGREED your brother was GUILTY of trying to run over a police officer with a car. Your brother even admitted to being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon. Wait. Don't you have to be convicted of a *previous* felony to be a felon with a weapon? See number 1 and 4.

4) http://archive.mailtribune.com/archive/99/july99/72899n16.htm
"Not the first time -- A man wanted on a felony warrant should know by now that he can't hide from a police dog named Voorhies. The Josephine County sheriff's dog found Kurtis Kern Korff, 32, at 1044 Lakeshore Drive in Selma Wednesday morning as he was hiding behind a sheet in a small closet upstairs. Korff was arrested on a state parole and probation warrant for absconding. That's the second time Voorhies has helped in the arrest of Korff. "

Not the first time and likely not the last. Try telling the whole truth for once, Kal, instead of your biased, twisted, and convoluted revisionist bullshit.

Kal, you are engaging in the same behavior of lying and covering the truth up as you accuse others of participating in. That makes you what is known as a "hypocrite", Kal. I know of oyur fondness for dictionaries, so please waste no ti e looking up "hypocrite" and getting a clue you baffoon.

And I take it your brother was never very good playing hide and seek. A bed sheet? What is this, a Chevy Chase movie?

5) "Accordingly, as per the rightful laws of the United States of America, which every citizen is entitled to as long as our America's Constitution means what it does; these GUILTY parties, HAVE NOW BEEN SUED."

You cannot be found "guilty" in a civil trial so stop using this word out of context. See number 1 of this list for details. If you want a good example of this, Kal, your brother was found guilty in a criminal court.

6) "Ladies and Gentlemen of this world, citizens everywhere, we have no idea if we will win or prevail in our lawsuits, these seven legal actions, which have now been launched." There are not seven legal actions here, Kal, you pathetically obscure, attention starved twit. This is one action filed under one case.


You don't know if you'll win or not? But didn't you say these 7 people were all "guilty" and stated it as being factual? Let's review your own words, Kal.

"As many of you know, my brother, Kurtis Kern Korff, was shot, wrongfully and criminally, by Oregon Deputies James Geiger and Alan Brad Johnson."

So now you're saying these people are criminals? Have they, like your brother, been convicted of a crime? Do they have criminal records like your brother does? Are they convicted felons like your brother?

What happened to a presumption of innocence from the same constitution you wrap yourself in when it suits you, Kal? Equal protection and rights? Kal, your uneven application of rights here only goes to show how badly your gross personal bias bleeds all over. Asnd I thought you were a man of God who would forgive people. Guess not.

I think you know this civil case is going nowhere but your brother is willing to take a shot because on the slim chance he can win there is a payday in it for him. This isn't about justice, this is about a convicted felon who wants to get even any way he can.

And just where do you get the "we" from about this civil claim, Kal? Your brother is the only one listed as a plaintiff. Kal, you're not listed any where on the complaint though I'm sure you'll try to manipulate this by telling everyone you're some sort of expert witness again. I'd bet the farm your name is not on a single significant court document in this case, not even a post-it note or a cocktail napkin.

I am curious, Kal. If your brother manages to weasel some money out of this, will he do the right thing and pay back the taxpayer funded money that paid for his defense or are good and hard working taxpayers out their money?

7) Kal, stop insulting holocaust survivors and their families by using the holocaust for your own purposes by making comments about Nazis and Hitler exterminating people in a weak attempt to paint people as bad guy Nazis.

How dare you use the sanctity of the holocaust for your own selfish purposes! Don't ever misuse the sanctity of the holocaust for your selfish reasons or your selfish desires to attack someone else again! Don't! The holocaust had nothing to do with the issue you brought up and it never will, Kal. That's the truth.

7) http://zpravy.idnes.cz/explaining-u-s-justice-1-0vx-/anglictina.asp?c=A080307_112120_anglictina_bar
"It was a dark and stormy night, literally, in the woods of Oregon in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Kurtis Korff, age 39, was in a car which was being driven by several men. He had hitched a ride with them, so-called "thumbing it," because he did not own a car of his own. Ironically, in a few moments, he would get shot by police in this car he was merely a passenger in, who didn’t even know who he was."

Your own words and this is a fact, Kal. This is also a blatant lie told by you Kal because you contradict yourself in a video saying your brother should choose his friends better! From all I have read about this, the people in the car testified your brother was with them all along! Let me be clear on this here. Kal K. Korff is a L-I-A-R here who got caught red handed. Either that or you're proving how incompetent you are as a researcher and journalist by making such a gross mistake and not checking or reporting the facts first, Kal.

8) "Kurtis Korff, age 39, was in a car which was being driven by several men.

And really, Kal, just how do "several men" drive a car at the same time? Kal, you are a fucking idiot.

9) Kal, you were never an expert witness in the O.J Simpson civil trial. Period. You did not testify. You were not on a witness list. Not a single court document in that case has your name on it. Stop lying about this.

Anytime someone is a witness, this means they have relevant information that could impact a court proceeding and they are called to testify. If you are calling yourself an expert witness, then I want to see the affidavit you submitted to the court to establish your expertise. But we'll never see that, will we? That's because Kal K. Korff was never an expert witness.

10) I do have to give you some kudos here, Kal. This is the first time in a post where you ranted and raved and did not wander off into deep orbit to mention flying saucers or any number of other people you are out to get. I was amazed and have thus marked the date on my calendar.

11) Since you are still claiming to be the European news chief for the X-Zone radio show, can you explain why Rob McConnell is telling people you are not associated in any way with his show?

Since you signed this latest rant as the "bureau chief" for the X-Zone, does this means the people you factually state are criminals can sue you and Rob McConnell for libel? Just curious. Just think Kal, you might have to deal with 7 individual lawsuits and Rob McConnell might have to take part in all that fun!

Anonymous said...

Oopsy! Guess it was supposed to be 12. See that Kal? That's what is known as admitting when you're wrong. But I know you will never bother with that.

Brad Hudson said...

Wow, I hadn't noticed that Kal was still listing himself as X-Zone European Bureau Chief.

That does leave our good pal Rob wide open, and seeing as how Kal is hiding out in the Czech Republic I'm sure anyone will go for the party still on the continent.

Not that I think anything would come of it as Rob can point out that Kal was not acting as XZEBC when he wrote this, in addition he'll claim Kal was no longer XZEBC when this was written.

That doesn't mean that somebody couldn't put him through hell and tie him (and a good chunk of his money) up in court defending this mess.

As you've mentioned, anyone can file suit (as long as it's not totally ludicrous, like, suing someone because they removed you from their UFO hall of fame), so I'm sure that if the Josephine County officers are made aware of Kal's pretty flagrant act of libel (They're all "guilty") that they'd start looking for who might have money to sue, and we know Kal's dead broke...

Anonymous said...

Rob McConnell is Candian, though. Or does that even matter?

Somebody should sue X Zone.

Anonymous said...

Email to Josephine County Sheriff's Department regarding Kal's libel and slander...check

Email to Josephine County DA regarding above material...check

Email to the two major Newspapers in the county alerting them to the story....check

Ah what a productive day!

f1 Racer

Anonymous said...

It's a hell of a lot easier to sue a Canadian than someone in Eastern Europe

Brad Hudson said...

Francis, you continue to be our point man on the front lines...

Anonymous said...

Yep. Someone should sue these clowns for this sort of shit. Problem is that Kal is what they call 'judgement proof' meaning he has no tangible assets to take. Maybe you could sell those stupid looking hats the assface wears? I don't think a grade school prize ribbon or a few news paper clips are going to cover the cost of an attorney.

Rob McConnell on the other hand has some assets like his show and everything tied to his media company and his broadcast network. You might get some money there. I'd like to drive around that zxone sport utility vehicle and so would my lawyer.

George Adamski said...

Kal's newest money-making venture will have him leaving the Czech Republic soon:

Brad Hudson said...

Shoot, that cash will be eaten up by a lawyer no more than 15 seconds after Kal clears customs and the process servers find him.

It will take a whole boatload of cash to remove the wart that is Kal from the Czech Republic.

Of course, I'm sure he's fouled up his visa as there is no way they would let a shiftless American hang around. With no visible means of employment Kal might be screwed.

Hmm, tax records are public information and my company does full blown background checks all the time. I can probably get a look at what Kalsie-walsie has been claiming as income these past few years. He is still a citizen of the US so he's required to file as an overseas worker. Now all I need is a birth date.

Anonymous said...

There is a birthdate somewhere on this blog. I think Digger posted it.

Anonymous said...

Two things are really plaguing me right now. One, is it really possible to confirm through forensics the age of a thirty year old science fair ribbon? And two, just what is a bureau chief and what does he do? Kept me awake all last night...

Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? After all these years of threatening lawsuits, KAL KORFF ACTUALLY FILED ONE? I thought that sueing was actually only intended as a threat mechanism, not an actual act. Has the world gone mad?

Squonkamatic said...

Wow! Some total ownage of Professor Numbnuts here, this thread is a beauty first with the news that Rob McConnell may have smelled the coffee (or something else less pleasant), then Kevin Randle showing us another rare glimpse into Kal K. Korff's private madness (which is the same as his public madness), and now whoever typed up that slam-bam refutation of his Kurtis K. Korff urban legend. If I were to wish to address anything to Colonel Kumquat directly it would be "Kal, your brother made some bad choices in life, is a convicted felon, needs to pay his debt to society like any other common petty criminal, and you'll just have to learn to live with it."

By the way, how's that PhD thesis thing working out?

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff
Born March 13, 1962
Santa Clara, CA

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff isn't suing anyone. that would take the 4 things Kal is short on and those would be money, intelligence, facts, and a basic understanding of the law. And let's not forget honesty and integrity.

Your brother gets shot and you try riding the coat tails of that. Now that's sick! "So bro I know you got shot in the head but I'm all out of stuff. Please let me ride this train for free so I can make our whole family look like a bunch of crazy hicks and I can relive my past glory of being an author by making a pdf file of a bunch of scientific work I had absolutely nothing to do with but will put my name all over anyway to make myself look good!"

Anonymous said...

Kal should lay low because once he gets stopped by the cops in Prague they'll find out his visa is expired and give his dumb ass the boot. Any sightings in Prague of the smelly little man. I'm not kidding. Kal needs to learn how to use soap and water and some cologne. He stinks.

Anonymous said...

'May be it granted, or may we "die trying" — to preserve and defend what is right, what helps make this nation of America the greatest, and to defend the principles of JUSTICE and LIBERTY, DEMOCRACY AND THE RULES OF EVIDENCE, HABEUS CORPUS, and Constitutionality.' Just what the fuck is this nonsense? So now Kal is a revolutionary fighting to the death? Give me a fucking break! This idiot Kal doesn't have any nuts and will only fight for a cheeseburger and fries. Fuck you Kal for trying to claim you are some sort of patriot. All you do is shit on your own country. Go join your terrorist buddies over in Iraq you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I hearby request the owner of this blog to post a picture of fat Kal with a Claris t-shirt. And draw upon the findings of this thread.

"Have you seen this fat little man?"

I want to see Paul Kimball's documentary so bad. If a lawsuit could put pressure on the X-Zone, Paul is a trained lawyer, don't forget. And of course, publicity will help the film.

And then "expose" (yeah, Kal's quotes}.

BTW -- will somebody archive the MP3's of Kal on "Korff's Korner" before Rob erases them?

Having as much fun Korffing as the rest of you. But I will remain anon.

Cheers to Squonk, Brad H, Kal is an idiot, Kult of Kal, Digger, etc.

Because I sure wouldn't want to be David Biedny right now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kal-
My name is Billy and I'm 9 years old. My teacher gave us an assignment to research what we want to be when we grow up and I came across your website Criticalthinkers.org. Of all the careers that you have of being a spy, journalist, debunker, Col.,lecturer, etc., I think the one I'm most interested in is European Bureau Chief for Xzone Radio. I know I can't be Bureau Chief for North America as that's probably already taken, but someday when I grow up I'd like to be Bureau Chief for Xzone Radio of my small town of Sunnyside, Washington. I have a few questions for you. What school do I go to for training? What does it pay? What exactly are my duties? Can it lead to greater careers, say Bureau Chief of Antarctica? And last but not least, do you have to Have Rob McConnel's permission or can you just decide to be it? I'm very interested Mr. Korff and hold you as one of my all time heroes. Please say hello to Martina for me and those ladies you cooked dinner for once. I'll be anxiously waiting for your answer.
Billy Smith

Anonymous said...


go to www.orkut.com

search for Kal Korff


Its....OMG...it has to be seen to be believed and NO i did NOT create the profile its LEGIT!!!


F1 Racer

Brad Hudson said...

I saw all the Portugese comments, and the first one was pretty damning, but not much more.

Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

kal korff
languages i speak:

English (US), Hebrew, Armenian, Arabic

caucasian (white)




Colonel S3


Government, Military


Special Secret Services

company webpage:




job description:

I am a Colonel in the Israeli founded Special Secret Services, keeping the world safe from terrorism and consumers safe from fraudsters like Royce Meyers.

career skills:

Espionage, Tactics, hand to hand combat.




very attractive

best feature:


turn ons:

long hair, power, wealth

turn offs:

Lying, cheating, ignorance

my idea of a perfect first date:

Walk along Charles Bridge, romantic dinner in Old Town Square, nightcap at my luxury apartment.

from my past relationships i learned:

That people who LIE and HATE can NOT be trusted and that THE WORLD is full of them.

five things I cant live without:

1. My Mac
2. My Ipod
3. My ID papers
4. My sidearm
5. My blackberry

in my bedroom you will find:

Come find out :)

Thats from Kal's public profile

Brad Hudson said...

Good find. I'm apparently a search moron as all I get are the Portugese discussions on the Meier case.

Postdoctoral Kal? Really? Where did you receive your BA, Masters, and Phd? And I guess you put your build as "athletic" since "short, squat, and troll like" wasn't an option. And what are the odds you can actually produce the "5 Things You Can't Live Without"? Because I'll go out on a limb and say that I'd wager a year of our company's revenues that you'll have trouble producing three of them.

And lastly, don't subject us to the horror of imagining what dark secrets your bedroom holds. From past history it's better than even odds that we'll find rushed snapshots of some of your "pupils" that aren't quite over the age of consent.

Brad Hudson said...

Also, looking at Kal's turnoffs I see what we have here is a gigantic case of self-loathing....

Anonymous said...

So Kal is known as a "maniaco burro" - (loosely translated)=
"insane jackass" LOL

Anonymous said...

Part of an email I received today...

"Paul popped in for a visit the other night. On the 17th of this month, he's heading off to England and Scotland. From there to Prague. Some business, some pleasure. He'll be gone a month."

Business in Prague?

Kal, you'd better keep that 'sidearm' handy, or better yet, head for the hills!
Paul Kimball is coming your way!


Anonymous said...

'I guess you put your build as "athletic" since "short, squat, and troll like" wasn't an option.'

squonkamatic said...

Luxury apartment! :D
Career skills! :D
Hand to hand combat! :D
Job description! :D
Very attractive! :D
Postdoctoral edumacation! :D

The laughs just keep coming and coming!

Paul Kimball said...

Digger is correct - I'll be in Prague from June 8th until the 15th. If anyone wants to get together for a beer, just drop me an e-mail at voiceoflondon@aol.com.


Brad Hudson said...

Has anyone seen this??


Maybe Rob will feature Kal??

Of course, I'm not sure how much stock I put into this as Rob still has this clown's ad on the X Zone homepage!

Hmmm... If Rob wants to really prove that he has nuked Kal, won't he need to "XPose" him on his webpage prior to broadcast?? Could Kal be thrown under his "good friend's" bus right before he falls to the power that is the Paul Kimball steamroller?

By the way, I sincerely hope you'll be having a summit with Kal's mole while you're in the Czech Republic, Paul...

Paul Kimball said...

By the way, I sincerely hope you'll be having a summit with Kal's mole while you're in the Czech Republic, Paul...She and I will indeed be getting together. ;-)

Brad Hudson said...

Lunch date with a "Czech Supermodel", then??

You know, Paul, I almost think a "Making of" documentary would be even more engrossing than the actual film. How I would love to hear the reasons people had for obviously helping feed Kal's delusions...