Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff

Sad, pathetic and dumb old Kal is up to his usual rubbish after a small town newspaper righteously trounced Kernal Kal with HIS OWN WORDS!! This just seems to keep happening everywhere and continues to get worse and worse and worse for Kal as he continues to be EXPOSED IN THE MEDIA. I would not want to be Kal Korff right now after again losing to his own worst enemy which is the big mouth he has that he just cannot seem to shut opening it at all the wrong times. Utter buffoons like Kal K. Korff litter the Internet and leave the rest of the grounded world laughing and scratching our heads in utter bewilderment. The Internet is a wonderful world full of dimwits readily offering themselves up to the world for our entertainment pleasure. Kal also shows us how not to act and that his being a complete asshole will never change because he frankly has nothing else better to do with his time.

Our infamous self described Israeli agent who refers to himself as a "Colonel" for an Israeli founded organization got treated properly to a shovel full of his own words by a reporter in an entertaining and often hilarious article complete with a posting from Conniving Kal himself demanding retraction and correction with somewhat restrained outrage. Kernal Krackpipe will never receive I can assure you as everyone knows that people acting out in public and acting bizarre make great news stories and our very own Kernal Krust does indeed make one wonder how someone gets to such a low place.

Yes our beloved Kernal Kracked Pot has provided us some rather nice contradictions and more rubbish to point out showing what a loon he is. Now Kal claims that his credentials "are also sworn before the U.S. Court." What Credentials?????? What court????? But as usual Kal is just opening his mouth and littering everyone with more of his nonsense that he can't prove. And what credentials really is Kal on about?? I suppose Kal could have provided his old press pass proving he once wrote for a free newspaper. Kernal Cookie Dough could show some of his newspaper clippings proving someone once thought he was an entertaining kid. Kal could dazzle a court with his pay stubs from his time as a telephone tech support person. perhaps that snappy science award ribbon would just make a judge fall all over himself to believe all Kal has to say. ahahahahaahh I think about the only real "credential" Kal might have is a high school diploma and an out dated food workers card.

But will Kal ever prove this latest claim? Of course he won't because he is Kal Korff and with that comes along a highly elevated and dependable double standard of a kind that only Kal has. Kernal Crevasse DEMANDS other provide proof of their claims but when Kal K. Korff makes a claim his OWN RULES DON'T APPLY!! Kal LOVES accusing many other people of not having ethics and equal standards and so on and so forth. YET IT IS Kal K. Korff who can't even follow his own standards!!!! Kernal Krapola is now going so far to say he never used the term "nanobot" when he did IN HIS OWN WORDS!! There are videos MADE BY AKL showing him saying this very thing!!! Earth to Kal earth to Kal you need to pull your head out of your ass and come up for air! McKal? Is anyone home???????

But please do not bother poor dumb fumbling Kal with this because he is too busy trying to cover his tracks by claiming he has been a target of hate and describes himself as a "victim" and says that everyone who questions him or calls him out is out to get him and it is all hate! How CONvenient that the moment Kal starts getting exposed and caught in his own words he SUDDENLY is a victim!

Contrary to the LIES and all out mud slinging Kal likes to do this blog is not about hate and is simply about exploring the life and times and claims and utter nonsense of a public figure and public idiot named Kal K. Korff. Kal can keep on trying his usual little tap dance by trying to label everyone poiinting out the obvious nonsense Kal puts out there in the public as a hateful person or racist. The plain truth is that Kal is being EXPOSED and he does not like having the tables turned and being exposed as a HYPOCRITE. And trying to use racism as a way to get out of a hard spot is the WRONG thing to do Kal! racism happens all the time and when nuts like you start screaming "racism" and "hate" and nothing of the kind is happening it makes it harder for people who actually and sadly are subjected to hate and racism. Stop crying "wolf" Kal just STOP!

Free speech is what it is called Kal. Free speech and opinion is where Kal always runs and hides so he can spread his hate and it is hate driven. Kal will try any underhanded move and will say anything with the slight hope it does harm to someone who has exposed him. Take a look at what Kal has said about Paul Kimball, Royce Meyer, Kevin randle, David Beeidny and several other people inlcuding people who comment here on this blog. Kal has threatened to "sue" and "nail" and have people "prosecuted" and in the same breath Kal likes to yammer on about how hate is wrong and we should forgive people more and be compassionate to people and how everything is wrong with the world.
Kal is part of his own stated problem. Stop hating Kal. Just stop it. A good point here is that Kal often likes to say that people got something wrong by saying a person "blew it with both lips." Is Kal a homophobe? Obviously he has a problem with gays if he makes such an inference. So now I suppose anyone could just turn right around and say that Kal is making hateful comments against gays. Are you Kal? Is Kal Korff a gay basher???? See how it works because it is the sort of despicable and underhanded contrived crap Kal pulls when backed into a corner with no where to go. Of course Kal always has a place to go and that is to use hate to sling accusations, innuendo and lies at people who have pegged his outright rubbish so he can get back at them.

Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff. This moniker covers it. all threats and no action or proof.

Kal Korff is a hater. who else goes after people with such vindictive and spiteful pettiness? Kal Korff does and this latest threat to publish a book about Paul Kimball and this is what Kernal Konniving wrote "I hope you enjoy the new work, it is being sold for money for one reason only: those of you who were "smart enough" to ever "believe" Paul Kimball where it concerns his many false claims about me, SHOULD PAY."

SHOULD PAY? I thought only God ws passing judgement these days so said Kal. Looks like perhaps Kal thinks he is God. Good job there and all Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff.
By the way, someone wrote me a rather nice email about Kal "Mr.threats" Korff and why he posts all those silly youtube.com Internet website video clips to his Internet website.

"It is widely known by those Kal has attempted to smear in the past that Kal uses key-wording, phrasing and a variety of methods to drive traffic to his site.
For fuck's sake, Kal even uses Elvis and jailhouse rock as keywords. He embeds those popular Youtube vids in order to drive people to his website.
If you go to compete.com you will find that Kal's site barely gets traffic. This ludicrous hit counter indicating millions and millions of hits is pure poppycock.
If you plug in the websites of those Kal is on about, you'll see that his website traffic claims hold no water at all. Type in a few of the websites of the people Kal has targeted and do a comparison. You'll see they readily exceed any traffic Kal is dreaming about."

Not that I am at all savvy when it comes to computer and Internet website stuff but I did a bit of a comparison and it is clear that ther is no way possible Kal's Internet website has all of the Internet hits he is claiming it has. this also means that Kal's claim that 100,000 or more persons have downloaded that god awful thing Kal calls a book is another steaming pile right from Kernal Krackhead's big mouth.

Paul Kimball if you are reading this I hope you have a pleasant stay in Prague. It is an amazing city! Cheers to you and have fun on the tram and I can't wait to get a look at your documentary on Kal when it is completely wrapped up. And Paul I would love to have you sign a copy of Kal's new book on you for me. $19.95 for a book from Kal? ahahahhhaaahhhhaaaa I'd rather wipe my ass with a rusty euro that waste it on Kal. ahahahahaaahhhaa How many years has it been since you announced that five-hundred book deal Kal and exactly how many books have been published in that deal? ahahahahahah

Kal "Mr.threats" Korff strikes again! If Kal wants to write a book he should write one on a subject he is an unquestioned expert in and he should call it "How to hate, make threats, and get even with those who have embarrassed you to your core" give it a try Kal becuase I am so very sure it would be a best seller! ahahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Most excellent my friend!

Kalvin, we be watching you.


Anonymous said...

That link is going to bug Kal out, big-time! Ha, ha, ha! Take that Kernal!

The stats don't lie, you do! Your site sucks ass. RMII's site, which is now being run by other people because he just doesn't care anymore, about you or your kind, still kicks your ass.

Somebody put the X-Zone's site up there as well. Prove it all night!

My fine, fatty, friend!

I'm udderly speechless!



Anonymous said...

Kal Korff has always tried to be involved in the latest trend, hoping he could someone ride it to fame and fortune.

Kal slithered on the UFO band wagon back when Roswell was a hot topic and right after Gary Kinder's Billy Meier book hit shelves. Kinder's book sold well, while Kal's did not.

Kal tried getting involved in the computer field when he saw all the big shots at Apple, where he was a technical support person.

Essentially, to have been a tech support person during that time required very little computer skill and training. All one had to do was complete the usual one week training and there was a step-by-step guide for computer problems to guide tech support persons through when assisting customers.

Kal tried getting fame and fortune through computers, but he was about to be ousted at Claris when it became obvious Kal had no where near the required technical competence and sophistication necessary for that project. Kal quit by the way to try and save face.

Kal tries his hand at security work and it readily becomes clear he is not fit to work in that field.

Kal moves to Seattle hoping to start fresh with a job at Boeing, though Kal has never been clear what it was he exactly did and there is a reason for that. I'll give Kal a chance to come out say wheat he did at Boeing, or more like what he didn't do at Boeing.

Kal realizing he will never become famous nor rich in the United States through computer work or debunking decides to move to Prague and try to reinvent himself as a tech guru with a short lived computer help column.

Next, Kal lands a gig writing and teaching (laughably) English to Czechs through his column, which quickly disintegrates into a jumbled mess with Kal making claims about his alleged anti terrorism work in his column to promote himself and try to finish his book, "Secret Ware," which mysteriously is listed on amazon.com but has never been published.

Kal tried to push himself off as a terrorism analyst long ago with the outrageous claim he broke some sort of news story involving one of the 9-11 terrorists. the story involves Kal and a gun and his incredible daring where he holds some bad guys at gun point and then takes their passports. Pure balderdash from Kal.

After the reality that his publisher has no interst in his book sinks in, due likely to Kal's very much public acting out, Kal thinks he can get famous with being a sort of reality star by being an American on a quest to bring his nation's culture to the Czech Republic. Kal tries to generate interest in him offering to cook American style meals for Czechs and does one hastily and low grade produced YouTube clip about it.

That fails and Kal then moves on to being an "importer" of i-Pods where he thinks he will finally strike it rich by offering Czechs "American style pricing" on i=Pods and the like. Soon after, Kal's column is pulled and he is out of a job.

Next, Kal tries to ally himself with well known humanitarian Vojtek. Kal's ruse quickly falls apart after he allegedly tries to get out of paying for some Apple i-Pods and other items by using Vojtek's business for billing n the merchandise.

Then Kal is suddenly on the road with Kal's Korner "mobile English" and has signed a 2 year lease for a place in Switzerland where he claims to be working on his thesis in psychology.

Squonkamatic said...

The amateurish nature of Kal K. Korff's reaction this whole incident should give anyone counting themselves as one of his supporters cause for alarm.

First Kal K. Korff fawned all over the Illinois Valley News for what he assumed would be favorable coverage of Kal K. Korff's involvement in his brother's legal entanglement. Mistake #1.

When the coverage proved to not only be critical but questioning the veracity of his public statements -- including the very legitimate questioning of Kal K. Korff's claims of being connected to Israeli intelligence services -- he flew off the handle and issued a strongly worded public demand for a retraction complete with statements that contradict his own words on his own webiste *instead* of privately addressing the matter to the IVN news editors (as any seasoned journalist not out just for their own publicity would have done). Mistake #2.

Then, once he realized that public feedback was possible via the IVN's comment board function connected to the story, he posted an even more strongly worded and petulantly phrased demand for, I don't know, even more attention, at the IVN message boards that contained even more blatantly contradictory statements that are now enshrined on that message board connected to that article forever, basically, and easily accessed by anyone. Mistake #3.

Kal K. Korff then made another web post boasting that the author of the article had "formally apologized" to Kal K. Korff when in fact if one read's Kal K. Korff's own re-print of the letter it's painfully obvious that the author was apologizing for Kal K. Korff being offended by it. No retraction has been offered and the article is still posted intact and as is. Mistake #4.

Then, as if to prove once and for all that he is incapable of handling his own public relations once and for all, Kal K. Korff issues yet another statement that appears to have been an effort to tie the entire affair to the leg of his long running feud with Paul Kimball by proclaiming that "any day now" a book would be published proving that Kal K. Korff actually was an expert witness for not just the OJ Simpson civil trial but the original criminal trial as well. He even announced a price for the book, $19.95, though no publisher is named and no date for publication is specified, suggesting that this is another "book download" meaning it really isn't being published, meaning IT REALLY ISN'T A BOOK, not that anyone would actually go through the expense of publishing (i.e. printing and binding, distributing and marketing) such a book in the first place. Mistake #5.

So ends the myth of Kal K. Korff having anything even resembling a professional demeanor. He has allowed himself to get caught up in the moment and his emotions -- specifically those of outrage at others whom he has no control over daring to publicly question his claims, and embarrassment and getting caught with his nuts hanging out in the wind -- are driving his reactions.

His next move will surely be to delete those YouTube videos that are being held up as examples of his own hypocrisy and attempt to shift the focus more squarely onto his Usual Suspects list.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, we got a couple of Proust' on this thread! :-)

Well done people. This is exactly the "new" type of synopsis' that we need.

I love the way it's laid out; cause and affect, action and reaction.

I'm certainly not of that caliber, so I'm hopeful that more will write posts EXACTLY like these last two.

Yo Kalvin, you now see Phase 2; a methodical laying out of your deeds a child could understand.

Dear World, pay attention.

Kalvin, you're being schooled.


Squonkamatic said...

It's your enthusiasm that keeps us going, FN. I tired of this months ago but keep coming back in part because of your own tireless efforts, and those of Digger, Jimmy D., Brad Hudson, KoKK, and many others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

KKIAI especially deserves endless propz for keeping this focused on Kal K. Korff's own conduct and refusal to simply tone down in the face of all reason. Something about this blog has struck a chord, and the truth always resonates, man.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Last post on the last string:


I didn't realize this until I watched the whole thing... yes, that is Kal's fat fingers, at 1:11 the model is holding a copy of Kal's "Spaceships" book.

Kal, you are one creepy man"

---now that is an oustanding piece of Korffing. Perhaps the greatest I have ever seen.

General Racer - I propose that this man/woman be promoted forthwith.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, yes. Hand that man a medal.

That video has been up for ages but no-one has caught that until now.

Do you think he really knew the woman in question, or did he just walk along the beach asking ladies to pretend to read his turgid tome while he took snaps of them?

Notice the way the wretched old perv "accidentally on purpose" homes in on the ladies' breasts and bottoms. When he doesn't quite hit the spot, he adjusts to bring the parts in question fully into frame...

Someone copy that video quick, before the creature deletes it from YouTube.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

I agree - the posts from Squonk are world class. The prior post from an Anonymous is equally great. (I actually assumed that was Squonkomatic who just didn't sign in).

I copied and posted the video of Kal fat fingering the touch to my Youtube account.


Anonymous said...

Ipod video poster here.

Can either one of you grab, email, or instant message someone who knows how to capture a Youtube video. It's quite late where I live.

Kult of Kal, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks Kult of Kal

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Fucking Kal. What a douchebag.

You know who that "model" is on his ipod? It's Mich..la Kocis, the girl who fled Kal to Hawaii. (By the way, I purposely misspelled her name to avoid this coming up if others Google for her)

The model's face close up at 0:30 and checked against MK's homepage of photos...that's her, I'm 99% sure.

I'll say it again, Kal's a royal douche.

Anonymous said...

anon Ipod poster again,

kult-of-kal is right, that's her. :30

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think the model at 0:30is MK.

From her website, it looks like the lady has her life well sorted out.

Let's not inadvertently cause her any grief, eh?

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

True enough, Jimmy D.

'Nuff said about that.

But I still stand by my statement that Kal's a douchebag. :)

Anonymous said...

To capture video from Youtube and elsewhere, I use Snagit.


Anonymous said...

>>> It's your enthusiasm that keeps us going, FN. <<<

Thx Squonk.

As a person who's had dealings with Kalvin for over a decade, I feel it's my duty to stop him, put him out to pature, for the safety of the consumer.

Kalvin could'a, should'a, would'a been somebody based in the postive. Instead, he choose the road he has.

We're watching Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

"Instead, the "black beanie Korff wore when he attacked Deputy Geiger" was DELIBERATELY left OUT of the "evidence bag" and like the "weapon" Kurtis Korff also never had, but Deputy Geiger falsely claimed he saw him holding — it was never "found" either — because it did not exist."

Not that I want to get caught up in the shooting drama here and want to stick to Kal's various claims, but from what I've read Kal's brother pleaded guilty to being a convicted felon with a weapon. So why would his brother plea guilty?

I guess this is similar to Kal claiming a jury found his brother innocent but Kal has done everything to hide the fact his brother was convicted of trying to assault someone with a car.

I digress, but this is just more of the same old spin doctoring from Kal. Someone should let Kal know if you dress a pile of bullshit in a tuxedo, it is still a pile of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the web traffic chart vs. Kal's website hit counter--

I've said it before, Kal wants to believe he is Drudge, who actually does have millions of hits, who used "Developing..." well before Kal copied him, and who apparently share the same political persuasion.

It's all part of being a "syndicated columnist and journalist" among his various titles.

Anonymous said...

I see Rob McConnell has devoted much of his latest X-Chronicles newsletter to Kal's nemesis Michael Horn. Still no listing of Kal for being on the show June 5.

Anonymous said...

Kal, your fraudulent hit counts on your website is, in fact, LYING TO CONSUMERS.

You have inflated 327 unique visitors to a million delibertately in order to mislead. That is lying.

Anonymous said...

Korff, Kal K. President and Chief Executive Officer CriticalThinkers.org
Korff, Kal K. Researcher
Korff, Kal K. Prometheus Books
Korff, Kal K. Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Korff, Kal K. Investigator
Korff, Kal K. (Past) Conspiracy Net
Korff, Kal K. Agent (Past) CIA

What's this about Kal not being an agent?
The above is quoted directly from Kal's own biography!
Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

>>> Korff, Kal K. Agent (Past) CIA <<<

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!

My goodenes the lies just get larger and larger, to match his ass.

Squonkamatic said...


Anonymous said...

Kal's website:
News - Latest News
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 28 May 2009 11:26
Dear World,

Contrary to the false rumors and lies being circulated by the usual gang of haters who make a point to populate and post to forums whose sole existence, focus and purpose is hatred, (e.g., Brad Hudson, "Jimmy D", et al.) — Kal's Korner will not only be broadcasting this upcoming weekend, but it is EXPANDING and will ALSO return to its regular cherished spot on Rob McConnell's 'X' Zone.
Rob McConnell's website:
11P-12A MORGANA RAE - Visualization
12A-01A CHRIS COLBY - Living the American Dream with No Fossil Fuels Required
01A-02A MITCH BATTROS - Earth Changes Media
Duh, Kal, I don't see your name listed.
Tell us another one!


Anonymous said...


Waiting to find out if he can secure a phone line, of any kind! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I hate, therefore I am.

Kal K. Korff

Anonymous said...

"And now for something completely different"......
You know, I have been following Korff for many years now. It has been some real entertainment. I love the YouTube SecretXWars stuff. Come on, you talk about reality television. Watching this psycho is actually amusing. We all know it's all fake. He is not fooling anybody let alone really hurting anybody.
Do we really want him to go away? What am I goin to do for entertainment? This is too much fun! How about doing the opposite? Post a pro Kal Korff blog and puff up his ego. Wind him up and watch him go.
Let's not stop it, let's encourage it!


Anonymous said...

I think cheering delusional fruitcakes on is a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

"EXPANDING and will ALSO return to its regular cherished spot"

Cherished? Uh, okie-dokie. What happened to Rob McConnell finally outing Kal? I really think Rob will promise Kal a spot, get him on the air and then "expose" Kal.

Better do it quick Rob before Paul Kimball beats you to it. Hope Paul is having a wonderful time in Prague. Smile for the cameras Kal! :-)

Anonymous said...

FanOfKal: "We all know it's all fake. He is not fooling anybody let alone really hurting anybody."

--- that's the whole point. He has and does hurt people. And cheat and steal from them.

Anonymous said...

>>> --- that's the whole point. He has and does hurt people. And cheat and steal from them. <<<

Yes, he does. How would anyone on this blog like to have our place of work harrassed by this little dummy?

Go Paul, Go!


Karl 'Kurt Peters' Pflock said...

....if only Kal had thought to mention his NITINOL nanobots....!!!

Stop _LYING_Korff!!! said...

Still waiting for your "fact checking commentary" on Obama's Prague speech that you PROMISED us ("stay tuned" you said - well, I have).

Tell you what, here's something more up to date - why don't you skip the two-month old Prague spiel and give us your sage opinions on this instead:


You hopeless buffoon...

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie
after lie.

You simply cannot stop lying, can you, "Colonel"?

Squonkamatic said...

Kal K. Korff is a simpleton with maybe a 6,500 word vocabulary. More like 5,000. The words HATE and LIE are very very simple words that even a child can comprehend and use in their own sentences. That's why he uses them so much: very simple, easy to understand words that even someone with learning disabilities & a severely limited mental intellect can understand. When I think of Kal K. Korff I envision a 12 year old child who has never been forced to grow up. He is still mommy's special little boy with his flying saucer picture book, his Loch Ness Monster picture book, his JFK picture book, and whenever company comes over Little Kal runs to get his picture books so he can lecture the grown ups all about the bad man who killed JFK, the bad men who make money from UFOs, and the bad men who hate and lie. Kalvin then goes potty in his pants and mommy cleans it up for him, over and over and over again for 35 more years until now he is a 47 year old simpleton who can't fend for himself and is stuck in a loop involving bad men selling books filled with lies and people who hate.

It's all very simple and easy to understand that way. Now wash up Kalvin, lunchtime is ready. That's a good boy. Yes, we all see your UFO pictures but now its the time to put them away. You are and always will be mommy's special little guy!

Anonymous said...

thanks squonk. keep on korffing.

now that's a thought. R Crumb illustrates the life of Kal K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

Had some free time today and keyword searching for the term SAPSTOE (short for Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution) using Google, Microsoft Live, MyWay, Yahoo, Apple's Sherlock 2 function, and my own ISP's search engine yielded zero returns from any pages that did not also make reference to Kal K. Korff.

Developing ...

Anonymous said...

Kal's Korner Returns to 'X' Zone Week of June 10-11th - We Got their Email Msg -) PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road.
Thursday, 04 June 2009 22:18

Dear World,

Due to a schedule mix-up with The 'X' Zone Show, (we didn't get their email) we will be broadcasting Kal's Korner NEXT WEEK on Rob's show, either on Friday or Saturday, in its usual time slot. We will update this posting once we know the scheduled appearance date and time, but the BEST way to keep up on all things 'X' Zone is to go to their web site at www.xzoneradio.com.

We intended to broadcast last week, but out of deference to Mr. Rob McConnell we held off, and missed our planned date. I apologize sincerely for this inconvenience and not explaining it earlier to everyone.

Kal's Korner will be heard on The 'X' Zone Radio Show and also elsewhere, such as on this Web site, starting this weekend onwards, we will announce the times and dates as soon as we can and settle down to a regular schedule, most likely Tuesday nights on this Web site, other dates and times elsewhere. Kal's Korner, depending on the forum via which it is broadcast, will cover several different subjects, each tailored for their respective audiences.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Illinois Valley News Sends Draft for Official Correction - It Gets Approved for Publication PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road.
Thursday, 04 June 2009 22:48

Dear World,

Like a true professional journalist and Editor, Editor-in-Chief Ms. Michelle Binker of the Illinois Valley News, has sent to me a kind letter containing the proposed text for their planned retraction concerning certain claims they made about me.

As you may recall, the newspaper printed Sheriff Gil Gilbertson's false claims uncritically, accepting Gilbertson "at his word" when he claimed that no back channel communications had taken place between him and our family.

Since it was GILBERTSON who INITIATED these contacts, and then also later met with my brother's attorney Ms. Mary Landers to discuss them and the fact that Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger had lied; the Illinois Valley News was sent irrefutable evidence that Sheriff Gil Gilbertson lied to them, and this fact has now been exposed.

Gilbertson has also now been reported, both to the Court and to County officials.

We will report what actions, if any, are taken against Gilbertson for knowingly lying to the public via the media by deliberately making false statements which cannot be "accidental" in nature.

The Illinois Valley News also made the false claim that I said I was an "Israeli Agent" — of course I am not such thing. As their statement makes clear, the newspaper relied on certain web sites for this information, web sites which make a point to "attack" me and foster hatred and intolerance, — individuals like Mr. Brad Hudson of the Sartori Group are just one example.

I have approved the wording in the kind letter Ms. Binker has sent, she indicates they will publish their correction soon.

Once they do so, this matter is considered "closed" as agreed — the focus has never been me (Kal Korff) but instead is my brother's case and the forensic evidence of Lt. Jim Pex and his colleague Mr. Knowles, pointing to my brother's innocence, which means there was a miscarriage and gross violation of justice and U.S. Civilr Rights, which is WHY various parties are now being sued, including Sheriff Gil Gilbertson.

Anonymous said...


someone contact the IVN and set them straight

F1 racer

Squonkamatic said...

Should be a pretty entertaining article if this is on the level and it's ever published. Interesting reading here that a newspaper editor would allow the subjects of one of their articles to "correct" their information in his/her own words and approve a retraction. Scott Jorgensen's article is still posted in it's original entirety and none of the comments from the related message board have been removed or edited. I'll believe it when I see it.

Squonkamatic said...

I guess however that we CAN put the issue of the Special Secret Super Duper Services and SAPSTOE crap to rest. Without necessarily putting it in such words Kal K. Korff just admitted that he was making it up all along, that there were no special SAPSTOE operations in the jailhouse or Afghanistan or Iran, that he really isn't a colonel, and that every statement he's made in the past claiming to be one was in fact a LIE. Mistake #6.

I trust Ms. Binker will take a look at one of the YouTube clips where Kal K. Korff is addressing the delegation from Israel & having a Q&A with them. It is most impressive.

Anonymous said...

The IVN now has to get Kal's 'approval' before they publish anything about him,?
Journalism 101 Kal, not so.

Is this pure coincidence or what?
Kal lit in to Jesse Marcel Jr. today on his website. Tonight, the same Jesse Marcel Jr. was on the xzone radio show, but Kal wasn't, even though he now says something about a 'mixup' being the cause of his not making his 'scheduled' appearance, (per his website announcement about it).
You just can't believe anything Kal says these days! LOL


Anonymous said...

I sure wouldn't want to be david biedny or paul kimball or royce meyers the third or kevin randel right now....

things continue to look very bad for them.

seriously, this has to be the golden age of korffing. the IVN business is just a glimpse or small fraction of what's going to happen when "Worlds Away" airs on Canadian television, or makes its way around US film festivals if it's as good as reported by a fellow filmmaker of paul's on this blog.

it almost makes me wish i had access to Kal's ipod right now to accidentally on purpose look at some spank material on Kal's Korner X-Zone iPod, the video which was on Kalskorneronline Youtube account has now been pulled by (who? Exec producer Martina? Adjutant Avimi?)

Proof that Kal a) reads this blog and 2) is a lonely pervert who has been PWNED BY THIS BLOG REPEATEDLY.

And which can henceforth be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/KultofKal

Kal's Mobile English -- there's NOTHING like it. Only 5500 cz crowns.

Nice work fellow Korffers,

Anon Ipod poster

Anonymous said...

"Due to a schedule mix-up with The 'X' Zone Show, (we didn't get their email) we will be broadcasting Kal's Korner NEXT WEEK on Rob's show, either on Friday or Saturday, in its usual time slot."

Good thing the great SAPSTOE Kernal Koward wasn't planning his next operation and getting it as confused as when his appearance on the X zone was supposed to be. Nice going Kal, you moron.

And just imagine how Kal must feel having the best selling anti-Roswell book of all time and NOT being part of this program.

And what was that Kal was saying about not judging people and how Kal is the only person who can speak for himself? Another piece of hypocrisy from Kal as he says what was going on with Dr. Marcel, Jr. when the guy was a young kid and Kal wasn't born and then Kal goes on to call everyone with the opinion that the Roswell was an alien event is a fraud and liar.

Nothing like judging people for their personal opinion or belief, eh there Kal? So according to that draconian logic Kal is trying to lay on people, if you do not 100% agree with Kal's views then you are a fraud and liar and should be prosecuted. All you have to do is look a the number of people who openly have disagreed with Kal who Kal has threatened.

This isn't tolerance or respecting the beliefs of others, this is outright zealously from the church of Kal. Kal, you're an oppressor of the worst kind hiding behind fake words, false claims, transparent propaganda and a plastic smile.

Anonymous said...

Kal, how does it feel to have your "good buddy" Rob McConnell fill his newsletter with pro-Billy Meier material from Michael Horn and not have you in any part of the newsletter? And how is that McConnell does a show mostly consisting of pro-Roswell people but doesn't have you on and pushes you back a full week to your "cherished" regular spot filling it with a some earth changes guy?

And the Illinois Valley News media looks like it is just going to get worse and worse for you. You threatened so many others with media exposure to no avail and yet here you are getting the very same treatment you threaten others with. How ironic. And please do tell Kal just exactly in which Europena publications did all of this negative press about Don Ecker appear? Remember that Kal, where you promised Ecker was going to be exposed in the worldwide media and it was all your doing? How did the world miss this? Because it never happened. I cannot wait for the string of stories that are going to start popping up in the United States as your ludicrous behavior is showcased and you are fully exposed for the bozo you always have been.

Anonymous said...

If that's Korff handling the ipod in that video, he sure spends a lot of time on those pictures of what appear to be a rather young girl. Yuk

Brad Hudson said...

Kal, if you're going to do your best to make an internet badgering sensation, at least get my company's name right. It's S A T O R I, numbnuts.

Yours truly,

Brad Hudson
The SATORI Group.

Squonkamatic said...

In addition to pulling the iPod fappage video Kal K. Korff has apparently been re-wording the text introductions to his YouTube SecretXWars offerings as well. All references to the "Israeli Delegation" he was supposedly addressing have been struck from the text descriptions for the four "UFO WatchPrick" video uploads of him talking to an empty room to now support his contention that he was warming up for a speech rather than delivering a speech, as the original text descriptions stated. I think we can look forward to seeing a lot more post editing as the release date of Paul Kimball's film draws closer and closer.

And just to be precise, Kal K. Korff has maintained that his Roswell book is the best selling Roswell expose of all time rather than the best selling Roswell book of all time -- remember! Parse thy language so you can morph the meaning when confronted with hard facts! We got him on that last fall by just comparing Amazon.com sales figures, which showed his book trailing even the comical "Curious George Goes To Roswell" in units sold.

Anonymous said...

The picture set on that iPod is the creepiest, perviest thing I have seen in quite a while. I feel unclean for having viewed it.

Anonymous said...

OH shit, did I miss the X-Zone AGAIN??!

Squonkamatic said...

Just thinking about that video clip with Kal K. Korff manipulating the images of that seriously young looking female and getting more & more disturbed. I am reminded of one of the first things I saw on his website last June which was some absurd hit count graph demonstrating that the majority of Czech nationals who were visiting his site were female, and asking a question along the lines of "If my website is so popular with women, why am I still single?" with a smiley emoticom to make the question look cute.

I'll tell you why, Colonel Corpuscle. It's because to you women are sacks of meat to be manipulated and used. The video of him flipping those pictures around and drawing his hand over the boobs & butt areas is about the most callous, mysogenistic and yes creepiest thing I too have seen in quite a while. I first noticed this about Kal K. Korff last summer/early fall when pointing out how one of his "blooper" reels of he and "Martina" sightseeing in Prague used a screenshot that centered square on her crotch as it's thumbnail. What a guy!

We also can only presume that Kal K. Korff took those pictures himself of some young lady, which raises both the creepazoid factor of a 45+ year old man engaged in such activity, and disrespect issue even more. All of which fits in with the tagline issued by someone saying that they found Kal K. Korff to be an "abusive and somewhat delusional person". He certainly has zero respect for women and apparently views them as sex goddesses to be flaunted as possessions, i.e. his interaction with "Martina" who isn't just a journalist and producer but a former supermodel as well. Like the young woman posing she's just a possession to give Kal K. Korff bragging points. There is nothing harmless or charming about those images, even if the young lady is of legal age. It's the kind of crap I'd expect to see a twelve to fourteen year old boy showing off to other guys in the locker room rather than a forty seven year old man displaying publicly as a professional web presence. Mistake #7.

But now I recall that Kal K. Korff also maintains that he has a son who has been IQ tested at some ridiculous figure, AND that he maintains that he narrowly escaped potential harm at during the millennium celebrations by choosing to not take his FAMILY to the Space Needle in Seattle. When you've had a family that has resulted in children you are NOT single -- maybe separated or divorced, both of which are very very different classifications that single, which implies that there are no contacts or bonds for a potential mate to worry about.

Kal K. Korff once again demonstrates his dishonesty and lack of respect for women for having claimed either that he is a single swingin' bachelor in his luxury apartment, OR that he has fathered a child, and has (or had) a family. You take your pick of which part he lied about. Women see right through those kinds of lies and usually do not tolerate them, let alone a completely juvenile and mysogenistic attitude about gender, which is exactly why he is single.

Anonymous said...

i hate to think of where that ipod has been. yickkk!! but then again i guess we're all just HATING on here rather than displaying a natural reaction of revulsion at having had a creepy troll-like 47 year old loser display his masturbation habits in public so casually. i'd say that chick's looking about 17 tops, very disturbing and very very unprofessional. the other messeger is right, there is nothing charming or harmless about it and the guy is a moron for having uploaded it at all. ughh

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an arcane sub-genre of mainstream Korffing, this, but I feel it is often instructive to look at the key words that Kalvin posts with his YouTube videos.

Almost like a game of word association - though in Kalvin's case, this exercise offers a neat snapshot of the mind of a lunatic, given that many of the keywords have no relevance to the matters actually discussed in the respective video.

Take a look at this one, for example:


...and wait! What's that last keyword, Kalvin....??!!!

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Sorry, but I had to delete my last post to correct some moronic typos...

Sure, she may be young, scantily clad, misled and exploited, but what's important to Kal is ...she's holding his book.

And that's just the kind of credibility boost only Kal can appreciate. ;)

So, I'm looking through the "wayback machine" for his sites, trying to find some text he has since edited. There are some great bits of info if someone has the patience and perseverance (um, Digger?)
How about his other sites?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Regarding http://www.youtube.com/user/KultofKal (deleted by Kal, but not before Kult of Kal had time to repost it)

“You know who that "model" is on his ipod? It's Mich..la Kocis, the girl who fled Kal to Hawaii. (By the way, I purposely misspelled her name to avoid this coming up if others Google for her)”

No, Kult of Kal. It’s not MK. I think it’s the girl who appears at the beginning of this one … which was posted by Paul Kimball(!):


Now how did Paul get his hands on those photos?!!!

Ah, Friday morning Korffing. Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Wish someone had thought to copy the video that's going on in the background on this one (also a Paul Kimball effort):


Note how effortlessly the Kolonel segues from his vow to "nail" OJ Simpson to ("anyway - where were we...") to droning on about Paul.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Since Squonk mentioned the blooper reel video, I had to watch it for old times' sake.

I'll save you the 9:54 of time and summarize some cute tidbits:
Kal's father is a twin; one of 3 sets Kal's grandmother had.
Martina's birthdate is 22 November, which Kal interpreted as a sign of destiny they should work together. (JFK shot on 22.11.1963)
Lastly, Martina was also annoyed with Kal's juvenile behavior As Kal "refocuses" the camera, Martina: "My head's up here...up. Here."

Too funny.

Daniela said...

You want crotch shots? Butt shots?

Well, let's just revisit one of the Kernal's very first YouTube offerings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGBufHoIol8

Butt shot of Martina here: 7.30

Crotch shot of Martina here: 8.09

And by the way, it is in this video that we get our first glimpse of poor, unsuspecting Mr Sedlacek: 4.24

Perhaps someone could copy this one too, before the lying, cowardly conman deletes it.

We're watching you, "Colonel".

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, because things just continue to get really bad for you...

Anonymous said...

Kal's Korner to Launch with New Software Reader • Browser PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Friday, 05 June 2009 01:12

As Kal's Korner prepares to return to broadcast, it will release immediately for download as soon as its next show starts, a FREE piece of software which is called a "Reader" which will allow people to browse content offline, as well as surf the Internet.

The Reader runs on all computing platforms, including Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It is also iTunes and iPhone compatible.

"The new Kal's Korner Reader is a great way to stay informed, keep your content for later viewing offline, and all in a single application. Each show is a module, as is each channel, so it can be configured as one wishes. This software has taken more than a year to develop, it was two years ago that we first started playing with and published prototypes in Metropolitni Expres. While this project has always been a labor of love, it is nearing completion. We look forward to releasing it, just as soon as I get final approval shortly from Martina and some other partners," said Kal Korff.

Stay tuned, Kal's Korner will next broadcast when the software is ready for free downloading.

Squonkamatic said...

Always fun to see Kal K. Korff refer to himself in the 3rd person to make it look like someone else is in the NetCafe with him getting free online access to make his updates now that he's been evicted from his luxury apartment and just happened to catch him between nanobot raids on Al Queda strongholds in Pakistan. The real question however, is WHO does he think cares about this update other than us Korffers? Has he fooled himself into thinking he actually has thousands of visitors waiting in anxious anticipation for his next update? Or is it just the running con job used to welch money off his mom so he doesn't have to find a full time job to support himself? There's nobody else reading his website other than us & his mom.

I noticed that too Jimmy, he uses the term NANOBOT in keywords on a number of his videos. Kal K. Korff is a lying sack of shit who beats off to home made porn involving young girls that he watches on his disgusting, germ infested, dried bodily fluid incrusted iPod. Truly the bottom of the pit of despair.

Anonymous said...

...I believe Kal refers to HIS as an iPud...

Squonkamatic said...

This may come across as mean spirited because it is mean spirited -- there's a sort of sick, diharrea inducing logic to Kal K. Korff's fascination with young underaged girls. From what I gather our sexual tendencies as adults are formed during our childhood years through the early/mid teens. During which period of time Kal K. Korff was a fat, bespeckled little obnoxious nerd who walked around with UFO pictures and JFK pictures trying to lecture people on what they should think about them. While the other boys were having fun and getting dates to go to the mall or whatever with their little girlfriends, Kal K. Korff was throwing temper tantrums about JFK and UFOs and young ladies of his day more than likely refused to have anything to do with him. Especially after he threatened to sue them for calling him "Fatty Fat Fat-Fat."

It must have been very difficult on young Kalvin to know that the guys from the sports teams and the band and the choir group and the other activities groups were hooking up and even getting on base with their young squeezes while Kal K. Korff festered with resentment over being a GENIUS who was SMARTER than they were, but couldn't get a girl to look at him with anything but unbridled contempt until he was old enough to pay them to be nice to him.

But as he grew older his yearning to hook up with those 13 - 16 year old girls he'd had crushes on would have stayed with him. And being unable to foster meaningful relationships with women his own age Kalvin instead clung to those memories of yearning and they resulted in what now is apparently an unhealthy fixation on women who are not just significantly younger than him, but who are potentially jailbait if not outright underage. Or at least appear young enough to gross out anybody with a sense of decency. How long was that iPod "Touch" (ewwww!!) video up? Not only did he make the video and show it publicly but did so in an effort to publicize his web presence and boost iPod sales. Kal K. Korff saw nothing wrong with it until WE haha pointed it out to him. He really IS that stupid! Also if there's nothing wrong with it then why did he delete it? Nasty.

The point made about how the REAL porn in the pictures to Kal K. Korff is that she's holding his ahem book is brilliant! He never thought for a minute about how she looks really, really young, and that people might misconstrue something from the idea of what looks like a young teenage girl lying on his bed. Not until it was pointed out here of course. This blog now drives Kal K. Korff's actions.

This also got me thinking about his fascination with Susan Boyle, who like Kal K. Korff is an unattractive frumpy 48 year old virgin with learning disabilities. No wonder she is his new hero! That she looks like the face transplant lady is unimportant since to Kalvin she is probably a symbol of everything he sees in himself: A brilliant media star born on the internet which can be accessed with Macintosh computers. They were totally made for each other.

I was going to write something else too about Kal K. Korff's story about being the star attraction at a bachelor's auction but life is short. This looks like a great June weekend coming up, I hope everybody gets out to do fun things with their friends & family in the fresh summer air.

Anonymous said...

>>> "Fatty Fat Fat-Fat." <<<

That is rich!

Yeah, I like young girls too. Isn't that what they made the safety of the mall for, and sun glasses? To watch from afar and appricate, but never, ever touch again... (since high school that is... ;-)

Great post Squonk.


Anonymous said...

Silence is golden. That's one rule Kal should abide by more often.
One thing he cannot stand is being ignored. Like everyone else here, I'm ignoring Kal today. I guess that puts me in the same league as Royce Myers III, David Biedny, Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, Stan Friedman, and a long list of others, many from way back when.
I won't even mention Ms. Tycova, Ms. Kocis, Ms. Rawlins, plus a few other ladies that know him well.
a p.s. -
Paul Kimball is now in Glascow, Scotland, and will shortly be winging his way over to some city called Prague. Guess why??


Anonymous said...

Kal just published a screed on his website that is so long that I can't post it here due to size restrictions.

From his view, he's vindicated by the IVN and is attacking the usual suspects David Biedny, Paul Kimball, etc.

It's worth a look.

George Patton said...

...I am shocked..SHOCKED!! that Kal's modesty prevents him from posting on his blog today the previously UNKNOWN details of his heroic actions during D-Day exactly 65 years AGO!!!

David Biedny said...

I've not really paid much attention to this fruitcake in a while, but I just need to state that Kal is really a sad lunatic. He claims that he's spoken to the police in my area? He doesn't even know where I live, as I've seen him state that I'm in Northern California. Sure, I lived there in 2001, but not since then - oops, I blew my cover, but who cares, anyone with half a brain could figure out where I live. And he goes on and on about me threatening him with physical violence, based on a single statement in an email that made a reference to showing him something about what I thought about him if I ever met him in person - it's the kind of thing that, if reported to the police, would make them laugh in his face. He hasn't done shit against me, except rant on his silly website. He's a lying little coward, he would wither if faced with any of the people he constantly libels and slanders. Internet balls, big deal, he's a marginal wannabe, a psychotic loser, screaming for attention, he's got nobody and nothing. He's a frustrated moron, desperately wishing he was someone else, embarrassed about his family, his life, his reality, everything. I'd bet dollars to donuts that Kal is still a virgin, in his late forties. Talk about pathetic!

Anyway, why pay any attention to this nut? Let's just let him fade into the obscurity he deserves, folks. That's my $0.02.


Anonymous said...

From Kal's June 6 screed:
"for the record one of KAL KORFF'S BEST FRIENDS OF MORE THAN 20 YEARS), Mr. Brad Sparks"...

...maybe Sparks is the one Kal is REALLY trying to impress with his site.... maybe a stronger drive than Kal's attraction to jailbait.....?

IF this is true, then it REALLY continues to get REALLY bad for Sparks...

Anonymous said...

So what exactly is this amateur photoshop and Mac edit job supposed to be? Is Kal Korff that pathetic and desperate to get at Paul Kimball for the film Paul is going to unleash that will make Kal look like more of a fool than he already is? Kal is the master of low grade propaganda. Some photoshop pics of Paul and some eastern block music? And of course another "promise" to deliver the goods. If Kal wants to talk about lying, all you have to do is look at his pathetic record of lies ranging from promises of exposing and suing to that utterly ridiculous kmpg audit.

Paul is probably laughing his ass off at this 5th rate piece of garbage Kal came out swinging with. Someone should tell Kal never to bring a pop gun to a gun fight. Kal, you're so done everyone can smell you burning. Just give it up. For the love of god just quit while you're this far behind. Cut your losses Kal and call it good. Kal is making such an idiot of himself I'm starting to blush.

And I guess Kal didn't pay his tab off at the local burger joint because he still can;t afford a video camera. My money says Kal makes more of these cheap ass clips from his laptop. 18 episodes? lmao!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! David Biedny in the house. Mr. "Threats"

So, Kernal, just curious. what does klicking on that wiggling icon on kals korner x-zone ipod there's NOTHING like it only 5500 CZ crowns do? Launch Nanobots directly to Oregon, or to Nyack NY authorities to fight the good fight of anti-corruption and terrorism? Does it launch Nanobot components elsewhere in the Rogue or Hudson Rivers?

Or does the fat fingers faffing about linger on launching yet another episode of Kal's Korner "barely legal" accidentally on purpose X-pose of yet another member of the Kal-Israeli faction of lying nonsense.

Just the title alone, "Worlds Away", indicates volumes.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a public figure..."

Kal=Dude, you are so served, cooked, turned, roasted etc now.

X-Man said...

Leave it to Kal Korff to try and swat a heavy-hitter like Kimball with a peashooter. It's kind of like watching Lichtenstein declare war on the United States.

I've seen Kimball in action before - he's a godd-natured bloke, but if he gets pushed too far, or he thinks he can have some real fun, he'll really go after Korff. It won't be pretty, and Korff will probably find himself in a court defending himself from a defamation lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

A couple of messages from Paul Kimball earlier today...
Quote -

"Ahh, my favourite loon is back in action. Hilarious. Maybe I'll look him up whilst I'm in Prague...

Paul Kimball missed Scotland - I won't wait 22 years to visit again! Off to Prague via London today!!"

This is beginning to get interesting!

Anonymous said...

...predictably... developing.

It’s painfully obvious that Kalvin doesn’t have a videocamera. It’s a simple enough endeavor to fashion up a bunch of one sheets, paste them together in your little shitty editing program, drop on some music and then post the "results" to Youtube.

You ain’t FOOLING nobody, Fat Fingers Faffing.

As people said recently, the last rant on Shitheads site is SO long and SO convoluted (again, tying to tie together all things flying saucer and Bigfoot with this brothers misfortune, etc.), and so painful to read...

... well, this idiot just can’t come up with the words to express my good fortune in having a shitty little puter and an internet connection so I don’t miss a thing.

Kalvin, you really are quite the journalist, aren’t you?

You picked a good fight Kalvin. I wouldn’t want to be the 1’s of... 1’s of people fraudulently, frauding (Hey, I made up a word, I think?) the 10’s of 10’s of people out there in the saucer and, wait for it, Bigfoot... cults.

Oh, and how’s that fight against terrorism going for you? Without a car, broadband, telephone, place to live, job, book deal, and nanobot components, dust, whatever.

... “I never said I had nanbots!”

You never held a vile of nanobots up to the camera and then told the world, "Look, these here be the nanobots I told you about.”

Well, I have a life today, can’t Korff on too much. You see, there is fun, food, family, friends, and adult women to be had in my life.

What you got going on today Kalvin? Fighting against the evils of consumer fraud today Kalvin?

There is so much at risk in the saucer and Bigfoot world... Isn’t there Kalvin.

I got a big brown, healthy one,

... developing... Kalvin.

A full and healthy life, Kalvin. Look into one.


Squonkamatic said...

LOL what the fuck was that supposed to be? My favorite was the supposed Paul Kimball quote, which reads "I don't what Kal Korff's involvement in the OJ Simpson trial was."

"I DON'T WHAT" ??? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Other than that Kal K. Korff is such a worthless shithead that he can't fucking spell even when the need for accuracy of basic things like spelling is vital. Mistake #8.

David B. is right, Kal K. Korff is a nutjob who deserves his obscurity and poverty. I've had enough of this all over again now. And I stress again that anybody who counts themselves as a supporter of Kal K. Korff has got some serious thinking to do. I'm not talking about the lost souls who have subscribed to his YouTube channel, I'm talking about any professionals who wish to saddle their own reputations up with Kal K. Korff and bank on his ability to not make a complete fucking horse's ass out of himself -- which he has just done again with flying colors. Then again come to think of it, now that Rob McConnell has claimed to have distanced himself from Kal K. Korff, can anybody name one other paranormal studies professional both pro and con who endorses Kal K. Korff and openly supports his efforts?

(sound of crickets chirping in the silent darkness)

Anonymous said...

This is a guy who boasts of himself as "the more senior journalist" when admonishing Scott Jorgensen of the IVN for correctly reporting Kal K. Korff's idiotic past claims of being an Israeli funded counter-terrorism operative who claimed to have deployed NANOBOTS in sting operations in Oregon jails. And when he goes to quote his big enemy he can't even complete a sentence. This is the same buffoon who claims to have a 500 book deal and a 250 million dollar budget to go after UFO frauds and he's using a freeware graphics editor and fucking free clip art to make a video that he posts on YouTube to remove any doubt from anyone's mind that he is not just a complete fucking idiot, but that he's an obsessive compulsive nut bag who should be locked up in a mental asylum.

Anonymous said...

squonk showed it to me and the video looks like something a 12 year old boy throwing a temper tantrum would do, or rather a 47 year old man with a learning disability who never matured beyond the age of 12 might think would be a really good idea to post on the internet. the terms retardation, mental retardation and learning disability all come to mind the guy is a fruitcake

Anonymous said...

That YouTube clip about Paul Kimball is really hilarious. Not the content of the clip itself, but the underlying emotions of the guy who produced it. Pure juvenile all the way!
A typical 12 year old's attempt at trying to get back at someone that ticked him off.
But the reason for doing that clip indicates an emotion nothing short of pure hate with a capital H.
Note that little graphic of a missile being fired from Prague directly to Halifax. Childish hatred of the highest order.
In the real world (where grown-ups live), that would be called an act of attrition and be met with a declaration of war.
Remember Pearl Harbor?
(As a matter of fact, Paul is now IN Prague, having 'invaded' the Czech Republic just today!) LOL
Anyone who takes Kal serious anymore has problems of their own.
As Stan Friedman put it, the only good thing about Kal is that he can be 'amusing' at times.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, thumbs up for last few posts here

Squonkamatic said...

I'm giving that clip about five days before Kalvin realizes it was a really stupid, immature, and amateurish thing to post that video with his name attached to it. Here by the way is a complete copy paste of the text intro plus the tags used:

The Other Side Of Truth, Is A Lie, is part of the UFO WatchCat series of reality-based Internet shows. Its run is limited to only 18 episodes, and it chronicles and exposes the many false claims of Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball, especially where it concerns his claims of "evidence for alien visitations to Earth" and Kimball's paid role on TV as a "real life 'ghost hunter'" when things such as "ghosts" have YET to be proven by science. Also exposed is the fact that Paul Kimball ignores the claims of his own Uncle, Stanton T. Friedman, who is the world's greatest proponent of the MJ-12 hoax documents, one of the greatest in world history. Instead, Paul Kimball makes false arguments against people who expose hoaxes, — and in this series gets caught and exposed for doing so. Paul Kimball believes in Little Grey Men and claims to make "factual" documentary films proving "alien visitations" to Earth. Mainstream science and mainstream journalism and every other mainstream, credible source, disagrees with Kimball's claims. Kimball is a colleague of Royce Myers III and David Biedny, and engages in selective choice of data.

Category: Education

Tags: Paul Kimball Kal Korff Martina Tycova UFO WatchCat Other Side Of Truth Is A Lie Hoaxer

Yes Kal, that's really educational material there. Good boy, now go wash up and ... Yes Kalvin, we see your UFO pictures, they are very nice, I am sure the United Nations will be glad when you address them on the bad men who lie. Now go wash up and mommy will have dinner ready soon.

Anonymous said...

Zen question: what is the sound of fat fingers faffing?

btw, Kal denies ever riding the #10 in the long screed, the twisted logic employed in this somehow vindication is confusing to say the least.

also btw, I searched for the correction/retraction from IVN, can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Completely unprofessional. Does this Korff jerk expect anyone to take him seriously after this? I like the typos too. The guy just can't do anything right can he.

SAPSTOE said...

...CAN'T type.....Must FINGER my iPud!!!!!

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Kal's newest Youtube video against Paul had me laughing all the way through. Only, not at Paul's expense as Kal would hope, but laughing at Kal.

Kal, you're just not funny. You're not intelligent. You're not a decent person.

Kal, you do have some strong qualities. You are persistent, I'll give you that. We beg you to stop and fade away, but instead you just keep on hating others, creating hell for yourself.

A few days ago, I stopped and imagined how I might feel if it were my name on these blogs. How would I feel if I was the one with dozens of people begging me to stop, to even go off and die? I'll tell you - I shuttered, I was scared and I was ready to quit this blogging all together. ---
--But then I remembered, I do not act out like you do. I do not spew hatred against others like you do. I do not cause harm to others' reputations like you do. And so, I "korff" (to use the verb someone else has penned) and I'm proud.

So, thanks Kal, for the newest material for my latest blog entry.

Anonymous said...

The only people who read your website are your enemies, "Colonel". Why can't you see that?

In the meantime, should someone copy and re-post after The Great Man inevitably hauls it down ...?

You madman, Korff.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

"In the meantime, someone should copy and re-post..."



Paul Kimball said...

Hi all,

Everything that Korff wrote in his little note at the beginning of that hilarious "video" is a lie, which makes Kal a LIAR. No surprise there. The bit about being "paid" to make television programming is the funniest of all - poor deluded Kal only wished he could get paid to do what I do. But that's Kal, isn't it? That's what is rage has always been about - jealousy of others who have done better, and gone farther, than he ever could. It's all so very sad.

I'm in Heathrow right now, headed out to Prague for 10 days. As I've said before, anyone who wants to chat over a beer can e-mail me at voiceoflondon@aol.com, and I'll be happy to get together and share Kal stories. Heck, even Kal can contact me. If I'm in a good mood, perhaps I'll agree to meet him without a camera crew in tow. ;-)


I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Paul Kimball is on his way -yeah!
Hoping to get together for a beer...

I uploaded another video: Kal's first "Kal Korner" as per Daniela's request.


Anonymous said...

There is truly no beginning to your talents, "Colonel".

You are the man who rose without trace...

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Hey - funny article about how to be an expert "on anything"!


And it's uncanny how many Kal has mastered.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You have no shame, and you have no honour, "Colonel".

If I'd have come across you on a Prague tram, I wouldn't have just observed you. I'd have followed you at a discreet distance, and when the opportunity presented itself, beaten seven shades of doo-doo out of you.

You disgusting little man.

Anonymous said...

Threats of physical violence, Kal!

Brad Hudson said...

Did anyone catch that bit in the end, about his studies of Paul Kimball being used in his "thesis" and AUTOBIOGRAPHY???

Kal really thinks the world is clamoring for an autobiography? Seriously? I'm guessing Kal figured he couldn't hire someone to write it for him as they might have, I don't know, actually requested a little more proof of all Kal's mighty deeds?

In another note, I think Kal blocked my IP Address so I can't log in to see what's what.

Don't worry, Kal, I have ways around your primitive security, ways you haven't even thought of. Of course, I haven't thought of them either but as soon as my IT guy gets here from down the hall I'll be back in business...

Oh, BTW, I just loved the Soviet National Anthem as the background music. Looks like you're still on that "Paul Kimball is a secret communist" bit. Nice.

I'm also hoping Stan Friedman takes a nice look at your little diatribe. Stan has been known to pursue these things as statements such as yours can impede his ability to make a living. Remember, Kal, the words of Art Bell: "Words do have consequences".

Anonymous said...

Kal's gonna get PWNED again soon

Anonymous said...

Kal has flip-flopped back to his brother's case again today. Good God, what a bunch of wild incoherent rambling!
An email from an attorney who can't even spell, let alone sound even semi-professional.
Wonder who concocted that piece of fiction?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Kal's latest YouTube video states 'UFOWatchCat in cooperation with Critical Thinkers.org'. Oddly, neither entity exists anymore.
Just try to go to:

Anonymous said...

Any sign of that "retraction" at Illinois Valley News yet? Links or it didn't happen, Kalvin! :D

Squonkamatic said...

LOL if you look at the still frame assigned for the Paul Kimball freeware photo editing video


the picture is helpfully frozen with the text "I don't what Kal's involvement in the OJ Simpson case was." right there on the screen, making it easier than ever to show what an idiot Kal Korff really is. Nice job, Professor!

I also gotta say that I seriously doubt the photo editing is entirely a Kal K. Korff effort, he's not talented enough visually to have composed some of those images which look like a bunch of clip art layered with text flourishes, some of which do appear to be in Czech. Even more amusing is that someone chose the image of Green Lantern with the Professor's head pasted on which unless I be mistaken was created in mockery of his super convincing SAPSTOE On The Go portrait.

The use of the text and images with the halo blur on the edges reminds me of the same technique used for the side-splitting "publicity shoot" images of Kal K. Korff and "Martina" clowning around for the Secret X Wars preview from 2007, as well as the initial "Paul Kimball Is A Communist" montages that were all the rage last spring. They look just as stupid and amateurish now as it did then so it's probably one of his flunkies doing the heavy lifting on the graphics work there with some Czech text added and then the Professor added the English texts complete with his traditional typos, word omissions and general inability to not make simple mistakes.

Maybe they were splitting a sixer of that infamous Czech beer! In any event yeah, it's childish, immature, unprofessional, ill advised, potentially embarrassing, and EXACTLY the kind of idiotic bullshit one comes to expect from the likes of Kal K. Korff.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Just watched some of Kernal's older "Lecture" videos

I love this quote of his (~7:42 into Meier P2 video):

"Well, that's not impossible. Physics don't work that way. And if you can prove they do, again, there's a Nobel Peace Prize waiting for you."

I subscribed to Kal's channel, giving him now 35 subscribers. Fairly impressive for an amatuer Youtube 'director'. Shame most subscribers are also his antagonists.

I also send the Kernal a Youtube invite to 'friend' him. Doubtful he'll accept, but I'm hoping.