Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kal K. Korff FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we are all on the same rail again lads with Kal back on yet another threat of legal action against flying saucer people. Kal is at it again promising legal recourse coming soon against this Bill Meier chap. They are both fruity to me. The only difference I see is that Bill chap has more fame that Kal has managed to achieve in his dubious career. That and Bill looks like he has much more money than Kal will ever have. What a sad state of exisence Kal must have to be topped by a flying saucer guy. ahahahahahahahahahaha

Someone sent me an email about Kal's inability to reproduce Bill's flying saucer films and that Kal has latched onto this Phil Langdon chap because Kal FAILED to do any sort of recreating of the motion films made by Bill. This lads is Kal's usually way of doing business by attaching himself to a topic and using the work of others and then him claiming some expertise. Bullocks!

Now Kal is back to using the same old nonsense about lawyers and the FBI and prosecution of this Bill chap all of which Kal has been claiming since last century. Yet lads there is no action on Kal's part other than Kal opening his triple large mouth and trying to get attention. We all know Kal likes to impersonate lawyers and military people and has been pretending to be someone of import for a very long time. The truth has come out about Kal ovr the years and now Kal has gotten a taste of his own dishing. Kernal Korff FAILS AGAIN!!!!! ahahahahahahhhaaahaah!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lying Lair.

The Unknown Korffer said...

New special about to air on the JFK assassination:

Kalvin K. Karlton Korff's "solution" is not mentioned, and he is not referred to at all. No credit to Kal Korff for solving the JFK assassination. His work on the subject is not important.

Anonymous said...

"work"? plagiarizing gerald posner is more like it

The Unknown Korffer said...

Correct, Kal Korff's plagiarism of Gerald Posner's conclusions are not important beyond demonstrating that Kal Korff is an idiot, a thief, a liar, and a con artist. Kal lied back then, he lies now, everything he says is a lie.

Anonymous said...

"con artist" is also a bit generous. two-bit wannabe buffoon is more like it.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

how about scum sucking attention leech without a genuine bone in his flabby out of shape cellar dwelling body?

Anonymous said...

Attention Korffers

We have much to discuss here.

Part One

Kal Korff: I have some unexpected news, but it is good news. I am now an officially accredited military correspondent. As a journalist who works for a newspaper, I write about technology, international politics, terrorism, travel, business, science, space, occasionally the mythical "paranormal" (as in I usually expose it) and now I am a military correspondent. Two of my first articles wearing this additional... hat hit the press tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

And now it gets real good....

My first one which cemented this actually appeared months ago when I co-authored an article on Ilyas Kashmiri, and the hunt to eliminate him which was successful by the US Government. I co-wrote the article with a Major General. I never republished it on my page deliberately, because I wanted to use it later to nuke my "kritics" who constantly lie about me and falsely claim that I am not an analyst nor counterrorism advisor and specialist. I am.

Anonymous said...

Part Three

And now Korff promises much...

I expose many of them, such as Desperate Don Ecker in my new book series. I felt this was better than suing him, since he won't dare sue my publisher, he'd lose anyway. Anyway, that's the first new news I have. The second news is that my web site will be replicated in several places on the Internet now, and also with the same firm that hosts the web site my "kritics" (two cyberstalkers) make which always "attacks" me and lies about me. The idea is to have it on the same server, so that when they try to launch another DOS attack, they'll also cause themselves to go offline.

Anonymous said...

Part four

is there an echo on this "blog"

There is now movement by Swiss police to finally charge Billy Meier and his cult with consumer fraud, among other charges. More details on that in January when the documents are published. There's lots going on. Soon I will travel to the Line of Control at the Pakistan, Indian border to do a series of articles as a military correspondent and also to wind up my six book series on haters, extremists, CONspiracy nuts, terrorists, and Islamofascism. It exposes and uses real examples from some of the nuts and wack jobs I have debated and exposed over the years, and uses many quotes from the web site which "attacks" me.

Anonymous said...

Part Five

and finally, we have Kalvin giving it all he's got, which ain't much.

Korff must be mighty bored. He's back on the nut wagon, full steam ahead.

I like that he uses our term "Korffer". That must really feed his ego. That's a good thing. Want proof?

You've just read it.

Kalvin, who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Kalvin, you made the call to not sue these Korffers now? Wait a minute you lying fuck, you already did, didn't you.

Anyway, away we go Korffers. Kalvin is heating up for a major melt down.


I can't wait to see this stuff finally come out, it has been 8+ years in the making, my experiments on their behavior have been vindicated to the point that as I prove in the book, some of the public actions I have taken these past few months has been to prove my hypothesis on extremists, haters and CONspiracy nuts, which I might turn into a thesis if I ever finish working towards my degree. This is my digression for tonight, God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, even more bloviating by the master of decpetion and super sluth; Kalvin Kalrton Korff.

Korffers look how Kalvin is responding directly to us. I'm loving this shit.

Kalvin is so good that he knows how to keep his articles off the Google search engine. Funny thing, Kalvin doesn't own those articles, the syndicators do! Ha, ha, ha!

Part One

Kal Korff: Two quick examples of how I set up my "kritics" — by keeping my marriage secret, deliberately, (I got married January 6th of this year), I predicted that they would say it is not true, and if it were true I would have announced it then and posted photos.

Sure enough, the web site that attacks me and cyberstalks me, said exactly this and of course they lied. They denied I am married, and said exactly this. I should have placed a bet on their behavior in Las Vegas or the UK, I could have retired :-)

Another thing I did and continue to do, is deliberately NOT name the newspaper and media giant who syndicates my articles. I predicted that these haters and extremists would deny I am a reporter (since I have been for many years, you have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who already knows this info, yet still denies it!), and that I just faked the articles.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

So as you can see and recall, I waited a few weeks and then INCLUDED the actual printed articles and predicted they would deny this as well, and sure enough they did.

Then, by keeping the articles I write and repost on my page OFF from being indexed by Google, after they appear in the press (it is an easy thing to do IT wise, since I am an IT expert, have worked in IT since 1984, DUH!), I predicted that they would say I was not syndicated nor really getting things published because they could not find them on Google.

Sure enough, despite publishing the actual images of the articles, they went ahead and still lie and make this false claim.

Anonymous said...

Part Three

My hypothesis about them, predicted and documented in writing and on video time and date stamped in advance, says that when a person is determined to hate, is an extremist, they will deny truth and anything they wish not to believe, regardless of the evidence proving otherwise. I also hypothesize that they have a huge ego and are a danger to society. And sure enough these same people have made death threats, pal around with others who hate at least one Jew and engage in anti-Semitism, and are now being quietly monitored and investigated by the police.

So it has been amazing documenting all of this, and the facts are all in the new book series. I hold up my "kritics" as examples of how not to be, and how they share in common the extremist and hate driven traits of Islamofascist terrorists who also want to harm people just because they refuse to believe in their twisted religion.

This is the short version of my 2,400 page six volume series :-)

Anonymous said...

And more

Kal Korff: Thanks my friend, I started in the field when I was a youngster in high school, but now being a chance to also be a military correspondent is a dream come true. Between being married to my beautiful wife who is Indian (as in from India) to my diverse responsibilities in my job professionally as a member of the media, I could not be happier. I feel truly blessed by YHWH and am eternally grateful.

Next year we will try to start a family, Prague is a great city to start this new chapter of our marriage in, we already have picked the name out for the child, I just hope we are not on travel when it is born, I want our child to be born in Prague if possible, but it will be an American and Indian citizen as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Korff states that Google will take down this "web site" soon.

Have fun Korff. Your lies and deeping madness are the best amusement I have ever enjoyed.

Kal Korff: Thank you my friends, I sincerely appreciate the kindness and love.

My "kritics" are exposed in a chapter called "Korffers" — it's what they call them. I publish everything from their threats to the police paperwork, you name it. Their photos also appear since they hide their faces. They won't sue my publisher and everything I say and refute is fact, easily verifiable.

Hopefully the public can learn from this before Google takes down their site soon.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Korff, you chickenshit. That's not fake lawyer letters, it's just more nonsense that anyone with enough brain cells to read it and do a simple google search can learn is pathetic BS. The only thing you are good at is making a ass` of yourself, and the fake laywer letters are about as benign as any of your crap. And they are funny! This other crap is just sad. Who do you think you are fooling?

Anonymous said...

"Kalvin is so good that he knows how to keep his articles off the Google search engine. Funny thing, Kalvin doesn't own those articles, the syndicators do! Ha, ha, ha!"

But wait... It's a lie anyway so what better way to keep those articles off Google but to lie about keeping them off Google with your IT kung-fu.

But wait... if you search them out on Google Korff's channel comes up.

Wow, that's amazing IT kung-fu!

Ha, ha, ha!

In the end, Korff never even posted a link other than the link to his Face Book friends he's bragging to.

We win Korff.


happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol he actually posted all that on his profile as newsfeed status updates in the same day? what a bottom feeder. teetering on the brink of a complete breakdown, throwing a temper tantrum live on facebook for everyone to see! but i do hope being an officially accredited certified award ribbon wearing self published newspaper military journalist gives kernal klink an excuse to wear his uniform again :D maybe add a flak jacket with one of them PRESS badges to the look? and a helmet! about time kal got a helmet, or at least a plastic helmet liner which looks like a helmet. go kal!

Anonymous said...

"Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously"

Anonymous said...

The highly educated Kalvin Karlton Korff:

"My "kritics" are exposed in a chapter called "Korffers" — it's what they call them."

'nough said.

Anonymous said...

Expect a hugely promoted Thanksgiving with the troops once again.

One that will be published world wide but, alas, you wont be able to locate a single newspaper or web site where the article is listed.


Is that anyway to show your support for the troops?

To lie about your reporting on them?

To lie about having dinner with them?

Little Prick.

Anonymous said...

Old Kal is really whacked out. He needs some new meds!

Don Ecker said...

Well, lets see. The last time I had dinner with the troops on Thanksgiving was in November, 1971 in the former Republic of Vietnam. It was wet, cold and raining like a bitch. Didn't see that sneaky little shit anywhere though. The last time Korff had dinner with the troops? Hmm, let me see. Oh yea! Fucking never! Say Kalvin Karlton dick-head Korff. When you coming back State-side. I would REALLY LOVE to see your flabby punk ass. Just saying Kalvin ...

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

We call this the deep end....

Kal Korff: I'm going to trim ten more CONspiracy nuts from my "friends" list... looking forward to it.... :-)

Kal Korff: I will send you the list. I "friended" many of them to engage them and document their woo woo ness, it helped me do research for my upcoming book series on extremists, haters, CONspiracy nuts and Islamofascism. It was not enough to just browse their postings, I ORIGINALLY thought that many of them just did not do their research well and blindly repeated stuff claimed by others, yes they are guilty of that, but having now engaged them over many months asking them detailed questions and sharing facts that only a delusional person would deny, I was shocked to see that many of them refuse to accept reality.

One example was unedited transcripts of statements on everything from JFK to Roswell. Naturally, CONspiracy nuts cite edited or imaginary "quotes" and gin up their "conspiracies."

I shared with several the UNEDITED quotes, only to be told they were "forgeries." Then I sent audios of recordings of those UNEDITED statements in .mp3 format so they could LISTEN to the actual press conference or whatever announcement, only to be told it was also a "forgery." Then I would send VIDEO of an event, only to be told it was "altered."

The list goes on and on. So now that I got out of them what I wanted and would never want anyone wacko jobs like some of these people to be "friends" anyway, I am unfriending them good riddance! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, here's my first article as promised, reporting as a newly minted military correspondent for the press. I'll upload the second one which hit the press today on the international news paper later this evening. I can't wait to see my "kritics" deny this as well :-))) Hope you enjoy the article.

The Unknown Korffer said...

This newly minted bullshit reeks of a new ploy by KALVIN to start exploiting the valor of the men & women of all nations fighting the war on terror all over again. Just pretending to be a columnist or a beat reporter or anything ordinary that an actual "journalist" with zero experience would have to go through to work their way up through the ranks. It doesn't ring true. First it was syndication, now it is a newspaper, part of a media giant and big enough to need a specific reporter just for military concerns.

The thought has been expressed before: Kal, your Flake Book followers are not as gullible as you think. People notice inconsistencies and changed stories, especially if its in text and recorded for anyone to see. Maybe a couple three people are eager enough to play along to buy your absolute bullshit, but the bulk are not. And if I can opine or predict this unexpected turn into personal conflict alley is not just a turn off it should be troubling to anybody witnessing it. You may not be aware you have a problem but anyone reading these posts should have a big bright warning flag waving in their faces. The majority won't react at all and certainly won't confront you, that's not what Flake Book is for though I would hope at least a few would ask if you're feeling OK. And suggest taking a breather, collect your thought & ask if this is really worth your time.

Professional newspeople or public personality types who are published are constantly mocked, ridiculed, parodied, even unfairly sometimes. It's what happens when your thoughts are presented on a public forum, especially editorial or opinion writers. The best of them never respond to their detractors. They don't look at websites or blogs to see who is saying what about them, even if they cared they don't have time for crap like this. That you do is all the proof I need that you aren't what you claim to be.

Your use of this scribd service is also patently transparent -- why don't you want those 9000 web hits going to your newspaper's posting of your stories? Any newspaper that can afford to budget a military correspondent is going to have a web presence with your name on the staff listings even if they didn't put their print stories online. It actually works the other way, with some stories/articles staying online only to get people to read their websites. Your game about keeping the web address of this paper so secret that even Google can't find it is completely absurd.

None of it resembles how an actual professional journalist would operate. What it does resemble is an all too common fraud by someone who is trying to ape being a journalist so they can harvest unearned self-esteem from friends, contacts and family on Flake Book. You need help, sir.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Kal Korff would like to "like" this page and recommend it to his FB friends with a status update linking the page so they can "like" it too. The group also has links where everyday civilians such as we can go to find out how to participate in making Thanksgiving special for our armed forces both home and abroad.

Thank you.

Making All His Nowhere Plans For Nobody said...

Not sure about that link. Is that a new group? Nice idea I guess, hopefully the 600+ people on Kal's FB friend list will help populate it.

The way I reckon things it just comes down to the numbers. I'd give it a 95% chance probability that Kal Korff is lying about writing any articles for any news service. The details of what he claims to be doing keep changing.

First it was syndication, now it's a newspaper. The married to an Indian princess thing isn't convincing -- no pictures of him and the bride? She's either a brown-bagger he's too ashamed to trot out in front of the boys or she doesn't exist.

The new military angle is too convenient. At best Kal would be entry level at a newspaper, but then again it's syndication right? He can't keep his story straight, keeps adding new details that throw it off.

The more flamboyant and romanticized it sounds the less probable it sounds especially given Kal's track record, which is comprised of one hair brained scheme after another. None of which turned out to be exactly the truth, were they Kal?

So we see a propensity for falsehood, embellishment, an inability to keep facts in line and a tendency to invent colleagues, this time in the form of a "wife" who has no name, no face, no number. Sounds like that song by Traffic.

All of which adds up to give Kal a credibility factor of about 5% and that is generous. Can't think of anything Kal has done since I started following this that he has finished.

Has never seemed to have held a job. Seems prone to turning mundane events into earth shattering consequences. Tries to sound like some sort of an expert at every subject but can't do anything right. Totally incapable, unreliable, spotty, moody, self-involved.

So there's a 5% chance his story about being a newspaper journalist now promoted to military corespondent conducting some sort of bizarre psychology experiment is on the level.

Check for that word in his next FB update as he continues to embellish his details, corespondent, it is marvelously ambiguous, and I offer it to Kal for his use. It's from a book called the dictionary which has many more just like it.

Or, there's a 95% chance he's making it all up, some sort of fib playing out on FB for god knows what reason. Had to go and fake something which should be a routine matter to prove, and anyone in their right mind in such a legit position delighted to prove it.

Why the secrecy? unless to conceal. And why the outrage? unless he's been outed and knows it. Gotcha Kal.

World Is At Your Command said...

Kal Korff in the newsroom while on the phone with executives from Google.

Anonymous said...

I'll upload the second one which hit the press today on the international news paper later this evening.

New detail! Now its an international news paper, unless splitting up the word newspaper also has an intended subtle change in meaning. If so, two new details.

I'm Looking Through You said...

OK one more, been a while since I've been so entertained by nothing. Just had a vision of Kal Korff reporting the joke picture of him in the newsroom to the proper authorities ...

"They hacked my picture to make fun of me for saying I work in a newsroom on Facebook!"

"That sounds very serious Mr. Korff, can you show me this image?"

"Yes, here it is."


"Hmm, yes I can see how you would be concerned. I can recognize it is your head pasted in there, sloppy job too. Do you have the original picture of you I can compare it to for my forensic examination of the evidence?"

"Yes, they used this one here."


(Awkward silence for few moments.) "Is this supposed to be some sort of a joke? Or did somebody fake that picture of you too." (Sound of papers being folded up and a briefcase being closed.)

"Come again?"

"Get the fuck out of here! Goddamn idiot. What are you completely stupid or something?"

Anonymous said...

A good Korffing endeavor for us Korffers here would be to go back through the blog records and resurrect the Josephine County's PDF files concerning the summary of the Kurtis Korff trial and Kal's intervention into it. And how their lawyer resigned citing a conflict of interest when Colonel Korff took over the case. If they aren't in the history here it's over at the Kult of Kal blog, which was quite active while this one was on a hiatus. Those documents should be made available to anyone who wonders just what Kal Korff is all about.

Kurt Peters said...

Wait!!! I think I just identified Kal's wife....I mean, just look at this:

"Dr. Terenzi, an Apple Computer AppleMaster....."

More Genius! said...

Internationally syndicated reporter for a SECRET NEWSPAPER!

I love it! Secret Newspaper!

Makes as much sense as any of Korff's other bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

Kal Korff: I am really excited about the new web site, it looks nothing like the old one and is much more functional instead of crammed with too many graphics and information overload. It is more concise and every option navigation wise is visible on the screen. It will take me a few more days to get it done, and it will be hosted in several locations, I have been closing deals with the new hosters today while designing it. It will also be much more interactive and features lots of new content. Stay tuned.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Korff has floated this lie before. The lie stating that his template web site would be "mirrored" here and there. In the end Korff had to find a free hosting service to host his template web site.

Why? Because he can't afford to host it himself.

BTW, his site is down right now because, like the IT expert that he is, he doesn't know how to build a site off-line, test it and then push it on-line in working order.

Anonymous said...

Hours later, Korff's site is still down. Some migration.

October 19, 1973 said...

Well ... at least he finally took my advice. Now Kal! dude, you can't go saying we're all hating you here anymore if you're doing this web makeover. I took time out of my afternoon one day to outline some of the things which needed to be done to your website to make you look less inept + foolish than nature intended. Now that you're finally taking some time to attend to it I believe some thanks are in order. Especially since you were unable to see the flaws and get busy on it yourself. You're welcome, now don't blow it.

I finally thought of a handle for myself on this blog: October 19, 1973, which on his web page Kal cites as the day at age 11 when he dedicated his life to original research. Have often wondered what the significance of that was, it is not an un-noteworthy date. 10/19/73 was the date of the infamous Saturday Night Massacre when Richard Nixon fired the special prosecutors appointed by his attorney general to investigate the Watergate break-in. The AG and his assistant then resigned in protest, though news of the occurrence did not hit national cycles until the evening of the 20th, which was a Sunday. An eleven year old kid likely would not have had advance knowledge of the revelation a day prior when the information was not yet in the news, so that is probably not the trigger event which got eleven year old Kal planning for his future. More information on the event can be found here:

October 19, 1973 was also the birth date of Evander Holyfield and, interestingly, Amy Carter, daughter of future president Jimmy Carter. I kind of had a crush or infatuation with her myself during Carter's tenure in office, every ten year old kid did. But a more relevant event closer to Kal's then-home is a disturbing account of an attack on a couple by Nation of Islam converts in Oakland, CA though once again it likely would not have been in the regional news cycles until at least the evening of the 20th. A web page relating the event and other attacks on Americans by Islamic radical elements living in America can be found here:

Much more in keeping with Korff's terrorism consultant era concerns than the Watergate thing. The site was even registered via GoDaddy with a DomainsByProxy user, though its information is presented in too organized, coherent and accessible manner for it to have been cobbled together by Kal Korff. More likely the date was chosen at random from a hat or by throwing a dart at a calendar when Kal was recreating his life to sound more impressive.

Anonymous said...

* October 19, 1973

My new favorite KIAI poster!

You seem to know a lot about IT and such. How would Kalvin go about blocking all of his .PDF's and those that are posted on his newspapers web sites in some form, from showing up on the Google search?

I'm not a compete knob in this area and while a minor blocking can be done, Kalvin wouldn't "own" his work, he's getting paid for writing the material.

So, Kalvin would have to tell his employer to block all of the content that they paid him to write.

Kalvin, you see the stupidity of this lie.


Anonymous said...

As of November 19, 2011

All of these go nowhere.

Some IT expert.

And why, Kalvin, would other people, servers, companies, want to host a site on their server, a site which is already being hosted on a perfectly good server?

It's called sharing a link or mirroring a site Kalvin. You don’t clone a web site over and over again, in the hopes that if some get hacked, others will not. And why on earth would any hosting company risk taking you on after you told them the reason you want them to host you; because if your site gets hack, so will their others sites on that server. That’s a quite a plan Kalvin.

You had a hard enough time finding a free hosting service to host your template site. And even that hoster is pretty vile but a perfect fit for you.

October 19, 1973 said...

Ahh shit I just lost part one of a two part reply. Hope some sense can still be made of it with "continued". I've never worked for a news company or whatever Kal's racket is so anything is conjecture. It isn't likely he'd be welcome to deflect searches away from his publisher's posting of his stories, and if this company is as big as Kal bragged about it being they'd have a web presence. He also needs to make up his mind about whether he writes for syndication or works at a newspaper. He could certainly write for a newspaper and have his work syndicated as well, but if so you would be able to find it so that those who have paid for the right to publish it could use the content as a method to generate advertising revenue.

last one said...

Point remains that Kal made his content as he posted it inaccessible to the vast majority of web users who might have been looking for such stories to read without even needing to manipulate search returns. But if his work were being syndicated by a media giant as Kal himself described it the stories would almost certainly be reproduced online by one of the outlets paying for the right to use it as a way to generate ad revenue. They aren't going to generate that revenue without having the story turn up in searches. And if Kal's name is included in the published page's formatted title that should work too. I can't think of a good reason why he wouldn't want his stories to turn up in searches and the line about the paper or media giant not having a website isn't very convincing.

October 19, 1973 said...

lmao it deleted all but the last paragraph. Everything Kal touches gets ruined I guess. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

This blog (it's not a web site Korff), tends to not post any long posts. You have to keep'em short. Look at how the people do part 1, 2 and 3 and so on. Nature of the beast.

Also, paste the text to your word processor and then leave the blog and come back, if it stuck it'll still be there.

Jimmy D said...

Well, it was a public holiday on 17 November here in the Czech Republic, so a lot of people made a long weekend of it by taking Friday (18 November) off.

I, for example, just got back from three days' skiing in Austria with Mrs D and the little Ds. Had a marvellous time.

What did you do, Karlton? Did you get out of town too? After all, there is a terrible smog hanging over Prague at the moment.

Or did you stay at home in your squalid little one-room cesspit, wanking in front of your stolen Apple laptop?

Scum. Vermin. Dross.

Anonymous said...

2 days later, and still no Kalvin Karlton Korff web site....

Way to go IT expert.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

helmet, kal! and a press pass to wear in the new pictures. you could hunker down behind a wall and pretend like you're on the military beat in afghanistan! who's to know its just back by the dumpster. you can always tell em they have dumpsters in afghanistan too. i also recommend adopting the blase seen-it-all world weary routine, since if you were a journalist you likely would have seen it all by now. also most of the famous journalists and columnists were drinkers. make posts about skipping lunch with the guys in favor of a snort from the bottle of Seagram's in the bottom drawer. maybe a bar you stop off at on the way home every night too. refer to yourself as a regular. who's to know.

Donny S. said...

Tom Carey is this decade's Kal Korff:

Kal's listing said...

Kal K. Korff, (born Steven Thomas ) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CriticalThinkers

Kal K. Korff on CNN (picture missing)

Armed with an IQ of more than 200, known worldwide for solving numerous mysteries, whether they are criminal, historical, scientific, or even “paranormal,” Kal Korff is an Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist known for his hard-hitting exposes and doing original research. Korff's enormously popular column, "Kal's Korner", appears at least three times a day in print and is read by millions around the world each week in several languages. In addition, "Kal's Korner" also appears on the popular syndicated radio program The "X" Zone Radio Show, hosted by famed Canadian Broadcaster, Rob McConnell.

Kal Korff has pioneered original concepts and techniques in several fields of study. These include archaeology, artificial intelligence, computing, criminology, forensics, graphical user interfaces, historical research, human interface design, hypermedia, multimedia, nanotechnology, physics, and weaponry.

Kal's Nationmaster listing said...

Kal has written and has had published more than 4,000 articles and materials in 64 magazines and newspapers around the world. Since 1975, he has lectured to more than 300,000 people in the United States and Europe.

A passionate and driven researcher, Korff has worked for companies such as Atari, Xerox, Apple Computer, Claris, The Boeing Company, and was a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars” program.

Kal's Nationmaster listing said...

A Broadcaster, Lecturer, Producer and Teacher, Korff devotes his life to humanitarian causes and issues of universal importance. Kal’s original insights and expertise have allowed him to contribute content or appear on virtually every major talk show and TV network, including ABC, CNN’s Larry King Live!, FOX, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic TV, Entertainment Tonight and NBC’s Leeza. Additionally, Kal has been featured or quoted in scores of newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Examiner, the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Metropolitni Expres, Skeptical Inquirer, San Jose Mercury News, Indianapolis Star, Skepter, Stanford Daily, Oakland Tribune, Yakima Herald, Phoenix New Times, Fortean Times, Saga, Omni, The Prague Post, True, Plus, the South China Daily.

Kal's Nationmaster listing said...

Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It

Kal Korff first made history in June of 1976 when he was a teenager and became the youngest person ever known to develop a fully functional design for a nuclear "doomsday" weapon. His concentrated Plutonium-based, high vaporization yield atomic bomb project was entered into the local science fair as a "physics experiment", as was his other science project on extraterrestrial life. Both of Korff's entries won. Shortly afterwards, Korff's design was "secured" and he began taking special College Prep or CP classes in high school. Kal Korff finished high school in three years, and returned during his fourth year to graduate with his classmates.

Before he finished high school, Korff completed his first book: The Meier Incident: The Most Infamous Hoax in UFOlogy, (Towne Scribe Press, 1980) which sold out. He also became the youngest ever Columnist for Gambi Publications in New York, and wrote the monthly UFO Photo File analysis section of UFO Report magazine, which pioneered the first analysis of UFO-related photos and films by the modern computing processing techniques now common today. Korff worked with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Quantex Corporation, both pioneers in the computerized image enhancement field.

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Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It (Con't)

On November 22, 1993 Kal Korff made history again when he appeared on CNN's Larry King Live! during the special 30th anniversary show dedicated to the memory of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. After a 16 year study, Kal Korff received worldwide recognition for being the first person to actually solve JFK's murder. In honor of his historic achievement, Kal Korff replaced famed "Case Closed" author Gerald Posner, who was originally sought for the show. Korff appeared on Larry King Live! along with former House Select Committee for Assassinations Chief Investigator (HSCA) Gaeton Fonzi, and in a one-sided debate that everyone universally agrees Korff won, Fonzi's claims were effectively shredded by Korff and disproven in his comprehensive 16 year study. His win over Fonzi was so complete, that not a single caller telephoned in to speak to Gaeton Fonzi that night on Larry King Live.

In late 1996 Korff made history yet another time when he played a key role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defense case, which resulted in a conviction against Simpson via a guilty verdict. Korff used his unique expertise on Kennedy's assassination to help prep and brief lawyers who then successfully cross-examined and subsequently destroyed the credibility of Simpson's "photographic expert" and JFK "conspiracy buff", Robert J. Groden.

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Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It (Con't)

On July 4, 1997 Kal Korff made history still again. In a historic all day broadcast live from studios at MSNBC headquarters in Redmond, Washington at Microsoft; NBC headquarters in New York; Roswell, New Mexico; the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, California; and from the planet Mars, literally -- all live and all day -- Kal Korff appeared on TV as a special, featured honored guest with the Mars Pathfinder landing team. On the show with Korff were Captain James McAndrew of the United States Air Force and author of the two Roswell UFO investigations for the United States Government and United States Air Force, and Colonel Joe Kittinger, a genuine American hero who still holds the world's record for the highest altitude parachute jump.

In July of 2006 the largest Czech daily newspapers in the European Union published several exclusive stories which blew open and subsequently proved the long standing rumors that Kal Korff is also a Captain in an elite unit known as the Special Secret Services or (S3)[1]]. **Korff focuses specifically on counter terrorism operations, penetration, disruption and take down initiatives, and is also involved in execution. ** Additionally, Korff helps expose and prosecute consumer frauds.

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Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It (Con't)

In 2007 Korff is expected to make history still further with his three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is considered to be the definitive work on terrorism yet written. Volume II of the series is regarded as the final word on the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics, and it exposes George Jonas' bestselling, iconic work Vengeance and Steven Spielberg's Munich as literary and theatrical frauds.

Secret Wars is the result of a five year series of literally secret operations. It is also presently being made into a Reality-based TV series, which is also truly historic, where Kal Korff’s "many secret lives” are choronicled for viewers who will also be able to see and actually participate in, helping bring terrorists, con artists and other criminals to justice. Consumers will also actively participate in many exposes of so-called "leading UFO personalities."

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Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It (Con't)

Currently, Kal Korff serves as the duly elected President and CEO of CriticalThinkers, a metaorganizational "think tank" dedicated to conducting strictly original research in the areas of science, technology, history, philosophy, religion, political and social issues and humanitarian causes. CriticalThinkers has more than 200 alliance partners around the world.

An experienced Executive, Kal is also the former Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Columnist for the newspaper The Prague Post. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TotalResearch, Vice-President and is a co-inventor of the world famous “BookBrowser” online information system.

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Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It (Con't)

Kal K. Korff in Special Secret Service Uniform (picture missing, can be found here:

As a Captain in the Special Secret Services or (S3)[1]], Korff focuses specifically on counter terrorism operations, penetration and disruption initiatives, and is also involved in execution. Additionally, Korff helps expose and prosecute consumer frauds. His three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is considered to be the definitive work on terrorism yet written. It reveals the first details of Korff's longstanding work in counter intelligence, which was first disclosed by the Czech media in July of 2006.

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Criticism and Controversy

Kal Korff is the author of seven books, Final Verdict: JFK’s Murder SOLVED!, Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story, and The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know. Some claim his work is either government disinformation, "brilliant," or poorly researched. Korff is not a "believer" in UFOs, like many in the UFO field, but admits seeing one in front of eyewitnesses and has written two definitive works on two of the most popular UFO cases of all time: exposing the Meier UFO cult and Roswell.

Korff's new TV series, Secret Wars, produced by Pavel Janousek and Saudi millionaire Sheikh Khalid Mohammad, among others, is currently exposing several top UFO researchers: Paul Kimball, Royce Myers III, Dr. James Deardorff [2], Billy Meier cult "spokesman" Michael Horn [3], Stanton T. Friedman, David Biedny, etc. [4].

"In just 7 pages in his 1995 book against the Meier case I found 9 false or unsupported claims, 13 errors offact, 12 misleading impressions, an irrelevancy, and 3 innuendos or false implications. That was in his section dealing with the Talmud Jmmanuel [5] (pp. 36 & 78-83), which document I've researched thoroughly but Korff seems not to have even read." by Dr. James Deardorff.

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Sorry that was me submitting prematurely above.

Criticism and Controversy (Con't)

Naturally, Deardorff fails to mention he is NOT a qualified Biblical scholar recognized by anyone, and that no legitimate Biblical scholar takes Meier's "Talmud" seriously, especially Korff. [6]Deardorff also fails to also admit (deliberately) that he is an avid religious follower and "true believer" in the Talmud, and thinks it represents the last testament of Jesus Christ, despite the fact there there is NO ORIGINAL manuscript -- a fact Deardorff admitted to Korff. Deardorff is not qualified to "critique" Meier's Talmud, let alone any criticisms of it. Until the ORIGINAL manuscript for the Talmud is found, it remains a document with no legitimacy or verifiable historical provenance.

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Criticism and Controversy (Con't)

On the 1/11/07 'X' Zone radio show with host Rob McConnell [7] Korff briefly recounted his role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial, proving that his self-righteous "critic" Paul Kimball's claims that "Korff was not a witness," were false. Kimball was not present at the event, never talked to either Korff nor the people he interacted with, and has no firsthand knowledge of events. Kimball is not in a position to "critique" Korff's involvement, especially since several attorneys who practice law (Kimball never has and still does not), even from Kimball's own school have now come forth claiming that Kimball is wrong. Some of these people appear on camera in Secret Wars, and shred Kimball to pieces. Korff's involvement in the O.J. Simpson civil trial is "old news" (much to Kimball's subsequent embarrassment), and was first broadcast on several radio stations in Texas in the late 1990s while Kimball was still busy studying in school, as the the "X" Zone Radio Show broadcast subsequently proved. [8] The Dickerson broadcasts which chronicled Korff's involvement at the time of the Simpson trial many years ago, have now come back to haunt Kimball, who did no firsthand checking of his own, and never corresponded with Korff.

Kal said...

Criticism and Controversy (Con't)

The TV episodes in the upcoming Reality-based series, Secret Wars, document several operations that eliminate terrorists, and show how several self-proclaimed "leading lights" in the UFO field (Kimball, Myers III, Horn, Biedny, etc.,) were all fed information to test their integrity, honesty and basic capabilities of doing simple research by applying uniform standards of evidence -- and they ALL FAILED!

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Sorry, me again.

Criticism and Controversy (Con't)

The sequences by the attorneys in Secret Wars exposing Kimball and Myers III are particularly brutal, and the Executive Producers have already indicated that they intend to sue Kimball, Myers III and their clique in court in the Fall of 2007, right after the first episodes of Secret Wars air before the public and are admitted formally into evidence, in order to obtain an easy summary judgment for libel, slander, and defamation of character, -- among other charges. The Executive Producers of Secret Wars do not have to show damages or malicious intent by filing against parties in the European Union, the judgments of which are automatically enforceable by treaty with the United States. Instead, the Executive Producers of Secret Wars only need prove that Kimball, Myers III, Horn, et al are wrong.

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Criticism and Controversy (Con't)

That's already been done.

The Executive Producers will put on trial, before camera and in court, the false claims and lies made against Korff by Kimball, Myers III, Horn, etc., and expose them before the viewing public.

Legal experts agree that once the first episodes of Secret Wars air in September 2007, court judgments against several parties will be a mere formality. Furthermore, viewers will get to see Kimball, Myers III, Horn and others sued. Legal paperwork concerning lawsuits to be filed against Alien Autopsy hoaxer Ray Santilli and Michael Horn for consumer fraud, are now being prepared by several attorneys.

Korff is represented by the largest law firm in the Czech Republic, European Union, which has international jurisdiction via its offices and partners worldwide.

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Note: The only external link not functioning is the one back to Kal's website. He removed it and the pictures on January 29 2007, about two days after the non-Korff external links were added to the listing.

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All of this information is publicly available to anyone at this web location here --

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Korff site still down.

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Korff is represented by the largest law firm in the Czech Republic, European Union, which has international jurisdiction via its offices and partners worldwide.

One would think someone with an IQ above 200 would know that law firms do not have "jurisdiction" anywhere. Something even the lowest order of journalist would know, too, of course.

Come on, genius! We want to see more of those retarded fake lawyer letters. They are by far your most entertaining product. How many days do you have to perform before you are carted off to a padded cell somewhere? Not many, I'd wager, so get your best shtick out there while you still can.

Alien X said...

Kal K. Korff might have failed, but it seems, he is right on at least one issue: the Billy Meier case.

Check this out!

Son of Billy Meier speaks out: “Dear Father, I’ve had enough!”

Methusalem Meier (38), the second-oldest son of the controversial Swiss “UFO prophet” Billy Meier (74), has finally had enough: In an open letter, twelve pages long, he casts a very harsh judgement on his father, but also on himself – and equally on the members of Billy’s controversial UFO sect, FIGU, and its alien fairytales.
The accusations are substantial: Methusalem accuses his father of being physically violent both to his mother, Kalliope, and himself over the course of many years.

Why has he done so publicly?
“Because I want to distance myself once and for all from the nasty games and machinations of my father – in order finally to start a new life.”
The entire german letter from Methusalem Meier can be downloaded as a PDF file (see the link below).
In contrast to Billy, Methusalem Meier is willing at all times to answer questions: “I have nothing to hide. It’s high time that the world discovers the sad truth about my father.”
Whoever wants to contact Methusalem Meier personally can do so at his direct e-mail address:

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