Friday, November 25, 2011

Kal is an idiot......he just doesn't know it

Kal you continue to make yourself out to the utter ass you are. First you are a journalist and then a colonel and then you are a syndicated columnist and an accredited journalist and now you're some sort of adviser or military correspondent. Kal you make promise after promise and never fulfill them.

Where does it end for you Kal? When does a dumb pathetic twat like you finally reach the point and say that enough is enough with all the bloody lies? You keep getting caught in your own lies all the time Kal. Is the end for you being tossed in a mental hospital? Getting kicked out of Prague or arrested there? You always promise the end of everyone else and promise to leave the lives of those who expose your pathetic lies in ruin.  But somehow ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are still around exposing you. How is that Kal? How is it you never come out on top but always come out the fool?
I'd bet pounds to pence that Kevin Randle has had many people pissing themselves laughing over his telling of you Kal.  It has been over 4 years now Kal so where is that audit you stupid cunt?


Well Well Well You're Feeling Fine said...

Had fun catching up on the JFK anniversary last week, reading up at various online resourced about what "new" details may have emerged since last indulging a lifelong fascination with the case. New-to-me details included Marina Oswald having a Warren Commission era affair with Lee's brother Robert Oswald. And a closer look at Ruth Paine's strangely obsessive fixation on Marina in the immediate months after the assassination. Like she was a jilted lover, maybe Marina was gettin' around? Always fun to read about George de Morhenschildt, the Dr. Strangelove of the whole drama. Most of his still unpublished autobiography is available online. Guy was nuts but appears 100% genuine, whatever you've heard about him is either likely true or just the tip of the iceberg.

And whatever happened to David Lifton? He had some interesting contributions related to Kennedy's casket being switched (someone also stuffed him in a body bag between Dallas & Bathesda) but got distracted with questions about the autopsy. More on that seems to be available now, including the less than surprising detail that Robert Kennedy was the one putting pressure on the pathologists who performed it under the best circumstances possible. The Army general in JFK is Kennedy's personal aide and never claimed to be in charge. Pretty much by the numbers after they got him onto the slab but who put him in a body bag, and what was in the coffin offloaded from Air Force One? The casket they wheeled into the examination room was different, though its widely documented that the Dallas casket was weighted down, flown out over the Atlantic and dumped.

I've always been of the opinion that Oswald did the shooting, the only positive evidence of a conspiracy is Jack Ruby silencing him for the effort. Not much to work with there but its likely one existed even without the HSCA fiasco with their silly dictabelt evidence. The later computer models and re-enactments are helpful I guess, if they help you see how it couldn't possibly have happened any other way than the way it likely happened. A favored resource is David Reitzes' "JFK 100", which entertainingly refutes 100 bungled errors in Oliver Stone's historical fiction film of the same name.

One thing that never came up while doing various Google searches, cross-site surfings and even watching a few videos on YouTube? Anything on the subject by Kalvin K. Korff, including any references to his book or video, pro or con.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, why even ask the question? Korff is Walter Mitty, or at least a Mitty wanna-be. He is more phony that a 3 dollar bill, a funky little twat wanna-be. Korff, how do you look at yourself in a mirror? You are a European and American joke, a buffoon, a klown, a real geniune Village Idiot as someone here called you. A putz, a twat, a never-was. If you had any self respect you would run away and hide your face. But, the simple truth is you aren't smart enough to even realize this. Your poor mother, which reminds me! Are you still draining her bank account dry you leach? At your age you should be dying of shame, except you probably can't spell shame .. even if I spot you the s, the h, and the a and m ....

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol oh, so that's how you expose a filmmaker for being disingenuous when making a historical drama. too bad kal korff didn't think it up first. its also interesting for someone who brags about solving the jfk, he's not mentioned there anywhere. they debunk it without him. how can that be?

Anonymous said...

This blog is currently the #1 return for KAL KORFF searches on Google with no sign of his own web presence in the first ten.

Kurt Peters said... fools!....

..the Kernel is away dealing with this newest threat to freedom, the Fat Guy On The Stern Iranian Sub:,7340,L-4153329,00.html

Anonymous said...

Still the #1 search return for Kal Korff here and still no sign of even one stinking news article, anywhere. If I were a writer who's work couldn't be found like this I'd be super pissed off even if being paid for it. Kal you're being played like a SUCKER by whatever rag it is you're scribing for. Poor confused bastard. (Hank Hill voice plugin.)

Anonymous said...

After posting a Before and After photos on Arnie, The Terminator, as he's gotten older a bit out of shape.

Korff, look into the mirror and tell us what you see.

Kal Korff: Here's Arnold taken a few years ago. Of course it looks even worse now.

Anonymous said...

Almost December 2011 and Kal K Korff is STILL A FUCKING IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

At least Kal is staying in Europe and not returning to the United States to play an active role in the 2012 elections even just by voting. By staying over in Prague and pretending to be a journalist Kal has made himself wonderfully inconsequential. Stay there, do nothing, keep horseshitting folks using the internet and be happy knowing you're getting away with being sneaky instead of actually accomplishing anything.

The rest of us will enjoy our lives free of his noisome presence. Eventually Kal will die alone in his sleep or commit suicide. A broken failure of a person who could have been something right up until the end if only he'd gotten his head out of his ass, sought psychiatric help and took responsibility for his years of delusional grandstanding. But that would take courage and Kal Korff has proven himself a coward through & through.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Kowardly Kal. I like that!

Anonymous said...

Many, many days later and still, and I'm very happy about this, no web site.

Some IT expert.


Anonymous said...

Good work Kal. Now delete your YouTube account, shut down your FB activity, issue the apologies due to so many people for exploiting them, and we're all done here.

Anonymous said...

Major Korffie Leak coming soon....

Developing.... like another Korff lie.

Anonymous said...

Kowardly Kornel Kalvin K Korff, internet buffoon and internet moron. Still making the news at K Korff is an IDIOT!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol well i'm seeing amazon as the top korff return at the moment with secret x wars amongst the choice offerings. the first one is kal's j,f.k video which is out of print, gets a one star out of five rating and is available used for $25.99. a highly sought after collector's item no doubt! :D

Anonymous said...

I bought that video, new, just recently, for $19.95.

Reason was, I thought it might be fun to send it to Santa in a Floppy Hat and see what he might do with it.

Couldn't think of a better Xmas gift for Korff, or Korffers for that matter.


Jimmy D said...

All you have to do is stop, Korff.

Just stop, and so will we.


Anonymous said...

"My name is short for KalIsrael."

..Kalvin you are a lunatic, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ask my father about that one day!

Anonymous said...

It’s getting bad for Kalvin. He only has this blog and we Korffers to respond to now, and for many years point of fact.

As we expose his lies one by one, the most recent being the FACT that IF he was getting paid (or not), for writing material for a REAL newspaper with a REAL web site, Korff COULD NOT control his material on and off the net in the manner that he told his Face Book lurkers.

Commerce, free or for profit, does not work that way.

In any case, here’s what the big man wrote 14 days ago, edited for length:

Kal Korff: I am really excited about the new web site... It will take me a few more days to get it done...

And, it comes as no surprise to we Korffers that Kalvin has given up on Youtube. Why wouldn’t he? Everything Korff releases to youtube will be poached and commented upon by Santa and others. Why bother?

It’s all up to you Korff, leave and publicly apologize, and this will stop.

Anonymous said...

Apologize? That won't get it done. Who should he apologize to? Paul Kimball, David Biedny, Tina, Don Ecker, Kevin Randle? The list is long and varied. Korff never will, he doesn't have it in him because he is pond scum. Hear me Kalvin Karlton? Pure pond scum. He is the kind of pond scum that makes other pond scum look good. Say Kalvin, pick on any teen age girls lately? Steal from any humanitarians? Invent any more nano-bots? You are pure pond scum. Come on back to the U.S. Kalvin. Your friends and fans are waiting for you. You know, people like Jim Dilettoso would love to see your flabby milk white ass. Oh yes Kalvin Karlton, come on home you fucking pond scum.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Number 1 again! Keep up the great work Kalvin. It's a difficult concept to grasp even for people with actual intelligence, but Kal should realize that he FAILS by posting his lies and delusions, and SUCCEEDS when he is silent & goes about his life quietly. A new website touting the insanity of Kal Korff would be another failure. Another demonstration of how warped and out of touch he really is with the real world. The only people who would read it would be us, and the only reason we would read it is to find lies/inconsistencies/made up bullshit to expose Kalvin for. So the only reason to post it would be to up the ante here and it just isn't worth it. Give it up, Kal. Find an hourly job, seek a counsellor to discuss your troubles with and start laying the path down to return to the USA & face up to your lifetime of neglect.

Anonymous said...

A direct response to this blog; the only group of people showing Korff ANY action of ANY kind.

We mention his lack of a web site and new video material just hours ago and here's what the big man has to say....

OH, BTW, get ready for another fake news interview.

"likely starting in January."

Nothing like new news.

Korff cannot hide these activities from the search engines. It's not possible for Korff to do what he is claiming. He does not have the know-how or the talent to even "hide" his Face Book page, his Youtube channel and his template web site (when working) from the search engines.

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: I have been doing a series of interviews which will be published soon and also on video answering many different kinds of questions about everything from my "kritics" to being a journalist, etc., what it is like to live outside the USA, many different things. I have been enjoying them and put no subject off limits. They will be published by myself and other parties, likely starting in January.

My new web sites are being majorly overhauled and redesigned to accommodate them and other new content, and also simplified. I am not in a hurry to get this done, just to do it right.

The interviews were filmed in Prague and elsewhere around the world over the course of several months, hope you enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Another long response to this blog because Korff has nothing else.

Part One

Kal Korff: Status update and boring info about nut jobs who cyberstalk me:

Hi everyone. I just found out that there are now over 10,000 hits for articles I have written and have had published in the printed newspapers. Reprints are at this link. I am amazed at this number because nothing has been uploaded for days (I am behind posting my latest ones, like tomorrow's articles on Putin, and Collaborative Cloud Computing), and the only real promo this gets is on this FB page. But THANKS EVERYONE for your support and kindness and interest, I am truly humbled and grateful.

On another note, I continue to laugh at my "kritics" (especially Jimmy Dalyrumple, yes real name, did not make it up, although he looks like Rumpelstillskin), who is BEGGING people to help find what paper I write for.

Well, as I explained, my articles are not on the normal web site of the newspaper, I reprint them on my Skype page. They appear in printed newspapers, yes, those things still exist. They also get embedded (according to Scribd statistics) and readcasted elsewhere, all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Two

JimmyD refused to admit these articles were real. He lied and said I made it up. I predicted he would do this, before I started my JimmyD in a maze experiment. So for phase two after he acted the way my extremist, hater, cyberstalker hypothesis predicts (its all in my new book, including exposes of him and his cohorts and their claims over the years), I then started posting graphics of the actual articles themselves as my page shows. I predicted then he would say I "mocked them up," and sure enough he did.

Then after this was pointed out and many more appeared, including showing the entire newspaper page, it was predicted he would back off on his lie, but of course never admit he is wrong. He did exactly that.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Three

Then it was predicted in Step 4 that he would deny they're real or in syndication just because a simple line of code prevents them from being indexed by Google's spiders. So now, according to an email I received, he is begging "Korffers" to please find the newspaper web site.

And when they do, or when I go public with it, everyone will see that there are even MORE articles from me there, and it has been under their noses for months.

So now they "promise" a "big scoop about me," which is laughable. When they're not making things up, they "promise" such things all the time. They never happen. If they are ever bright enough to find the paper I write for, it is NOT a "scoop" — it's discovering the obvious, what has been out there for months now.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Four

And if they ever learn of all the duties I perform and am tasked with for the media giant I work for as a Senior Executive, which owns a newspaper and other things, they would have to admit that I am the "real deal" per se, since no one could have such responsibilities and carry out such diverse duties if I were as JimmyD and his small clique of nutjobs claim. But then again I never expect the truth from CONspiracy nuts, haters and extremists.

While they continue to "obsess" over me, I will continue on with what I do, which they ignore and remain in denial of. Thankfully they number only a handful, I just wish they would not vote. :-)

Thanks again for your kind support and listening to my tangent here. :-))

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Five

One last thing, also predictable is that JimmyD is "obsessed" with finding out who my Indian wife is.

Now, this is AFTER he and his nutter buddies lied and said I never married a "Kumar" but instead it would be "Kumari." Shows you how ignorant bozos like JimmyD are where it concerns Indian culture.

There are LOTS of Indian women with the last name of Kumar, and I am one of countless men who married one of them.

I always have kept my private life my private life, I have always separated it from the circus clowns and bozos typified by JimmyD. Maybe someday I will post photos, but if I wanted my marriage to be so "secret" I would never have announced it, and even when I did, it was really largely by updating my FB status.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Six

Predictably, JimmyD and his fellow haters lied and said I never got married. That I would have posted video or something if it were true. My wife and I joked about this after we got married, and sure enough this is what happened.

Here's something JimmyD and his fellow wackjobs never told you: they had emails from me saying I was going to get married. In these letters I even mentioned the last name of "Kumar" only to be told by these as*wipes that I was lying. Well, I wasn't.

Now Jimmy admits I did get married, but of course (also predictable) refuses to admit he lied and was wrong. He never really does this, because he fits the psyco logical profile of an extremist, hater and cyberstalker.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Seven

Now I hope he reprints this on his nutjob web site, so I can file a copyright complaint against him. He does not have the legal right to do so, I won't grant it. Let's see if he does....

Finally, I said before that JimmyD and his fellow wackoffs have been under police surveillance for sometime now. I promised to publish the police reports, letters, etc, even the threats they always make.

It is NOT a "coincidence" that JimmyD stopped using his email in the Czech Republic, after police here in Prague started opening their case. He just lied and never told anyone publicly WHY. They told me "this will take a long time," but I am patient and also persistent.

Anonymous said...

Sue use Korff, we dare you.

Part Eight

Just ask Swiss UFO Cult leader Billy Meier, who I exposed. Both he and his Pleaidian "friends" will confirm it! :-)

I will publish this material, as promised, let JimmyD and his fellow nutcrackers continue to remain in denial, put in writing insults about the police, break laws. Every email they send me, gets autoforwarded, I don't really read them. Even JimmyD using a phony remailer from Tonga won't save him.

Sorry again for the tangent.... I'll post more articles within two days, I have had another dozen published lately.

Anonymous said...

The ranting of a lunatic. When I read through this stuff I see so much wrong with it.

Using a simple line of code to hide his articles and his employer’s web site AND printed paper (their and his bread and butter) from the world. Okay, whatever you say.

Your private life has always been private?

You have a genius son, right?

You’ve been a major player in covert military actions for years... right?

You released a photo of yourself and a gal in bed, on the internet… right?

Your dirt bag brother’s legal trouble should have been as private as you could make them right? You should have helped to isolate your brother and Mother from worldwide embarrassment. Right?

I guess it’s a matter of opinion what is private and personal and what is not.


Anomalous said...

Interesting business model, this hidden newspaper. I wonder how that pays the bills. Oh, that's right, it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Right!! Right, how silly of me to think that a newspaper would want readers to READ the paper.

Korff, you fucking delusional douche bag. Can't you see what a total fucking JOKE you are? Hey Putz, put your name in Google or another search engine .. read what is out there. You check out the Randi site? How about Above Top Secret? They really have your ticket dude. Kalvin K Korff, off his fucking trolley. Take your meds douche bag.

The Unknown Korffer said...

if I wanted my marriage to be so "secret" I would never have announced it, and even when I did, it was really largely by updating my FB status.

Dumbest guy ever. You have to be kidding, Kal. That makes the comment public as there's a MOLE in your Flake Book friends, at least one at any rate, and he/she is one of US. Based on learning from experiences which had been occurring all along you've been engaging in your Flake Book fantasy that the comments would be LEAKED. Reposted here they become public which is why anyone else in your shoes would delete their Face Book all together and start again being careful about whom you friend. I hate to break it to you Mr. 219 IQ but someone from your past doesn't think very warmly of you and it isn't Jimmy D. And neither am I, idiot!

All you've done is demonstrate to those on there who have maybe been harboring second thoughts that you are indeed obsessive, conflict driven and prone to fantasy. Meanwhile, we're still #1 on the Google search returns for your very name because you'd rather play games. Haven't you even heard of an UNDER CONSTRUCTION holding page? It would have kept your URL ranked, dumbass. Now watch one of those appear.

And the inescapable fact that you have brought all of this failure, shame and ridicule onto yourself because you tried to LIE, got called on it by people who know better and engaged in a decades long vendetta to intimidate them into silence to the exclusion of all other activities. And in the process cultivated additional conflicts amongst those who likewise see Kal Korff for what he really is. You are a disgrace and deserve to be BANNED from Face Book for being a liar, a cheat, and a sneak. I will never let your forget you claimed to have eaten Thanksgiving dinner with members of our armed forces in Afghanistan just for some attention on fucking Flake Book. How dare you.

Anonymous said...

Of course Kal has heard of an under construction holding page. Remember the free I-pad bullshit? I seem to remember Korff announcing that he was President and C.E.O. of a worldwide peace organization that was promoting peace, love and understanding by giving away I-pads. Like most Korff lies and fantasies, the proof was right there on the internet! I seem to recall a very amateurish, half page Joomla template site that trumpeted this organization, which was pulled down after a couple of months because it was such a joke that even Kal was ashamed to have his name on it. Either that or some of Korff's other bullshit activities, like being a Nanodust spreading, supermodel dating spy Kernal or being an internationally syndicated Scribd journalist were keeping him too busy to develop this particular fraud! The web address was, which expired a couple of days ago.

Anonymous said...

Kal is a certifiable lunatic

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Why thank you.

Michele Noe Prevette: What malicious people. I will pray for you Kal. I'm so sorry there are vile things out there who target you like this. Just pathetic really...

Anonymous said...

You mean... THIS URL? :-)

It's "down" as well.

This URL will be in expired mode very soon. I wonder if the Kern Korff web site person will pick this one up too?

Anonymous said...

Korffers, you want to have a little fun?

Load up Skype and do a Search for "Korff".

Korff states that he posts his articles on Skype.

Kalvin must hide his Skype name and profile as well...:-)

Go ahead, take a little time out of your full life and do some Korffing.


Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this straight. Kal won a science fair by building a real atom bomb and he can prove it by waving around a blue ribbon which can be forensically tested. It says nothing about the project, but would prove that Kal has, in his possession, a blue ribbon. No newspaper articles, even from the school paper about the accomplishment. Nothing but a blue ribbon that might be from his past.

From that he received no scholarship offers from prestigious schools, no college career to build on this feat. Nothing to show that this child prodigy who managed to build an atomic weapon did so.

He then embarked on a career to learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and managed to solve the mystery. Of course he fails to mention that his solution matches that of the Warren Commission who did their work decades before Kal entered the picture. He just independently arrived at the same conclusion which we now should believe because Kal said so.

Having finished with that, he dressed up, put on a disguise and penetrated the high security of the Billy Meier compound. Everyone else in the Free World just showed up, but Kal was in disguise in case he was recognized as the detective who had solved the Kennedy assassination.

When he finished with this, or maybe at the same time, Kal was enjoying a career as an inventor, having created the hyperlinks that we all use today. He was a high power analyst at Lawrence Livermore and migrated among a number to Silicon Valley tech companies as some kind of important person, and he can prove it with a listing in a telephone directory.

Finished with his IT career, he embarked on an espionage career as some kind of warrior fighting worldwide terrorism. He started out as a captain in an Israeli based Super Secret Service, but jumped to colonel as he carried out missions in the Middle East. He had a staff and an adjutant and everything and to prove it, he provide pictures of himself in uniforms wearing various rank insignia.

And now he is an international journalist who is syndicated in secret newspapers and the only place you or I can read his column is on an internet site that allows anyone to publish. He offers no names of newspapers so that we can check this out.

He had been married twice, at least. Once, a number of years ago and he has a genius son but we have no pictures of them. Now he is married to an Indian women in a secret ceremony so that he can fool the rest of us.

I probably forgot stuff like being an expert witness at the O.J. Simpson trial, but with no record of his participation found.

In other words, this guy doesn’t even rise to the level of idiot. I can’t believe that he believes this nonsense or that anyone else would. I would think that anyone who made these sorts of claims could provide some real proof and not a blue ribbon to be forensically tested.

BTW, how goes the lawsuits against Ecker and Jimmy D. and all the others. Where is the famous audit of Kevin Randle? Has Kal ever followed through on anything? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

Here's how it goes... around and around and around.....

Kal Korff: Yes, people like JimmyD (as he calls himself) are sick, to put it mildly. But they have no case and often lie, it is their way. Doesn't make it right, but one must acknowledge what sickos they are. The issues concerning him and his bozo buddies will come to a head in the near future. I will publish the police docs, and other things will happen that I cannot disclose in advance. There are no threats here, I have been saying this for a long time and it is the truth. Time till tell.

Anonymous said...

I know she is a victim like any other target MR. Korff has woven into his web of deceit for attention but what the hell, I can't resist.

(name redacted): What malicious people. I will pray for you Kal. I'm so sorry there are vile things out there who target you like this. Just pathetic really...

That's vial, my dear, as in a glass vial filled with nanodust components. To quote Queen yet again, "Baby you've been had ..."

sajsfgajsfgqgjlhgjlhg said...

Not to belabor the point but Kal, the real test of your courage and the veracity of your claims to greatness to the poor unsuspecting everyday humans you have snookered on FB would be to specifically direct them to this blog, allow them to view the info shown here (very little of which was posted by Jimmy D, and you know that) and allow them to draw their own conclusions minus your propaganda. You won't do it because you are a coward and you know they would recognize you for being a fraud before getting through one complete thread. That's what happened to me, and I am not Jimmy D. either, genius.

Anonymous said...

Dear KalIsrael,

I've been a good boy this year. May I please have an Ipad for Christmas?
Can't wait to download all of the nifty Kal's Korner widets. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

*widgets ;)

Vanessa said...

Of course Kal has heard of an under construction holding page. Remember the free I-pad bullshit? I seem to remember Korff announcing that he was President and C.E.O. of a worldwide peace organization that was promoting peace, love and understanding by giving away I-pads. Like most Korff lies and fantasies, the proof was right there on the internet! I seem to recall a very amateurish, half page Joomla template site that trumpeted this organization, which was pulled down after a couple of months because it was such a joke that even Kal was ashamed to have his name on it. Either that or some of Korff's other bullshit activities, like being a Nanodust spreading, supermodel dating spy Kernal or being an internationally syndicated Scribd journalist were keeping him too busy to develop this particular fraud! The web address was, which expired a couple of days ago.