Monday, November 21, 2011

Kal K. Korff LIES when he says he is the A-Bomb kid!!

Kal Korff has NEVER built a functioning atomic weapon of any sort and is LYING when he claims to be the famous a-bomb. The REAL a-bomb kid is a truly brilliant lad and not some bloody lunatic like Kal. Kal steals valor and then decides to steal a story that never happened to him!! Kal K. Korff IS NOT the a-bomb kid!!!! Just stop this nonsense Kal. There's this thing called the interne and people can find out all about you! Pull your head out of your arse Kal you stupid kunt.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he's an a kid...

An ASSHOLE kid, even at 49 years old!


Anonymous said...

Stolen valor, stolen laptops, stolen ipods, stolen ideas, stolen stories. Kal doesn't care so long as he is getting what he thinks is his. The guy is a delusional narcissist.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It

Kal Korff first made history in June of 1976 when he was a teenager and became the youngest person ever known to develop a fully functional design for a nuclear "doomsday" weapon. His concentrated Plutonium-based, high vaporization yield atomic bomb project was entered into the local science fair as a "physics experiment", as was his other science project on extraterrestrial life. Both of Korff's entries won. Shortly afterwards, Korff's design was "secured" and he began taking special College Prep or CP classes in high school. Kal Korff finished high school in three years, and returned during his fourth year to graduate with his classmates.

I just had another close friend pass away. She was a brilliant, hard working, dedicated young businesswoman who had a genuine vision for an establishment that was succeeding brilliantly. She worked herself to death running it. Passed away unexpectedly leaving a stunned town, wondering what to do next and fearing the prospect of the rest of our lives without her around to help us make sense of it.

And yet a disgusting maggot like Kal Korff keeps on living, spoiling anything which crosses his path and living a life of genuine evil. I'm looking for someone to vent my grief on, Mr. Korff. Open your fucking mouth, get busy with your unwholesome shit on Flake Book and give me a reason to take it out on you.

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

Seems that KAL KORFF previously lied about being this A Bomb Kid to Royce Meyers III. I wonder how many of these sort of lies Gerald Posner may have told over the years. Zero?

... as you may have suspected by now I did not exactly lead a "normal" life.

This is a matter of public record, and In have the news clippings, but logically they are not all on the internet, but as you may recall I am the "A Bomb Kid" the young bozo who designed a nuclear warhead (a doomwday device) back when I was 14. I got into trouble, especially after I entered it into our school's science fair, and one of the judges there had a degree in physics and it scared him. So Dr. Severson was called and then some feds came in and there was an investigation into how this kid could do this. I told them the truth, that I had figured it out. For me, it was a great exercise in physics. Problem was, the design was similar to a then-classified weapon called the neutron bomb. I had no idea.

So there was this investigation, they first thought that there was a leak from someone at lawrence livermore national labs, where I lived near, and my best friend's father was a physicist there and he was from Yugoslavia. There was no leak, I never even met my best friend's father! :-) I was also at that time lecturing on UFOs and other subjects and although I started lecturing at 13, I did it right after I met Stanton Friedman, and they thought maybe Friedman "tutored" me and I told them NO, and finaly they realize I did it myself.

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

I want to publicly humiliate you for being a fraud, Mr. Korff. I want you to be embarrassed by the lies you have told and all the attention you deflected onto yourself. I want you to suffer the same indignity that your victims and targets suffered, to feel their shame and know that it was always all your fault and that you have never been forgiven for any of it.

So I told them, "If I can figure this stuff out, so can bad guys" and you should have seen the look on their face. They went from being white boys, to sheet white. They also didn't know HOW to handle the ramifications of this. So my stuff was taken and classified and I was told to shut up. I then basically "cut a deal" or "understanding" -- I told them that I am onto things and studying many different things that it seems to me the govt doesn't want people to know.


So i developed even as a young boy a "reputation" for solving mysteries and since age 11 I realized three things about me: I devote my life to original research, finish research left incomplete by others, or look at existing issues, try to make original or valuable contributions, and then move on to the next problem to solve.

I want you to feel nauseated and afraid every time you sit down at a computer, worried that you might fuck up again and bring ridicule onto your family and whatever other humans you have manipulated into continuing contact with you. I want them to be ashamed to know or be related to you, and to tell you they want nothing more to do with an unrepentant liar & fraud. I want you to be alone in the world without anywhere to turn. I want you to feel as if there is no hope and that you will never be able to put even the slightest bit of this behind you.

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

I want to know who "Mr. Thomas" is, and if in fact he flunked you for refusing to read his nice book, written for 11 year olds to help them grow & learn. I want to know if maybe that is why you missed a year in high school. You failed.

MANmade mysteries DRIVE ME NUTS and FORCE ME to try and solve or expose them. GENUINE mysteries, like trying to figure out how the universe works, are something else entirely. They are gifts from God and in my opinion evidence of His creation. I find it ironic that the Big Bang has proven a creation type origina, instead of the just the opposite. And now, because I was at the International Astronomical Union convention here in Prague and helped participate in the new definitions of a is neat to see science accept and surrender basically to intelligent design.

So, over the next years in high school, in 9th grade after I finished my A bomb work, I spent the summer at NASA on the Viking project to land on Mars and first met Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. Andrew Grotowski there, and in 9th grade i am at JFK high school. So one day my teacher wants us to do a book report on Bless the Beasts and Children. And I told Mr. Thomas, I am sick and tired of having to read and report on the same books. Let's make a "deal" -- I will read eight books for every ONE you give in the class, and I will write reports on them. Since I had already read every book for that year, I hate wasting time and he accepted.

I want to know the real story, and I want you to regret every feeling as though you were more special gifted or privileged than your classmates. They all have families and careers now, and you are suffering from mental illness in a foreign land that does not have laws compelling those who are fucking crazy to get help. You did not end up there by the luck of the draw, did you Mr. Korff?

Anonymous said...

good korffing! just occurred to me that if you look back on the previous thread with his nationmaster profile, kal at one point was maintaining that his real name given at birth is STEVE THOMAS, and recall that this is the "cover name" he used when infiltrating the billy meier fruitcake clan. would that be the same "mr. thomas" mentioned above? how sick really is kal and how far back does it go?

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

So one day a book on JFK comes out and I read it and I asked my teachers about it and each one gave me a different explanation how JFK was killed. That bothered me. So I ended up coauthoring a 216 page report on the murder that got the attention of the media. It also upset members of the House Assassinations Committee who was reinvestigating the murder, and I did not know this! So after the article comes out, and we have a photo of a man on the grassy knoll who should NOT be there according to the data, a few days after this story made the papers, the intercom goes off in my school. Back then, when they called your name, you were suspended. That was the POINT of them calling your name out loud to "set an example",... so I go down to the Principal's office, ask what the problem is (again I am only a freshman in high school) and I am told there is a phone call for you.

So I pick up the phone, and it is this guy from the HAC in Wash DC and he is just LIVID. He wants to know how I can "get away" with this and he demands my data and files and says if I don't send them in he will subpoena them! First time I learned what a subpoena was! So I sent the stuff in, weeksm go by, no answer, I bug them, no answer, threaten to tell the media, THEN they send my stuff back.

They said my conclusions were wrong in this photo, yet they later concluded THE SAME THING! This upset me. Then I go to telephone the scientist who spoke to me on the phone. Turns out they NEVER heard of him. So now I am pissed. This is America. They are NOT supposed to do this to people. So I became "obsessed" with finding out why the cover up and how and all that. I eventually solved JFK's murder, and while doing so ran into all kinds of government types. By the time I was on Larry King getting kudos for it, I had already worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs on the Star Wars project, etc., so let me give you a typical example of my "understanding" with the govt.

Demanding the "data and files" from a 12-14 year old kid in the pre-computer age. Rewriting history indeed. Though this is a private communication between Kal and somebody he was trying to impress rather than a publicly released statement. He was only trying to con one person that day, and has made it his priority to try and destroy the target's reputation ever since.

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

I want you to feel revulsion at the sight of or mention about Apple and their products, a symbol of your lifelong deceptions.

Right after I started working fulltime atb LLNL, the San Jose Mercury News calls me and says, "Kal, we haven't run a story on you in some time, what are you doing now?" The last time they ran a story was when I agreed to be a bachelor in an auction for charity, because my presence there would increase attendance, I was told. So after being in this bachelor auction where I am in this room full of literally hundreds of chicks dressed to the nines, I got so intimated that I came up to a female friend of mine and said, "I don't care how much it costs me, buy me, OUT BID everyone else!" So she did and I gave my money to charity and as far as the media knows I have this big date. So I tell the SJMN that I started working at LLNL and next thing I know it is a huge full page color story about a UFO and computer expert working on Star Wars. I was "famous" also now in computing fields because I had worked at Apple Computer on a project called HyperCard, which was the modern ancestor to the internet browser! Apple actually OWNS THE PATENT for clickable hypertext, which makes the web work! Apple does not enforce the patent. They COULD and each time a person clicked, they would have to pay Apple! Seriously! This is if they created a web page that used hypertext, they have the patent!

So I was the engineer at Apple who did this. No shit. But in my design, clickable text was not underlined, it had a ZIG ZAG shaped line under it so that it would never be "confused" with underlined text! So I laugh today that the Internet is "so smart" that it uses underlined text for links, so that if you use underlined text, you will confuse people! So they write this big article about how I will take hypertext and this new thing called multimedia "big time" into the US govt and Star Wars and the article runs and later that day I get a phone call to immediately come down to the engineering director;s office.

When I walked in there, the first thing I notice is the article about me on the wall sitting behind him.

I want you to know the real story of your academic humiliation in the 6th through 12th grades, Mr. Korff. I want to know how deeply you fell and how far it drove you over the edge to suddenly realize one day (10/19/73, maybe?) that you were just a pathetic little maggot. A stupid little outcast. Your peers sensed you were evil and would have nothing to do with you. I want your family and "friends" to feel the same kind of disgust, and to shun you.

Anonymous said...

A 14 year old threatens to go to the media to get his way!?!

Maybe now-a-days in the social netword - media days but certinly not in the '70's or early '80's.

Lying liar.


Don't You Know That You Can Count Me Out (In) said...

... so I go down to the Principal's office, ask what the problem is (again I am only a freshman in high school) and I am told there is a phone call for you.


And Kal says he never watches any movies! Except Steven Spielberg's "Munich" that is.

Anonymous said...

And what of the women in your life Korff.

So attached we're you to a certain lady friend (and her 14 year old daughter) from high school that you threw together a web a lies so deceitful that the daughter called you out, called you a merciless fuck and the rest can heard on the Big Don Ecker Show.

And then there’s Michaela Kocis, how refuses to talk to anyone about her time with you.

And then there’s Martina, a name you continue to use even though she wants nothing to do with you anymore, and she won’t even friend you on Farce Book.

And then there’s your Indian Princess wife. The wife you hide from the world; no marriage announcement, no marriage photos, not even a name... so in love, so ashamed.

A hidden marriage because you didn’t want the paparazzi to hound you both (your public excuse, not mine) while you wrote you’re “syndicated on one web site”, news articles.

A sad pathetic waste of a life. Your first couple of decades showed promise, the last 3 decades have been a total waste but highly amusing.

You know who laughs at you Kalvin?

The world laughs at you.

Choke on the life you’ve carved out for yourself, by yourself, as yourself.

Choke on it Korff.


Bless The Beasts And Children. said...

So he "talks" to me and he says "Kal, as long as you work here you will NOT talk to the media unless you lcear it first." So I agreed and understood, it is just that they KNEW in advance I have been in the media since I was 14 and their only worry was NOT national security (they knew I would never tell secrets) but it was UFOS!! No shit, Royce!

They said we cannot afford this subject attached to our unit. I was also aware of Robert Lazar, who worked at KMI, and since I was also bitched out aby KMI as well, this is how I know LAZAR IS FULL OF SHIT. I worked in some of those same circles, he is lying outright!

So by the time 1979 rolls around, I am getting ready to leave high school finally and Khomeini takes over Iran, and Russia invades Afghanistan, and I am invited to the World Affairs Council meeting over the event and I just lay waste to the Russian delegation visiting there (it is in the first chapter I am sending) and I got secretly involved in fighting terrorism at that point and also fighting against Communism.

All of these passages were taken from a cached archive of the Paracast forums where the email from Kal Korff to Royce Meyers III was posted in its entirety by Dave Biedney. Thus explaining Kal's fixation on ruining Biedney's reputation as well, including Kal's spurious calls to the MacWorld Expo organizers in an attempt to proxy recruit them to harass Biedney during a Macworld conference.

The email was unsolicited, sent by Kal to Royce in an effort to explain away the red flag Royce had sensed when Kal refused to explain his claims of being a "captain". Biedney and Meyers have had to endure nonstop harassment from Kal ever since. He is not rational, harbors obsessive grudges, cyberstalks those who won't play along with his deceptions, and his Flake Book followers deserve to know about it if they wish to. That is why we are here.

Christ on a crutch! said...

So Kernel Paintball, inventor of hypertext, can't figure out how to build a web site...

Just about the time I start to feel sorry for this stinking little parasite, someone posts more of his moronic garbage and I wish he would fall into a deep hole and disappear. No one would miss him.

Korff, you are a disgrace. Get some help.

Anonymous said...

I want to know the world is safe from Kal Korff, and that he has been dealt with in a manner appropriate to the havoc he has created.

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

The quotes I used can be found on a cached version of the Paracast forums THAT WILL NEVER EVER GO AWAY:

TinyURL link:

It is now November 22nd and there are no articles linked to any stories extolling the virtues of his self-proclaimed "solution" to the JFK assassination on any pages, other than those maintained by Kal Korff.

I want to see Kal in a straight jacket being bundled into an ambulance under restraints. I want to know he has been lobotomized and is mopping floors at a bus station as part of a community outreach program to those with mental disabilities.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: "So I ended up coauthoring a 216 page report on the murder that got the attention of the media. It also upset members of the House Assassinations Committee who was reinvestigating the murder, and I did not know this!"

Members "who was"? Nice grammar you fucking idiot, Kal. Accredited journalist and war correspondent my ass.

Jimmy D said...

Well, it is the anniversary of JFK's assassination today. I assume the Great Man is sounding off about it on his Facebook page...?

Anonymous said...

coauthoring???? if my memory serves me well, he has always stated that HE wrote that, he NEVER mentioned before anyone else helping him.

Anonymous said...

I have been receiving information regarding Korff high school claims over the last few days.

I'll post what I can and send what I have to the blog admin.


Anonymous said...

About that "secret marriage" business, I have a friend who is acquainted with a distant relative of the Kernal. According to her, Korff did indeed marry a woman from India earlier this year. So, the question is, why would Korff keep this a secret? Certainly not to keep it out of the eye of any actual news or media, who couldn't care less about Korff and his bullshit, probably because they aren't officially accredited journalists and aren't qualified to cover topics of such importance and write internationally syndicated articles about them.

I see two possibilities. One, Korff will at some point reveal his marriage and then say his "kritics" have been Xposed again for saying he wasn't married when he actually is. Oh, the shame! Of course, Korff was claiming on his template site last year that " my kritics claim I haven't gotten married", and now Korff claims he was married this year. Watch that timeline Kal, when your bullshit claims contradict themselves, it makes it too easy to catch your lies. The second possibility is that, from the third or fourth hand description I heard about the "Princess", well, lets just say that it wouldn't be any guy's proudest moment to be photographed at the altar, or anywhere else, beside her. Based on the description I heard, let's just be kind to her (after all, she's married to Kal) and say she is not as thin and attractive as the whore Kal paid to stage that creepy photo he sent around.

I guess Kal is waiting to reveal her at some special point in the future, like maybe when the long-awaited "Secret Wars" six volume book series on bullshit ( or was that a TV show?) debuts. That means we will be hearing about it......................never!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the marriage info. That makes Korff sense I guess. Why hide this information? And why wait until your 50 to start a family? Remember Kalvin, you’ll be 60, chasing a 10 year old around India and the CZ… 65 with a teenager to deal with. Oh boy, doesn’t that sound like fun. No more extra time to spread your lies.

And what of the kids life beyond the norm? The internet cannot be cleansed of your behavioral malfeasances Kalvin. Like an ex-porno star, at some point your kid will find out and start asking questions. Let the lies continue.

I got a bunch of Korff High School info today.

I heard from a good source that this info will be posted here and on that new Korff web site... Link on front page here.

Nothing to crow about just a wonderful way to show in a very positive format that Kalvin Karlton Korff is indeed, living in the past and making up his present and hopeful future based on that past.

His high school years do indeed show that he had promise, no more or less than the majority of kids going to the John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont, California, but he wasn't a lone nut by any stretch.

More to come,


Kurt Peters said...

Kal Korff is the Frank Kaufmann of skeptics.....

Anonymous said...

And what of the Occupiers article, where you "interviewed" hundreds of people with your new "helpers"? Where's that massive article Kalvin?

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: Tomorrow in the papers I am honored to have three articles appear. One is called "PizzaGate" (it has a longer title) and it briefly summarizes the CIA tragedy in Lebanon where the use of the word "pizza" and meeting at Pizza Hut in Beirut tipped the Iranians off. The CIA has lost the fine art of tradecraft on the ground, as Panetta himself has admitted. They're too busy firing drones at terrorists.... I argue they could do both if they had better leadership.

Second article is an editorial piece for the paper taking the EU to task for lying and saying that water does not re-hydrate the body (the very definition of hydrate is to absorb water, so it is automatic when it is consumed) and how the US CONgress has outdone the EU by declaring "pizza to be a vegetable" and how neither Obama nor his wife will do or say anything about this. They certainly have not so far, and the lamestream media can't be counted on to keep it in their attention span since it's been longer than a commercial break since that event.

Lastly, the third article is about the upcoming FaceBook mobile phone which will be out next year.

As a journalist covering several subjects, including now military affairs as a military correspondent, I am honored again to have this wonderful opportunity, I thank God, literally, every day and often for so much. I will re-post them after they go into syndication, can't until they appear in the printed press first. Hope you like them.

Don Ecker said...


Well only 2 days until the Thanksgiving Holiday. Here is a video of MY DINING with the Troops Korff.

You phony piece of "small dog shit." I remember my "Thanksgiving" in Vietnam, the troops today, men and women, who are serving overseas and your pathetic attempts to "glom" on their glory last year ... and I just hope I see you again when you slither back to the States. You and me got some "stuff" to discuss Fat Boy, stuff to discuss. You read me asswipe? Me and you ...

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker, back in action! God bless you Don Ecker!


The high school news (with photos)is coming in fast and faster again!

I have a number of Kalvin's old school "friends" such as he had them, contacting me.

People from the school newspaper, from the German Club, and even a couple of teachers from his high school and Jr, high school.

"mr. thomas" is in the house Korffers.

Imagine, basing the 30 years you've lived after high school almost completely on what took place in high school

And yes, there are many truths in Kalvin Karlton Korff's story.

The problem is, that truth is never enough.

He can't have a fake son; he has to be a genius fake son.

He can't have an Indian wife, no; she must be an Indian princess.

He can't have made a display for your science fair, which did in fact lead to "people" coming to your school to talk to you. No, you blew that up to being enlisted into some kind of secret agent story which has lasted ever since that day.

I could go on but there's just too much to cover here.

More to come, much more to come.


Anonymous said...

I need to amend soemthing I wrote.

Kalvin Karlton Korff was a bit of a lone nut.

He had but a few "friends", hanging onto the teachers more than not.

And he wasn't really known as the A-Bomb Kid, he was known as the UFO Geek that people tended to stay away from him.

More later,


I Am The Walrus said...

Anonymous said...

Korff's been off Face Book for about 24 hours and his template web site is still down.

He must be working hard on his site for that massive re-launch....

Lying Lair.

Anonymous said...


"He can't have made a display for your science fair, which did in fact lead to "people" coming to your school to talk to you. No, you blew that up to being enlisted into some kind of secret agent story which has lasted ever since that day."

By this I mean the JFK Story, not the A-Bomb story. They even put a blurb in the '79 yearbook about this JFK thing.

I won't drop it all here but, Korff did this with another student (never heard that before and never heard Korff mention this guy, ever, typical) and Korff was called out of class one day (first hand eye witness) but as always, he's added much to this episode.

The "truth" will never be fully known because Korff is the only one who knows the truth which means, we'll never know the truth.

More later.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Nice picture, by the way.

About that "secret marriage" business, I have a friend who is acquainted with a distant relative of the Kernal. According to her, Korff did indeed marry a woman from India earlier this year.

No offense to whomever shared this info, but Kal Korff lied to his own brother and mom about being a colonel in the Super Duper Services and convinced the family to let him RUIN what should have been an open/shut wrongful shooting case. Either that or they knew the super duper services crap was a sham and willingly went along with it. If Kal lied about that, he will lie about anything including being married.

I discount anything which Kal Korff has been credited as saying, writing, typing, posting, whatever. The only thing that would convince me that the marriage is not make believe would be a legal marriage certificate (and shown independent of Kalvin's web presence) and simple casual documentation of the two of them together. Until then I say bullshit. He is too slimy, repulsive and insincere for any woman to consider as a partner. But do not discount the messenger, only the message.

Anonymous said...

To all you US based Korffers:

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all you Korffers throughout the world:

Keep up the Korffing heat. The Genuine Turd deserves every minute of your effort to slap him down.

Korffing For A Korff-Free Internet

Korffers Unite

God Bless Big Don Ecker!

And God Bless Santa in a Floppy Hat, I hope you put a new video on the KIAI Youtube channel for the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

I would ASSume that Korff will be having a not confirm able, but a written in syndication, dinner with the troops in a few hours?


Dumb ass.

I loathe you.


Anonymous said...

Korff's Face Book just updated:

"I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor."

And a prtridge in a pear tree.

KIAI said...

FN my lad!! Get that info to me as soon as you can! ahhhaaahaahaha!! I will love posting it for the world to see and I am sure the Czech media will love it!!!

Anonymous said...


I will. I'm waiting for a bit more, after the US holiday I guess?

I will send it all to you in a clean format and I'll send it to that Kern site web master as well.

This is gonna be very enlightening.

Good times for us, very bad times for Kalvin Karlton Korff.


Anonymous said...

New Update

From Korff’s Secret Wars Youtube channel:

“Many of my writings have appeared in newspapers and magazines, and I often do not allow them to be re-posted on the Internet.”

Okay, let me get this straight, people pay you to write this stuff and then you forbid those same people who paid you, and who own at least some interest in the material, if not the full interest and ownership, from publishing that material on the web?

And there you have it people, a Kalvin Karlton Korff lie, confirmed as a lie by the words of none other than Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Korffing 101

Anonymous said...

"I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor."

Refining the fantasy, one made up detail at a time. Go Kal!

swadsf;ajkfghdjkhq said...

Department of Defense Online report about 2011 Thanksgiving dinner with our brave men & women of the armed forces deployed around the globe.

Thank you for not exploiting them this year to get cheap unearned attention from people on facebook, MR. Korff.

Anonymous said...

You are worthless dross, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff, responding directly to this blog once again.

Someone brought up the fact that Korff's Occupy article has still not been released. A few days later and we have this response.

BTW, read this closely, it's completly made up.

It's edderly a fraud.

Lying Lair.

Kal Korff :Here is an excerpt from one of my interviews with an Occupy Wall Street protester. I am sure apologists will say he is an "exception," but of course this is not true.

Q: You have issued a manifesto for your group, in late September, September 20th as I recall. It says, "Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate s...olutions accessible to everyone."

And yet here you are occupying Zuccotti Park, which is private property. Aren't you breaking your own rules and being a hypocrite?

A: Not at all. We are exercising our right to protest.

Q: Your own group says it is wrong to trespass and occupy private property, and that you are limiting your demonstrations to public property. But this park is not public property, is it?

A: We have the right to protest.

Q: You are not answering my question. Is this park public or private property?

A: Private.

Q: So you are breaking the laws and trespassing, occupying private property just like an illegal squatter.

A: That's not the same thing.

Q: Do you admit that this is private property, yes or no?

A: Yes, it's private. Owned by the city.

Q: Owned by the city? Are you nuts? The city does not own this property, it is privately held.

A: Yes. It's private.

Q: And you say it is wrong to trespass on private property. You say it is wrong to occupy private property. But you're doing it, aren't you?

A: It's different, we're protesting.

Q: Are you feeling ok? You admit this is private property. Your own rule book says to limit yourself to protesting in public places, to not trespass and spend the night on private property. You also admitted that the police have a right to remove you because you are breaking laws, remember?

A: Yes, (confused) yes.

Q: So why is it different? Where's the difference?

A: (No answer)

Anonymous said...

So now the 'Occupy' protestors have a manifesto and a 'rule book' to go by.
Tell us another one Kal!

p.s. - yes you can park on private property that isn't posted.

Amused (mostly), Disgusted (often) said...

Ah, I see the Colonel of the Urinal has found time between all his partying with the troops to "publish" some low grade bullshit that would not fool a moron. There is so much wrong with that new load that it's a shame to dignify it with any response. What a tool.

Anonymous said...

A: Yes, (confused) yes.

Is that Kal telling everyone how the protester feels or was that part of this person's text? And no statistical detail about the interviewee? Sloppy journalism.

Anonymous said...

Like everything Korff claims, it's completely imaginary. He did not interview anyone in the US; certainly not in person. The whole exchange is as childishly fake as it sounds.

You are not fooling anyone, Doofus.