Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm A Fart Smeller!

Where On This List is Kalvin?

Korff Klaims

MDI: Marvelously Delusional Idiocy

Korff Education Truth


Anonymous said...

"On my many secret lives...." Ha, ha, ha,

Anonymous said...

Part 1

André Skondras: Some statements made by Kal Korff during our first lengthy discussion here on FB, I believe, in late May, 2015.

"Yes, I did score very high on IQ tests I have taken, I finished high school in three years and was eligible to graduate, part of the test I took was later published in a magazine. This fact was DISTORTED later by Royce Myers III to mean my IQ was determined "based on a magazine quiz," which is complete nonsense, but typical for UFOOLogists. By the way, the fact I scored high on IQ tests proves to me that they are not valid. I do not believe in IQ tests since "intelligence" cannot be measured by any single, agreed upon criteria."

"I do NOT consider myself to be a "genius" or any sort. Not even close. Instead, I see myself as someone who has worked hard and studied a lot about a wide variety of subjects and if I am interested in them I get REALLY into them, sometimes to the point of obsession. So I feel that my completing high school in three years was because I put the work necessary to accomplish that, nothing more."

Anonymous said...

Part 2

"I do NOT and NEVER HAVE believed in IQ tests because logically, they are not possible. There is no single objective standard to measure "human intelligence" everything from cultural differences to genetics are factors. If a person in Afghanistan doesn't know how to use an iPad, is that person "stupid?" No. If an American knows how to use an iPad but can't hunt in the wild to save their butt in an emergency but someone in Afghanistan knows how to do that, does this make the American "stupid" or dumb? No. It just means that their knowledge is different."

"The FACT I finished high school with enough credits to graduate after only three years simply means that, nothing more. It does NOT mean I was some kind of "brilliant" kid, although I did get teased because my birthday and Einstein's were one day apart. One of the press articles, and it is likely NOT on the Internet, mentioned that I was teased in school with that name and "Brain" and also that I had designed a nuclear bomb as science project. I can't change that fact. It's coincidence and NOT relevant, but you know people."

"Now I hope you know at least these things: I do NOT consider myself to be a "genius" and I don't waste any time on this issue. REAL "geniuses" are people like Einstein, Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller, Newton, etc. Kal Korff will never be on this proverbial list. Put Kal Korff even close to this word and there's such a huge gap there that I don't think can be measured. I am just me, I don't claim to be anything more than Kal Korff, whatever that means."

October 19, 1973 said...

Oh golly, the shared birthday obsession! well almost shared. I doubt being born on or near the same calendar date as a given celebrity makes one more "aligned" with them as an individual, in this case the genius of Albert Einstein. Marvelously delusional idiocy. I am more sure that the bunghole newspaper found Kalvin's crying about being picked on as a nerdy socially isolated child just as newsworthy as his confabulation regarding the history-making nuclear weapon design project & its forensically dated award ribbon.

I love it when Kalvin revists his old lies, then compounds them with lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie to retcon the fabrication of his life to the current fictional narrative. Now conveniently excluding the decade spent in Prague parading around in a fake SAPSTOE uniform with stolen valor rank insignia.