Friday, August 5, 2016

The Bloat of Kalvin Korff

Something shiny has yet again distracted Kalvin. Gone is the radio show, gone is the talk show, gone is the iPads for Peace, gone is the Kalvin Korff New World Order School, gone is the secret agent persona...  and here we have the "new" show, which isn't new at all. LINK - LINK - LINK

Here's the full length tripe if you must:


The Unknown Korffer said...

Well, Manish. There goes your last chance to keep that idiot from making your media giant look like a laughing stock. Not just played as a tool by a known con artist but a laughing stock. You'd better get a reign on this now or whatever board runs DW is going to be interviewing for a new managing editor once the shareholders start demanding to know "WTF??"

Anonymous said...

BINGO Unknown. Spot on Mate.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with that buffoon Kal recycling the past and trying to relive his "glory days" when he conned his way onto tv programs and radio. Why isn't Kal exposing the conditions about child sweatshops and the number of other human rights atrocities in India? Move on to something new and relevant? Nah, Kal just get his dumb ass out of first gear and often mistakes it for reverse. Kal embarrasses himself every time he shows his fat face and silly hair dye job on camera. He's an embarrassment to real journalists everywhere. I give that fool Kal a year at best before he melts down again and dons his phony colonel act again.

Anonymous said...

700 days.

No book, no series of book.

Duhhh My name is Kalvin and I am a super secret SAPSTOE said...


dated / offensive
less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.
"kalvin korff must be retarded or something"

informal / offensive
very foolish or stupid.
"kalvin korff's retarded talk show is just youtube videos"

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

When I was a kid in the late 90s I looked up my surname "Korff" and the only Korff on the internet was Kal, a pathetic tin foil hat blogger (whose name wasn't even really Korff). As a teenager, I was going through puberty and had real problems. I had acne, my voice was cracking, surprise boners in public, peer-pressure, drugs, gangs, jobs, girls -- and to make matters worse; 2 fucking airliners flew into 2 buildings in New York City and the whole world lost its shit. The President of the United States was talking about protecting freedom and meeting terror head on and doing what needed to be done. I had some real shit to figure out. I forgot all about Kal.

Flash Forward, 2016, I look up my surname again... definitely more Korffs on the internet now... but I was surprised to see Kal K Korff survived to become one of the oldest memes on the internet --

Seriously, Kal has been trolling you guys for 2 decades.

He was an internet troll before the concept had even words to describe it. He's like the fucking missing link in internet troll evolution. Prehistoric legendary prototroll...

You need to let it go guys, stop feeding trolls. Its time. Its way past time. Believe me, Kal is not fooling anyone -- he never was. Thank you for your service in protecting the public all these years from what you might have thought was a potentially harmful conman. But really, look at the guy. He's just a delusional goofball that tells silly ass farfetched stories. Its not worth your time or your pity or your rage, it never was.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful post and points well taken.

Rest assured, it's entertainment. Like an interactive MMUD with Kal as the two dimensional sprite-model protagonist. I stop in to play for a few minutes every other day, usually after dinner and sometimes over coffee when starting the day like any good online gamer. We just keep score of the progress and look forward to seeing what happens next.

As far as trolling us I seriously doubt he is intelligent enough to come up with such notions but does crave whatever attention he can get. So again, points well taken and there are stretches of time when I don't play the Korffing Game, too nauseated by seeing what a human train wreck Korff is to get any enjoyment out of it. But come on. A JFK assassination video for a "news agency" in India? That's like, four gold coins. Eight more and we get the red key to the sewer levels.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why do you give a fuck what we do Dr. Phil? Thanks for the Lecture and your life history that none of us give a shit about.

Anonymous said...

"You need to let it go guys, stop feeding trolls."

Thanks for the thoughtful post. Good points.

We shall kontinue.

Anonymous said...

50 views and ready for the big time. Dufuss.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored and humbled to report that a second show I am hosting and producing, called Is It REALLY True? is now part of the Daily World Television family of shows. The reaction to the Kal Korff TV Show has been overwhelmingly positive, we will broadcast more episodes shortly, so I will be doing both shows now. Both of them will cover everything from politics to the paranormal. Here is the link for Is It REALLY True? This first episode exposes the false claims of one of the key "grassy knoll assassin" bogus "witnesses"in JFK's assassination - Jean Hill. More episodes of the Kal Korff TV Show and Is It REALLY True? will be uploaded later this week. Thanks again everyone!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, one of the more creative types here needs to make a "Kal Korff: The Game" video with Kal running around like Mario Brothers in his assorted costumes or silly hats as he dodges the Kevin Randle monster, gets extra bonus points for scamming Apple devices from the Noble Humanitarian, has to use the secret sewer level to escape Prague to India before his landlord finds out, has trouble with the Big Don Ecker boss monster but in the end just like in real life, Kal's Mom saves the day! Yay mom, with the 8th Grader Homework Binder Assault Cannon and its special forensically dated Science Fair Award Ribbon ammo. Go Kal Go!

Anonymous said...