Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Facebook fun with Kernal Kolon

I do think instead of pointing out the obvious and repeat rantings of Kal Korff that I would start doing something more fun like taking Kal's own words from this facebook like this dandy I found today "They don't gave genetically modified stuff here, not as many chemicals nor preservatives. When I returned to the USA years ago for a filming, I ate what I used to and didn't feel well. Couldn't believe I ate what I used to, but then again I didn't consume anything everyone else doesn't"

So they don't gave eh? ahahahahahhhaaahhhahahahaaa

Now my writing and grammar is deplorable but then I do not pretend to be a teacher or a writer like Kal pretends to be. And before Kal syas he is a writer because he had some books published last century and hasn't done anything new since this does not make one a writer. I tried to wade through Kal's terrible writing in his column and a book. It gives one a headache and diarrhea the writing is so horrible. Does anyone else have a Kernal Kornhole facebook moment to share? ahahahahahahaa I am sure ther are too many! ahaahhaaa


B.Hudson said...

Once again, Kal is his own worst enemy. With little or no effort we can take him down....

Or watch him do it to himself.

Brad Hudson
President of the Dallas, Texas Korffing Society
Patiently waiting for Kal to serve me with papers.

B.Hudson said...

Also, has anyone noticed that 5 of Kal's favorite TV shows are the ones that are played only on YouTube, on Kal's own channel?

What a tool!

Also, one of his favorite musicians is "Jazz Coleman"? Is Sir Kal referring to "Jaz" Coleman from Killing Joke? Or maybe Ornette Coleman?

And, apparently, there is not a musical genre Kal doesn't like?

Anonymous said...

Written by Kal Korff, op ed. on the road
Thursday, 01 April 2010 14:46

Dear World,

I continue to be humbled by the power of Facebook. I would like to thank the 242 people who have agreed to accept me as their "friends" on this unique social networking platform. It has been awesome connecting with new people, especially Billy Meier UFO hoax "believers" and also many longtime friends and colleagues.

As everyone reading this web site knows, Michael Horn tried desperately to PREVENT people from being my friend, this is how Michael really is. He CLAIMS to be "spiritual" but as the official complaints against Michael Horn for anti-Semitism PROVE, Mikey calls at least one Jew a "worm" and a "parasite" and in another truly revealing email, also said this Jew was a "turd" and then said this was an insult to turds!

Rumors continue to circulate that Billy Meier, the leader of his own UFO cult, will be dumping Michael Horn as one of his official spokesmen, because even this false "prophet" of humanity KNOWS that it only makes Billy "look bad" and Michael's dishonesty and ethical lapses and hatred draw the WRONG KIND OF ATTENTION to Billy Meier.

It's bad for his business of conning people.

While we could care less what, if anything Meier does to Horn, trusting consumers WIN either way — should UFO cult leader Meier continue to allow Horn to behave and break laws, threaten and intimidate people, everyone will SEE what Billy Meier is REALLY about, since Meier ALREADY claims that the Jewish Torah, Christianity's Holy Bible and the Koran of Islam, were ALL FAKED.

Michael Horn says the same thing, because he claims that Meier is the last true prophet of all humanity — which of course is a lie.

If cult leader Meier does dump Horn, then this is evidence that Horn is wrong, and behaves in unethical and immoral ways.

But we ALREADY know that.

Horn has been asking about WHO my new web hoster is.

We have already stated that info. Horn is welcome to try to harASS them, but it won't work.

Having now made this web site "Mikey Proof" we will continue to move forward with exposing Horn and the Meier UFO Cult, you haven't seen anything yet!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin K. Korff's dream girl:

And they have SO much in common!


Anonymous said...

Poor old Kal is sure having a hangup with Michael Horn lately.Once his trigger is tripped, he just can't seem to let go.
Meantime, he keeps putting up his old YouTube stuff as if anyone really cares. I guess he's trying to bring back his glory days, since he has nothing going for him these days.
Oh, I forgot - those 32 books he's writing, plus the six SecretxWars series that Prometheus will be publishing 'shortly'.
What a yo-yo!

Squankawhoozits said...

Without actually meaning to I accessed this page from MR. Korff's really fucked up website:

Which shows one of MR. Korff's speeches to the Israeli delegation which MR. Korff now claims was made when he was a captain ...

This is a video recording of a rehearsal Colonel Kal Korff did, back when he was a Captain, for a speech before an Israeli group who had invited him to speak about hatred, intolerance and the threat of Islamofascism, which Kal Korff has helped fight against since 1980 as proven in his upcoming six volume series on terrorism, called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books. In this one-take rehearsal, Executive Producer Miss Martina Týčová was "pleased" enough that she decided to release this video on YouTube, which has since become popular.

As a simple search on the Internet proves, certain hate-filled "kritics" try to "attack" Kal Korff for "speaking to an empty room."

Yes, some people REALLY are this desperate, they'll grab onto ANYTHING to smear another person and lie to people. Since Kal was REHEARSING for his speech, as PROVEN here, the "kriticism" that Kal was "speaking to an empty room" is arguably insane.

Kal Korff has EVERY RIGHT to rehearse as he pleases, whether it be at home or in front of people. In this specific video, Kal rehearsed in front of Martina, which is always an honor.

This real, obvious example is cited to prove how haters will do anything when they are desperate enough to try to smear or harm someone.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 March 2010 07:28



Anonymous said...

From Kal's Facebook fantasy today...

ALERT, ALERT all "Paranormal" types out there. SPREAD THE WORD, I have an URGENT NEED for ANY GREAT VIDEO CLIPS which show Fortean type stuff — UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Giant Frogs, Ghosts, Mothmen, whatever. I can GUARANTEE PLACEMENT ON TV SHOW IF THE STUFF IS COMPELLING ENOUGH. Please contact me ASAP. As usual in Hollywood, deadline is "yesterday" YOU WOULD BE PAID BY THEM, NOT ME, in the middle of production NOW!
That is a little difficult to comment on, but I can think of plenty.


B.Hudson said...

I felt the least I could do afer Mike Horn got Kernal Kerfluffle's web host to hit him with the banstick was to befriend Michael on Facebook.

I think the Meier case is full of huge holes but you gotta' give credit where credit is due...

What I've learned this week:

1. It's a "scientific fact" (huh???) how "Mikey operates and deceives people"

2. That the Kernal "terminated his CONTRACT with David Biedny" to do work on the Meier expose. Umm, it's a "scientific fact" that David would rather try and wrestle a wolverine in the nude than to even be in the same time-zone as the Kernal, much less waste his time or ruin his own reputation even talking to Kal about anything.

3. The Kernal has a "web hoster". Everyone else has a we host. For someone with so much background in computers you'd think Kal would at least know basic terminology. I guess everyone at Apple, from Jobs all the way down, have "web hosters".

4. Kal was already in the process of getting a new "web hoster". It had nothing to do with Horn turning the tables on Kal and using a play right out of Kal's playbook to get Kal's "web hoster" to shut him down.

5. There is a law firm somewhere that, in addition to doing legal work free of charge on moronic lawsuits, also has web hosting.

6. The "Israelis" also provide web hosting, with the attorneys.

7. "Phil Langdon" writes in the exact same style as Kal Korff. This brings the number of "independent" parties that write in the SAME STYLE and "meter" as Kal Korff up to, what, 5?

8. Here is the ADL's page for reporting anti-semitic incidents:

Notice anything different about it compared to the screen grab on "The Kiddon Kid"s page? Anything you'd like to tell us Kal?

9. Calling a person of the Jewish faith a "worm" or a "parasite:is, apparently, a crime. You can call Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists "worms" and "parasites" all day long, though, with no real consequences.

10. Apparently there was a fake Kal Korff on the internet for 2 weeks while Kal went back undercover (under the alias "Oscar Meyer Wiener") to Switzerland to collect more evidence on Meier.

11. (I could go on forever, but here's the last for this week). Hana Dvorakova, a Slovakian journalist, who has apparently interviewed Kal numerous times as, and I quote, "Interviewing Kal is always an adventure", also writes in the exact same style as Kal Korff. Kal must be one hell of a guy as so many people have chosen to model their own writing style on Kal's.

Brad Hudson
Facebook Friend of Michael Horn
Dallas, Texas

The Unknown Korffer said...

Does he really think anybody believes that he is not completely insane? Fuck whether or not they believe him, nobody cares enough to invest any faith in anything Kalvin K. Korff has to say. Billy Meier? JFK? Uhh, the guy's crazy?

What does he do for a job too. Does he really think people aren't sitting there during those few fleeting moments when they allow him to enter their lives, wondering "What does Kal do for a living?" That's what most people ask their old friends after not seeing them for a decade -- What are you doing with yourself these days? How's the family?

Kalvin is updating his websites and posting messages to Face Books full time now, probably upwards to 75+ hours a week, twelve hours per day every day, constant updates. There's no time for a job, and if he doesn't think that's obvious to anyone looking in on him he'd better guess again. He's not fooling anyone though some may be giving him some slack by not confronting their good Face Book buddy and suggesting he talk to a psychiatrist.

Keep enjoying all the love and concern, Kalvin. Eventually the Czechs are going to realize you are certifiable. A straight jacket in a rubber room with your name on it, at last.

Don Ecker said...

Greetings KIAI and everybody else. It has been a very long time since I've posted here or the "Cult" blog but I heard that this blog was back. I have been very busy with my 5 nite per week radio show and life in general so I have been scarce.

This coming week (April 5-9) I will be attending a military re-union with my buddies I served in Viet Nam with. This is the first time we will have seen each other since the war. I was pretty badly wounded on April 02, 1972 (it was Easter Sunday) and when I woke up in hospital .. I never thought I would see any of those guys again. Then ... here is a total putz and schmuck trying to attach some military glamor to himself by "calling himself a Colonel." Korff .. you are too loathsome to even think about .. yet I do. Some day .. when you come back to the States ... I have a feeling you and I will "bump" into each other. For myself .. I can't wait.
Don Ecker

Saltinajo said...

Great to see you stopping by, Don.

The new show is great!

Hope the new mixer works out and has a long service life, like the old one.

BTW, Don, Kal has a bit on his Facebook page about him debating Jim Delittoso on "UFOs Tonight". I immediately went into research mode as I knew there was no way that you and Dwight would have had Kal on the old show. I thought Kal might be changing the spelling just to cover his ass, but, apparently, there is (was) a show on something called Heironimus & Company (the Heironimus guy is emphatic he's not Bob Heironimus).

Odd that they'd have taken that name, though.

OK, enough rambling from me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Desperate Don Ecker! One of the few (many?) in Kal's pantheon, you even have a series named after you

Desperate Don is a video series which is part of the UFO WatchCat family of shows designed to protect trusting consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III and now the ParaCast. In this introductory segment, Kal Korff DISPROVES various claims made by "Desperate Don" Ecker, who of course is disingenuously labeled as "credible" and in fact is in Royce Myers III's grossly mislabeled "UFO Hall Of Fame."

We hope you enjoy this video, it is posted here solely because of popular demand.

B.Hudson said...

Umm, is this Kal again?? Don's integrity next to Kal's is like setting an amoeba down next to a Saturn V. And the rocket might not be big enough to illustrate my point on this...

Anonymous said...

Greetings all.
I asked the retard recently if I could be his Facebook "friend". Obviously, I didn't use my real name, so I chose that of a guy I played rugby with at college many moons ago.
Desperate to have another "friend" to boast about, the retard signed me up without further ado.

Anonymous said...

...Once I had received his acceptance of my offer of "friendship", I sent him the following:

You are insane. You are not a Colonel. You are not a “Sapstoe”. You are not a member of the “Special Secret Services”. There is no such thing as a “Sapstoe” and there is no such thing as the “Special Secret Services”. No-one is sitting in a car on the street keeping tabs on you, as you claim on Facebook. You do not have a 32-volume book series upcoming (why do you keep changing this figure, by the way? You recently mentioned a 45-book deal…), as you claim on Facebook. You are not the chairman of a BBC “expert panel” you once claimed was convened to examine now-defunct plans for a missile shield. You have not commissioned a KPMG audit into the “claims of Kevin Randle”, as you asserted in a YouTube clip that you have since pulled. You were never a “key, expert witness” in the criminal trial of OJ Simpson, as you claimed on another YouTube clip that you have also pulled. You never led “a counter-terrorism raid” in Germany “which netted some al-Quaeda connected suspects”, as you once claimed on your website. “Nanotechnology” is not being “deployed in Pakistan right now and Afghanistan, under my initiatives and in operations that I command”, as you once also claimed on your website. I could go on and on and on, but what would be the point? You are a very, very sick man, Kal. For God’s sake, go back to your family and get the help you so obviously and desperately need.

Anonymous said...


Shortly thereafter, the retard posted the following on his Facebook wall:

Phony Facebook alert. Unless I'm wrong, there's a FB impersonator, for lack of a better term, using the name Selwyn Davis with email address & Seznam is a CZECH email service, "odds" of this man being "real"? NOT likely :-) I've blocked him, reported this to FB, SEEMS's not right. Just alerting you, you may want to BLOCK this person as well.

Anonymous said...

...simultaneously, the retard sent me the following private (and rather lame, I thought) message:

"You will be receiving a visit from the SSS soon enough."

Anyone who is interested can view the entire sad little exchange on the email account I set up for the purpose: (not, as the retard stated on his Facebook wall)
password: kalisaliar

The facebook account (in the name of "Selwyn Davis" - apologies to the real Selwyn, wherever he is!) has the same password.

B.Hudson said...

So desperate for friends he is hoisted on his own petard.

It would almost be sad if it wasn't the Kernal.

Now it's just damn funny.

Brad Hudson
Founder, Korff-watch, a Dallas, Txas based and Pakistani founded meta-organization with Indian funding (makes as much sense as an Israeli org funded by the Saudi's with a CZR HQ, don't you think?)
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff.

God damn you to hell.

Chuck Finley said...

I skimmed this article quickly and thought I read this:

"SAPSTOE Colonel Kal Korff is a global trendsetter — according to one of his official state run websites. CriticalThinkers reported today that the secretive spy's trademark zip-up suit had become a worldwide fashion craze. The barmy article claimed Kal's dress sense had gripped people's imagination, and that the fashion world follows in his wake. The piece quoted an unidentified French fashion expert as saying: "Kal Korff mode, which is now spreading expeditiously worldwide, is something unprecedented in the world's history."

...however, I wasn't wearing my reading glasses:

Matt Damon said...

.....MATT DAMON !!!!....

Brit_in_Prague said...

If you examine the timings of Korff's postings and responses to other people's postings, it appears that he keeps some very odd hours...

Sqwanikomoatic said...


"This Account Has Been Suspended"

Appears to also affect other known Korff weblinks.

B.Hudson said...


It appears Kal needs to have another discussion with his "web hoster"

n/a said...

this is obviously just part of the security blackout in effect due to kal's top secret meetings with obama, which were scheduled months in advance. the missile initiative with the russians was just a cover story to bring obama and colonel korff together for a historic first meeting. if he had posted on his website or FB to expect an outage and named a date it could have compromised the security further, and we can expect the outage to continue as long as colonel korff and president obama remain sequestered at an undisclosed location. the account suspended message was likely colonel korff's own idea as a psyops ruse to get the billy meier people and their terrorist hackers looking the other way. everything is proceeding as the colonel planned it, which is why he didn't tell anyone about it with one of his DEAR WORLD updates. it all makes perfect sense of you inhale lots of drano fumes.