Sunday, March 21, 2010

More meaningless legal threats from Kolonel Kolon

Why oh why oh why does nothing ever change with this fruity little madman Kal Korff?? Is Kal so stupid that he can't come up with anything else a bit more original than the same tired and useless and imaginary volumes of books and these fantasy lawyers and lawsuits and police threats that do not exist???

Event he mad hatter had more sense than this drooling moronic waste known as Kal Korff. Misery does love company and I think this Mike Horn chap and Kal Korff are fitting company for each other. And what precisely does Kal think he is oging to do to stop Mike Horn and this Meier fellow? Kal had a hard enough time with this facebook dilema and not following thorugh on any of his promises that it is crystal clear Kal is completely incapable of stopping anyone from doing anything. This mad little chap Kal couldn't stop an old woman from getting on the tram.

For bloody sake just look at the idiot's picture here. Kal"Israel" as he likes to fantasize about being is just a nut. Mad as a hatter. Kal appears so inept that he likely cannot even obtain a license to drool. In my absence I see Kal has continued on his rambling tirades about all things Paul Kimball, David Beedney, Royce Meyer, Kevin Randle and the rest of those Kal seems utterly and sickly obsessed with.

I see Kal's maifesto he calls a book about terrorism as not been published by Prometheus Books as he has promised on many many many occasions. ahahahahhhaaaahahaahaaa And as usual I see Kal cannot keep his own self imposed deadlines for books and video and anything else for that matter. ahahahhahaahahhhaa

This is all of just the same old same old Kal Korff and his utter inability to keep nonsense from bursting out of his mouth like water from a broken pipe. That combine with Kal's delusions can produce some insane stories that are clearly not true. Oliver North? John Ritter? Apprehending terror suspects in Germany? A 500 hundred book deal? 26 and now 32 volumes about some flying saucer nonsense? ahahahahahahahhhaaahahhhaaa Rubbish rubbish rubbish and utter rubbish. And to think that Kal K. Korff actually thinks there is someone stupid enough out there to believe that this supposed I-Pod and laptop stealing moron who can't seem to hold down a job would be capable of anything other than the rambling nonsense he too often provides. A colonel in some intelligence organization? Kal wouldn't make it as a shoe shiner let along an officer in some organization. Now Kal is a "volunteer" when he has repeatedly claimed he had a pension and was being paid? All of this is so patently absurd that one cannot help but laugh cautiously at such warped bullshit.

And what madman would be complete without an audience of those watching in laughter?? Hence Kal's facebook "friends" as he likes to refer to them and it would be only a delusional fool who would consider people watching his continued public breakdown as anything resembling a friend.

No one is laughing with you Kal. No one.

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Jimmy D said...

F1 Racer - where art thou?