Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kal Korff blows Horn

I do not think it would be that far fetched but that is not what Iam talking about. Kernal Kolon Licker is letting out more hot air out of his big ass with more announcements about another lawsuit and releasing more books and stopping this Meier fellow and it is just more of the same nonsense Kal has been blowing out his own ass forever.

If Kal could turn talking into money he would then be the wealthiest man in the world. Instead all Kal can do is babble like a buffoon while shoveling out more bullshit than a bull farm. While I think all this Bill Meier flying saucer business is utter nonsense at least it appears that Bill Meier and this Horn fellow can at least follow though on delivering products. A 32 book volume from Kal? Oh please spare me! Kal can't deliver anything resembling an actual 32 volume set considering Kal cannot deliver on any number of his promises. And please take your pick of promises. arrests? Lawsuits? Complaints? Consumer fraud cases? 500 book deal? Video showing Kal delivering a manuscript? New products? New job as a editor? This list could go on and would be bloody fucking long but I think I will stop right there because there is no use going on when Kal cannot deliver.

So you go right on blowing Horn there Kal. Go on railing against the people you obsess over. Go on living out your fantasy and trying to impress facebook people who would all move right along and not bat a wink if you died tomorrow. Go on trying to turn everything into hate because you are such a small man. And know Kal that no one takes you seriously. There are 3 Kal camps and the 1st just laughs at the imbecile. The 2nd takes pity of Kal and his crazy antics. The 3rd is a mixture of the first two camps. Kal is too caught up in his fantasy to realize that the people on facebook are just along for the ride and are not truly his friends. But don;t tell a madman that. Just let him continue blowing Horn. ahahahhhaaaa


Anonymous said...

Colonel Kal Korff's Facebook "Friends" Increases to 161 - Despite Mikey Horn's Immoral Attempts To Lower Them PDF Print E-mail
UFO WatchCat - Royce Myers III
Written by Kal Korff, op ed. on the road
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 16:05

Dear World,

I am honored to report the number of "friends" (they are a combination of former co-workers at Apple/Claris, teachers, colleagues in various areas of interest, and even some romantic interests), on my Facebook account has INCREASED to 161 now.

I mention this because a few days ago, none other than Billy Meier UFO Cult Fraud promoter and Official Spokesman Michael Horn sent a UNSOLICITED letter to many of these same people, and tried to get them to STOP being my friends.

Horn then made a point to LIE to these people claiming that Meier was being "threatened" and implied that the Israeli Mossad would kill him.

Sorry to "disappoint" Mikey, but while Billy Meier is a UFO CULT LEADER, he is NOT an Islamofascist terrorist and he certainly is NOT a "threat" to Israel's security.

Can you imagine this folks?

Can you say DELUSIONAL?

I'm not making this up.

Mikey has that job well under control already.

While this effort by Horn reveals how low his morals REALLY are, we're going public with this so that all of you Billy Meier UFO cult believers out there will see through the FRAUD in this man.

Horn has also called me a "worm" — in the SAME WAY that Nazis call Jews (like me) "worms" — and he said he doesn't "consider me to be a man."

I guess Mikey flunked basic Biology 101.

Mikey has also basically challenged me to a physical fight — here's my answer below:

No, go "threaten" someone else, Mikey — someone who gives a rip and will PLAY your sick games.

Some spiritually advanced guy who peddles the "silent revolution of truth," eh?


Anonymous said...

Kal Is An idiot, you should start your very own Facebook group about Kal Korff. The only reason anyoneis communicating with that idiot on Facebook is they have no idea about all of the nutty shit he has been pulling in Prague.

I think some public education is in order!

Anonymous said...

Righteous stuff, KIAI.

I never want to meet you. That's because I picture you as a grey-haired, long-bearded Old Testament figure sitting on a cloud and hurling down thunderbolts.

I don't want that delicious image getting smashed.

Keep going, KIAI. Keep going. You are doing God's work.