Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kernal Kondom should write a book on excuses

This idiot Kal Korff should consider a future in writing a book on the world's most idiotic excuses for everything as Kal can only do one thing to keep his imaginary world in line and that is to make excuses for it all. Kal wrote on facebook that a man in a car was parked outside of his home. Of course Kal says that he really doesn't have a single home but has many places to stay because he doesn't stay in one place for security reasons. ahahahahaha what a load of goat shit. Now little Kolonel Krinkle says he has found out who this mystery person was and wrote on facebook "

Hi, found out the guy yesterday who was "spying" on us is with the U.S. Secret Service, was an "Advance Man" because Obama is coming to Prague soon. I've deleted the photo since it shows his face. They "check" on me ever since I gave intel about Iran's plans to nuke Israel, gave it to Israeli's first. At least THEY tak...e it serious, many in USA think we can just "talk" Iran out of it. It's delusional. Mystery solved."

If Kal is one thing he is an expert on being delusional. The best really.

This person writing on Kal's facebook suggests after Kal tries to faltter her by writing she is in his book and will send her a copy "I would love a copy but I don't recall providing you with my address.I know this is a strange question Kal but has anyone ever suggested you might have Aspergers?" ahahahahahahahhhaaaa Oh and please DO NOT GIVE KAL YOUR ADDRESS!! You never when Kernal Kouchbag will show up at you rdoor looking for a place to stay. ahaahaahhhaaa

And in classic response Kal leaves his usual excuse topped off with some connection to some famous person saying he was examined by a relative of the famous Carl Jung. ahahahahahahaa Sure you were Kal sure you were. but this person writing on facebook hit something right on the head about Kal and wrote "Kal why do I always feel like your answers, which should much simpler is somewhat like a manifesto, including a plug for your books almost everytime you respond? I love to chat on facebook but I'm looking for more fun word play not such lengthy and preachy responses.I feel like your answers are geared toward anyone else who might be reading them!"

But Kernal Krap has to top off all response and wrote "I thank you for your concern and love, honestly, but as I said, I am finishing seven years worth of non-stop work, reason WHY I have not had any relationship with a woman for about five years. No time and I certainly want one. But then again, I'm crazy, right?"

Bat shit crazy Kal. Bat shit nutso! ahahhhaahaaaahaha So I suppose we can count on Kal focusing more on his facebook page because he is more likely to get attention from car wreck watchers. And I see Kal has once again blown himself on meeting his own deadline for publishing anything. ahahahahahahaaaahhaaa


Anonymous said...

No woman for 5 years? So who was Martina? Another imaginary person? Or how about Avimi Abernazi? Ot the Arabian dude with your $25M budget?
Meantime Mr. Korff, while you're so busy writing your 32 book series on terrorism and spending most of your time lately surfing and commenting on Facebook, people like Paul Kimball, who is now co-hosting the radio show Paracast, and Don Ecker, who now has his own radio show, and Kevin Randle who is still writing books, not to mention Stanton Friedman who is doing likewise, and is now in New Mexico giving lectures, and Michael Horn who is still selling DVDs, and on and on. So where is your promised PDF download of your writings regarding Billy Meier?
Nothing like being a homeless has-been living on welfare.

Sqyankomitczyj said...

WTF, Kal -- Couldn't even make it until the end of March before people start questioning what you are actually doing on Facebook? We can start counting out the days before one of these people (almost surely female) gets fed up with MR. Korff's insistence on always getting the last word in & lets him have it: There is no rule saying only nice, caring, loving messages have to be left on a wall. MR. Korff has a lot of learning to do on what Facebook really is.

And good call to the fellow Korffers on Kal's slipups, first confusing whether he has a home to be observed in or not, then saying he has been without woman since 2005 in a really aggressive response to an innocent request that reads like it had nothing to do with Kal's love life (unless that was a prospective romance he was feeling out, if so, like dude, get a grip).

Now if memory serves, Martina was on Kal's videos with him posted most recently in May of 2007. So what Kal just either admitted is that he never scored :D or he did and is shining this woman on trying to get her to think that he is recklessly desperate enough to be a jerk on occasion due to how long its been. At least we can take solace in knowing he probably won't hook up on Facebook either.

George Adamski said...

...without a woman???

...but...but....what about Kal's WIFE (and genius offspring) that he told the WORLD about not that long ago????

....Critically Thinking Minds WANT TO KNOW!!!!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Two phrases coming from this Face Books phase of Kalvin's global fraud fascinate me.

The first is the insistence on mentioning "caring and love" when responding to what I guess are wall posts left for others on his Face Books page. I've never heard anyone refer to activity on Face Book as loving or caring. Little Kalvin is confusing common courtesy amongst the Face Books users as personal affection, which is typical with stalker mentalities and those suffering from psychological personality disorders. EVERY person who acts with basic courtesy and does not shun Kalvin with rejection becomes recategorized as a close intimate, since Kalvin does not seem to have normal human interactions (close friends, family, co-workers). This is related to why stalkers insist they know their victims so well, when in fact they are complete strangers who have had a chance passing and the victim caught the stalker's attention. He is transforming their casual courtesy into close personal bonds, and thanking them effusively for providing the instant validation he has sought for so long. Unless I was his mom (Hi Dot! we know you read here too :)) I would be very, very worried to have little weird secret agent Kalvin K. Korff leaving Face Books messages for me referring to any interaction as loving or caring. 100% creepy, and a gross violation of personal boundaries.

The other fascinating phrase Little Kalvin has become obsessed with is this one about "subjects that are of interest to many people", or most people, whichever his little sausage like fingers manage to tap out. He's using it nonstop on Face Books and he even added it to the information posted on his Youtube page. You have to wonder where Kalvin heard this phrase since he is incapable of coming up with anything original on his own. Wherever he heard or read it, a light bulb switched on in Kalvin's buzzing little oxygen deprived brain and he decided to use this as a method to create commonality between himself and potential victims. The psychological potential is immense -- Since these subjects are of interest to many or even most people, it is safe to assume that whoever Kalvin approaches or tries to contact will share his interest in something like The Loch Ness Monster. Who isn't intrigued by that? And since most everybody is intrigued by the mystery, it is within Kalvin's rights to invade whoever's life he fancies to bring the subject up and share his thoughts on whichever subject he wishes to use to glorify himself with.

I see this is an indication of his ENTITLEMENT mindset, which is another common attribute of people afflicted with psychological personality disorders, specifically narcissistic disorders. Kalvin is ENTITLED to make contact with whoever he wishes to target because they likely already share an interest in this or a myriad of other topics. He is simply providing a pre emptive strike in case the given target rejects the overture. Exactly what this woman did by shutting Kalvin down on his book length messages, which assume not just her interest but her willingness to invest extra time in minding his exhaustive detail. He even took it a step further by presuming to send her a copy of his book(s) without invitation regardless of whether she wanted to see it or not. GO GO GO KALVIN!!

Con't From Above ... said...

Though I am of the opinion that what he had in mind was sending her a copy of his PDF as a file attachment, seemingly unaware that FACE BOOK MESSAGES DO NOT SUPPORT FILE ATTACHMENTS! Duhhhhh! Which is why the woman reacted with dismay about how Kalvin may have had her address already, referring to her standard email address. He could have been referring to a physical copy, but since the book doesn't exist except as a PDF file on his own hard drive the chances are more likely that he was proposing sending her the PDF right there through Face Books, which doesn't work like regular email to keep people from doing exactly what Kalvin seemed to be proposing: Sending an unsolicited file attachment which could be literally anything. Places like ebay and Youtube do the same thing, you'd think by now Kalvin would have learned the difference between a closed messaging system and an email. In either event it was a violation of her personal boundaries and Kalvin let her have it for shutting him down. GO GO GO KALVIN!!!

Anonymous said...

So if someone has sent Kal photos of himself then how is it that Kal was found to begin with? Where did the guys who (we rally know are not) following him get his mailing address? RFLMAO!!

Come on now Kal, we all know you're full of shit. Kal, you aren't part of some anti-terrorism organization. Stop all of this lying nonsense. Nobody is is buying this horseshit anymore, Kal.

Kal, your sad desperate attempt to keep this delusion of yours alive by trying to ensnare gullible people on Facebook won't work. Most people are smarter than you. I know that is something you did not count on, but it is so very true.

Anonymous said...

... I feel like your answers are geared toward anyone else who might be reading them!

they are my dear because you and everyone else on the planet do not matter one bit to kal korff. he is already using his interaction with you as a public display to look rational and it isnt working too well. the guy's implying that he's meeting with the president for fuck's sake, the guy is obsessed and scary. unless you enjoy witnessing meltdowns and manufactured drama i would remove the friend link to kal immediately. nothing good can come of it.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I urge you all to read (if you haven't already) a post by Michele Risso towards the end of the last string.

Kalvin - it seems you have been as mad as a hatter for years and years and years.

The Unknown Korffer said...

VERY important post that digger refers to in the prior thread, please read it!

Anonymous said...

I would appear that Kal's site has been pulled down!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Official Web site of Kal Korff
Mar 29, 2010 ... Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system. - 5 minutes ago


Anonymous said...

Re Korff's site - - I just checked and all that comes up is the Apache Front Page: "Great Success !
Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server"

Scuttle Butt is that RevRun pulled it.

sqiuytnjlomnytatuc said...

According to one of MR. Korff's 23 web posts made on his web hell over roughly a 160 minute binge this evening, his web host in Scotland was being harassed by the Meier people and his assorted websites are now being hosted by his lawyers as they prepare to sue Michael Horn ... MR. Korff obsessively posted a series of rambling, unfocused, difficult to read and link-overloaded tirades implicating Meier, Horn, Kevin Randle, David Biedney, Jim Dillettoso (going back a ways aren't we!), Barack O'bama, and the entire starting pitcher rotation from the Baltimore Orioles as co-conspirators in a global consumer fraud scandal that has its roots in anti-Semitic terrorism.

TRANSLATION: Business as usual. Wait until all of his 221,758,834 Facebook friends hear about what a busy day HE had at the office!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny, Sqiu...
Yes, I just now looked at Kal's latest tirade on his 'new' website. Mighty repetitive and boring as hell. The man went wild today! All because of Michael Horn's comments on his Facebook page a few days ago, which obviously hit Kal's sore spot real good this time.
'Call the police, arrest that man, sue him...'. What a laugh!
Typical Kal.
And FYI Kal, pay attention, David Biedny is no longer with the Paracast radio show. One of the new co-hosts is Paul Kimball. Remember him?
I could go on, but it isn't worth the keystrokes.
Enjoy your new 'girl friend'!


Anonymous said...

Michael Horn is pushing Kal's buttons and playing the fool like a fiddle. Not that Kal needs any help stepping in shit.

I just cruised through Kal's website. The guy is fucking nuts. None of this shit is real, none of it. There is no lawsuit against anyone. The authorities in California are not involved in anything. No one is going to be arrested. there is no "official" complaints filed with the police.

This is all more of Kal K. Korff listening to himself talk while walking in circles in the bathroom.

There has not been a single lawsuit filed by Kal and there have been no criminal complaints. You'd think after years of Kal threatening the same bullshit that the dipshit would come up with something new, but no.

Kal will be doing the same thing from here until the day he leaves this life. This is because the crazy fuck doesn't know how to do anything else.

Kal, no one gives a rat's ass about anything you do, you sad and pathetic attention whore.

Anonymous said...

I see from the regularity and timing of your most recent entries on your Facebook wall that you've been up all night.

Thank you, Kalvin, for this fascinating, real time glimpse into the mind of a madman.

The Unknown Korffer said...

There are usually elements of truth hidden amidst the exaggerations, half truths, parsed words and outright fabrications. When Little Kalvin says that his Scottish web hosts were harassed that probably means that the Meier circus really did sic a lawyer on them, that his service was interrupted, and that he's moved to a new host.

All of which is pretty straightforward and there's no reason at all to lie about it. Nobody would think less of Kalvin if he simply wrote that he and his server host had disagreed about terms of service and he'd moved on. It is that need to make up a story about lawyers, judges, law enforcement & secret service agents that makes Kalvin Korff a menace.

One result of today's flurry of activity is that his former Face Books friend's marvelous post EXPOSING Kalvin's history of disturbing erratic behavior once and for all and making it clear she wants nothing more to do with him has been somewhat forgotten. If I was to ask anything of our kind host it would be to make that post of hers the focus of the next update, though I might suggest redacting her name to protect the innocent. What she did was very brave & real, where this website idiocy is just more chaos manufacture ... and he did a pretty good job of it.


Anonymous said...

There are NO legal actions coming from kal K. Korff.

There are NO criminal charges being filed against anyone by Kal K. Korff or that Kal K. Korff is involved with.

There will be NO announcements "next week" from Kal K. Korff about any sort of legal action.

Kal K. Korff IS NOT involved in having anyone charged with consumer fraud or anything remotely close.

Kal K. Korff IS NOT having a book published by Prometheus Books.

Kal K. Korff IS full of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Kal is scared that Michael Horn will sue his ass. Kal moved his website to a server in Brazil. Kal's website is still registered with under a private registration.

I don't get the whole making up things about lawyers and law enforcement and the rest of the nonsense.

And people on Facebook are really in the dark about Kal and his activities. If any of the women knew what a total creep and general fake he is, they'd have nothing to do with him.

Facebook is a stalker's paradise.

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

The retard appears to have terminated his Facebook account.

B.Hudson said...

HA! The great thing is that the last time I checked the original Kal K Korff Facebook page (created by someone amongst us) is still up, even though Kal claimed Facebook removed it and the FBI was putting together a crack team to put the "Fake" Kal in jail...

Kal is his own worst enemy in every situation.