Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love this facebook stuff!!

So I go and read Kernal Kornhole's facebook page and see he has credited himself as the author of 42 books. ahahahahha I'm still laughing at all of this education rubbish Kal lists. Kal K. Korff does not have a college degree and his list of education appears to be MISLEADING CONSUMERS into believing he has some sort of scientific education. But Kal has said one truth about himself and that being he is the president of a "metaorganization". One of the meanings of the word "meta" is "self" and this is very much the truth about Kal because nobody would be stupid enough to believe that Kal is a success CEO of anything including himslef! ahahahhhaaahahaha

Kidon unit commander? ahahahhhaaahahaha It must be easy taking orders from yourself when your delusional enough to believe you are an army of one! ahahahahahaa

You are a crackpot Kal. A delusional loser living out his remaining days scurrying around the trams and streets of Pargue in a desperate attempt to justify your existence to yourself. You are not a Kidon unit commander or anti terrorism specialist. Your Secret Wars book will never see the light of day from any legitimate publisher and the only way you have been able to publish your "books" is through pdf on your website. You do not have a team of lawyers or any lawyers working for you and you are not going to sue anyone. If all the talking you do amounted to a lawsuit you would have sued every man, woman, child and insect on the planet by now. You do not have any television shows and what you try to say are television shows are feeble amateur self filmed jokes showing how truly screwy you are and how full of hate and jealousy you are about the people you are utterly obsessed with. You are not an analyst of any true caliber and it doesn't take much to figure that out. Your desperation to project your own hate and self loathing on flying saucer fruitcakes by trying to say they are the same as terrorists is sad and easy to see through just as you are. You are not an intellect and can keep listing nonsense on your facebook profile trying to convince people otherwise.

What you are Kal is a sad lonely and utterly desperate lunatic who missed out on his chance to be someone years ago and you are utterly desperate to make up for that past by trying to make the present as tolerable as you can while pretending you have any sort of real future and that anyone gives a shit about what you think or do. Remember that one meaning of meta is self and you are all by yourself Kal. The people you pretend to righteously rail against laugh at you and so do others because no one in their right mind would ever take you seriously. No one takes the court jester seriously and Kal you don't even rank as a court jester these days.

Dear world I give unto you Kal K. Korff. Tool, fruitcake, pretender and all around idiot. ahaahhaaahahahahahaaaaahhhaa We are not laughing with you Kal. ahahahahaha Oh no we are not! ahhhaaahahahahahahaahahahahah


Anonymous said...

I just took a look at Kal's Facebook page. Most amusing. If you click on his 'Wall', then click on where he comments on other people's 'pages'...sounds like he is desperate for anyone to listen to him. Nobody does, but he keeps trying.
Note that several of his 'contacts' are with teenage High School girls. Sound familiar?


The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL Little Kalvin Korff dropped out of college because it was too hard, and now he is trying to pass himself off as an intellectual on Face Books to a bunch of people whom he has never met or at least hasn't seen in 15+ years. With his make believe army man costume and his make believe publishing deal for a make believe book series. One can picture Little Kalvin excitedly telling people he has to hurry home to update his Face Books page as though his followers are waiting anxiously to hear about his trip to the grocery store.

He's working that Face Book full time now I bet, getting instant validation just by seeing others having logged into the system and assuming they did so to see what he had posted. "BUSY MORNING DOING LAUNDRY AND OBSESSING OVER KEVIN RANDLE."