Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Wars FAIL!!!!!!

Remember back long ago lads when Kal kept promising to show us a video of his finished manuscript for a book called Secret Wars? Someone postede this in our comments section. Still no book from kal.  FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon Book Review

Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, June 26, 2011
By Greg Long

This review is from: Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots (Hardcover)

Unfortunately, I got to know Kal Korff in about 2001. Several years later, I learned that he was writing a book on terrorist plots. He said that Prometheus Books was going to publish it. That was 2004, a long seven (7) years ago.

Periodically, Korff makes statements that the book will be published soon. Yet the book is never published. Does the manuscript even exist? He sent me a draft forward to the book, and provided an inkling of its contents. He even designed the cover to the book and submitted it to Prometheus. The publishing house made its own cover instead. The cover was posted on Amazon.

And there the cover sits. But no book. In the meantime, Kal Korff lives in Prague and apparently spends his time building (and often rebuilding) his Web site. He often attacks Billy Meier's claims, and also threatens various "ufologists" with lawsuits. But Secret Wars is never published.

Probably what will happen is Korff will publish the book himself. Or perhaps he is shopping the manuscript around. Unfortunately, I wonder if the contents are of any interest anymore? Korff's interests seem to shift day-to-day. So, who knows. It would be unwise to order a copy through Amazon because it might never arrive in your mailbox.


Anonymous said...

The only thing we can all bank on landing in someones mailbox is a fake lawyers letter originating from none other than Col. Nobollocks himself.

Anonymous said...

What newspaper Korff?

You f'ing liar. Nobodes listening, nobody cares. Tll you're lies to your Mother.

Kal Korff: Here's an article that echos my own piece the other day which was deemed credible enough to become the official position of at least one newspaper. To compare the "Arab Spring" (which wasn't really what pundits claim it was) as the equivalent of the Occupy Wall Street fiasco is pure bullshi*. The two have nothing in common. Yet naive types will say they do. You can read more info about what was really behind the Arab Spring in Egypt at, just look for the expose.

Anonymous said...

Korffers, read this please. Read what Korff is claiming to have done from India or the CZ, or wherever he might be hiding out.

Kalvin Karton Korff: Lying liar.

Kal Korff: Having now interviewed over 400 protestors, finding not a single one from the thousands out there, I chose people at random, 92% could not tell me even what an investment banker was, not explain WHY things went south years ago when Obama passed TARP. Nothing like "protestors" who do not understand the mechanics of the problem and cannot even state basic history. This is embarrassing and it is obvious this circus will play itself out. They're missing the right targets and do not understand the ones they're going after. Here's yet another article that proves it.

Anonymous said...

You would have said a few things! You little shit head. You ran away from the USA in fear of your life and you can't come back for many reasons and because of many people.

It's so easy to comment on others behaviors isn't Korff.

By the way, this is what we do everyday right here about YOU.

We Korffers are the only ones watching Korff.

Nobody else give to shits about you and what you have to say.

You can and could only wish that you had a life and career of Geraldo. Instead, you tell lies on the internet, and you pose as a syndicated.... of my, you're so sorry, what a meat sack.

Kalvin Karlton Korff: a wasted life.

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat... some investigator....?

Kal Korff: If you watch this video, you will see yet another group of protestors make fools of themselves. Rivera just walks away, as he should, it is another shining example of how key aspects of this are just loony. I am not a fan of Geraldo, never have been. But as a journalist myself, I would have said a few things, then left and wrote about it. This is their definition of "democracy" — it is obvious they understand it not.

Anonymous said...

You useless turd, Korff. End it all, why don't you?

Scum. Vermin.

Anonymous said...

It must be tough when you realize you were a loser 15 years ago, stayed a loser 10 years ago, were a bigger loser 5 years ago ... AND ... you are a fucking international JOKE today. Whew! How does that feel kalvin ... you fucking JOKE?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Yeah the Korff Book Scam on Amazon has been bugging me for a while. The book doesn't exist, so listing it as a stocked item like that is nothing short of false advertisement or, lol, consumer fraud. should be alerted to the actual status so they can remove it, they look bad by allowing themselves to be used in the con. Go over his head and ask that it be removed, simple and done.

One Holy Roller said...

Wait, when was Korff allegedly in NYC interviewing protesters? Did we miss a wall update where he claimed traveling to the USA to put himself in the middle of a hot button topic just to garner unwarranted attention from complete strangers on Facebook? Or did he interview them over the phone? 400 interviews? My, my!

Keep talking Kal. Tell everyone how you really feel about yourself. You sort of slipped up admitting not having fulfilled your youthful ambition of being a forensic investigator after being distracted by that failed attempt to break into computers with Hypercard. Where else did you let yourself down?

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Karlton - when are you going to address the world again on YouTube? I'm in need of a good laugh.

Or perhaps you could simply post the footage of your interviews in New York?

What's that? They don't exist? You lied....?

Anonymous said...

Lying Lair,
President and CEO · Dec 1996 to present is a worldwide metaorganization dedicated to humanitarian causes and furthering positive and peaceful, social development. works with many groups and organizations around the world united in various common causes. I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor. I have worked at several newspapers and for various media entities, and am the author of non-fiction books.

Anonymous said...

Lying Lair

I am an internationally accredited Investigative Journalist and Reporter. I write articles daily which appear in the press in various locations. I cover international events, politics, science, "paranormal," business, travel and technology. I am syndicated, some of my articles are posted on I also often write non-fiction exposes.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

I am a volunteer Analyst, Author, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist, who writes and submits reports to various clients and also governments.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

In studying this subject as an Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Videographer, Counter-terrorism Strategist and Advisor, — as someone who writes position papers on this subject and submits them to eager audiences and various governments and private entities, I have devoted especially the last ten years to this cause, which compelled me to leave the United States and relocate to Europe to "fight the good fight" — try to help people.

Anonymous said...

Lying lair

Relationship Status - Married

Glass Onion said...

Tut tut. Now why would an internationally accredited syndicated veteran print journalist need to lie about conducting interviews? Obviously if Kal were in New York and able to actually mix with the rabble he would have conducted over 400 interviews. So, it's just as good as done and he might as well brag about it without going through all the fuss. That seems to be how his rationalizing works.

I wonder why the number 400? Why not 200, or even just fifty or so? Some reasonable number. Instead its "over" FOUR HUNDRED interviews. My my! Do tell us more, Kal.

Anonymous said...

400 interviews, 500 book deal, and so it goes.

Bringin Her Down, Yeah said...

"Volunteer Analyst"? What is that exactly and how does it work? He voluntarily provides analysis as opposed to being paid for it?

Art Bell's Microphone said...

He sends his analyses to whoever he thinks might need it. Well, he doesn't send it, he puts it up on Scribd because his beneficiaries know where to find it. Well, he doesn't post it there, really, not most of the time. He just brags about it.

400 interviews! I suppose it does not take too long to do 400 imaginary interviews with imaginary people, on a continent he dares not set foot on. It's really a much more efficient use of brain power. When you have so little of that, you have to be careful how you use it.

Jimmy D said...

"I also often write non-fiction exposes."

---uh-huh. As opposed to fictional exposes?

Madman. Scum.

Anonymous said...,
President and CEO · Dec 1996 to present is a worldwide metaorganization dedicated to humanitarian causes and furthering positive and peaceful, social development. works with many groups and organizations around the world united in various common causes. I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor. I have worked at several newspapers and for various media entities, and am the author of non-fiction books.

Mmm.. Kal authors non-fictional books yet concocts a completely provable, fictional life.

Newspaper Taxies said...

First it was just an internationally accredited journalist, now it is an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist. Impressive! No wonder that Indian princess snapped him up last winter and secretly married this officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist in January to keep it out of the press.

Tell us more, Kal! Tell us about all those achievements you've made over the past decade while others have just been sitting at their computers pursuing fantasy lives.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

Kal Korff: I give up. I have been working on a long feature piece on the "Occupy Wall Street" so-called "movement" and have talked to over 600 protestors so far across the USA via email and Internet. NONE of them can name for me a single official spokesman or formal codified position. Most of them are just joiners and complainers, everything from animal rights to no death penalty. It never had a chance to succeed, because our politicians get too much money from the "evildoers at Wall Street."

Jimmy D said...

Who is Anonymous, Kalvin?

Who is Fuck Nut, Karlton?

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat, "Colonel"?

Apologize to Mr Sedlacek. Liar. Vermin. Maggot. Scum.

Cranberry Sauce said...

Wow! Over 600 interviews via email and internet! What an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist!! Kal Korff makes the other officially accredited international investigative journalists and columnists out their seem like they aren't even officially accredited, with their stupid college educations, masters degrees and work histories. I also believe that his unceasing expose of this hard-hitting story will likely finally qualify Kal for the Nobel Prize, and a hot date with Annie Jacobsen (if the Indian princess will let him out for a night: remember girls, he's taken) where he can lecture her on Area 51. Keep up the great work Colonel Kal!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin lost his final shreds of credibility with his Flake Bookers when stating that he had been married secretly in January. No pictures, videos or any meaningful info about how/when/where/to whom he was married. Lie that poorly to a woman about being married and the conversation is pretty much over, and after she knows you lied don't expect her to pay much attention to anything else you have to say. The presumption will be that you're likely making it up just like the pathetic story about being married. People have a bullshit threshold and Kalvin Korff crossed it long ago with anyone who has half a brain.

Sorry, Kal, but it won't work. Not now not ever. You are a failure.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why I still drop by here a couple of times weekly. I guess I am curious to see if this "train wreak" has stopped rolling. Korff is so pathetic and sad that I am almost embarrassed to even admit I do drop by on occasion. Korff you damed fool, see a doctor for God's sake, see a doctor. You are crazy you know, you are fucking crazy. Go back on your meds, talk to someone. It will only continue to get really bad for you .. really bad.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, in response to Unknowns post:

Kal Korff: I LOVE MY WIFE!

Thanks for stopping by Kalvin.

Lying Lair.

You can't win.

You post a new video, we edit it with the truth and repost it.

You post a SYNDICATED article and we post the first one here and then you make it impossible for anyone to download your SYNDICATED articles.

People post things on your Face Book wall you don't like and you remove that fucntion.

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

It's called Twitter Korff, if indeed you really did interview any one, which I doubt.

Just keep laying on the lies Korff. You amuse us.

Ass wipe.

Kal Korff: In the slightly over 600+ protestors two reporters and I interviewed at random across the USA via the Internet (you know, they use those devices made by "evil" corporations), we encountered nearly 20 Nazis and Communists. They told us that the Nazis and Commies would officially be "jumping in" shortly to align themselves with the protesters. When we confronted some protesters with this fact, they accused us of being "haters" and lying, and engaging in McCarthy smears. This was a lie from them. Now the Commies and Nazis have made it official. They've joined. This "movement" lacks true leadership, coherent focus, which is why it will burn itself out, or spiral out of control.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karton Korff = Ass hole.

He's posting a lot of vanity links today. Nothing new, nobody cares and, it's a HUGE LIE.

There are no, not a SINGLE newspaper in the WORLD which are publishing Korff's SYNDICATED articles.


Don't believe we Korffers, do a Google News Search on the name "Kal Korff".


Stop lying Korff or,

Prove this lie to not be a lie.

Anonymous said...

So Kal is now happily married. I wonder who is 'bringing home the bacon' and paying all the bills? Hmmm

Jimmy D said...

Lying scum. Stop lying, liar.

Apologize to V*jt*ch S*dl*c*k. Ask him on bended knee for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a dullard with the brain capacity of an 11 year old, a 10th grade education (with about a 67% average grade) and no job.

Crabalocker Fishwife said...

Oh whoopie! Colonel Kal saw that DRUDGE REPORT noted an influx of "communists and nazis" to the protest idiot movement and surprise! Colonel Kal was able to "encounter" "nearly" 20 of them without leaving his fast food wrapper cluttered odorous one room apartment - the Super Secret Service Kidon Unit Headquarters! Way to go Kal, you officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist holding the rank of colonel! Such a hard-hitting expose, and he did it all with an APPLE COMPUTER using various INTERNET-BASED WEB SITES. Just like he infiltrated communist East Germany to assist student groups in breaking their bonds of oppression while he was supposedly working at Lawrence Liverwurst Laboratories as a level three analyst with a top-secret security clearance! All I know is that one was a cover story for the other, the secrecy with which Colonel Kal is forced live his life of derring-do must be oppressive to the point where he couldn't ever have a girlfriend lest she spill the beans to the assorted terrorist groups which look to harm officially accredited international investigative journalists and columnists holding officer ranks in civilian meta-organizations.

Nobel Prize for Journalism, Kal, that's what I'm thinking. Nobody else on Scribd deserves it more than you. Keep up the great work, your Indian princess wife must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

lol korff has a david bowie video embed on his website. bowie of course being infamous as one of the first pop stars to embrace his homo/bi-sexuality during the early 1970s. perhaps the day bowie announced it was october 19 1973, the day kal dedicated his 11 year old life to being a professional vagrant? not to bright is he.