Friday, October 28, 2011

Kal K. Korff floating his BULLSHIT

Kal's lies are like turds in a toilet bowl. They all get flushed out sooner or later. Accredited journalist? Flush! Coloenl? Flush! Genius? Flush! Original research? Flush! Terrorism specialist or analyst? FLUSH!!!!!


One Of The Beautiful People said...

Kal Korff in the newsroom reporting the activities of this blog to the proper authorities!

Anonymous said...

Just keep on checking in and responding to this blog Kalvin.

Nobody but we Korffers called you out on the manner in which you "interviewed" these people.

Then, low and behold, you shout out your lamer answer to your Face Book Wall for nobody but us to see.

Keep amusing us Kalvin.

Breaking News indeed.

And, please keep in mind that Kalvin made a claim, many times, that one of his articles was picked up and accepted as the position statement for this and that newspaper or magazine.

NEVER has Kalvin supplied his public with the name of, or the web site for, a SINGLE entity he claims did this.

And NEVER has Kalvin posted a SINGLE name or web site of a newspaper or web site which published any partial or full length article.

This is all Horse Shit, right Big Don Ecker.

Horse Shit.

Carry on Kalvin.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! My expose and in depth profile of a statistically viable cross sampling of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is being given the green light for publication. By the time the piece is ready for print, more than 1200 "occupiers" will have been interviewed and surveyed online. There are also statements from what few self-proclaimed "leaders" there are. This project has been done over the Internet, and via phone using Skype, because many of these self-proclaimed "anti-estalbishment" types of course have computers and use the Web. The sampling is across the USA, and I worked with two assistants on it.

Anonymous said...

Good ole Kal - still playing his fantasy games.
How do you interview 1200 people if you don't have the slightest idea who they are??

Anonymous said...

Ahh... the ol' 'Krazy Korff Eyes' Metropolitni Expres head-shot being sprayed away in this photo.

I like it!

Anonymous said...

By the time the piece is ready for print, more than 1200 "occupiers" will have been interviewed and surveyed online.

Notice how he phrased that. He's applying the past tense to activities that he simultaneously admits have not happened yet. Blatant deception subconsciously admitted and very poor English for an accredited journalist. Kal Korff is lying,

Don Ecker's Ninja Bodyguard said...

Man, that's hilarious! What real journalist would need to interview more than a handful of "occupiers" to get the story? Interviewing 1200 people for any story would be an idiotic waste of time. Of course Kalvin has interviewed no one, and his silly childish "some is good more is better" imaginary reasoning is in effect. It's just like lawyers, really. Why "hire" one fake lawyer when you can have dozens of fake lawyers for the same minimal effort? It doesn't take any more effort to claim to interview an absurd number of people than it does to pretend to interview a few.

How is that "500 book" deal coming, doofus?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

all this statistical sampling (woo big words for such a little boy) sounds like he's just trying to impress mia aquino, woefully under the impression someone like her has the time for someone like kalvin k korff. hey kal what do you think mia will think when she finds out that you claimed to have had a chip implanted in you for special ops as colonel korff with your reality TV show hosted on youtube? and that you claimed you were under surveillance by the us secret service due to your secretly advising obama on missile defense? and that you can't stay in one place for too very long for security concerns? and that etc etc etc. heck all we have to do is supply her with a link to royce meyers site. someone say something about coming across like a raving madman?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: ‎"Nothing will work unless you do."

Anonymous said...

650! Really? No, really? You gotta be kidding me? No really?

Ha, ha, ha!

"MOst also did not support Obama they feel he has let them down. That was the one consistent thing that was largely true."

Sounds like you led your research to where you wanted it to go;

Kalvin Karlton Korff: Obama and America hater.

Kal Korff: I have no idea. I know that in the 650+ which I helped interview almost none of them could articulate anything. They had no idea how WS works, what role govt has, who passed what, who heads what, the only statistics they knew was that they're the 99% and everything "evil" is 1%. MOst also did not support Obama they feel he has let them down. That was the one consistent thing that was largely true.

Hey Bungalow Bill said...

What a marvelous fantasy! two assistants even, my my. I would imagine both were young, energetic and at least one of them a good looking female! Come on Kal elaborate this fantasy. Maybe NYU students looking for extra points credit for their coursework? Perhaps encountered via the Prague NYU campus you claim to have been affiliated with? I would make one a journalism student and the other a sociology major -- you could even get some mileage with jokes about the usefulness of their studies! since after all you've gone so far in life with just a marginal high school edumacation. Give 'em colorful backgrounds, especially the female(s), maybe some exotic dancing or nude modeling on the side? Hope the wife doesn't hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Filmed on video... Well okay then.

Lying Lair.

Kal Korff: Here's the same awesome song filmed on video in a very creative way.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: By popular request, I am enclosing the link which shows the cool 3D reconstruction of the Zapruder film and proves how JFK was assassinated. The study vindicates my own work done years earlier, for which I was featured on CNN's Larry King Live. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

Anonymous said...

There is no 'continued interest and support'. There never was and there never will be.

It must really hurt deep down inside to be so alone in life, eh Kalvykins?

Anonymous said...

If one has 700 Face Book "friends", we can’t tell because Kalvin MUST hide this list from the Face Book public for fear of people informing his “friends” of Kalvin’s real history and the honest truth of Kalvin’s behavior, of which the majority Kalvin has poached, and less than 3% respond to your Face Book Wall posts, does that constitute support?

Kalvin Karlton Korff: Sad Sack, Lair, Fraud, Hopeless International Joke.

Kalvin, who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?


Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, Korff.

Apologize to V*jt*ch for your theft of his honor.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Santa in a Floppy Hat.

Is it any wonder why Kalvin hasn’t made a new youtube video in many months? Absolutely not. Knowing that Santa will poach and edit your video to expose your endless lies, in an immediate fashion, cannot be a fun prospect.

Why waste your time, right Kalvin.

Then again, if you’d just TELL THE TRUTH there would be ZERO reason for SIAFH to do this.

Right Kalvin.


Jimmy D said...

Khristmas is koming, Karlton.

I wonder what that jovial old man with the long white beard and (ahem) floppy hat has lined up for you.

Liar. Scum. Dross. Just stop lying - just haul down your Internet presence - and all of this will go away.

Jimmy D said...

Oh, and by the way - how's your dirtbag brother getting on now he's back in the slammer?

Does your nazi father ever get the chance/urge to go and see him?

What a family...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what SIAFH will bring you this Christmas, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Like they will give two Little Shits. My God Korff is deluded.

Kal Korff: Here's my letter to Bloomberg News taking them to task over a demonstrably false article they wrote saying it was a "miracle" that Obama has been "scandal free."

Anonymous said...

Santa has big plans Korff. You will not like it and yet, you can NOTHING about it.


I think not.

Anonymous said...

Make another youtube video Korff...

I dare you.

You're friend,

Santa in a Floppy Hat.

Relax And Float Downstream said...

Kal Korff in the newsroom dictating a letter to one of his assistants telling Bloomberg where to stuff it!

Anonymous said...

Ha, this is great. Kalvin, you're so obvious. Look here Korffers, Kalvin checks in and then uses our math to make a useless point. Ha, ha, ha!

BTW, each time the .PDF is viewed the counter goes up (keep clicking Kalvin) and guess what! The newest .PDF is unlocked. Quick, go down load them, I did. Time for a bit of copy righted fun!

Time until locked... NOW!

Will the amusement ever stop? Let's hope not.

Santa in a Floppy Hat, please, oh PLEASE do another video for us...


Kal Korff: I am stunned and genuinely humbled. On this link I have articles of mine posted after they hit the newspapers and go into syndication (while my "kritics" lie and deny it, bozos!) and the hits keep increasing. Now just 25 away from 7,000... the pattern seems to be lately about 1,000 a week, not bad considering the fact I don't really promote them as widely as I can. Thanks again everyone for your kind words and support and in taking the time to read these articles and exposes. The one exposing Annie Jacobsen's book on Area 51 as a hoax in it claims seems to be the most popular, followed by an article on UFOs and a unexplained photo case, computing articles and politics, and now lifestyle and travel and business related articles I also write about are picking up. Again, THANKS a lot! I will upload more in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Assumpation Document
October 30, 2011

Why is Kalvin Karlton Korff responding to this blog?

Assumption: Kalvin is responding directly to this blog because he hopes that the people who continually poach his Face Book Wall might finally become so annoyed with his lies that they will break their silence and confront him directly on his Wall.

Conclusion: True.

Outcome: This will not happen. Korffers are too smart to fall for this grade school trick. Kalvin amuses us far too much to pull the plug on one of the best outlets we have to keep tabs on Kalvin and right the lies on a daily basis.

Editorial: You see Kalvin, the worst thing you could have done was to join Face Book; and that was in a childish response to F1 Racer making a fake Korff Face Book page, so sweet.

The second worst thing was to try and foist the phony SYNDICATED ACCREDITED INVISTGATIVE REPORTER JOUNALIST lie upon the “open” world.

Telling you lies on youtube and that pathetic template web site was bad enough, but somewhat closeted; doing it on Face Book, and then telling a lie so easily checked upon with a simple Google News Search has been your undoing.

Keep it up Kalvin. Our amusement will end when you stop lying.


(More Korffing Assumpation Documents to come)

The Unknown Korffer said...

Now just 25 away from 7,000... the pattern seems to be lately about 1,000 a week, not bad considering the fact I don't really promote them as widely as I can.

LOL why would someone who's articles are supposedly printed in a widely read newspaper give one flying fucking FUCK what kind of hit counts their own personal posting of the articles gets? If the point of their existence is to be printed & read who cares about the Scribd version? Especially their author or writer, who would be too busy researching and composing their next column to fart around on Flake Book trying to turn a paltry 7,000 visitors into something significant. Only possible explanation is that the "newspaper's" isn't important, most likely explanation being that it doesn't exist. You lie your way into your own fuckups, Kal, and here's another one.

Hit counts aren't even meaningful since an unscrupulous web user can manipulate them to have their totals appear in whatever manner suits the need. Many counters even allow the user to pre-set the total to an arbitrary figure which can be changed at whim. Not that I would propose that a skullfucked idiot like Kal K. Korff would know how to do something like that. But it is not outside of the realm of possibility that Kalvin is congratulating himself and thanking people for another meaningless deception which he engineered to make it look like people are paying attention.

But in reality, we both kind of know that nobody really is, isn't that right Kal? Happy Halloween, loser.

Anonymous said...

As more and more time flows by, Korff's insanity becomes more and more apparent. Also, his immature childish personality shines through all the bullshit like being a Kidon commander, international journalist, a Lawrence Livermore Lab Level 3 Analyst, a martial artist, et el.

Korff, you NEED a mental evaluation and need it quickly. Of course you won't get it and some morning I will turn on my computer and read about your demise. Probably from doing something stupid like not looking both ways when you cross the street.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! I love me some Kalvin Karlton Korff nuttiness!

"Tomorrow in the newspaper,"

A newspaper... many newspapers...?

Which one Kalvin? In 2007, there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world.

BTW, you wanna read the truth about the Seal Team deaths, and the SAME information that Korff is selling as "inside from my contacts", read it here:

Kalvin Karlton Korff: Lying Liar.


Read on Korffers....

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Tomorrow in the newspaper, I have a nearly 1,000 word Xpose concerning what REALLY happened to Navy SEAL Team 6 and how they met their tragic demise in Afghanistan. As my articles on them in August showed, you can read them at, their deaths COULD have been avoided.

I was given data from a source inside the Pentagon on this, and I quote from official documents and name personnel and identify how many people from what branches of service were involved and died, etc.

One of the people killed was a woman for example, brought in to question Afghan women and children so that "Muslim sensibilities" would not be offended by women being in the same room as a man without a male relative.

The report Xposes the BS that the Obama administration and Pentagon have put out and proves their deaths could have been avoided, as I said months ago, and I am not even in the military!

The source supplied it to me and is quoted as being disgusted by politically correct "poppycock," and wants to make sure needless deaths like this never happen again, especially to our top elite forces.

The ends do justify means this time, and vice versa. As an officially accredited international journalist I often get tips and insider stuff, I love being in the news business and have some hard hitting Xposes coming out against some major world figures and international subjects in the printed press over the next few months. I am honored to have this latest Xpose published, I hope it causes a stink and a re-think of moronic tactical behavior in our military which costs the lives of our brave men and women for no valid reason.

I go into much more detail on this in my new book, in Volume VI, which focuses on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Libya, Syria, etc. and how the US has been behind many of these coups training some 5,000 activists from a $50 million dollar secret fund, etc. These are NOT GENUINE HOMEGROWN "MOVEMENTS OF THE PEOPLE."

Any comments about this Liberal, "self-progressive" Democrats? I thought you were against "regime change" and "meddling in the affairs of other countries" but when Obama does it, it's "vision," when Bush does it, it's a "crime against humanity." Try telling this to the average Iraqi who is experiencing freedom like they never have before.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Assumpation Document
October 31, 2011

Why has Kalvin Karlton Korff not made a new Youtube video (KalKorffShow3.0v1.mp4 ) since Mar 19, 2011; 9 long months ago?

Assumption: Kalvin has not made a new video because he knows that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Santa in a Floppy Hat (or someone else) will absolutely poach the video, edit that video with the truth and then release it within days, if not hours of his release.

Conclusion: True.

Editorial: What must it feel like to have virtually every single thing you release to the internet (video, Face Book Post, template web site post) responded to based on the truth?

No longer can a person with delusions and lies as great as Kalvin Karlton Korff’s go unanswered.


(More Korffing Assumpation Documents to come)