Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secret Wars FAIL!!!!!!

Lads I think Kal might want to shift gears and write a book on a subject he truly is an expert in.


Anonymous said...


Well lads, it appears that the Kernal has FAILED to respond to numerous challenges to produce the name of any verifiable publication or post a link or web address to any entity that publishes his "internationally syndicated" columns! Of course, Korffers worldwide are not the least bit surprised. It's just the latest episode of total bullshit that Kal has made up. You know, it's really rather funny that a guy who's claim to fame is debunking other people's bullshit can't come up with anything more believable. When you look at what he produces to substantiate his lies, it's just laughable. The "graphic reproductions" on Scribd proving his new career as Kalvin Krauthammer Korff, the Nano NanoDust Youtube video proving his status as a Colonel in S3 fighting terrorism, the paintball commando bit..... I guess Kal feels that his 219 IQ enables him to not only debunk other peoples false claims, but makes his bullshit so clever and believable and irrefutable that no one will be skeptical or be able to disprove it. Well, Korffers continue to prove him wrong every day!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in Kalvin.

Keep lying, please.

You amuse us so.

Kal Korff: This is for my wife.

Andrea Bocelli Melodramma

Brit_in_Prague said...

Your poor mother.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

the wife doesn't even have a name! or picture or identity even though she's indian royalty. just "my wife", like she is a useful possession similar to "my iphone". as usual one has to ask, is kal deliberately trying to make himself look like a complete idiot?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, exactly.

Where are the photos, Karlton?

"This is me and my Indian princess at our wedding" [Did she convert to Judaism, by the way>?]

"This is me and my genius-level son playing chess."

Lying madman.

Anonymous said...

Self aggrandizing dick wad. A single link Korff. One single link to any newspaper anywhere in the worlds.

Didn’t think so.

Lying liar.

Thanks for stopping by.

We own you.

Kal Korff: I am honored and humbled to report that over 5,000 hits have been registered at by people reading the 65 articles I have authored and posted there. Thanks again for your encouragement and kind words, I truly appreciate it. I will post more articles in a few days, more were published today in the printed media. I love being a reporter, writer and analyst, especially internationally since most "news" takes place outside America, not in it. Thanks again everyone!

The Unknown Korffer said...

I love being a reporter, writer and analyst, especially internationally since most "news" takes place outside America, not in it.

Just when you thought Kalvin couldn't say anything dumber. What a loathsome little lowlife bastard, absolutely does not realize what a shithead he is coming across as & how easy it is to see through the con. This guy is proud because a half dozen people are buying a total fraud. Honored and humbled my ass.

Kal, your Flake Book buddies aren't as stupid as you think they are. They aren't confronting you on your lies because that's not what Face Book is for. But please do continue to write these "articles" and pretend they are something other than what you know they really are. I would rather you not be in a position of actual responsibility or influence, and am glad that some young journalist out there actually has the job you pretend have. They deserve it, you don't, so happy Scribd'ing buddy.

Anonymous said...

Since you are "outside" America, for dubious reasons at that, how would you know?

Oh, that's right; you do "interviews" with hundreds of people, at your leisure, by using Apple technology.

Don't you, lying lair.

Please continue, to amuse us.

Anonymous said...

oh wow lol 5,000 hits. how long has he been at this? since may or so? and all he's managed to cop is a crummy 5,000 hits? that's sad.

Anonymous said...

"My Life as an Utter Idiot" should read

"My Life as an UDDER Idiot." See?

Anonymous said...


Admit the identity of your fake wife is stolen, just like all of those Apple products you use to spew your fake bullshittery.

Anonymous said...


That, I like!


happy red mogul balloon! said...

drudge has a link to this story about an actual 11 year child prodigy setting out to make his mark on the world. freshman in college fully enrolled with no fuzzy or vague details made up stories exaggerations or need to prove anything. just a super bright kid who will likely achieve greatness. 100% legit with nary a science fair ribbon to be forensically dated anywhere.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Please address us again on YouTube, Karlton.

I need a good laugh after seeing Wales exit the rugby World Cup on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see your leering, braying face I want to sink my boot into your lying trap, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, I'll help you out again regarding your web site.

Again; change the .PNG images to .GIF or .JPEG. .PNG's take too long to load.

That "new" back ground and "frame" format that you've "updated" to doesn't work either.

While many people view the web in 1024 x 768, your format works better in 88 x 600.

I know, I know, you "bought" a real cool large format flat screen and you wannna fill it up with all your greatness.

It doesn't work for your site, for your Apple products (try viewing larger than 800 x 600 on an iPhone) or for most of the world.

Clean up your act... Some web, graphic, video and IT expert.

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker's video - "Little Shit" just went past 700 views.

Not 700 reads, or clicks, no, nothing like that FAKE total on Kalvin Karlton Korff vanity .PFD site.

Nope, these are views.

Congrats Big Don Ecker.

God Bless You!

Please do another show after Santa in a Floppy hat finishs that web site....

The Unknown Korffer said...

More Stolen Valor news for Kal Korff to worry about. The focus of the story is more on wearing award medals & ribbons but false appropriation of military rank insignia is also covered under the law.

Then of course there are always those bothersome fake Interpol and US Marshall's badges seen in the infamous SAPSTOE costume portrait shown here:

Shouldn't have faked yourself wearing a "uniform" festooned with falsely appropriated badges & insignia, and then distributed or posted images of it as "proof" of your claim of holding an officer's rank, Kal. D'oh!

Jimmy D said...

You are worthless dross, "Colonel".

Apologize publicly to Mr S*dl*c*k for your theft of his honor.

Anonymous said...

Kal better hope those guys & gals over at the stolen valor website don't get on his case.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Korff is having a smack down with a guy on Face Book. He's ranting and raving about this and that. The guy called him a cock sucker at one point.

Korff can do nothing because it's not happening on Korff's wall.

I’m archiving it all. Many choice statements and spot on observations by the other guy, and those we're made not even knowing of the Great Kalvin Korff.

He called him out very early on regarding Korff's habit of telling everyone he's a SYNDICATED this and that. Very funny stuff.

He's seeing right through Korff. Even told him straight up that he was tuning him up. Korff just kept right on typing away.

And yes, I shared the blog and youtube channel with this chap.

More later as things progress, or regress, in Kalvin's case.


Anonymous said...

Hey, internationally accredited Investigative Journalist and Reporter...

Who is Santa in the Floppy Hat?

Restless Wind Inside A Letter Box said...

OK turn for my news story for Kal to contemplate:


You're not alone, bubbah. Take heart, keep your chin up, and continue failing at everything you attempt like a real man. We love it!

Hey Bulldog said...

He called him out very early on regarding Korff's habit of telling everyone he's a SYNDICATED this and that. Very funny stuff.


Oh it's patently obvious to anybody looking at what he's posted that Korff is making up the syndicated journalist columnist thing, that it's all pretend. At best wishful thinking. Like the other guys have said, the only reason his flock isn't throwing it back in his face is that Facebook is for people to connect & share. There's a kind of unspoken rule that you only interact with others in a kind, friendly or supportive manner. It's not meant for confrontations or showdowns. That Korff is having one with someone is proof that his use of it is aberrant & perverse. I've got a few jerks on my own friend list but for whatever reason they set it aside before logging on and are usually quite pleasant. For Korff its just another method to push everyone around like he had to endure on the playground after 4th period lunch. You'd think he'd have grown up at some point but no.

Jimmy D said...

ABC - please, please, please can you paste the various exchanges here?


Nothing To Say Buy It's OK said...

... (Usually) impostors simply take on a new and completely fabricated identity, misrepresenting their financial status, educational status, social status, family background and, in some cases, gender. Impostors are usually aware of not being who they say they are. However, there are borderline cases who may end up believing their own tall tales, and some (often children or those suffering from a mental illness such as dementia or schizophrenia ... ) whose imposture may be the creation of a third party. People may make false claims about their past or background without being full-blown impostors; common false claims include having seen military action and involvement in well-known disasters such as the sinking of the RMS Titanic or the September 11, 2001, attacks.

... An organization or individual who has been fooled may keep quiet to avoid embarrassment; this may allow the impostor to evade disclosure.

(Emphasis mine, and slightly edited for focus.)


Not sure what led me to that page but the last sentence makes me think of Rob McConnell and X-Zone. The rest of it makes me think of Kal!

Anonymous said...

The thread will be posted very sooning. Waiting it out.


Crawled Up To Sleep In The Bath said...

OoOooOo Kalvinnnnnn

Do your facebook friends know about this? Should they know?


" It shows me with CIA agent Scot Ritter. I assume you remember who he is. :-)

We are here in Prague, and I get to "break the news" to him that not only have nuclear centrifuges been found, but that he was lied to and fooled by some key Iraqi scientists. I then showed him images I obtained of these components, which WERE part of Saddam's WMD secret labs we knew NOTHING about, and the CIA screamed and wanted these classified.
However, I got the images BEFORE the CIA did in Bagdad and classified them, and they are NOT the same images. So I WILL publish them, and to PROVE it, I published one image months ago along with the info that Ritter was yet another target of one of my ops, and I had to stop his lies cold in Prague, and I did.

Both CIA and US Govt. were "thankful" but of course, I was not officially "ordered" to do it. They did not need to give me that order, Royce, I am Kal Korff. Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture. "

--Korff in an e-mail alleging to have given former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter information about Saddam Hussein's WMD secret labs. Korff even sent a picture he alleged was taken by a camera hidden in a flower pot.

What do you say, Kal? Have you shared this stunning achievement on your about me page or profile info for others to see? Should we share it with them ourselves? You're going to look like a total jackass if so! Shouldn't have lied, too late now.

And So She Dresses In Black said...

How about these accomplishments, Kal? Especially the one about having the chip implanted. Have you shared all these exciting breakthroughs on facebook yet? Or better yet apologized to Royce for having lied to him?


Is going to have Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli prosecuted for consumer fraud and that the FBI and Department of Justice were involved.

He was going to "nail" Billy Meier and his promoter having them both prosecuted for consumer fraud.

Said a Meier promoter was going to be taken into custody by the United States Secret Service. Korff expressed a desire to personally "slap the handcuffs" on this person.

Said he was going to sue a Meier promoter for "libel and slander."

Claimed all these alleged legal actions were "official."

Had psy-ops working on a Meier representative and had this person pegged and was playing him based on this supposed psy-ops info.

Wanted to get Bob Gimlin "under oath" and have him put under "cross examination."

-> Is the director of a nanotechnology project and had a forensics project in the Balkans. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his "ops" for a reality tv show showing "Captain" Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds.

Was a consultant to the OJ Simpson criminal prosecution team and an expert witness for the defense in the OJ Simpson civil trial.

Said he had cutting edge technology that he wanted to share with me for use on the Internet. Korff claimed to have created this cutting edge technology.

Has a $25,000,000 budget to work with to pursue UFO frauds.

Is going to be publishing a 24 volume series exposing the Billy Meier case and has a 500 book deal. Yes, you read right, five-hundred, 5-0-0.

Is a Captain in the Special Secret Services and works in anti-terrorism as a SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution). (Ed. Note: Korf now claims to have been promoted directly to Colonel.)

Yeah I'd be embarrassed to have tried to horse shit stuff like that over on someone & have it turn up on the internet for everyone to see. No wonder you want that website shut down!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff wearing US Military captain's bars, in public, to further a con. Kal Korff has never served in the US Military or any other military and does not have the right to wear such badges. His attempt to pass himself off as a captain to this baffled looking security officer is a total impersonation. Yet if you listen to Korff this blog and its participants are the terrorists. See it for yourself, Kal was the one who supplied this image to try and convince yet another person that he was a captain.

The Unknown Korffer said...

One more from Royce's page:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Korff Kal"
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 4:32 AM
Subject: More Evidence.... :-))


Here's my latest column.

I can just see the "skepticism" now... He isn't REALLY going to go into people's homes and cook American dinners for people is he?

Well, yes, I am. Today, in response to my column, I now have over 405 invitations! :-)

This is yet MORE evidence that I AM who I claim to be.

Over 405 invitations? Sounds like "over 400 interviews". Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Things continue to get REALLY BAD for Kalvin K Korff, REALLY BAD.

Anonymous said...

However, I got the images BEFORE the CIA did in Bagdad and classified them, and they are NOT the same images.

That's spelled BAGHDAD, Mr. Anti-Terrorism Expert and Officially Accredited Syndicated International Journalist, Columnist and Analyst.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Wow, things are heating up on the blog and they've gone silent on Face Book.

After Mr. Burton called Korff a COCK SUCKER, and he told him that he was messing with him to ramp him up for his amusement, Korff's been off FB since last Tuesday.

I'll e-mail the whole thread to the Korffing e-mail group (in a couple more days. lets see what Kalvin does)and either I or the blog admin will par it down and start a new thread (?).

There's plenty to comment on.

BTW, Mr. Burton is a fast read, in his last post on that thread he called Korff; Kalvin.

Mr. Burton's last message, so far:

Brad Mark Burton: I have done some research on you and was provided with some information on you too. How did you manage to get a web page calling you an idiot, plagiarist etc? You seem to be exposed as a fraud quite often.

You don't even know about the Balfour Declaration.

I must say thank you for being you. You have provided us with hours of entertainment so much so that I feel guilty not giving you any money Kalvin Korff.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Being the Facebook expert Kal likely claims to be I am sure he understands that anyone from his friend list who has "subscribed" to his newsfeed function is seeing every comment he has made to Mr. Burton. Even if they do not have Mr. Burton on their friend list or looking at the particular discussion thread where this exchange took place. That is the result of FBs effort to help people share their interactions with others in real time. The humiliation Korff must be feeling by being challenged like this by an articulate intelligent and forceful personality which he cannot control is likely beyond our ability to comprehend.

Let's deconstruct this idea about Kal Korff's impersonations & false representations of who/what he is in an effort to boost his social standing, feelings of self esteem and ability to manipulate others.

... (Usually) impostors simply take on a new and completely fabricated identity, misrepresenting their

1)financial status: "$25,000,000 budget to pursue UFO frauds and take down terrorists", and now "employed as a syndicated columnist."

2)educational status: "college -- several."

3) social status: "married", close friends with a former supermodel and going to pubs with the "guys" to clown around writing game software over a few pints.

4) family background: "the Korffs have been fighting communism and terrorism since the Roman ages."

5) and, in some cases, gender: "Martina Tycova, former Czech supermodel, journalist and TV producer", who just happens to type with the same sort of verbal inflections that make Kal Korff's typing so distinctive.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! So great!

Thx for stopping by Kalvin. And thanks for responding directly to this blog yet again.

You've been called out for going silent on FB and here you are, again, lying your fat ass off, again!

What newsroom? What newspaper? What link can't we find proving any of this out.


I love this amusement!

Kal Korff: I was in the newsroom hours ago when the news of Gaddafi's death broke. I am very glad to hear of this development. Another one of his sons has been nailed, and another one is wounded in the hospital. Not surprisingly, Obama has said nothing and won't until 2pm, of course with his teleprompter being stolen, his words have to be scripted carefully. I miss the days when real leaders reacted swiftly, and didn't need teleprompters.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Korff is making posts on older threads right now.

He's leaving the Burton smack down thread alone.


Momma's boy.

Still sleeping alone Kalvin?

Married.... right...! Ha, ha, ha!

Genius son... right...! Ha, ha, ha!

Lying liar.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Brad if you're looking in please share what you've seen here with anyone tagged as a "mutual friend" with Kal Korff. They deserve to know who & what he really is. The image of Kal Korff wearing those captain's bars out in public and using them to gain access to and attention from individuals at the US Embassy in Prague is frightening and suggests that it was a common practice he engaged in with a certain amount of comfort. One does not see any hesitation or 2nd thoughts about pulling this stunt and getting it on camera. Here is the full page of images from Royce's site:

How many others did he shake down like that? Was he using the rank insignia as a method to approach & impress strangers? Did he ever try to use this "rank" as a method to intimidate someone in a vulnerable position, like say a young lady? Did Kal Korff use this "rank" as a way to wheedle his way into the lives of others who might not have otherwise had anything to do with him? Did he use it as a method to obtain/secure favors, special consideration or hookups that he would not otherwise have been granted? Did he ever use it as a method to pick up girls?

Remember that those images were made in 2007 during the Bush 43 era War On Terror hysteria with Czech Republic and Prague in particular playing a vital sideline role in the interests of the US & its allies. There was a prevailing sentiment at the time to grant those affiliated with military functions extra consideration to facilitate their ends. Kal Korff may insist that he never claimed verbally to be associated with any military group and yet he chose a very specific emblem of implied authority with which to represent himself: US Army captain's bars, and later colonel's eagle wings as seen in this still image from one of Kal Korff's own You Tube video postings:

Note that in both images the rank insignia is present on both epaulets of his off the rack military style K-Mart leather bomber's jacket. And he presents himself with a backdrop of US and Israeli flags to lend a further note of authority. To look at both images and say that this person is not trying to pass themselves off as someone affiliated with military concerns is to deny the evidence of the eyes.

I have posed this question before on this blog -- How far did Kalvin take this misrepresentation of who or what he is? Not just on the internet trying to manipulate others, but in real life, on the streets, in a location historically sympathetic towards those "serving" in some sort of military capacity? Frightening.

The Unknown Korffer said...

To look at both images and say that this person is not trying to pass themselves off as someone affiliated with military concerns is to deny the evidence of the eyes.

Just to clarify, the charge is not that Kalvin was running around saying he was a captain/colonel in anyone's military. It is that he used the authority implied by the use of the rank insignia to further his aims. Seeing those emblems worn by someone in the manner Kal Korff wore them implies a certain meaning. "Oh, look! that guy's a captain."

That this ranking is allegedly related to what Kal Korff likes to call a "private civilian organization founded/funded by the Israelis" is not manifest without Kalvin's verbal explanation. There is no SPECIAL SECRET SERVICES YS3 patch or insignia to supersede the implied rank of captain within a US related organization. Kal would have to tell you that upon asking him what unit, group or command he was a member of.

Presumably, Kal's goal in wearing these badges was to have people see them and presume that he held some official position. It is difficult to believe that he never meant to imply that organization was the American military since he chose American rank insignia, most likely because those are the symbols he was familiar with. By claiming that his wearing of them was not meant to imply a position within the US Military is to deny the significance of their meaning.

Which brilliantly contradicts why Kal presumably chose to wear them in the first place, namely to denote his rank within some official organization. See what I mean? He later tried to claim that his YS3 Super Secret Services group merely uses the same rank insignia as the US Military, a policy which is not just unlikely or improbable but impossible based on what the symbols imply. Namely a rank held specifically within the US Military.

Or, the symbols mean nothing and can be used by anyone who just feels like slapping on a pair and bossing their way into the embassy or wherever else they want to gain access to. But we here are the terrorists, extremists and haters.

Anonymous said...

just an aside to brad or whomever might be looking in for the first time. kal has been outed and identified as a cyberpath

look for his name on the right hand column under the sections for victims speak out about. this eopc group would not have kal's name featured without having had extensive research and adequate testimonials from those whom have had unfortunate contact with kal. he is a potentially dangerous online predator who has utilized facebook as a method to seek out new targets. use of social engineering platforms are a documented common tactic amongst online predators looking for new victims. kal's predation is more related to obtaining attention and validation from his targets but it is still a form of predation even without a monetary gain. he does it for social status, though by all appearances leads an isolated life centered around his online existence in a distant foreign capitol.

while eopc has no writeup expose of kal themselves they do provide resources for education on learning more about online predators & how they operate. his methods are identical to other predators who are exposed on their pages. but most importantly the guidelines of how to deal with the cyberpath in your life apply to kal the same way they would any other manipulative predator. namely to break off all interactions or communications immediately & not respond to entreats to re-establish that contact. then, get on with your life.

likely most contact via facebook with kal has been fairly casual so his ability to inflict trauma or otherwise disrupt the lives of those who trusted him with a friend link has been minimal. but there are others who have had extended personal interactions with kal that were almost universally negative and some of them traumatic. those stories are outlined in part on the postings at this blog, and we all hope you take the time to read some of them over. the accusations are far from unfounded.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

Kal Korff: I was in the newsroom hours ago ...

lol stop it kal not even a whole sentence you're killing me ... lmao. which part of your basement studio apartment would that be, the bathroom or the walk in efficiency kitchenette? :D

I Read The News Today Oh Boy said...

FANTASY DELIVERED! You dream about it, we let you see it.

Kal Korff taking charge in the newsroom:

Kal Korff monitoring breaking developments in the newsroom:

Vintage picture of Kal Korff taking a call in the newsroom back when syndication was just in its infancy:

Anonymous said...

I Read The News Today Oh Boy said...


The Unknown Korffer said...

Haha, I think I like the vintage picture best. Kalvin always looks funniest when he's trying to be super serious. The monitoring breaking events isn't bad either. I like the guy off to the side in the background presumably working on a story about how great Kal is and all of his many accomplishments. Yeah they are kind of silly but then again having Kalvin K. Karlton Korff remark "I was in the newsroom" is pretty silly. Doing what, actually? I thought syndicated columnists just wrote columns which are then syndicated.

happy red mogul balloon! said...


Anonymous said...

Excuse me!?! Isn't that you're job?

Lying Lair.

Kal Korff: Hey, has anyone noticed that the "predicted" rapture did NOT happen again? They should sue that bozo pastor for fraud.

Anonymous said...

What will kalvin think after he hears that in Steven Job' new book his hero talks about doing LSD and other such drugs.

What say you Korff?

Anonymous said...

Korffers, read this post!

What newspaper Kalvin?

A Google search of your name comes up with ZERO results regarding any Kal Korff articles being published during the last 10 years.


Again, people, he's lying and nobody but we Korffers are listening.

I'm amused.

Oh, and Korff has now added this text to his NON PUBLISHED and NOT SYNDICATED .PDF files:

NOTE: This article contains the original and unedited text.


Kal Korff is the author of nearly 50 non-fiction books which will be published in 2011 and 2012


by kalkorff in mgazines/Newspapers, NTC, and Libya.


Kalvin Karlton Korff steals more “news” and photos. Korff just “wrote” an article on a guy playing guitar while other fight and kill Gaddafi.

You can read his tripe on that vanity .PDF web site.

You can see where he got all of that information right here:

Kal Korff: You have to read this story to appreciate it. It is about "guitar heroes" who strum their guitar and sing while the rebels were fighting against Gaddafi to oust him. They did it in the middle of fierce firefights to improve morale. Included is a photo. This was published in the newspaper today and is real :-) Tomorrow I have a detailed article about how Gaddafi was really killed, clearing up incorrect accounts in the media. I am honored to have been covering these stories as a journalist and being able to write about them and see them in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin.

That guitar hero story was first PUBLISHED and SYNDICATED at 8:22 PM on 11th October 2011.

11 days ago, and not by you.


Lying Lair.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Korff's leaving that Burton thread alone. I'll clean up the thread text and I'll send it out to the Korffing list.

Maybe the admin will find worth in it and post some of it here?

Gather Round All You Clowns said...

Looking for a sound effect audio file of that "newsroom sound" of typewriters ticking busily away in the background. Have an idea.

Anonymous said...

Any time Kal Korff drags out the expression "honored and humbled" or "humbled an honored" that is a keyword phrase which really means "I am making all of this up but still expect to be praised for it, me me me pay attention to me."

Anonymous said...


Any time Kal Korff drags out the expression "honored and humbled" or "humbled an honored" that is a keyword phrase which really means "I am making all of this up but still expect to be praised for it like a small selfish spoiled bratty child, me me me pay attention to me."

That's better.

Anonymous said...

Korff, you fucking Moron, I see you are a bigger fucking train wreak than the last time I dropped by. The only difference is that now more and more "korffers" are paying attention to what a total fucking Buffoon you appear .. here and on Face Book. Give it up you Klown, just give it up. You, in your heart of hearts can't honestly believe anyone takes anything you say seriously, do you? You total fucking asswipe. Little Shit indeed.

Hfuhruhurr said...

I love your site, nice to see someone take this deranged bag of shite down. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Here's my article on the shooting and execution of former Libyan dictator and mass murderer Muammar Gaddafi. It appeared in the papers on today, Saturday.

"Democracy" - The Execution of Muammar Gaddafi

Kal Korff writes about how former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was murdered in cold blood, when he was supposed to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

by kalkorff in Magazines/Newspapers, Gaddafi, and NTC..

Anonymous said...

I just got some very interesting information from FN.

That Korff really is a lying scumbag.

Jimmy D said...

You are lying scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: "...Gaddafi was 'supposed to be put on trial..., not murdered in cold blood'.". Huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, korff is the kind of scumbag that gives scumbags a bad name.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff writes about how former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was murdered in cold blood, when he was supposed to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Yeah that's overwhelmingly stupid, a naive child's take on current events filtered through vocabulary they have heard adults use and based on things that others have written which Kal has encountered. But Kal really can't be held in too much contempt for having the intellectual capacity of an 11 year old or writing in the style of a petulant high school sophomore. That's who he is, a demented man-child. He simply stopped maturing intellectually at age 11 and shut down his capacity to lean & grow by his junior year in high school when he was removed from his class. Kalvin has touched on this subject before claiming that he was selected for his special gifts to participate in advanced programs, Which is more likely based upon Kal's statement above as well as hundreds others with equally inept phrasing -- that he flunked a year & had to go to remedial classes, or that he was invited to go work on the Viking lander at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California?

So yeah, his phrasing and writing style is inept and reflects a person with absolutely no formal education. His "newspaper articles" are blatant frauds put together with as much sophistication as any other prank or put-on that a mischievous high school brat might think up. And he has hatched a life of make-believe that he lives out via the internet seeming to prefer that to the reality which surrounds him, which shouldn't be surprising given the circumstances in which he likely exists. Which includes having "served" as a heroic "volunteer" trained in "Israeli tactics" and entitled to wear US Army rank insignia in public. And claim to be an "officer" to coerce respect out of those who do not know who & what he really is. Or "the more senior journalist", as he dressed down Scott Jorgensen of the Illinois Valley News -- an actual printed newspaper which actually has a presence which can be confirmed, including an actual "newsroom" where the beat reporters formulate their work. Kal can only wish he were part of such an organization, and simply expects the rest of the world to play along when he engages in his make-believe. Just like his mom and dad had to when he was a kid. He simply wants to be able to be respected for having done nothing with his life and this is the best that he can come up with, including insisting on referring to himself in the 3rd person.

Anonymous said...

His Mother must be so proud.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by Kalvin, and responding directly to your only, and mean ONLY, followers of note.

And notice, Korff mentions "hits" now, no longer "reads", as that web site cannot count reads.

That would be web 101 Korff.

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: HI everyone: Nearly 6,000 hits for the 72 articles I have posted on are almost in the bag now. I sincerely thank all of you for your nice comments and support, as a journalist it means a lot to me. THANKS again!

Kurt Peters said...

Is this a NEW Korff video?: