Monday, October 24, 2011

Kal K. Korff is NOT an accrdited journalist.

 Someone needs to tell that fool Kal that anyone can publish anything on the internet and claim to be an accredited journalist.  By saying he is an accredited journalist Kal implies he has some sort of credentials or education. Remember when Kal claimed to be a "colonel" in an Israeli founded military organization? Kal needs to stop being such a kunt. Kal is not syndicated anywhere currently.  However Kal is an idiot!


Anonymous said...

A fruitcake indeed, but a syndicated and accerdited fruitcake! Ha, ha, ha!


Jimmy D said...

I loathe and despise you so much it is a physical ache, "Colonel".

Apologize publicly to V*jte*ch S*dl*c*k for your theft of his honor.

Anonymous said...

You are insane, Kal. For God's sake get some professional help.

Anonymous said...

While doing a little Korffing this morning I found this, again:

"As a far more senior journlaist myself, officially accredited by a government, unlike your reporter, I guess checking facts first before lying is not required at your newspaper."

So there you go Korffers. Korff claims to be an "accedited journalist" by a government.

Maybe one of you CZ-based Korffers could contact a local newspaper and ask them if your country "accredits" reporters?

Should be very easy to confirm this lie.

BTW, he made this claim before he moved to India and married his Princess.


Anonymous said...

An accredited journalist? HA! The only thing he is accredited is being an accredited ASSHOLE! Hear that kalvin? You accredited asshole, oh, and a "little shit!" hahahahaha!!

Larry King said...

Little Shits are certified, actually. This one has the distinction of being certified by Don Ecker.

Weasels are accredited, and Kalvin has that covered, too, thanks to Art Bell.

Being a self-accredited journalist is just like being a self-appointed colonel, except that a real journalist is a million times less likely to beat a poser to a pulp than, say, a Navy Seal. The journalist will just snort, shake his head, and move on to a real story.

Paperback Writer said...

Kal should come up with another award ribbon! one that says OFFICIALLY ACCREDITED in the middle, a big red one this time. The science fair ribbon was blue. He can wear both of them with his fake army badges! and "slap the handcuffs" on those UFO terrorists on "Kal Korff Show" at Youtube if he ever feels like making a 4th episode. I guess three were enough to prove his point. Or maybe he dropped the iPhone and his camera broke. In spite of all that Israeli tactical training he's still quite the klutz, never an athletic guy that Kal. He was too busy lecturing about his UFO pictures since October 19 1973.

Which reminds me, Happy Anniversary Kal! 38 years of original research and you've had ... just three fucking books published? C'mon, that's less than one every twelve years, and we both know they didn't make you a dime. Time get off your can and get cracking. There are complete idiots out there just waiting to pay good money to be had by you all over again, you can't let them down!

Anonymous said...

If Kal ever drops his iPhone, he can always steal another. That seems to be his M.O. when it comes to Apple products.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kernal Klown, long time since we've heard about the adventures of Warrent Officer Avim or Lt. Martina. What are they up to these days, still hunting terrorists A-bombs and what have you? How is the Special Secret Services doing? The "boys" in Tel Aviv keeping you up to date about happenings around the world? Have you blown thru that 25 million bucks the Shiek gave you? Like, WTF Kernal? We korffers would really like to know. You fucking Bozo.

Anonymous said...

repeated claims of being a colonel engaging in anti-terror activities.

Anonymous said...

kal's videos have to speak for him since nobody else can. if you let that video do the talking kal is still engaged in the counter terrorism colonel project. the videos are still publicly posted including widget links to them on his website. which also still states that he holds the rank of colonel and is an expert in counter terrorism. nothing has changed. there are no disclaimers or statements saying otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to see the Korffing activities heating up as Korff works new lies.

Well done Korffers.


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I wasted time looking at these Korff videos. In any case, let’s break down a few claims Korff made.

"Ecker has now been served with a written formal Legal Notice to either RETRACT his false claims, or get sued in Court. Ecker was sent this formal legal notice on March 11, 2011."

True - Korff stole the identity of a Southern California lawyer, pasted up a FAKE e-mail and sent it off to Big Don Ecker. Don called the REAL lawyer and they both had a great laugh. Don finds Kalvin very amusing. Korff later stole the identity of more lawyers, this time from India and he even made up a General in his FAKE Army to contact Big Don Ecker. The outcome? ZERO. It's all horse shit.

"and it also shows Kal Korff with the actual NanoDust samples which were used and planted in the soil at the Indian-Pakistani border, which irrefutably disproves what Ecker has falsely claimed."

Yeah, sure it does. Just like showing Royce Meyers III photo of you in UNIFORM prove that you’re a super secret agent. Just like not supplying the X-Zone host ANY other person or web site that Korff wasn’t already involved with to confirm ANY of his claims.

Sorry Kalvin, its all horse shit.

Your current behavior is more proof that it’s all horse shit. You’ve dropped the web site; you’ve dropped the free iPad’s for peace lie and that web site (

No longer do you mention (to any great length) your involvement in nanodust, fighting terrorism, or your 10 years in waiting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 volume book series, a series your own publisher stated that they had no interest in and that they are no longer in the Kal Korff business.

Gee, it must suck to be you? No family, no friends, no reason to exist other than to make fraudulent claims and threats over the internet and youtube.

Accredited by a country. Let that sink in Korffers.

Expect Korff to be sainted next.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff,

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Ha-ha! said...

I kind of miss the fake lawyer routine. Unlike stealing valor, stealing computers or stealing money, it's pretty much a victimless crime and the results are always hilarious.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You are worthless dross, Korff. So is your dirtbag brother. And so is your neo-nazi father.

You are all vermin.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin? Kalvin Karlton Korff?? Lying???


Anonymous said...

How are those litigation cases coming along, Kal?

Please provide us with a progress update, direct from your legal department.

Nah.. I didn't think you could.

Anonymous said...

Just eff off and die, Korff. Just disappear. No really - shut up and sit down.


Anonymous said...

Korff only posts this type of material because he knows that we'll post and comment on it here.

Kalvin, keep in mind that we are the ONLY ONES commenting on you and your lies in any way.

And yes, we will post this material here because, you amuse us.

And thank you for stopping by and reading that detailed post regarding your FAKE officially accredited journalist claim, etc.

Oh, how it must feel to be Kalvin Karlton Korff; to bash away at this blog, every vigilant in defending his constant stream of lies.

And let’s put this claim into perspective. Over a 90 day period (Korff started posting .PDF's, with the fake newspaper formatted scan like artciles as well, in August of 2011) he’s been averaging 70 hits per day, hardly something to crow about for an international officially accredited journalist.

And never forget Korffers; people cannot download or print out these .PDF files nor can they view those .PDF files on a mobile device. Nor can the interested post on kalvin's Face Book Wall to give the great man valuable feedback.

Nice work Kalvin.

Kal Korff: There's now been nearly 6,300 hits for articles I have written, I have uploaded 72 of them now to this web site. I wish to sincerely THANK everyone for your kind words and even article suggestions. As an officially accredited journalist, I am honored to be tasked to write about everything from politics, international terrorism, international news, business, lifestyle, travel, to science and technology. I love the news business, always have and always will. Thanks everyone!

Don Ecker said...

If this "Village Idiot" had any integrity, ethics, or common sense (not to mention pride) he would have crept away with his tail tucked between his legs. Of course pride, integrity, ethics, common sense are completely foreign to our favorite Village Idiot.

Kalvin, I am still waiting to be served papers and here it is almost the end of October. When were they filed? Early March with your Indian lawyers? Are you blind and really don't see what a total blathering idiot you appear to the international audience? You deluded fool, you really are a total fucking moron .. aren't you?

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Welcome Big Don Ecker!

"Are you blind and really don't see what a total blathering idiot you appear to the international audience?"


"You deluded fool, you really are a total fucking moron .. aren't you??


The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: There's now been nearly 6,300 hits for articles I have written, I have uploaded 72 of them now to this web site.

Hey, as someone else pointed out, at least he isn't uploading them to an actual news service site. Let him be humbled & honored all he wants by being a complete loser welching off strangers on Flake Book for attention. At least Kal isn't actually being published anywhere.

It should also go without saying that hit count displays are infinitely easy to manipulate or misrepresent traffic, though I would never dare to imply that Kal Korff might be smart enough to actually be able to accomplish such a feat.

Anonymous said...

Klassic Kalvin Karlton Korff

Illinois Valley News comment
Korff brother causes controversy Why Do You People Hate?

Kal Korff (Prague) : Sat May 30 16:50:14 2009

As usual, the same bozos continue to spew hatred and lie. I am not "wanted" by the police, anywhere. This is a reckless charge and it is a lie and the people who make this claim know it. I am also NOT a "certifiable" nutcase. To be such, and to make such a claim be valid and true, one would have to provide said "certificate" and of course none exists because it is not true. I could care less what "film" the NEWPHEW of world famous MJ-12 HOAX and FRAUD promoter and Roswell UFO crash MYTH promoter Stanton T. Friedman choses to make. Since I exposed the Roswell case in my book as being a MYTH, and my very good friend Brad Sparks eposed the MJ-12 case as a FRAUD, and Mr. Friedman has refusted none of this, because he cannot — of course his nephew will make a film which is not complimentary. The idea that someone can NOT believe in Little Grey Men and demands proof first, is totaly alien to them, excuse the bad pun.

Since I am the only person to "speak" for myself I will and do: NONE of you are, but claim to - I am NOT "full of hate." For the record, I hate no one. My credentials are also sworn before the U.S. Court.

regarding nanotechnology, YOU keep saying NANOBOTS while I am not using this term. I have never really described what it was I was talking about, deliberately, just to see you 'experts" lie and fill in the blanks yourselves.

Consequently, it is amusing to see you continue to lie and distort things, and to be stuck in this loop of hate. If I am so "unworthy" of all this attention you give me WHY waste your time?

It's because I AM "worthy" because I do NOT believe that there was a "conpiracy" to murder JFK. I don't beleve in Little Grey Men. I know that 911 was NOT "an inside job" and I don't drink the typical kook aid which has everyone more concerned today over who wins American Idol, then fighting against and eliminating the root causes of terrorism, which is hatred. You guys are great examples of this because you make a point to contribute to forums which engage in hate, not dialog.

And of course, you IGNORE the forensic evidence by experts Lt. pex and Knowles, just like you IGNORE the fact that Paul KimBULL has an agenda, so any "film" he cares to make about me or anyone who demands evidence first, instead of dogma, would of course be biased and less than flattering.

The issue here is NOT "Kal Korff" — you people engage in attacking the messenger, while you ignore the message.

Notice you mock my initials, that is racism and hatred. Since my heritage is German, regardless of the letters my name contains, it is not an issue. The fact you "make" it one proves it is YOU who are full of hate, resort to name calling and avoid the facts.

Regarding not responding to Mr. Jorgensen's email, as he now knows, we never received either his first nor second one. Thankfully, his editor sent it.

Cordially, and not full of hatred,


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!

"He is also a pathological liar who apparently cannot control his compulsion to be dishonest and attempt to deceive others, as his use of the term "nanobot" and his denial of using that term demonstrates."

International Disgrace.

Anonymous said...


"...Consequently, it is amusing to see you continue to lie and distort things, and to be stuck in this loop ..."

This loop of lying.

Now that is amusing.

Please continue Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Part one

Let's look into this accredited claim, okay. It is true that certain countries will "accredit" reporters.

Here's a .PDF regarding getting accredited in India:

Search this to try and find Korff as a PIB Card holder:

You won’t find him in India.

Its clear Kalvin Karton Korff is NOT an accredited anything in India. This web site information proves this out.

Now let’s go to the CZ.

You can get the same type of thing in the CZ as well.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

It would seem that Korff has lied to get an accreditation if he indeed has one. Read this:

Chapter II. Rule of Issuing Accreditation

1.Representatives of the foreign mass media: journalists of electronic and printed periodicals, radio, television, video, photo and documentary programmes, producers and editors, technical staff may receive accreditation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Korff doesn't have a news web site, nor does he have a job where he writes for any AMERICAN outlet. This is what this means. A foreign mass media representative.

Easy enough to lie about that guess. Who's gonna check if he tells the people that he's in league with Art Levin (remember him? A real reporter).

Anonymous said...

In any case, Korffers, it is true that Korff "could" be an accredited FAKE journalist. Lastly, why didn’t Korff get this when he wrote “Kal’s Korner” for that free subway throw-away paper? That’s a good question but ultimately easy to answer. Korff didn’t need some sort of “document” to further his lie back then. He had the real paper to point to. 10,000 articles, remember?

This time, Korff has ZERO articles that have been published in ANY newspaper or magazine to point to as proof that he’s really an investigative reporter.

Lie away Kalvin. Keep amusing us.


The Critic's Corner said...

Kal Korff's syndicated newspaper articles -- Confusing, poorly written, including a laughably faked image of the "newspaper" as "published" in an unspecified English speaking location. Posted to free document hosting platform Scrbd to the exclusion of all other possible venues. 

Kal Korff's video shows -- Confusing, poorly constructed, sloppily shot and edited with zero finesse or apparent knowledge of how the editing software works. Not television or any other form of broadcast medium; in all appearances poorly conceptualized performance art. Posted to free video hosting platform YouTube to the exclusion of all other possible venues.

Kal Korff's YS3 Special Secret Service -- Confusingly organized and poorly realized "group" so inept as to use cheap reproductions of US Military badges for rank insignia and forces its rank officers to shop for their uniforms at Army/Navy surplus stores for any old thing they can find. Group has no visible presence outside of Kal Korff's references to it, with Kal Korff serving as their sole spokesperson.

The Critic's Corner said...

Kal Korff's website -- Confusingly plotted and ineptly constructed. Average load time for the main page is about four to six minutes due to excessive use of non-optimized .PNG graphic formats that no professional web designer in their right mind would choose. Text content is filled with typos, syntax errors, contradictory information and an arrogance about its presentation which is off-putting. Appears to have been assembled overnight by someone on a powerful stimulant with no familiarity with basic web navigation protocol. Hosted by a non-professional free web space domain provider who coincidentally also hosts "" and "" even though Kal Korff presents himself as Jewish and reproaches his critics for being anti-Semitic. 

The Critic's Corner said...

Anything else I forgot? Oh yeah, Kal Korff's books, his most substantive and tangible claim to success. Haven't read 'em, never will, can't comment on them except there's only three and the last one was published in 2000. That's 11 years of tangible professional inactivity, with Kal Korff's web based confidence games taking priority over all other concerns.

That is a sober and non-biased assessment of what can be discerned of Kal Korff's web based professional aspirations circa October 2011.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff monitoring these breaking developments in the newsroom while thoughtfully preparing his indirect response:

Anonymous said...

The Critic's Corner,

My God, that's a great series of posts Korffer!

Well done!


The Critic's Corner said...

Thnx. I wanted to outline for Kal exactly what others perceive when viewing his web presence. Not to attack him for it but to point out the flaws in his presentation. Presentation is everything on the internet. Everything that I have seen from Kal looks rushed, jury-rigged, slapped together and done without adequate planning or even basic knowledge of how the platforms he is using work. Including the software being used to develop the content; the audio portions of his videos are filled with errors, the video editing haphazard and the staging of shots done with zero regard for basic production techniques. Which can be effective if handled correctly and done with intentionality, which is not evident in what he shoots. There is no consistency to his format other than the videos staged in front of the flags back in his Colonel Korff days.

The same delivery carries over to his Scrbd postings, none of which is formatted like a newspaper article. The scans of the pages appear clumsily constructed on a simple layout program with a plug-in template that simulates a news article. The columns are also printed in English yet Kal is located in Czech Republic and has never once specified where, when and by whom they are being published. Kal seems to have access to these print copies the day they are published and yet the news he reports on is typically 2 to 4 news cycles old by the time he gets them posted (about 3 days). The bottom line is that they are not convincing.

Kal's own status posts thanking his friend list people for paying attention to him also suggest that something is amiss. His use of language is odd, with a preoccupation with certain words or phrases which sound made up. He overtly expresses emotional terms which are not professional and not relevant. He comes across as insincere and gloating over hit count figures, which as others have pointed out are surprisingly low and also not relevant to a reporter's goal of simply reporting the news accurately, concisely and efficiently.

The Critic's Corner said...

From Kal it comes off as a strictly personal effort done with whatever means are at hand, which is why I likened it to performance art. If his aim was to parody someone trying to pull off such a deception it could potentially be effective. But his delivery suggests sincerity, an eagerness to be heard and an insistence on doing so immediately without any regard as to how his message is being perceived. He even silences feedback options and does not allow others to publicly comment, eliminating an important method to gauge these perceptions casually,

It just doesn't come across as convincing. A total makeover of the website would be a start, keeping the presentation as absolutely simple as possible. Use Drudge as a model: simple text, simple links, simple graphics. Avoid video embeds or image formats other than .JPEG or .GIF and make sure all media files are hosted locally if possible. Just to be clear these are not criticisms of the content, just the presentation. It is not professional.

And sadly almost all of the YouTube videos have to go, especially any confronting public officials during the Kurtis Korff affair. They come across as hostile, unreasoning and obsessive though it is evident how much of Kal's time and effort went into making them. The most effective are the ones in front of the flag backdrops as you can really focus on what Kal has to say. The others are filled with distracting images and clip art effects which are not relevant to his message and look like something a beginner would use to pad out the length.

The Critic's Corner said...

I cannot offer much insight to the Scrbd postings or improving their delivery other than urging Kal to drop the scanned printed article angle. Totally unnecessary and comes off as a preemptive measure to convince the viewer of their authenticity, already a dubious pill to swallow based on the hosting platform. Let the authority of the writing speak for itself, lose the obsession with web stats and stop humping the legs of those who might not have actually even read them like some kind of groping touchy feely oaf . A comments or feedback section can help a publisher interact with their readers without being patronizing, though I do recognize the legitimate concern of Kal needing to police such a function constantly for input from his detractors.

All in all I would grade Kal's "professional web presence" at about a C- or D+ if he were taking a class with me on web development & synthesis. And would urge him to rethink his delivery, choice of formats, methods used and choice of host platforms.

Anonymous said...

All very constructive criticism, providing you were dealing with a rational and sane individual. Which of course leaves kalvin out.

Anonymous said...

It's apparent to me that Big Don "The Don" Ecker officially owns your ass, Kal.

Serve him those legal papers or fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Kernel Kalvin Korff - The Next Generation:

Brit_in_Prague said...

Wonderful, Critic's Corner. I haven't read such smart, thoughtful Korffery since our friend Squonkamatic (spelling?) graced these pages.

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

The only problem is that in his attempt to appear objective, Critic tends to elevate Korff's nonsense. Critic appears, at least superficially, to be commenting on some serious enterprise, or potentially worthwhile pursuit at least, instead of the self aggrandizing bullshit spewed by the fake colonel. None of Korff's crap is based on anything but lies, delusions, whatever you want to call them.

Offering "constructive criticism" to a flaming whack job poser is pretty pointless. It does, however, mention a lot of the deficiencies in Korff's idiot theater that others have already commented on. In case some of us have forgotten about them. The clumsy and embarrassing attempts at various types of web presences from someone claiming to be an expert on such matters is one of the funniest parts of Korff's bizarre little world.

Anonymous said...

Then we are apparently all agreed. What korff really needs is a world klass ass kicking. Agreed?

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker would agree and so do I. But we shouldn't threaten Korff at all, I guess that really isn't threat, more a hope, a wish.

Anyway, Don Ecker reminded me of this wonderful web page:


The Unknown Korffer said...

What Kalvin needs is psychiatric help. Like many people who seem to be suffering from assorted forms of mental illness Kal is either unaware of it or living in denial. He may be living in Europe to avoid such a prospect and certainly finds the suggestion that there's anything wrong with him as laughable. We are the haters extremists etc. Kalvin also isn't (apparently) aware that his antics/claims appear ridiculous at face value just in part because of how he delivers them.

But I would also agree with the sentiment that Kal's website and he deserve each other. It is *exactly* the kind of web presence I would expect from someone claiming to be a UFO enthusiast counter-terrorism colonel SAPSTOE journalist Kidon volunteer TV producer and analyst. He shouldn't change a thing, and there's no reasoning with those beyond reason. It was a nice try though. Next time invest the effort into cleaning the bathroom or taking a nice walk.

Anonymous said...

Keep floating the lie Kalvin. Please do not stop floating the lie.

The kind words of support? 70 hits a day, and 1 follower.... Now that's support.

Thanks for stopping by Kalvin.

Kal Korff: There's now over 6500 views or hits on the page where my published articles are reprinted after they appear in the newspaper. I wish to thank everyone again for your kind words and support, it means a lot to me. Thanks again, I'll upload more this week after the appear in the press.

Anonymous said...

Look, Kalvin subscibed to a real reporter, with a real job at a real cable station.

Kal subscribed to updates from Mia Aquino, Researcher, National Desk at CNN.

Anonymous said...

He must be trying to learn how a real reporter does things so he can do a better job of faking it. He has a long way to go and not enough brain cells to get there, I'm afraid.

Anybody ever heard or seen any real reporter anywhere even mention once that he or she is "accredited" or any such thing? Think about that with your 219 IQ or whatever made up number you are up to now, Kalvin. You really should concentrate on the fake lawyer letters and give up on the fake journalism crapola. Your fake lawyer schtick is your best material, by far.

Anonymous said...

"What korff really needs is a world klass ass kicking. Agreed?"
---Agreed. Note that I am not threatening to give Korff the beating he so richly deserves. Just that I would crawl halfway around the world to see it administered.

You are worthless dross, Korff. Apologize publicly for your treatment of Mr S*dl*c*k.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

ooo a new stalking target for Kal! she's a pretty one too. wonder how long before they will be close personal friends like the spice girls!

Anonymous said...

Since this is almost Halloween, I have a question for kalvin.

Say kalvin, did the Wizard ever get back to you about that "brain" thing?