Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kal K. Korff inadvertently tells us the truth about himself

Look at this lately buffoonery from Kal: "Yes, people like JimmyD (as he calls himself) are sick, to put it mildly. But they have no case and often lie, it is their way." Really? Kal you must be looking in a mirror these days because you stupid arse you just described yourself to the letter you cheeky daft wanker!

I do not know what more to say about that dog's dinner of a life Kal has made for himself steeped in crazed  futility. Kal is sick, to put it mildy. Kal is often caught lying just like when he claims police surveillance on certain lads who comment here. We all know this utter rubbish and another poor shot Kal tries to take at the people who have EXPOSED him for the lunatic he is. Indian Princess anyone? ahahahahhhhaaahahahaha

Kal is a sad little man scraping a bare existence out for himself. Enjoy riding the rail endlessly Kal. Us Korffers will be at home enjoying our families and friends and lives. We have those because we do not lie about ourselves every second of the day and we all have jobs.


Anonymous said...

I think I've run out of words.....?



Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

The Korff video set - Final Verdict: JFK's Murder Solved arrived today.

It'll take me a while to get this off to Santa in a Floppy Hat. In the mean time....

Korff's name appears on the front of the slip case:

"We found a man on the grassy knoll." Kal Korff, TotalResearch

In a paragraph on the back he's talked about, albeit very briefly, and that's about it.

There's a 13-1/2” long by 7” wide double-sided black and white flyer inside the VHS tape box. Korff's video claims are highlighted on this page. Korff's name is mentioned here and there on this flyer.

I'll digitize this material and scan it all. I'll make it available to SIAFA and others for review and research purposes.

I paid $19.95 for this very difficult to find tape set.

Anonymous said...

From Korff's page, he must have an ocean of interests....:

Interests: Anything I do not know.

Lately I've been reading: Torah, — too many non-fiction books to list.

Lately I've been writing: Kal Korff is working on his six book series on terrorism, haters, CONspiracy nuts and extremists which will be published in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the 2 - VHS JFK Set.

It's basically a video of Korff talking at some conference about a year after his Larry King appearance. He brings up some interesting material, etc. I’m not a JFK person so I have no idea where Korff’s work stands among others in that regard.

Of interest to Korffers is his constant reminder that he was pulled out of class because of his high school paper on the event.

And, of most importance, upon a cursory watch is this...

A person asks Korff how he can afford to do all this research, how TotalResearch can fund this. Korff tells the crowd that he’s a computer geek, not married and he ponies up all the money for the research himself; a claimed 100 K at that time.

So, there you have it. Korff’s own words proving that there never has been any sort of “group” or “company” or “meta organization” of any kind. It’s just sad little Kalvin, wanking away. Banging out e-mails and carrying on in his manic and lunatic frenzy.

There’s much more here. Many of you know me, if you want a copy of this material on DVD in the NTSC format, e-mail me and I’ll send it off to you.


The Celebrated Mister K. Performs His Feat On Saturday At Bishop's Gate said...

Let's note again too that during a recent casual tour of JFK related websites or postings not one fellow researcher cited Kal's work either pro or con. The only reference to Kal's "solution" were by other consumers fascinated by the case who had been struck by the inaccuracies and sloppy research they were presented with. Not errors regarding theories for or against conspiracy, but basic fundamental errors in fact like people's names & their role in the history of the event. Stuff that any serious researcher would have made a point to get right if they expected their work to be taken seriously. Kal couldn't be bothered.

Let's also keep in mind that the woman responding to Kal's leaked FB post is a victim whom Kal has taken advantage of. It is indeed shameful and disgraceful to work people over like that, I almost wish the reply had not been leaked, really interfered with digestion of a fine dinner to encounter it. Since Korff has no shame he likely regards it as a victory, someone affirming they are on "his side". The truth has no side, you either pursue it or you don't, and those who fall victim to his con should be regarded with compassion. It's not her fault that Kal Korff is such an unholy liar.

Even more it shows the evil of Korff's use of FLAKEBOOK for what it is. That's a place where people go to show the things in their lives which are special etc. There's a tendency to show compassion or support for those "friends" going through a hard time over something. That's exactly what her post reads like, someone who may not fully understand what it is that has apparently hurt Kal so much and seems to be trying to show support to help him weather it. That it is based on a series of frauds Kal has been exposed for here is what makes it evil, not even so much her response. That's a predictable trigger reaction and Kal Korff exploited her to get it. He will surely burn in hell for regarding other humans as items to be manipulated.

He also achieved nothing by this display, other than to express his obsessive frustration with being called a liar. Until he stops lying I see no reason to let up even though I agree he is sick, needs psychological help, and should likely be removed from FB before somebody really gets hurt by him.

Here, There, and Everywhere said...

That it is based on a series of frauds Kal has been exposed for here is what makes it evil, not even so much her response.

Make that "Here, There, and Everywhere"; many other web presences have also worked hard to expose Kal for what he is. The only web presences which speak favorably about Kal + his ever expanding claims of greatness are his own or those he has manipulated. Other than those, to the entire web using population on the planet familiar with who and what Kal Korff is there is nothing but universal condemnation for an easily perceived run of false statements.

I hope that lady friend of his on FB Google's Kal's name to find out what's really going on, and why he expects sympathy for it on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Lately I've been writing: Kal Korff is working on his six book series on terrorism, haters, CONspiracy nuts and extremists which will be published in 2012.


look at how unimportant the terrorism part is compared to kal's obsession with his detractors.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate lady on Facebook who seems to have been taken in by Kal's lies can be contacted here:

I think she should be warned that she is interacting with a highly manipulative and dangerous cyberstalker.

Jimmy D said...

Scum. Worthless, iredeemable, irretrievable scum.



And that's just Karlton's dirtbag brother.

Oh, and his psycho nazi father...

The Unknown Korffer said...

The unfortunate lady on Facebook who seems to have been taken in by Kal's lies can be contacted here:

No offense but I disagree -- She should not be contacted by anyone who does not know her personally, and information regarding any of Kal's victims should not be casually disseminated on here. That's almost as crummy a call as leaving a threat, making me wonder who posted it. There is ample evidence that Kal has come on here to stir up the kind of trouble he accuses this blog of fostering.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Lately I've been writing: Kal Korff is working on his six book series on terrorism, haters, CONspiracy nuts and extremists which will be published in 2012.

Same recycled line used in regard to unpublished books Kalvin has tried to take credit for writing dating back to the early 2000s. It was a lie then and it is a lie now. Kal Korff is a liar. He lies all the time. Everything Kal Korff says writes posts types or tries to shuck over on people should be regarded as a lie. Since I began observing his activities nothing he has said or written publicly has turned out to be true. Kal Korff is the most pernicious and unrelenting liar I have ever encountered in my life. His inability to be honest and truthful about himself suggests that he suffers from mental illness. Kal Korff is not rational and his mask of sanity used on Flake Book is slowly slipping. Keep hammering away at him, he lied when he said he had dinner with the troops to harvest sympathy and attention from people he does not even know. He is the lowest form of scum sucking vermin there is, and should be ignored by everyone just like he was back in the 6th grade. He was a mental case then and has only gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

Part One

FN here,

Notice Korff is telling the world that he needs a place to post his video which can handle it, etc.

Where have we heard that before?

Oh, that's right, from Korff. He was crowing about this video and that, and that he would post the URL...

Funny thing, it was a You tube URL.

Funny thing, when asked to post a URL pointing people to any other web site OTHER THAN the web site, which he promised to, do, he never did.

When asked to name the place he "works" for, or their web site, anything at all... Nope, it's a secret. Propably best, if we ever do find this fantasy place, their phones will ring off the wall. :-)

Funny thing, when asked to provide any information regarding the (his) FAKE para military club that didn't originate with and by himself and the people he knew, he couldn't.

Funny thing, when asked to provide any more information on his 201 IQ he couldn’t, wouldn’t. He then ran from the X-Zone posting, saying that he never said that.

Funny thing, Korff used to have a genius son. Korff crowed about the son from time to time. It’s been years since he’s mentioned him, and you’ll notice that he’ll rant and rave about his Indian Princess wife (congratulations Kalvin), but he never talks about his genius son anymore.

Like it never happened...

Funny thing, when asked to list out ANY other group (which exists, not the free iPad for peace thing, the Dayton Peace Museum,, fake things like these) that are part of his Critical Thinking Meta organization, he hasn't, can't and refuses to.

Remember TotalResearch was Korff. He could convince the odd person to join him for short periods of time, until they wised up to his lunacy.

Like it's all horse shit.


Anonymous said...

Part 2

Kal Korff: I just renewed my web site domains for another three years, I am still redesigning the site and making sure it is mirrored at more than one location, so I am in no hurry to get it done, just want it done right so that it can accommodate the new material, especially the new interviews and videos.

On another note, I will be writing a new weekly column about 1200 words each time, reviewing relevant major world news and politics. I am honored to be asked to do this, please don't tell my "kritics" :-)

The first issue of my new column will be out in the printed newspapers starting one week from today, Sunday. Thanks again for your interest and support, Shalom.

Anonymous said...

I think Unknown may be right.

I pretty much know who posts material from Face Book on this blog.

This information comes out of left field.

I wouldn't take the bait.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Did I mention that KAL KORFF IS A LIAR? Oh, that's right, I did mention that Kal Korff is a liar. Silly me.

Of interest to Korffers is his constant reminder that he was pulled out of class because of his high school paper on the event.

That is indeed quite interesting! So this really is an important detail to Kal Korff: That he was removed from class for his paper written as an 11 or 12 year old on the JFK assassination. He has repeated it so often that it's safe to conclude there is likely an element of truth to it, though the reason why he was *really* removed is likely concealed behind a deception meant to portray him in a heroic or favorable light.

Let's use reason first: Why would an 11 or 12 year old kid be removed from a class? Since the story of sinister government agents being alarmed by the classwork of a 6th grader isn't realistic to anyone breathing pure air, let's see if we can't reason out why Kal Korff would have been removed from his class by school administrators.

Obvious first choice is that he got in trouble, which could be the case. Kalvin dipping little girls curls into inkwells or snitching teacher's apple. Not likely, especially given Little Kalvin's lifelong quest for praise/approval. He would be the last one causing trouble in the traditional sense, and strikes me as the kind of kid who would have narked on his classmates for whatever he could have curried them out for.

Reason two would be that the kid had flunked or reached an academic threshold so removed from his classmates' capacity that he needed to be removed to give the rest of the kids a chance to learn. This seems more likely especially given Kalvin's track record of basic functional incompetence -- "vile/vial" and such. Just doesn't seem capable of retaining learned information & has boasted of being resistant to standard academic process.

Reason three would be a family emergency, though it appears that while dysfunctional and fractured Kalvin's nuclear family unit is still very much with us.

Trying to think of a valid fourth reason why a kid would be "pulled" or "removed" from his classmates' presence circa 1973. Bullying wasn't given the attention it gets now and more likely the aggressor would be the one pulled rather than the target. An illness is a valid reason though given Kalvin's fondness for exaggeration he would have elaborated on something like that. Another reason might simply have been a family relocation, though Kalvin has stressed that he was "allowed" to rejoin the class later, suggesting it was in the same school & district.

The Unknown Korffer said...

This information comes out of left field.

Too left field and too specific for casual posting by a reader. I would strongly urge the blog admin to remove the post in question and consider eliminating the lady's name from the original post where she was mentioned.

Part of exposing Kalvin's fraud must involve an effort to protect his victims from further exploitation or retaliation for unwittingly finding themselves as part of the exposure process.

October 19, 1973 said...

Oohh ... Might the day Kal was removed from class have been OCTOBER 19, 1973? Was this the day that he dedicated his life to always being regarded as special, gifted or an exception to every rule? Was that the day the madness crept in as an alternative reality to the shame of having FLUNKED?

The ridicule and disgrace of not advancing with one's classmates can be devastating to a kid and stick with them for the rest of their lives. I flunked 10th grade geometry and was appropriately mortified but adjusted well enough.

Did that book report on "Bless the Beasts and Children" play a role in it? Hell every kid had to read that; in the email to Royce Meyers Kal made it clear that in his opinion doing so was beneath him. It's a decent book, why the objection?

Was Kal's refusal to do so the signal to his teachers that perhaps something wasn't right with Young Mr. Korff? He has bragged about being placed in "advanced" classes -- was that really remedial edumacation? Did Kal Korff have to ride the short bus to school for a few years while he sulked about being laughed at by the popular kids?

There is a marked absence of any serious post high school education, yet he always refers to himself as some sort of abnormal super genius. Yet it is clear to anyone who pays attention to what he says or writes that he's barely scraping by when presented with complex tasks like going to the post office.

Everything Kal Korff writes or says comes across as the juvenile fantasies of a 6th grader and his conflicts with those who expose him for lying sound like the petulant responses of a kid who got caught fibbing. There is more to this "removed from class" than guys in suits wanting to interrogate a minor for a book report without his parents present. What's the real story, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Korff Flash!!!!!!!

Kalvin Karlton Korff has told the truth... sort of.

Kalvin stated on Flake Book that he re-upped his web site URL's for another 3 years.

He did:
Expiration Date: November 14, 2014
Expiration Date: November 14, 2014

However, there is a lie in here as well.

I'll release no more at this time.

I have a plan......

happy red mogul balloon! said...

please get that woman's contact info off here. nobody regularly using this blog to expose kal would consider it a good idea try to contact her via such a method. in fact in keeping with kal's own paranoia i sense a sort of false flag effort. namely put her info up and then contact her him self pretending to be one of the korffers. exactly the kind of sick bullshit he would try to pull, impersonating socks via email is a favored tactic of kal's i.e. martina avimi etc.

no way would one of us set up a target of his like that, i say take it down just to be safe. if it was a legit suggestion that person can reveal how they know her in a manner that would not compromise their cover. and use a posting nickname, they arent hard to think up.

Anonymous said...

Per Kalvin's Scribd bio:

Lately I've been writing: Kal Korff is working on his six book series on terrorism, haters and CONspiracy nuts and extremists which will be published in 2012.

Ya, right Kal. Is this the same six book series that was to be published in 2007,2008,2009,2010 and 2011? The one that's "considered definitive" (apparently by Kal), like all of Kal's efforts? Will it be "published" on Scribd like all of Kal's drivel, or published in some secret forum that can't be named,found or identified by anyone other than Kal? I'm going to use my super duper secret ability to see the future and predict that Secret Wars will NOT be published in 2012. I just wish I could see the winning numbers of the next big Powerball lottery jackpot as clearly as I can see through Kal's bullshit! Wait, maybe I'm not actually super duper special at all, just like our favorite idiot.

Per Kal's Scribd bio until a few weeks ago:

Lately I've been writing: Kal is the author of nearly fifty non-fiction books to be published in 2011 and 2012.

Let's see, it's December 2011, and it looks like Kal has................... nearly fifty books to go! For a guy who has gotten all of two books published in nearly fifty years, Kal is really going to have to pick up the pace a little. Maybe he could use some of that Saudi Shiek's $25,000,000 to hire some ghostwriters to help him. By the way, did anyone ever question the logic of claiming a rich Saudi Arab Muslim would help a Jew ( and known idiot and international joke!) with anything? Kal should really make an effort to make his bullshit slightly more plausible.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin get's in touch with his broness.....

Kal Korff: Bro, we are friends, brothers as God meant us to be. Everyone should be. But honestly, the Protocols were faked as I said, and I expose this in my new book. If you have any evidence to disprove it, I am happy to do it, I simply want to publish the truth. Here is a link which might interest you, it is from the London Times decades ago when it was first exposed and traced back to the original author. Even Wikipedia cites this info, it is old news. Hope this info helps.

Here is the hard evidence, if you can disprove it, I will certainly correct my manuscript bro! Again I simply want the truth.

Anonymous said...

If anything, it's a treatise you uneducated idiot. Look, an oxymoron.

Kalvin Korff

My thesis proves that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff who also wants to hurt you just because you do NOT believe (and in my case am officially and globally known for having disproven) many of their fraudulent claims.
A dissertation or thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings.

In some countries/universities, the word "thesis" or a cognate is used as part of a bachelor's or master's course, while "dissertation" is normally applied to a doctorate, while in others, the reverse is true.

The term dissertation can at times be used to describe a treatise without relation to obtaining an academic degree. The term thesis is also used to refer to the central claim of an essay or similar work.

Jimmy D said...

"I would strongly urge the blog admin to remove the post in question and consider eliminating the lady's name from the original post where she was mentioned."

--- I recently asked the admin to remove "M*ch**l* K*c*s' name from this blog after it was inadvertently/carelessly spelled out in full. It has remained. Come on, KIAI ...

Anomalous said...

My thesis proves that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff who also wants to hurt you just because you do NOT believe (and in my case am officially and globally known for having disproven) many of their fraudulent claims.

There is a lot more wrong with that run-on sentence than Kal's semi-literate abuse of the term "thesis." It's so full of lies, delusions, idiotic claims and self-aggrandizing puffery as to be revolting to any intelligent reader. Kal is a pathetic drooler. He belongs in a padded cell far from the nearest internet connection.

Anonymous said...

"Kal is a pathetic drooler..." Oh God yes .....

"He belongs in a padded cell far from the nearest internet connection..."

ABSOLUTELY .. Korff, come on back home .. Homey. Oh yea, get on back to the U.S. Just think .. you could do pro-bono work for your dirtbag brother, you could take care of your poor Mom, you could really stick it to the "UFO nuts", the sky is the limit fat boy. Come on home ...

Anonymous said...

The only person whom anyone wants to "hurt" is KAL KORFF, and everyone wants to kick his ass for being a total dick. Its Kal vs the whole world, no need to drag any specific names into it.


Kal Korff Is A DICK. said...

Wahh wahh widdle Baby Kal's going to get hurt by the mean UFO man, wahhh wahh. Any court hearing such a thesis would immediately find for the defendant and remand BABY KAL into custody for psychiatric evaluation. He'd fail and spend the rest of his life in an insane asylum, protected forever from the mean bad UFO men.


Anonymous said...

simpleton cracker trailer trash loser, forever on the run for touching a 14 year old girl.

am i a hater or just calling things like they are?

Kal Korff is a DICK said...


Telling someone you are going to "kick their ass" is not considered a threat in any legal sense of the term. Posting that you are going to contact someone's place of employment to harass the person IS.


(Hint: It's not us here.)

Anonymous said...

Kalvin K Korff, phony soldier.

Kalvin K Korff, phony husband.

Kalvin K Korff, phony father.

Kalvin K Korff, phony lawyer.

Kalvin K Korff, phony journalist.

Kalvin K Korff, phony tough guy.

Kalvin K Korff, PHONY!

Korff, you are a disgusting piece of jetsome, flotsom. Give it up asshole, come on back to the States and face your problems. Never ever happen. Too many people want your fat ass in court Tubby. Too many people. Your day will come asswipe, it will come.

Anonymous said...


Little Baby Kalvin in his pwetend Sapstoe uniform, barging into the electronics shop in Prague to requisition two ipods and a laptop to help catch up on "back product" owed to "customers" he swindled.


Little Baby Kalvin on Facebook posting that he ate Thanksgiving dinner in Afghanistan with American forces because he has no friends to spend the holiday with and wants sympathy from people whom he used to know and never really had any respect for him.


Little Baby Kalvin in the Youtube video standing outside the post office saying he was mailing the audit form to KPMG so they would ruin and disgrace Kevin Randle for getting onto more TV shows and earning the respect of his colleagues, something Widdle Baby Kal can only dream of. So he has to try and ruin the man, but Kevin is the terrorist.


Kal Korff is a LOSER compared to Kevin Randle said...

Little Baby Kalvin at the copy center faking a newspaper article so he can upload it to the free document hosting site and try to trick those people on Facebook who never really respected him into thinking he writes for a big city newspaper! which doesn't have a website! so Widdle Baby Kal has to post his articles himself! And they all use a picture of him that's 8 years old because it's just a newspaper and they don't have any way to make a new one!


Hell, Kal Korff is a LOSER compared to anyone reading this said...

And Little Baby Kalvin, visiting exciting India on his mom's dime, excited by contact with a whole society WHICH HAS NEVER HEARD OF HIM BEFORE and he can be or do anything he likes! So he's a TV producer now. And he decides that since India's culture is so removed from anything his former classmates on Facebook know he can make up anything he likes about his time there. Including a fairy princess proposing to the strapping Sapstoe on bended knee, smitten by his fake uniform wearing fake medals and badges he hasn't earned the right to represent himself with.


Kal Korff is one sick fucking puppy, ain't he. said...

Remember however, we are the terrorists here for publicly doubting Colonel Korff on his word of being an accredited colonel with nanodust published in newspapers where he cooks dinner as proof that he really went to the embassy in a cowboy hat and bossed everyone around.

We are just like a radical Islamic fundamentalist with a vest of explosives and his short barrel AK-47 with a folding stock running into a school and blowing himself + as many kids as he could take with him to kingdom come.

When you think of Kevin Randle, don't think of a respected researcher and veteran of decades in our armed forces. You are to picture a wild-eyed barbarian carving the head off a living hostage with a dulled knife while the camera rolls.

Kal Korff is one sick fucking puppy, ain't he.

Anonymous said...

Genuine Loonies:

Often choose to refer to themselves in the third person, eg:

'Lately I've been writing: Kal Korff is working on his six book series on terrorism, haters'..blah-blah.

Anonymous said...

Genine Loonies..

Rename themselves 'KalIsrael' and ponder whether or not to catch up with their fathers and ask about it one day

..whilst videoing it for posterity.

Anonymous said...

Genine Loonies..

Take photos of themselves in faux military outfits, replete with shiny little badges and buckles, and pretend to be instrumental in the ongong effort to save the world against all evildoers.

And Your Bird Can Swing said...

My thesis proves that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff

I wonder what Nicholas Berg's family would think of that rationalization.

u all know who i am said...

i know nicholas berg's niece, and since that happened when she was in elementary school and buttheads just had to view that on the net over and over, they have nothing to say. People forget that somethings you see on TV even if it is a computer monitor are real and real people are involved. that was something this little girl saw...horrid, but i know what kal would say.

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker's "Little Shit" video has crossed the 800 viewership mark!

Congrats Big Don!!!

Onto the 1000 mark.

Anonymous said...

What is the result of Kalvin Korff being ignorant to the fact that if you take your site down and you do not leave up at least a single index page for the browser and search engines to find?

The top searchers for Kal Korff:

Kal Korff is an IDIOT

The Rise&Fall of UFO Debunker Kal Korff
422063/pg1Cached - Similar

Mike Horn Site - The Billy Meier UFO Contacts - Korff

Kal K. Korff

Mom must be so proud.


The Unknown Korffer said...

My thesis proves that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff who also wants to hurt you just because you do NOT believe (and in my case am officially and globally known for having disproven) many of their fraudulent claims.

I wonder what the families of the 3,000 people who died in the WTC, Pentagon and Flight 93 attacks would make of that.

Anonymous said...

It's simple, Korff is completely out of his fucking mind, mentally ill, lights are on and nobody is home, out to lunch, the mind is missing, etc. etc. etc. This putz is completely lost in the Ozone layer, never to return. Hear that Kalvin? You are sick, sick, sick. Your mother must be so proud .. you hiding out in Europe and your dirtbag brother in the slammer. Merry Christmas dirt-bag.

KIAI said...

Someone send me a link to site with the girl's name and I will delete it. I looked but could not find it.

Anonymous said...

it was in the previous thread about 2/3rds down.

Jimmy D said...

Sent a couple of my periodic emails to Karlton this week (sent to, only to have them bounce back as undelivered. I guess that's related to the fact that his website is down.

Just sayin'.

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Yep nothing like being under police surveillance. Makes me feel special. Not sure where they would be surveilling me from but it's comforting to know they are watching and waiting for KAL K. KORFF to give instructions to execute their take-down. Should be any minute now ... I released the deadbolt on the front door so they won't have to use a battering ram to get in here to slap the handcuffs on for calling Kal Korff a worthless fucking liar.

Yep, any minute now ... (yawn).

Don Ecker said...

Hmm, lets see, today is December 7, 2011. Pearl Harbor Day in the U.S. Took an excursion down Memory Lane .. from March, 2011.

"March 23, 2011
Good day fellow Korffer's. As I jot this small note the date is March 23rd, 2011. The reason I mentioned this? No court documents served, no "missives" from the Village Idiot's vast army of Indian lawyers, no asset searchs and that smelly little ol' turd has STILL failed to contact me directly to appear on DMR to answer the allegations of David Biedny, Kevin Randle, FN, myself, Tina or a host of others. korff, you TURD, your time is wayyyyyyyyy past. Don't you think it might be time to KOWBOY up once in your miserable and useless life?


Don Ecker"

STILL NO PAPERS SERVED. No Asset searchs, no further missives from the Village Idiot's Indian Lawyers. Hey Kal, KISS MY ASS You TURD!

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker, YOU the MAN!

Little Kalvin Karlton Korff, you a Little Shit.

Anonymous said...

Lying Lair.

Kal Korff: Yet another judge has ruled that cyberstalkers and bloggers are NOT "journalists" and have no special protections from libel, slander, defamation and cybertsalking. It is a good decision, as a card carrying member of the press I appreciate the fact that the courts have upheld this distinction.

The Unknwon Korffer said...

Sigh. As expected Kalvin K. Korff has claimed a reverse victory, getting the results of the legal ruling backwards because he is too stupid to read the whole article over before sounding off on it like a pompous dick. We've never claimed to be journalists here, that is a lie that Kalvin K. Korff has maintained. Our position is that he is a liar has not been changed or effected by this ruling since we aren't suing Kalvin K. Korff.

Kalvin K. Korff should however go ahead and try to sue us for using this blog to try and expose his lies. In the words of Colonel Kevin Randle the discovery process would be amusing and the judge would no doubt happily remand Kalvin over for psychiatric evaluation after realizing that Kalvin K. Korff is insane.

The Unknown Korffer said...

One last thought for the week -- It is quite interesting to note how little Kalvin Korff matters in this world. Two days of not looking at the blog and his name & sullied reputation of deceit never came up once. Maybe Flake Book deserves him. At least his despicable mentally diseased mind cannot expand beyond there and his influence is limited to the few suckers whom he managed to "friend". If they don't bother looking into Kalvin's background and try to find out what he did with himself between 1990 and 2010 that's their own fault. One look at it and they would flee in terror, but I am tired of feeling sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

I remember when KKKal was writing for Expres he made the statement that WW2 did not start until Dec 7 1941......totally not realizing the usa was one of the LAST nations to actually get Germany, Italy, France, every country Germany conquered, the ENTIRE British Empire, Japan, and China were already fighting and in some cases had been fighting for years.....fucking idiot....

still free

Anonymous said...

Making a comment about a video link Korff posted regarding a lady with HUGE breast implants.

Holier than thou... a bit...

Nobody asked you, or cares if you feel sorry, or have any other emotion, asshole.

Kal Korff: This is disgusting. I do not "feel sorry" for this woman.

Anonymous said...

You want to know who I feel sorry for? Korff's mother, that's who. Imagine having the pair of sons she has. One scum-bag jail bird and one mentally ill moron. Poor lady. I bet she wonders what she did to deserve this pair of duds.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin K. Korff/TotalResearch, one of the most unspeakable lairs in the face of the Earth. Businesses have been found to be 100% altered from other researches, a major plagiarism and ethical responsibility for their readers and unprecedented copy right infractions not to mention deceiver and charlatan.