Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kal fell in love with his own reflection

Well lads I thought I would post this piece of bullshit written by Kal and posted to the nation Master website. Quite a laugh of a read I must say. My comments included and as always i appreciate your comments on this rubbish. Don't miss out on the new video from Santa in a floppy hat where Santa roundly trounces Kal!!

Kal K. Korff, (born Steven Thomas ) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CriticalThinkers

Armed with an IQ of more than 200, known worldwide for solving numerous mysteries, whether they are criminal, historical, scientific, or even “paranormal,” Kal Korff is an Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist known for his hard-hitting exposes and doing original research. Korff's enormously popular column, "Kal's Korner", appears at least three times a day in print and is read by millions around the world each week in several languages. In addition, "Kal's Korner" also appears on the popular syndicated radio program The "X" Zone Radio Show, hosted by famed Canadian Broadcaster, Rob McConnell.

Kal is too fucking stupid to have anything above an average if not subpar IQ. Kal uses the researchof others as his own and has not been writing for any newspapers for years and years after getting FIRED from a free ad laden paper handed out. And his stuff was never read by millions around the world it was read by bored people during the rail rush. And we all know how Kal was kicked off xzone radio.

Kal Korff has pioneered original concepts and techniques in several fields of study. These include archaeology, artificial intelligence, computing, criminology, forensics, graphical user interfaces, historical research, human interface design, hypermedia, multimedia, nanotechnology, physics, and weaponry.

Show me one thesis or original research paper written by Kal on any of the topics he claims. Kal can barely manage to wipe his own arse. We also know that Kal's computer claims are lies.

Kal has written and has had published more than 4,000 articles and materials in 64 magazines and newspapers around the world. Since 1975, he has lectured to more than 300,000 people in the United States and Europe.

No Kal has never written 4,000 articles. You see Kal has his own brand of math he uses to arrive at these outlandish figures. His math is called lying.

A passionate and driven researcher, Korff has worked for companies such as Atari, Xerox, Apple Computer, Claris, The Boeing Company, and was a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars” program.

More rubbish from Kal. What Kal won;t tell you is that he was NEVER directly employed by LLNL and he NEVER worked on the Star Wars program. Kal's work at Apple and Claris was just more bullshit.

A Broadcaster, Lecturer, Producer and Teacher, Korff devotes his life to humanitarian causes and issues of universal importance. Kal’s original insights and expertise have allowed him to contribute content or appear on virtually every major talk show and TV network, including ABC, CNN’s Larry King Live!, FOX, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic TV, Entertainment Tonight and NBC’s Leeza. Additionally, Kal has been featured or quoted in scores of newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Examiner, the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Metropolitni Expres, Skeptical Inquirer, San Jose Mercury News, Indianapolis Star, Skepter, Stanford Daily, Oakland Tribune, Yakima Herald, Phoenix New Times, Fortean Times, Saga, Omni, The Prague Post, True, Plus, the South China Daily.

 Since when was stalking, lying, and acting like a crazed dick considered humanitarian? It is true that Kal weaseled his way onto some shows and in some newspapers. Kal actually said that one article in the San Jose Mercury that exposes him as a complete buffoon wasn't real because there is a picture showing Kal wearing glass and Kal claims he doesn't wear glasses and therefor the article is a fake. What????

Rewriting and Correcting History by Making It

Kal Korff first made history in June of 1976 when he was a teenager and became the youngest person ever known to develop a fully functional design for a nuclear "doomsday" weapon. His concentrated Plutonium-based, high vaporization yield atomic bomb project was entered into the local science fair as a "physics experiment", as was his other science project on extraterrestrial life. Both of Korff's entries won. Shortly afterwards, Korff's design was "secured" and he began taking special College Prep or CP classes in high school. Kal Korff finished high school in three years, and returned during his fourth year to graduate with his classmates.

Kal can call it rewriting history but adults call it lying. Kal stole the story of the real A-Bomb Kid and it is a well known fact that Kal never built anything close to a bomb other than his own pathetic life.

Before he finished high school, Korff completed his first book: The Meier Incident: The Most Infamous Hoax in UFOlogy, (Towne Scribe Press, 1980) which sold out. He also became the youngest ever Columnist for Gambi Publications in New York, and wrote the monthly UFO Photo File analysis section of UFO Report magazine, which pioneered the first analysis of UFO-related photos and films by the modern computing processing techniques now common today. Korff worked with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Quantex Corporation, both pioneers in the computerized image enhancement field.

So if Kal is the first person to ever do these things or the youngest, why isn;t he some sort of world record holder?

On November 22, 1993 Kal Korff made history again when he appeared on CNN's Larry King Live! during the special 30th anniversary show dedicated to the memory of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. After a 16 year study, Kal Korff received worldwide recognition for being the first person to actually solve JFK's murder. In honor of his historic achievement, Kal Korff replaced famed "Case Closed" author Gerald Posner, who was originally sought for the show. Korff appeared on Larry King Live! along with former House Select Committee for Assassinations Chief Investigator (HSCA) Gaeton Fonzi, and in a one-sided debate that everyone universally agrees Korff won, Fonzi's claims were effectively shredded by Korff and disproven in his comprehensive 16 year study. His win over Fonzi was so complete, that not a single caller telephoned in to speak to Gaeton Fonzi that night on Larry King Live.

Ah yes Kal's crowning moment where he conned his way onto the Larry King show.  Kal claimed Larry wanted to do another show but larry's producer said it would never happen.

In late 1996 Korff made history yet another time when he played a key role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defense case, which resulted in a conviction against Simpson via a guilty verdict. Korff used his unique expertise on Kennedy's assassination to help prep and brief lawyers who then successfully cross-examined and subsequently destroyed the credibility of Simpson's "photographic expert" and JFK "conspiracy buff", Robert J. Groden.

Kal was never an expert witness and never worked on the OJ Simpson case in any capacity. I seem to recall Kal claiming he worked for the prosecution during the criminal trial too. I'd ask Kal to prove it but he can;t because it never happened.

On July 4, 1997 Kal Korff made history still again. In a historic all day broadcast live from studios at MSNBC headquarters in Redmond, Washington at Microsoft; NBC headquarters in New York; Roswell, New Mexico; the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, California; and from the planet Mars, literally -- all live and all day -- Kal Korff appeared on TV as a special, featured honored guest with the Mars Pathfinder landing team. On the show with Korff were Captain James McAndrew of the United States Air Force and author of the two Roswell UFO investigations for the United States Government and United States Air Force, and Colonel Joe Kittinger, a genuine American hero who still holds the world's record for the highest altitude parachute jump.

And I'm sure if we asked Captain McAndrew and Colonel Kittinger who you are they'd say "Who?" Stop living in the last century Kal.

In July of 2006 the largest Czech daily newspapers in the European Union published several exclusive stories which blew open and subsequently proved the long standing rumors that Kal Korff is also a Captain in an elite unit known as the Special Secret Services or (S3)[1]]. Korff focuses specifically on counter terrorism operations, penetration, disruption and take down initiatives, and is also involved in execution. Additionally, Korff helps expose and prosecute consumer frauds.

What Kal means to say here is that the largest free giveaway advertisement filled newspaper in the Czech Republic had an article written by Kal in which Kal claimed to be a colonel in an organization that does not exist.

In 2007 Korff is expected to make history still further with his three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is considered to be the definitive work on terrorism yet written. Volume II of the series is regarded as the final word on the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics, and it exposes George Jonas' bestselling, iconic work Vengeance and Steven Spielberg's Munich as literary and theatrical frauds.

Kal has been trying to get this "book series" published since last century and Prometheus Books has made it clear they will not be publishing it. It is rumored that Kal is on the watch list of Steven Spielberg's security team.

Secret Wars is the result of a five year series of literally secret operations. It is also presently being made into a Reality-based TV series, which is also truly historic, where Kal Korff’s "many secret lives” are choronicled for viewers who will also be able to see and actually participate in, helping bring terrorists, con artists and other criminals to justice. Consumers will also actively participate in many exposes of so-called "leading UFO personalities."

I lost count of the number of television shows Kal has failed to deliver.

Currently, Kal Korff serves as the duly elected President and CEO of CriticalThinkers, a metaorganizational "think tank" dedicated to conducting strictly original research in the areas of science, technology, history, philosophy, religion, political and social issues and humanitarian causes. CriticalThinkers has more than 200 alliance partners around the world.

Critical Thinkers has exactly 1 alliance partner and that would be Kal himself. The San Jose Mercury News exposed Critical Thinkers as a small group of crackpots.

An experienced Executive, Kal is also the former Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Columnist for the newspaper The Prague Post. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TotalResearch, Vice-President and is a co-inventor of the world famous “BookBrowser” online information system.

Kal is not an experienced executive other than being one in his own mind.

As a Captain in the Special Secret Services or (S3)[1]], Korff focuses specifically on counter terrorism operations, penetration and disruption initiatives, and is also involved in execution. Additionally, Korff helps expose and prosecute consumer frauds. His three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is considered to be the definitive work on terrorism yet written. It reveals the first details of Korff's longstanding work in counter intelligence, which was first disclosed by the Czech media in July of 2006. 

Kal's fantasy was disclosed by Kal in a newspaper he wrote for. If Kal truly helped expose and prosecute consumer fraud then he would have to issue his own confession and turn himself in.

Criticism and Controversy

Kal Korff is the author of seven books, Final Verdict: JFK’s Murder SOLVED!, Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story, and The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know. Some claim his work is either government disinformation, "brilliant," or poorly researched. Korff is not a "believer" in UFOs, like many in the UFO field, but admits seeing one in front of eyewitnesses and has written two definitive works on two of the most popular UFO cases of all time: exposing the Meier UFO cult and Roswell.

Kal did get a few books published and most have been found full of errors and outright nonsense.

Korff's new TV series, Secret Wars, produced by Pavel Janousek and Saudi millionaire Sheikh Khalid Mohammad, among others, is currently exposing several top UFO researchers: Paul Kimball, Royce Myers III, Dr. James Deardorff [2], Billy Meier cult "spokesman" Michael Horn [3], Stanton T. Friedman, David Biedny, etc. [4].

Another lie by Kal and there has never been a television series of any sort.

"In just 7 pages in his 1995 book against the Meier case I found 9 false or unsupported claims, 13 errors offact, 12 misleading impressions, an irrelevancy, and 3 innuendos or false implications. That was in his section dealing with the Talmud Jmmanuel [5] (pp. 36 & 78-83), which document I've researched thoroughly but Korff seems not to have even read." by Dr. James Deardorff.

Naturally, Deardorff fails to mention he is NOT a qualified Biblical scholar recognized by anyone, and that no legitimate Biblical scholar takes Meier's "Talmud" seriously, especially Korff. [6]Deardorff also fails to also admit (deliberately) that he is an avid religious follower and "true believer" in the Talmud, and thinks it represents the last testament of Jesus Christ, despite the fact there there is NO ORIGINAL manuscript -- a fact Deardorff admitted to Korff. Deardorff is not qualified to "critique" Meier's Talmud, let alone any criticisms of it. Until the ORIGINAL manuscript for the Talmud is found, it remains a document with no legitimacy or verifiable historical provenance.

I don't know Dr. Deardorff but he has something Kal doesn;t have and that would be a college degree.

On the 1/11/07 'X' Zone radio show with host Rob McConnell [7] Korff briefly recounted his role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial, proving that his self-righteous "critic" Paul Kimball's claims that "Korff was not a witness," were false. Kimball was not present at the event, never talked to either Korff nor the people he interacted with, and has no firsthand knowledge of events. Kimball is not in a position to "critique" Korff's involvement, especially since several attorneys who practice law (Kimball never has and still does not), even from Kimball's own school have now come forth claiming that Kimball is wrong. Some of these people appear on camera in Secret Wars, and shred Kimball to pieces. Korff's involvement in the O.J. Simpson civil trial is "old news" (much to Kimball's subsequent embarrassment), and was first broadcast on several radio stations in Texas in the late 1990s while Kimball was still busy studying in school, as the the "X" Zone Radio Show broadcast subsequently proved. [8] The Dickerson broadcasts which chronicled Korff's involvement at the time of the Simpson trial many years ago, have now come back to haunt Kimball, who did no firsthand checking of his own, and never corresponded with Korff.

Kal was never involved in the OJ Simpson court case. Paul Kimball is a law school graduate. Kal has no college degrees.

The TV episodes in the upcoming Reality-based series, Secret Wars, document several operations that eliminate terrorists, and show how several self-proclaimed "leading lights" in the UFO field (Kimball, Myers III, Horn, Biedny, etc.,) were all fed information to test their integrity, honesty and basic capabilities of doing simple research by applying uniform standards of evidence -- and they ALL FAILED!

Seems here lads that the only one failing any sort of integrity test here is Kal. No rational responsible adult lies about being a colonel.

The sequences by the attorneys in Secret Wars exposing Kimball and Myers III are particularly brutal, and the Executive Producers have already indicated that they intend to sue Kimball, Myers III and their clique in court in the Fall of 2007, right after the first episodes of Secret Wars air before the public and are admitted formally into evidence, in order to obtain an easy summary judgment for libel, slander, and defamation of character, -- among other charges. The Executive Producers of Secret Wars do not have to show damages or malicious intent by filing against parties in the European Union, the judgments of which are automatically enforceable by treaty with the United States. Instead, the Executive Producers of Secret Wars only need prove that Kimball, Myers III, Horn, et al are wrong.

That's already been done.

The Executive Producers will put on trial, before camera and in court, the false claims and lies made against Korff by Kimball, Myers III, Horn, etc., and expose them before the viewing public.

Legal experts agree that once the first episodes of Secret Wars air in September 2007, court judgments against several parties will be a mere formality. Furthermore, viewers will get to see Kimball, Myers III, Horn and others sued. Legal paperwork concerning lawsuits to be filed against Alien Autopsy hoaxer Ray Santilli and Michael Horn for consumer fraud, are now being prepared by several attorneys.

Korff is represented by the largest law firm in the Czech Republic, European Union, which has international jurisdiction via its offices and partners worldwide.

Kal Korff has sued no one. Kal has not fild a single lawsuit or brought any sort of action against anyone he claims. Kal is not represented by the largest law firm in the Czech Republic. In fact Kal had to illegally impersonate a lawyer in a FAILED ATTEMPT to scare Don Ecker! Kal is a coward and he is not suing or exposing anyone. To this day Kal continues his mindless legal threats.

Kal, get some help, take some medication and try coming back to reality some day you sad little freak.


Anonymous said...

Santa in a Floppy Hat says,

Chag Molad Sameach v'Shanah Tovah

Anonymous said...

"Kal K. Korff, (born Steven Thomas ) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CriticalThinkers".


Kalvin was born Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Korff took the name Steven Thomas when he snuck into the Billy Meier compound.

And where did he come up with that name?

William Thomas, English Teacher from Korff's senior year at JFK High School in Fremont, California.


Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff finished high school in three years, and returned during his fourth year to graduate with his classmates."


When Kalvin Karlton Korff got called out of class (1980, his senior year) regarding his (and another, more on that later) JFK research work, he was attending Mr. Jerry Caveglis's Social Studies class.

Kalvin was taking college prep courses, yes, and Kalvin was pulled out of class regarding that JFK paper (finished in 1979 as a Junior), because he and another student who helped him with that paper (he’s never publicly given this person any credit as far as I can uncover) contacted the House Select Committee making “their” JFK work a known commodity, in any case, ask yourself...

Why was Kalvin attending Jerry's class if he had "graduated" and he was off to "college", etc.?

As always, there's a bit of truth in a whole bunch of horse shit. Kalvin was on the “faster” track to higher education, Kalvin added to this fact with lies and half-truths. It went from taking college prep courses and dating a college aged girl to graduating in 3 years and only coming back to school to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Expect Korff to tell us that he was a teacher’s assistant in that class.

The majority of this information comes right off the web belief it or not.

This is but a taste of what is to come in finalizing my work, my thesis, on Kalvin Karlton Korff and why he behaves in the manner he does.

Keep Korffing.


Anonymous said...

KR writes:

"And for all the trouble he caused, he was not the worst of the lot. That distinction belongs to Kal Korff, who in today’s world attempts to market himself as a colonel and who has threatened to sue anyone who looks at him sideways. He is a vicious man filled with rage and makes up the most outrageous claims. When challenged with evidence, he quietly changes these claims, but never apologizes."

Anonymous said...

More from KR:

Search, there's more here as well.

Bruce said...

Hysterical title for a blog! But no need to discredit KKK, he is quite capable of accomplishing that all by his lonesome.

The guy is a sad clown in dire need of attention. Something must have gone seriously wrong in his early years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,

I think you're onto what our plans will be in '12. Things did happen in his childhood and those events have shaped his adult life to a much greater degree than I ever could have imagined.

It's a very clear trail.

We will post that material in the coming months.

The Unknown Korffer said...

A precise and long-overdue public exposure of the fantasy life Kalvin chose. Certainly a post for the ages! the vital point being that these were Kal's own words written by himself to further his YS3 con. He has no one to blame but himself for having them come back to haunt him.

Of additional interest is a detail mentioned in a previous thread about how Kalvin removed the profile picture of himself in his YS3 SAPSTOE costume/uniform as well as the external link back to his own website shortly after rebuttal links were added to the bottom of the document. It has not been touched or altered since.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

the comment about joe kitterling is classic korff bullshitting. has zero to do with anything, just thrown in there for korff to brag about having a chance one time association with a national hero. the result of another con too? like korff has any practical background in planetary studies. maybe the bluff about working at jpl paid off! i also like the steve spielberg security watch list. probably the president too. his obsession with obama + claims of ties to a foreign paramilitary group would be quite troubling. you shouldn't lie so much, kal! :D

Anonymous said...

Fake Book Korffing Update

Korff has been off Flake Book since Tuesday.

Has not posted anything new since Tuesday morning.

His last 2 .PDF postings recieved ZERO response.

His template web site is still down and off the internet traffic readings... although it had no traffic anyway.

Merry Christmas Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

The 2-VHS video set: Final Verdict: JFK's Murder Solved

has been dropped onto a single DVD. The DVD comes with the 2-sided black and white folded, print-out of the Final Verdict’s Kennedy Assassination Analysis.

I’ll make this available to anyone who would like to write up a review and commentary on the material.

I won’t send this out to people just for their viewing pleasure.

I won’t charge any money for this nor will I accept any money for this material.

This material is for journalistic review only.

If you know me, send me an e-mail. If you don’t, maybe others on this blog will clear you for receiving this material.


Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Dummies back on Flake Book.

No reason for being off for 6 days.

Not that it matters.

I've been told that the Korff JFK video will be posted on this blogs youtube channel very soon.

Waste of band width but it's gotta be done for Korffing reasons.

Jimmy_D said...

Vaclav Havel was a great man. His name is up there with those of Lech Walensa and Michael Gorbachev.

Please don't go hijacking his memory, Kalvin. Just this once, try and exhibit a smidgeon of human decency.

Jimmy_D said...

Vaclav Havel was a great man. His name is up there with those of Lech Walensa and Michael Gorbachev.

Please don't go hijacking his memory, Kalvin. Just this once, try and exhibit a smidgeon of human decency.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you kal will say something about his "personal meeting with havel" or some bull crap.

You watch, I assure u he will hijack this sad event.

F1 racer

Daniela Abrahamova said...

Well, Mr Havel was a brave, decent man, but he sure had his faults too.

Karlton, on the other hand is a morally bankrupt coward, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Rest in peace, President Havel.

Rot in hell, Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin is very humbled and honored.

More lies for the Christmas season.

Have fun Kalvin.

Kal Korff: Today I had four articles appear in the paper, I feel honored and truly blessed. Praise YHWH.

One article was a travel piece on the beautiful city of Wurzburg, Germany. Another was a review of Sony's new Vita video game controller. The third piece was an editorial about Obama getting ready to pass the new laws allowing the military to detain American citizens without charges or a lawyer, and the... fourth article is my new weekly column called World Weekly Review which briefly recaps top world stories and how they might affect you. Here's the link to this piece, I will post the other articles plus more published recently that I haven't posted yet. I admit I have been behind in doing this, and I apologize.

I sincerely thank everyone for their interest and support, we are nearing now 11,000 hits on 90 articles, and the only real "publicity" for them is this page. I am truly honored and humbled.

Brit in Prague said...


Mad as a hatter.

Wired to the moon.

The Unknown Korffer said...

It is telling that Kalvin Karlton K. Korff is more concerned with the hits his free document hosting sites get THAN THE SUCCESS OF THE NEWSPAPER THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY BEING PUBLISHED IN.

He won't name it because it doesn't exist. He can't make up a name for it because he knows it would be leaked off Flake Book. He knows that he can't claim its a Czech newspaper because his document uploads are in English, and Korffers in CR would be all over any claims to be published in a specific Prague paper. Turns out that Czech Republic isn't on the other side of the planet after all, and that he can't just bullshit like he used to. He also can't claim it is published in India by his princess bride's country since he allegedly can upload his copies on the same day they are supposedly published.

Kalvin is stuck with a lie he can't even bring to its apex, the frustration of being exposed for it must be enormous.

The Unknown Korffer said...

we are nearing now 11,000 hits on 90 articles, and the only real "publicity" for them is this page.

Another inadvertent admission that Kalvin is ONLY working this lie on Flake Book to his flock of chosen stooges, What kind of reporter only promotes his work on Face Book? Why, one writing for a publication which doesn't exist, and which he does not appreciate people trying to expose him for. The simplicity of the lie is matched only by Kalvin's absolute stupidity at thinking he is getting away with anything other than fleecing his family for cost of living expenses. At Christmas. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

More lies.

Each Monday Kalvin?

I wont break it down here but you're claim that you have a Monday Tech colume doesn't add up when you look at the .PDF releases on

Lying lair.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I am truly humbled to announce that we have now surpassed over 11,000 hits for the articles I have written and posted on Scribd. Since this Facebook page is the only real publicity these things get other than being printed in the newspaper, I am truly honored and grateful. Here's my latest piece which appeared today, each Monday I have a regular tech review column, this is the latest one. Hope you enjoy it and THANKS again for your kind comments and support.

Anonymous said...

The sickness continues.

Kal Korff: Since I was recently appointed to also be a military correspondent, here's my piece on how the US military is repositioning its forces from Iraq to Jordan, ready to strike Syrian military assets should the need arise. In response, Syria has deployed SCUD D missiles loaded with chemical weapon warheads. Syria has more chemical weapons than any country in the Middle East. None of this info is being published by the Obama White House, because it's the most "transparent administration in history." Instead, they emphasize we are withdrawing from Iraq, but he fails to mention, deliberately, that we are just shuffling the deck, redeploying forces in Jordan and Kuwait.


And look here, Korff makes a HUGE mistake by claiming that his articles are being printed in the USA as well.


Military correspondent Kal Korff writes about the repositioning of US military assets from Iraq to Jordan, positioned to check Syrian forces some 10-15 km away from Jordan's border.

by kalkorff in Magazines/Newspapers, USA, and Military.

Anonymous said...

The 'military expert' doesn't know what he is talking about.
SCUD missiles with chemical payload? The Hizbollah has had basic SCUDS since April 2010.
They now prefer the Iranian made Fateh-110 missile.
Do your research Mr.'expert'.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Since this Facebook page is the only real publicity these things get other than being printed in the newspaper, I am truly honored and grateful.

Keep refining that lie, Kal! Keep adding details and subtly changing what the meaning is. Though the notion that one might be promoting a free document upload via the newspaper is of course completely ridiculous. As someone once pointed out your online postings of these articles denies your employer the ad revenue your "articles" would be generating via genuine syndication. Though the "syndication" claim has now been dropped for a general jack of all trades staff writer with regular assignments. When the story changes it's usually a lie.