Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kal Korff EXPOSED revisited!

It is always a pleasure hearing how stupid Kal K. Korff is and how he got CAUGHT STEALING and FRAUDULENTLY MISREPRESENT himself and commit IDENTITY THEFT by impersonating a lawyer. Here lads is an all time classic featuring the one and only Don Ecker and our very own F1 Racer EXPOSING Kal K. Korff on worldwide radio including listeners in the Czech Republic. Kal went so far lads to try and get his mommy to pay for it! ahahahahahahahahahhhhaaaaaa!!!  Listen here lads as Don Ecker and F1 Racer EXPOSE Kal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wait until 2012 lads when Kal K. Korff is definitively EXPOSED!!!! It's coming like a freight train and running Kal's stupid arse right over then!!!!!!!

And let us not forget soon lads this bit posted by a Korffer: "Secret X Wars Manuscript Lies

December 2008: This was was said after Korff promised the video showing the manuscript being shipped off to the publisher.

Kal Korff: Prometheus put the book on "indefinite hold" after it was late.


May, 2010

Kal Korff: In JULY, Captain Franks is coming to see me, and he will take custody of the Secret Wars project/manuscript. He will be here for several days, then he will fly back to the United States and he will deliver it to Prometheus Books.

and a year later...

May 9th 2011

Kal Korff Sends Chapter For Peer Review

and a day later....

May 10 2011

Kal Korff: begins final edits on 6 volume set...."

December 2011

Kal Korff: I will submit the material to the publisher soon, my "kritics" can look up their names and reprinted threats and bozo postings in the index, then go online when the book is out and see them reposted (along with the police reports, etc.,) on my new web site which will launch after the first of the year.


December 2011

Dear Interested Party,

We have no manuscript for this project at this time.


**** *********
Editorial Assistant
Prometheus Books"

Kal has been promising this book for YEARS and NOTHING has ever come of it!!  ahahahahahahah!!


Anonymous said...

You guys must be making all this stuff up.

This all can't be true?

A 49 year old guy, acting like a mentally ill child...

Say it ain't so!?!

Korff On.

Anonymous said...

The totals are not rising. Math proves that they've stayed about the same and,

you've never posted a single URL pointing your Face Book friends to your India-based web site, why continue to hide it Korff? And,

most of your .PDF's have not been posted on the web at any other place than

Keep lying Kalvin.

2012 is gonna suck ass for you.

Kalvin Karlton Korff

Contemplating Greatness, Achieving Mediocrity

Oh, we will make the most out of 2012. Count on it asshole.

Kal Korff: I am truly humbled and honored to report that over 12,000 hits have now been registered on my web site where I repost articles and papers I have written on international affairs and politics, terrorism, travel, business, technology, military affairs, science, and lifestyle issues. Considering the fact that these articles are promoted mostly on this Facebook page, I am amazed at the response and am truly grateful. The average number of readers per day continues to increase, and I wish to thank everyone again, sincerely, for your overwhelming support, kind words, and encouragement.

I hope all of you have a great New Years, and will make the most out of 2012. Shalom, and may YHWH bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

From the Daily Post India Web Site

Do You Have A Story To Tell?

We Will Make It Heard. Send in your artcle, photos, comments at

Send away Korffers.

The Unknown Korffer said...

I would presume with all his YWHW bullshit that Kernal Kal kept his Flake Book flock up to date with his comings & goings in temple over the Hannukah season? Such a devoted Jew should hardly be able to contain his enthusiasm for worship and sharing those moments of spirituality with his devoted followers.

Anonymous said...

"YWHW bullshit "

He stopped using this for many, many months. At least he rarely used it for many months after crowing about it, and using it, incessantly, for months.

Then, like nanodust, terror this and that, suing him or her, you get the picture, a shinny thing took his attention away from whatever it was...

In that case, it was his "religion".

It will be his investigative reporter ruse soon and then he’ll be onto some other lie.

But take heart Korffing Kommunity; 2012 will reap grand rewards and a super, duper expose like we've never, ever seen, will take to the internet (and elsewhere).

Oh, BTW, Korff did say, early on when referring to his “TV show” this and “TV show“ that, that it was a “TV show” shown, broadcast (you choose the word) over the internet, making it a global production.” He dropped that part soon after only referring to those Youtube video as a “reality-based” show.

No worries, its Korff’s behavior (and obvious lies) that will sink him for the rest of his life. The internet will not go out of date Korff. And try as you might, you will never, ever clean the internet of the truth and even the lies, from both sides.

That’s what your behavior reaps, Happy New Year, asshole.

Stop and we will stop.

“Fuck you Bartu” indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am truly humbled and honored to be among the best Korffers on the planet.

Korff, you are an asshole and a lying lair.

Your comeuppance is imminent.


Anonymous said...

Korff claimed that he was married to his Indian Princess last January; this information came to light after “Tina” shard with us an exchange regarding a squabble between Korff and Tina’s 16 year old daughter. The Indian Princess proposal was announced to Tina just 5 days after a blow-up.

Subject: from Kal, quick update, hope you are well
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 20:57:30 +0530
CC: Tina’s Daughter
To: Tina

Message 1: Tomorrow I will be meeting with Princess Kumar of India here, she has requested an appointment. After I return from field testing the nanodust I have created at the Pakistani-Afghan border, (you know, the stuff - Tina’s Daughter, name removed - "doesn't care about"), I will meet with Princess Kumar and find out what she wants. Turns out the Governor of this region next to Pakistan here is a Jew, India's first in government. Ever since Mumbai attacks, Israel and India are best friends now. The Jew thing is taking off here, it is truly YHWH's blessings.

Message 2 sent the very next day: I have accepted a wedding proposal from Princess Kumar of India. I had no idea. YHWH has truly blessed me. Praise YHWH. I know that this news may not please you, but I MUST do what YHWH has commanded. Kal

It's heartwarming to see a person so proud of their nuptials that they would wait a full 9 months to tell anyone, or to change their public status from single to married because of the non-existence issue of a media onslaught of paparazzi that might envelope the two lovebirds.

No pictures, no date, no place... sound familiar? Like a certain newspaper we had to find and one that still hasn’t been mentioned on his Face Book Wall even AFTER it's been identifed. Like a certain metaorganaztion with no partners or associate groups ever identified.

Nonetheless, Mazel Tov to you Kalvin, and to your lovely bride.

May 2012 bring onto you, Kalvin, joyous reparation that you richly deserve.

Kal Korff: Just wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year.

For me personally, this has been an incredible year. Soon, I will have been married for one year, and I could not be happier with my wife. I love her so much.

This past year I have been able to do so many things, the list is too long to cite here. I will finally have my book series done that I have been working on for years, there's just so much ...going on.

I wish everyone the best, and hope you have a wonderful 2012.

A big "Shalom" to everyone, and Chag Sameach.
Chag Sameach (KHAHG sah-MEHY-ahkh)
Hebrew. Literally, joyous festival. This is an appropriate greeting for just about any holiday, but it's especially appropriate for Sukkot, Shavu'ot and Pesach (Passover), which are technically the only festivals (the other holidays are holidays, not festivals).

Anonymous said...

While searching Korff's India-based newspaper web site (he has 33 articles posted, zero with dates, zero with comments and many more unpublished on his account), I took notice of this:

What a perfect idea for Korff to write. Alas, this one was penned by a person listed in the Comments - Columnists section of the site:

"Subimal Bhattacharjee heads a multinational defence corporation in India and writes on issues of cyberspace. The views expressed are personal."

(Defense is spelled wrong....)

Korff can't be found under the Comments link of the site. That would be the Columnists and Editorial section of the site.

Interesting that Korff still refuses to mention the web site on Face Book. Might it be because Korff knows the site will get awash in e-mails and messages regarding Kalvin’s behavior and activities? Might it be that he really isn’t “working” for the outfit and they just pick up his material off the site?

Who knows with slippery little Kalvin “I’ll marry the first person to offer” Korff.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Exactly, Kal doesn't want anyone asking any questions of anybody except himself. If he were to reveal the name/number of this internet service in India his flock would be able to do an end-run around him to find out for themselves what he may or may not be doing there. Can't have that!

Soon, I will have been married for one year, and I could not be happier with my wife.

Sounds like he's talking about a blender or other home appliance. Something which can be discarded when its usefulness has been expended, just like every other person in Kalvin Karlton K. Korff's life. Happy new year, douchebag.

Anonymous said...

On December 21, 2011, Korff made a huge mistake regarding his syndicated reporter ruse.

On Face Book Korff states that “the rights are owned by the parent media company and are available for licensing.”

So one must ponder how could Korff be allowed to then hide the material from Google, etc?

Korff doesn't own the exclusive rights to the material, by his own admission.

I know, Korff will say that they have a very limited ownership and he can damn well do anything he damn well pleases with his material; hide it from the world, post it anywhere he wants to, feed it to his dog...

I know, Big Don Ecker, its all horse shit but it's still all part of Korffing.

More in 2012. Lots more obvious Korffing 101, "Wait, that's a lie" reporting.


Anonymous said...

Brit_in_Prague said...

Well, I had a wonderful Christmas - thank you very much for not asking, Karlton.

Flew with the family to London to join my parents and brothers and their wives. Christmas carols at Southwark Cathedral, carols again in St Paul's (we were sitting right under the dome!) on Christmas morning. Back to Prague on the 27th and straight off to the Jizerky mountains for skiing (it started snowing just as we arrived!).

How about you? Were you in Prague with your genius-level son or in India with your Princess? Not that I give a flying one, as however you answer, I know you'll be lying to your back teeth.

Anonymous said...

On December 21, Korff had 31 articles posted on that India-based web site.

January 2, 2012, 12 days later and they posted 2 more over that span. Remember, they don't put a date on their web articles.

Korff "self-published" 10 .PDF's on over the same December 21 to January 2, 2012 time span.

2 out of 10 "made the paper" over the course of almost 2 weeks.

Maybe the e-mails that are being sent to the press room of that media giant are getting those people to think about the Genuine Idiot they have allowed in the room.

Epic failure.

Happy New Year Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Brit. Happy you had a grand time.


Jimmy D said...

You are worthless scum, Korff. Unless you apologize publicly and unreservedly to you-know-who and forswear your ways, I will hound you until kingdom come.

Happy new year, maggot.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

The massive release of "nearly" everything we have gathered regarding Kalvin Karlton Korff is coming together for its release during the first quarter of 2012.

As you might assume, there is a huge collection (coming in at over 7 gigs) of information we are pouring over.

An attempt to edit ourselves is taking place however, there is so much great Korffing information to be had that, I'm sorry to say, the web site will be a bit long winded and possibly even disjointed and fractured.

What better way to mimic the behavior and activity of our favorite Genuine Idiot.

What’s most exciting about this project is that after its release and then forever after, the interested can do a search on Korff and find all they need to know to dissuade them from carrying on with any interest in Kalvin Karlton Korff.

A one stop Korffing destination.

Of course, it goes without says (but I will) that this blog will continue to be the best tool and the top of the Korffing heap to disseminate all manner of Korffing information. The web site will be used as a collation point, to put a better focus on this important material but this blog is ground zero as it should be.

2012 ~ Korffing Future Awaits

Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins said...

You shouldn't have lied to so many people about so much, Kal.