Monday, December 19, 2011

Kal K. Korff gets caught AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!

From our very own FN:

Korff told us he was "updating his site so it could handle video better, etc."

November 18, 2011 – Kal Korff: The second news is that my web site will be replicated in several places on the Internet now, and also with the same firm that hosts the web site my "kritics" (two cyberstalkers) make which always "attacks" me and lies about me. The idea is to have it on the same server, so that when they try to launch another DOS attack, they'll also cause themselves to go offline.

November 19, 2011 - Kal Korff: I am really excited about the new web site, it looks nothing like the old one and is much more functional instead of crammed with too many graphics and information overload. It is more concise and every option navigation wise is visible on the screen. It will take me a few more days to get it done, and it will be hosted in several locations, I have been closing deals with the new hosters today while designing it. It will also be much more interactive and features lots of new content. Stay tuned.... :-)

December 2, 2011 - Kal Korff: My new web sites are being majorly overhauled and redesigned to accommodate them and other new content, and also simplified. I am not in a hurry to get this done, just to do it right.

Here is the truth my friends.

Korff free internet hosting service was hacked and its hard drives were wiped clean of all material. Since the end of October, 2011, they’ve hosted nothing and by the looks of it, they’ve given up hosting ever again.

Kalvin Karlton Korff, the TRUTH is you’re free service went belly up and you can’t afford to host your own band width. All the rest of your claims are, as Big Don Ecker would say, horse shit!

Caught in another lie using evidence and Korff’s own words.

Text taken directly from web site.

Closed Down - October 2011

In our opinion due to a clever combination of hacking, a mis-sold hardware configuration and the corruption of backups (hack just happended to occur at the same time as the backup executed - suggesting prior intel on schedule times), we lost the vast bulk of content on our server. Content lost forever.

We believe it is now impossible to host free speech websites in the USA anymore - constitution wise. The United States is now no longer a free country, where you can express views without fear of censorship or even imprisonment, or as in our case not be subjected to dirty tricks.

If you are looking for hosting, we suggest instead using de-centralized internet services like the freenet project. 

We wish to thank our previous customers and wish them well in their future projects.

So there you have it lads!!!  Kal K. Korff caught in more lies!!!!  ahahahahahhhaaaahahahahaaha!!!


Kal is an idiot said...

Kal you stupid wanker. No one here ever launched any sort of cyber attack on your website. No one cares enough about a stupid cunt like you to waste their time. Stop LYING for once in your pathetic life Kal you coward.

Anonymous said...

Check the youtube channel lads. Korff's JFK video collection has been added.

Boredom awaits.


Anonymous said...

You are worthless dross, Korff.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Hahaha!! in your FACE Kalvin! what a fucking idiot!!!! That's great man, Kal's website deleted from its server. Original files not kept locally I bet, he's out of what, 4 years of bullshit?

INEPT FOOL is the term which comes to mind, as well as BLOATED IDIOT and BLOWHARD WANKER. Not to keep picking on her but even my niece's cat's website has its files backed up locally.

I'd pay good money to look inside of the average Korff follower on Flake Book right about now. Most probably wouldn't even register Little Kalvin's existence, having friended based on his request and long since tuned out. Some would likely regard him with a mixture of pity and curiosity. A few likely consider him an outright liar but have never called him on it, that's not what Face Books is for, and are content to get on with their lives without even considering any of this. It doesn't take much to not just remove someone from your feed of updates, but to not even see them at all via use of friend lists & grouping.

Who'd group Kalvin amongst "close friends" or "friends from work" or any of the other default list types? "Family" perhaps, since Kalvin's lies seemed geared towards helping those already inclined for wishful thinking to further fool themselves into thinking he's not just a parasite making stuff up.

So instead it's newspaper newspaper newspaper, refining the lie. The "syndication" line has given way to "weekly columns" with specialized topics and he can't even get those right. How alone and desperate Kal must be.

Anonymous said...

I see claim after claim and promise after promise to sue, etc., over and over again, going back to last century and yet, no one sued, no papers filed ever.

You even went so far as to steal the identity of a LA-based lawyer ( ) to try and scare Don Ecker into doing, something...?

That is true Kalvin, we called Mr. Coviello; we did our research.

The question I have for you is why? Why continue in this fraud? Life is too short Kalvin, love your wife, have some kids and do something your family might be proud of.

Jimmy D said...

There will be an official day of mourning here on Friday, when Mr Havel will be given a state funeral.

Many of the ladies at my work are wearing black, and the guys have black ties.

If you try to make capital out of this, Karlton, then one or two local journalists may be prompted to look into you a little deeper. Many of them are already following your YouTube antics.

Don't play with fire, Karlton. Don't mess around with the name of this much-loved figure.

I'm warning you, Karlton....

Anonymous said...

Hi Korffer's,

Guess what? I found the "media giant" and the "newspaper" Korff has been "writing for"...

I post it in this manner because...

Yes, s few of Korff's articles have been posted on this "media giants" web site, in HTML format, not in their original .PDF format.

No, I cannot find a single article mock up in the ePaper section of their web site.

Yes, I have found a couple of more places which either pull or push information to their web site.

I'll be releasing this information soon. I need to look into it a bit more.

In the end, Santa was right. Korff's channel is the "syndication" channel Korff is crowing about.

Korff is right stating that his article do appear elsewhere on the web.

Do they appear in "print" in a medium you can hold in your hands, not via a smart phone, etc.?

Not sure yet.

Did Korff insert a bit of code to hide these articles? No. Lie. I found them very easy using the Google search engine.

The "media giants" web site is so poorly constructed and thoughtout that if you search the name "Kal Korff" or "Kal K. Korff" (his chosen moniker on this site) and even though there are a few of his articles posted there, that search comes up with ZERO results.

That's great! Korff's own "platform" can't even get it right!


Anonymous said...


Santa in a Floppy Hat tells me that he's ramping up for another video for immediate release.

Santa is happy to pull himself away from his Christmas duties to update his last video regarding Korff's partly true and mostly fake syndicated reporter claims.

This new video will be based on the information just uncovered by FN.


Anonymous said...

SIAFH busts out the truth with help from our very own FN, regarding the Korff claim that he's a syndicated reporter.

Does Kalvin write for a newspaper?

Is his material posted all over the net?

Did he hide the material from the internet?

Yes, and no. Truth and lie.

Expect nothing less from our genuine idiot; Kalvin Karlton Korff


The Unknown Korffer said...

Thanks Santa! And for the JFK stuff FN et al, the hard work at outing this fink is appreciated whatever form it takes. If I don't comment on Youtube it's only out of a wish to keep off blog activities separate. The entertainment factor here just keeps on delivering, don't plan to miss out on a thing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Unknown.

All us good Korffers know that our work is looked at, etc.

But, because Korff is a mad man and life is short, why would anyone put themselves in the cross-hairs of a cyberstalker on purpose.

Well, Big Don Ecker would but, like Chuck Norris, Big Don Ecker doesn't sleep, he waits!

Merry Christmas Korffers, and even you Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin, you said YOUYR articles couldn't be found using Google.

Don't change the lie now asshole.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! As predicted, months some SIX MONTHS after I have been writing articles for an international newspaper, my "kritics" have finally found out which one it is. It took these bozos long enough. It shows you how "competent" they are.

This is after the following events occurred:

1. Originally lying and denying I am an officially accredited international journalist. Now they know better..., but won't admit it.

2. Lying and denying I wrote for any newspaper. None of them do.

3. Lying and denying that the newspaper's web site could be found on Google, therefore it must not exist, a lie they were still claiming just days ago. The newspaper's web site has ALWAYS been visible on Google, one just had to type the right search terms in...DUH!

4. Lying and accusing me of "faking" articles all of these months and doing "mock ups," which of course was never true. There was never any evidence I was, they were just lying.

Now that they have discovered the obvious, which was always right under their noses, as I predicted they will now lie again and say this is some sort of "scoop" or "big news" as if they discovered something earthshaking.

This is like saying that one has "discovered breathing." When one "discovers" the obvious, it isn't a discovery.

Now that this circus is over, I can now put it in my upcoming book along with their postings in the chapters which expose and covers these wacko jobs.

As I prove, there is no difference between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to harm you vs. nut jobs like these guys who also make threats to do the same thing.

I will be publishing, as long promised, the police reports on them and their numerous threats made via emails. I will do it at a time and place of my choosing.

What unites these psychos are hatred and extremism, the specific "cause" is just a formality.

In the meantime, back to journalism and the real world...I am posting this publicly, so they see it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, oh poor lying Kalvin.

The circus will be over when you stop.

The rights are owned by the parent media company! ha, ha, ha! We contacted the people on the "About Us" page Kalvin.


So, they own the rights and you then hide their material from Google?

Yeah, right.

Ha, ha, ha. Caught again.

BTW, "we" found the "newspaper" many weeks ago. We did more research before we released it to the blog and the youtube channel.

Sue away asshole.

Kal Korff: Here's my latest article in the Daily Post today. Hope you enjoy it. There have been over 11,200 hits so far or views on the web site. Once again I sincerely appreciate your kind support and interest, I have uploaded nearly 100 articles I have written during the past few months. I will upload some more over the next few days, I am behind doing it, but often have articles published nearly every day, sometimes several in a single issue. The rights are owned by the parent media company, and are available for licensing.

Anonymous said...

Poor stupid lying Kalvin.

Kal Korff: President Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic will be rightfully remembered as being a great man. He helped lead Czechs to freedom from the tyranny of Soviet controlled Communism via the Velvet Revolution. May his memory live forever, and many of his ideas about upholding human rights. I feel honored to have moved to the Czech Republic during his reign, and to live in this great country for ten years which he helped to free. The Czech people are great, I will always love them.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: It took these bozos long enough. It shows you how "competent" they are.

Kalvin Korff's web site, still down. Original hosting service is handed their Jew hating ass after server hard drives are wiped clean. Incompetence and lack or morals kill their biz, leaving Kalvin Karlton Korff shit out of luck, not having any funds to pay for his own band width and server space.

Kal Korff: I will have my template web site back on the net and hosted on many different servers. My “kritics” will rue the day when they f***ed with me! Since 2007 they have all been under surveillance! I will be posting the documents soon! My lawyer, ROBERT D. COVIELLO, ESQ. (web site will prove my case to my haters!!!

And so continues the life and times of Kalvin Karlton Korff.

A Korffers best friend.

Kalvin's only friend(s).

Korffing for a Korff-Free Internet

Korffers Unite

God Bless Big Don Ecker

(awaiting a new Korff video... we dare you, asshole)

Anonymous said...

Hey Korffers,

Guess what? Korff found out about us locating his little known and lesser seen "newspaper" by way of the KIAI Youtube channel!

Proof that Korff watches Santa in a Floppy Hat, etc.

Why and how do we know this? Because nothing about the discovery was printed here on this blog.

Keep watching Kalvin.

And please, please, please, make another video so we can re edit it with the truth.

We miss your "original" work Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Notice Korff mentions nothing on Face Book about his lie regarding his downed web site. No, he instead gave everyone the impression that he pulled it down to rebuild it, etc.

Why not tell the truth Kalvin, and tell the world that those Jew hating assholes got hacked and were wiped clean and your material was lost?

Why lie about something as innocuous as that Kalvin?

In fact, why lie about having a genius son?

Why lie about threatening Big Don Ecker with an audit of his financials, while posing as an LA lawyer?

Why, why, why Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

Caught by his own words:

Face Book Rant, Dec, 2011

Korff: Then it was predicted in Step 4 that he would deny they're real or in syndication just because a simple line of code prevents them from being indexed by Google's spiders.

Korff: 3. Lying and denying that the newspaper's web site could be found on Google, therefore it must not exist, a lie they were still claiming just days ago. The newspaper's web site has ALWAYS been visible on Google, one just had to type the right search terms in...DUH!

Korffer: "Did Korff insert a bit of code to hide these articles? No. Lie. I found them very easy using the Google search engine."

Kalvin, why can we find your articles using Google? Even though by your own admission YOU used a simple line of code prevents them from being indexed by Google's spiders?

Why Kalvin?

Because it's all horse-shit.

Caught again.

Lying liar.

We will not stop.

Anonymous said...


Kal likes McDonald's.

A true and factual Face Book posting.

And not a lie by the looks of Korff in his last two "walk around the back yard of a home in India ranting and raving about UFO's" youtube videos.

Jimmy D said...

Hi Karlton,

It's not quite Christmas yet, but things are getting busy with parties, carol services ... you know, family and friends stuff (you'll understand, of course, "Colonel").

So I just thought I'd drop in to wish you, your dirtbag brother and your neo-nazi dad all the very best for Christmas (oops, Hannukah) and the New Year. May Kurtis get outta jail, your father see the light (tolerance and racial harmony-wise) and you get yourself the meds and counselling you so desperately need.

Merry Christmas, vermin.

Anonymous said...

Part One

Keep lying Kalvin.

Kal Korff: As predicted, months some SIX MONTHS after I have been writing articles for an international newspaper… “

Not true. A lie.

Korff first announced to his Face Book friends that his Kal's Korner column was back up in running on May 28, 2011. Korff’s “The McMinnville, Oregon “UFO” Photos of 1950” article, which UFO Matrix published on their web site, and “Xposed: Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book Scandal” article started this whole ruse.

He then posted six Kal Korner articles on, changing that title “mid day” to Kal Korff on August 11. 2011, using that moniker from there on out.

It would be many, many, many weeks later and many, many, many articles later before any of his material got picked up by the Daily Post of India web site.

Anonymous said...

Kal, we're not laughing with you. We are laughing at you. A bitter little man you are, Kal. Nice job stepping on the curb in the video to make sure you were taller than the other guys. How tall are you, Kal? I'm curious because it must be a world record for having shit stacked that high.

Anonymous said...

Part two

Keep Lying Korff

Kal Korff: Lying and denying that the newspaper's web site could be found on Google, therefore it must not exist, a lie they were still claiming just days ago. The newspaper's web site has ALWAYS been visible on Google, one just had to type the right search terms in...DUH!

Not true. This is a lie.

Go ahead a try. Type in Kal Korff with any type of reference to newspapers, media giant, reporter, etc., and see what comes up.

No, Korff told us that his articles could not be located because of the code he inserted into them.

Korff never released any information giving the name out of his employer, it's web site, etc.

It should be noted that a number of Korff's Flake Book friends did ask for this information. He ignored their requests.


Anonymous said...

part Three

Keep Lying Korff


Because the paper who publishes less than 10% of his material is not a media giant, as Korff claimed, and lied.

And because if you search their web site you will find ZERO reference or tags to Kal K. Korff, at all.

It’s as if they too grabbed some of his material and just posted it.

Also, notice that there are no dates on his HTML posts on that site. Zero dated for reference and zero comments from the sites registered users.

Lastly, no one has responded to this face Book, zero.

Why? Because they have no freaking idea what the hell he's talking about. Only Korffers and his Mom and dirt bag brother know.

"Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! As predicted, months some SIX MONTHS after I have been writing articles for an international newspaper, my "kritics" have finally found out which one it is. It took these bozos long enough. It shows you how "competent" they are."

ZERO response.

Anonymous said...

Part Four

Keep Lying Korff

BTW, Korff is on Twitter as well.

2 tweets
Following 7

In his first tweet on June 13, Korff tells people that he was asked to join, so he has.

Korff is on Skype as well:

username: kalkorff

Super Secret Newspaper said...

You think we were hard to find before? Ha! You'll never track us down now that we have ditched that leaking little liar who just had to try and act important by giving away our imaginary existence. Some Super Secret Operative Kernal Paintball is!

The Unknown Korffer said...

All that any of this confirms to me is the suspicion that that when KALVIN went to India he pulled one hell of a scam with his Super Duper Services iphone TV show, hoodwinking a bunch of people who had no idea who/what he was except possibly from social networking contact. It was KALVIN's chance to be anyone or anything he wanted to be in a foreign land filled with kind, giving people who were likely all to ready to help a foreign national with a slick routine.

The only thing which can be banked on based on Kalvin's own track record is that it came about as the result of a lie and he continues to lie about his status. When asked by his "friends" for details he goes silent. Anyone actually having their articles syndicated amongst newspapers in India should be proud of that and want to share it. Since KALVIN doesn't want to there's a ruse going on that he doesn't want anyone on the other end to catch onto.

Which suggests a fairly easy remedy, namely contacting this now exposed media giant to let them know who and what Kalvin K. Karlton Korff really is. Send them to this blog, Royce Meyers' exposure page, Santa's Youtube channel, wherever information about KALVIN is available without him filtering it for effect. There's nothing wrong with letting a target know they've likely been had by a con routine. I would hate to think of what your average Indian resident thinks of Americans and their fucked up, addle-brained English after attempting to read one of KALVIN's flatulent "articles". Pompous, stuffy, self-aggrandizing and rife with basic syntax errors. Kal Korff is about the most inept writer I've ever read, anywhere. He's an idiot.

Another lie exposed, perhaps: If this publication is based in India, and KALVIN is still in Prague, who's "newsroom" was he in when word of Kadaffi's death broke? That's where he posted to his Flake Book flock he was, hoping for attention. It read like horse shit at the time and it smells even worse now with the location of this publication exposed. As for what it all mean's I'm content to let Santa, FN and their helpers do their work & see what they can discover.

The Unknown Korffer said...

One last thought about Flake Book and why no response. This vendetta KALVIN has against anyone who tries to expose his lies is a personal matter that nobody would want to get involved with. It's also patently obvious to anyone observing his rantings that Kal Korff is udderly obsessed with it to the point of being frightening. He's unhinged and obviously very troubled by it.

Other than perhaps making suggestions to not let it bother him, what else is there for anyone to say? "Get help" maybe. It's also Christmas, people are traveling to be with their families and loved ones -- My last day at work until January is tomorrow, am out of here first thing Friday & can't wait to see the niece. Last thing I have time for right now is weird creeped out ambiguous people on Face Book. Which is actually meant in part to play a role in our sharing of holidays or events amongst friends or whatever, and since KALVIN has none of it to share except this conflict the chances are that nearly all of his 600+ bragged about friends likely aren't having anything to do with him on purpose.

It's a distraction filled with disturbing bad vibes from a guy who really doesn't have anything of value to offer the world anyway. His articles are amateurish, his UFO work long in the past and his SAPSTOE days of wearing a fake uniform with mis-gotten Army badges still continues to haunt him. Korff's reputation isn't just demolished it doesn't exist, which is why he has to go to places like India for new marks to scam.

Bottom line remains that you aren't important, Kal. You weren't in the sixth grade and you certainly are not now. Have fun being Mr. Journalist and living your pathetic lies. They suit you.

Anonymous said...

Korff's off Flake Book again, must be flipping burgers...

and there's been ZERO response to his latest rant, posted 24 hours ago, against Korffers and Korffing.

And a Merry Christmas to you Unknown, and to all you Korffers around the world.

And you to Kalvin, you sad sack.


Anonymous said...

Korff's not posting links, he's respoding to his "limited" responders on Flake Book.

Check out just how important Korff thinks, and assums everyone must know, he is.

Kal Korff: My post did not take so I will type it again.

Jerry, I know all about the Taliban. I also have thousands of files on them from various agencies, including DOS. The documents prove that Clinton sucked up to them when he was president, that we had moles inside their ranks. We kept dangling "carrots" in front of them, ignoring the fact that they are largely Wahhabis. As usual our arrogance is killing us.

The movement rose up because people wanted some kind of order, vs. the lawlessness of the warlords, killers we hired to murder Soviets, then we abandoned under Clinton especially as OBL became his strongest.

The Taliban have NEVER dealt with us straight up. Omar is the key to them, ever since he put on Mohammad's cloak relic.

The movement dates back centuries, first got entrenched in the 1700s after it was routed out of the Arab peninsula. It gained footholds in what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern parts of India where my wife is from, since she is Punjabi.

The documents and historical events prove that the Taliban basically led us by the nose. A good example is how they colluded to murder Masood just hours before the attacks of 911. They did this so that when we retaliated, the Northern Alliance would be weakened and fragmented.

I also have firsthand accounts from the first contact CIA personnel who went in there after 911 and kept the alliance together. The Taliban changed from a purely Wahhabi style movement to incorporating AQ's Islamofascist far enemy doctrine after Omar cut his bayat with bin Laden through the marriage of his daughter.

Today MOST Afghans do not want the Taliban. But they also detest Kharzai. The bottom line is that we do not truly care about the Afghan people, we historically never have.

My knowledge of this is covered in Volume V extensively, I publish so much data which is unknown, and this is why I say we can "negotiate" all we want. They believe in hutnas, which means there won't be genuine, longterm peace and they do not have to lie. Arafat and HAMAS so the same and Hezbollah, because their twisted beliefs means that they can lie to "infidels" and it is perfectly OK.

We are weeks away from knowing what will happen. I'll bet you as I said nothing will happen. It doesn't matter Obama is in charge, this is not a criticism of him. The problem is the nature of the Taliban and Wahhibism and Islamofascism.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

ooo very impressive mr. expert man. korffy may have extensive firsthand knowledge from the c.i.a. but does he get to see his mom for christmas? stuck in prague with a small oven again, nothing to do but jerk people around on flakebook like a douche. happy holidays loser! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Korff, if I use you're thoughts here, you never had a genius son, as verified by more people than just you.

Yet, you will NEVER, EVER confirm this LIE.

And yes, you yourself have verified many of your own claims, as lies, based on your own words and behavior and facts.

So easy.

Have a wonderful Holiday season Korff.

Alone, without family or friends.

Those on Flake Book do take notice that you never mention birthdays, Holiday wishes, family events, etc.

Sad Sack.

Kal Korff: Sometimes there are not three sources. One of the great things about facts is that they can be independently verified by anyone, especially if they are statistically based. The methodologies used can also be verified. You might wish to do this concerning this issue. I think you will find the stats to be true.

Anonymous said...

Man, that site in India sucks dick.

You can find Korff's articles, 31 of them, on that site but you have to go to the little Home button on the far left side and use the search block there, not the one on the opening page.

What a train wreck of a site.

In any case, 31 out of nearly 100 have been posted there.

It's time to slam them with Korffing links to why they must run away from this mad man.

Anonymous said...

Korffers, you remember the iPad for Peace lie - scam.

On November 30, 2010, Korff through up a quick one page template web site to show proof of his claim:

BTW, this URL has been re-upped for another year. I guess Korff ain't done with this lie yet.

If you look at the registration information on this URL you’ll find the City of origin is listed as, Nobby Beach.

Guess what!

The city of origin for the newspaper and media giant (Vigilant Media) which run the web site and print paper is,

what for it...

Nobby Beach

Not sure what this means other than the possible fact that Korff checked out the URL info for and saw them using Nobby Beach and he used it as well.


Korff on

Anonymous said...

If you want to help get the word out on that web site in India, please register, then search out the Korff postings and then post something like this under each one in the comments section.

I couldn't find an e-mail address anywhere on that crap site to send material directly to the Editor, etc. Some media giant.

If you’d like to know the truth about Kalvin Karlton Korff, please look over these web sites for all the pertinent information you’ll need to fully understand what type of person this web site and newspaper is allowing to interact with their customers and registered users.

The purpose of our actions is to protect consumers world-wide from the false claims, fraudulent activities and thievery of Kalvin Karlton Korff.

A full break down on the exploits of Kalvin Korff

many of Korff’s videos are re-edited with the truth.

What did the people of the CZ think of Korff?

Korff’s fantasy biography.

Korff tangles with the wrong person.

Korff is a fake secret agent.

Korff steals Apple products.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Forget about it!

Their web site is so messed up.

You can't posts comments registered or not.


I'll figure this shit out.

Anonymous said...

Found an e-mail address for that India newspaper web site.

Send away.

Anonymous said...

I sent off my first of many e-mails to that crazy India based web site.

Thanks for the sample e-mail. I changed it around a little but it worked just fine.

Post more samples please.

I'll send at least one per day until we hear a squeal out of Kalvin... and then I'll send more.

Get on it F1! :-)

Love this blog!


Bless The Beasts And Children said...

Looks like Nobby Beach is in the Queensland region of Australia. Only thing for sure is that with maniacs like Korff there are no coincidences. Is there a known Korff connection to Australia? If the two registrants are sharing specific and otherwise obscure information like that it's a safe bet there's more to it. Not to imply that a fruitcake like Korff could ever fake a whole news site or would bother to try. His approach is to use a previously existing net structure and corrupt it in the manner of his youtube and now facebook. And doesn't syndicated usually mean picked up by more than one outlet? It's a game to him now, he's so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

That India site sucks. Anyway, I did a search for Kal Korff and got zero hits. But I sent them an email with all the important links to Kals battiness.

F1 Racer
Wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah

Anonymous said...

Korff posted a bunch of article to push the total past 100 before the end of the year.

God, what a life.


"I will submit the material to the publisher soon, my "kritics" can look up their names and reprinted threats and bozo postings in the index, then go online when the book is out and see them reposted (along with the police reports, etc.,) on my new web site which will launch after the first of the year."

For what reason would any publisher publish all of this inside Korffing information?

There's zero interest out there Korff.

It's a money loser.

Lying lair.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I have now posted 100 of my articles which have appeared in the newspaper and online during the past several months. There are now over 11,600 hits. Once again, I truly appreciate your interest, kind comments and support. I enjoy writing about international affairs, politics, business, technology, military affairs, science, travel and lifestyle, these are the areas my press accreditation covers and these subjects certainly keep me busy. :-) I have always loved the news business, and help oversee the editing and production of the international news pages and content in addition to being a reporter. With today's technology one can travel and still submit stories, I often use my iPad to get the writing done while on the road, take pictures with my iPod Touch and use my MacBook Pro todo the continuous updates on my upcoming book series on terrorism, hatred, extremists, Islamofascism and CONspiracy nuts. I will submit the material to the publisher soon, my "kritics" can look up their names and reprinted threats and bozo postings in the index, then go online when the book is out and see them reposted (along with the police reports, etc.,) on my new web site which will launch after the first of the year.

Merry Christmas again, gonna call friends and family and wish them well.

Anonymous said...

And, of course and as expected, Korff continues to respond to this blog because, evrybody now...


Ha, ha, ha,

Almost 50 and still throwing stones from a safe distance.

Kal Korff: Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a great one and make the most of it. The year has gone by so fast, in a few weeks I will have been married for one year...time flies by especially when you're on L-O-V-E! :-) xoxooo


Kal Korff: Merry Christmas again, gonna call friends and family and wish them well.

Again a direct response to the postings on this blog.

Korff have ZERO true friends and his family; his ever suffering Mother, his Dirt bag brother (and his SItser) well, there you have it.

Merry Christmas Asshole.

Korffing for a Korff-Free Internet

Anonymous said...

Of the 8 postings Korff has crowed about since posting starting on the 24th, one got a response, and that was a Merry Christmas greeting.

It seems, Kalvin, that nobody gives two shits.

Epic and Udder Failure.

Anonymous said...

Of the 8 recently posted scibd,com article Korff's threw up ont that site, zero have been posted to the India-based web site.

It's Christmas so maybe they will post and print all 8, or 10, or 500 on the same day tommorrow? :-)

Anonymous said...

What the F! This has gotta hurt Kalvin. Ouch....


Anonymous said...

Info about Korff 2003 JKF lecture:

Anonymous said...

Just in case you need a laugh, you really should kick back and watch Korff go nuts again.

So Klassic. So Korff.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, the guy just can't get anything but negative and hate thrown at him. How's it feel Kalvin?

The internet shall follow you until that day arrives... and then forever.


Anonymous said...

Fri, 23 Jul 2004
Subject: Kal Korff MSN Chat Sept '97 On Billy Meier

KalKorff says: I made the first page of the Mercury news when I was hired at the lab to work at Star Wars.

Korff was never hired to work on the Star Wars project. He worked there as a computer tech for a very short time.

A proven lie, search this blog and find the truth.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In case you want to locate people to e-mail about Korff.

Korff's "Media Giant" is named:


Vigilant Media Private Limited
Plot No. 17
Industrial Area - I
Chandigarh - 160 002

Phone: +91 172 5034755
Cell: +91 8699760012

Newspaper - English and Punjabi daily, magazines, online publication.

Another site tied into this giant:

Here's one of the founders:


and here:

The rest of them can be found on their "About" page and then on Linkin, etc.

What is of interest is that if you do a bit of searching on this "Media Giant" you'll find that they aren't listed among the top newspapers in India.

You will find that their web site is not listed among the top news sites in India.

Korff does state that he's been married for a year and that he's no longer in the CZ. So maybe he's in this area:

Chandigarh, India


Anonymous said...

Look what I found. Maybe some CZ based Korffers could help sort this out?

On December 18, 2011, This information was posted to Korff’s Twitter account via Face Book by this person:!/Myslim_bez_SM


Message Translated from CZ to English.

Kal Korff Mossad agent in Prague - video competition for the Secret Service agent.

Logging into your contest video U.S. Colonel Kala Korff, Mossad agent and protector of the Jews (Kidon unit), who lives and works in Prague.

The Colonel Korff, we are waging a thick folder "can be made available as evidence. In fact, by the agent, not secret. He served as the Metro and on certain radio (I think that the Express). In the event of threats allegedly threatens to have the contacts and the FBI.

The video has more: I also suggested this - it applies to a dispute about nanoprach

By the way the Lord also involved in teaching (Slovak-Jewish) self-defense Krav Maga!


Anonymous said...

A Meier believer posts a scathing response to Korff on Korff's own tool for posting his crap,

It's on page 25 and 28.

Anonymous said...

Korff debates against UFO image lame brain Jim Dilettoso:

Kal's Korner stuff while on the X-Zone Radio Show. The host of the X-Zone Show pulled any and all Korff material of all of his distribution channels.

Korff posted these on his FAKE reality TV show channel, Secret X Wars.

Posted just so we won't forget Korff's lies.

Anonymous said...

Many posts on Korff going back to 1998

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is an IDIOT: Kal K. Korff EXPLOITS Holocaust Children!

Anonymous said...

The 219 IQ claim can be found here.

Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine's World's Hardest IQ Test

Anonymous said...

The X-Zone expose on Kal Korff.


Anonymous said...

Original Link on bottom of this post.

Kal Korff, an American living in Prague, Czech Republic, has threatened director Steven Spielberg over "falsehoods" in the films Munich and Schindler's List.

These threats can be seen here:

His You tube channel is here:

His homepage is here:

This man is a menace, he is dangerously psychotic and lord knows what he could do!culture.israel/2008-07/msg00069.html

Anonymous said...

That video was pulled.

maybe this one is it?

serves him right said...

still no kal korff website. however it worked out this was a major victor for the forces of truth & justice.

korff's influence is pretty much limited to the suckers on facebook who haven't gotten the message yet, that he is a pathological liar suffering from mental illness.

but since most of them apparently regard him as insignificant and friended him out of routine, don't pay attention and couldn't care less its just as good as korff lying to the empty wall.

shouldn't a well connected celebrity and globe trotting journalist be able to use his earnings to just BUY A PLANE TICKET and go home to visit his family at christmas? or was there some problem other than the cost? liar.

Anonymous said...

Serves Him Right,

You got that right!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I hit up that web site, it looks like something is coming in the New Year?

I can't wait to see what they have planned.

The Lies End ~ The Truth Wins!

I love it!


Don Ecker said...

Good morning all ... here from sunny Southern California. We are officially past Christmas and fast approaching the New Year. I hope all of you Korffer's have a wonderful 2012. Oh yes, on another note still no papers served, no assets seized and no further words from the Village Idiot. Just saying ...

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Just saying indeed Big Don Ecker!

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

You stay in that 3rd world country Korff.

Don't even think of coming back to the CZ or America.

I wouldn't want to be Kal Korff in 2012.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! According to news reports, India has just passed a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT against corruption. The USA doesn't even go there, although it should. But if it did, most of the CONgress would have to put itself in jail, wouldn't it! I am glad India did this, maybe someday the USA will, but I doubt it.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

kal's past will follow him to india too. maybe antarctica has a newspaper in search of a braggart jerk of all trades. kal could do hard hitting exposes on the penguins and threaten the thing with legal actions from the highest paid lawyers in mcmurdo.

Anonymous said...

Kal is most likely in India working a phone support job. That is exactly what he did at Claris. This is the only job he has the qualifications for.

Anonymous said...

"Kal is most likely in India working a phone support job. That is exactly what he did at Claris. This is the only job he has the qualifications for."

That's an interesting guess. I would say that you're probably on the right track.


October 19, 1973 said...

Keep running, Kal. Further and further away please. Give your past victims a chance to recover and heal. You are human garbage waiting to be composted without a redeeming quality or useful attribute to your character. Just nitrogen waiting to be reclaimed.

Anonymous said...

I guess Korff didn't measure up....

Anonymous said...

Not a SINGLE subject or LIKE on any of the last .PDF's Korff has posted.

ZERO response. click breakdown:

All post Dec. 24 and 25

RIM Reports Decline in Sales, Stock Falls = 15

Sony Releases New Play Station Vita = 9

You Just Can't Do Without Them = 16

Ultimate Lifestyle - Your Own Floating Paradise = 12

Russia's Upcoming Election - End or New Era for Putin? = 15

The Clouds Finally Come to Patients’ Rescue = 11

American Airlines Parent Firm Files for Bankruptcy = 20

Apple Buys Top Israeli Flash Memory Firm = 18
4 to 5 clicks per day. Something Korff could handle faking himself very easily.

Dorothy must be so proud.

"Hello, Delphi Computers. Yes Sir, I can hlep..."

Anonymous said...

Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic


Anonymous said...

I see where Kal had a very enjoyable Xmas day. Posted 6 of his 'articles' on Scribd.
Nothing better to do I guess.

Anonymous said...

Secret X Wars Manuscript Lies

December 2008:

This was was said after Korff promised the video showing the manuscript being shipped off to the publisher.

Kal Korff: Prometheus put the book on "indefinite hold" after it was late.


May, 2010

Kal Korff: In JULY, Captain Franks is coming to see me, and he will take custody of the Secret Wars project/manuscript. He will be here for several days, then he will fly back to the United States and he will deliver it to Prometheus Books.

and a year later...

May 9th 2011

Kal Korff Sends Chapter For Peer Review

and a day later....

May 10 2011

Kal Korff: begins final edits on 6 volume set...."

December 2011

Kal Korff: I will submit the material to the publisher soon, my "kritics" can look up their names and reprinted threats and bozo postings in the index, then go online when the book is out and see them reposted (along with the police reports, etc.,) on my new web site which will launch after the first of the year.


December 2011

Dear Interested Party,

We have no manuscript for this project at this time.


**** *********
Editorial Assistant
Prometheus Books

A taste (and hardly a complete time line for this sigle lie) of what material will be posted on the and web sites sometime in 2012.

I wouldn't want to be Kal Korff in 2012.

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