Friday, December 9, 2011

What else is there say lads?

What have we not exposed about lone nut Kal K. Korff ? I am still awaiting word from our beloved FN on some other material. Bout what is there left lads?


1,000 Words said...

Anonymous said...


I've been working on fleshing out that material. It seems that most people just want nothing to do with, or to even talk about their time with Kalvin.

This silence covers Korff’s time from middle school right up to now.

Kalvin has made quite an impression on people his whole life, and not a positive one.

I'll give it a little longer and see what comes of this. A Korffer has to be careful as well. If you contact the wrong person and they go off to Korff to question him, etc., then the gig is up.

I'll then I'll sort through what I have and send it along to you.

This info is not Korff shattering; it just shows his habit of leaving out important information while crowing about and continuing to manipulate the history about his "accomplishments" throughout his life.

Aside; I’ve been told that Santa in a Floppy hat will be releasing another video or two for the holidays and the Kern site will be added to during the holiday season. I guess Santa has better things to do than to help fill Korff’s twisted ego.


Jimmy D said...

At the moment, there is nothing more to day.

But this blog is still important. Any time Korff approaches a fresh potential dupe, the mark will likely do a bit of due dilligence in the form of a Google search.

I won't go so far to say that this blog saves lives. But it does save lives from being adversely affected by our favorite lying pediphile scumbag.

So karry on korffing, korffers. Karry on until this maggot has been ground down into the cyberdust.

Jimmy D said...

I meant

"... nothing more to say."

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Kal hasn't posted any of of his insightful, informative and exceptionally well written internationally syndicated and DMCA protected articles on Scribd since November 24? Could he be off on another Super Secret Nanodust mission? These can take a while, since the Kernal and his team of bodyguards have to travel by bus! Maybe he is busy giving away Ipads just in time for Christmas, or working on some of those nearly fifty books he is going to publish soon. Possibly he is out of the country helping some law enforcement entity nail some bad guys. Or maybe he actually decided to seek some professional help for his insanity and checked himself in somewhere. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that he's off Flake Book for about 24 hours at a time now.

It could be that he really did get a jog flipping burgers,


he's just really depressed knowing that ANYTHING he does and ANYTHING he posts will AB SO LUT LY be commented upon with truth based responses.

So, why bother posting videos, web remarks, Flake Book posts, etc.

It's gotta suck hard to be Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Imagine, the world does a quick internet search on "Kal Korff" and they take a look see at the posts, images and videos that fester on the web.

That's gotta feel really shitty... to anyone not mentally ill.


Big Don Ecker OWNS you Korff.

Anonymous said...

Man, if you could look up 'Lone Nut' in an encyclopedia, the caption picture for ths post really would be a perfect illustrative example..

That guy just screams out loud "Hey you people, look at me! Don't let the cowboy hat, duck hunter camo and budget aviator sunglasses fool you. I really am out of my tiny little mind!!"

happy red mogul balloon! said...

i think i did a little korffing without intending to! not sure how i ended up there but i discovered one other place korffy did manipulate in his favor was wikipedia. he added himself to the main article page for the roswell incident and majestic 12 entries. i say he added it since nobody in the field has ever cited korffs work as a source. nobody is stupid or desperate enough anymore to need to either, even on wikipedia. so it had to be kal and it would be a simple enough matter to follow their rules and remove the references without harming the articles content. the information is of no relevance to the fibre of the summaries, only reason it is there was to stick kals name in the subject. he can always just go back and add it again, but without proper citation the entries can be challenged and the persons making them sanctioned from adding others. i do not know how the editing process works there but it should be a routine matter. just an idea :D

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Kowboy Kal - except that his Captain's bars are mis-located. Just like his sideways Colonel wings were later.
But, what can you expect from a phony??

Anonymous said...

since he never earned the right to wear them how could he be expected to know how to wear them correctly? give kal a break, ok? he just wanted to steal valor from those serving in our armed forces and be respected by those who would have otherwise considered him a nobody. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

i mean really. all kal korff has probably wanted since being a kid is to be regarded as someone special. are any of us really so different? he wants to be regarded as highly knowledgeable without having been to college, as having a background in law enforcement or the military without undergone the training or service, and an expert in journalism no matter what form it takes even though he has no practical working experience in the field. all kal wants is to be taken super seriously by those who would otherwise likely mock or make fun of how inept, foolish and downright ordinary he is.

so he found a few army medals that looked good on a couple of shirts he got at an army/navy outlet, big deal if he never served his time to earn the right to wear them. think of the respect and consideration afforded to officers serving in uniform (not the two-bit grunts from the enlisted corps who probably just joined up for free tuition and a life on easy street). is it really so difficult to understand kal's pain at not getting that sort of respect and attention without having earned it? inventing the stupid dupid services was his best gambit at being called "sir" in public for the first time in his life instead of "hey fuckwad". or being referred to as "tubby" and "that loser over there" by passersby on the street.

kal probably just wanted to be someone he never was, a respected man with accomplishments to be proud of now closing in on age 50, an over the hill nobody with a ridiculous non-career as a flying saucer expert. that's why he's pretending to be a newspaper writer now with an expertise in the military, and here we have to go ruining his scam for attention and respect. no wonder he wants to sue us and have anyone who speaks up about what a loser he is hauled away in handcuffs. and come on, guys, the only people he's lying to are ... well ... anyone he can. but what gives us the right to rain on his parade?

Anonymous said...

“are any of us really so different?”
“but what gives us the right to rain on his parade?”

Please take your fantastical and dare I say it, ignorant view elsewhere, it won’t fly here. You obviously haven’t done your due diligence based on your post.

I’ll let better posters take this on if they want to, “Unknown” comes to mind.

In the end, you can’t marginalize what Korff has done to people, and we will never let Korff, or people with your view point, white wash and water down Korff’s devious and down right evil actions.


Anonymous said...

We have every right 'to rain on his parade'. The reason? It's only a parade!


Anonymous said...

dude it was meant as total sarcasm, sorry if that wasn't more obvious!

sorry again guys said...

see, that picture of kal trying to look like mr. expert from some terrorism article got to me and i reacted with sarcasm. i mean look at him. looks like a guest star from x-files. i can't take a thing korff says or does seriously and relate to the world's follies via humor. kal stole valor and impersonated an officer, very poorly but he did it. who knows what he may have got away with or even just attempted to while doing so.

where i come from we were raised to respect those in uniform and afford them consideration that run of the mill garden patch variety citizens don't get. i know one shithead who wears an old army coat he found while cleaning out a locker because he hopes people see it and think he's a veteran with military training. what kind of scumbag goes around like that?

i was trying to demonstrate how absurd it is for korff to feel that he is entitled to that kind of respect just by implying he should be. then threatening to sue anyone who points out it's absurd. he's doing the same thing now with this newspaper writer scam. to use one of kal's own isms anyone who takes the claim seriously isn't thinking critically. and anyone who doesn't regard the evil he has pursued as what it is needs a lesson in moral judgement.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I guess I was reading into it what I wanted to see...

No worries.

Karry on,


Anonymous said...

Last time Korff posted a .PDF on the site?

November 24

16 days

What the hell are they paying him for? :-)

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

Maybe the Super Secret Newspaper moved away, and didn't tell Kal where they went.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Korff! Ha, ha, ha!

What gluten for punishment.

Kal Korff: Here's one of my latest articles which hit the papers today. I apologize again for not posting many of them this past week or so, I have been very busy. Hope you enjoy it, I will post more soon.

Anonymous said...

From the ever changing Korff bio:

I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and *executive special advisor*.

Anonymous said...

'an over the hill nobody with a ridiculous non-career as a flying saucer expert'

- A succinct and accurate description of KowboyKalIsrael. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

All his life Kowboy Kal desperately wanted to be "SOMEBODY", anybody that the public would sit up and notice! Well, now he is. Korff, how does it feel to be one of the biggest ASSHOLES on the web??! An International fucking JOKE Kal, that is what you are! A former Nobody that is now the biggest NOBODY on the entire world-wide web! Congratulations you fucking moron! Congratulations!

Brit_in_Prague said...

The kicking's in the post, Korff. You lying piece of dung.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Wow four days later and Kal Korff is still a weird creepy loser.

"I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and *executive special advisor*" Yep, ever changing, and more than before cries out as a plea from a man desperate for respect even though he has no job, lives idly, and is consumed with guilt over having never achieved anything meaningful in life.

Pot farmers contribute to the betterment of society more than Kalvin Korff. Who's name and legacy of disgrace did not come up once over the weekend. I kind of liked it.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that virtually every single .PDF which Korff posts a link to on Face Book from that vanity site receives ZERO responses or feedback. I mean nothing, none, nada.

As if… nobody from Flake Book bothers to go to that site, or if they do, they find nothing of interest or worth to comment upon. Also, Korff still has one lonely follower on that site.

A cursory inspection regarding the .PDF view totals tell the truth; each .PDF receives around 30 to 50 views, not reads. The more you post the more views add to your total.

Tallying up 10 or 20 K in views seems not a heady feat to have achieved or crow about. More to the point, a syndicated investigative journalist would have thousands more given their exposure though their employers web site, print publications the like.

Of course this is all based on a truism, which Korff has not yet again foisted upon the world.

Lying liar,


Anonymous said...

Kal, you can dramatically change your life and become a real person if you do what your hero Steve Jobs did: drop some acid and eat some shrooms.

Anonymous said...

We do not rain on Kal's parade. We piss truth on his lies.

Anonymous said...

"We do not rain on Kal's parade. We piss truth on his lies."


Bless the Beasts and Children said...

"I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and *executive special advisor*"

My job title consists of two (2) words. Five if you count adding the business' full name and a grand total of six if you include our location. It describes who I am professionally, what I do, and where it is done in less than a sentence. It is the result of years of effort including college, interning, post-graduate work, years of work after school to obtain the experience needed to qualify and I am very proud to be able to recite the title to anyone who asks. They know exactly what is up with me in five words and I even have it on a business card that I present to clients so they know who & what they will be working with.

Kal Korff's self-written job title as reproduced above is a meaningless collection of parsed words combined in a manner that suggests he is currently unemployed. That he harbors aspirations of being regarded as executive material but has no current engagement where this ambition is being recognized. It sounds made up. Like it is intended to be as ambiguous as possible while sounding impressive to anyone who doesn't think about it. The expected reaction of being informed of this title would be "What does all that mean?" or "Where is it you do all this?" And something tells me that's the short version response.

Nobody in his "field" takes Kal seriously anymore but should still be held accountable for his lies including to those outside of it. However that exposure comes about is justified by the means. It is Kal against the world, not just those people on this blog.

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

Nobody in his "field" takes Kal seriously anymore but he should still be held accountable for his lies, including to those outside of it.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Karlton - isn't it time you wrote your autobiography?

I'd buy it. The perfect Xmas gift for my mother-in-law.

Anonymous said...

Here's an "Independent Citizen Journalist".

Sound's a bit more truthful than Kalvin’s claim...

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol not having much to do one day and feeling quite pleased with himself, kal korff interviewed himself and for part of it pretended to be a pretty czech woman. who just like martina conveniently shared korffy's opinions, obsessions (especially with religion, my my), dementia, delusions, pompous writing style, and inability to shut the fuck up.

Kiai said...

Hello Korffers,

I have it on good authority that Santa in a Floppy Hat will be releasing a video or two sometime over the next 24 hours.

Santa told me that he wanted to set the record straight regarding Kalvin’s secret newspaper – reporter – investigative journalist claims.

He said he might even go over a bit of Korff history to show the link between Korff’s behavior since around 1995, when it all started to go bad and when his “media persona” started to fade in a very precipitous manner, and how that behavior is really just a continuation of behavior from his early years.

Santa might also announce the upcoming multi-media Korff Time-Line that he hopes will once and for all tie it all together in a clear and concise method.

I told Santa that’s a tall order, given Korff’s “ever changing persona”, escalating lies, and the rest of it.

Santa told me the final assumpation it’s simpler than you might think.

Korff and simple… makes sense to this Korffer.

Don Ecker said...

Well fellow Korffer's, this being the height of the Christmas Season, other than curling up with my beloved wife, I can think of no better Christmas present than "Santa in a Floppy Hat" coming out with a new KKK video.

By the way, Merry Christmas to all of my fellow Korffer's and your families.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Big Don Ecker!


Anonymous said...

Santa in a Floppy Hat

Chag Molad Sameach v'Shanah Tovah