Monday, December 19, 2011

Kal K. Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!!!

So now lads here we have bloated Kal K. Korff on about being published in a variety of newspapers but the truth of it all lads should come to no surprise as none of it is true. Kal is also now infringing on trademarked and copyrighted names by claiming he is now doing a weekly column called World Weekly Review. Sorry Kal you bloated bum but that name is taken and legally owned by someone else. So this makes Kal an intellectual property thief! It is obvious Kal stole this idea from India Info OnLine where there is a weekly piece about worldwide market fluctuations and other market news. Did your Indian princess get this for you Kal? ahahahahahhhaaahaahahahaahaa!

And to add to the embarrassment that is Kal K. Korff a search of online databases that specialize in magazine articles found nothing new for Kal since the time he conned a free rag paper into letting him write ridiculous columns here in Prague.

You are CAUGHT AGAIN Kal! How many more humiliating times do you need to be EXPOSED Kal?? How amny more LIES do you need to get CAUGHT IN???? Imagine what you could have done Kal with all this energy you put into these delusions of yours!!! By the way Kal have you heard from the embassy yet? I hear you should be expecting a visit any time now and just in time to spend the holidays with your relatives in the states.

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The Unknown Korffer said...

Since this Facebook page is the only real publicity these things get other than being printed in the newspaper, I am truly honored and grateful.

Keep refining that lie, Kal! Keep adding details and subtly changing what the meaning is. Though the notion that one might be promoting a free document upload via the newspaper is of course completely ridiculous. As someone once pointed out your online postings of these articles denies your employer the ad revenue your "articles" would be generating via genuine syndication. Though the "syndication" claim has now been dropped for a general jack of all trades staff writer with regular assignments. When the story changes it's usually a lie.