Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kal Korff all talk no substance

Kal is at it again claiming victory over the people who have EXPOSED Kal as nothing more than a complete JACKASS with a mouth who lives in a fantasy world. The latest delusion Kal is having centers around a "challenge" Kal put on his Internet website offering to provide proof that he does have nanotechnology. All one has to do to obtain this proof is send Kal five hundred dollars. hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!

Kal doesn't realize that the reason NO ONE has sent him a cent is that nobody would ever be STUPID ENOUGH to trust an alleged ipod and laptop THIEF with FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! DUH!! You would think that Kal and his "genius level" IQ would have been able to figure this out! Kal will send freebie samples to his pal Rob McConnel and the police who put a slug in his convict brother's head but won't just send a piece to any number of his critics for free as well so his claim can be exposed?? Any reasonable human being knows that if someone really wants to prove something they will do it and not play the sort of silly little games Kal plays. You aren't fooling anyone with this transparent bullshit Kal.

Kal says that if the parts aren't real then you can go to the police and report fraud but we all know this is an empty guarantee because Kal knows how difficult it would be for someone who might be in the states to initiate any action to get their money back! Why doesn't Kal just offer a money back guarantee like a normal honest person would? Oh I forgot we are talking about Conniving Kal Korff here so you'd probably have to get the cops. Of course no one would be stupid enough to trust a conniving publicly confessed LIAR like Kal Korff. Sorry Kal no easy money from hard working people for you. Go find someone else to scam you lowlife piece of street trash.

This "challenge" of Kal's is a joke on every level possible as are Kal's claims that he is somehow involved with nanotechnology. Kal's claims it to be the responsibility of the person making the claim to provide the proof. Kal loves saying it is up to the person making a claim to prove it and not the other way around. Kal Korff PRETENDS to protect consumers but can't even abide by his own rules or supposed ethics. If consumers need protecting from Kal Korff and his FALSE CLAIMS and UNFILLED PROMISES!

This "challenge" is scheming at worst and disingenuous at best. Kal knows that no one would ever be fucking stupid enough to send him the money. Now Kal can prance around with his fat little chest puffed out as he props himself up on the balls of his feet to make himself look taller as he claims victory over his critics based on a "challenge" that guarantees NOTHING. And no Kal your word isn't worth a pile of chickenshit as you've proven time and time over by not delivering on promised good for years now. Why would Kal think anyone would be so blatantly stupid that they would send him money?? Because he is Conniving Kal Korff that is why.

So Rob McConnel of the X zone radio show what did ever happen to those nanobot componets you were going to test and the results you were going to release to the public? Conniving Kal Korff should do the world a favor and just shut the fuck up. Kal has no idea how much he is embarrassing himself and I think he doesn't care so long as he can keep muttering his delusional bullshit and so long as he keeps convincing himself that no one is up to any of his challenges. If there was an honorable challenge someone might be up to it but so long as the challenge is coming from a delusional braggart.

By the way to those reading this I have it on good word there is a MAJOR revelation in the works about our favorite asshole Kal Korff. My understanding is that this will not be pretty on any level. Details forthcoming as I receive them. Oh man this could be UGLY!


Anonymous said...

Kal is a lot dumber than I thought he was. Apparently he doesn't know anything about the US Consumer Protection Act or the FTC. He has already violated the law by even offering his nanobots at a price substantially higher then their true value. It would be classified as an Internet scam regardless of his motive. And that also falls under the category of International commerce, so Kal, being in Prague, does not make him immune to prosecution.
Kal - would you now like to retract your offer, or should I file a complaint with the FTC??

Anonymous said...

Fuck it! I'm filing right now.

Anonymous said...

I think I will file one too


Anonymous said...

I have a question for all you Korffers.

I know for a fact that in my country (the legislation is) if you enlist or actively work for a foreign military service you (automatically) lose your citizenship and subsequently passport.

Is there something like that in the U.S. laws/constitution?

I ask this because Kal Korff implies that he works for an Israeli military organization. If that is the case then according to the laws in my country (and maybe the U.S.) he would forfit his U.S. passport and citizenship.

Maybe something to look into.

Anonymous said...

According to USC: Title 8, 1481 -
"A person...shall lose his nationality by...entering, or serving in, the armed forces of a foreign state if (B) such persons serve as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer".
Also ref: Section 349(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Squonkamatic said...

Kal K. Korff has been careful to maintain that the Super Duper Super Secret Special Services is a civilian run meta-organization, meaning that his rank as a Colonel is akin to that of Colonel Sanders, Sgt. Pepper, Captain Beefheart, Super Dave Osborn, or Captain Kangaroo.

Remember also that Kal K. Korff's actual stated role within the Super Duper Super Special Super Secret Special Services is as a S.A.P.S.T.O.E., or Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution, which gives him a broad range of international jurisdiction over UFO frauds in specific which are considered a vital security issue to the Israeli intelligence community. His ability to root out sexy agents who are honeytraps crossed with his hands-on "can do" approach to law enforcement by cooking American dinners for subscribers of his website services put him in a far different league of specialized service than mere US Army Reserve Majors such as Kevin Randle or active duty police officers like Royce Meyers III. All of this is proven by the fact that Kal K. Korff has a web presence including videos posted on YouTube, since if it's on the internet somewhere it must be true. You can also find pictures of Kal K. Korff in his Super Special Super Secret Super Duper Special Services SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution) uniform, which consists of a common duck hunting camo t-shirt bedecked with a couple of phony badges that he got out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

An equally interesting angle would be to find out what charge the Israeli's would bring against some tubby dysfunctional idiot hiding out in Prague for impersonating a ranking member of their intelligence services. The only reason that they probably haven't already bitch slapped him with an arrest warrant is that it's all so utterly (or udderly, as Kal K. Korff would spell it) ridiculous. Can you prosecute someone for making himself a laughing stock to the entire world?

Squonkamatic said...

I am also of the opinion that we've been going about the process of disproving Kal K. Korff backwards. We should keep in mind that not only are we dealing with an adept liar who has no ethical standards to constrain his stories, but also someone who seems to spend the vast majority of their time sitting around thinking up complete bullshit specifically designed so that it cannot be proven one way or the other. Kal K. Korff didn't just think up the Special Secret Super Duper Special Super Secret Special Services while sitting on a toilet, it was a cleverly crafted claim that, according to some, has a certain ring of validity to it. He worked hard to come up with the lie and we have to work equally as hard to disprove it. Though as Homer Simpson himself has maintained there's no shame in being had by a pro. Kal K. Korff thinks this bullshit up for a living, has been doing so for going on 30 years and is apparently quite good at it. The rest of us are by comparison just rank amateurs in our efforts to demonstrate the falsehoods.

So instead of documenting how his ridiculous, embarrassingly improbable claims can't possibly be true, how about going about it the other way and working backwards. Who on here can name one person -- other than his make-believe "staff" & colleagues, his mom, or yes men flunky enablers like Rob McConnell, who have their own interests to look out for -- who can name one person who actually BELIEVES anything that Kal K. Korff says or claims, and has stated so publicly?

This has to be an actual real world person with no affiliations to Kal K. Korff's little internet empire, no familial relations and cannot have worked with him on a previous project (though from what I have seen everybody who has had anything to do with Kal K. Korff in the past has distanced themselves from him if not outright established an antagonistic relationship, like Stanton Friedman). I want just one reputable individual who has come out and said Yes, Kal K. Korff is what he claims to be, and the more recent this embracing of Kal K. Korff's claims the better. Show us just one (1) person of note who has said they believe that Kal K. Korff is really a Colonel who has developed actual nanobots as defined by the current accepted terms, has a 500 book deal and works as a terrorism consultant, Apple iPod developer, reality TV show host and inventor of the salad shooter, or whatever else he has claimed to have accomplished. My prediction is you will come up empty.

Brad Hudson said...

Boy, I am missing out on all the good stuff. My PC seems to be stuck in late December as I still only see Kal's post about him mentioning Paul Kimball's name in ront of a feeral judge (meaning, no doubt, that Kal ear raped some poor federal judge on vacation in Prague).

Maybe I've been Korff-blocked? And would that be such a bad thing??

Anonymous said...

Kal is trying to operate on two fronts now. You have to check and separately now as they are no longer linked to one domain name ever since Kal sold off

Brad hudson said...

Well, now I see what I've been missing.

I seems as if Kal has taken the home states of his "Kritics" and claimed that the discussion about his brother's case is "spreading like wildfire" in those areas.

Speaking to you live from Dallas, Texas, I can confirm that when I shout out my window "Hey, what do you think about the Kurtis Korff case and Kal Korff's book (long drawn out PowerPoint)?" I hear the sound of....

...crickets chirping.

hey, Kal, what's the judge's name you entered a sworn statement to? What court does he preside over? It's easy to claim you made statements before a judge, but how did you name a Canadian citizen to a US Federal judge from Prague? Through your attorney? What's his name and bar number? Answer 2 of those three questions and when I verify they are true I'll eat my fucking computer, heavy metals and all.

Needless to say I'm pretty sure I won't have to suffer that gastronomic nightmare during my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Kal said a while back that he had a department of justice case number for some imaginary charge he said was going to be filed against someone. Kal said he was going to send the case number to Rob McConnell, but we all know how forthcoming Rob is about things Kal sends him. LOL

Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone, and I mean ALL OF US, send that link on Kal's You Tube where he threatens Steven Spielberg to Mr. Spielberg's Company.

Im serious, they will swoop down on Kal like vultures at a feast.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

"I suggest everyone, and I mean ALL OF US, send that link on Kal's You Tube where he threatens Steven Spielberg to Mr. Spielberg's Company."
---and while we're about it, someone should download the YouTube clip, so that it can be re-posted when the Great Man inevitably deletes it after he reads F1's suggestion...

Anonymous said...

I contacted the agent also of Mr George Jonas, the man who wrote the book on which the film Munich is based, since Kal also slanders and threatens him. Here is the mail I sent to Mr Jonas's agent:

From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 3:47 AM
To: Wca_Office
Subject: Attn: Linda McKnight

Good afternoon.

Being a big fan of Mr. George Jonas, I was shocked and horrified to see this libelous attack on him on youtube:

This individual, Kal K Korff, is a noted harrasser and libeler. He makes many false claims and threats in this video to Mr. Jonas that I am sure you were not aware of.
The accusations come towards the end of the video, so unfortunately you have to sit through the whole horrid thing.
Mr.Korff is curently wanted for theft in the Czech Republic and may possibly be in Oregon. I am sure your legal team would know how to proceed from here.

Please thank Mr.Jonas for me, for his long and illustrious career of work.

best regards,

F. Underwood

Her response:

From: Linda Mcknight (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 5:12:17 PM
To: xxxxxxxxx

Thank you for bringing this to our attention for action...
I will pass your thanks to George Jonas for his career of work on to him today.
Linda McKnight


Anonymous said...


Great job! It does take a little work but you are on the right track here my friend.

In keeping in time here, can you guys post the youtube link for the Spielberg deal and, if possible, always post addresses, links, etc., for us helpers to send snail-mail and e-mails to people who should know what's going on.

The people who are being slandered by Kal need to understand that there are many who know about Kal’s information and it’s not just a cult or a few internet weenies.

People won’t act if they think it’s a minority, people will act if they get the impression that the world (via the internet) are getting the wrong information, or out right lies, concerning their loved ones, etc. Kal is a coward, hiding behind a firewall. Let’s assist F1 in tearing down the wall to let the public see the coward.

To the LIST: Don't be idiots and send stupid notes and letters. Write your thoughts and information out clearly and focused and, use a spell checker before sending your mail.

F1, you are on the right track and I for one would like to help shore up your efforts with my own well crafted letters to whomever it may help ferret out Kal and put a stop to his actions.

Goal for 2009: The wall comes down which Kal is hiding behind. Let’s expose Kal to the very people he is so cowardly slandering.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Korff,

I think you will find we kritics to be more active, more talkative and with more substance than you'll be able to withstand.

Get ready Mr. Korff, karma's calling and it's time to pay up.

"Kritics" Show Their TRUE Colors - Cowards Who Are "ALL Talk, No Substance!"

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff. The name alone inspires fear...fear of dying from laughing so hard as such a ridiculous person as Kal. How in the workld has Kal survived in life as long as he has? HOW???

Squonkamatic said...

Was just flipping through some news headlines courtesy of Drudge yesterday and may have found one of Kal K. Korff's sources of "inspiration" for one of his make-believe support staff. On the 3rd page about a story of how Bush thumbsed down a plan by the Israelis

a name practically leaps out of the paragraph to anyone who has been following the trail of bullshit that Kal K. Korff leaves behind him like the slime of a snail: The name Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, who is an actual person involved with Israeli air defenses. Could this person's name be the source of Kal K. Korff's inspiration for Avimi (or "Avim" for short) Askenazi? Perhaps Kal K. Korff came across the name in some prior article while researching Israeli defense organizations while inventing his Super Duper Super Secret Special Super Duper Services, perhaps slightly changing the spelling of the name to disguise the appropriation?

Just something to think about. Kal K. Korff isn't intelligent enough to actually creatively invent things but he is clever enough to recognize a good idea to steal for the basis of his fantasy world construct.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is the great pretender. Ok so he isn't great, but he is a pretender to the core. Be sure to check out f1racer's blog. The guy is showing no mercy!

Anonymous said...

The newest sensationalistic bullshit by Kal about the Josephine County DA quitting to avoid charges is purely fictional. First, you can't avoid any criminal or civil charges by simply resigning were we to take Kal's word that some sort of investigation is taking place. Secondly, the DA isn't quitting. Kal doesn;t have a "source" in that office. Matter of fact Kal, his website and is youtube videos are the ass end of many jokes in that office. No one is taking Kal seriously. Matter of fact Kal likely hurt his brother's chances in court with all the nonsense and other garbage Kal pulled. How does it feel Kal knowing you liekly helped put your own brother behind bars? Or are you so far down your little fantasy path that you just don't care so long as you get to keep playing "colonel?"

Anonymous said...


Better yet, if you check Wikipedia you'll find that Gabi has a brother, Brig. Gen Avi Ashkenazi, the former Chief of the IDF back in 2006.


Anonymous said...

And even better yet...

A Mr. Avi Ashkenazi founded a company in Israel in 1997 called Israel Venture Capital. One of it's investments was in a now multimillion dollar company called NegevTech Ltd., founded in 1997, also located in Israel. Their main product line is semi-conductor related. Their USA branch is located in Santa Clara California, which just happens to be the last known address of Mr. Kal K. Korff!

Nice try Kal...


Daniela said...

Just noticed this message to me on Kal's website:

I've been emailing him a series of questions, and the last time he answered any of them (well, declined to answer, actually), he did so in perfect Czech. Check it out for yourselves - my email address is, and the password is "kalisanidiot". Look under the message "Re: PPS: Regarding our recent correspondence".

Translated into English, the message reads: "You will find answers to all of your questions in the new episodes of 'Is it really true', which is a documentary serial produced by Martina Tycova."

But what is really interesting is that - on the evidence of that email - he does appear to be working with a native Czech. What fascinates me are the motives of his "enablers" - Rob McConnell and whoever this Czech is (Martina? Or some other stooge?). They surely must know that Kal is as mad as a hatter (ditto the editors of the defunct newspaper in which his crappy language column used to run). So why are they going along with him?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff caught in the act one more time! Hilarious! When will Kal ever learn that he isn't as slick as he thinks and that people can see right though his bullshit? Wake up Kal! Great job on find the real Avim!

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that Kal's Avim is anybody in particular.

For starters, Ashkenazi is a pretty popular Jewish surname.

Also, Kal's Avim isn't hidden. Avim's in two videos: first, he's the guy who is filming Kal's head shaving. And second, Avim is the tall guy in Kult of Kal's 2nd Kal video, posing with the cannonball racer guys.

Anonymous said...

But you never hear the guy's last name and who knows whether or not this was some unfortunate soul Kal told he would call him Avim as some sort of joke.

Squonkamatic said...

Interesting. Kal K. Korff definitely has a Czech speaking enabler/interperator working with him when he needs it -- maybe a roommate or housemate? We've been promised a video of Martina putting all her doubters to shame since last summer, but then again Kal K. Korff appears to have lost his video camera or ability to shoot & upload videos in the capacity he was able to before the Cables and Simms fiasco hit the fan. I also agree that this Avimi (or "Avim" for short) is supposed to be the tall chap who has been on camera with Kal K. Korff in the past.

It's totally retarded that Kal K. Korff doesn't just sit down with his "staff" on a video and clarify things by having them identify who they are and what they do. Because he chooses not to do so and has so many different monikers supposedly messaging others in regards to various threats or challenges the natural conclusion is that it's all bullshit. Good work on identifying this Santa Clara California location as a sort of ground zero for Kal K. Korff's former life -- I had noticed the location being named on that rundown of the circle of people involved with the Kurtis K. Korff legal wrangling.

I also do recall someone pointing out that the name Ashkenazi is sort of an Israeli equivalent of Anderson or some other common last name, and that Kal K. Korff & his make believe staff have spelled it in different ways on various occasions. He's such a liar though that it's hard to keep track of where one lie ends and another one begins. That he also has no credibility clouds the issue further. The name just leapt out at me from that NY Times piece.

Only one truth seems to resonate time and time again regardless of the subject, that Kal K. Korff is such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Kal, I'm laughing at you. I'm laughing right in your face and I'm laughing hard. I am publicly laughing at you right now. I alugh at you every day.

I laugh over your continual failure to follow through on anything or deliver any a semblance of your ridiculous promises.

Prosecutions, lawsuits, arrests, books, videos, talk shows, products, investigations, nano technology, CEO and CIO announcements, and so on. Kal, you never deliver but keep us all well stocked with more laughs than you could imagine.

I laugh at all your professed accomplishments, each and every one. JFK, Colonel in the S3, genius level IQ, inventor of the hyperlink, building nukes as a kid, expert witness, computer expert, terror expert, and the like.

Thank you so very much, Kal, for the endless laughs your pathetic life brings to people daily. At least you can take some pride in knowing your bottomless bucket of bullshit is providing nonstop comic relief for those us trapped in reality.

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

"bottomless bucket of bullshit"


An alliterative analogy of an asshole.


Squonkamatic said...

Was just trying to sum up for others what it is about Kal K. Korff that disgusts me enough to stop what I am doing and invest time & energy into writing one of my Korffing diatribes, since after all that is exactly the kind of attention that Kal K. Korff craves in the first place. Part of it has to do with his trivializing what might be important issues/subjects/mysteries into or about the human condition as a way to aggrandize himself. I was thinking about that last night in reference to this Ashkenazi issue -- Without necessarily even meaning to, Kal K. Korff made the actions of this General Ashkenazi in the Israeli offensive against Hamas seem trivial just by having the same last name as Kal K. Korff's so-called adjuant Avimi (or "Avim" for short), depending upon how they choose to spell it on a given day.

But another aspect about Kal K. Korff's sociopathic approach is how he makes himself an expert on whatever subject may be at hand while at the same time denying others the stature of being an expert, or simply outright denying that "experts" on UFOs or Bigfoot or JFK are legitimate titles at all. For instance, Kal K. Korff is allowed to be an authority on Roswell but Major Kevin Randle is not, because there is no such thing as a UFO expert.

That in itself wouldn't be too egregious, but Kal K. Korff takes it to another level by asserting that not only is he a singular expert on a given subject, but that he solved the mystery at a ridiculously young age OR in a manner in which such an accomplishment wouldn't have otherwise been practical. Let's run through a few of these:

Not only did Kal K. Korff prove that there was only one assassin shooting at JFK, but he did so when he was eleven (11) years old, and immediately embarked on the lecture circuit to lecture others (re: adults) on his findings.

He doesn't just happen to have a grasp upon the mechanics needed to construct an atomic weapon, he actually constructed a working prototype when he was fourteen (14) years old and was sought out by the U.S. military in an advisory role afterwards, leading to his work on the S.D.I program. And, he has the science fair ribbon to prove it -- Convenient!

He didn't just prove that the Patterson film of Bigfoot was a hoax, he actually constructed an identical costume to the one used in staging it all on his own and without any apparent training or background in makeup effects.

He didn't just write a passable manuscript for a book that an actual publishing house decided to take a stab at, he received a 500 book contract worth $25,000,000 and is welcome to publish whatever he sees fit to put his name to.

He didn't just help Apple and Claris invent internet technologies, he came up with the idea for the hypertext link long before the invention of a web browser.

Kal K. Korff isn't just engaged on an independent research project into mankind's obsession with anomalistic mysteries, he's pursuing the subject for a PHD doctoral thesis even though he has no formal education beyond high school which can be documented.

He didn't just get a weekly spot on X-Zone radio with Rob McConnell where he's free to discuss whatever topics are of interest to him, he's X-Zone's European Bureau Chief and resident Counter-Terrorism/Bigfoot/UFO Fraud/JFK Expert.

He didn't just contribute to the prosecution of O.J. Simpson, he served as an expert witness who effectively discredited OJ's defense strategies and did so in a manner that cannot be verified independently, but is not to be questioned.

He hasn't just effortlessly developed Nanobot technologies, he has deployed them in both stings undermining the position of the Oregon police in regards to his brother's legal status as well as the war on terror in the operational field, and achieved results with them that dwarf whatever the conventional intelligence gathering resources may have been able to accomplish.

Kal K. Korff didn't just get an opportunity to encounter Scott Ritter in person, he showed Mr. Ritter and our entire intelligence gathering systems up by proving that Saddam Hussein had the very weapons of mass destruction that Ritter and countless others were unable to verify even after extensive time in Iraq doing on-site inspections. And Kal K. Korff has the pictures of his encounter with Scott Ritter secretly filmed from a camera hidden in a flower pot to prove it.

Kal K. Korff didn't just write an insightful essay into the dynamics of the September 11 attacks using information widely available via news agencies of the time, he became a counter-terrorism consultant to the one country on the planet with the longest working history of opposing militant Islamic fundamentalism, namely Israel. Not only that but he attained the rank of Colonel within their intelligence infrastructure as a reward or proof of his accomplishment, just like the science fair ribbon or lecture circuit gigs.

This is actually an important facet of Kal K. Korff's psychology that I at least had not considered before, the accomplishment - reward relationship. First he makes the accomplishment and then he gets a reward, and the public is expected to accept that reward as face value proof of the accomplishment. The absurd, ridiculous photo of him in his Super Duper Secret Special Super Secret Services clown costume isn't just a fanciful creation, it is PROOF! that Kal K. Korff is what he claims to be, and anyone who questions the proof is to be threatened with legal actions or otherwise harassed until they drop the subject.

The construct of Martina Tycova is another reward aspect. Not only did he relocate to Prague and establish himself with a devoted staff of followers and colleagues, but the most notable of them just happens to turn out to be a "former Czech supermodel honeytrap" who apparently lounges around Kal K. Korff's operational command center wearing revealing & provocative attire. There is even the suggestion that the two of them have (eww!) physically consumated the relationship to the extent of a bouncing baby boy who just happens to have been tested for a genius level IQ. The most that the rest of us could have hoped for was a bookish librarian type with ankles like a cow who knows how to type, Kal K. Korff by comparison scored a former supermodel who not only knows how to type but does so in a manner that exactly emulates Kal K. Korff's own unique form of prose.

Put another way, nothing that anyone on the face of the planet may have done with their droll, uneventful lives can top what Kal K. Korff has accomplished with little or no effort and without any seeming attributes in his background to warrant such an accomplishment. How did he come into contact with this former Czech supermodel? Just by being Kal K. Korff, though all of the former supermodels I have known would rather ride around on motorcycles with rock stars than help some schlub produce a reality TV series that exists only as ten minute YouTube videos. And the proof of Kal K. Korff's veracity in the matter is supposed to be that the videos exist at all.

Just like the science fair ribbon, the newspaper clippings praising his efforts, the flower pot picture, the S3 uniform portrait and the 500 book deal. That all of these proofs are absurd, ridiculous, and resist independent verification is not supposed to be an issue, right up to Kal K. Korff writing his own biographical informations at places like which apparently do not independently verify such information before publishing it -- Once again, how convenient!

Time and again, and regardless of subject matter, Kal K. Korff got their first, got their with less fuss or attention to the standard procedures, and received accolades for his non-effort that dwarf anything that those who went through the proper channels could ever hope to be rewarded with. That he often has to revise his own history to cover unexpected developments that might put his claim into question is of no consequence. Indeed, Kal K. Korff's history is an open document, a living breathing ever changing non-linear history which can be altered or amended as needed and regardless of whatever claims have been made in the past. Simply delete the previous entry and threaten the person who reminds him of it with a libel lawsuit, and presto, Kal K. Korff has literally made (or changed) history once again.

By such considerations, then, there is *NOTHING* beyond Kal K. Korff's abilities. There is no subject matter that he does not have an instant authoritative grasp of. There is no background requirements constraining his ability to claim accomplishments that even those having fulfilled those requirements may be capable of. And his rewards for these deeds go far beyond what anybody in their right mind involved with those fields of interest could ever hope to be able to boast of.

You don't see Scott Ritter running around bragging about having book deals or unlimited research budgets even though he actually did the on the ground research and advising of the world leaders who decided on the military interventions, and yet Ritter is wrong.

You don't see Major Kevin Randle boasting of giving lectures to adoring audiences, let alone going to the extent of posting a fake video of himself doing so, then trying to represent the fraud as something other than what he presented it as in the first place. And yet Randle is to be dismissed offhand.

You don't see Stanton Friedman trotting out a shapely young assistant in a tight sweater as some asinine, crass method to prop up his claims about MJ12 or saucer crashes. And yet Friedman is not to be believed.

Einstein's general theory of relativity was in part an effort to try an establish a universal constant against which all other forces of nature could be measured. Like other theoreticians before him, he had to labor on for years trying to find a formula which fit the described variables, and was probably profoundly frustrated by decades of not being able to make it all work, going through a constant process of trying new formulae out and rejecting them time and time again when they did not fit the facts as were established scientifically. You can't fudge relativity and you can't go back and re-write science to fit a given hypothesis. It's also up to others to rigorously test the standards of proof in a manner that can be independently verified: Science does not take one's word for it.

That Kal K. Korff tries to promote his achievements outside of any form of verification that can be regarded as legitimate is what makes him so incredibly annoying to anyone who understands what the scientific method is all about. And that he constantly re-invents himself as an after the fact instant expert of whatever subject strikes his fancy is an incredible disservice to those who actually have done the research, published the papers, submitted his findings for peer review and discarded those conclusions which have been found to be invalid.

Not Kal K. Korff. He is an infallible, all-knowing, inexhaustible well of knowledge & accomplishment. OR, a bottomless bucket of bullshit. It just depends on your point of view, and that's not good enough for science, or our pursuit of a universal standard of truth. Kal K. Korff would instead argue that there should be no standard of truth applied to his efforts, that it should all be taken in faith based upon his and only his pronouncements without any further verification, and that if we publicly disagree with him we are guilty of actionable libel or slander.

He is, for lack of a better way to put it, a disgrace to the pursuit of knowledge, routinely trivializing otherwise important issues or questions, and using character assassination, circumvention of ethics, or vague, idle threats to try silence voices of opposition who dare to question his credentials, background, and qualifications, rather than engaging in a meaningful debate. It is not useful, amounts to no contributions beyond his own self promotion, and distracts the various discussion communities from pursuing these subjects to any conclusive finality. Kal K. Korff is a detriment to any kind of pursuit of the truth and whatever subjects he becomes involved in are sullied by the guilt of his association with them, and regardless of how worthwhile pursuing them may be.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Steve. Amen.

Anonymous said...

a blistering and astonishing to the point piece about Kal Korff. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it Steven! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Now that deadbeat Kal Korff is claiming to know that NASA is going to announce they've found life on Mars. Uh, Kal, you're behind all the media that announced this hours ago in the UK.

In fact, I'm sure you swiped this story, ran with it as your own and played it out on the X Zone with the dim hope people would be stupid enough to buy that you somehow have some sort of connections in NASA, which I know you don't.

Once again Kal Korff tries to pull a fast one on the public and gets CAUGHT! Shame on you, Kal, same on you.

Anonymous said...

Steve - a superb character analysis! I agree with you wholeheartedly on all counts.
I could go into further detail on at least some of them, but that may be a little too extensive for the purpose of this blog.
However, I just might take the liberty to expouse on one item...
His little Ms. Martina Tycova is not and never was a 'supermodel' of any sort. For the record, I have checked with every modelling agency, every related publication in the entire Czech Republic and every personnel directory related thereto. Absolutely nowhere does her name show up.
But I will state this, and I hereby challenge Mr. Kal K. Korff to prove otherwise -
Kal himself said that he met her one night in a beer joint shortly after he went in and sat at the only table available and she shortly thereafter walked over and made her acquaintance. According to Kal, 'they soon hit it off' and became 'became close friends').
Of course they told each other how important each was, he a Captain in the SSS, etc., and she a supermodel. He found an easy lover and she found a 'sugar daddy'.
I could go on and on, but I think we all are getting the picture on Mr. Korff by now.


Anonymous said...


From website:
Date: 1/15/2009

" has CONFIRMED that NASA will announce at a press conference today, that evidence for life existing on Mars has been found.
I am pleased to give Rob McConnell and his 'X'Zone Nation and fans this scoop..."

From NASA website:
Date 1/12/2009 (note the date!)

"WASHINGTON - NASA will hold a science update at 2 p.m., Thursday, Jan 15, to discuss analysis of the Martian atmosphere that raises the possibility of life or geologic activity."

Same old tactic of Kal's. Latch on to something and then take credit for it.

Anonymous said...

While looking over Korff's "sites", I can confirm that Korff has "already" appeared on the X-Zone....????? WTF?

>>> Update: By special invitation of Rob McConnell, Creator and Host of the 'X' Zone Radio Show, Kal Korff just announced on The 'X' Zone Radio Show, what NASA will be revealing later today at a press conference. <<<

Korff, or his girlfriend, wrote this on:

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 15 January 2009 06:59 (PM or AM, doesn't matter)

Rob calls out Korff as being on his how at:

FRIDAY JAN 16 2009 / SATURDAY JAN 17 2009
01A-02A KAL KORFF - Kal's Korner LIVE from Prague

As I write this, it's 10:55 AM on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2008.

It's 7:55 PM on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2008 in Korffland.

Korff is lying, once again. Not only about busting the story before anyone one else, but, sadly, that he's already appeared on the X-Zone to tell his listeners.

Lastly, Korff now has one (1) web site. I typed in any and all of the Korff URL's I could find and he is now forwarding all of those known URL's to his mother site:

As I said before, it may take some time but if all work together, we can bring to light, to the world, just what a tampon Kal Korff is.

On the march towards a Korffless world,

Capt. Tampon

Anonymous said...

So, before I go off and do creative things, I thought I would surf around Korff's only current web site.

I looked over all of the nearly 50 menus and sub menus, and in a couple of cases; sub, sub, sub, menus.

The site is pretty much dead people. There's really nothing up there but what is on the front page.

I also noted that on there is very little news feeds being forced through the site. His had many news feeds "forced through his site" (I suppose Kal thinks poeople will us his site for all their news needs).

In case you've wondered why it took so long to load that site. takes a while as well.

In any case, like Kal's life, his web site is empty, a fa├žade for him to scream from, mouthing super duper important things that are, seemingly important, until you open the door and go inside the house (his head and website) and there’s nothing there.

Smoke and mirrors, indeed.


Capt. Tampon

Kal sucks it said...

Regarding this whole complaint bit against Royce Meyers that Kal has announced. It is just more of Kal LYING. I got this info STRAIGHT from the horse's mouth and here are a few quotes...................

"There is no validity to whatever craven fairy tale Korff is babbling about now."

"Really, if Korff is going to keep lying at least he might try to present something resembling some sort of factual basis to lend even a speck of credibility to his pathetically desperate lies."

"Everything, and I mean everything, every scrap of what Korff has posted about me regarding this nonexistent complaint and position is an outright lie."

"Frankly, the guy is talking out of his ass, as usual, probably praying for anyone to give him a smattering of the attention he maniacally seeks."

"Korff, fueled by what I can only describe as a crazed obsession with myself and a few others, has been blathering on about the same nonsense for a few years now. Korff's malicious methods are uncannily much the same as those of that nut Erik Beckjord...the only difference between the two is one believed in Bigfoot."

"Your time would be better spent pissing directly into a heavy wind than giving anything Korff says an iota of credibility."

There you have it. Kal CAUGHT LYING AGAIN and not NOT DELIVERING on yet another promise.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a coward and a liar who is afraid to confront reality so he has to turn to making up lies. I suppose it is OK considering the real world left Kal behind a long time ago since he couldn't keep up. Kal is a sad and pathetic waste.

Anonymous said...

LOL Korff is calling us "a bunch of wankers" on his website. Mr English teacher, CEO, CIO, Colonel S3, XZone European Burochief, sure has a potty mouth.

Squonkamatic said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I think it was the image of Kal K. Korff wearing a t-shirt of the "Revolver" album by the Beatles that set me off. How dare he associate himself with John Lennon, who is another one of those symbols of basic universal truth that Kal K. Korff is a living breathing violation of.

So now Kal K. Korff is trivializing the findings of microbial life on Mars by making the story really about himself and how he was the person to break it. Maybe he was the first person to break it to the 144 people who visit his websites every month and regard him as some sort of pipeline to knowledge. Kal K. Korff even trivializes their desire to learn more about our place in the cosmos by turning their attention to him into a mere statistic by which he can give himself propz.

Thanks also for that touching romantic story of how Kal K. Korff first met Martina Tycova, if that's even her real name. I think she realized she was being used and not seeing anything in return for it anymore ("Hey baby, stick with me and we'll get you your big break, since I'm a global media power player who has a 500 book deal and am an intelligence agent who used to work at Lawrence Livermore Labs and bla bla bla ...") told him to fuck off, took her digital camera back and that's why we aren't seeing any more YouTube videos.

Anonymous said...

Look out! More threats against Randle and Myers! LOL!! Is this all the "great" Kal Korff can cook up? LOL!! I guess Kal will never learn that everyone sees right through his bullshit. And where is Martina? I agree with others here that Martina finally figured out Kal was a bloated gas bag and she decided to do the smart thing and dump his dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

A bit of information on some of Kal's website registrations: -
Updated 1/13/09 - owned by proxy -
Updated 12/2/08 - owned by proxy -
Updated 1/13/09 - owned by proxy -
Updated 1/13/09 - Owned by Kal Korff* -
Updated 1/13/09 - owned by Kal Korff* -
Updated 1/13/09 - owned by Martina Tychova*

*Same resident address listed.

They all either re-direct to one site or can't be accessed.

His main site registration says
'technical contact',, which re-directs to Yahoo's home site!

What a dumbo!


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find some of Kal's weaknesses in order to get 'under his skin' and get some reaction from him.
I think that his 'Achilles heel' is the fact that he hates to be shunned and ignored. Notice how he is desperately trying to get Royce Meyers III to react to his blistering attacks and threats. Royce is blithely ignoring him and Kal just can't stand it!
Score so far - Royce 1, Kal 0.

Anonymous said...

Expect Royce to NEVER respond in anyway, unless.... Kal makes a very stupid mistake, which I'm sure Royce would then act on.

Your move Kal... make your meaningful move and stop with the lies, they ain't working on Royce.

Capt. Tampon

Anonymous said...

So funny!

It's so obvious that Kal watches this blog. Capt. Tampon just mentioned that Kal's single web site is empty, except for the opening page and bingo, Kal's single page web site gets an update.


>>>> UFO WatchCat announced that its Web site,, receives MORE 'hits' or Internet traffic and visitors IN A SINGLE DAY, THAN ROYCE MYERS III' UFO "Watchdog" Web site does in a WHOLE MONTH! <<<<

WHT! Let me get this straight, the ufowatchcat site forwards to, so there really is no website.

But the URL still manages to beat out a site which has been dormant for over a year.

Way to Kal and Kal's wanna be girlfriend. You beat out an archived website with a non existent website.

Your KKK father would be proud Kal. The master race indeed.

Anonymous said...

And another thing...

The KKK tells the world that he has a Radio Program?

>>> Kal's Korner Radio Tonight on the 'X' Zone RadioTV Show with Rob McConnell <<<

Other than The KKK showing up on on The X-Zone, from time to time, where else can this Kal's Korner Radio "broadcast" be found? No where.

The KKK would like to give the uninformed the idea that this “broadcast” is heard somewhere else than on the X-Zone.

A quick web search and we do find some “video” presentations of this “radio show” but really, this isn’t his radio show, it’s The KKK, appearing on the X-Zone.

Just another example of The KKK attempting to bend the reality of the situation to favor his ego and his seemingly endless entitlement to an ever changing public persona.

The KKK; you have no reality TV show (it’s an internet based, youtube video channel).
The KKK; you have no radio program.
The KKK; you have no 500 book deal.
The KKK; you have no girlfriend.
The KKK; you have no son.
The KKK; you have no education beyond high school.
The KKK; you have no bending law suits against anyone.

The KKK is THE lowest common denomenator.

Anonymous said...

KKK now proudly states he is getting more hits on his website than UFO Watchdog. Earth to KKK! The website has been defunct for a few years now! Hello?! Anyone home??? And what exactly does that prove other than KKK's website is getting more hits than a website that stopped being updated a few years ago? It only proves just how desperate KKK is! Does UFO Watchdog really mean that much to you KKK? Are that infatuated with UFO Watchdog? Maybe KKK is hoping to score some love? Can anyone say internet stalking? KKK is a fucking freak.

Anonymous said...

It was probably that Eric Beckjord reference Royce made. That is if that message posted is genuine. I could see Eric and Kal hitting it off as fellow nuts. lol Eric is probably Kal's real father! lol

The single thing that Eric has over Kal is that at least Eric has a masters degree from college! lol

So when is the Korff-Horn wedding taking place? lol

Anonymous said...

Here's what a friend sent me. He told me all he did was use an alternate e-mail to register on to KKK site:


You have been reported to Google, along with your IP address and physical address. If you harrass us again, we WILL notify the police.

Your account will most likely be deactivated shortly by Google next week, and you are blocked from signing in to several web sites.

Congratulations! We know WHO you are and will publicly identify you later AFTER we speak to your employer and other parties.

So there you have it.

I think we should have everyone sign up for e-mail address using yahoo, google, hotmail, etc., and then register onto KKK's site.

Might as well make him waste some of his time sending out these silly responses.

Ha, ha, ha. ha!

Fuck off KKK! :-)

Capt. Tampon

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the "exclusive" content on KKK's site and I received an activation link from this address:

What is this shit about? This is the website for Connecticut Technology Council. KKK is impersonating being a representative of Isn't that fraud?

KKK is a lowly piece of shit. Who am I kidding? KKK deosn't even rate as being a molecule on a lump shit.

Anonymous said... is KKK short for Critical

Just wait, you'll get that message my buddy got if you got funny with the reg info. My buddy used something like, lawsuitkalkorff@...., or something like that?

Please, everyone start signing up and please, do get cheeky with the reg info, so Kal knows it's not from a supporter. And then to, will get your very own KKK threat! :-)

Anonymous said...

This morning watching the latest drivel on Korff's site was a good reminder of how completely apeshit the man really is. Geesh. Now he's after Kimball again, Stanton Friedman and I also saw he's probably aiming for Wendy Conners in the future. This sack of shit named Korff is going after everyone in ufology. Think it's time to hammer the little man down.

Anonymous said...

Nobody takes a single word that wacko psychopath Kal Korff spews. Kal is the biggest joke n the face of the planet and a liar unparalleled. No matter what anyone does or says that cooky fuck rag Kal Korff will keep on with his crazy ass bullshit about suing people and getting complaints "officially" filed and the rest of the stupid ass bullshit Kal is has been infamous for pulling for years and years. That ass licking cracker Kal is all talk all the time. the short fat little fuck probably talks about this crap in his sleep. When has anyone ever seen Kal do anything except talk and talk and talk and talk? The short little man is a gigantic bag of wind and always has been. Kal, please get back on your psychiatric medication some time soon you crazy bastard! heh-heh

Anonymous said...

Korff is a bloated mouth piece set to repeat.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that Kal has since removed his pathetic challenge offering to sell nanoparts? What's wrong Kal? Did the FTC tell you to cease and desist?

Anonymous said...

A hate crime? For using an e-mail address with KKK name in it?

Can somebody cue us in on what KKK means in his new rant on his web site?

I don't understand?

Anonymous said...

It means that Kal doesn't know a thing about the law, internet or otherwise.
I'm sure the police will be knocking at my door soon after Kal hears I've named my ugly short-legged fat little dog after him!

Anonymous said...

In Kal's little world everyone bows before him and he is always right. Whatever. And everyone sees right through Kal's transparent attempts to somehow tie Ranle, Meyers, and Kimball into this ufo nut nonsense. Kal would have made a good little Nazi with his drab propaganda and ridiculous character assassination. I hope someone sues the fuck out of Kal and drags him through court to show him what a real lawsuit is! Kal is just a cowering piece of shit who knows his life has no real meaning and that no one takes him serious and that he willnever be what he dreamed of being. Now all Kal can do is focus his hate and rage and lies on other people since he has nothing better to do with his lost little life. Kal Korff is a coward, a gutless spineless piece of human waste robbing rats of oxygen. Give the little parasitical roach no attention. Pay no mind to his rambles and bullshit. Kal is a joke and should be treated as such with endless laughter. The world is laughing at the mighty Kal Korff. Ha Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the lead on Kal's latest rant on his website, I checked into this Steven Christopher guy. If you want to see someone who reminds you af Kal, go to YouTube and see some of his 64 entries under the heading of StevieThePlayboy.
Wow! What a whacko!
(He is now is FBI custody for those).
Also, and even better, is his website:

Caution! You may be shocked.


Anonymous said...

I see Kal is back in full swing crazy mode trying to get the usual people to react. Someone might explain to Kal that doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result is what crazy people do. But the ever so intelligent Kal seems to have not been able to figure this out.lazorne

Anonymous said...

Ask Kal Korff what his nickname was in school. Some people should spare their kids the humiliation of life by not having them.

Squonkamatic said...

I am wondering when Kal K. Korff will bring up how the time he spent working as an advisor to either U.S. Airways or Airbus on emergency ditching procedures and crew safety awareness played a vital role in the miracle of that jet landing on the Hudson. In his own words as reprinted on UFOWatchdog, "... that's sounds like something Korff would be involved in ..."

Funny seeing Kal K. Korff getting all riled up about potential users of his website's exclusive content services using PHONY IDENTITY CONTACT INFORMATION, kind of like the dozen or so that he has been documented to be using since I started following this guy's trail of slime. He's free to invent any identity he wants to harass, threaten, stalk, annoy, and make a fool out of himself to, but as is usual with a bully & a liar goes ballistic when anybody dare do it back in his face. He's such a pathetic, worthless slob.

Good to see that we're building a consensus here about why we haven't heard or seen much of Martina Tycova since, what, mid May of 2008? Girls have notoriously short fuses when it comes to some schlub shining them on about doing things with them, or helping them with things that might be important to them.

Anonymous said...

"To give you a real example, when I criticize Major Kevin Randle for LYING when he says that the FBI goes around and "threatens to kill Roswell eyewitnesses," I am NOT "attacking" Major Randle PERSONALLY."

Korff's warped logic plainly showing.

Anonymous said...

Look out! Kal is off his medication again and going to town on his website! Ha ha ha! Amazing that all of these complaints and legal actions are all coming down in the same week! Ha ha ha! No one believes this shit but you Kal.

Anonymous said...

It's sooooo obvious. Krazy Kal reads this blog and responds to this blog.

The more that is posted here, the more he rants on his site.

F1's blog is up for one reason only, and F1 states just what that reason is.

Just like Sean David Morton, you'll be expected to confirm your lies, in court, and under oath. SDM couldn't do it, I'd wager that you can't either.

Come on KKK. Take the bait.

Anonymous said...

Kal can claim all he wants that none of this is personal but we all know it is exactly that. It is personal. If Kal was as factually based as he claims he would never try to tie the people he targets to these ridiculous things.

An example of this would be the latest where the ufo nutball gets arrested and Kal spitefully tries to tie Randle, Beidney, Myers, Kimball and everyone else he hates to it in a poorly orchestrated attempt to smear them.

Were Kal sincerely and honestly only sticking to the facts, he would never try to drag what people do for a living into any of his lame rantings. What does someone's employment have anything to do with their beliefs or opinions? It has nothing to do with it, yet Kal tries to force his totalitarian judgment on others.

Kal says people are entitled to their opinions and own thoughts, but they clearly are not when Kal tries to push his agenda and force his ways on others.

Kal, you might want to look up a word called congruency, because what you say and do are not congruent on any level.

Take the lives of the people Kal targets and put 1% of any of their accomplishments on a scale. Now take all of Kal's actual accomplishments, not what Kal claims, and put them on the other scale. The weight from the 1% would so far outweigh Kal's "accomplishments" that it'd launch Kal's scale into orbit.

Kal is a low life, mentally warped, slime ball, spineless, spiteful, hate monger stewing in his own jealousy over the lives of the people he tries to harass and slander. Kal lives vicariously through others and by means of his own fantasies because he knows he can never be what he dreams.

What might that be? Someone with a life, a purpose, a focus, and a meaningful existence with friends and family who care about whether he lives or dies.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Kal claims it's not personal when he accuses someone of lying yet the other way around when he receives criticism Korff goes ballestic and claims its libel and slander. How hypocrite can you get Kal?
Those are some poor double standards Kal and everyone here saw through your facade years ago. When we call you an idiot Kal, do you take it personally? Sure you do. So don't be a cry-baby. You reep what you sow.

Anonymous said...


I feel like I have made the big time now that I have earned a spot on Kal's shitty website.

f1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

waiting for the cops rofl

Squonkamatic said...

Oh you totally know he reads this stuff every day! Which is one of the reasons I enjoy leaving a few thoughts whenever I get the chance -- By the way, how's that PhD thesis coming along, professor? Done with your research yet?

If it's on the internet it must be true, and that's another brilliant essay above on why Kal K. Korff sucks. Keep them coming and don't be afraid to tell the world what you really think.

Anonymous said...

stop the presses!!!!!

Look at what I found:

# (43) Kal-Ysroel Korff 11/18/2008 2:52:00 PM

God Bless Rabbi Lau

As a person who converted to Judaism, having found out I was related to Rabbi Baruch Korff and that my ancestors were rabbis going back some 900 years, having relocated to the Czech Republic following my "inner" feelings which led me smack into Judaism and relatives who died in the war, I am very moved and humbled to see this video. I firmly believe that God protected this great man so that YES, the great traditions of serving in peace and for the improvement of humanity could continue. Today, we need it now more than ever, as this world seems headed toward oblivion, not because this is the natural course of things, but because HUMANS are insistent on destroying one another, just like the Prophets told us thousands of years ago. My prayers are with you Rabbi Lau, may G-d continue to bless you and watch over you and the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

From the website:

scroll down to message #43...ROFL oh Kal you cant hide your stupidity from us

lol at Kal's claims

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Kal's impeccable command of the English language?
To quote verbatim:

"We will publish VERY SHORTLY EVERY SINGLE HARRASSING EMAIL email 'F1 Racer' has sent during this past year, (that will be all of them, literally),...

'HARRASSING'? - misspelled
'EMAIL email'? - duplicate noun
'all of them' - redundant
'literally'? - double redundant

The Editor

Jimmy D said...

I loathe you, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Put this at the end:


Anonymous said...

So Kal claims to be related to Rabbi Baruch Korff. Perhaps he should think again about boasting about it.
Baruch Korff:
Active member of the 'Stern Gang', aka LEHI Group, a split off from the original 'Irgun Zvai Leumi' a right-wing underground movement and terrorist organization in Europe, responsible for a number of assassinations.
Was involved in the 'Exodus' incident and arrested by the French.
In 1941, the Stern Gang's NMO (National Military Organization) in Palestine proposed this:
'The NMO...offers to actively take part in the war on Germany's side'.
Baruch Korff at that time was a young 27-yr. old.
All of the above is well documented.

In his later years, Mr. Korff was often called 'zany', looney' and other similar un-flattering terms.

Are you proud now Kal?


Squonkamatic said...

It has been shown that paranoid tendencies are often hereditary. I've been wondering how long it would take before Kal K. Korff boasted of how his work for Airbus and/or U.S. Airways as an advisor or consultant on emergency ditching procedures and crew safety training had played a significant role in the miracle landing on the Hudson River last week. In his own words from the UFO Watchdog website, "... that sounds like the kind of thing Korff would be involved in ..."

Kal K. Korff's qualifications, achievements, connections, accomplishments, accolades and honors really know no boundaries. If he puts his mind to it he can very well have achieved anything or at least can take credit for the majority of advances in human civilization since the late 1970s, probably even earlier. Which leads me to an idea that occurred to me after I wrote my above lengthy diatribe, which is when has anyone EVER heard Kal K. Korff ever admit that he doesn't have experience, accomplishments or a fundamental grasp of any sort of subject matter? When has he ever admitted that he has no idea about a given subject or no background or celebrated connection to whatever topic he may be discussing?

It could simply be that he only brings up material he's familiar with, but this conversion to Judaism and convenient familial connection to a celebrated Jewish folk hero is once again another example of how Kal K. Korff is either an inexhaustible well of human accomplishment, or a bottomless bucket of bullshit. There's no end to this either, and the last few weeks have proven to me at any rate that even without his YouTube video anarchy, Kal K. Korff is one of the most entertaining features on the internet and there's tons of laughs yet to come. Keep up the good work, professor!

Anonymous said...

Kal, if you have such high standards and are seeking ti expose UFO nuts, why then are you not going after your "good friend" Brad Sparks for his support of the Roswell UFO case? Brad is an outspoken proponent of the case and has publicly blasted the Mogul balloon theory as being ridiculous.

Kal "Mr.Double Standards" Korff strikes again! You have only a set of standards that change when it suits the situation for you, Kal. You're a coward, a hypocrite, and an outright hater, Kal. Yes, that is right! You are a hater, Kal, and you provide us with plenty of evidence of such through your hate filled internet writings and your vindictive targeting of people you try to slander and harm.

If you want to see hate Kal, perhaps you should take a second and look in a mirror. Apparently your family has a history of hate and racism. KKK? Ring any bells, Mr.Hater?

Anonymous said...

Dear World,

As we promised you, we have been working with various authorities and parties since last year, to document the illegal behavior, threats, harassment, criminal stalking, and other acts of hatred and intolerance and anti-Semitism of the individual who goes by the screen name of 'F1 Racer' on the Internet.

F1 Racer hangs out at YouTube, when he isn't busy posting material of a hate-filled nature on forums dedicated to hate and intolerance, where he has his own channel — for now. Feel free to browse it before YouTube removes it, his Avatar image appears below on this Web site on the lower left hand side, in the module section titled 'F 1 Racer Stalker Prosecution'

Sometime this week, we will report BACK to you when we ourselves know, but we have been told, and UFO WatchCat has CONFIRMED, that Mr. 'F1 Racer' is being officially registered now, as an anti-Semite with Israeli officials.

We will publish THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION when we receive our copies.

Practicing anti-Semitism, is AGAINST THE LAWS in the civilized world, — whereas it is the STATUS QUO in the Arab world.

Once 'F1 Racer' is officially registered and classified as an anti-Semite by the Israelis, the ability to now prosecute him with extra penalties befitting of a racist, intolerant, law-breaking stalker who desires to harm AT LEAST one Jew, should now get easier, — whatever penalties he may receive if successfully prosecuted for his various crimes, will likely now be greater.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2009 05:15

Anonymous said...

YouTube Asks For and Receives ALL of 'F1 Racers' Threats, 50+ Stalking EMails,

This Week News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff with UFO WatchCat staff: on the road.

Monday, 19 January 2009 01:58


As part of the campaign to work with appropriate entities and authorities to help prosecute the individual who uses the name of 'F1 Racer' on the Internet, YouTube is now receiving copies of EVERY STALKING EMAIL AND THREAT that this individual has sent to Kal Korff, unsolicited and unwanted.

YouTube is also being sent copies of the official police complaints and other documentation.

After discussions with YouTube, they have ALREADY indicated that they will now CLOSE his channel for "gross violations" of their Terms Of Service.

YouTube has apologized, which is NOT necessary — they are NOT responsible for the behavior of creatures such as 'F1 Racer' and will act after we next contact them, since this is being done PUBLICLY, as it SHOULD BE.


We will PUBLISH the formal documents concerning 'F1 Racer' and YouTube in the near future, when it is the most logical time to do so.

Anonymous said...

Those articles from Kal's website are a laugh riot! So Kal is a guy who is having an ongoing identity crisis eh?

First Kal is a "christian" and now he is "jewish". Kal is a "computer engineer" (we all know he was only doing software technical support over the phone now) and next a "terrorism expert".

But let's get back to these articles and the CAPS Kal seems to not be able to get away from no matter what he is writing.

Just look at the content. Kal's writing is full of hatred . Kal calling someone else a stalker? Now this is a laugh. Just go look back through any of Kal's website rants and raves about the same people Kal is on about.

Kal has actively harassed and stalked Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball, royce Myers, David Biedny, and a slue of other people.

If you had a disagreement with someone over UFOs or bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, whatever, why would you ever try to do sully their profession especially when their UFO or Bigfoot stuff has nothing to do with their jobs?

I'll tell you why. It is because Kal K. Korff is a venomous, jealous, underhanded walking short stack of hate and self loathing.

Nothing personal? It is all personal to Kal. Every last bit of it.

Anonymous said...


Kal managed to get all the required court documents and evidence and whatnot in the span of 48 hours over a weekend. And You Tibe REALLY wants to see emails that have nothing to do with it


Kal you slime, Im still here, you cant do shit. Go "teach" some more underage girls

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Update about that "Rabbi Lau" website....

They removed Korff's comment.


Anonymous said...


Does this mean Kal has been kicked out of Judaism?

F1 Racer

Brad Hudson said...

Francis, you're my hero!! *L*

Hmm, just checked YouTube, and shockingly your channel seems to be "officially" still there. "Legally", too.

And since you're now "listed with the State of Israel" as an anti-semite, I wonder when they'll get around to adding Kal's dad to that list...

Still awaiting to be sued by Korff,

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas.
phone 972-560-6400

(Now you have no excuse not to call my employer, Kal. The top dog is at extension 6465. I'd suggest reporting me)

Brad Hudson said...


I love the fact that the Heroes of Israel saw through Kal's bullshit!!

What a turd he is, and how great that the Heroes saw straight through his phony facade...

Interestingly, I heard an NPR piece sometime back that Jewish culture is very big in Prague (pop singers doing songs from Fiddler on the Roof in clubs, Jewish foods for sale all over, etc). Seems as if our pal Kal has never met a trend he didn't try to use to his advantage...

Anonymous said...

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Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Well I just verified one thing. Kal DOES read this blog. My little reference to Rabbi Baruch Korff took him less than 24 hours to remove that comment #43 in reference thereto.
It's an old trick Kal. It's called 'bait and hook'.


Squonkamatic said...




Just happened to look at the Secret X Wars YouTube channel to see whether Francis had indeed been banished (no) and noticed that Kal K. Korff's age as listed on his YouTube channel has now changed from 36 to 37.

It's still total bullshit, more like he's now 47 instead of 46, but we still wish Kal K. Korff all the best as he creeps steadily and steadily towards the age of 50, at which point he will officially be an old man.

And not to rain on his little parade of paranoia, but how do you "officially" register someone as an anti semite? Not to poke fun at anti semitism -- bigotry of any kind should never be tolerated; around here we don't make fun of people's genes, we ridicule their behavior -- but I doubt that the Israeli government has a program by which you can rat someone out for having a particular opinion. It's just another example of how Kal K. Korff is such a fucking idiot that he thinks people will actually believe that the Israeli government gives a flying shit what anybody thinks about them. One of the things that I admire about them is that they don't.

I also doubt that Francis is actually anti-semetic, he just can't stand Kal K. Korff. And quite frankly, who can blame him? I bet even the Israelis would be tired of the big fat fuck by now if he had really been contacting them about anything. But since this is just another lie by a person with a tenuous grasp on reality all we can do is laugh, and wonder why YouTube would give a fuck as well. The fucking computar expart is also apparently unaware that he can BLOCK a user from posting comments to his channel or messaging him. As for off-site activity though, they don't care.

And neither does anybody else. Happy birthday, professor. There's plenty more of us waiting our turn when you're done with Francis.

Squonkamatic said...

If we look to Francis' amusing blog we see that in 1994 the San Jose Mercury News referred to Kal K. Korff as a "31 year old college dropout". Add fifteen years to bring us up to 2009 and presto, what we have is a 47 year old guy living off his mom's charity while he parties it up in Prague where he can pretend to be a journalist with ties to Israeli Intelligence who's the host & producer of a reality TV show that has developed Nanobots. No wonder Martina Tycova told Kal K. Korff to get lost. He's a creepy old man with delusions of grandeur who has a real hard time with telling the truth or even just sticking with one story. 900 years of rabbis my ass. Where were YOU in the 12th century?

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, Kal, you amuse me so..

Here's what I found in my YouTube inbox:

Dear Mr. Coach,

We hope you are doing well, and you have our permission to publish this letter.

It amazes us HOW you "psychically know" what we are doing.

Of course, you don't.

You only claim you do, which is distinctly different.

Is it also not true, and in this specific case it is a lie.

This lie of yours is deliberate, it is not accidental.

WHAT motivates you to lie, is your concern, not ours, and notice that unlike yourself, we do not try to "think" nor profess to know your thoughts nor feelings.

Here's reality for you: you are NOT "that important" compared to other activities now taking place. While you may not wish to "hear" this, it is not our problem. We are only telling you facts, there is no emotion behind this fact. We simply have more important things to do at the moment, especially this week.

If and when the time is right, as with everything, we deal with everything in time if it is possible, or not, depending on what we hope is ultimately logical and wish to achieve.

Gee, this makes us so "vile" and "evil" — right?


I like how his letters now come from "CT.ORG". I guess he knew we busted him on Avim being a phantom, and Martina has no doubt left him, so now everything comes from the official sounding

Hey, Kal, when ARE you going to sue me? Here, try this: "Kal Korff is a known Nazi operating in Prague. I have personal knowledge of his Nazi activities in his pursuit of a Fourth Reich".

Now that's libel, bitch!

Dying to be sued,

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972-560-6400

Get off your fat ass and DO SOMETHING, Kal!!