Monday, January 19, 2009

Kal Korff and his Internet terrorism

Hater. Internet terrorist. Stalker. Libelist. Slanderer. Coward. Those are just a fw of the less colorful words used to describe Kal K. Korff and his Internet website bashing of people. While Kal will say it all day long that noneof this is personal on any level it most certainly and clearly is personal.

The tones and threats and ALL BIG CAPITAL LETTERS would lead anyone who would be considered a reasonable person to believe that Kal is full of hatred and is waging a personal Internet website war against those he hates. Go ahead and take a look at the latest tangents Kal has gone off on all the while mixing in music videos as if he is trying to send some sort of childish message to the people who rightfully criticize the moronic threats Kal dishes out.

Now Kal is on about Internet user F1 racer who has stood straight up to Kal and has publicly challenged Kal numerous times each time with Kal FAILING to meet the challenge. While Kal can keep saying he willmeet with anyone at anytime to discuss these subjects Kal has proven that he is a LYING COWARD who refused to meet with F1 racer or anyone esle when presented the opportunity to do so! Kal dodged the debate with Kevin Randle when an offer was on the table to have Kal flown in to the states for a face to face debate with Kevin Randle.

Kal is no better than the real terrorists he claims to fight. Kal's blatant use of all these false claims and threats of prosecutions and getting people put on bigot lists is pure nonsense. Speaking of bigotry the following was allegedly found at a website and was allegedly posted by Kal K. Korff himself "Jews are responsible for the problems of the world. There has never been such a leacherous group of people as them"

So who is the real bigot here now? If Kal did write this we now know who the true bigot would be. This is the exact same Kal K. Korff who actually had the balls to describe himself as a "hero" and a "leader" of the Jewish community! Ten years ago Kal is a Christian claiming he has real life evidence of the Exodus and now suddenly he is a Jewish convert? I have friends of mine who are practicing Jews and when I show them this stuff Kal prints on the Internet my friends tell me that no true practicing Jewish person would ever write this sort of defamatory garbage about people.

Someone pointed out that Kal enjoys getting on popular bandwagons and there is a pattern here that would completely support this notion of Kal's trend hopping for his own benefit. How in the world can a man who is nearing the age of fifty act so depraved and juvenile? Yes! Kal is just shy three years of being FIFTY YEARS OLD!! No real adult or person who is really seeking truths acts like this.

kal Korff is a terrorist who thinks his empty threats and slandering people will prevent anyone from exposing him. You are WRONG Kal! You've been exposed as a LIAR and PRETENDER and COWARD! Everyone sees right through your charades Kal. Everyone!


Anonymous said...

You're washed up Kal. Done. You had your shot at life. Go away. Is that asshole Korff really almost 50?????? What a waste of a life.

Squonkamatic said...

Yes, the stated age on his YouTube channel profile changed over the weekend from 36 to 37 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PROFESSOR!) and since he has been cited in the newspaper clippings from the San Jose Mercury News that Kal K. Korff himself has used to try and give himself propz as having been, and I do quote, " ... a 31 year old college dropout ..." in 1994.

- 31
1963. That is of course presuming that he didn't lie to the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News in 1994.

1963 was 46 years ago, but since Kal K. Korff apparently lied to YouTube when setting up his channel about the year he was born -- which until yesterday said he was 36 -- it is safe to presume that he was knocking ten years off his actual age, probably in a vain attempt to make himself less repulsive to Martina Tycova by saying he was 36 instead of 37.

So it's safe to conclude that he's actually 47 instead of 37 as stated on his YouTube channel, a deceptive bit of statistical information that could probably result in a suspension or termination of that account for fraudulent personal information if anybody feels like pressing the matter, though they would probably want something to prove that Kal K. Korff lied about how old he really is besides a newspaper clipping from the San Jose Mercury News. Which, coincidentally, would be a working proof that newspaper clippings which cannot be seen don't amount to jack shit when it comes to needing verifiable information that a 3rd party can check for veracity. We could just be making all this up, just in the way that Kal K. Korff could be making various details of his life up. The knife cuts both ways, professor.

Squonkamatic said...

Made a mistake in my above comment;

... it is safe to presume that he was knocking ten years off his actual age, probably in a vain attempt to make himself less repulsive to Martina Tycova by saying he was 36 instead of 37.

That should have read 36 instead of 46. Or however old he said he was when they first encountered each other. I.e. if they met in 2004 he would have said he was 32 instead of 42, and has maintained that falsehood on his YouTube channel in case Martina ever bothers to look at the videos she has supposedly been producing.

Anonymous said...

And still, we go to your site, Kal, and we see;

Videos, and news feeds, available to everyone and to anyone.
And we find accusations slander and promises unfulfilled.

Promises of you and your team doing things on your own time table, when it best suits you…. And yet!

You’re able to follow through with “documented” declarations against people; using web sites like Google, and organizations like the FBI, on the weekends (?, truly amazing that they would open their doors to you, the Great KKK on their days off,?) and statements like “I broke the life on Mars news on the X-Zone, before anyone else), two days before you even appeared on the X-Zone, and 3 days after it was announced on NASA’s own site.

And yet we wait, and wait, and wait, for some REAL action, truly any REAL and DOCUMENTED action, out of our 47 year old wanna be savior.

Kal, Mr. Korff? You've been invited to sue two (2) people on the blog, and you've been given ample opportunity and reason to sue these people.

Are you going to wait until your name and family our so besmirched on the internet that the Korff name is nothing but a foot note to a massive joke?

The ball is in your court Kal. Either play ball or twaddle off.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff:
Born California 1962
(Listed by USsearch as age 46 a/o Sept. 2008)
Graduated John F. Kennedy HS, Fremont CA 1980, age 18
(Listed in '', along with fellow classmates Carl Gardner, Victor Garibay, Jack Harper, Donald Jenkins, et al).

Kal, you can't change public records!


Anonymous said...

One more little question for Kal:
Kal, since you and your brother Danny J. were both born in the same year, would you like to give us his and your ACTUAL birthdays, or should I tell the world so that we ALL know?


Anonymous said...


There's an oppertunity here people....

Anonymous said...

Dear world:
Kal Korff is anti-semetic!
Proof? His vicious personal attacks on;
Steven Spielberg, a Jew
David Biedny, a Jew
Stan Friedman, a Jew
Billy Meier, a Jew
Paul Kimball, who Kal calls a Jew
Did I miss anyone?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice a pattern here with Kal "Jihad" Korff? The psychopath will post music videos and then go back to threatening people.

Kal The Jihadist goes to UFO people, then to JFK people, and he on occasion will mention Bigfoot people.

Next we're back on the path to world news, terror bits and Video Glue, and then it repeats.

Nothing has changed with Kal "Terrorist" Korff in years. Nothing at all. Kal is a record with a scratch, a big scratch in it and he just keeps repeating the same tiring stuff.

There will be no lawsuits or complaints or any of the other stuff Kal goes on endlessly with.

You have to wonder how someone hits such a low point in their life. that and you pray you never are anything like that at anytime in your life.

By the way, good point about the Jewish bashing. I thought Kal said fellow Jewish people weren't supposed to do that, but then again Kal is just a convert and I suppose the law of God in that religion is subjective when it onvolves Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a TERRORIST! No better than those assholes blowing up shit as far as I'm concerned. Terrorism is an attempt at instilling terror and fear. EXACTLY what Kal Korff tries to do with all those threats. I wouldn't be surprised if kal Korff was on a terror watch list.

Anonymous said...

I was reading stuff again on Royce Meyers' blog and it refreshed my memory regarding the whole Randle-Korff debate. Quite frankly, all blame must go to that coward and internet-bully Korff.

In the beginning Korff called Kevin Randle a coward for not debating him on the X-Zone radioshow. Randle was unaware of any challenge at the time and didn't listen to any 'Kal's Korner' broadcasts. Others however did such as Paul Kimball and he offered both Korff and Randle to debate eachother at a neutral location (all expenses paid, proceedings going to charity). Kevin Randle accepted immediately and Korff chose not to respond even after several messages were sent to his personal email address. (We know Korff does respond to other 'kritics' so it's obvious he got the invitation.)

After this cowardly act Korff dared Randle to debate him on the X-Zone. We all know what happend. Kevin Randle accepted the challenge and showed up at the scheduled time, Korff however bailed out at the last moment, claiming there was some kind of (unspecified) threat.

The moral highground here clearly isn't in Korff's corner yet he continues to harass and slander Randle at every remote oppertunity he gets.

Is Kal Korff an internet terrorist? You betcha. That lump of shit doesn't have the guts to face off any of his critics or the people he challenges. He hides behind his threats and impending lawsuits, again showing what kind of 'man' he is.

the joke is on Kal said...

So what did happen to this lawsuit in Europe where Kal was boasting that the guilt of certain parties was a certainty and the trial was a formality? And remember this bullshit that since he was in the EU judgments were enforceable in the United States?

What sort of crap is this where someone can be found guilty without being present, testifying, or being able to introduce evidence? It might exist in China or another country with tyrannical rule.

But wait! I thought Kal was against this sort of thing and that Kal loved democracy. Kal isn't any sort of lover of freedom or democracy. Kal is ok with things he claims to stand against so long as they serve his purpose.

No one is accountable to that twerp Kal and the lying sack of shit has absolutely not a scrap of official power over anyone or anything. But Kal sure likes using that word "official" to try to convey power that is no where near his grasp.

Kal K. Korff has no power over anyone. Kal K. Korff does not have any special powers granted to him. The loud mouth can't do anything to anyone and we all know it. You aren't fooling a soul with this silly shit, Kal. the joke is and always has been on you, Kal.

Anonymous said...

You gotta go check out F1 site:

Click on the image at the top and, it seems that it is being hosted by Simms cable? Back up the link, it does go to their site.


Squonkamatic said...

Wasn't the professor supposed to be a Colonel? He's clearly wearing Captain's bars in that picture. I was just reflecting on what Kal K. Korff is going to do now that Dubya has choppered out of D.C. and the Obamaman has the brass ring. The War on Terror is pretty much over as we knew it now, they won't be needing anymore Nanobots to infiltrate Pakistan or flower pot cameras spying on weapons inspectors. You'd also think that if Kal K. Korff was really serious about this so called conversion to Judaism (you'd think someone would have taken a photo of the hallowed ceremony) and allegiance to Israeli intel that he'd perhaps consider moving to Israel itself. That he hasn't could very well be read as an indication of some sort of problem, like for instance they won't have him. Perhaps after all the trivialization and embarrassment he has caused them, the Israelis have Kal K. Korff on some sort of watch list barring him entry to their country. I know I would.

Anonymous said...

Kal is now back to interviewing himself for his website again. Maybe Kal might even put up a few more videos of him giving a speech on stage to an empty room. Kal is fucking nutso!

Anonymous said...

From the latest Kal self interview.

Q: You use the word 'bozos' much. That's name calling, isn't it? Something you say to others NOT to do. Aren't you being a hypocrite?

Korff: No, but I understand your question, heard the comment before. When I use this term I use it as a description of their behavior. It's not even a reference to Bozo the Clown, wouldn't want to insult him that way. It's like saying if someone did something stupid, that is NOT the same thing as saying that person is stupid. Even smart people do 'dumb' things.

Does this mean Kal was just describing someone's behavior when he told Michael Horn to "go fuck yourself sideways"? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Yes Horn, please do.

Example after example of Korff not holding himself to his higher standards.

And another example of Korff living off this blog. We state there's no new videos and bingo, there we have a new one.

Next up, Kal and his gal, sucking face....

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a video on his site (maybe it's up on his youtube channel?) It's an interview which Kal Korff did with himself. once again.

It's so obvious Kal. You can't write in another style, you're not good enough. It's you, asking, you, questions, then answering them, Kal. For sweet Christ’s Love of Humanity!

>>> And in their case, every single one of them who is named, are indeed beyond 100% guilty and now outed. So one say if I ever do get my degree for my thesis, I can look at a piece of paper on my wall and say, "I've got my kritic's opinions right there." <<<

Just read this last bit over, it shines the light of ineptitude on Kal K. Korff better than anything I could write or say.

I do think that Kal thinks he's being funny and clever by having we bloggers write endlessly about him.

Kal, the jokes on you. We know this already. We love that you're playing along with us. You get it Kal? We know what you're doing, and we enjoy being a part of it.

Bring it on panty waste. Drag your family name into the dirt as far as you can.

God, I love Kal K. Korff!

Kal yanks it said...

Kal probably loves this attention so much he goes home and masturbates repeatedly while reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT picture of Kal dressed as a terrorist!!!! LMAO Kal has no idea how big of a joke he is.

Anonymous said...

I think Kal is actually enjoying all the attention he's getting from this blog. Other than Rob McConnell of the xzone radio show, no one else is paying him any attention at all anymore.
And that includes, but no limited to:
Royce Myers III
Kevin Randle
Don Ecker
David Biedny
Paul Kimball
Stan Friedman
Martina Tycova
Michaela Kocis
Avim Ashkenazi
Greg Long
Ray Santilli
Jim Delissoto
Don Schmitt
Mr. V. Sedlacek
Michael (sideways) Horn

Being considerate, and with due respect, I'll leave his family members out of it.

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, this is comedy gold!!!!

From his "interview":

Q: Your thesis on human behavior, you've put things on the web for years, sometimes to gauge reactions, push buttons. How is that going?

Korff: Depends. On one hand a failure, haven't written a word of the actual thesis itself, yet I have in the form of the six volumes on terrorism coming up. It all came from this, forms the core of that. About human belief systems, extremist behavior, this CONspiracy mindset; intolerance, hatred, these sicknesses and core elements of human behavior manifest themselves in everything from UFOOLogy to Islamofascism. It's all connected, no different than each color of a rainbow is still part of the larger, whole rainbow. It is only a question of degrees and colors and shades.

To use real examples in the thesis, because I DO cite names and real people and real events, when someone wants to harm you just be because they "disagree" with you, and the subject is little grey men; that's just as extreme, if not more, than the Islamofascist who wants to blow himself up and murder you as well just because you exist or are Jewish or have been dubbed a Crusader, or whatever.

Wait, what?? You haven't written a word of your thesis, but then you want "To use real examples in the thesis"? HUH???

Kal, how you use examples from a document that doesn't exist???

Dude, look, if you want a PhD, you need to get an undergrad degree, a Masters, and then spend a couple more years on your Doctorate...

You can't just write a thesis and expect a PhD you moron!!!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a college dropout who barely passed high school. Now he suddenly going to just go out and get a Ph.D? From where? Maybe a box of cracker jacks! Just remember Kal that it is never too late to go back and finish your freshman year in college.
Kal is just crazy! CRAZY!! How many more interviews and speeches are you going to do with nobody else around "Colonel"? lol You might want to brush up on your basic English skills Kal before tackling a Ph.D. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Kal can do wonders. All he has to do is write out an affidavit and show it to a judge and he's automatically a Colonel.
Or write a letter to Major Kevin Randle's superiors and they'll have him put in jail. Or send some nanobots to the Josephine County authorities and they'll fire DA Stephen Campbell, deputies Geiger and Johnson and have them all jailed as well.
Such unlimited power!
So it's really quite simple for him to write up a 'thesis' and automatically get a PhD.
(Kal, let us know when we can start calling you Dr. Korff so that we can nominate you for a Nobel piss prize!).
I really would feel sorry for the man based on his mentally deranged condition and emotional instability, but since he persists on displaying those traits to the world, I have no sympathy for him at all. He deserves all the flak that we and others can muster.

Anonymous said...

Kal, nice to see the widgets finally working after a year of promises from your fat ass. Nice job rehashing old shit and trying to make it look like something new. You're a loser Kal, a fat fucking loser nobody who is only good for laughing at. Just walk away Kal before you make yourself look like any more of an incompetent festering asshole than you already have. seriously you nutty fucktwat, step back and try to take an objective look at your own lunacy. Maybe, just maybe you'll have an epiphany and realize how FUCKING CRAZY and RIDICULOUS you really are!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is the number one wacko job on the web! He's the best any nutball could possibly be! Kal is nuttier than any of the ufo fruitcakes out there! kal makes the rest of the world's nuts lok like utter amateurs! Kal can't even spell amateur and can't distinguish between the meaning of "udder" and "utter"! Give the man credit at least for being the world's biggest, freakiest nut job since he comes off way crazier than any of the bigfoot dorks and ufo idiots!


Anonymous said...

I have joined the Israeli Special Secret Services!!!

I am a General!

check out my blog for the scoop!

F1 Racer

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

My God, F1Racer, ...excuse me, General F1Racer -is brilliant!

What do you to say now, Kaaaaaal?

Anonymous said...

"Korff: And in their case, every single one of them who is named, are indeed beyond 100% guilty and now outed. So one say if I ever do get my degree for my thesis, I can look at a piece of paper on my wall and say, "I've got my kritic's opinions right there."

No Kal, you got your kritics opinion right here. Sugar coating your hate for people who didn't take you at your word wont hide the fact that you're a biased, double standard, spiteful son of a bitch.

Hang this comment on your wall.

Anonymous said...

That talentless fuckwit Kal is now announcing that the widgets on his website work. A third grader could make a picture link to another page. And what the fuck is with Kal using a website template? So much for Kal being some computer expert. Kal's site runs slow and is an organizational disaster. Like I siad there are elementary school kids with more web design skill than that pathetic moron Kal.

Anonymous said...

Another clear example that Kal K. Korff reads and responds to this blog.

Here’s a breakdown of the widgets on Kal’s site and what they do…, if anything.

Hey Kal, thanks for reading our stuff, it seems that you enjoy reading about you as much as we like writing about you.

These numbers are approximate. Korff’s site is so poorly set up, with so many news feeds streamed to the site, pushing the load up time past usability, we couldn’t check each and every link, there isn’t enough time in the day.

We checked out as many as could stand, then we just rolled over the links to check the URL’s, then we read a few of the poorly written “roll-over” alternative texts associated with every widget (can you say over done?) on the site.

That’s all we could stand to do in our “audit” of Korff’s most poorly executed web site.

Kal, try using Dreamweaver or some other web-based software and please, for the sake of humanity, stop using those lame fucking templates.

In short, the site is one of the best examples on the web for how not to build a web site.

Our audit of Korff’s widget claims:

Large widgets = 91 total.

34 are linked:

16 go to external sites; the X-Zone,, various videos, etc.

Another 18 (or so) go to internal pages, for the most part, they go to blank pages or material that’s been up on the site for months.

Small Widgets = 52 total.

52 are linked, all to external sites and the majority of those are community contact sites like facebook, myspace, etc.

Capt Tampon mentioned on this blog that he didn’t understand what all the fuss was because KKK sites were basically dead. It still is, but Korff will now work over time on making his site “seem” alive and vibrant, with material that can only be found on Korff’s site… or on youtube, or countless news sites…..

Please, can one of the users of this blog log on to KKK site using the I-Phone and get back to us on just how bad this site works with the very device KKK restructured his site to work best on?

Kal, where’s the “on the road” posting you not only promised to the world, this is a FACT, as you so often like to shout out to the world, but also THE reason you changed the site over to this new format which, coincidentally, looks pretty much the same as before your promise to take it all mobile.

Kal, this blog is your undoing. The more you respond to us, the more you reveal yourself as a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Gee Kal, thanks for the splendid widget service. Now I won't have to go directly to YouTube and search Secrexwars, or Elvis Presley or KISS, etc. to watch those videos. Whoopeee!

Anonymous said...

Things that Kal did on weekends, or days before he might have done them, and things that will never, EVER (it's a FACT) happen:

FBI Prepares Statement Saying Kevin Randle is a "LIAR" where it Concerns "Threats" against Roswell "Eyewitnesses"
News - Latest News
Written by UFO WatchCat - Op Ed.
Friday, 16 January 2009 15:05

UFO WatchCat to PUBLISH OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS Against Paul Kimball "Imminently"
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed.
Saturday, 17 January 2009 02:57

FBI CyberCrime Complaint Filed against "Kal Korff" Impersonator
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed.
Saturday, 17 January 2009 18:19

News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed.
Thursday, 15 January 2009 23:41

BREAKING NEWS: Kal Korff Announces on 'X' Zone Radio Show Exclusive - SCIENCE CONFIRMS "LIFE" ON MARS!
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 15 January 2009 06:59

BREAKING NEWS - Poor Paul KimBULL Gets Named before U.S. Federal Judge!
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed.
Wednesday, 24 December 2008 07:17

So scary.

Anonymous said...

How many Kal Korff produced videos are there on Kal

26 spread over 4 pages

How many videos from youtube and various other sources are there on Kal

194 spread over 4 pages

Here you have a break down of Korff produced material and materials hijacked by Korff to try and entice people to his site to; wait minutes for the site to open to, read and watch a little bit of his comedy.

Not worth it IMO.

Anonymous said...

I had one of my super secret undercover agents check on F1 Racer's claim. Sure enough, he is now a General. Here is what his shoulder insignia looks like:

< >

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the FBI would care what Kevin Randle had to say. I looked this stuff up and Randle didn't say the FBI threatened witnesses, he reported that one of the witnesses had told him that. Not the same thing except in the warped world where Colonel Nutbag lives.

I'm sure that Randle is trembling that the FBI is going after him just as KPMG was going to audit him and Martina was going to contact her pals in the Pentagon about him.

Give it up, Kal. No one believes you after so many LIES.

Squonkamatic said...

"Korff: And in their case, every single one of them who is named, are indeed beyond 100% guilty and now outed. So one say if I ever do get my degree for my thesis, I can look at a piece of paper on my wall and say, "I've got my kritic's opinions right there."

If those are indeed the words of Kal K. Korff it is proof that he is not working on a thesis or doctorate program or anything else other than maybe his lunch. Degrees are earned and awarded for hard diligent work, and are not just pieces of paper on a wall. They are certificates that you have passed certain requirements and are eligible for the honors and responsibilities that come with that award. Referring to the process in such an offhand manner is proof to anyone who has gone through the process of earning a degree that he's just being wistful at best or just outright lying about it all. I opt for the latter, I've never heard anybody dismiss their academic goals so offhandedly. Put another way, professor, if all it is going to amount to is a piece of paper on a wall that you can use for your own ego re-enforcement I'd urge you to rethink the commitment of time, money, effort, and humility and perhaps find something else to do with your time that you'd feel more proud about and are already pretty good at. Such as golf, strangling small animals, and masturbating.

Anonymous said...

Again people, and fellow Korff watchers; Let's not forget that Kal is testing us and we, in turn, are testing him.

Squonkamatic said...

I can't believe the FBI would care what Kevin Randle had to say.

You are absolutely correct, the FBI doesn't care, Kal K. Korff just made it up and put it on his website to feel like a big shot. He isn't suing anybody, there aren't any internal affairs investigations going on, he hasn't contacted anybody's employers, the Israelis have never heard of him and the US Embassy has no idea what he is talking about, his girlfriend kicked him out & took back her video camera, he's running short on cash and had to close down a bunch of his phony websites, his mom had to pay for the goods absconded with from Cables & Simms, his daily free metro newspaper shut down, he's become a pariah amongst the American expatriate crowd in Prague and even the usually hospitable Czechs have become wary of him after hearing so many negative stories, was unable to find refuge in Switzerland, and is lying about working on a PhD doctorate without having first earned undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The only claim that Kal K. Korff can make that has any credence to it is that Rob McConnell has him as a weekly guest on X-Zone Radio as his European Bureau Chief, where Ka. K. Korff is regarded as an expert on any number of issues that Kal K. Korff himself maintains there are no experts on. What Kal K. Korff doesn't realize is that tag of expertise is meant to make Rob McConnell look good for having Kal K. Korff there. It's doubtful that Rob McConnell is actually so stupid as to believe Kal K. Korff's claims, but that he is knowingly exploiting Kal K. Korff for his own gain, specifically filling what otherwise would be dead air on a Friday night on his satellite radio show.

Anonymous said...

Kal's cumbersome and clumsy website is a complete terror all on its own. Talk about frying nerves! One of the worst sites I have ever seen and to boot it is a template design! How in the world do you fuck that up?!?!!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record and to keep it current:

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 32GB sn : S9C809A8W0JW

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 16GB sn : S1B747EV0W4T

Apple MacBook 13" BLK 2.2GHz C2D sn : W880104KZ67

Anonymous said...

Why are you posting all that YouTube garbage on your site?
Can't you be a little more creative than that? Any 8-yr. old can do the same thing! What happened to your 219 IQ?
I hear that the folks in Grants Pass, Oregon are laughing their ass of at your feeble attempts to become someone of importance.
Now if you would just settle down and use your talent at writing fiction, similar to that of Jules Verne, Gulliver's Travels, Alice in Wonderland, etc., maybe, just maybe, some publisher would buy it and write you a nice fat advance check for it. That's how it's done in the real world.
How do I know? Sure is a nice feeling when you open your mail and see that check that says 'Pay to the order of...'.
However, if you prefer to keep doing things your way, we'll keep enjoying the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Kal told me some time ago, when I asked what he was doing in Prague, that he was a "major player" in the import and export business. Kal sure likes to make things up.

Anonymous said...

" import and export business. "

Ha! How many movies have we heard than line in?

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Want to come up and see my sketches...?

Squonkamatic said...

Yeah, he imports iPods from his mom and then sells them at a cost below the current market value. Which actually makes him a sucker, once you think about it. And when he cant get current stock from mom he just finds some local business owner to snow into signing him on to teach English, which to Kal K. Korff translates out to Chief Technical Officer and justifies his going to a local Apple outlet and taking some iPods & laptops on consignment, sending the bill to the business contact he's con jobbing. Then he turns around, resells the product, and wallah: instant money. For a couple of months at any rate until the bill is due, at which time he heads to Switzerland and Germany to research his thesis, leaving the local business holding the bag and everybody on the verge of prosecuting each other. Which is about where we are today, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is just repeating ths same bullshit he was spwewing out of his ass OVER 15 YEARS AGO! Now it is just under the guise of his non-existent Special Secret Services.

San Jose Mercury News
January 23, 1994
JEFF GOTTLIEB, Mercury News Staff Writer

Kal Korff aims to solve some of the world's great enigmas such as Kennedy's assassination, Noah's boat ride and UFO appearances.

Palo Alto computer nerd Kal Korff appeared on Larry King's television show in November to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President John F. Kennedy. He's developed software that allows you to test your very own conspiracy theory and fire at the president's motorcade.

The JFK assassination is the least of the mysteries Korff says his organization, Total Research, plans to solve. Try UFOs, the Loch Ness monster and the truth about Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's Ark, Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin for starters.

There are limits, though. "We will not investigate Elvis sightings," Korff said. "We are not lunatics."

Clearly, though, Kal Korff is different from other tech heads who come home or work to play computer games or watch reruns of "Star Trek." Korff, a college dropout whose job is solving customer software problems at Apple's Claris Corp. software subsidiary in Santa Clara, says he has spent $100,000 of his own money in the past five or six years to finance his quests for "The Truth." And he has big plans -- for books, videos and computer software documenting the results.

Total Research describes itself as a think tank composed of "a select group of scientists, technical experts, historians, philosophers and theologians who use their skills to help solve challenging problems, the results of which have positive benefits for humankind."

A gathering of Nobel Prize winners it isn't. Among its members are a director of videos for local rock groups, a self-trained historian who sells real estate in Sonora, a manager of rock groups, a special effects expert and a graphic artist. About half are people Korff said he met through his UFO research.

''I'm out there to find the truth," Korff repeats over and over like a mantra, pointing to the evolution of his views of the JFK murder from conspiracy to the work of a lone nut.

But that's a tall order when investigating mysteries quite literally of biblical proportions: Does the the Shroud of Turin show the image of Jesus? Exactly where and when did the Exodus take place? And did Noah really take that boat ride?

Korff, 31, says he seeks only the truth, wherever the truth may lead.

But the head of his group's archaeology and history division, Brad Sparks, who has written a 600-page manuscript on the Exodus, describes himself as "a conservative evangelical Christian" who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and is scientific assistant to the president of the fundamentalist Christian Research Institute in Orange County.

It might follow that he would have a particular slant when trying to prove or disprove parts of the Bible. Korff doesn't think so. "The fact is this man has found stuff no one else has," said Korff.

Sparks said Korff has the same religious views as his, but "it's not a label he wants to advertise."

Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels.

Experts asked about Korff and company's biblical research said many of his facts were wrong and found some of his statements to be downright goofy.

Take his plan to ask the Vatican to allow him to test the Shroud of Turin.

''That's like saying, 'I'll have breakfast with the president. I'll call him at 10,' " said Brent Walters, an instructor of western religion at San Jose State University.

But Korff shrugs off the experts' criticism, saying they are biased. Almost all thinkers who are ahead of their time suffer ridicule or worse, Korff explains.

He forges ahead with his myriad schemes, hatching plans to help the homeless, advance animal rights and rebuild Solomon's temple in Jerusalem.

Korff's quest for truth started when he became interested in flying saucers at age 11. While still in high school, he lectured and wrote a book on the subject.

His interest in flying saucers has stayed with him. Although he says he is neither a debunker nor a believer, his search for the truth about UFOs gives a glimpse into the fervor of his efforts.

He remains obsessed with a Swiss UFO group centered around a one-armed farmer who claims beings from a far-off planet visit him and take him back in time and into the future.

In 1991, Korff let his brown hair grow, adopted a pseudonym and infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO group at its Swiss headquarters while toting a hidden video camera. He says a video of his expose will be released soon.

Korff's greatest talent may be his ability to garner publicity. He talked his way onto Larry King's CNN show in November, at a time when a score of JFK assassination buffs who had written books were dying for the chance.

Korff says King told him during a commercial break that he wanted to bring him back for a one-hour, one-man special on the JFK assassination. He also was hoping King would write the introduction to his assassination book.

King's publicist asked the talk show host about those plans. "He's not aware of this at all," she said.

The guy who wrote this was DEAD ON about Korff!

Squonkamatic said...

EXCELLENT post! That's the same SJMN article that Kal K. Korff both suppresses and uses as propz for his reputation. No wonder he doesn't want anyone to read it!

I also did some archival searching tonight, first by merely typing the words KAL KORFF LIAR into Google, which in turn led me to a web forum on Bigfoot where there was some discussion about both a 2003 address that Kal K. Korff made at a Fortean Times "UnConvention" and a followup 2004 article Kal K. Korff managed to have published in the Skeptical Inquirer, both of which regarded the professor's attempts to discredit the famed Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot (you know the one). Which in turn led me to a website called maintained by a Russian biologist who has researched the Bigfoot case extensively and amassed an impressive web archive of documents, interviews, multi-media files, you name it.

The website also has a SEARCH function which I typed the words Kal Korff into, which led me to this very intriguing page:

that recounts some of the fallout of Kal K. Korff's 2004 Skeptical Inquirer article. I'd encourage everyone to at least skim it over, you'll easily be able to tell which parts are encapsulating Kal K. Korff's comments on the matter, some of which are deja-vu word for word outbursts of the same kind we've seen over the past year in regards to Royce Meyers, Kevin Randle, David Biedney, Paul Kimball, et al. Some are almost word for word, just change the names around to the players in that hullaballoo (Bob Gimlin, Don Kiviat, Bob Heironimus, Greg Long, Phillip Morris, Roger Patterson) with our current roster of favorites and presto, it's the same stuff.

There's also reference to a "young Czech journalist" by the name of Michaela Kocis who conveniently uses a Hotmail mail address in the communications that are reproduced. She also apparently was the source of wisdom to the Bigfoot community that the word Yeti is Czech in origin, which should be news to people who live in Nepal. One other claim that stands out in the myriad of Korffisms on the page is the repeated claim that the book Kal K. Korff collaborated on -- The Making of Bigfoot by Greg Long -- is "the best selling book on Bigfoot of all time" ... Now where have we heard THAT before? And, what's more, Kal K. Korff links the overwhelmingly positive response within the media and the books status as a best seller to his appearance on Jim Rense's radio show (sound familiar?) which I for one find rather amusing seeing how Jim Rense remains one of the primary advocates of an inside job conspiracy allegation for the 9/11 attacks.

Wouldn't that be somewhat in conflict with Kal K. Korff's published assertion that militant Islamic terrorism is to blame? Which is besides the point, other than once again Kal K. Korff relying on a radio show host as a tagalong act for his own publicity. What's more interesting is to see the hatred, intolerance and vitriol aimed at the Bigfoot community and it's similarity to his conduct towards UFO enthusiasts. And the use of a female Czech journalist as a mouthpiece for his assertations: Was Michaela Kocis an early dry run for Martina Tycova? I don't recall encountering the name before, but she also apparently types exactly like Kal K. Korff's well known style of prose.

Squonkamatic said...

Sorry; Add an .htm onto that address, .htm

Squonkamatic said...

Actually my mistake, the website's operators are not identified and the Russian biologist had only written a letter in which Kal K. Korff's name came up rather than administrating the site.

(See how easy it is to admit when you screw something up, professor?)

Anonymous said...

Thx for the lead Sq.

I wanted copy and paste it here but KKK goes on and on. You are right, in as much of his rant fits his current mental state to a tee...

>>> "Dear Listeners to the Jeff Rense Program, Ladies and Gentlemen of the general public, Citizens of the World:" <<<

Please K-Watchers, go to that link and read away. Much is confirmed.

KKK has spots which are so much the same that, well, it's laughable.

Go, now, and quickly.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is great, from that page Sq found:

"I would like to point out for the record, without sounding mordant that Korff’s article makes it abundantly clear Mr. Korff does not have the educational background qualifying him to make judgments with regard to the creature filmed October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson in Bluff Creek California nor does it appear he bothered to study the work of those professionals who have studied the film in depth."

People have been calling out KKK as a, quack, for years. Seems when he gets enough, he leaves the scene of the crime, and then he comes back when his EGO needs a refill.

Strange dude, this KKK?

Squonkamatic said...

Here's more, from another article returned on that website's search function using the keywords KAL KORFF; .htm

Kal Korff is an internationally known analyst, author, investigative journalist, and researcher. The president and CEO of Critical Thinkers, Korff is the author of Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story and The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know. His next book, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots will be published by Prometheus Books later this year. Korff can be reached at and has a website at

Michaela Koch is a radio broadcaster for Expressradio and an investigative journalist for Mlada DNES, the Czech Republic's largest newspaper. . Her e-mail address is
 and her website is at Kocis is the first journalist to write a definitive exposé article series on Greg Long's research, having been given exclusive access to the investigative team.

The website is no longer registered, entering it into my web browser's address field re-directed me to my own ISP's blank website notice page. Have any of our Korffing friends in Prague ever heard of her before?

Anonymous said...

Put this into your web browser:

all in a single URL.

What for the blank page to load up.

Hit your back button once.


Anonymous said...

This one works, notice if there is a space between the 04 .htm, take that out.

Squonkamatic said...

LOL!! Another Kal K. Korff hosted website under construction!!

Hello, we are updating this web site, please Czech back soon! Thanks, Kal Korff

I wonder if the Bigfoot people ever had the wherewithall to see if this Michaela Kocis actually exists.

But wait!! If you look at the biography blurb that Kal K. Korff assuredly provided to Skeptical Inquirer that I pasted in above, you'll see that he spelled the name Michaela Koch. Sort of like the Avim/Avimi Ashkenazi/Askenazi spelling inconsistencies.

It gets better. I did a web search for both Michaela Kock and Michaela Kocis and neither name returns information on a Czech based journalist, though Michaela Koch at least is a fairly common name and results in a couple of Facebook/MySpace leads to fetching young ladies, none of which are Czech journalists though.

Not to be deterred I found the website for Mlada DNES, which is in Czech but entering the name Michaela Koch which resulted in a bunch of articles that have either name in them at some point but not both, and certainly not articles written by both. Then I searched the name Michaela Kocis and was rewarded, so to speak, with a series of Google links to a Michaela Kocis, a student at Hawaiian Pacific University (whos gender is difficult to assess given the picture on the page), links back to the same Bigfoot material where the name is found, a link back to the KKIAI blog from a posting made on June 8, 2008 ("Kalvin Korff and his supposed terrorism book", as well as a very amusing link to a Michaela Kocis profile at

which once again leads either to the Bigfoot pages or a deleted entry at using the exact language found in the bio information referred to above, as well as references to postings at something called that apparently refers to a fixture of Prague pop culture in the form of a wall adorned with various references to John Lennon. Go figure. But the best reference is a link to an "interview" hosted at -- yes!! --, which can be found here:

along with a picture of young Michaela in her radio broadcasting pose inside of what appears to be David Bowie's space capsule from "The Man Who Fell To Earth"

And the information on her from the page reads Michaela Kocis - Czech Radio Broadcaster, Investigative Journalist Now where have we heard that kind of language before? Here's the full bio info provided by Rense:

Michaela Kocis is a Czech radio Broadcaster and Investigative Journalist who covers the culture scene for the public. A former employee at The Prague Post, the Czech Republic's oldest and largest English language newspaper, Michaela is the author of the exclusive expose article, The Making of Bigfoot - The Inside Secrets Revealed, which will be published shortly all over the world. She has been working with The Washington Post concerning her upcoming expose, and was given unprecedented access, along with Richard Leiby of The Washington Post, to the secret six YEAR Long/Kiviat/Korff investigation.

Just in an attempt to be thorough I searched Michaela Kocis at, who are pretty good about archiving material going back to the 1990s, and got a No Results Found response.

But wait a minute, I also did a web search for and have learned that it is a user-generated DJ service that allows users to play their favorite music over the internet for other users to enjoy (or at least that's the state of it circa January 2009) and it looks like pretty much anybody can have an Expressradio show, with a broad range from hip-hop to indie alt rock, but not much in the way of investigative journalism.

SO, does this young lady actually exist? Well one other link from the page on Ms. Kosis leads to a page: with 1 online source attributed as having created her profile page. That source is the Prague Post, which also gives the email address. Even more amusing is noting that her first source published entry was made at Prague Post on April 1, 2004, and the last made on April 2, 2004. For a web savvy journalist reporting on the internet culture to the public she hasn't apparently taken much interest in maintaining the only web profile page for her still in existence.

Once again I sort of rhetorically ask, did the Bigfoot people ever look into this young lady's background and ask if she's even a real person? All references to her point back to Kal K. Korff. Looks like another Martina Tycova to me, though KKIAI does make reference to Kal K. Korff's ties to Michaela Kocis and "other Czech women" and I don't remember if we ever had a followup.

But just to be complete, here is a copy/paste of her interview with Jim Rense, one of the most outspoken of the 9/11 Truth movement's founding fathers. I thought it might be fun to look at what the interview says and see if anybody can recognize any patterns of language that sound like Kal K. Korff's own words, or at least the words of someone who's been obsessed with Bigfoot for quite a while. Remember this article is being passed off as an interview with Michaela Kocis -- though just who is conducting the interview is not made clear. I will boldface the questions.

What is a nice girl like you, doing in a Bigfoot investigation like this?
As an investigative journalist, I think I would be in this Bigfoot investigation even if I weren’t a nice girl.
We must not forget that this story is about a hoax and a fraud that was pulled on the world for almost 40 years. I wrote the article that exposed the truth that Greg Long’s investigation revealed. I am a journalist. I would have no right to work in this field if I turned down a story like this because the issue is more than just about Bigfoot.
Bigfoot believers need to especially remember this fact: they were lied to for almost 40 years. This was and remained until this expose of consumer fraud. As a journalist I owe the public the truth and this was a really big truth. So I thought it would be a good way to start.

What brought you into Bigfoot?
To be honest, I never had an interest in Bigfoot before this story and to be very open, and always honest, I don’t really care for the subject right now. I am mentioning this not because I am a skeptic or a debunker or anything negative, I am just a journalist. I think it is possible, in fact I know that science will always discover new things including new life, maybe one day, we may even find a Yeti. Yeti is a Czech word by the way. We don’t use the word Bigfoot because as the Patterson hoax has proven, there wasn’t a Bigfoot there. There wasn’t even a Yeti. There was a Bob H.

What made you decide to write, what has turned out to be, the definitive news story that breaks open the Patterson Bigfoot film hoax?
I will tell you upfront that I have an agenda so if anyone wants to criticize me for what I am about to say, I don’t think they really can. I am telling everyone, I have an agenda. That agenda is open and it contains one item. I have to write about and report about the truth. My expose is the truth. So my agenda was not to expose the Patterson film as a hoax. It happened to be a hoax. My agenda was and will always remain to report the truth.
This is what motivated me to write the story. I was able to investigate the truth, document it and the story is my reporting and writing of it. Because it meets the criteria of my agenda, that’s why I wrote it.

Why Bigfoot?
It’s not about Bigfoot, it’s about the Patterson hoax and how people were lied to and fooled for nearly 40 years. The article and even Greg Long’s book are not about Bigfoot in general, just the Patterson hoax.

What do you think of those Bigfoot believers?
It depends, they are all different. For my article, I did engage the top researchers, I tried to help them, I asked them to give me the best hardest evidence they had. I specifically asked for the best evidence that could prove their strong beliefs that the Patterson film was real. They did not know that I knew it was a hoax. This was the ultimate test of issues of integrity, honesty, openness, forthrightness and dare I say righteousness.
Because, when it was obvious that the evidence they shared with me could not support the strength of their convictions about the film, it was righteous to report that truth.
Most importantly, nothing from anybody disproved Greg Long’s book and that remains the bottom line.
I did not want to expose Bigfoot researchers as dishonest people or people who are less than desirable to be around. I want you to know, that Greg Long is the qualified person to talk about the Bigfoot community, I am not. I just know what I was exposed to and my door is always open as a journalist for anyone.

Are your opinions the way they are because you believe in what Greg Long’s book says, or are they your own opinions?
Everything that I write is my opinion unless I say otherwise.

How long did you have to investigate and study Bigfoot before you were able to solve the case?
I didn’t solve the case, Greg Long did. That’s in the book. For the record, I am the journalist who first broke the exclusive story and I took things a few steps further. I took this breakthrough truth and tested it against the best evidence the pro Bigfoot researchers had. No one has disproved this book, the Patterson film is a hoax.

You must think we Americans are dumb for being fooled all of these years. Any impressions about that?
You don’t want me to go there.

Yes I do.
Allright then. Sincerely, it blows my mind that such a rodeo con artist can fool the world, especially scientists with PhD’s, with a few pieces of fur and a camera he later stole. I am sorry, but it shouldn’t have taken nearly 40 years and it shouldn’t have been Greg Long to solve the case and investigate it with no bias. It should have been those PhD’s, Bigfoot researchers or professors at universities who lecture to young students about this.
As a journalist I should have grown up reading as part of my training for investigative journalistic skills the story that I ended up writing. For nearly 40 years, where was the media?

Are UFOs and Bigfoot related?
Only in the point how they are handled by the media, by the researchers and the believers.

Is their a “paranormal”?**
I think there are unexplained events and because they are unexplained, I can’t say they are paranormal. If I could, they would not be unexplained.

Are you religious?
Yes, I am and I don’t discuss my religion in public.

You’re European. When you observe the two cultures, European and American, what are some of the differences that you see?
Americans tend to focus on a lot of material things.

What about the wars on terror that America is waging against al-Qaeda, Iraq, seemingly everybody. What are your thoughts on this?
Sometimes before there is peace, there needs to be some fire. But the fire is necessary otherwise the sun would never come out and the world would remain grey until it would turn black all the way. And I like the sun.

Do you ever let your own, personal interests determine if you decide to write a story? What if you agreed, for example, that the story was “newsworthy” – yet you did not care one iota for the subject. Would you still write about it?
Yes, my Bigfoot expose is a fine example of this, I am not interested in Bigfoot. Yet, I wrote this breakthrough story because people needed to know the truth. When you have a truth that is important, you have responsibilities and I am a responsible person. The greater the truth the greater the responsibility.

What are the responsibilities of a good journalist?
To identify issues that are important, research them as best as I can and then write and report about them to the public.

What distinguishes Michaela Kocis’s journalism or journalism articles from everyone else’s?
As far as I know, mine is the first and only exclusive expose of the inside story of the Patterson hoax. This is just one example of the kind of journalism that I do. This kind of journalism is not done by most of the people in my field. In all fairness, to my peers, most never get this opportunity.

My career has followed a distinctive pattern. I decided I wanted to major in mass media, communications and journalism. I started attending a university, and with every major article I have written I try to take it to the next level and do the best job that I can.


** "Is "their" a paranormal? Didn't Mr. Rense's staff proofread this before posting? Or did he simply post it copy/pasted as he received it from Kal K. Korff?

Also interesting are the references to interests concerning religion, the war on terror, the credibility & qualifications of those who might be at odds with Ms. Kocis' conclusions, references to having "worked with top researchers", casual use of somewhat sexist tone ("What's a nice girl like you ...") and that picture, which is hosted locally on Rense's server and has no attributions to it beyond it's use in the article, as well as the credit ("Photo Courtesy: Thao Nguyen"). It quite honestly looks like he did some web searching for a cute young lady in some sort of media studio environment and came up with that. The picture is not on the Zoominfo page, though if you do a Google Image Search for Michaela Kocis you'll find an image of what appears to be the same woman (nice pretty blue eyes!) embedded in a page for -- BINGO!! -- Hawaiian Pacific University; the same college that the Michaela Kocis Facebook person is attending.

Is this too weird or what? Don't tell me Kal K. Korff stole some poor kid's identity and made this all up to give him credibility, since after all working with an investigative journalist with ties to the Washington Post and the largest circulated newspaper in Czech Republic who also happens to be a broadcast media personality will certainly give you more credit that just some 40 year old guy hanging around Prague on his mom's money.

Or, did he just make all this up?


Anonymous said...

someone contact her on facebook and ask!

Squonkamatic said...

Good thinking! I did exactly that. I also emailed the webmaster of and asked if they were aware of or had heard of any of this speculation before. And I apologized in advance to both of them if this is a bit odd or something they've had to deal with in the past.

After reading it twice now I am convinced that the interview with Ms. Kocis (which was submitted to Rense but not conducted by him, apparently) is a work of fiction. The preoccupation on the subject matter and repeated lines that sound a bit Korffy make it difficult to believe. She apparently spent more time doing the interview than she did researching the subject, and is surprisingly well versed in paranormal field hoaxes than a casual observer might be.

Anonymous said...

Michaela Kocis probably was Korff's sidekick for a while, before she found out just how nutty the 'professor' really was. Notice the exagerrations on Ms Kocis' resume? As Korff would say; "that is something Korff would do." Get it?

I read an article today where Korff has a tantrum about the 'Bigfoot people' and that a few people confessed about it being a hoax and one person claiming to have worn a (gorilla) suit.
That made me think. Korff accepts the claims of people that reinforces his theory yet there isn't a shred of evidence. What does Korff do with claims from people that reinforce the Roswell-ET crash? He rejects them! He calls them liars or having flawed memories and so on. That's clearly setting the standard where it suits you. Hypocrite to the max, but I doubt Korff himself understands this.

Reading that article, which was written up on some 5 years ago, again convinced me that Korff is in need of some serious medication. Again he challenged some people to sue him or sue them in return.
Michaela Kocis was probably suckered in by Korff's promises of hitting the big time. She probably bailed out the moment she realised Korff was a certified fruitcake. Lets not focus on her but on Korff's path of lunacy.

Squonkamatic said...

Oh 100% agreement, though first I want to establish whether or not she actually is whom Kal K. Korff claims she is. If so I'll drop it, she didn't ask for any of this current scrutiny and I won't press the issue.

And will once again admit that I was wrong if it turns out that the claims about her are on the level. But I don't know. That interview has to be a contrivance of some sort, it's too perfectly exactly what the occasion called for. And I can even buy it not being real but she is.

squonkamatic said...

I should have started my checking right here with a keyword search of her name on this very blog, which would have resulted in this:

Can't wait to hear back from her and will regard any information provided with appropriate discretion. There's nothing wrong with independent verification, after all.

Squonkamatic said...

Bingo -- someone has already deconstructed the Rense interview and came to the same conclusions that it was a contrivance:

Searching those forums is a lot of fun, by the way. Hint hint.

Anonymous said... /t4545.html

you need to lose the space between the php and the /t4545.html and load the whole think into your web browser's address field.

Squonkamatic said...

From a post on that discussion page from the Bigfoot forums ...

" ... a check of Michaela Kocis' website reveals her to be pretty much Kal Korff's girl Friday. She is a student at the American University in Prague, CZ with a major in Broadcast Communications and a minor in Journalism. She writes for the AU student paper. Her most significant work experience outside of that seems to revolve around Kal Korff projects."

No mention of any Prague newspapers, Mlada DNES, the Washington Post, radio shows, investigative journalism or any other celebrated background -- though without a doubt the guy was viewing the web page that Kal K. Korff had created for her at his web domain saying exactly what he wanted it to say in as vague a manner as possible.

The schpiel coming to mind is that Ms. Kosci was perhaps an English speaking student at AU Prague whom Kal K. Korff came into contact (maybe via her broadcasting on Expresso?) and snookered into doing some work with him under the guise of helping her fledgeling career in journalism (the same as he may have promised Martina in regards to her aspirations as a model). Then he started putting words into her mouth behind her back, like the Rense interview, possibly even after they had ceased interacting with each other. The person who deconstructs the interview hits upon some word for word exactings not just of Michaela's words but this Greg Long chap as well. Whom, it should be noted, according to other posts at this forum had a falling out with Kal K. Korff over money. If you ask me all three interview sections from the Rense page appear to be Kal K. Korff interviewing himself.

Any input on this stuff, professor? Seems like we have a pattern developing here.

Anonymous said...


Yes, they did do their homework:

Anonymous said...

From KKK site on Thursday:

Thursday, 22 January 2009 07:20
UFO WatchCat has confirmed that Kal Korff has now finished his written statement summarizing the various stalking activities and unsolicited contacts making a point to target him, by a screen user known as "f1 Racer."

Later today, the material gets handed over to authorities for action.

"I'm pleased this is done and is now behind us, the future of this individual is not up to me, but to authorities now. Next, at a time and place of OUR choosing, no one else's, we will PUBLISH this information, along with other material about this person," said Korff.


Right, developing into more fuck nut, crazy bird shit, Korffness.

" the future of this individual is not up to me,"


"at a time and place of OUR choosing, no one else's,"

So, which it it Great Korffness? Is it up to whomever your sending this information to, or is it up to you, to continue in trying to affect F1 future...

You fuck nut.

Lady's and Gentlemen, history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

KIAI contact me on youtube please.

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

Current info on Ms. Michaela Kocis:

BA in Communication and Speech, Czech Republic.
Currently attending Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, in the MACOM Program (Master of Arts in Communication).
2006 recipient of Hawaii Association of Broadcasters Scholarship.
Made the Presidents Host list, Fall of 2005.

Hawai'i Pacific University
Graduate Admissions Office
1164 Bishop Street, Suite 911
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813
Tel: (808) 544-1135
Toll free: (800) 669-4724, ext. 2 (U.S. and Canada)


Anonymous said...

His next book, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots will be published by Prometheus Books later this year.

How many times can Korff keep saying his book is coming out :later this year"?????? LMAO!

What a fucking moron you are Korff.

Anonymous said...


Can you give us the url for your youtube channel please.


Capt Tampon

Anonymous said...

S3 furnishes General Racer with nanobots to fight Kal K Korff's claims.


Anonymous said...

General Racer's nanobot picture is what Korff needed all along. Way to go General F1 for giving us a real look!

Squonkamatic said...

Thanks Digger! Ms. Kocis is definitely a real person so that was a dead alley. But whether or not she said and wrote the things that Kal K. Korff has attributed to her is a different matter -- especially seeing how that Bigfoot forums reader deconstructed the Rense interview and found so many similarities in prose between her statements and what Kal K. Korff has gone on record as having written or said. Her comment about Kal K. Korff being an "abusive and somewhat delusional person" suggests that there is more of the story to be told though I am satisfied that her role in his saga is an innocent and perhaps deceived one.

I feel sorry for her and am glad to see that she's carried on with her career and gotten about as far away from Kal K. Korff as she could get: Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Squonk, et al:
From what I can deduce, Ms. Kocis probably met Kal at some local watering joint (normal for college students on a Saturday night) and was impressed with Kal's big come-on about being an famous author, etc., and then may have become romantically
involved for a short period until she realized he was using her name for his own benefit, just as he did with Martina later on. At least Michaela was smart enough to get out of that situation real fast. She is definitely leagues and leagues above Mr. Korff.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else having problems with asshole's website? I go there and it redirects me to

has Kal finally lost his webiste name too? LMAO Looks like has been completely redirected. LOL So the great computer "expert" Kal Korff has again had his website hacked or someone has sued him and taken it or Kal ran out of people to scam and therefor money and had to sell it.

Nice job "colonel." So where is the might of the S3 and all their resources? LMFAO! Aren't you supposed ot be getting a check from S3 Kal with benefits? You fat stupid fuck! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Did General F1 Racer disable Korff's website in a special operation (using nanobots) ?

Donald R. Schmitt said...

...if K.K.K. lost his websites then somebody who knows how should buy the URLs....

Anonymous said...

As of Midnight, West Coast time, I can find no KKK URL that works...?

Finally, I can give my processor a rest from having to throttle though all that horrible code that is,

KKK's web site.

Expect another threat against some hackers who may have hacked KKK server?

Jew hating hackers, I'm sure. :-)

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

I checked a few domain registering websites... none of this websites are available.

Checking WHOIS, I see that his sites' DNS servers end with "....GAMEPARTY.CZ" (And I can't remember seeing that before)

So, more likely than hacked, his traffic is getting redirected to But why?

At the risk of sounding like a total geek, it would be interesting to have his site's actual IP address...the site's likely fine. (But no one ever needs to remember IPs, hence the beauty of DNS resolution)

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

Guys, I present the newest anti-Kal site.

No, don't worry, it's not another blog. I needed a creative outlet, but Kal's recent videos are lacking. So, I made a storefront:

Our fearless S3 General F1-Racer provided great editing and guidance along the way, so I'm calling it S3-approved. hahaha

-'kult of kal'

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

By the way, Kal.
If/When you read this...I already verified with the cafepress (store) admin staff. They thought it was hilarious and have no intention of killing it.

In fact, now they are big fans of this blog.

If you contact them, they will tell you to your face that you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website: I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization. I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live. I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals. The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime. This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff
Jan 18, 10:50 am.

Hey, lookie what I found!
The above is a direct copy from another website.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. Worthy of an article on the blog's main page.

Anonymous said...

And the account Kal used for that Turkish Google Group ...was promptly banned:

"This account has been banned because it violated the Google Groups Terms Of Use"

Anonymous said...


I'm guessing one of us posted this from Kal. F'ing hilarious.

Squonkamatic said...

Let's see if I can employ my Universal Translator to arrive at an English language equivalent of Kal K. Korff's pathetic, threatening message from the Turkish Google groups web board:

This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website:

TRANSLATION: This is a plea to the industrious web pranksters who hijacked the DNS re-direct from my pathetic little internet soapbox to shut my pie hole & spare the rest of the internet from my vile, retarded idiocy. If anybody out there wants a good laugh, try loading the URL into their web browser and see what happens.

I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic shut-in dysfunctional idiot with delusions of grandeur who makes bullshit up to con unsuspecting Czech women into taking pity on me, and you are raining on my ego parade & ruining my chances of getting any between now and when I turn 50 without having to pay a common street hooker.

I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live.

TRANSLATION: I have no idea who you are or where you are located.

I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic tubby man at your mercy, have no recourse against the actions you have taken, and you are making me look like an even bigger fool than nature had intended.

The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime.

TRANSLATION: I am a complete horse's ass.

This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff

TRANSLATION: I enjoy making myself look like a complete idiot on the internet, please continue to abuse & harass me or I might not have an excuse to avoid going out and finding a full time job to pay my mom back for bailing my ass out time and time again when I get into mischief. Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link that works for the KKK dating plea:

Yo, big boy!

Anonymous said...

>>> I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live. I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals. <<<

So, you know WHO they are, yet you're working on identify them.

And, you know WHERE they live but you're working on locating them.

And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

Kal is having a bad time of it lately. Martina left and took her camera gear with her. Cables & Simms are after his butt. He wasn't booked on the xzone radio show this week. All of his websites have been hacked and blocked.
So sad
Too bad
He's mad
I'm glad.

Anonymous said...


Kal sent me a You Tube message claiming the site wasnt hacked and was, as he claims, down for "security" maintenance.


yeah right

F1 Racer