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Words cannot lend meaning to the SHEER LUNACY contained in this video!!! WATCH it all and it is guaranteed to make your jaw drop while raising eyebrows and widening eyes!! Kal says it was filmed in 2006 but this video along with this ONE and this ONE are clearly filmed in the same place sans Kal's graying beard. There is not much else to say about them other than whoa!!!! After I watched the first video I am now more convinced than ever that Kal Korff is a seriously cracked nut who jumped right off the edge. Eek.


Anonymous said...

"Doyjoss" dos not have a business license listed with the state of Oregon.

Anonymous said...

And yeah that video was insane!

Walter Haut said...

Dot Joss is his Mom...... does Kal's 'International Business Empire' make more sense?

Anonymous said...

DotJoss is juat a fictitious name Kal made up for his Mom's home address. There is no such business listed either in the Yellow Pages or in the city of Grants Pass.
If there's any so-called 'business' dealings at all, his mom probably picks up an iPod here and there, maybe from WalMart or the local pawn shops, and sends them to Kal as a 'gift' to avoid any import taxes.
Some 'empire'!

Squonkamatic said...

In the previous thread someone was supposing upon the isolation and economic environment of Czech Republic as being among the draws which might appeal to Kal K. Korff. Other considerations of merit are the lack of an extradition treaty with the United States as well as the difficulty of arranging an intervention by concerned friends & relatives of somebody who quite obviously is suffering visibly from delusional paranoia.

Schoolteachers should show that interview video like a drug awareness film as a cautionary tale of what could happen to you if you pursue a career as a professional paranormal phenomena skeptic. It's like looking into the abyss. All that awaits is madness and oblivion; "Pathetic Earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here. If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would've hidden from it in terror ... " Scary.

Get help Kal, please! said...

The video is a disturbing self testament. After viewing it in sheer horror, I hope Kal gets whatever help he needs. I certainly do not feel the need to post anything else about Kal from here on out.

Anonymous said...

I only hope and pray this ends in total disaster for Kal!!!

abaraxis said...

And my name is Jorde LaForge Israel and I'm gonna ask my father about that one day and my alternate personality is called Captain Israel and I fight crime in my costume here in the Check Republic at night and don't try to say I don't or I will sue your ass! He took that video off of youtube rather quickly. This dude isn't mental he's like every other pathological liar I have met. They will fuckin say anything if they can get you to listen to their dumbass stories! However most don't record it on video like this jackass!

Anonymous said...

Disturbing doesn't accurately describe the video. I do not think there is a single word available in the English language that could possibly encompass how nutso Kal is in that video. Kal isn't just off his rocker, he has flat out jumped off!

Anonymous said...

I think this video exemplifies all the opinions regarding the state of Kal Korff's mental health. Oy!

Anonymous said...

A real psycho if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, I took an abnormal psychology class. In it, I got to view taped interviews with schizophrenics, psychotics, paranoid delusionals, etc. I'm not trying to be funny or sarcastic when I say Kal's video was just like the ones I saw. Almost all of those people seemed outwardly normal, like Kal, until they started ranting, again like Kal.

What's tragic is knowing this "interview" is just Kal talking to a video camera in his Prague apartment, far from his home, family, and (former?) friends. His claims and boasts sound like those of a six year old with a hyperactive imagination, not like a normal adult. I feel like a voyeur watching a mentally ill man thrash about, lost in his fantasies and unable to locate reality.

If I read some day that Kal committed suicide, I would not be surprised. Kal is in desperate need of serious help; I hope his family is aware of those videos and are preparing to intervene in some way.

Anonymous said...

One does feel like they need a shower to wash the filth away after seeing that tragic video. No question, at least in my mind, that the guy is extremely ill.

Sad because Kal isn't stupid and probably cold have done great things with his life had he gone down a different, more healthy path.

Anonymous said...

>>> far from his home, family, and (former?) friends. <<<

I would have to agree with this. To isolate yourself (for wahtever reasons) and then act out in public like this....

To video yourself in this manner.

This isn't good.

Possible it's still part of his test on humanity?

To see if he can garner pity, for another reason than just his sue-happy ways?

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

I think Korff has a borderline personality disorder.

" The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; "black and white" thinking, or "splitting"; chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self."

Get help 'Colonel'.

Anonymous said...

Fav quote #1 from the video:
"And I knew as a little boy that I would see the beginning of the end in my lifetime if humans didn't change their behavior. Sure enough, as much as I hate and it hurts to admit it, I was right. And that's not ego talking, that's just facts."


Anonymous said...

And fav quote #2:

"You know, it's ironic adults tell us not to kill people, not to hurt people, to be respectable and honorable. Yet, look at what they do. It's the adults who are doing it, not the children. The children don't hate. Adults put hatred into the children. Let's not mince words here. Okay?"

Now, re-read that, figuring he's talking about his father (the adult) and Kal is the's downright frightening.

Far earlier in the video, he's already mentioned his father's apparent issues with Christians, Jews "and all this stuff."

That kid grew up in a world of hate. Teach your children to love, accept differences and have respect for themselves and others.

Else, look who they turn out like...Kalisrael.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, I have to point out that Kal mentioned (slipped?) that he was married.

Around 6:35 in the Rabbi video, it's buried in a very long rambling.

"On New Year's Eve, with my family, I insisted we went downtown in Seattle, we'd gotten married, I said we're gonna spend it downtown at the Space Needle..."

What's the liklihood we find more on this marriage?

Anonymous said...

No records on file with King County in Washington for a marriage under the name of Kal Korff. there is one Korff marriage license in the records and it is from 1984.

Anonymous said...

You say no records under the name Kal Korff, but what about "Kalisrael"? HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

>>> Although we promised to publish this complaint against Royce here at UFO WatchCat, we feel instead that it is BETTER if everyone obtains their copies DIRECTLY from the Department of Public Safety at the University of Oregon, where Royce works. <<<

Maybe, because, it DOESNT EXIST!

KKK is trying to get people to conact this place and show "THEM" that Kal is a force to be reckoned with.



Squonkamatic said...

The Space Needle story sounds like Kal K. Korff inserting himself into the middle of history before it was even made. The term family also implies the presence of children and the last time we heard Kal K. Korff make reference to children it was about a son born to a Czech woman, the kid naturally having been tested for a genius level IQ as well. I discount these claims by the professor and any speculation on Kal K. Korff having been married and producing offspring. He is relating what he imagines is the most dramatic story possible here to explain his personal connection to international terrorism, namely that his own family was in danger and he was so shocked/outraged by the event that he determined to dedicate his life to stamping out international terrorism even before the 9/11 attacks.

Anonymous said...


I agree.

KKK most likely went to CZ because:

He wasn't getting in action in the states.

It had nothing to do with fighting anything but his under developed libido.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Need coffee:

He wasn't getting ANY action in the states.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Looking over KKK's website this morning...

Another reason why his site takes so long to load is that, in his expertise as a website builder and puter expert, Fat Ass, uses .png widget images instead of the WAY smaller and FASTER loading .jpg or .gif format.

Another example the Kalvin K. Korff LIED / LIES when he said / says that he is a puter expert to any degree.

Fuck Nut

Jimmy D said...

Just had an interesting couple of exchanges with the Great Man. See (password:

The second exchange was in response to my vacation responder, which you'll find under "settings".

Brad Hudson said...

Nice work, Jimmy. I'm a little bit disappointed that I don't have my own widget on Kal's site yet like you and Francis, but, dammit, I'm trying!

I, too, had a rather enlightening email exchange with Colonel Wingnut a couple of days ago and I'll post it in full when I get home from the office.

What did I forget?

Oh, yeah: Kal, you're an INSANE transvestite Nazi. That's more good old fashioned libel for you to, of course, take absolutely no action on, because we all know that your biggest fear is having to testify under oath. I'm pretty sure once the cavalcade of lies started to fall apart you'd have the mental breakdown you're only moments away from having anyway.

Begging to be sued,

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX.
YouTube name CoachJMcGuirk (but you knew that anyway, didn't you "Kalisrael")

Sidebar: I think it's my duty to get to use as my personal web address for all my future projects....

Anonymous said...

Kalisrael!?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kal K. Korff is INSANE! He's a NUT! Kal K. Korff is CRAZY! The fool has lost what all and any grip he had grounded in reality!

Kal Korff: "Fuck you, Mitch Bartus!"

Were this Mitch guy to respond it would probably be, "No, fuck you, Kal Korff, you fucking thief!"

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


If you're reading this, please know that I'm now a loyal customer of Milos Bartu and his MacZone. As a relatively new Mac owner, I was looking for someplace for any future Apple/Mac needs.

Since both Milos and I can't stand you, I figure it's the start of a beautiful relationship. :)

-Kult of Kal

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


I hear yout about wanting your own widget, or at least some personalized backlash from Kal.

I would have thought after 2 videos, a fact-based blog and a store --that would have gained me some sort of backlash, ...but no.

Guess I'll just keep on working for it.

Don't give up, buddy - keep up on him.

Anonymous said...

And what about the posters here posting an "Anonymous"? When do we all get our own widgets? And didn't that goon Kal Korff promise to expose us all in a week? Kal, we're al still waiting for this to happen.

Then again, we're all still waiting for you to sue and arrest Michael Horn, waiting for a single book to show up in print from a legitimate publisher from your 500 book deal, a video showing you shipping your terrorism book off to Prometheus Books (which is not publishing that book), an audit from KMPG, your participation in a missle defense panel, we're still waiting for proof you have nanotech, and this list could go on forever.

We're still waiting, Kal, you pathetic mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

>>> you pathetic mouthpiece <<<

He, he.

First time I've seen a mouthpiece, speak for himself and of his own deeds.

Generally, a mouthpiece speaks for others.

Kalvin attempts to prop up his hate speech as,

"standing up for the little guy",

and this now classic statement,

"What about the truth, doesn't anybody care about the truth?"

More like, "What about laughter, has anybody heard the laughter?"

Really it's just Kalvin, bloated old Kalvin, shouting from the roof tops... for;

Kalvin, and only, sad and lonely, Kalvin.

Get outta CZ Kalvin, before it's too late.....

Fuck Nut

BritInPrague said...

See "recent activity" at

"secretxwars became friends with ziraxiadotcom"


"secretxwars became friends with shakazor"


Brad Hudson said...

As promised, here's my little email exchange with Herr Wingnut. First, my email to his royal crackpotness:

""Facts are facts. Royce is guilty of what he is charged with, unless he
can 'prove' otherwise."Just so I have this straight, people you accuse have to disprove their guilt, and those who accuse you have to prove your guilt?Nice double standard, jackass.

And, BTW, F1 is still waiting for the police to show up, his YouTube channel to be shut down, etc.

You also might want to do a little research into Rabbi Korff's part in the Nixon resignation. He was pushing Nixon to STAY AND FIGHT, NOT RESIGN! Of course, it would have required you to do some research for that, and we all
know how your attempts at research in the past have worked out.Enjoy

Your pal,

Brad Hudson"

Now, the reply. Notice what Kal completely ignores in my email and how he attempts to cover his ass on his own bad research:

"Dear Brad,

Thanks for writing. I know ALL about Baruch (which means blessed one) Korff. YES, he did want Nixon to stay, he was grateful for the help Nixon ordered for Israel for the war.

HOWEVER, after he realized that it was NOT going to happen, he told him to cut his losses and rehabilitate himself. But you may not know this, because you are NOT related to him.

You are NOT a Korff. Perhaps you are not even Jewish.

The next time you lecture someone on facts, please consider two things:

1. You can state your point WITHOUT resorting to anger or talking down.

2. You might want to go beyond what is in the popular literature.

As I PROVE in the new six volume series, Baruch was a terrorist at one point, who tried to bomb London to "free Israel." While the Korff's
"disagree" with this, this FITS the definition of terrorism as established by Dr. Boanor Ganor, whose standard and work I cite extensively in chapter THREE, BOOK 2, whch of course YOU have NEVER read, nor seen, just like you
do NOT know that there are photos of Baruch in there, in the first book, just like there are shots of me doing similar work, as a volunteer, to fight against Communism in the east, etc.

Baruch also helped convince Roosevelt to found the WFB, which he did. One of the main messages in the book is that BOTH sides are guilty,the early Haganah were terrorist by definition. Just because the cause was Israel does
NOT exempt anyone.

Before you "judge" a six volume 2400 page book series which took seven years to complete, you may wish to WAIT to read it first.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. As long as you do not lie and threaten me or claim I am a "Scientologist" or Nazi lover or any of the other stuff haters like Francis Underwood claim, I am happy to answer

For the record, I am NOT "James Bond" — never claimed to be. Others make this myth, not me. They know nothing about counter-intel, and of course "forget" that James Bond is NOT real.

I can't tell you when it was I last saw one of those movies, never watch them and don't care. While I missed the last few "Bonds" (actors who played
him) I don't care. I never liked such movies, never will. Just my personal opinion.

In the past, you have taken some VERY "cheap" shots. If you are open to HONESTLY communicating instead of playing "Shoot the Messenger" — two human beings can communicate, as they should.

Looking forward to your reply,


Gotta' love the way Kal completely ignores the main thrust of my email. I guess he realizes that his standard of evidence is obviously slanted in his favor since he makes no attempt to refute it.

And now there's an instant 6 volume (again with the multi volume set! My God, Shelby Foote's narrative of the entire Civil War is only 3 volumes!) set on Baruch Korff??? His delusions are so repetitive these days.

I somehow deleted my reply back to him, but the gist of it was since he didn't refute the fact that Royce had to prove his innocence and was guilty then Kal was guilty of not being Jewish (I asked for a verifiable name of a Rabbi that performed the ceremony)and not having written a multi-volume set on anything, and by his standard he has to disprove what I accused him of. Snowballs will fall on Beelzebub before I get that Rabbi's name...

Shockingly, he hasn't responded to that.

Oh, one last thing, Kal: I, like Paul Kimball, have never once claimed to be Jewish, so let's just leave that train at the station.

Today's libel: Kal Korff sodomizes farm animals when he's not planning the glorious start of the Fourth Reich.

Take me to court and prove you're not, Kal.


Irwin M. Fletcher (or Brad)

PS - Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

More on baruch Korff. Scroll down - looks like going after younger women runs in the Korff family!

Anonymous said...

It also looks like BK and KKK have this in common too - they make stuff up that has no bearing in reality, like BK's claim on his deathbed that Diane Sawyer was Deep Throat! Hahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I, Fuck Nut, sent Herr Ass Wipe some material sometime ago.

He, sort of, kind of, half-way, maybe, responded to, a little bit of this and a little bit of that....

You get the picture.

He stated that he would write me back and complete the hardly started process, he hasn’t.

He wont.

It should come as NO surprise that much of my material him out on his bullshit, in a VERY direct manner.

Herr Ass Wipe does not and cannot respond in any appreciable manner because, there is no way for him to rectify his slanted and maligned thought process.

Lastly, KKK goes on to say:

1. You can state your point WITHOUT resorting to anger or talking down.

Kal K. Korff: "Fuck you Milos, FUCK YOU."

2. You might want to go beyond what is in the popular literature.

Kal K. Korff: "The Best Selling Book of All Time... It’s In Paperback.”

'nough said....

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

My predictions on the latest dung heap to fall out of Korff's mouth is that 1. Korff will be arrested and charged with fraud and Milos Bartu will get the last laugh. 2. Korff will be ejected from the EU. 3. All complaints Korff claims to be happening will either never happen or will dismissed with a large amount of laughter. 4. It will be discovered that Korff really did write volumes of work --- all of it on toilet paper in crayon and in some form of code only Korff can understand, something like Klingon. 5. Korff will be committed to an asylum in Russia.

Anonymous said...

The UFO UpDates Archive

Location: > UFO > UpDates Mailing List > 1997 > May > May 28

Re: Santilli vs. Korff & Prometheus Books
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 11:25:28 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 14:07:44 -0400
Subject: Re: Santilli vs. Korff & Prometheus Books

>Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 18:24:14 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Santilli's Lawsuit Against Korff & Prometheus Books

>The Roswell Wars continue to heat up, now I hear from a couple of sources
>that Ray Santilli has sued debunker Kal Korff and Prometheus Books. I am
>sure there are many just dieing to hear what this is all about.

>You all please post what ever you find out! The rest of the information I
>have on this I can not devulge because this one source wanted me to keep
>it confidential. Hey, Kal whats going on?

>The best, Ed Komarek, (ORTK)

Jim Moesley called me last night. He is one of my sources and of course if
you know Jim, he loves this sort of thing. Says he will have a full
accounting of this affair in his next Smear.

Jim says he is not sure if there was a lawsuit filed or not. He says its a
big difference between filing a lawsuit and sending threatning letters.

Jim says the problem seems to be over reproducing the stills and more
importantly the caption under a enhanced photo of the supposed cameraman.
Santilli is claiming that this liables him says Jim.

I don't know if a suit was filed if it was in England or in the U.S. and
neither does Jim. The liable laws are much more strict in England.
Hopefully Kal will come on the net and clear things up. Where is
the man when you need him?

The best, Ed Komarek (ORTK)
More interesting background on Kal. Does that tell you anything?


You know who this is Kal! said...

Those pictures Kal Korff refers to about him volunteering to fight communism? It's all complete bullshit.

Those pictures were taken by a lady named Tina while the two of them traveled back from Switzerland where Kal was piecing together material for his third rate book on the Meier case. And all the photos show is him with long hair and a beard while he waves around some Cold War memorabilia readily available through any number of street vendors in Eurpoe. The vendors love idiot tourists like Kal because they know he'll buy third rate trash and believe it to be authentic. Of course this leads Kal to telling stories of all manner.

And this story Kal weaves about Seattle is fiction. Kal told people he moved to Seattle because he landed a job hosting his own radio show and it was going to put Art Bell out of business and the media was covering it and the rest of the usual blather that comes with anything Kal does or thinks he is going to do. He told another person he was hired as an investigative journalist for the Post Intelligencer and told someone something else and so on.

Start telling the truth, Kal, before those in the know have to do it for you. Well, I see people have already had to start doing it for Kal. Nothing changes with Kal. nothing. How sad to see a grown man acting like a kid who got told he couldn't have a toy he badly wanted.

Anonymous said...

Someone here mentioned how Erik Beckjord and Kal Korff are guilty of the same harassing and obsessive behavior.

Both Erik and Kal post/posted malicious lies and threats about people and threatened to contact their places of employ.

Both Kal and Erik have/had delusions of grandeur.

Both Erik and Kal had/have extremist views of how the world should work and what the world was.

Both Kal and Erik issue/issued endless legal threats and said they would have people arrested.

Unlike Kal, Erik Beckjord wasn't afraid to face someone in person and Erik actually had a legitimate college degree he could cite.

You're probably wondering what is with the past/present usage. Erik died a while ago from prostate cancer. I wonder if that was karma that came looking for Erik and wonder if Kal will suffer a similar fate for following in Erik's footsteps of spreading lies and hate.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why not to live in the CZ, or, is it another reason why KKK is a fucking loooooser?

His pay phone fucked up again, on the X-Zone, he lasted about 5 minutes and that's all he wrote, Fat Ass.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

You mean Kal isn't using a top secret secure Israeli communication device powered by nanobot assassins? LMAO

Face life, Kal. No one will ever take your dumb ass seriously.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why did no one think to download from YouTube that video of Kal wandering around Prague selling off his purloined iPods? Before Kal himself deleted it, I mean....

Anonymous said...

So when Kal calls world leaders to tell them how to fix all the world's problems does he call collect from the same payphone?

Kal: You must make change because it is not the children who hate, it is the adults and terrorist can---

Automated recording: To continue this call for another minute please insert 75 cents or your call will be disconnected.

Kal to passerby: Excuse me? I'm Kal Korff, analyst, author, Ipod salesman, broadcaster, columnist, terrorism expert, and well known lunatic. Could you spare some change?

Anonymous said...


Check this:


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff delivers (stolen) iPods.

(Exhibit A):

Customer Unit

JAKUB FIALA Black MacBook s/n

Ms. KATERINA... 32Gb iPod s/n
89C809A8 WOJW

Ms. BLAZENA... 16Gb iPod s/n


Anonymous said...


Check this:


---F1racer ... does Milos Bartu have a copy of this? Item 1 for the prosecution!

Anonymous said...

Kal waving a laptop and an iPod around here:

Maybe someone can copy it before the "Colonel" deletes it?

Anonymous said...

Kal is now Milos Bartu's little bitch. And I quote the great lunatic himself, Kal Korff, "Fcuk you Milos Bartu!"

No. Fuck you Kal Korff you miserable piece of shit. Fuck you. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Crap. Typo. Let me try this again here.

Kal is now Milos Bartu's little bitch. And I quote the great lunatic himself, Kal Korff, "Fuck you Milos Bartu!"

No. Fuck you Kal Korff you miserable piece of shit. Fuck you. LMAO

Anonymous said...

So if this DottJoss is not listed as a registered business within Oregon but is doing business in Oregon then would that business not be guilty of operating a business without a license and of tax evasion both at the state and federal levels? And does Kal Korff have the proper business credentials to be conducting business in Prague? Is there an office someone has to file iwth? Is Kal Korff actually paying taxes in Prague and in the United States? If you are a citizen and work outside the United States you still must pay federal taxes. Someone should look into all of this and those videos are great evidence.

I watched both videos for the first time and the excuses Kal was passing out are funny. Kal sure loves blaming everyone else for all his problems. The Mac Zone thing sure wasn't an issue for Kal until all the trouble fo rhim started and then Kal did his usual bullshit about undercover investigations and the rest. And I think the reason Kal didn't show up in person to sign any papers was because he knew Milos Bartu would have the Czech cops there waiting to arrest Kal when he showed.

I see the Mac Zone article on kal has been updated as of the 27th. Can someone translate it?

UPDATE (27.1.2009)

Zboží doposud nebylo uhrazeno ani navráceno . Žádná další zásilka nebyla doručena. Zvažujeme ohlášení na policii ČR pro zjevný podvod. Někteří uživatelé nám posílají odkazy na videa, kde o nás Kal Korff šíří lži.

Anonymous said...

This is what I get when using a google translator;

"Goods has not yet been paid or returned. No further
consignment has not been served. Consider reporting to the police of for the apparent fraud. Some people send us links the video, where about Kal Korff spreading lies."

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

The article's update, translated into English:

"Goods has not yet been paid or returned. No other item was not delivered. Consider reporting to the police of the apparent fraud. Some people send us links to videos, where about Kal Korff spreading lies."

Anonymous said...

You know what I call those two Kal Korff videos? Evidence! I hope this Milos Bartu dude has some cops slap the cuffs on Kal and haul his fat, hypocritical, lunatic ass off the jail. And I hope Milos tops that cake off with a sweet lawsuit for slander against Kal. Just like Kal likes to claim the law in Prague makes it easy to sue someone because all you have to do is prove someone was wrong then Milos owns Kal's worthless hide. Of course anyone with a basic gasp on the law knows what Kal says about suing people in Prague is a load of shit. Try puling your brainless head out of your ass Kal and come up for air to take a look around to see what is really happening in the world. I hope someone does some researching and find that Kal does not have the proper business documents in place in Prague. Tax evasion and theft would fit in nicely with Kal's CV.

Anonymous said...

Nice video there, Kal.

Kal Korff is the new Bill Cooper.

No one with Kal's professed (yet unproven) credentials would ever waste their time on a bunch of guys commenting on a blog. Kal Korff is a want-to-be in life and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Milos Bartu:
Tel# +420-602486196
Fax# +420-2-57312118

Cables & Simms email contacts:


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love professor Korff's latest. But it's not for the FEINT-hearted!

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff,

You’ve recently made mention on your web site:

Critical, Kal Kal, UFO, and Martina, all of which are the same site at this time,

That, Mr. Royce Myers III, was the recipient of an >>> “official compliant against him.” <<<

Further, you go onto to say:

>>> “Korff: I want one thing clear: I am NOT the person behind the formal complaint against Royce Myers III. While I did convert the file to pdf format, because the person who wrote it is not an expert on computers, I am NOT the document's author, and if anyone says I am, they are lying.

The complaint has been made by a woman, her name and all that info, reveals who she is. I also know who she is, of course, but let the document speak for itself.
Regardless of these details, they are NOT relevant.

The issue is NOT who wrote it, the ONLY relevant issues are, is the document true, are the claims against Royce valid?”
This is not true. This is a falsehood. A lie. <<<

At this time and on this blog I would like to make it clear to the interested what exactly, Kal K. Korff is implying and what Kal K. Korff is attempting to achieve.

Kal K. Korff, you want to talk truth? Let’s talk about the truth.

We will break it down, shall we;

>>> “While I did convert the file to pdf format, because the person who wrote it is not an expert on computers, I am NOT the document's author, and if anyone says I am, they are lying. “ <<<

What you are really saying is that you had a person write up the complaint, or, you assisted with your presence and your knowledge to help in the creation of this document.

You then assist this person in changing the format of this document.

Evidently, you did this so the person who wrote this document could then send it along to the “correct” authority via e-mail and using the post.

Korff, you may not have “written” this document but you held “her” hands every step of the way.

Why else would you even know about it BEFORE the complaint and document was / if filed?

>>> "Regardless of these details, they are NOT relevant. The issue is NOT who wrote it, the ONLY relevant issues are, is the document true, are the claims against Royce valid?”<<<

Again, why would you know the details and the woman who WROTE it? Because YOU Korff, you wrote it. If not by your hand, then by your influence over this sad, sorry, pathetic woman, if indeed she even exists outside your demented mind.

But I digress….

I called the women you’ve listed on your web site,

Colleen McKillip - Assistant to the Director
Phone: 541-346-2857

After contacting, Ms. McKillip, she kindly past me off to her superior, Director Richard P. Turkiewicz. After a very pleasant conversation regarding Mr. Myers, his employment history at the University (little could be revealed as it’s against their rules to do so), the discussion turned to this compliant, now known as the;

Korff Komplaint

You see, Kal K. Korff, the university has been educated on a certain Kal K. Korff and his internet activities.

As we talked, I instructed Mr. Turkiewicz to go your web site(s), your Youtube channels and last but not least, to the every amusing,

While we talked about you, much laughter interrupted the conversation.

While Mr. Turkiewicz could not share any “real” information with me, and why would he even if he could, Mr. Turkiewicz wondered allowed,

“If there was a complaint, how could this Korff character, living in CZ, get his hands on the complaint before we saw it?”


“What does this have to do with him?”


Smart man.

Even more bright than I thought because, and here’s the kicker…

>>> “Although this official complaint HAS NOW BEEN FILED, it was NOT sent to Colleen McKilip, but instead, to Royce Myers III's supervisor. However, it is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT, so anyone can obtain copies. “ <<<

There is no complaint against Royce Myers III. No complaint has EVER been filed against Myers, from the start of his employment to this point in time; January 31, 2009.

In fact, as of this date, again, no documents of any kind of been sent to the University of Oregon regarding Myers in and way, shape or form.

So, this researcher would have to assume that Kal K. Korff has POSSIBLY created a compliant document, or helped a female friend, possible named, Martina, to create this document and that document has not yet been filed with the Director of Public Safety and Police at the University of Oregon.

As Kal K. Korff has done many times before; example: the life on Mars news release that Kal K. Korff claimed he broke FIRST on the X-Zone Show, but days after it was already announced, and on a show which had not yet aired.

Kal K. Korff has lied about a complaint of any kind being in the hands of ANYONE at the University of Oregon. This has not happened yet, if it ever will.

Kal K. Korff is attempting to force Royce Myers III to come out and play by making a FALSE claim against Mr. Myers at Mr. Myers work place.

Korff is so annoyed with Myers and so set on “taking him down” that Korff will go to any extreme to force Myers to act.

I’m apologize taking up so much room on this otherwise very informative and entertaining blog. However, this information must be made public and it must be confirmed by more than my self.

Please, I implore users of this blog, call the University of Oregon, confirm what I state here is fact and please report back.

This is important because, Kal K. Korff must be made a public spectacle of, and proven to be committing, what is in essence, an act of terror, against a man who did nothing more than to question Kal K. Korff’s claims and disagree with Korff’s claims regarding his brother’s legal troubles and the material Myers posted on his UFO related web site.

In closing, IF a complaint is filed against Myers, it will be a fabricated document, based on fantasy and not reality.

As they say, you can sue anybody for anything. You can also file a compliant against anyone for any reason. Food for thought.

This cannot stand.

Kal K. Korff must be stopped.


A blogger whom mustn’t reveal who they are, for fear, yes fear, of having to waste life’s precious minutes fighting with a lunatic.

Best Regards,

** ***** ****** Esq

Kal K. Korff, if I’m wrong, prove yourself right with tangible proof?

Release you’re registered, signed, dated, and stamped documents to prove that I am wrong.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...


Hey Korff,

As is usual with you, stop dodging the issue. Instead of using these tired deception techniques, simply supply the proof,


as that last poster wrote,

do you really enjoy wasting the precious minutes of life...

fighting the world over marginal, at best, ridiculous, at worst, issues.

UFO's and Bigfoot, my God Kal, maybe a re-write on that 6 issue series is in order to persuade your publisher to publish this tome.

Acts of terror seem worthy of your intellect, not UFO's and Bigfoot!

You continue to make claims which you seem incapable of verifying.

Kal K. Korff, "I don't have to!"

Why is it so hard for you to just get to the truth?

Oh, that’s right. You can’t verify a lie as truth.

Kal K. Korff, fighting the tines of windmills, alone.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

I was going through Korff's website, and I noticed any number of lies on his part. One of them that struck me immediately was his repeated claim that Paul Kimball "believes" in little grey men visiting Earth, or the reality of what is called the extraterrestrial hypothesis. This is a flat-out falsehood, and I'm sure Korff knows it, because he obviously is familiar with Kimball's work - as am I. I have read his blog for a number of years now (, and saw him speak once in Washington, D.C. - he has consistently maintained that while the ETH is a valid enough theory, it is just that, an unproven theory. On more than one occasion he has said that he doesn't know what UFOs are, only that they are interesting, and worth study, a position held by Korff's good friend Brad Sparks.

Yet another lie by Korff, whose modus operandi seems to be tell as many lies as possible as often as you can, and eventually people might start to believe it. I seem to recall a certain German leader in the 1030s and 1940s employing a similar tactic.

Anonymous said...

I would not be calling Meyers's employers. This is precisely what that fuckwit Kal Korff wants to have happen. Kal is purposefully trying to cause Meyers grief at work. I suppose I could encourage people to call Kal's mother and relatives because their numbers are listed in the phone book but why would anyone do that? Where Meyers works and what he does is irrelevant. Kal wants to make it relevant just so he can act crazy and cause problems. What the fuck does Meyers's profession have to do with anything exactly? Kal tries to make this shit personal on every level and wants to destroy people he thinks have crossed him. Kal will do and say anything to get even with someone. Just look at Kal and his past feuds. Kal even turned on Greg Long who was his partner and it was over money. Kal even mentions that he and Meyers parted ways because of a disagreement they supposedly had over Kal's brother getting shot by a cop. I've combed the web looking for anything Meyers said about this shooting and cannot find a single thing from him. I wonder if this was a private conversation Kal and Meyers had and Kal is just trying to use it and twist it around to try and create problems for Meyers just like Kal took what Kevin Randle said completely out of context and has called Randle a terrorist and claimed him to be unpatriotic. Kal has accused others of being racists when that was never the case. Kal has a big mouth and doesn't know when to keep it shut. Don't help him play any of his low life games. Kal is a libeler and slanderer who deserves nothing less than being sued and losing what few pennies he has left.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Korff has not turned on his pal Brad Sparks but has alienated all of his past friends with his loony shit? Brad Sparks believes in little grey aliens and has publicly bashed the Mogul balloon explanation for Roswell. Korff supports the Mogul theory as fact even though it has been torn to shreds.

So how long is it before Korff comes out and holds Sparks to the same standards Korff holds all others to? This is because Korff has uneven standards and will admonish one person for the same thing but not another as long as it suits Korff's needs.

And yes, I would never call someone's place of employment. While Korff pretends to be some sort of professional, it is clear he is not as no true professional would never post half of the grossly libelous material Korff posts on a regular basis. Jon Erik Beckjord used to post people's office phone numbers and file fake complaints against people all the time. I mention this as someone else compared Korff and Beckjord and their harassment tactics are indeed the same - both in bad taste, vindictive, and petty.

Anonymous said...

I think Kal has finally legit snapped.

I got this in my gmail inbox:

"F1 racer,

You and your band of hateful lying friends FUCKING ASSHOLES are about to get what you deserve, each of you including your hateful friends at KKIAI blog and Brad and that terrorist Digger who CONTACTED AND THREATENED MY FAMILY. I am tired of this and I am going to end it NOW



this ought to be good

f1 Racer

Anonymous said...

>>> are about to get what you deserve, <<<

So there is no free speech in Korffland...?


Kal K. Korff: "Fuck you Milos Bartu!"

Anonymous said...

So I'm now a member of that elite group called 'terrorist'. I can hardly wait to tell all my friends! Do I get a badge or something to wear on my cowboy hat??
If I WERE to contact any of Kal's family, which I have not yet done, and don't ever plan to, I would give them my utmost sympathy, for reasons I'm sure we're all aware of.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff:

>>> that terrorist Digger who CONTACTED AND THREATENED MY FAMILY. <<<<


>>> If I WERE to contact any of Kal's family, which I have not yet done, and don't ever plan to, <<<

More lies from the crack pot.

Anonymous said...

Herr. Korff:
Ich bin Sie glauben traurig, dem Weise über mich, aber ich der gleichen Weise über Sie glauben. Persönliches nichts, aber haften es!

M. Korff :
Je suis désolé vous le sentir que la manière au sujet de moi, mais moi sentent la même manière au sujet de toi. Rien personnel, mais ne le collent !

Г-н. Korff:
Я огорченн вы чывство дорога о мне, но я чувствуем такую же дорогу о вас. Ничего личное, но вставляет его!

I'd use English, but Kal isn't too good at that language, to my udder dismay, literally!

aka Digger

Brad Hudson said...


I have finally made the big time and have been mentioned by name!!

I can only hope that I get a good, long email that makes little to no sense.


The newest member of F1 Racer's Internet "Gang"

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 'Gang'!
I feel SO honored to also be included!


Brad Hudson said...

Digger -

I wonder if F1 will give us an officer's rank in S3 and an "Operation Klean Up Krazy Korff" campaign ribbon?

It begs the question, though, how did he miss Squonkamatic? He's been as harsh as any on Kal, and his extended posts are things of beauty.

Peace out, my fellow gangsters,

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Brad Hudson said...

Sadly, Kal could end all this in about 10 seconds: just come out and admit you lied about everything and we'll all go on our merry way.

Seems simple enough.

Brad Hudson

Anonymous said...

My prediction on the "complaint" against Royce Meyers.

1. The complaint is not real. OR
2. The complaint is real but is a meaningless attempt to get even wtih Meyers. I predict the "complaint" is a joke and will get tossed out just like Kal has tossed away whatever scrap of sanity he may or may not have had at one point. Kal will of course do the usual song and dance about police conspiracies and "good old boys" networking bullshit.

Remember one thing about Kal - he is ALWAYS BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE FOR ALL THE BAD THAT HAPPENS TO HIM AND THOSE AROUND HIM. Just look at the shooting of his sibling. Kal first claims his brother was an innocent hitch hiker. Kal later ADMITS THE TRUTH that his brother was with his friends and that his brother should "choose his friends more carefully". Kal rails against the police and leaves out vital information about his sibling's case, things like his sibling pleading guilty to being a felon with a weapon and his brother being found GUILTY of FELONIOUS ATTEMPTED ASSAULT!

Kal has an established pattern of blaming others for the problems that seem to constantly plague him and those around him. Kal and those round him have no one but themselves to blame. Kal you need to stop making things up and start taking some responsibility for your poor behavior and vindictiveness. Stop being a conspiracy nut Kal.

I can guarantee you Kal will make up some conspiracy or accuse someone of committing some crime or fraud or lying or some bullshit when things don;t go his way.

New name for Kal - Conspiracy Kal. Maybe we'll use Colonel Conspiracy. Kal Conspiracy Clown Korff.

Anonymous said...

>>> New name for Kal - Conspiracy Kal. Maybe we'll use Colonel Conspiracy. Kal Conspiracy Clown Korff.<<<

I like them all but, you must get with the program my friend:

Konspiracy Kal
Kolonel Konspiracy
Kal Konspiracy Klown Korff

I like them all!!!!!!!

Fuck Nut

Squonkamatic said...

He missed me because the name's too hard to remember. I've also been sick as a dog all week and sort of missed the last salvo, just getting caught up on everything right now. I won't contact anybody's work or call people's families, my personal sentiment is that such entities should be left out of this. I've also gone out of my way to try and make sure that Kal K. Korff has no way to contact me and I certainly am not firing off messages. Its funny seeing how he sometimes strikes a concilliatory tone in private messages, like all the public bluster and outrage is just a front, and that personally he's glad for the contact.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


Found an English speaking shrink for you.

Give Stanislava a call at:
+420 725 583 828

Kult of Kal (a.k.a. "Dad")

Anonymous said...

My Blessed God!

Fat Ass has updated his site today. Another template.

Fuck! All those stupid .png images. What a waste of bandwidth!

Fuck! Those stupid roll-over image texts!

Fuck! Posting youtube videos!

Fuck! Some web and puter expert!

Kalvin K. Korff

Fuck Off, you and your most terrible web authoring skills.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the blog?

Has KKK followed through with his threat?

>>> "F1 racer,

You and your band of hateful lying friends FUCKING ASSHOLES are about to get what you deserve, each of you including your hateful friends at KKIAI blog and Brad and that terrorist Digger who CONTACTED AND THREATENED MY FAMILY. I am tired of this and I am going to end it NOW

Kal" <<<

I need some new material!

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Ive been busy working, Ill update it soon!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Thx F1.

BTW, whatever happened to the interview(s) someone on this blog talked about posting, regarding Martina and some other chick, who had dealings with KKK?

Fuck Nut

Squonkamatic said...

That might have been me -- I tried messaging Michaela Kocis through Facebook but have not gotten a reply after like 3 weeks, and that's OK. I would imagine she's glad to have moved on with her life and doesn't want to go over the evil that was. Can't say I blame her and I don't plan to pursue the matter any further.

Anonymous said...

Thx Sq. Onward to the new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

I feel rather bad for this Michaela Kocis lady. She got sucked into Kal's crazy bullshit but was samrt enough to get out. It seems that Martina Tycova got sucked in as well but I frankly think she finally realized what a loser Kal was and told him to get lost.

I don't think I would contact Michaela Kocis and have her suffer by reviving the memories of having to be around that lunatic Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, Korff has some real issues. I mean, if you look at this picture, here he is with his Israeli Super Secret Special Services arsenal.

I don't think a man with this sort of firepower should be trifled with. I think Michaela Kocis is just a player hater, and knows nothing of the True Kolonel Kalvin Klein Korff.