Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kal Korff comedic lunatic!

So here I am bored out of my mind and I thought to myself about where I could grab a good laugh. Where else does one go when they want to laugh their ass off? To anything authored by or spoke by that fool Kal K. Korff.

So here I am poking round on the Internet and I find myself at Youtube.com with Kal blabbing on about 'new products' he will be bring out soon. Kal said LAST YEAR that he would expose hahahahahahahahahahaha Steven Spielberg for making Munich and correcting mistakes Steven Spielberg supposedly made making Shindler's List!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha kal went on with the usual BULLSHIT about JFK and exposing bigfoot nuts and that his terrorism book would be out soon. hahahahahahahhaaaahah Earth to Kal! PROMETHEUS BOOKS HAS PREVIOUSLY SAID YOUR BOOK WAS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY. THIS IS PUBLISHER LINGO FOR 'WE ARE NEVER PUBLISHING IT!'

But the trashy videos only get better! In this Youtube.com bit Kal claims that his brother's lawyer did not present all the forensic evidence they had on court. hahahahahahahahaah If it is one thing that is utterly transparent about Kal it is his ability to blame everyone else for his problems or when the world doesn't 'work' as Kal thinks it should. Kal will blame everyone else but never takes responsibility. It is ALWAYS someone else at fault for Kal's woes.

Why on earth Kal would a lawyer just give up and not introduce some proof to the court that could vindicate your brother - not that it is possible to vindicate someone who is GUILTY but why would this not giving proof ever happen? Let's explore this shall we?

One possibility: Kal using his 'expertise', a few paper napkins, some Crayons, and some ketchup packs from McDonald's did his own analysis of the shooting and demanded his brother's lawyer use it in court. Another possibility: there is no further proof as Kal claims and this is another of Kal's poorly orchestrated and desperate attempts to play mind games. Tough call here and I'm going to have to go with both.

Kal is making a serious charge against a lawyer here by claiming the lawyer withheld proof from a judge. I am sure this lawyer probably already knows ow big of a nut Kal and the lawyer would never waste his time going after Kal. Kal even claims in the Youtube.com video that his brother was found innocent! Kal is always good for a laugh and what is so funny here is that Kal's brother is IN PRISON SERVING TIME FOR TRYING TO FELONIOUSLY ASSAULT A COP!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha Prison is not laughing matter and I don't Kal's brother from Adam but Kal needs to come clean and confess that his brother was CONVICTED! STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC KAL AND STOP MISLEADING CONSUMERS!!!!

Well I managed to get a good laugh from nutty Kal and his crazy rantings. I wonder how much futher Kal will descend into madness in the New Year and what other hilarious bumblings we will be treated to from this comedic nut! Kal Korff is an IDIOT!!!


Anonymous said...

I have it on very good authority that Kal's, 3rd party information, regarding that ufowatchdog dude, and the supposed trouble he will find himself in is, NOT TRUE!

Imagine that?

Will Kal come forward and state the obvious to the world, as he asks other to do?

"I made a mistake. Sorry."

Or better yet, that "I lied."

Any takes in this chump bet?

Anonymous said...

Can I bet Kal's life on it?

Anonymous said...

Before Kurtis Korff was shot attempting to flee the scene and thereby endangering the lives of police officers he was in the presence of 4 other blokes committing burglary and assault. Something Kal Korff never even mentions. Other guys beside Kurtis Korff admitted guilt to that fact. That's why Kurtis Korff is also in prison.
And Kal? Well he conveniently forgets to mention that little fact in all his raving lunatic bullshit articles about his brother. Again showing that Kal Korff is a hypocrite debunker/researcher who only uses that information which helps his preferenced theory and conveniently skips everything else.
Kurtis Korff also has prior convictions. How many words did his brother Kal spend on that? None! Kal isn't some knight on a white horse protecting consumers, persecuting frauds and fighting terrorists, he's the kind that exaggerates, embellishes, omits and conveniently forgets when it suits his needs. He's a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

When Kal's brother was involved in that crime, there was already a warrant out for his arrest on other charges. That's why he jumped in the driver's seat and attempted to get away when the sherrifs stopped them.
The motive for that attack on the victim was not a random robbery but a deliberate well planned revenge on someone that Kurtis Korf was well acquainted with. I would suspect it had something to do with a drug deal gone sour.

BritinPrague said...

In the previous string, reference was made to the Great Man announcing that he was to make an oath of some sort. I remember him raving a couple of years back (in his expres "English teaching" column ... doubtless to the bemusement of his Czech readers) about an "oath of captaincy" that he says he took before a Prague court by way of "proving" that he was indeed a captain in the SSS.

Would this be an "oath of colonelcy", then?

Anyway, could someone direct me to the claim in question, please?

Happy New Year to all you Korffers.

Anonymous said...

Korffers... I like that. T-shirts for all!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff = troll bitch

Jimmy D said...

I cannot open/download the pdf of Kal's "book" - I just get a message that "the file is damaged".

Could some kind soul pls email it to me. My address is: kalisaprick@gmail.com

Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

Do not waste your time reading that piece of shit.

Squonkamatic said...

In the Colonel's own words, reprinted on the UfoWatchDog's "Kan o'Korff" page:

" Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously".

Anonymous said...

was just browsing Critical Thinkers and Kal's comments on his brother, his book and the "uproar" in Josephine Cty. I live in Josepine County, OR and to date have seen nor heard NOTHING about this. NOTHING. No reports of any lawsuits or charges or resignations. I read the local paper daily and watch the local news each morning. I would think that if there was a serious investigation into our DA's office or the local police it would be noted somewhere. I knew Kal as a teenager and found him to be a little out there, but it seems, as I read more and more, that he has now completly "left the building".

Anonymous said...

Kal hasn't just "left the building", the nutball has jumped off the roof. Please tell us more about Kal since you said you knew him as a teenager. I think everyone here would find that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just realized that Kal's momma lives less than 2 miles from me!!! I must know when he will be in town again. What a hoot it would be to just drop in.
I did know him in Jr High and High School. This was in Fremont, CA, not here in Oregon...just coincidence his family has ended up down the street. I remember him as being quite smart...a little showy about it. I don't recall him winning any science fairs for building an atomic bomb. Can't quite see the powers that be in our school system at that time even allowing it. I hung out mostly with his sister, whose name I will not share as I am sure she is trying desperatley to disassociate herself with all of this. Suffice to say, she was no where near as crazy as he. I actually remember him holding court on the existence of UFO's. I always expected to see him publish on the matter of their existence, not the other way around. Big Chariots of the Gods fan. This was a time when it was in theaters and Crash Go the Chariots was on the bestsellers list. He was always what I would consider a bit eccentric and slightly out of touch with reality. I didn't know his family well...not my cup of tea so to say. Father really was a card carrying KKK dude. Even had it on his license plate. Not the kind of people you wanted to spend your free time with!!! I'm not relly sure what kind of info I can give you. This was 30 years ago!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from Oregon:
Very interesting background info on Kal. A question though - aside from his brother Kurtis and brother Daniel (Danny), what can you say about his sister? And what age would she be now? Younger than Kal?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I will bring her into this. She has obviously been able to remain anonymous, and she was someone I liked.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

I dont mind spilling the beans on her! Whole family is messed up!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

WOW! Look at the picture hee of that greasy fuck Kal K. Korff! LOL!!! Kal should try rediscovering soap and water. LOL!!!

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