Monday, January 26, 2009

Kal Korff tries to infringe on FREE SPEECH through THREATS!!

You heard it right! that crazy fool Kal Korff is now trying to frighten people out of exercising their rights to free speech. Kal is now threatening to "expose" people posting as "Anonymous" and sue them. Kal calls these people cowards and throws a fit on his Internet website.

Kal can't figure out why people are posting under the user of Anonymous. i will tel you why Kal because you're too stupid to figure it out and no one will fall for your baiting. People protect themselves by commenting under anonymity. Protect you might ask, Kalvin? Yes because they probably don't want to be subjected to your crazy bullshit Kal! They don't want to be stalked by you or harassed by you! People now have a variety of places they can freely express their opinions about you Kal! Freely!

I think what you don't like Kal is the fact that you have people expressing themselves and telling others their opinions on your crazy claims! the other thing you hate is that you don;t know who they are and thus cannot make any attempt to infringe on their rights through your pathetic terror tactics. Yes Kal, I'm calling you a TERRORIST because you attempt to employ TERROR to get your way when people point out the flaws with your claims or your other idiotic nonsense and threats of suing people in foreign countries and threats of having the police come and drag them off. The only time it is ok to be protected to free speech rights is when Kal has something to blow out his own hole. Or at least so goes the warped logic of that hateful little man.

You claim to be a patriot Kal and a protector of the free world and humanity. Yet here you are threatening people and trying to coerce them into giving up their basic rights to speak their minds while you spread endless hate and rage. People laugh at your nonsense by freely voicing their right to an opinion and commenting on things they have that disprove your claims or show the many times you contradict reason or yourself or when you massacre the English language. this is how free speech works. Notice that nobody is trying to shut you up Kal other than pointing out the obvious bullshit you spread everywhere and pointing out your own lunacy to you?

You are a crazy man Kal! CRAZY!! This my person opinion and I think any other reasonable person would reach the same conclusion. You are a certifiable fruitcake Kal! I don;t believe any of this S3 nonsense. I don't believe you ever created hypertext. I don't believe you have a legitimate five hundred book deal. To shortne it up I DO NOT BELIEVE 99% OF WHAT YOU SAY. So let me guess Kal, next you say you'll expose me and sue me and call the police and that I will pay for daring to express any opinions or make widely known any facts I find out about you? Maybe you'll contact my employers and cook up a complaint against me so you can try to silence me by spreading ill will simply because you do not like what I have to say to you or say about you? maybe you'll report me to the FBi or departmentof justice or some other organization where you will try to have me labeled as a racist or hater of some sort?

As you have been fond of saying Kal you are a PUBLIC FIGURE. If you continue to make all these absurd statements in public you should be prepared for opinions and critiques and laughter. A civilized intelligent human being never has to resort to threatening someone else for hyperbole or opinions. Judging from all the old writings you have made on a bunch of other Internet websites it looks like making threats and trying to terrorize people who disagree with you Kal or have strong opinions that are counter to your expectations of gushing accolades Kal is nothing new to you.

free speech is a two way street Kal and if are to continue making these absurd statements and claims you should brace for more opinions and criticisms. If you don't like the fact that the world is not bowing before but is instead laughing its ass off at your ridiculous bullshit, then you better stop being so thin skinned and be prepared to act accordingly and like an adult.

For those posting their opinions and criticisms DO NOT let Internet TERRORIST Kal Korff scare you from exercising your rights as a human being!! and I'm sure I am not alone in concluding that Kal is a sordid little terror monger.

By the way there Kal, I saw your recently filmed video clip and must say that you look like utter shit.


I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

I'm afraid to visit Kal's site for fear my eyes will spontaneously burst into flame. Somebody post the Youtube video link where Kal looks "like utter shit" please.


Anonymous said...

Check out Korff's site. Now he claims that an 'official complaint' has been served against Royce Meyers and send to his supervisor.

There's also this threat from Kal;
"Let this be a lesson and a warning to all of those "kritics" out there who MAKE A POINT to post on forums which promote HATRED and INTOLERANCE. As usual, you are exposed as being LIARS once again, since you were NEVER in a position to "know" what was going on, — instead, you just claimed you did."

Seems like the angry little man doesn't know when to call it quits and goes to new lows by contacting someones boss.

Anonymous said...

Im awaiting the imminent arrival of the police to carry me away.


Kal, you fat old pedo, stfu.

F1 Racer

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

At long last, I posted an entry on . Just broadcasting the anti-Kal 'store'.

I'm personally looking forward to having coworkers ask me what the fuck "special secret services" is all about when I'm getting my morning coffee
(yeah, I've turned into a marketing weenie.)

-Kult of Kal

Squonkamatic said...

Here's the video, I Am Not Kal:

This one has gotten 66 views in less than 24 hours, which for a Kal K. Korff video is quite a bit. Too bad he looks so miserable. I finally did watch it and yeah, he slips up a couple of times here & there. Maybe this whole conversion to Judaism has something to do with Kal K. Korff's relationship with his father, though I won't speculate any further. People's families should be left out of this, a rule I've already broken once and don't care to again.

And professor, you have much bigger fish to fry than anybody on this blog, except maybe Francis who'd get a kick out of it. What's the point of threatening a bunch of nobodies, unless KIAI is really onto something in speculating that you can't stand not being able to control the dialog here? And seriously, what the hell are you trying to accomplish over in Prague? It's a nice city and all, but shouldn't you be in California producing actual television shows or something like that? Maybe it's time to come home.

Anonymous said...

Kal looks like shit in that YouTube video, and no where near the same as 'the pic in uniform' he send Royce Meyers a couple of years back. Nice try, schizo Kal.

Kult of Kal said...


Come on. Can't you see what charges us? Can't you see what keeps us going? It's your lies.

You want to stop us, right? All you have to do is just say "Sorry, but I lied."
A line like "Sorry, but I royally fucked up." would shock us into utter silence.

Admitting that would halt us in our tracks.

Put it in a video, or on your would deflate our ballon, take the wind from our sails and shut us the fuck up. Really; just try it.

Kult of Kal said...

Thanks, Squonkamatic.

That video is priceless. Kal's a amazing piece of work.

Anonymous said...

I see where Kal is displaying a picture of a University of Oregon Public Safety badge. It was copied from this:
Now if Kal had read on down to the bottom, he would have seen the word 'Copyright'.
Kal, would you like to get sued for Copyright infringement?
I'm sure Royce Myers III would love that!


Anonymous said...

Ive taken the liberty of emailing the poor woman Kal threw up on his website as a contact for this whole Royce thing, I am sure she will be SO happy to see what Kal did

btw my blog is getting a LOT of hits from Oregon, from qwest, at all times of the day...a LOT of hits....HI KAL!!!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

I've sent my own, well crafted e-mail to that contact whom KKK calls out in the Royce Rant.

We'll see and I'll post here.

Further proof that KKK reads, and REACTS to this blog.

Fuck Nut.

Anonymous said...

>>> As you have been fond of saying Kal you are a PUBLIC FIGURE. <<<

And as a public figure, you will get, at least, the same feedback as actors, politicians, the Royal Family, receive, etc.

You’ve put yourself out there Kal, you want the attention.

You’ve now got, attention.

You can’t choose what TYPE of attention you get.

You can somewhat steer the type of attention you get. Cause and effect.

You are doing, that! Ha!

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Hi Kal! I love you, even though I think you are a nutball. Keep talking so we can keep laughing.

Anonymous said...

If this really is Meyers's work I would never send an email or call. Kal wants to get a reaction out of Meyers for whatever reason and contacting his supposed employer is just what Kal wants to see happen. And this newest video from Kal is pretty disturbing. The guy comes off as a genuine nutball.

Anonymous said...

You know, you're right. I wish I wouldn't have sent off the e-mail now....

All this will do is bring attention to Royce, which he doesn't want.....

I may have to send a snail-mail letter to him.....

Fucking Fucking Nut.

Anonymous said...

The video at

is one of the most profoundly disturbing things I have ever seen. On the other hand, I don't think anyone's descent into genuine madness and dementia has ever been so thoroughly documented! It's almost painful to see Kal talk about his parents' divorce and his relationship with his father. It's clear Kal is struggling, unsuccessfully, with multiple issues. I wonder if anyone in his family (like his mother) has ever thought about having him involuntarily hospitalized for treatment? His YouTube videos would be powerful evidence he is non compos mentis.

I had to laugh when he claimed he was related to Rabbi Baruch Korff. No, Rabbi Korff did not convince Nixon to resign. Instead, Korff tried, to the bitter end, to convince Nixon to stay on. Maybe Kal should do a little historical research (perhaps the Special Secret Services haven't heard of something codenamed "Google".)

But Rabbi Korff declared before his death that he knew Diane Sawyer was the Watergate informant "Deep Throat" (who turned out to be mark Felt, the #2 man at the FBI). So maybe Kal and the rabbi are related, since they both seem to have a knack for getting things totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell waits 2 years to file a complaint???? If this complaint is real it is likely some bogus piece Kal has cooked up. Kal is trying hard to make it look like he has no hand in this trying to be neutral and all but anyone who knows anything about Kal's hatred for Randle, Meyers, Kimball and the rest knows that all actions Kal takes are vile and vengeful in nature. How many years has Kal been threatening these same people?????

Anonymous said...

>>> I had to laugh when he claimed he was related to Rabbi Baruch Korff. No, Rabbi Korff did not convince Nixon to resign. Instead, Korff tried, to the bitter end, to convince Nixon to stay on. Maybe Kal should do a little historical research (perhaps the Special Secret Services haven't heard of something codenamed "Google".)

But Rabbi Korff declared before his death that he knew Diane Sawyer was the Watergate informant "Deep Throat" (who turned out to be mark Felt, the #2 man at the FBI). So maybe Kal and the rabbi are related, since they both seem to have a knack for getting things totally wrong.<<<

Man, it's just doesn't stop Kalvin.

Everytime you make ANY KIND of statement, it falls, hard.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

How many years would it take, at an average rate of visitors KKK gets to his site, seems to be about 1000 per 24 hour day, to make todays total of:



Who many years has KKK's website(s) been up in their current state


Brad Hudson said...

Well, the meltdown is proceeding.

Let me get this straight: Kal DIDN'T file this complaint. In fact, all he did was convert it to a pdf for the woman involved? Right...

The UN rant was especially touching. Apparently the great Kal Korff is the only one who can fix the UN.

I know Royce is deliberately not responding to any of this, but if Kal did somehow drum up a complaint I'd go after his fat, Nazi ass with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

Hey, Kal, what the hell would the state of Washington have to do with Bob Gimlin?? If the P/G film is a hoax then it was perpetrated in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. WASHINGTON HAS NO JURIDICTION, dip shit.

Of course, you were an "expert witness" in the OJ trials so you obviously know the law. Except you don't know the difference between civil and criminal penalties, that there is no crime on the books in any state called "consumer fraud", and Royce's interest in UFO's has nothing to do with his police work. Only a failed lying sack of shit like yourself would be so up in arms on taken out of a defunct website's "hall of Fame".

For God's sake, man, grow the fuck up.

And don't ever, EVER, set foot in Dallas.

Of course you won't even meet someone in your current city of residence, so the chances of you ever having the balls to show up in another country is slim and none.

So, in conclusion, you're still a gay Nazi. that's actionable libel there, pal, now come on and see what happens should you ever dare to step into a court room. You won't because you know the second that happens the whole house of cards that are your lies comes raining down.

Piss off, Korff.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

First Kal says Meyers is police officer and now Meyers is a security officer? Can you not get your facts straight at all Kal??? Kal seems crazy enough to get someone to file some bullshit charge against any number of people Kal is going after on his personal vendetta trip. How many times has Kal threatened people with the FBI and justice Department??? Too many times. I think Kal is just hoping to get lucky and hit any number of the people he hates with some bullshit just to try to get them in trouble. And whatever Meyers does for a living has nothing to do with his interest in exposing crazy ass people. Kal should just wear a t-shirt that 'this is personal. fuck you'. Yeah and what is up with this whole thing? If there is any actual complaint I am sure the person looking at it will instantly realize how full of shit Kal is. Can't you charge someone with filing a fictitious report? Hate to say it but I am glad craazy Kal can't harass me.

Anonymous said...

Look back in the archives... I'm pretty sure Fuck Nut stated that HE was going to file against Royce and then it turned into "THEM".

And now Fuck Nut, in his SELF INTERVIEW states that he will now follow up this "complaint" with this bullshit about talking to Royce's employer about his old UFO hobby.

Why would they care?

My boss woudn't. They'd get pissed at having to take calls from the Fuck Nut, and that might get interesting...

I do believe that with Fuck Nut's contacts up in the Northwest, because his family lives there and so did he, that he could find another Fuck Nut to do his bidding.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

If this complaint is in .PDF format, can somebody please post it here, or some place so we can see it?

Anonymous said...

"Korff: It takes a very special kind of asshole to make such a complaint."

Truer words never fell out of Kal's big mouth. My money is on him using his family to file the complaint. I saw Kal make reference to a falling out between Royce and him over his brother getting shot by the cops. I searched high and low for some sort of info here and can't find anything from Royce's side on this but found a mountain of stuff from Kal. Definitely sounds personal to me and I would not put it past Kal to drum up some bullshit. And yeah I am curious why it took "2.5" years for something to happen if there is a real complaint to begin with. Kal has threatened to sue Royce and expose him for a few years now. Sour grapes from Kal if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Note this gem from the "expert witness":

Facts are facts. Royce is guilty of what he is charged with, unless he can 'prove' otherwise.

Perhaps someone with a real law degree, like Paul Kimball, should explain to Colonel Half-wit that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the good old USofA.

Honestly, what a stinking turd of horse manure.

Brad Hudson said...

Korff has no concept of even basic legal concepts, the kind most college students get in the course of their degree work (not talking about a pre-law degree, either.).

In Korff-world, the burden of proof is on those he accuses and on those that accuse him, never on the mighty Kal K Korff.

Kal is too flipping ignorant to see the incredible double standard he puts out.

I'm just hoping the Czech authorities snatch him up and he spends some time in jail to think about what a wreck his life is.

Nazi, actionable, etc.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kal K. Korff
121 Jiri z Podebrad Ulice
Prague EU 10001
Czech Republic

Dear Mr. Korff;

What has Royce Myers III, a security guard at the University of Oregon, have to do with the criminal case of Kurtis Korff?

Kurtis Korff is the sole petitioner in the case of Korff vs. Geiger, et al. How can you be involved?

If anyone can obtain copies of the 'official complaint form' against Mr. Royce Mycers III, how can UFOWatchcat reserve the right to publish it?

Awaiting your response.

/s/ xxxxxxxx
Investigative Branch

Anonymous said...

>>> Kal has threatened to sue Royce and expose him for a few years now. <<<

Expose him for what?

I think this is the point.

>>>> Mr. Kal K. Korff
121 Jiri z Podebrad Ulice
Prague EU 10001
Czech Republic <<<


Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Let's go over all this. A week asgo Kal starts boasting about some complaint. Somebody posting here contacts Meyers and asks about it. Meyers says there is no complaint and Kal is off his rocker. So at that time there was no complaint.

So let's say that this complaint is real and Kal has conned some dupe into filing it. Now since it was not known a complaint was filed, Kal can come out swinging as he claims victory and disproving all his "kritics" wrong.

So what? Kal files or gets some idiot to file some bogus complaint while he accuses Meyers of being guilty but then said he can't be sure what the outcome will be? This whole thing makes absolutely no sense at all. None whatsoever.

What I can't understand is why Royce Meyers hasn't sued Kal's ass? How long has Kal been pulling this same stupid shit for now? Years? The threats of complaints and lawsuits pouring out of Kal's ass have been endless!

Someone please sue that moron Kal Korff! He's 110% out of hand!

Anonymous said...

royce has done nothing but an excellent job of exposing ufo nuts and I think korff is just pissed that he isn't on the A list anymore and anyone who knows royce knows he sure as hell doesn't believe in the little gray aliens like korff is trying to get everyone to believe so korff can try and make him look bad. royce's position has always been that while strange things occur there is no proof of aliens. royce has always done great work exposing frauds and saving people countless dollars and grief by exposing con men and hucksters. royce even got sued once for exposing that twit sean david morton. i hope royce sues the living hell out of korff! iw ould at least look into getting a restraining order against korff to keep him on a very short leash.

Anonymous said...

Reading Korff's latest article I had a sudden tremendous bout of flatulence. I don't know what caused it but I guess it was Korff's written words that caused severe bowl movements. Maybe he needs to get in a new line of work - help constipated people. Maybe he can even make a buck out of it.

Anonymous said...

>>> here I was put in his 'UFO Hall Of Fame' and so is Randle. Yet I exposed Randle for being a FRAUD where it concerns Roswell. This is a great, valid example of Royce trying to have things both ways.<<<

There you have it. Royce took his ball and went home. Little Baby Balls, Kalvin *Fuck Nut* Korff didn't like that.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Had some laughs watching these new YouTube entries by Korff about Milos (Cables&Simms) Bartu;

Kal, I hope you're reading this, it's strange that you manage to run into arguments/disagreements with people professionally or otherwise all the time.
Now, I'll admit that I (and others) don't have the inside knowledge of what transpired between you and Mr Bartu regarding any business proposition. On the other hand Kal, you have a recorded history of falling outs, disagreements, threats of legal sanctions and lawsuits with just about anybody you crossed paths with.

My advice to you, and I'm being friendly here, is to take a good hard look at yourself. Look at your own actions and really consider if you share some of the blame as well. When 2 parties fight over something, often (if not always) both parties are guilty or share some of the blame. No person is right about everything all the time. Seeing that you have arguments with Milos Bartu, Kevin Randle, Royce Myers III, Paul Kimball, David Biedney, Mac Tonnies, Gene Steinberg, Stanton Friedman, Ray Santilli and a host of other persons, I would suggest that you take a hard look at yourself and your own actions.

Action - Reaction. A person with a high IQ should understand what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Kal lates rant against Mr Bartu has been forwarded to him, as well as to Apple here in Prague AND to the Apples legal department in the USA with regards to Kal's false claims about being an Apple rep.

F1 Racer

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

That last post by Anonymous seems like it's from mom.

Really, son, take a hard look at yourself. You know that Dad and I have had our differences, but that's in the past. You, our snuggle-bear, can be so much more. You're still so young, so dumb, so full of...
Ummm, what I mean is, you have so much left in you...
So much potential - yes, potential -that's what I mean. Don't let that change You from who you can be.

Kal, it's me again, one of your biggest fans. As F1Racer said earlier, there are a lot of fans from Oregon. From cities like Murphy, Gold Hill, Beaver...every day. You have fans in Indiana. Texas. New York. And in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and of course, the Czech Republic.

Kal, really - we are all hoping you can put your hate behind you. Step up to the camera, put aside these hurtful feelings and just utter "Sorry."
It's really the only choice toward healing, fuck nut.

Squonkamatic said...

I like that hat. And the badges. He's definitely upgraded the badges. Are we supposed to believe he sits around in his apartment dressed in that uniform? I also thought he was supposed to be in "Basle". How udderly ridiculous.

Squonkamatic said...

Aha OK he's not in Prague but returning there shortly to make his complaints formal and official. Hopefully with the hat too, which I genuinely do like. And he's a colonel once again, capable of potty mouth when he needs to make a point -- KAL K. KORFF UNCUT!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bartu's email in response to Ka'ls slanderous video:

Thank you for information. Our patience with mr. Korff is over.

ing. Milos Bartu

key account sales

Cables and Simms spol. s.r.o. / MacZone.EU

Peroutkova 55

150 00 Praha 5 - everything for Apple , iPod and iPhone

AHHAHAHA eat THAT Kal you fat bastard!

F1 Racer
still waiting for the cops

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

Thanks to the keen research from Digger on Kal's dad's address, I find that the old man must be doing quite well...,-American-Canyon,-CA-94503_rb/

His home is valued at a half million dollars. That's probably 3 or 4 times the value of the double-wide trailer his mom is living in. Or I should say the trailer the "DotJoss" company is run from.

I shouldn't throw stones; sorry.
Just saying that Kal could have chosen more wisely for someone to take responsibility for his shafting Maczone.

Anonymous said...

Director Korff.

By measuring the size of the bags under your eyes in these news videos you have just posted on your youtube channel on January 26, 2009;

BartuExposePart 1
BartuExposePart 2

and comparing them to your eye bags in the video you posted on your youtube channel on January 25, 2009;

“Rare Kal Korff Interview”

Our Investigative Branch can now conclusively prove, that the aforementioned “Rare Kal Korff Interview” was;

* Not completed in 2006
* And was completed sometime during the last few weeks, if not the same day as posted.

Director Korff, you lied, once again.

On another item, which you present in Part 2 of your new video series, BartuExpose;

You state that you will hold people accountable for their hatred and you go onto to make statements about anti Semitism, Jew hatred, etc., and you make threats to contact a person’s employer to serve your ends.

Director Korff,

We offer this to you. Please contact the employer(s) of anyone on this blog. Please inform their employers that they are involved in the dissemination of fraudulent material regarding UFO’s, Bigfoot, and Kal K. Korff, et al, in print, on the web and in person.

We are served by the right to make up, and make money off the sale of books and videos, fraudulent material about; UFO’s, Bigfoot, Aliens, and yes, Kal K. Korff. What works for the Weekly World News, the Enquirer and the Star, works for this blog as well.

As an example:

The Paterson film and its makers have not been sued.

The Alien Autopsy and Ray Santilli, have not been sued.

The ufowatchdog, has not been sued.

Mr. Kevin Randal, have not been sued.

The list of threats is very long, conveniently, the same length as the list of threats not followed through with.

Director Korff,

This blog will continue to slander you, and call you out, if for no other reason than that the activity of getting under your skin is so much entertainment.

Watching you fail and twist in the wind, in a very public way, and publicly viewing you wasting your time fighting people the majority of the world knows nothing about, and cares very little for, is just to much fun to let you go.

In these worsening economic times, and with true horror and hatred going on in the world, and right in your own backyard, Director Korff, your time would be better spent on more universal problems, not wasting them on a UFO web site, UFO and Bigfoot books and videos, etc.

Mr. Director,

You continue to publicly twist in the wind, smelling your own farts and to fight the tines of wind mills, alone.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

UFO, aliens, bigfoot.....

Your fight and cause are...


Anonymous said...

I took time to suffer through Kal's first video regarding Mr. Bartu. The most outrageous pack of lies I've ever heard from him.
What a tale of fantasy!
Just one example:
The reason prices are higher in Prague than in the US is because of the declining value of the US dollar vs. the Euro. Huh??
Today's money market: (1/27/09)
1 USD = 1.314 Euros!


p.s. - Hi mom's house in Grants Pass, OR is valued at $110,000.

Anonymous said...


Do you think Kal will catch on to my preceding statement?


Anonymous said...


Do you think he will catch onto Fuck Nut's mention, and yours, at all?

The word for the day, seems to be,


Anonymous said...

Okay, I watched the new videos and have a couple of questions. Does Kal understand the term "Projection"? He talks of haters but who spits the most hate?

Did anyone notice that he's wearing the colonel's eagle backwards?

Can he do anything without mentioning Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle or Royce Meyers?

Anonymous said...

In Kal's latest videos the background is practically the same. One vid was allegedly shot in 2006 but it seems to me Kal had a shave and shot the next two vids. Like someone else pointed out, the bags under his eyes are identical.

Anonymous said...

Notice the insignia on his hat. Standard US Air Force issue since 1948.

Anonymous said...

By the way Kal, be sure and tune in to the xzone radio show at 1AM EST tonight/tomorrow (7AM in Prague) to listen to a certain lawyer and film producer, AND his lovely assistant, from Halifax, Canada.

Anonymous said...

>>> listen to a certain lawyer <<<

Oh yes!

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Kal has FINALLY disabled comments on his you tube channel

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...


>>> Kal has FINALLY disabled comments on his you tube channel

You can still comment on videos. Better hurry up before he removes those. :-)

Anyway, it's still "Director" channel. And it's still a LIE.

As Horn might say, "And They Lie." Oh wait,

Fuck Nut says that as well. Even had a web site URL.

Sleeping with enemies?

What was the statement Fuck Nut made to Horn, when he told him to beg off?

Fuck Nut seems to be losing his cool and using very bad words.

Would the S3 appreciate this kind of public display?

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Here's a known spammer and rip off artist in CZ:


Send this address an e-mail and tell this address to please pass along their important information to this address...

Anonymous said...

Kal has disabled those comments because he has very thin skin and cannot allow for anyone else to exercise their right to express opinions or to post facts about Kal that are embarrassing to him. Dictator Kal can't have anyone else pointing out his faults. We can't have our tubby and blushing little psycho having his fragile ego crushed. It is ugly when Kal cries.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed, as I am sure everyone else has, Kal's juvenile attempts to tie in videos having to do with knockouts and slam dunks with his website in an utterly transparent attempt to play some sort of psychological warfare. LMAO

Kal is an amateur on every level imaginable. The frightening thing here is that he truly and utterly believes what he says. I would not be at all surprised, were I able to be a fly on the wall, that Kal walks in circles inside his cramped little apartment muttering this stuff to himself in some mantra fashion.

"I'm a Colonel!" {Kal saluting himself in a small mirror repeatedly}

"I'm in counter intelligence!" {Kal polishing the badge he bought from a military surplus store clearance sale}

"I will have them all arrested and prosecuted! I will sue them and expose them all for criticizing me! I'll show them all!" {Kal turning red and the veins in his neck puffing up from anger as he reads various blogs exposing his utter nonsense}

"Martina, get on your knees!" {Martina is absent in the apartment as Kal says this whilst staring at the cover of a Cosmopolitan magazine and fumbling for his wallet}

"I must survive!" {Kal preparing an emergency military meal in a green bag. Kal pulls one from a cupboard storing hundreds of the little military meals he purchased at the same military surplus clearance sale where he obtained his rank insignia pins}

"OK, poage 9,325 of my book is almost finished. Let me see here. Yes, this sounds good! Then I came out of the bushes to warn them. Those unsuspecting FOOLS at the shopping mall going about their day, laughing, not realizing that any second a TERROR ATTACK could STRIKE!!! I shouted, "KALISRAEL!!! COLONEL!!!! UFOs!!!!! RANDLE!!! SPIELBERG!!!! MEYERS!!!!!!! BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!! HIGH IQ!!!!! KRIICS!!!!!! MITCH!!!!!! LAWSUIT!!!!! DIAPER RASH!!!!!!"

The pathetically unprepared had NO IDEA what to do or say. This is the problem with America and how unprepared they are. IN FACT, the woman and her mother were so unprepared when the mother collapsed from fright, the daughter HAD NO IDEA HOW TO DO CPR!!!! I was UDDERLY amazed but not at all surprised and this is why we will never win the war on terror! That is UNLESS I find my true self and my daddy starts loving me! Oh, that and the United Nations must fight international piracy by blowing up boats with missile things and the MacZone repents by kneeling and licking my hairy toes!
{Kal types furiously and suddenly is in desperate need of some KY lube, a can of creamed corn, a book of matches and some dental floss}

"And that was how I used nano-bots to root out spies, terrorists and I used them to solve the JFK assassination when I was 9. Well, that and I designed a nuclear missile when I was 11 and also used the nano-bots to stop that nasty itch I had in my crotch." {Kal in a small cafe telling his life story to someone who speaks absolutely no English, whilst Kal scratches his crotch and smelling his fingers}

"How? How do they keep getting past my secured special secret Israeli computer server protective firewall anti-spam filter and hacking into my site!!!" {Kal begins to furiously type after getting off thephone with a very tired computer support telephone service sick and tired of Kal's continued calls. Kal types on a Turkish website forum - } "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! STAY AWAY from my website! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU LIVE!!!! I am working with the authorities to find out WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU LIVE!!! I am a COLONEL IN THE SPECIAL SECRET SERVICES!!!! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!! As soon as I FIND YOU I will have you LOCKED UP IN A RUSSIAN PRISON!!!!!! YOUR GUILT IS A CERTAINTY!!!!"

One must seriously wonder what the fuck goes on in Kal's apartment. On second thought, never mind. I don't want to know.

Squonkamatic said...

This may come as a shock to some but heck, I'm satisfied with the professor's rambling and delightfully crude explanation of what went down with the Apple stuff. Not that it really matters what I think, of course. But it sounds like there was some failure to communicate crossed with some short tempers, which is understandable given the cost of that stuff. In any event he identified MacZone's Headquarters with the tripped out giant baby sculpture (Claes Oldenberg?) as a Kal's Korner Alliance Partner in that video Jayoss has posted with him delivering iPods. So it sounds like he did have some sort of an arrangement at one point that simply went sour.

As someone else said under the laws that which I live at least, everyone should be presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law, and the internet isn't a place for a mob to try someone for something that may not have even been a criminal act. I'm willing to drop it and back off from the matter -- then again, what do I care? I've already got an iPod and don't even live in Europe. Right now it's a he said/he said kind of entanglement. Let the courts work it out or whatever.

I worked retail for 20+ years and can confirm that there's always two sides to stories like the one that Kal K. Korff unwinds in his new videos. Which is why you need to get everything in writing before going into a "partnership" with anybody you aren't related to or sleeping with. We've pretty much only heard one side of it filtered through various interpreters up till now. I'm not sure why the professor sees the need to tell the whole freaking world but hey, it sounds like a misunderstanding. It also sounds like maybe he's perhaps gotten himself in a little over his head on being an independent Apple reseller, and hasn't had enough time for his SAPSTOE work to make sure he's wearing the right medals/badges pointing in the right directions, but whatever. Maybe he just advises the Israelis on the weekends. I still like that hat.

Anonymous said...

He isnt an apple reseller at all, my emails from Apple confirmed it.
Kal is a con artist

F1 Racer

Brad Hudson said...

WOW! That's got to be record time on how fast Korff took down not only the Bartu vids but also the "Rare 2006 Interview"...

I know you're presuming innocence here, Squonk, but the speed at which these were removed coupled with F1's email to Bartu himself leads me to believe Kal needed to wipe the slate clean in a hurry...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I just hope someone copied those rants before they disappeared....

Squonkamatic said...

F1, he's not an Authorized Apple seller, no. I think he even brings that up in one of the videos. There's a difference with being Apple Authorized and not, which may be the root of his real conflict with Cables & Simms. They are the local Authorized Apple sellers and here comes Kal K. Korff undercutting what in CR is regarded as the going retail market price for the devices that he has an interest in reselling. Anybody can be a reseller, quite literally all you need is a supplier which is what it sounds like this DotJoss person does for him. They buy, hopefully at some sort of discount rate, ship it to him in CR and he resells.

This is also what I mean when I wrote that it sounds like he's gotten himself in a bit over his head. Running a reseller gig for anything is a lot of hard work and you're prone to make mistakes in moments of stress. It sounds like Kal K. Korff recognized a weakness in the local market to exploit and decided to try and find a niche underselling the local authorized outlet. Apple's devices have historically been overpriced and I'm sure overseas it's even worse. But you can sell iPods without being Apple Authorized. They probably aren't happy about him doing it either since without that Apple Authorized label their warrantee situations might be compromised, amongst other considerations.

Heh, which is why you should always buy from an Authorized Apple outlet! And that ties into my comment about how it sounds like he's gotten himself in over his head. Remember at one point there was a communique going around where Kal K. Korff stated he intended to become a major player in the import/export scene in Prague. Sounds like he's encountered some resistance and made a mistake engaging this MacZone as a partner before he was established enough to handle his end of the lumberjack log.

squonkamatic said...


The fastest delete in the west! He truly is one SAPSTOE on the go!

Anonymous said...

newsflash: kal isnt ANYTHING he STOLE his supply of apple products

Squonkamatic said...

How do you know? Or rather what do you know? And be specific.

Squonkamatic said...

"I know you're presuming innocence here, Squonk, but the speed at which these were removed coupled with F1's email to Bartu himself leads me to believe Kal needed to wipe the slate clean in a hurry...

Thanks Brad! I'm just as confused as anybody. He suckerpunched me!! D:

Anonymous said...

>>> "KALISRAEL!!! COLONEL!!!! UFOs!!!!! RANDLE!!! SPIELBERG!!!! MEYERS!!!!!!! BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!! HIGH IQ!!!!! KRIICS!!!!!! MITCH!!!!!! LAWSUIT!!!!! DIAPER RASH!!!!!!" <<<


Most excellent.

Anonymous said...

Kal must have taken his medication and realized how delusional he sounded in that "Kalisrael" video. Please tell me someone has a copy of that video somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Go to YouTube. They're still up there.

Anonymous said...

I'll go do just that. But, while you wait:

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting:

Read the comments.


Anonymous said...

* Has been removed:


This is a rare series of interviews and comments by then-Captain Kal K. Korff, on terrorism and other subjects, recorded ...

* Has been removed:

The following is a very blunt expose concerning false claims made on the Internet regarding Kal Korff. This is a two part ...

* Has been removed:

The following is a blunt expose and commentary, as well as complete refutation, concerning false comments made against ...

I looked far and wide, nothing on the "current" site...

Hint, hint.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Claw hammer, framing hammer...

Makes no never mind to me, as long as one drops....

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

A year ago,

Fuck Nut stated on this youtube video:

Col. Kal Korff CONFIRMS Legal Action against Royce Myers III

... to take legal action against RM III.

In January 2009, Fuck Nut, told the world that he has NOTHING to do with this supposed legal action against RM III, legal action which there is still no proof of.

Fuck Nut, goes on to state, in this video which was pulled from youtube before 24 hours elapses after it’s posting, that he, Fuck Nut, will talk to RM III employer and, in essence, tell on RM III, for messing about with UFO's, his own time.

Fuck Nut lied to world, once again, by making PUBLIC proclamations, and threats to take legal action against RM III.

Fuck Nut never did this, and by his own admission, Fuck Nut, never will.

Fuck Nut is trying to get RM III to respond to his outbursts because Fuck Nut has had his feelings hurt because Fuck Nut was removed from RM III Hall of Fame and RM III refuses to respond to Fuck Nut in anyway.

Simple as that.

Fighting the tines of windmills, alone.

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kal has sure been busy today pulling those latest videos. Doesn't want to leave any evidence of his stupidy behind. Once he sobered up and the Meth wore off, he realized he had crossed some legal limits with that outlandish story about he and the Cables & Simms situation, and could be subject to even more charges filed against him, he
The real story is, he intentionally stole those iPods and the the laptop and covertly sold them for cash on the street corners with no intention of paying for them himself. There's a lot more to the story, but no need to go into all that. Kal is in trouble and he knows it.
All his rants, raves, threats and fictitious lawsuit actions are nothing more than an old toothless hound barking at the moon!


Anonymous said...

More like barking at his own ass! Why does anyone ever suffer this fool Kal K. Korff? I hope the people he bashes use his fat ass for every dime, i-pod and whatever else they can get out of him. Then I'd hit his sloppy ass with a restraining order! The guy is an obsessed and hate filled freak.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal,

Lighten up, check out this video and take it heart:

Sloppy Ass

Anonymous said...

By the way Kal, be sure and tune in to the xzone radio show at 1AM EST tonight/tomorrow (7AM in Prague) to listen to a certain lawyer and film producer, AND his lovely assistant, from Halifax, Canada.

Confident prediction - Korff will have some post up slamming Kimball in a day or two, as well as something with "Martina". The man simply can't stand to have someone else look better than him, especially when it's REAL!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone save that "Kalisrael" video where he was going off the deep end??????

Squonkamatic said...

Now let's see if I got this all right;


Hope I didn't leave anything out!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Sq, you got it all!

Listened to the show tonight.

As expected, no Korff mention.

Why would Paul?

He was there to promote himself and his work.

Nothing wrong with that.

Good job Paul.

Fuck Nut, out.

Brad Hudson said...

Nice list, Squonk, but you left out our pal F1..

Hey, Francis, have the cops burst into your house yet? Is your YouTube channel pulled??

Just more promises of action from "Kalisrael"and zero follow through...

Sadly, though, when the Cables and Simms heat gets too hot Kal usually stops putting up videos. I guess we'll just have to with the 37 volume expose on Royce that I;m sure Kal has coming out just around the corner.

Speaking of volumes, have you noticed how Kal never just claims to have written a book? It's always a multi-volume set. I think his grandest plan was a 24 volume expose of Meier. The freaking Warren Commission Report was 26 volumes. Did Kal expect us to believe he had that much evidence and that ANYONE would actually want 24 books about a wingnut from Switzerland??

It's absolutely stunning that he even thought anyone would ever believe that.

I guess Kal figures "I'm going to flat out lie anyway, why not make the lie as huge as possible.

BTW, what the hell does Kal do for money?? I can't imagine his royalty checks add up to more than $1.35 a month. I guess there is money to be made in the sale of stolen goods...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Listened to the show tonight.

As expected, no Korff mention.

I'm not sure - at one point Kimball referred to debunkers who just always say no to everything. I wonder if he was slipping in a dig at Krazy Kal?

I'm sure the Kernel was tuned in, and it must have really got him going when McConnell read off Kimball's real world bio, and even worse, when McConnell repeatedly praised Kimball as a professional.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Xzone radio listener poll:
Paul Kimball/Holly Stevens: 101
Kal Korff/Martina Tycova: 0

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Kal took his newest videos down?
Nice try, idiot, but luckily I copied them first.

I just reposted up on Google Video:

Korff's Kussing video, part 1:

Korff's Kussing video, part 2:

Korff's "interview" about Rabbi Korff:

You may want to forward the new link to Milos, in case he needs Kal's vid as evidence against him.

Tom Carey said...

Brad Hudson asked: "BTW, what the hell does Kal do for money??" is obvious...the answer lies in Kal's penchant for giant hats!!! He works as a pimp, with MARTINA as his only employee....

...fencing stolen Apple gear is only a sideline....

Squonkamatic said...

GG on snagging those videos, KOK!! Looks like Mr. Computer Expert finally figured out how to edit his YouTube channel. All comments are gone and there is now no age listed. I guess that shows us!

I also got preemptive and informed my supervisor that some dope in Czech Republic might be calling up to try and get me fired as result of an internet feud I'd found myself in the middle of involving Bigfoot, UFOs, supermodel journalists and iPods. She chuckled and asked me to show her some of the details, and we ended up surfing through the professor's YouTube channel and this blog over coffee & having a laugh riot. Her final verdict on the matter is that as long as I'm not Korffing on the clock she doesn't give half a shit what I do for amusement on the internet, since it's none of her business. I like my boss ;D

Anonymous said...

In Honor of Paul, a post he made on another fourm, A post which contains many pearls of wisdom:

Paul Kimball
Paranormal Master
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Halifax, N.S.

Re: Kal Korff sues the unmentionable one



In Defense of... Michael Horn?

Yup, you read the title right folks. In Defense of Michael Horn, Billy Meier's American representative.

Yesterday, I put up a little note about how longtime Meier critic Kal Korff has apparently set his sights on Horn for consumer fraud. I mused that it sounded like "fun".

On reflection, I was wrong.

Is Michael Horn a rotten little guy? Absolutely. He strikes me as a nasty piece of work. He's a bully, the worst kind of True Believer.

But so is Kal Korff. The man has an ego the size of a planet. I can't think of a single ufologist, even the skeptical ones, who have ever had a nice thing to say about him. Indeed, I can't even think of a true debunker that has anything nice to say about him.

Frankly, judging by their recent appearances on the X-Zone radio show (last night, and the Thursday before - check the archives at the X-Zone), the two of them deserve each other.

Further, while I know the Meier hoax stirs up emotion, I honestly see it as a harmless distraction. Almost everyone sees it for what it is - a hoax. As for the small minority that don't see it that way?

Well, I've met Meier-ites at the International UFO Congress - they're harmless enough. Nice folks, really. They're not some Marshall Applewhite cult getting ready to kill themselves, or something. I'd put someone like Rael ahead of the Meier-ites in terms of a bad influence. In terms of consumer fraud, Ray Santilli.

Besides, whatever else you can say about Horn, I am convinced that the man honestly believes the Meier stuff is real, as does James Deardorff.

Now in my book that makes them as loony as Daffy Duck, but I don't think they're knowingly perpetrating a fraud, because they don't think it's a fraud. That matters.

We nasty lawyer types call it mens rea in the criminal law (and Korff is nattering on about going after Horn with both the civil and the criminal law).

Here is part of the civil law definition of fraud from Black's Law Dicitonary, 6th edition:

"Elements of a cause of action for 'fraud' include false representation of a present or past fact made by the defendant, action in reliance thereupon by the plaintiff, and damage resulting to plaintiff from such misrepresentation.

As distinguished from negligence, it is always positive, intentional."

Now, Meier himself is another story. If Korff wants to go after someone, it should be Billy boy. He's the one who committed the hoax, after all.

But, again, the Meier stuff is harmless enough. Heck, if you want to go after consumer frauds, you might want to start with a certain "religion" favoured by more than a few of Hollywood's elite.

But that would take real guts, and Korff prefers to pick away at the penny ante fringers, because it's easier, and less risky.

Or maybe, because Korff is the smartest person in the world (to hear him tell it), he could build a time machine and travel back to the 1950s, and tangle with Silas Newton.

Either way, while I have no real use for Horn, I don't see him as a consumer fraud, and I don't see the Meier-ites as some big threat that has to be squashed.

Heck, there are some religions based on stuff just as loopy and dodgy as Meier's prophecies (umm... Joseph Smith pops to mind).

Michael Horn is a True Believer, absolutely, and a mean-spirited one as well, but a perpetrator of consumer fraud, or a horrible threat to "ufology" or whatever?


Time to move on, and leave the Meier-ites alone.

Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

My god he's going to lose his shit when he sees that LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Youtube Channel(s) Breakdown:

Here we have KKK as a Director and 37:

Here KKK is a Director and 36:

And here we have KKK as a Director with no age listed:

Also, KKK hasn’t yet taken the time, or learned, to remove your option to comment on many of the various videos, yet.

KKK is finding out, the more outlets you have on the internet, the more difficult it is to reign in all that material, and to control it.

People copying those last "cussing videos" and posting them elsewhere...

Korff's Kussing video, part 1:

Korff's Kussing video, part 2:

Korff's "interview" about Rabbi Korff:

Posted again for EMPHASIS... KALVIN!

... is a good example, as is the floating date a birth, we can see on his youtube channels.

In KKK’s world, this behavior would constitute LIEING, however, this IS KKK's behavior...

So, it’s a just a man who is too busy fighting for each and everyone one us, and our freedoms...


... to cross all his I’s and dot all his T’s...


Too busy... Get it!?!

Fuck Nut

Anonymous said...


I have friends who have moved to Thailand for the easy sex and cheap living, in that order.

Could it be, that the only reason KKK moved the CZ is because;

He couldn’t get any action in the US

He was so frustrated (hint, hint)

That he moved to the CZ to…

Ahem, relieve him self…

To take advantage of the economic and isolated climate there…

To get him self laid…

By unsuspecting super models?

And it’s all come crashing down upon him…

Apple… Martina…


Could it Be?