Saturday, January 3, 2009

Put down the crack pipe Kal Korff!

I do believe I have finally solved the mystery behind all of this extraordinarily craziness Kal displays. Kal Korff is a crackhead!!! So that might have been a stretch and as far as I know Kal doesn't smoke crack but it would explain a great deal if you think about his irrational and erratic behavior and delusional state to the alleged theft of i-pods and a laptop to Kal just acting plainly mad mad mad mad if Kal did smoke crack.

I have recently just viewed Kal's Internet website and see that the little nut is back in full swing with more of his threats of prosecutions, complaints, lawsuits, books, swearing a oath, and the ususal nonsensical utterances from Kal that all have become accustomed to.

Just like a crackhead Kal believes his fantasies and delusions of grandeur are a reality! Kal making up all these silly notions about lawsuits and taking an oath is just the same sick cycle of lunacy from Kal that has been repeating itself over and over again for some time now. Really how many of these ridiculous claims that Kal has made have actually taken place? Lawsuits? None. Criminal complaints? None. Books published by Prometheus Books? None. Reality tele shows? None. People arrested and prosecuted? None. Promised television talk show? None. 500 book deal? None. Proof of nanobots? None. Volumes of books on flying saucers? None. I like taking pictures of Kal's website from time to time and here are just some of the pics of various things I have taken.
So where is this talk show for which a production set was being constructed and where are the photos of Kal and Martina on set at? F1 Racer seems to be running free so what happened to the police probe? This complaint against Royce Meyers sure is taking an awfully long time to come to fruition and so is that subpoena and lawsuit Kal promised as fact would happen. And what ahppened to the first oath Kal supposedly took and filmed? Where is the video of Kal shipping his book off to Prometheus Books? Where is the KPMG audit of Kevin Randle or the complaint to the Pentagon? I could continue typing all the claims from Kal that have NEVER COME TRUE but I would probably have to type so much that the skin from my fingers would fall off!

Instead of typing and typing and telling everyone what they already know, that Kal is FULL OF SHIT and a JOKE, I'll just leave you with a public service announcement from the Colonel Crackhead of the Special Super Duper Hush Hush Secret Don't Tell Anyone Services (SSDHHSDTAS)!!!


Anonymous said...

!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!! This blog just made my day! Thank you!

Kal is a boner said...

BREAKING NEWS! KAL K. KORFF BUSTED FOR MAKING THINGS UP! Oh, Wiat, this isn't breaking news! It is very old news!

Kal, when are you ever going to learn to just keep your big mouth shut? You have always been about the talk and never about the action. I think Kal might have some odd form of terrets.

Kal Korff vs. The Terrets guy. I take the Turrets guy hands down!

Anonymous said...

"Crack makes you a crazy loser like me. Don't smoke crack kids." Pure comedic genius! LOL I'll spread that picture far and wide! LOL My side hurts from laughing so hard. That picture of Korff is perfect and he really does look like a burnout. LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously, those images taken from Kal's website are blistering and painful reminders to all that Kal is just a sad clown dishing out threats in the same "got to get you back" style Kal accuses others of engaging in.

If anyone remembers Kal's gopher Avim was supposed to be testifying in some court where everyone's "guilt is certain" and the court hearing was just a "formality". This was year's ago now! Years!

I suppose if we're still wasting out time tuing into what coo-coo Kal Korff is doing two years from now it will be more of the same baseless threats and trash.

You'd have to be crazy to keep this up for a couple of years now.

Anonymous said...

Terrets dude would punk Korff like the little bitch Korff is. I can see Kal cowering while begging not to be hurt as Terets dude unleashing some yeling and temper tantrums upon the coward Korff. ahahahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Kal is going to sue people after his oath proves what exactly? Kal, you obviously have no true knowledge of how the law works and this includes foreign countries.

For your information, Kal, Mr. Expert Witness, "Colonel", or whatever else you like to call yourself, there is no such thing as a finding of "guilty" in a tort claim. Please stop saying this because you are wrong and are giving people false information.

Kal, you keep embarrassing yourself by trying to wing your way through subjects you clearly have no knowledge of. it's painful and humiliating, so please just stop.

Generally in the United States, a person has one year in which to file any legal claim of slander, libel, defamation, and so on from the time they discover the alleged slander/libel/defamation. Other countries, including the UK and most EU countries, also have time limitations for filing claims.

You also have to prove actual economic damages and have to prove whatever you claim is false is actually false. Hyperbole, opinions and satire are generally forms of protected speech.

Any respectable lawyer Kal might go to would laugh Kal out of their office. That and you would need a decent amount of money to retain competent legal representation for such a case, which would likely cost thousands of dollars.

Sorry to disappoint you, Kal, but respectable attorneys do not take ipods or laptops in trade for representation. And any attorney with even a low level of legal competency wouldn't go near your "cases" as you lack any rudimentary legal basis for filing a claim you could prevail on.

Sure, anyone can sue anyone for anything at anytime. This is all too true. However, in order to prevail in a tort claim, you have to have a case with an actual legal basis. Kal, all this round and round talk of suing people for consumer fraud is a crock of shit.

If Kal actually believes he can sue these bigfoot people and this alien autopsy guy for consumer fraud, or for those who doubt the majority of his claims that any reasonable person would call bullshit, then Kal's out of his mind. Clearly.

Kal, you do not and cannot represent the production studios and people who bought rights and/or videos of the autopsy because you have no legal basis for claiming ownership to the videos or the various productions that were broadcast. What damage was ever done to you, Kal? Did bigfoot or the alien autopsy cause you direct financial damage or loss? No they did not, and from what I can see you've tried very hard to make your living on UFOs and the like.

If you'd like some real good advice, Kal, I would stop issuing these obviously false claims of suing people, filing police complaints, and factually stating people are being subjected to police investigations.

I am not giving you any legal advice here, Kal, but I have to say that what you're publishing via the internet clearly falls into the category of libel, as you are identifying people publicly and claiming as fact that they are engaging in criminal activities such as fraud.

Were one of the many people you have published claims against consulted a reasonable attorney and wanted to file a tort, they would hands down have more than sufficient legal basis for suing you and would likely win in court.

Be very careful, Kal, because you never know when you might piss off the wrong person and they decide it is high to put a legal end to your shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

And have you ever heard of Internet Harassment, Kal? The FBI does not take kindly to such behavior. There are people behind bars right now who have done a lot less than you have been doing.
A word to the wise...for all the good it will do!


Anonymous said...

Kal has no intention of suing anyone. His MO is called 'reverse Psychology by intimidation', which is a veiled threat to do someone harm if they don't do as he wants them to, such as apologizing or retracting statements or admitting they lied about him.
He reminds me of 'The Wizard of Oz' guy who stands behind a curtain banging drums, bells and whistles, flashing lights, etc. to try and scare Dorothy (ironic that his mother is also named Dorothy!) and her companions, when in fact he is just a fat timid little old man with no substance at all.
I think I'll refer to Kal from now on as the 'Wizard of Was'!

Anonymous said...

If anyone sues Kal Korff for LIBEL and SLANDER please make sure to get a RESTRAINING ORDER against him too for STALKING. The guy comes off as a complete wack job and I wouldn't put it past Kal Korff to come to someone's apartment in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kal, please put the crack pipe down and step away you freak.

Anonymous said...

This Kal Korff guy has to be some sort of fake publicity deal. The guy cannot be real!! No way!! Is there really someone as fucking nuts and as fucking stupid as this guy? Seriously!! How in the fuck does anyone function like that?? HOW?? come clean and let us know this is all a joke because no one else would ever take that bat shit crazy fuck for anything but a joke!

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest blog on the net I swear! LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

From Kal's site:

Most Americans, especially, have NO REAL IDEA what REALITY is like in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, or any place outside the "bubble" of the United States. Inexcusably, most Americans never travel overseas, despite the fact that we are an immigrant nation.

Is this man an idiot? No other reason for this type of trype that I can see?

Anonymous said...

Kal claims to be pro American but much of the trash he types is anti-American propaganda disguised as patriotism. Kal claims to be for Israel but is too scared to go to the front lines and volunteer his "services." Kal isn't even a native Israeli, he's a Johnny Come lately nobody.

Anonymous said...

I read the silly post Kal Korff has up about the Israel attacks. Kal Korff is a guy claiming to be an "analyst" and an "expert" on terrorism.

Check the background of any real terror expert and compare it against Korff's.

What exactly is Kal Korff's background? Let's summarize:

- High school graduate with no college degrees.
- Private security guard.
- Customer service computer support technician (Apple).
- Less than 1-month at Claris working on hypercard. Left position after claiming to have a brain tumor.
- Unknown position with Boeing. Kal has provided no verifiable proof of employment or position.
- Claimed to have worked at Lawrence Livermore national Labs, but has not provided verifiable proof of position. LLNL human resources rep stated they have no record of Korff working there inthe position he claims.
- Wrote a few books and produced a JFK video.
- Claims to be a Colonel in an organization Korff has yet to prove exists anywhere other than his imagination.

Does this sound like someone who would qualify as an "expert" in terrorism? Hardly.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this right --- Kal Korff gets a job writing for a free rag in Prague and publishes a few pieces where he makes this claim about being a Captain in some secret organization and this is Korff's 'evidence' that his claim is real?

Kal Korff = fucking nuts! The guy is insane if he actually thinks this is proof of anything other than Korff beliving his own outlandish claims. Korff is a lunatic who never did anything meaningful with his life and is a guy who really believes he is special and therefore deserves to be handed some special status. E-g-o and what in my opinion might be some mental health issues kept Korff from actually achieving something in life. Just think if the guy could control his ego, mouth, and his craziness and if he actually focused on something, just think how brilliant the guy could have been and what he could have contributed. Instead Korff has treated us to his littering of disjointed web videos and frantic web posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm checking out websites from Prague and it looks like nobody has anything good to say about Korff. The dipshit made his own bed.

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

Here in Prague, the popular online forum is (under Expat life Q&A). I think it's already been said, but I'll mention again that for months, we had a great discussion thread going on about Kal. If I remember right, it became the longest running thread in the forum's history.

Eventually, Kal threated legal action and the thread was stopped. Soon after, the thread was deleted or at least purged from view.

Then another thread, with softer language, was started. Still visible today, this thread also ended up being over 100 pages of discussion. Mostly us just taunting, mocking Kal. After a while, the admins stopped/locked that thread up, too.

I had moved here just a few months before Kal started his "Kal's Korner" in Express.

Just so we're clear on what was the Express "paper"...when you walked into any subway station, there were 2 or 3 free mini-newspapers available (Metro, 24 or Express) to read while riding the trains. You could pick one up from a stack or some low-paid retiree passed it to you.

Express was sold off to the world free rag company, Metro and Kal was rightly told to F off.

Kal's astounding ignorance and arrogance on nearly any subject mentioned in his Kal's Korner column gave our thread new material - nearly every day.

I'm sure folks on this KIAI forum, like Brit, F1 Racer, JimmyD and a few "Anonymous", can remember the glory days like when Kal declared 'cuzin' a real English word, or that WWII didn't "officially" start until when the US got involved.

What a tool!!!

Kal, please just go F yourself.

I.Am.(Not).Kal said...

A KIAI post on July 24th:

I just noticed who was the first comment... "DOROTHY"

??? -Kal's mom, is that you?

Since then, there have been a lot of posts with that unique "Bwahahaha" laugh.

Come on, mom, fess up. You hate your son as much as the rest of us. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Just to add fuel to the fire relating to Kurtis Korf's case.
The following are factual data extracted from public records:
First -

The shooting took place near 37,400 Redwood Highway, O'Brien/Cave Junction, OR.
SHERIE IRENE WRIGHT, current address unknown. Address at time of crime, 37418 Redwood Highway, O'Brien, OR. "Wanted for burglary and assault, and she is believed to be armed and dangerous".
Other pertinent addresses:
Grants Pass, OR
KURTIS KORFF, current address Oregon State Prison.
Previous address:
Cave Junction, OR
WILLIAM NEITH (victim). Current address Selma, OR.
Previous pertinent addresses:
37400 area of Redwood Highway (at time of crime).
Santa Clara, CA
Ventura, CA
DOROTHY JUANITA TOONE. Current address Grants Pass, OR
Previous pertinent addresses:
O'Brien, OR
Cave Junction, OR
Ventura, CA
KAL K. KORFF, current address Prague, CZ
Previous pertinent addresses:
Santa Clara, CA

Anyone see the connection between all those folks?


Anonymous said...

Taking snapshots of Korff's old messages and articles is great. It clearly shows the dates and even moreso shows that Korff is a fartballoon who's promises smell for a short while but then are gone in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is a great idea to save this sort of stuff Kal puts up. The only thing Kal can do is say it was made up just like the picture of him wearing glasses in the San Jose Mercury News. lol

Facts are fact, Kal, and the fact is that you're full of shit and can't deliver on a tv talk show, a subpoena, a complaint, or a police probe because you're a liar.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff claiming to have predicted the attacks by Israel is like predicting that Kentucky Fried Chicken will fry more chicken. Duh!