Friday, January 23, 2009

Kal Korff gets HACKED AGAIN!!!!!

The man who says he has an entire intelligence organization behind and also sys he has a 219 IQ and is a computer expert HAS HAD HIS WEBSITE HACKED AGAIN!!! ahhahahaahaha! With all of these self professed resources and supposed computer skills it looks like poor, dimwitted Kal can't stop what is probably a bunch of teenagers from easily infiltrating his website!! ahahahahhaaahahaha! This is all rather humorous considering that Kal claims to be some sort of intelligence officer who also says he worked for Apple computers as an engineer and created hypertext!! ahahahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing at how utterly HILARIOUS this all is!!!!

Tennage hackers: 2 Kal Korff: 0

Can you imagine if Kal was a real intelligence agent and people were able to so easily make their way into his website? ahahahahahahahhaa!! I wonder if Kal has a ribbon for winning some computer science fair that he has yet to display? ahahahahahahaha!! Really this is rather embarrassing for Kal to have his website HACKED AGAIN!! Here is a picture I took of Kal's website the last time it got hacked. ahahahahahahaha

But it gets better for Kal is now resorting to having to use chat boards to get his message out to those dastardly hackers and appears to have posted this hilarious piece, "This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website: I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization. I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live. I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals. The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime. This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff
Jan 18, 10:50 am."

So let me see if I missed anything here Kal. You assume this is a hate crime becuase you think you're Jewish and there could be no other reason, other than your being a complete fucking moron, someone would hack your site. You think it is the same Turkish group that kicked the shit out of your pahetic website last time. So now you claim to know "exactly" who they are and where they live. Yet in the next sentence your fat fumbling fingers type you say you are working with Turkish authorities to identify and locate them? ahahahahahahahahaaahhaaa!! Kal you just don't know when to stop do you?????? ahahahahhhaaahahahahaha!!! there you have the mighty Kal Korff, ranking officer in the S3 with a 219 IQ, computer expert, analyst, and author who contradicts himself and can't stop teenagers from cirumventing his website "security"! I hope this website isn't on that Israeli based secure sever Kal claims exists!! ahahahaha

And did you notice Kal again engaging in name calling by calling the people responsible morons? I thought none of this was ever personal Kal. Is your little fantasy world crumbling before your very eyes? ahahahahahahahaha

There is one shrewd and noted analyst who provided his intense study of Kal's message to teenage hackers everywhere. I give you Special Agent Squonkamatic of the real Special Secret Services

"Let's see if I can employ my Universal Translator to arrive at an English language equivalent of Kal K. Korff's pathetic, threatening message from the Turkish Google groups web board:

This is a warning to the Turkish moron hack group who defaced my website:

TRANSLATION: This is a plea to the industrious web pranksters who hijacked the DNS re-direct from my pathetic little internet soapbox to shut my pie hole & spare the rest of the internet from my vile, retarded idiocy. If anybody out there wants a good laugh, try loading the URL into their web browser and see what happens.

I am a member of S3, A secret israeli organization.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic shut-in dysfunctional idiot with delusions of grandeur who makes bullshit up to con unsuspecting Czech women into taking pity on me, and you are raining on my ego parade & ruining my chances of getting any between now and when I turn 50 without having to pay a common street hooker.

I know exactly WHO you are and WHERE you live.

TRANSLATION: I have no idea who you are or where you are located.

I have been working with Turkish authorities to identify, locate, and prosecute you individuals.

TRANSLATION: I am a pathetic tubby man at your mercy, have no recourse against the actions you have taken, and you are making me look like an even bigger fool than nature had intended.

The fact I am also a JEW makes this a hate crime.

TRANSLATION: I am a complete horse's ass.

This is your public warning to stay away from my website or else. Kal Korff

TRANSLATION: I enjoy making myself look like a complete idiot on the internet, please continue to abuse & harass me or I might not have an excuse to avoid going out and finding a full time job to pay my mom back for bailing my ass out time and time again when I get into mischief. Kal Korff."

You are an IDIOT Kal, but it is okay because you do inspire people. You inspire them to continue to point out how fucking absurd you are and how big of a joke you are! Please be sure to visit this shop and the blog of the true ranking general and leader of the real Special Secret Services! General F1Racer!

Oh that kal Korff is good for nothing else but a good laugh!! ahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahha!!


Anonymous said...

A hack getting hacked. Imagine that.

BritInPrague said...

Dear sweet Jesus. This has made my day.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Kalvin - you are a nobody. But that's OK...I'm a nobody too. So, I warrant, are most of the contributors here. We are nobodies in the sense that we are not famous, not rich, and nobody outside our families, friends and professional acquaintances have ever heard of us. But there's no shame in that. There is shame, however, in what you're doing.

Look - just find something you're happy with, settle down, and be a decent citizen and human being.

Anonymous said...

Could everyone, right now, please dash off a quick note to Rob McConnell at enquiring:


I keep asking, but he's ignoring me.

Anonymous said...

Rob should either provide verifiable test results (tis means everyone can check the veracity of the results on their own, Rob) or he should just can that clown Korff. Air filler must be at a premium for Rob to keep having that idiot Korff on over and over. Rob, seriously, are you that fucking stupid to believe any of Korff's nonsense or are you just that desperate to fill a time slot on your show?

Brad Hudson said...

Just sent Rob an email.

Don't expect I'll get an answer because there really isn't one to give.

Oh, by the way, Kal, here's my libel of the day:

"Kal Korff has no educational background to judge any event".. oh, wait, that's true. Ummm, try this:

"Kal Korff is a gay nazi".

There, that ought to do it!

Sincerely waiting to be sued,

Brad Hudson

Dallas, TX
ph: 9725606465

Kal "Iget my ass hacked all the time" Korff said...

So a group of kids are stompin the piss out of Kal's website? This is some funny stuff here considering Kal claims to be some big computer expert and to have the resources of S3 at his disposal.

Yeah, I'd like to hear more about this secure Israeli server that appears to be wide open to teen hack attacks!

This is priceless and I send big thanks to the kids making Kal look like more of an inbred fool than he is.

Looks like all it takes to tackle the big S3 is some kids with a web connection. Ouch.

Squonkamatic said...

LMAO!! I almost feel bad about shooting such a glubbering fish in a barrel. Except that it was appalling for to see Kal K. Korff now trivializing the very serious issues of ant-Semitism as well as the concept of hate crimes by claiming himself a victim of one because of his self proclaimed conversion to Judaism. From Wikipedia:

Hate crimes (also known as bias motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.

Unless these said hackers trumpeted their motivation for having re-directed the professor's DNS specifically because of his Jewish faith, and as a method to further a general prosecution of other Jews, it is not a hate crime by the accepted definition of the day. By attempting to link his fate to such a motivation, he trivializes (there's that word again!) those who may have been the victims of such bias motivated attacks, starting with people of the Jewish faith who have been victimized for their beliefs.

You shouldn't make such an accusation or claim so lightly and without any supporting evidence demonstrating that their bias was directed at one's social group, lest such an accusation come back to bite you on the ass. More likely this was a target of opportunity attack: Someone who spends their entire day looking for websites with such weaknesses to play what is essentially a simple minded prank that could have easily been guarded against. Especially by a comparatively well known public figure -- public figures should always expect that some clown is out there itching to take a chunk out of their armor and put safeguards in place to protect their interests. The internet does not work very well on an honor system.

That doesn't make what happened OK, not by a long shot; I have zero patience for internet hooligans, they are a waste of time & resources and often what they do has further criminal intent behind it. There was no doubt an internet regulation or two violated in this instance and those responsible really should be punished for it to the extent that is appropriate for violating those laws.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!
7 pm EST: is now back up.

(For what's it's worth!)

Anonymous said...

As of 4:00 PM, West Coast, CA time, KKK site is back up.

The latest, after wading through countless ABBA videos:

>>> Official Complaint against Royce Myers III Gets Sent to "Another" Agency
News - Latest News
Written by UFO WatchCat staff
Friday, 23 January 2009 23:53

UFO WatchCat has confirmed that the complaint which has been officially submitted against Police Officer Royce Myers III has now been sent to a different department for "further processing."

Once it is received by these new parties shortly, UFO WatchCat intends to publish this complaint, which of course various people "denied" existed — which means they lied, since it was always and ONLY real.

People say a lot of things, this doesn't mean they are al true — just look at Royce Myers III's so-called 'UFO Hall Of Fame.'

Developing... <<<

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's some math for you,

Hit counts from KKK site:

Jan 15: 48388652
Jan 16: 48390098
Jan 17: 48391761
Jan 18: 48395218
Jan 19: 48396416
Jan 20: 48398935
Jan 21: 48401155
Jan 22: 48402701
Jan 23: 48403181

Total = 14,529 over a 9 day period.

Total visits per day = 1,614

Now follow me:

27 days x 1,614 = 43,578 visits

Claimed downloads of Point Black

= 49,004 in 27 days

That would be 1,815 downloads per day.

Visits per day:


minus the claimed downloads

1,614 = a 201 differnce

The number don't lie, either every single person who has gone to KKK downloads that "book" or, as I suspect, KKK is just using his counter as his gauge on how many people are downloading his "book."

Could be for real though? What do you think?

I know I downloaded the "book" and I waded through the "book" and I suspect that thousands of others did as well.

The "book"... Ha, ha, ha!

Capt Tampon

Anonymous said...

Capt. T;

More numbers:

Downloads per visit = 1.25

Downloads per hour = 75.625 = 1.26downloads per MINUTE, for 24 hours per day!

No wonder I had to wait in line! LOL

Anonymous said...


Capt T.

Anonymous said...

From this blog:

You must read this blog if you haven't already.


6. As just one final look into this there is your claim that we cannot prove that you ever said that you had an amazing IQ based on OMNI’s IQ test. Well, posted to Rob McConnell’s website, and I’m sure he’ll confirm it was there, he wrote, "01:00 am – 02:00 am EDT / 10:00 – 11:00 mp PDTKAL KORFF - Korff's Korner & SecretWar - Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine’s World’s Hardest IQ Test; known worldwide for solving numerous mysteries, whether they are criminal, historical, scientific, or even "paranormal,"... So, let’s not pretend the proof isn’t out there.

Capt "I Love Kal Fucking Korff" Tampon

Anonymous said...

Special Secret Services in Hebrew:

שירותים מיוחדים סודית

Mess around with this, search it out...

KKK states:


Anyway, KKK may be saying that his SSS is known under a different name in Hebrew so, it would be helpful if we figuered that out.

Capt T.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oldie but a greatie:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I love how this complaint thing against Meyers keeps taking a turn. Wasn't it last summer Kal said as fact the complaint would be filed in a week? Now here it comes again first as "official" (which Kal loves to use to try to make his bullshit sound legit) and now it has to go to another department? Bwahaha! What ever happened to "next week" Kal? At least Kal is consistent on not delivering a thing. And someone here posted some things Meyers said about Kal's bullshit and that it was all exactly that. After all, who would ever believe a lying maggot piece of shit like Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

There are no nanobots. There is no 500 book deal. There is no tv talk show. There are no complaints. There are no production deals. There is not going to be a Prometheus published terrorism book "later this year." There are no lawsuits. There are no prosecutions. There is no $25,000,000 budget. There is no Saudi backer. There is no S3.

What is there? There is nothing but the world's biggest pile of bullshit with Kal sitting right on top.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that KKK did get a few books published by this house:

>>> There is not going to be a Prometheus published terrorism book "later this year." <<<

It would not surprise me to see a book or two released.

The rest I fully agree with.

Capt. Tampon

Anonymous said...

From Kal, in my you tube 5 min ago:

as we thought, you didn't do it, you are full of what you americans call 'shit'

your obviously ALL bluff, no truth, your claiming to "own" whatever is another attempt to get attention and be relevant.

your a joke.

to quote your "deep" intellect, "Muahhhhhhhh"

we apologize for the spelling, but were not expert on bullshitting and pretending to be "macho" like you are.

since I am not Kal, you obviously think everyone is pedofile. That is your insane obsession.

please do NOT write to us again, or we will report you again to the police for illegal harassment.

we hope you do not believe us.


"we hope you do not believe us" ROFL
thats the exact thing he typed...ahahahah what a douche

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Kal had a book deal with Prometheus dating back several years. The book on terrorism is the last one he is contracted with Prometheus for. I seriously doubt that after all this lunacy Kal has publicly displayed that Prometheus will ever publish the book.

All Prometheus is committed to is paying for a manuscript and nothing more. Prometheus does not have to publish the book and has stated it has placed Kal's latst offering on hold "indefinitely."

Even Kal's fellow skeptics are calling him a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Du bist dreck, Korff.

You speak a multitude of languages, including German. You'll know what "dreck" means, naturally....

Anonymous said...

I wonder what sort of user information might have been leaked as a result of Kal's poor website security measures? You think Kal would have taken extra precautions to protect the information of all registered users. I do hope consumers' information has not been compromised because of Kal's failure to maintain adequate security!

Isn't there a law in place stating that all registered users are supposed to be notified of any and all security breaches a website experiences? Kal's apparent carelessness may have exposed user data and passwords!

This incompetence is inexcusable, Kal! It is one thing to fall to one security breach, but two in the span of a few short months is unforgivable!!

Anonymous said...

Big Kal Korff got his ass handed to him by a few internet brats? LMAO Now ain't that just a hoot! If a few brats can take Kal's ass out just imagine what a real terrorist could do to that fuck-knob!

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that this is the same Kal Korff who actually tried to take credit for the story that came out about terrorist Mohammed Atta being in Prague before the 9/11 attacks. I heard Kal recount his version o fthis tale where he claimed to be wandering around Prague with a loaded pistol. Pure rubbish and Kal can't prove any of it because it never happened. the story broke in Prague first and Kal tried to take credit for it be claiming to have "leaked" it to the press. Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Kal is spamming my you tube mail today:

for the last time I am not Mr. Kal Korff.

do NOT contact us any further.

it is obvious you are obsessed with him, if not probably crazy.

do NOT contact us any further.

we have a Czech term for people like you, it translates from Anglicky as "Crazy people."

do NOT contact us any further.

we also asked you NOT to bother us, nor harrass us again.

do NOT contact us any further.

yet you continue, deliberately, which is against the law.

do NOT contact us any further.

I care not what you beleive.

do NOT contact us any further.

I do not know Mr. Sedlecek, and care not what you say.

do NOT contact us any further.

my parents live in the CR and are not American. They are Czech.

for the LAST TIME, do NOT contact us again, each time you do, we will report you again to police.

we know YOU understand this, and so do the police.

do NOT contact us any further.

we do not care if YOU do NOT take the Czech police or any police department seriously.


F1 Racer

Brad Hudson said...

Well, Francis, he must have taken a break from spamming you to hit me with this:

To Mr CoachJMcGuirk,


Your question/comment will be answered in a future segment of Is It Really True? We will try to notify you when it is ready for broadcast.

Thanks for asking,

Oh, I am so waiting for this one.

Anonymous said...

Du bist dreck, Korff.

You are dirt, Korff

Anonymous said...

This one works:

Anonymous said...

These are great:

Spam far and wide! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kal is threatening f1 racer again. I thought the mighty S3 were supposed to have F1 in jail by now. Kal Korff is a fucking dork who just does not know when to shut the fuck up.

There was another person who posted here that Kal needed to find somethng that made him happy and stick to that instead of all this other ridiculous nonsense Kal makes up.

Get a life Kal! Get some help Kal! Do whatever it is you have to so you can do something productive instead of living in this marginal fantasy world.

Too bad Kal can't look at this objectively because he would quickly see how many times he has contradicted himself and how childish all his threats are.

Anonymous said...

LOL I am SO happy Kal is going ballistic. I eagerly await the Czech Police! Many of whom I know in real life and have read Kal's bullshit and laughed their asses off.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Yes, KKK is making threats again...

I find it interesting that KKK uses to press release, etc. Well, we know its KKK interviewing himself, press releasing him self, etc.

Why would a “professional” present his “important” information to the world using the UFO banner, a banner which he contunialy states DOES NOT EXSIST?

Instead of posting his material as a “Journalist”, Korff continues to use the UFO angle as his way of gaining some kind of publicity, or is this the case?

No, I think he’s doing this because it got him laid once before, it helped to land Martina and he continues to dote on her, hoping she’ll climb back into bed, so to speak, with him.

In short, by saddling up and staying in the UFO saddle, Kopf’s whole play book and public reasoning for his actions is suspect, at the least.

Yes KKK, we understand, you’re treating us to some kind of test, fooling with us, etc.

In the end KKK, you’re being fooled.

You like to state that you will do things in YOUR OWN TIME TABLE and NO ONE ELSES. However, you’ve proved it out KKK, that you read this blog and that you cannot help yourself but to make proclamations in an immediate way, in a knee jerk reaction time span.

And what does this make you?


Getting fucked with ain’t fun, is it KKK?

Funny ain’t it? This circle of life…

Jimmy D said...

Time you were promoted, again, "Colonel". What about skipping General and going straight for Field Marshall. And handing yourself a "Von" while you're about it?

All you need to do is swear an imaginary "oath of - ahem - Field Marshalcy" before an imaginary court and bingo! You'll be Field Marshal Kalvin Von Korff.

That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

You utter nutjob.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff sure acts like a tyrant with all these threats of taking people's freedom and livelihood away through courts that already know these people are guilty - so says Kal. I really think Kal is a communist or nazi in the way he thinks. Seriously.

Kal claims to promote democracy and freedom but he continually says that he will get people back for exercising their free speech when they critique Kal? Like many other things Kal says this makes no sense on any level. Trials where people other than Kal or his imaginary staff are only allowed to testify? Guilt a certainty and the trials only a formality? Sure sounds totalitarian to me.

But when Kal opens his mouth and lets it run he says his speech is protected as "co op editorial" but if you say anything Kal doesn't like then it turns in to slander and libel and hatred and blah blah.

What happened to Kal's "international jurisdiction" and all the stuff Kal said S3 was going to do? Oh yeah I read that it took Kal 2 years to come clean and admit his fantasy organization was private. So this means it does not have any sort of "jurisdiction" or power or governed abilities at all. short translation here is that Kal can't do shit to anyone and is jsut another internet blowhard with a keyboard and a big fucking mouth.

Kal needs to find out what his issue is and take care of it then try to get some sort of life back for himself instead of taking our his anger and hatred out on people he somehow has perceived have done some sort of injustice on him.

Figure it out Kal and be an adult bout this and work through your problems instead of raging against everyone you like to blame for everything. Seriously. Stop being a petty ass tyrant.

Anonymous said...

I want to know where all these case numbers are Kal claimed he had filed with the Department of Justice? Kal said Rob McConnell had these numbers. Of course Rob McCnonnell was also supposed to have whatever Kal was claiming to be nanobots tested and was supposed to tell the public but never did.

Where are copies of all these sowrn statement Kal was supposed to of made to judges and the rest of it?

This Kal guy is a complete wack job.

Anonymous said...

>>> Sure sounds totalitarian to me.


Capt. Tampon

Anonymous said...

Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 07:02:34

Dear Mr. Komarek,

Since you have seen fit to DELIBERATELY MISREPRESENT my position on the UFO
assume that you have no interest in representing the TRUTH in this matter.

Therefore, I have taken the steps to Email HUNDREDS of people around the
world, setting the record straight on this issue, and I am demanding a
RETRACTION AND APOLOGY from you in this matter. If you do NOT provide one
within 30 days, then I shall take additional measures. I will leave it to
you to theorize on what these additional measures will be. I would keep one
thing in mind however: I never bluff, and I do not play Poker!!

Respectfully yours,

Kal K. Korff
President and CEO, TotalResearch
The above is extracted from the site: (UFO Updates portion) on the date shown.
Seems like old Kal hasn't changed a bit in the past 12 years!


Anonymous said...

Here you go Kal - eat your heart out!
This is how it's done in the REAL world:

As you say...'Enjoy!'

Squonkamatic said...

I wonder what sort of user information might have been leaked as a result of Kal's poor website security measures? You think Kal would have taken extra precautions to protect the information of all registered users. I do hope consumers' information has not been compromised because of Kal's failure to maintain adequate security!

That's a great point -- who knows what's on his servers? People view his website at great peril to themselves. Not because of anything Kal K. Korff may have in place there but little surprises left by others that may infiltrate the computer of a visitor and start searching for personal information, financial information, passwords to other secure servers, you name it. I will never look at one of Kal K. Korff's web pages ever again, I am convinced that he has absolutely zero security measures in place to protect his visitors. If he can't even ensure his own security how can he ensure anybody else's?

I would strenuously advise that anybody who does look in on the professor's web pages go into their browser security preferences immediately after and delete all cookies & dump whatever may be cache'd. And for heaven's sake make sure when you do look at his website to not be logged into anything secure at the same time. Kal K. Korff is too stupid to do anything too damaging but the persons who hacked him sure aren't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did a check on Kal's main website and isolated it, and it does load in about 4MB worth of cookies, but they appear to be harmless. I just use CCleaner to eradicate them. There are no trojans, so I don't think anyone need worry about their PC being compromised.


Anonymous said...

It looks like General F1 Racer has hit a very tender sore spot of Kal's. Good work F1. I love his response about you 'uddering lies' about him! LOL
Keep hitting on him Sir!

Brad Hudson said...

I don't think Kal knows when to use (sic) in presenting someone's text. He's all over the map on F1's emails, and most of his (sic)'s are entirely, umm, wrong.

Korf, ypu idiot, stop trying to an editor with no training!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to be really safe when surfing the net in the Windows platform, use Sandboxie.

I can udderly tell you that you will not get hit with anything.

Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Here you go Kal - eat your heart out!
This is how it's done in the REAL world:

As you say...'Enjoy!'

Of all of the people he goes after, I think Kimball must be the one that really sticks in Kal's craw the most. Unlike Korff, Kimball has actual university degrees and won numerous awards along the way. Unlike Korff, Kimball actually has a real career, in which he makes real film and television productions that broadcast on real networks. Unlike Korff, Kimball has myriad friends, and seems genuinely happy with his life. Finally, and what must really cause Korff untold hours of lost sleep, Kimball really does know and work with lots of talented AND beautiful women.

Game, set and match to Mr. Kimball.