Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul Kimball evades Special Secret Services!!!

Right under the very nose of the man who has shown us an authentic and empty glass vial! Behind the back of the man of the man who single handedly sold at least three iPods and a laptop at American prices in Prague! On the turf of the very guy with probably the slowest running and least visited Internet website in the world! Flown right past the face of the world's one and only SAPSTOE! Advertised worldwide on open and easily accessible channels of communications that are not back channel or ran through a secure Israeli server!!! Some foreign invader has masterfully slipped by Kernal Twinkie Pies himself Kal K. Korff!!!

Who is this daring doubling daredevil that would dare trespass on the turf belonging to an agent of an Israeli organization? Did he paratroop in under radar? Did he swim in stealthily by sea to avoid detection? Did he tunnel in from Obora? No one would ever be daring enough to challenge Kal Korff with such brazen bravado like walking openly in the streets of Prague........woudl they?

Yes they would and that daring agent would be the one and only Paul Kimball! But when your trying to evade an organization with only one member who is scared to death of having any sort of exchange with you face to face I suppose you don't have much to worry about. But flip those tables and become one Kal Korff and you have everything to fear. Certainly nothing of a physical threatening nature by any means. Paul be all accounts is a class act who likes being intellectual and civil about things. No the one thing Kal has to fear is what will likely become an Oscar nominated documentary by Paul Kimball called Worlds Away that shows us all the never before publicly revealed truth about Kal K. Korff's life and his very public claims. Kal likes to threaten people with exposing them on television shows and in books so I wonder how Kal must feel about being the topic of a real film production.

How was Kal unable to stop this direct and publicly stated preplanned invasion of his turf by Paul Kimball????? Isn't Kal supposed to be a highly trained expert with government connections the world over???? Why didn't Kal walk into the US Embassy and have Paul stopped from entering the country??? Kal has said he was going to contact the governments of people and get them into trouble before so I have to ask what stopped Kal from doing this now? Does Kal have some "psyops" planned or is he setting a trap for Paul Kimball? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Not likely and not on Kernal Corndog's best day could he even hope of being that pwoerful or that intelligent as to match wits with Paul Kimball.

I know Paul is checking his email from the road so Kal if you have any real honor or integrity or courage then you should send Paul an email and ask for an on camera interview shot by Paul. You ran away from Kevin Randle twice now Kal and here is an easy opportunity for you to stand up for once. Why not face someone you've done nothing but throw rocks at from afar???? Stop throwing trash from thousands of miles away and be a man about it Kal and do it face to face. Or are you going to give us all another sorry ass excuse about a terrorist threat like you did to Kevin Randle? Let me guess Kal you already planned your excuse by posting something about being on the road a week or so before Paul showed up on your doorstep in Prauge. I know I am probably wasting my time with this but I thought I would at least try.

From someone who leaves comments here and has an Internet blogger Kult-of-Kal met with Paul Kimball whilst Paul is visiting Prague for an extended period of time and left a comment about that meeting. I'd love to meet Paul but must admit I would only do so if he brought Holly in arm. hahahahaaa

Special Secret meeting held between Paul Kimball and Kult of Kal

Bottom line: I respect Paul Kimball.

It was a pleasure (honor, even?) to spend a few hours with Paul Kimball and his lovely friend & colleague Holly Stevens. A simple evening of pizza and beers was made extraordinary with conversation about …well, do I really have to say?

I figured I’d start this with “I respect Paul Kimball” because respect comes easily for him (and Holly). Just reading a bit of Kimball’s bio suggests it. After sharing conversation with him and Holly, I know he deserves it.

What did we talk about? We covered a lot of ground. I felt like we could have talked for a few days, I sincerely had a good time.
I’ll admit, however, about the fields of UFO & paranormal phenomena, my head just swims since I’m just not that into it and the topic is deep for a newbie like me. Paul clearly demonstrates a historical understanding of the field and its players, past and present (yes, even including Kal). But what also struck me was Paul’s admiration and respect for those truly gifted folks “above him”, e.g. those nuclear and quantum physicists. Those people also tackling the questions of the phenomena and providing value (no, not including Kal). Even as a newbie, I recognize a gap between the serious players and the wanna-be players. (Should be needless to say, but Paul falls under the ‘serious’ category). An oft repeated metaphor was the ant and human. 
And Paul knows those serious players, many of them quite closely, beyond just his uncle Stan. (And I’ll close my mouth here out of respect for Paul).

I found Paul to be a real interesting person to talk with. Speaking personally, I am a modest guy, who believes in revealing my accomplishments and credibility only when asked directly. (Kal doesn’t - a big reason I find Kal so obnoxious).
Paul, on the other hand, is clever at peppering conversation with points to establish his credibility. So, while this makes him not appear as an overly humble guy, he is skilled at marketing himself and I admire that about him. And what really distinguishes Paul from people with similar interests, like say Kal, is that Paul actually has the education, the intellect and the connections “to walk the walk.” For that, I respect the guy. I just had to put this thought into words because to me (and I think to Paul) it’s an important distinction between one UFO guy and another.

Did we talk about Kal and his antics? Naturally. Perhaps even a tad too much. Above all, Holly was a good sport and a couple times her humor saved Paul and I from complete downward spirals. Holly – thanks.

Oh – I about forgot. “Worlds Away” is Incredible. Kal – it just continues to get really bad for you. I think by the time you see the credits roll, being famous is the LAST thing you’ll want to be!

Paul, Holly – thanks for the evening, the great conversation, enjoy the rest of your time here. Shoot-, I don’t think I even properly thanked you for dinner – Thanks! I look forward to returning the favor in Halifax. 


June 12, 2009


Anonymous said...

After a brief hiatus, MY blog is BACK!!!!

comments are welcome there PLEASE!!!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to this lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

It was pure fantasy like everyone of Kal's lawsuits. By the way, Kal is not a named party in the current lawsuit involving one of his family members. So Kal cannot count this as an actual lawsuit initiated by him.

Anonymous said...

btw my blog also involved Kal except Im a bit more...uh....well just go read it!

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

Kal was involved with the following people who might be able to shed some light on Kal - Philip Mantle, Mark Center, Brad Sparks, Stanton Friedman, Greg Long and you might even try getting a hold of a guy named Jim Moseley who wrote about Kal losing it in a newsletter called Saucer Smear. Maybe Digger should start looking for these people.

Anonymous said...

A classic example of Kal making an empty threat to scare people.

Kal I'm still waiting to see the case number from the supposed criminal complaint you said you filed with the FBI and the DOJ. Where is it Kal or is just ANOTHER MEANINGLESS THREAT issued by you in RETALIATION for Cables and Simms filing a lawsuit against you?

Kal do comment on what it feels like to have dealt out dozens of lawsuit threats and what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a REAL LAWSUIT against you and not a BOGUS THREAT like you give out all the time.

Will Kal act like a law abiding person and return to Prague to face the charges or will he do what the GUILTY do and keep running? Will Kal do the honorable and ethical thing and comply with the law or will he SHIRK the law?

So where is this case number Kal? I want to verify there actually is a criminal complaint filed by you against someone. Here is yet ANOTHER chance for you to PROVE your claim. It is up to you to PROVE it because you have made the claim! If you can't provide a simple case number then I suppose it is far beyond you to muster the courage to admit there was no investigation to begin with. And just in case you are thinking about making up some lame excuse I talked to a good friend of mine who said that once a case number is filed it just doesn't go away. No matter what happens that case number is permanently stored in records. And Kal do you also have the name of the case agent and which office the report was filed with?

I'm not holding my breath for this one. Until Kal provides proof that anyone can confirm I'm caling this another BULLSHIT THREAT made by Kal. I'm not at all surprised considering that not one of the legal actions Kal says he is going to take has come true. No lawsuits, no audits, no complaints filed and a lot of hot air is standard for how Kal handles his business.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised by this?
'Paul Kimball's in town and I'm outta here fast!'
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Friday, 12 June 2009 23:49 announced today that its President and CEO, Mr. Kal Korff, has left on a three week trip to polish off the last final preparation parts for his six book series on terrorism, called Secret "X" Wars, which will then be sent off to the Publisher.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To avoid Paul Kimball! LOL


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff Leaves for Three Weeks on Research Tour to Finish Secret "X" Wars - Broadcast ALL NEW Kal's Korner Episodes PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Friday, 12 June 2009 23:49 announced today that its President and CEO, Mr. Kal Korff, has left on a three week trip to polish off the last final preparation parts for his six book series on terrorism, called Secret "X" Wars, which will then be sent off to the Publisher.

Entirely new recorded episodes of Kal's Korner will start to be broadcast shortly.

We apologize for the delay in airing them until Kal Korff's trip was arranged and underway.

Anonymous said...

Kal, please start podcasting. You don't need the X-Zone anymore. Right now, there's only tens upon tens of Korffers, but after the release of "Worlds Away", there could be thousands of listeners.

You can keep us up to date on all kinds of stuff in the world of Kal Korff.

Then one of the many posting "kritics" on this blog can start counter-podcasting and perhaps throw up an ad-banner or two, like Drudge.

It's a win-win situation. Much better than your idea to sell Ipods to czechs.

After all, Kal's Korner ipod, there's NOTHING like it.


Anonymous said...

Hello? Anybody home?

Kal K. Korff
121 Jiri z Podebrad Ulice

+420 721600479

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff Leaves for Three Weeks on Research Tour to Finish Secret "X" Wars"

Kal's response to the just posted KKIAI post?

Holy shit, what a fucking coward.

Fat waste of space, indeed, See his pug nosed face (pug pug)

Anonymous said...

Carried over from the last thread:

>>> Kal isn't going to file suit against anyone for one reason: discovery. <<<

RMIII and Sean David Morton. Sean had to confirm SOMETHING from his every changing BIO posted on many web sites.

He couldn't confirm ONE.


Kalvin, look it up... and

Pull my finger.


Anonymous said...

>>> Philip Mantle, Mark Center, Brad Sparks, Stanton Friedman, Jim Moseley <<<

Here you go:


Anonymous said...

Like this Korff jerk is really traveling anywhere at all. Hiding in his friend's apartment while constantly checking this & Kimball's blog is more like it. And come to think of it, haven't the last few weeks worth of updates said Korff was on the road? Perhaps he is inadvertently admitting that he doesn't have his own crib anymore. He said last summer that he'd signed a 2 year lease for a new luxury apartment in Switzerland and has yet to boast of making any posts from Switzerland or anywhere else, other than Prague or on the road.

Anonymous said...

From this very blog HOURS BEFORE Kal posted his latest: "Let me guess Kal you already planned your excuse by posting something about being on the road a week or so before Paul showed up on your doorstep in Prauge."

Is KIAI psychic? Nope. It just shows HOW PREDICTABLE how Kal Korff is. LMAO! Is Kal THIS AFRAID to face anyone?

Kal dodges Paul Kimball while Paul is in Prague. Kal dodges Kevin randle for a radio debate with a bogus excuse. Kal dodges both Paul Kimball and Kevin Randle after Paul offers to fly both Kal and Kevin to Halifax for a debate.

This cements it for me that Kal K. Korff is a COWARD. Kernal Coward fits pretty well in my book.

You know Kal has to still be in Prague and this little "gone fishing" note is a desperate ploy so Kal can do whatever he can to avoid Paul. It would be rather hilarious were it not so sad to see a grown man acting like this.

Anonymous said...

Kal + Kinball = Where in the world is Kal?

By the way Kal. This blog is opened to you. You can post anything, anytime you want.

Discovery. Look it up and be affraad, very affraid.

Anonymous said...

Kal takes on terrorists and skinheads, yet is afraid to face a Canadian filmmaker? Bwahahahaha! I thought Kal liked attention? Nothing like being a public figure, eh, Kal?

So Kal is fighting against people he claims are frauds and dishonest but when he is given a chance to face one of them he suddenly hits the road? Our brave Kernal Cantelope at his finest.

Anonymous said...

Kal, there's one thing you can do to save at least one shave of face before the "Paullas Kimballas hittas pieceass" comes out.

Meet with Paul Kimball, on camera. Tell your story.

Otherwise, "he sold his soul, for an ounce of fame.."

Chubby little loser,


Anonymous said...

Kal's done, ladies and gents.

He is so fucking turned, roasted, fornicated side-ways in an almost Shakespearian manner. I'm thinking Othello. My favorite play.

O, jealousy.

O, that shakespehearian rag!

the tragicomedy of "worlds away" will soon display to the world our collective work (and by first-hand accounts reported here, work by paul kimball is a first rate guy) in exposing the little fat man with the pug-nose face (pug pug).

can't wait to see it, paul!

I'm gonna come out of the closet soon guys,

until then

Brit_in_Prague said...

"Chubby little loser...."

Anon is quoting this:

Please, fellow Korffers, take five minutes to watch it. It is hilarious...and it is ***SO*** Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened in this case with Korff?

Stop_LYING_Korff!!!! said...

Grow a pair of stones, Korff.

Front up to Kimball, confess you made it all up - the KPMG audit, the "Secret Wars" thing, the Saudi millions (for an "Israeli-founded" organisation!!!), the "Islamic terrorists" targeting your website and your person, the book deal, your chairmanship of a BBC expert panel on anti-missile radar defence, the nonsense about chasing terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Germany, the nanobots ... all of it - and that you're sorry.

"Chubby little loser ... pug-nose face....he'd blow his stupid brains out, but the twat would probably miss..." Great song, Mr Bowie.

Anonymous said...

From the horses’ mouth:

Rob McConnell, "Kal will NOT be coming back onto the ‘X’ Zone."

Just got this morning.

I asked Rob some other questions which remain unanswered.

It seems Rob is keeping a RMIII distance from any Kalvin K. Korff.

I hesitate to post items from Rob on this blog because I don’t want to jeopardize what little interaction I have with him.

I made an exception in this case to PROVE once again that Kalvin K. Korff is a grandiose and calculated LIAR beyond all else.

What do you say Kalvin?

Your buddy Rob, has called you out. kalvin, you tell *Dear World* that you will be back on his show, Rob is now on record telling *Dear World* that you will NEVER, EVER appear on his show again.

Oh my... Caught again, haven't we been... Kalvin?


Anonymous said...

McConnell turns my stomach. He, together with the sundry other enablers around Kalvin, encouraged his delusions ("So - what are the Special Secret Services gonna do about this, Colonel?" "Well, Rob, as you know...") Knowingly pushing our man over the brink of insanity just to fill some dead airtime.

I hope Mr Kimball's movie at least touches on his despicable behaviour.

Brad Hudson said...

Kal getting the boot from the X-Zone really offers an opportunity for KKIAI to test how fast Kal responds to our little haven here.

If you do a blog post referencing Rob's answer on Kal coming back to the X-Zone we should be able to see how fast Kal gets some BS reason why he's no longer on the show.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...


I got some more info from Rob. He's been very open with this information. I'm discussing things with him and I asked if I could release it to this blog.

I can say that Rob seems to have had enough of Kalvin, his broken promises, his tall tales, etc.

He did tell me that his xposure piece on Kal is still in the works, as publicly stated on his x-zone web site a few weeks ago.

He’s also very aware of our friend Paul and what’s on the horizon.

Rob asked me what my beef with Kalvin is and why, so I shared with Rob, items I have which I haven’t shared with anyone, yet, to give him a bit of background on why I’m involved on this blog, more so that just for the entertainment value.

I’ve got a busy day, not Korffing. So, later on I'll see what Rob has to say and if I can post items.

Developing… to say the least.

Pull my finger Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Kal must feel about his "cherished" time slot on the X Zone being taken up by "A new light for angels."

And look at last Thursday's lineup of Roswell all-stars yet Kal who claims to have the best selling Roswell book is nowhere to be found.

I believe this stuff about Kal suing bloggers "if" his brother wins his case is likely based on Kal thinking a win in that case equals money for him. If that's the case then Kal not only gets to feed his enormous ego but also gets to fill his very empty wallet.

Anonymous said...

You may be right? Falsehood Fat Fingers has no money, it seems, so he would have to have deep pockets to go after a freedom of speech blog, which he could respond in kind to, in any case.

But wait! Didn’t Falsehood Fat Fingers have a 25 million cash account which he could use at his discretion? No, don’t tell me, was that yet another lie?!?

David Biedny said...

Not to take anything away from that Kowardly Korff, but let's be clear here:

McCONnell is the reason that anyone has even heard from Korff over the last few years - he's been enabling Korff to have a platform from which to spew his libelous crap, without it, all Korff has ever had is his pathetic website. The X Zone is a sad, shallow circus, with zero credibility and not an ounce of actual value. That the asshole behind this puke of a show, is now saying that he will somehow "expose" Korff, is a load of bullshit. McConnell lacks any sort of journalistic integrity, he's been supportive of a wide number of charlatans and frauds, and is yet another person in this "field" who himself lacks any kind of verifiable background or professional credentials. And just an aside, just listen to more than a few minutes of the X-Zoned, and you'll realize that Robby is as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

So just keep in mind, anything that spews from his grubby fingers or mindless mouth is completely worthless.

Not that I have any issues with this prick... :-)


Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to take the time, just Google the name
Richard Strandlof
and compare him to Kal. The similarities are amazing!


Anonymous said...

Captain Korno only wishes he had adventures like this;
I figure would make a decent 'extra' playing on of the 'dead guys'.

Anonymous said...

I wish David Biedny would tell us what he really thinks about Rob McConnell.

Anonymous said...

OH shit, I missed the 12-1am X-Zone slot with the lady talking about Angels, which I'm really into.

I'm going to have to go back and listen to some of the archived Kal's Korner on the interweb. I miss listening to the petulant and whiny Kal on the radio voice go on about world events.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kal keeps appearances up with being associated with the X-zone ("I missed their email, sorry, wrong date")

It's because he's keeping up appearances for the mystery audience he posts you tube videos of various performers, rebukes to bloggers, threats to gil gilbertson (Mom)?
Or is the chubby little loser clinging on to the coveted 1AM slot on fridays?

Kal, guess what. I caught the X-Zone live at at that hour when you were on. I had a whisky in my hand (not uncommon for adults). The whisky surely enhanced the experience of listening to you back-pedal on promises FOR AN HOUR.

"Worlds Away" is coming. I'm gonna get drunk for that one too, you can count on it.