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The LIES of Kal Korff according to Rob McConnel

It took some time but Rob McConnel FINALLY decided it was time to cut the cord and say that Kal Korff is a LIAR and say good bye to Kal. But what does this all really mean about the whole sordid Kal and Rob affair??? I mean here you have rob McConnel and his X zone radio program where Kal was on the show to the point of having a regular spot each week and all with the full support of Rob McConnel backing with Rob calling Kal his "good buddy" and asking if criticism of Kal was just more "crap" from the same people and those people being comments from this blog and any number of Kal's critics calling into question Kal's claims of being some sort of colonel in some sort of anti terrorist outfit among bags of other claims made by that dolt Kernal Krispy Kream.

So now Rob has come out saying Kal is a liar but in order to see just exactly what it is Rob has to say about Kal you must pay $1.50 to see it in some newspaper Rob McConnel puts together. And Rob McConnel has also scheduled in the last few weeks many many many of the people Kal has claimed are frauds like Kevin Randle, this Stanton Freidman fellow, Paul Kimball, Michael Horn, a fellow named Jim Dilatosow and I'm sure some other flying saucer people I know nothing about.

My personal own opinion here on this is that Rob McConnel did nothing but assist Kal in attacking certain people and helping Kal believe in his little fantasy world. I don't much care for this rob McConnel fellow and his previous promises of doing a journalistic investigation into Kal and the rest of it. It was quite clear long ago and to many people that there was NOTHING to back a word of any of Kal's tales of being a colonel in some sort of special operations group or that he had anything better to do than blow hot air right out his ass. but this never ever seemed to truly bother Rob McConel and it didnot even bother him that Kal was making some very fantastic and incredulous claims and Rob McConnel still kept having this wanker on his show each week even when it would have been apart to a mildly retarded monkey that all of Kal's tales were nonsense about being a colonel and fighting terrorists andhaving some fanciful 500 book deal and having $25,000,000.00 to produce television shows and rounding up skinheads and being an executive of so many companies and all the rest of this utter nonsense. Who would give the silly things Kal was saying any sort of validation or even give the aura of belief to Kal and his utterly ridiculous colonel claims?????

I also personally think that Rob McConnel has only done this AFTER Paul Kimball announced he would be releasing a documentary EXPOSING Kal Korff so rob could try to save himself and somehow try to come out of this looking good by jumping onto the PaulKimball boat. I think the only decent thing that has come out of all this mess that Rob McConeel helped to make is that Kal will no longer be able to heap shovel fulls of his endless bullshit out to the unsuspecting. If Rob McConnel wants to really really do something right here then he needs to put whatever information he might have about Kal out for ALL TO SEE FREE instead of trying to make a dollar from it. I am sure I am not the only one who shares the opinion that Rob McConnel is culpable in all of this to an extent and now he wants to make money off of it all?? shame on Rob shame on him.


Kal is an idiot said...

FN I did get your message and say go ahead with what you have.

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Anonymous said...

I sure wouldn't want to be david beidny or paul kimball right bow.

Anonymous said...

Rob MConnell profited for years off selling ad space during Kal's Korner.

Now he wants $1.50 to sell material from this website to the public?

Anonymous said...

I tried to enhance that article enough to read, but can't decipher it all as yet. However, I got these:

"All the Apple i---? segments with Kal Korff have been deleted.
All the 'X' Zone archived mp3? segments with Kal Korff have been removed from public acceess.
Kal Korff seems to be a figment of his own imagation."


Anonymous said...

Check out Kal's site and look at how he's now trying to bash Kevin Randle and Jim Dilettoso out of spite because they're allowed on the X Zone and Kal isn't.

I just wish Kal would hurry up and tells us all about how he planned to go on the X Zone to "expose" Rob McConnell and was "undercover" the whole time and that his "psy-ops" worked against McConnell.

Though I am not "psychic", I "psychically" predict Kal will make threats of lawsuits against Rob McConnell for fraud, slander, libel, consumer fraud and more.

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAH what agreat day for the anti-korffs!!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff is flaming out, Kal Korff is flaming out..."

You gotta just love it.

Korff is so deluded that he thinks more people go to his site, and then will be better educated by his rantings about UFO people, than go to the X-Zone site, which is supported by a radio show, or sorts.

You lose Kal, again.

Somebody needs to show the side-by-side site traffic deal between those two sites...

"Kal Korff is flaming out, Kal Korff is flaming out..."

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Jimmy D said...

Well, I just sent an email to Martina (email address in the last string), essentially asking her what on earth she thinks she's playing at.

Maybe one or two more of us could do the same...?

Paul Kimball said...

Normally I don't much bother with Colonel Moonbat's factual errors (so many errors, so little free time...), but here is just one egregiously incorrect paragraph from his latest tirade:

Colonel Moonbat wrote:

This scene is from Paul Kimball's own UFO documentary praising his Uncle Stanton Friedman, notice that despite recording Randle's false statements, Paul Kimball SAYS NOTHING and in fact just lets them run wild and uncritically in his film, DELIBERATELY MISLEADING PEOPLE INTO THINKING THAT THEY ARE TRUE!

Kal, I know you read this site, and you're always saying you're willing to admit a mistake and correct yourself publicly, so:

1. The clip you have put of of Kevin Randle is NOT from the film Stanton T. Friedman is Real, or any other film I've made. It is from footage that was shot during the production of STFIR, but which never made it into the film (as is so often the case), and which years later I put up on YouTube because I thought people might find it interesting. On the YouTube page you link to it clearly states: "A clip from an interview with researcher / author Kevin Randle back in September, 2001, in Kevin's hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for the documentary Stanton T. Friedman is Real. In this heretofore unseen segment, Kevin talks about the difference between true skepticism and debunkery / true believer-ism." I guess you missed that bit.

2. My documentary doesn't "praise" Stan. In fact, there is an entire segment devoted to Roswell and MJ-12 where critics such as my old friend Karl Pflock have a real go at Stan. Yes, the film takes a generally positive view of Stan in terms of his sheer commitment to the subject, and his decades of effort, but it retains a middle-ground objectivity as to the veracity of those things he supports, such as Roswell. Indeed, the film makes a point of showing how Roswell has been commercialized, and how Stan has been part of that. But then again, I suspect you've never actually seen the film. Perhaps you might like to see it someday. I'll happily send you a copy on DVD (PAL) so you can watch it, for FREE (i.e. you won't have to pay for it), even though you are in the Czech Republic, if not quite "worlds away" from me here in Nova Scotia. Just drop me a line at and let me know you wish to acquaint yourself with the facts before you start typing.

All the best,

Brad Hudson said...

And there you have it ...

It must have been pretty damn hard to keep quiet this long, Paul.

Welcome to what is surely the end of "Korffing" as we know it.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

To quote Kal's final words on one of his emotional YouTube 'episodes'...

"What ever happened to the truth? Doesn't anyone care anymore?"

I guess Kal doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would throw up a few words in defense of Rob McConnell because I have been aware of some of the things going on and I have some experience when a friend turns out to have feet of clay.

When Korff bailed from the debate (which was the third attempt to do this... he ignored the two previous attempts, one by Rob and one by Paul Kimball and after calling me a coward for my refusal to debate him... an offer I had not heard) Rob was understandably angry. My wife had asked for days what Rob and I woul talk about when the Korff failed to appear.

I was surprised when Rob allowed Korff to return but at the same time, Rob was gathering information about Korff and his claims. I had made it clear that I didn't believe that Korff was a colonel in anything other than his own mind and that he regularly revealed secrets on Robs radio program that anyone with any training would have kept to himself.

Korff's excuse, when I was unable to learn anything about the KPMG audit was that it was a secret audit and of course they wouldn't tell me about it. This excuse failed simply because I did know about it. Korff couldn't keep his mouth shut and, of course, this was a tactic to scare me. OHHHH, my work will be audited for mistakes... There never was an audit and never will be. I would, of course put my book up against Korff's, and his ridiculous rantings such as saying the term "Flying Saucer" wasn't used in 1947. Of course it was. It was invented in 1947.

Anyway, Rob continued to look into many of the things that Korff had said and learned that much of it wasn't true. Not just little mistakes that could be treated as momentary memory lapses, but large, bold lies about all sorts of things. I mean, a 500 book deal? Nobody has that. Not even Stephen King or J. K. Rowling, whose books are real bestsellers.

Rob gathered his information to be sure that he had it all, and now has released it... including the famous nanobots or nanodust, or whatever the hell it was. Korff told Rob that you could see it with a magnifying glass but real experts said that simply wasn't true. And there was no evidence that any nanodust was included in the package Korff sent. So, no, I don't believe Korff ever had anything like that, empty vial not withstanding.

I think Rob was surprised that his friend was such a liar and I think Rob was surprised that some of us who Korff had smeared for so long were nothing like Korff claimed. I mean I really had background in the military and really had obtained field grade in the US Army as opposed to some imaginary organization.

Rob was let down by his one time friend, and I'm sure, Korff will now attack him because Korff is all over the map... just take a look at that idiotic excuse he gives for bailing on the debate. Why, I'm a fine fellow and a true patriot. Of course, that is the only time he says anything like that because it suited his purpose. Now, again, I'm a bad guy.

And yes, I understand that people here wanted Rob to act a little sooner, but he has acted and I think the headlines on his newspaper say it all. Kal Korff is a liar.

And in keeping with Paul's note, I still await Korff's apology for all the mistakes he has made in attacking me. Just one of those, that Mack Brazel's picture never appeared on the front page of any newspaper in the Roswell area was disproved when I posted a picture from the July 10, 1947 front page of the Roswell Daily Record with Mack Brazel's picture on it.

Normally, like Paul, I don't bother with anything Korff says because he is always so far off the mark. I will point out, however, that Korff is in violation of the Stolen Valor Act by wearing American rank insignia that he didn't earn and the dummy has plastered it all over the Internet so that the FBI, which has jurisdiction, can find the proof.

And now I go back to ignoring Korff.


Paul Kimball said...

I heartily agree with what Kevin said re: Rob McConnell, who has always dealt fair and square with me. Sometimes it's not easy to see a friend for what he really is, and the important thing is that Rob finally came to the proper conclusion re: Korff.


phil said...

The problem is that McConnel has added Don Ecker to his new shit list and he appears to endorse the sloppy work of Jim Dilettoso. Dilettoso's analysis of the Billy Meier case and the Phoenix Lights is a UFO geek's wet dream.

Notice how McConnel didn't add David Beidny to his list? I guess McConnel only had the balls to add one of his critics to his updated list. McConnel is an absolute joke.

Brad Hudson said...

Hey, I'm a Paracast fan and David scares me. I'm sure Rob fears the worst....

And, David, please don't come to my house and microwave my dogs or anything. Just jokes, man!

Anonymous said...

Glad Rob has outed Kal to his audience but this taking up for him? Come on. Rob let Kal go crazy and it was crystal clear that Kal was full of it. Sorry but Rob is just as horrible as Kal and the two fools deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Kal and I hope someone turns him in so the FBI can prosecute his stupid ass. Kal K. Korff has insulted every soldier and agent fighting against terrorism and has also insulted the memories of terrorism victims worldwide.

Spread the word to your friends in the military about this poseur Kal K. Korff. I think I'll write to the FBI right now. Ihave no tolerance for assholes riding the coattails of the dead.

Anonymous said...

Top off the fact that XZone is charging people to read about Kal. POST IT FOR FREE IF YOU REALLY CARE!!

Anonymous said...

I could say something nice, or I could say something not so nice,
But you know what? Kal K. Korff just isn't worth it. Period!


Anonymous said...

"Sometimes it's not easy to see a friend for what he really is, and the important thing is that Rob finally came to the proper conclusion re: Korff."

Mac is only human and Korff, although a nutball, is kinda friendly. His stories and his personality are somewhat entertaining.

But now since Mac sees what people who visit this blog know, that Korff is full of shit. But much worse, his lies are so outrageously based on an inflated ego of being an important rank, business, scientists, writer, blah blah, blah...

I can't wait for "Worlds Away." When will it be released and how can I purchase a copy?

I'm sure Korff will eventually confront what he most fears, his stupidity. Instead of a International Man of Mystery, Korff turns out to be just another chubby 40 somethings who lives in his mom's basement.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kal is somewhat entertaining at times, as long as you don't believe a word he says. Stan Friedman calls him 'amusing'.
The rest of the world now just laughs at him.
If you've ever been to an institution for the 'mentally handicapped', although it's pathetic, the 'residents' can be very funny, even hilarious, at times, with the thing's they talk about and who they think they are. A lot in common with Kal.

Squonkamatic said...

I don't have a problem with Rob selling his newsletter with the Korff headlines. Someone had to pay for all those long distance phone calls to assorted pay phone booths across Prague last summer/fall when Kalvin was pretending to be on research sabbaticals. Rob definitely invested a lot of himself into Professor Pumpernickle and deserves to get some kind of a dividend out of it to balance the books. For that matter too I usually don't have a problem with what people do for a living, hell one of my uncles is an engineer for Monsanto. As long as you aren't harming animals or exploiting children it's nobody's business.

That's one of the places where I clash with the Korff mentality. The way I figure it he's trying to deny other writers -- the bulk of whom are better writers than he is -- their right to make a living. The only Roswell book you're supposed to have is the Korff book and the only Bigfoot book you're supposed to have is the Korff book, etc. His whole schtick is about trying to deny other people the right to make a living, the catch being that you're supposed to pay him $20 a shot for the benefit of it. Then when the shoddy, inept, unfocused and insincere nature of his own efforts is brought up he starts screaming about consumer fraud.

All of that is before the little games and exaggerations and falsehoods are taken into account. So it's mystifying to see him getting credence from those who are supposed to be more savvy about all this stuff than some bumpkin like myself. If Rob McConnell was pulling an extended grandiose sting as far back as the "just more of this crap?" comment then he sure fooled me, and for whatever it's worth I'm going to pay my $1.50 to read what he has to say. I've got a few stray dollars leftover in a PayPal account so what the hell, it's better than them getting to keep it.

The main skullfucked lunkheaded thing that Kal Korff can't seem get through his overstuffed (or hollow?) cranium is that you can still admire someone like Kevin Randle or Stanton Friedman, buy their books and enjoy reading them while disagreeing with their conclusions. The same thing would go for Korff too, if he wasn't such an infantile, simpering, insufferable jerk about it. Who likes being shouted at when they're trying to relax? I've got money to spend on books but I won't even buy used copies of a Korff project. The covers are too far apart.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Y'know - I really wonder how all this will end?

Any thoughts, Squonk et al?

Squonkamatic said...

I don't think there ever will be an end to it. More likely those of us watching & scoring along at home will inevitably grow weary and turn to other pursuits. If it wasn't so entertaining I'd have ducked out long ago. Kal K. Korff thrives on it too. His need is to be the center of attention even if it's done in a negative way. We keep feeding the beast by following along here. Don't think for a minute he's some miserable schmuck schlepping around feeling sorry for himself either, not any more at any rate. Kal's loving every minute of this and is looking forward to an escalation because it will provide him an excuse to go full throttle in response. That he has nothing and has been outed as a fraud isn't important to him. He has no scruples or ethics and the more he says it isn't about him the more you can be sure that it's ALL about him.

Jimmy D said...

How will The Great Man react to news of The Gloved One's death?

"Critical Thinkers has been warning for two years that this would happen..."?

"As tributes to Michael Jackson poured in today from leaders and statesmen across the world, Colonel Korff, in a hastily-convened newsconference..."


Anonymous said...

Hey just about everyone on this friggen site has emailed Rob about how Kal is a lying sack a shit! His response to me was simply "Old Friend". Well now he wants money to expose the same friend who was going out of his way to destroy the carreers of people just trying to make a living. F*ck that, Robs a w*nker who gave that a*shole a soapbox so he could spread his b*llshit!

Anonymous said...

"He's banal and facile, a fat waste of space,
See his pugnosed face..."

You are scum, Korff. Utter vermin.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


Banal and facile, he's a fat waste of space. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rob may have received a lawsuit threat from Kal because the newspaper calling Kal a liar has been pulled. Was anyone able to get a copy before it got pulled?

Anonymous said...

If Rob's "newspaper" got pulled as a result of a threat, I doubt the threat came from Kal.
Instead, maybe Rob's media parent company gave him the old "Don't stoop to his level" speech.

Anonymous said...

...a few days ago when I tried to buy the Xzone Korff expose, it was never there, all it linked to was that older Billy Meiers issue that displays now, so it may be that ol'Rob has learned much from his good buddy Kal...

....perhaps ol'Rob's expose is simply "developing"...

Anonymous said...

Rob hasn't finailzed the issue for sale yet....

In his video, “Is It Really True” posted on youtube on September 20th, 2008, Kal makes many fascinating statements.

“Welcome to another episode of “Is It Really True.”

But this one is the first episode?

“We are delusional as a species.”

Yes Kal, yes you are.

“After we say what we have to say, we’ll move on and we won’t beat a dead horse.”

RMIII, Paul Kimball, etc. etc., etc…..

"How can you talk about the Special Secret Services if it's so secret?"

“I never claimed it was secret!”

Yeah, right… SAPSTOE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent 'tree' mystery for a true SAPSTOE to udderly solve can be found here:

Anonymous said...

UFO WatchCatFrom:


... in 2 years.....

This is a "teaser" for a new reality-based TV show called UFO WatchCat which exposes the false claims of Royce Myers III and his UFO Watchdog web site. It begins airing December 1, 2007.

... Right....

Anonymous said...

Looks like rob is going to drop his bomb on sometime today.

"The June / July 2009 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper To Be Released on Saturday June 27 2009"

The Lies of Kal Korff and others who lurk in the paranormal"

Anonymous said...

>>> Sunday, 21 June 2009 10:37
Dear World,

Over the next few days and especially during this week, we will begin making the transition from our current web site, to a newly-featured one which will be modeled more after a TV network with lots of channels. <<<

June 27th, nothing.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that Colonel Korff and his S3 rapid response SAPSTOE teams are currently engaged in a clandestine psyops & evaluation action with a mandate of getting to the bottom of the Michael Jackson tragedy. Since Colonel Korff got his start in law enforcement it would make sense for him and his handlers at the US Embassy in Prague to be closely involved with investigators in southern California who are piecing together the story of Jackson's final hours to find the truth behind the tragedy. Which will no doubt reflect poorly on Royce Meyers III and his UFO Hall of Fame which includes Kevin Randle, as well as the selective standards of proof used by Paul Kimball in relation to his uncle Stanton Friedman.

There also is a genuine Korff/Jackson connection in that both were benefactors of wealthy Arabian sheiks or princes. Jackson's was from Bahrain and Colonel Korff's was Saudi but it is highly likely that both were working closely together behind the scenes to expose terrorist elements at work. All of this will probably be addressed in Colonel Korff's seven hundred and eighty six volume book series for Prometheus detailing Korff's investigation of Royce Meyers and Paul Kimball.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up on the last comment, nice stream of melding the news cycle of the last 48 hours with korffing

Anonymous said...

kult of kal -

forgive the ignorant question but i'm curious

your site is a google blog, how do you check IP sign ins?

that tree symbol is fascinating. i mean, it's not the sort of club-over-the-head CIA or Total Information Awareness with the masonic pyramid and the all-seeing-eye logo, so i'm guessing a softer logo was designed for either a private intelligence firm or not United States at all.

it looks like an olive tree. is that where you are driving at?

Anonymous said...

June 28th and still no X-Zone newspaper. Looks like Kal and Rob have something in common.....what a surprise.

Anonymous said...

The Korff newsletter will be out late Tuesday, per Rob McConnell, this morning.

Kult of Kal said...

Anon asking about how I can track IPs and locations, I use SiteMeter, a free script that you can put into any blog. Google's Blogger, with their simple CMS (content management system) makes using the script super easy.

About the tree logo - it's not a US-based agency, but from Warsaw. The monitoring allows me to see a visitor's city and what page/pages they visit, plus a bunch of technical details like IP, screen size, OS, browser version, etc...
For some visitors, whether they mean to or not, their IP also gives away their work place, because the IP space is dedicated to that company/agency.
The person is Warsaw is definitely interested in our Korffing from a certain perspective, but I want to either hear from them or they can instead visit from their home.

Anonymous said...

The Kernel paid for the one year re-up on his girlfriends site:

Updated Information:

Kal Korff
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 19-Jun-07
Expires on: 19-Jun-10
Last Updated on: 19-Jun-09

Administrative Contact:
Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Technical Contact:
Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

FN, forever Korffing.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your answer, KultofKal.

however, aren't you in Prague? I could believe just the same that a next-door country would just as likely be logging all english language blogs with a CZ IP for whatever reasons?

I'm unable to determine the nature of the company or agency represented by that tree of eyes logo, but the number of eyes on the tree would suggest to me that there is a wide intelligency gathering net, not a specific target.

just my guess. it is interesting either way

thanks for your answer

Kult of Kal said...


Yes, I'm in Prague. My curious visitor is from Warsaw.

I think there's some confusion here about what I know and don't know...

What I Don't know: Why is my special "tree" visitor monitoring our Korffing?

What I Do know: Who the "tree" agency is. I personally edited the tree logo to remove the agency's name to protect their identity from the rest of us Korffers, only because I respect everyone's right to stay anonymous.

That said, I'm just curious why this particular agency is visiting. Your guessing is close; they're a govt watch group. I'm waiting until I see they've visited again since I posted my "Hello?".

Kutl of Kal said...

God, I was just reading my last post and I'm ashamed because it reads more like something Kal wrote than I.

I'm no SAPSTOE-in-the-know, nor am I some bigtime techie.

I'm only calling out a visitor and hoping they respond. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that the X zone delayed publishing because it is going to add a sneak preview of Paul Kimball's film about Kal K. Korff and there is more concrete information about Kal.

I see that Kal has not posted any new stuff to his site. He's probably waiting for that X zone paper to come out so he can start his hit campaign against everyone in the world who has ever disagreed with him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm under the same immpression; that Rob had found or was given more info and that he's confiming for publication.

Interesting, Kalvin hasn't pulled the last remaining "Xzone", "Rob McConnell" material off his site... yet.


Anonymous said...

Just heard from Horn. He told me that the DVD and debate probably wont happen for a number of reasons. He then told me that he was very busy on his own projects and releasing new Meier material.

No mention if Korff had anything to do with his thoughts...

You can add this to the long list of fails....


Anonymous said...

A true professional waits to either finalize details or until a given project is in the can before even announcing it publicly. That way if plans don't come to fruition you don't have to issue statements explaining your way out of a jam, and you maintain a reputation of being one who delivers. By contrast, Kal K. Korff announces things publicly every other day, and consistently fails to deliver. This is the main reason why he is considered unreliable and why nobody really wants to involve him in their projects.

Don Ecker said...

The Wit & Wisdom of kowboy kal k korff......

" Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously". "
-- Kal K. Korff in an e-mail to Well, I suppose Korff has stunningly succeeded.

" I remind everyone I AM a SAPSTOE and the fact none of you seem to know what this means will remain a liability to you until you start to factor it into everything I do. IF you do, or when you do, you won't be so "surprised." You'll say instead, like they did today at the Embassy where two new contacts and liaisons had to be briefed, "Wow, I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do." "

--More amazing evidence provided by Korff regarding his visit to the US Embassy in Prague. Did I miss something? Mmm, didn't think so.

" I just called the US Embassy about 30 minutes ago. They told me the story today and what I wrote about our meeting yesterday, where I visited them as a beyond 100% bonafide Captain, "gave them goosebumps." They not only are blown away, pleasantly, but as they told me yesterday when they saw the previews of the Meier books, where I showed them ScotRitter, and the nuclear components from Iraq, etc., IMAGINE THIS... Wewent over ALL this stuff. "

--Yep. I'm imagining it all right now...UFOs, terrorism, nuke components, a call to embassy security for an escort out of the building...

on our way to achieving things that destroy the UFO "field" as we have "known it" since 1947. "

-- Destroy the UFO field? Yes! Really, because those bastard UFOlogists are much more of a danger than international terrorists! I'm sure the U.S. Embassy is very concerned about all these UFO Homeland Security!

"...the US government wanted to know about the latest activities of Kal Korff."

---Ah! Now I see the light...

" I remind everyone, that I am the only person with a 500 book deal...When Secret Wars airs, you will see me go undercover and root out very sexy agents who are honeytraps... "

---More from "Captain" Korff on his alleged 500 book deal and his super secret rooting out of undercover female sex operatives...uh, sure. As for the book deal, someone better call Stephen King and J.K. Rowling...and they call themselves authors! The nerve!

" It shows me with CIA agent Scot Ritter. I assume you remember who he is. :-)

We are here in Prague, and I get to "break the news" to him that not only have nuclear centrifuges been found, but that he was lied to and fooled by some key Iraqi scientists. I then showed him images I obtained of these components, which WERE part of Saddam's WMD secret labs we knew NOTHING about, and the CIA screamed and wanted these classified.

However, I got the images BEFORE the CIA did in Bagdad and classified them, and they are NOT the same images. So I WILL publish them, and to PROVE it, I published one image months ago along with the info that Ritter was yet another target of one of my ops, and I had to stop his lies cold in Prague, and I did.

Both CIA and US Govt. were "thankful" but of course, I was not officially "ordered" to do it. They did not need to give me that order, Royce, I am Kal Korff. Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture. "

--Korff in an e-mail alleging to have given former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter information about Saddam Hussein's WMD secret labs. Korff even sent a picture he alleged was taken by a camera hidden in a flower pot (see below).

With Unlimited Thanks! to Royce Myers the IIIrd!

Don Ecker
Still checking korff ... now and again ...

Brad Hudson said...

Good to hear from you, Don. Of course, every time I see something you've recently written, or hear you on the Paracast, all I can think of is Al Pacino in The Godfather III: "I try to get out and they keep pulling me back in!"

Seriously, though, thanks for your contributions to the UFO field. I've got to say your "20 Years in the UFO Fog" was a real eye opener for me.

Anonymous said...

Don -

From your post above (shown in brackets):

[" I remind everyone, that I am the only person with a 500 book deal...When Secret Wars airs, you will see me go undercover and root out very sexy agents who are honeytraps... "

---More from "Captain" Korff on his alleged 500 book deal and his super secret rooting out of undercover female sex operatives...uh, sure.]

Actually, Korffy never actually SAID the 'very sexy agents' were female.....we may be "udderly" unsure of just where his tastes lie.....

Anonymous said...

Kal's website is down.

Perhaps Gil Gilbertson's long arm of the law, or David Biedny's threats, or Paul Kimball's association with his uncle Stan Friedman who lied about MJ-12, or desperate Don Ecker, or the scandals of Kevin Randall, or the misleading of consumers by UFO Watchdog, all conspired to take down.

Or, some teenage hackers in Turkey have once again pummelled the SAPSTOE.

Anonymous said...

My money is on Kal "disappearing" once again like he did from the UFO field with him slithering out of his hole later with yet another gimmick. I heard a rumor that Brad Sparks is going to appear in Paul's new film.

Anonymous said...

So where in the hell is this stuff from Rob McConnell?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's 9:00 PM West Coast and nothing yet.......

Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Kal has the ability to go underground again. I just want to see "World's Away".

Happy Canada Day, Paul.

Paul Kimball said...

To amuse myself, I suppose I should give poor Kal some ammo:

When I ran a recording studio in 1997-98, I brought together a trio of jazz musicians in Halifax, NS, as The Young Lenin Trio. They played exactly one gig together, at the 1997 East Coast Music Awards in Halifax, NS (held in February, 1998), but I also got them in studio to record a dozen tracks, some covers ('Round Midnight, Oleo, for example), and some originals. However, my favourite was a special project I commissioned - an adaptation of the Soviet national anthem. Here it is, as arranged by pianist Konrad Pluta. The other Trio members were drummer Brian Buckle, and bassist Mark Winkelman, who also played in my band, Julia's Rain, at the same time.

This is, of course, clear evidence that Kal was right all along about me being a communist. ;-)

Brad Hudson said...

Seriously funny!

Now, Paul, do you have any Jewish ammo since Kal has also been insisting that you keep kosher since this whole thing started?

Anonymous said...

I received an email that concerned my latest column in UFO magazine. In that column I mentioned the Frank Kaufmann story of bouncing a flashlight beam off a mirror as a signal and mentioned that I had thought of a series of mirrors like that used in Real Genius, a movie. The writer mentioned that he had read a Korff rant in which Korff made light of that explanation and said that I couldn't name the movie. The writer was surprised that I actually could because we all know that Korff is never wrong.

So, what's the point you might ask? Well, here is something else that Korff got wrong. I expect an apology will be coming soon. He made the allegation that no such movie existed and I named it. Korff strikes again, but badly misses the mark.


Squonkamatic said...

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that apology, Kevin.