Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here it is now the 21st of June and I feel that there is something missing here. What could it be?? Did I perhaps miss a birthday?? Maybe an important appointment or something from the grocery? Perhaps I forgot to check the post today? Oh yes wait it is now all coming back to me. Kal K. Korff FAILED AGAIN to deliver as advertised! I know that this comes as no surprise to anyone because he is after all Kal K. Korff. How does Kal stay so consistent in the FAILURE department?

Kernal Krustez is going to be the subject of a new worldwide film documentary called World Aways that is being filmed by none other than that chap Paul Kimball. The documentary delves very deep into the life of Kal and investigates Kal so utterly thorough leaving no stone unturned and digs under the stones. so since Paul announced he would be spending time in Prague and announced to the world his travel dates to prague and the fact that he would be doing filming for the Kal documentary film Kal did what he does best and that would be a laughable childish threat of releasing a video exposing Paul Kimball and some chap named Stanton Freidman. And Kal prmoised it would be coming and would be available for sale. Kal said this video would be out on June 20th and available for sale here we are once again with an empty bag from Kal. Kal put this up on his Internet website " EXCLUSIVE! Kal Korff Stars in NEW Documentary about Stanton T. Friedman, On Sale June 20th!

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 18 June 2009 00:21

Kal Korstars in a new non-fiction documentary on Stanton T. Friedman which goes on sale Saturday, June 20th!

Zurich, Switzerland — Here is a still from a new documentary on the legendary UFO researcher, Stanton T. Friedman, which features extensive commentary and factual corrections by Kal Korff.

We psychically predict, although we are NOT "psychic" — that Paul Kimball will continue NOT to hold his Uncle Stan accountable for the claims Friedman makes, Paul is after all admittedly on the "other side of truth", which are examined critically in this video for the first time.

Both UFO "skeptics" and certainly "believers" will find this video to be of great interest.


Developing... "

Developing like a bad rash. So yet here another FAILURE on the part of Kal K. Korff to add to the ever growing list and another CHILDISH THREAT to add the ever growing list from Kal during another episode of his got-to-get-you-back tantrum. I really do not know what else to say because at this point Kal is just running around in circles chasing his own balls doing the same thing over and over and over and over but still coming up with the same results which are ZERO.


Anonymous said...

Check out Kult of Kal's latest post. Superb video, and so apropos of the "Colonel":

Brit_in_Prague said...

Thanks for posting that video on your site, Kult of Kal.

Actually, Kalvin reminds me of "Brave Sir Robin" from Monty Python's Holy Grail movie. If you substitute "Kalvin" for "Robin", then the chorus pretty much sums the Kernel up:

Brave Sir Kalvin ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
("I didn't!")
When danger reared it's ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Kalvin turned about
("I didn't!")
And gallantly he chickened out.

Clip here:

Lyrics here:

Anonymous said...

"...Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat..."

Yes! That *is* Kernal Koward....

Anonymous said...


Another glorious distinction for Kal -


Anonymous said...

So McConnell has finally officially dissed the "Colonel".

Pot, kettle, methinks.

At least Kalvin has an excuse: he is clearly as mad as a hatter. McConnell is stupid, but sane. But just as big a slimeball.

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before Kal blows his top and suddenly announces he was "investigating" McConnell all along. Kal can now add another name to his enemy targets list.

You can't be honest with Kal because the moment you doubt or question him, you become a target of his nutty shenanigans.

Usually when someone questions you and your response is to threaten them with a lawsuit or a threat to expose them, that equals hate.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Rob McConnell has been giving Kal a big fuck you by having on pro-Roswell people and is going to have on Jim Dilettoso who was at one time Kal's number 1 enemy. Jim tried to sue Kal but could not get papers served on Kal. So any guesses as to how long it will take for Kal to proclaim the XZone promotes frauds and is deceiving consumers? I give it less than 48 hours. LMAO! Hopefully this isn't some sort of game Kal and Rob have cooked up. After all it was Rob who promoted Kal and gave him a platform to sling mud at others. So much for Kal being a "good buddy" now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a fucking nimrod...

>>> Over the next few days and especially during this week, we will begin making the transition from our current web site, to a newly-featured one which will be modeled more after a TV network with lots of channels. <<<

More templates Kalvin?

>>> Please be patient with us while we add new code to our site, after we are finished it should not only run MUCH FASTER, but have lots of new features and FINALLY, many long-promised items for release and for sale. <<<

I wont make a comment. Why bother?

>>> Remember, don't tell our "kritics" — they don't like it when they proven or shown to be the bozos that they are. <<<

Kettle, Kalvin, kettle.

>>> We're sorry, we do not mean to offend the real Bozo the Clown, our description of them refers to their BEHAVIOR only. Bozos will ALWAYS be bozos, just ask any of Kal's "kritics" <<<

What a fuck nut. Fucking idiot then posts a Youtube murder clip...?

We Korffers will kontinue Kalvin, and you will kontinue to respond in kind.

Kritics Kalvin... Without us you'd having NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

I was thinkng.

Hay Kal, you never, ever mention your supports? You always go on about your kritics but I can't find any refernce, anywhere, to your supports.

It can't be the 10's of 10's of people watching your Youtube videos, that's Korffers.

So, in an effort to, speak for yourself, why don't you list out a few or your "vast number" of supporters for us?

Don't include Rob McConnell, whom you don't even mention anymore and who had you pull down "almost" all refernces to him and his show....


A Fan Of Korffing

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the strange spelling of the last post, I like that post.

Yes Kalvin, please tell us about your supporters.

This would make a fine article for your soon to be "super better and faster" template web site.

Remember Kalvin, your code doesn't lie, you do.


Anonymous said...

Kal just proved that he indeed does read this blog. In my comment above re the xzone, I used the word 'Bingo!'.
In Kal's latest website entry about the year 2012, he ends with the word 'Bingo!'.
Coincidence? Don't think so.


Anonymous said...

So Kal is going on a new 'network' later this week. Does that have anything to do with his present website domain name of expiring on the 24th, or that having expired on June 15th?

Bozo #5

Frank John Reid said...

Kurtis Korff Is Vindicated!!!!

S3 Super Agent said...

Kernel Krackpot must have stopped taking his meds this weekend, because he has a doozy of a rant up now about Paul Kimball that has to be read to be believed!

I wonder when Korff is going to stop claiming that Kimball - who comes from a Baptist family, and is a self-described agnostic - is Jewish? More top-notch research and analysis by Herr Kernel.

Looks like Kimball's film is really getting to Korff. What a shame! Hahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding a lot of what Kal Korff does and says...

Pillow Fucker writes things like Kimball is Jewish, over and over again, for the same reason we bait him on the blog. He wants us to write about it.

I'm okay with this because Korff is wrong, so he's making himself look stupid, which helps us in all things Korffing.

After all, nobody can speak for Kal K. Korff, but Kal K. Korff.

Carrying on Pillow Fucker.

A Fan Of Korffing

Anonymous said...

Hey Pillow Biter. Before you go off and write that "thesis", you may want to research what a "thesis" is:

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that "self interview" Kal!

Fucking rich sir!

You are mistaken when you ask yourself and then answer yourself, "I'm not worthy of a documentary."

Like hell your not! Walter Mitty's got nothing on you sir.

Certainly, even Rob McConnell now knows the truth, he’s listed you on his woo woo list for Christ’s sake Kal! Ha, ha, ha!

Please Kal, I'm begging you, who are these three people who know you so well? You’re Mom, your criminal brother and let’s see..., Martina!

Kal, we, the Dear World, know you from your writings and videos. Well, at least enough to gauge and base your CHARCTOR on.


Live by the word; flame out by those same words...

You also predicted that you’d be selling a video, a collectible video no less, by the 20th yet another promise unfulfilled. Yet another fanciful lie.

Anonymous said...

Anybody want to ask Martina a question?

Publicly accessed information:

Martina Tychova
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, 10060
Czech Republic

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 15-Jun-07
Expires on: 15-Jun-10
Last Updated on: 19-Jun-09

Administrative Contact:
Tychova, Martina
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, 10060
Czech Republic

Technical Contact:
Tychova, Martina
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, 10060
Czech Republic

Domain servers in listed order:

Interesting that her e-mail uses this domain:

Publicly accessed information:

Domain Name:

Registrant Contact: Private Registrant
DreamHost Web Hosting
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821

Administrative Contact: Private Registrant
DreamHost Web Hosting
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821

Technical Contact: Private Registrant
DreamHost Web Hosting
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821

Billing Contact: Private Registrant
DreamHost Web Hosting
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821

Record created on 2006-10-24 20:23:40.
Record expires on 2009-10-24 20:23:40.

Domain servers in listed order:

I Love Korffing

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece of Korffing, that last post.

I think KIAI should institute a system of awards recognizing contributions like that.

Anonymous said...

Thre is no such place as "Zesmesnovat ulice".

The verb "Zesmesnovat" means something like to ridicule, taunt, or mock.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You can lose your domain name over providing false or misleading information on your registration including telephone and address. All contact info has to be valid.

Anonymous said...

Thx Jimmy D. I was hitting it hard last night. Hoping for the melt down to kontinue.


Anonymous said...

From Paul Kimball's website, The Other Side of Truth,
dated May 28, 2008 -

"As he's using my images for a profit-making venture, as opposed to my use of his images for non-profit fun, I could sue him, but why bother? The poor guy looks like he needs the money, and anytime he criticizes me it just adds to my overall credibility.
In short, rave on, Kernel Kal, rave on!

Anonymous said...

what was that last bit of korffing? with martina's website info?

I'm not able to pull up the same info in "whois", which sure looks a lot like whois.

Anonymous said...

All I did was type in:

And I got it all from there?


Anonymous said...

I just want to say something now. If Kal in anyway writes about Neda and tries to somehow draw her into his fantasy world bullshit I am going to hunt his ass down.

F1 Racer

Squonkamatic said...

Over the next few days and especially during this week, we will begin making the transition from our current web site, to a newly-featured one which will be modeled more after a TV network with lots of channels.

A website modeled to look like TV network with lots of channels is still just a website modeled to look like a TV network with lots of channels. It's still not television, it's still not broadcasting, and Kal K. Korff is still full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal,

I’ll pay for a video exposing me as one of the more helpful Korffers, intent on putting you out to pasture.

Sure, why not? You see Kal, I'm worthy of a video.


Because I’m right and I’m just at what I'm (and we) are doing and we're better than you.


Because we tell the truth and when we're wrong, we fess up.

And, we don't make pie in the sky promise and pronouncements and then not follow through on them again, and again, and again, and again. And not one or two people, now... but to everyone you know...

Enjoy the next few days Kal.

Text is a coming, and it's text you will not like...

Can you say…..?

A kritical assessment of your doings and misdoings?



Anonymous said...

"I just want to say something now. If Kal in anyway writes about Neda and tries to somehow draw her into his fantasy world bullshit I am going to hunt his ass down."
---who is Neda?

Anonymous said...

OK - just reading the news from Iran. I get it now.

Yes - I'm with you, F1.

You have been warned, "Colonel". Neda is off limits.

Anonymous said...

F1 - The following text comes halfway down his page. The accompanying video - naturally - does not appear to work. But its title ("MURDER in Tehran - Graphic Video") suggests that the fact bastard has indeed trivialised Neda's death for his own purposes.


Dear World,
As Kal Korff has been warning people for the past TWO YEARS about Iran and the imminent WAR coming against it (unless Iran stops supporting terrorism and genocide, literally); here is some graphic video which shows an innocent human being getting shot and murdered.

This happens ALL THE TIME in Iran, where RAPE is legal, guards rape their female prisoners ALL THE TIME, and use the excuse of a "mariage" to "justify" it.

Naturally, because this is ISLAMOFASCIST IRAN, the women have no "say" in such a "marriage" — it is simply a pretext to rape her and strip her of her dignity.

Notice that many people would rather fantasize about imaginary "Little Grey Men" than actually get off their collective asses and try to change the regime in Iran, for the better — one which supports and respect human rights, instead of genocide.

Regime change is something various partners of CriticalThinkers are involved in, including Colonel Kal Korff.

Korff's upcoming six volume series on terrorism not only opens with Iran and states the blunt issues up front, but the first chapter in his Volume 1 is a book by itself, at nearly 150 pages.


Anonymous said...

Sorry "fact bastard" = "fat bastard"...

Anonymous said...

Xzone radio program guests:

Friday, June 19 - Jim Delitosso
Monday,June 22 - Kevin Randle, Michael Horn
Tuesday, June 23 - Stan Friedman

How's that for a good old fashion 'stick it to you buddy'!

Way to go Rob!


Anonymous said...

Having some continued success with the old bait and switch routine.

Just opened another email account in the name of a fictitious person and wrote to the "Colonel" offering highly sensitive information about one of the hapless lawmen caught up in his brother's case.

Before sending, I posted a bounce message (signed "Jimmy D") asking him a few pertinent questions (Where is the 'fact checking commentary' on Obama's Prague speech; when can we hear the BBC interview on the missile defence shield; what's up with your "Body Human Project"; are you really directing anti-al Quaeda nanobot operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, or is that just another lie...)

A reply was forthcoming, thanking me for my approach and asking for further details...followed swiftly by a second from "Avim" claiming that S3 had seen through my little ruse all along.

Try it yourselves - it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Kal is now saying his "limited" video about Stan Friedman has sold out. What a load of shit from Kernal Shithead. Is this really the best Kal can come up with?

Kal reminds me of the kid at school who says he has all the latest toys and the best bicycle, but when one of the other kids asks him to bring a toy or ride his bike to school, or asks him to bring his toys to play after school, Kal already has some bullshit answer cooked up because he knows he doesn't have the bicycle or toys.

Is this latest from Kernal Cornflakes suppose to strike fear in the hearts of Paul Kimball and Stan Friedman and others? Is this the best you can pull out of your half baked brain?

I'm glad Kal doesn't do yard work for me because he'd talk about how good he is and all the new technology he's developed and I'd be stuck with a yard of dead grass overrun with weeds, complete with a crazed idiot in a cowboy hat yammering to himself as he sat cursing the lawn mower that won;t start because it is out of gas.

Anonymous said...

Hatred? No.

Annoyance? Yes.

Kal K. Korff, this blog, for the most part, is not about hatred.

Some on here may be about hatred, which cannot be helped, however in the end this entire blog is based on your behavior.

Speaking for myself, I’m not motivated by hatred. I’m motivated by YOU, your BEHAVIOUR and your grandiose LIES.

I (we) have tried to lay out many of these lies and grandiose proclamations, to which you stay silent, in a specific manner, only to make long winded pontifications which are wide ranging and yet light on anything specific.

We, on the other hand, make specific claims against you, to which you never make specific comment on.

Soon, this will all change Kal K. Korff. Soon you will have to respond, in a very specific and public manner, to these many claims against you, your behavior and your lies.

These claims are not based on assumption Kalvin; these are based on real worlds INTERACTION with you.

And, these claims are going to be made against you by other public figures. People who will not hide from you, as many of us Korffers do.

I for one, hide from you because you seem to have endless hours to spend in an “attempt” to go after people in a most haphazard way.

Granted without the expertise and success of a professional (or even hobbyist) security personnel of any note.

In the end, all of these claims of law suits and legal papers being filed are non existence.

We’ve checked Kalvin, we’ve made calls, and we find little in the way of verifiable action taken on your part in this regard.

But I degrees, soon you will be asked to make comment, in a very public way, in the media.

I predict that you will not, in any specific manner respond. Why? Because you can’t. Because, much like a court of law, if you stay the course and spew the same old tired rhetoric, it won’t just be the 10’s of 10’s surfing your template site and watching your videos, no Kalvin.

This time it will be not only we Korffers but people who have no interest in your actions at all, but people looking for a good laugh, a train wreck to watch, a public flame out to enjoy before they move on to their next...

... distraction.

Yes, Kalvin you have been regulated to a side-show act, a distraction no more worthy of interest than an automobile crash you may drive by on your way to McDonalds.

Its coming Kalvin, and I’m not talking about the second coming of Kalvin.

Times up.

Tic, toc...

Is this hatred Kalvin? Or Exposure?


Anonymous said...

>>> It will be remastered to include now a Reader version exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and will be available for worldwide release and download very soon. <<<<

Well, remastered from what? Oh, remastered to use a reader....

Kal never released his "invented" reader, he will use this app: Scribd at

IF this video ever sees the light of day.

The reader was just another promise unfullied.

In any event, Kal made a little copy and paste iMovie video. And then he burnt a few copies and he gave them away. Sell out.

Now, he will "remaster" the drivel and release it to...


No reader required.

Anonymous said...

"As Kal Korff has been warning people for the past TWO YEARS about Iran and the imminent WAR coming against it (unless Iran stops supporting terrorism and genocide, literally)..."

What a piece of vermin you are, Kalvin.

It's over - don't you get it?

Turn the lights out before you leave.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a long-winded (revised) tirade of Kal's against Paul Kimball.
It says one thing:
Kal is afraid, VERY afraid, of what might be disclosed about him in Paul's documentary!

Anonymous said...

I'm at odds if Kal Korff is really delusional or that he's playing games - deliberately spewing out false information and later on pretending to have done a psy-ops/Sapstoe operation. Or it could be a bit of both. In any case you don't get the truth with this guy.

Brad Hudson said...

I figured Kal would pull the "it sold out" routine. There was never any video just like there won't ever be the 2 dvd set on the "Great Billy Meier debate". Kal is seriously tilting at windmills at this point. You can see it in his writing that he knows he's very close to the end, admitting that Paul has talked to people that worked with Kal and know Kal, but that "only 3 people know the real truth" and that Paul won't talk to them. Right now Kal feels like the little boy who got a "D" on his science test and has to get his father to sign it over the weekend. Friday night is sort of OK, Saturday night is somewhat sleepless, and Sunday night is wrenching as each hour counts down to the time when the truth must come out.

Kal is obviously pretty scared, not knowing what he'll do after everything is public. I'm pretty sure Kal is painting Paul as evil incarnate to whoever those three people are that still believe Kal's load of BS. He's desperately trying to get Martina back in the fold with offers of a renewed WatchCat and some widgets to sell clothes, and I'm sure he's also feverishly trying to figure out which one of his inner circle is the mole who made everything possible.

Seriously, I wouldn't want to be in Kal's shoes right now as the walls are closing in, and fast. I hope he keeps it together long enough to shoot the video about me. I'm hoping to buy the 4 dvd pack featuring FN, Squonk, F1 and myself so I can play it at parties. hell, I'll probably feature it on YouTube myself!

Brit_in_Prague said...

I am squirming with glee at the prospect of Mr Kimball's movie. Hugging myself and making strange squeaking noises.

But you know what? I don't think this will muffle Korff's braying, lying trap one little bit. I think he'll just carry on as normal.

Anonymous said...

>>> I'm hoping to buy the 4 dvd pack featuring FN, Squonk, F1 and myself so I can play it at parties. <<<

>>> I don't think this will muffle Korff's braying, lying trap one little bit. I think he'll just carry on as normal. <<<

Ha! That's great stuff there!

I have it on could authority, from the horses mouth, that Mr. Kimball is but one salvo against Kalvin and his klaims.

This new salvo will take place very soon, in print and on the web. Kalvin will not be able to stay silent, that will not work. Either respond or not, it all works for we Korffers.

Then the film will be released, which will interest many more than Korffers and the small universe revolving around the sun, soon to turn into a black hole, who is...

Kalvin K. Korff

I shit you not Korffers. Salvo one is just about ready for lift off.

I've seen it; I read it and its nut and bolts, real word (Dear World)... all, "he said" with no she said.

I think you'll find it refreshing.


Squonkamatic said...

"Regime change is something various partners of CriticalThinkers are involved in, including Colonel Kal Korff.

Is it really? How? By engaging in petty personal squabbles with those who should be your peers? By mindlessly advocating your brother's legal case? By arguing about nanobots and SAPSTOE ops with journalists who dare to report on your antics as you yourself have gone out of the way to suggest? By making sightseeing videos around CR? The video in question is frightening and disgusting, it's not something to be lightly used in a bit to promote one's own rigteousness, "Colonel" Korff.

And where has this sudden concern for the victimizing of women suddenly come from? Is this your continuing 3 week late response to our vocal disgust over your callous objectification of the young woman on your iPud? You only left the god damn video up on your goofball YouTube channel for over a year. Get off your high horse and stop trivializing this disgusting, horrifying tragedy by using it as a device to promote yourself. Which someone on this blog predicted you'd do. Garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...

LOL let alone trotting out images of Martina in her bikini for the extended 3 minute intro segment for his new video productions. Another shallow, crass objectification of a woman that Korff supposedly has a professional interaction with. Complete hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Am to be tellink yu thut Supreme SAPSTOE Lord Korff is now to be busy two days as His SAPSTOENESS must be updoing His iPud with teh iTouchmyself 3.0/


Anonymous said...

"Wow I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do."

Let's see how long it takes before he tries to claim involvement for passing on the secret letter from the US to Iran via the Swiss.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff will stoop as low as it takes and when he's done stooping, he starts digging a hole. You make your own bed and you certainly dig your own hole. If I were Kal I'd start tossing the dirt on myself and call it good. I'd be too embarrassed with all this to face the world as any sort of man. It is never too late to disappear for a while and reinvent yourself as someone decent instead of slithering around, Kal.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Not sure if you can see his Info page if you don't have a facebook account, but I hope so.

God, I love this guy... hahaha

Daniela Abrahamova said...

I wonder if he Twitters.

Dear God, what a nutjob.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff gets worldwide media attention.

Scroll down slightly and see it on the left column.


Anonymous said...

>>> <<<

I have an account and I can't see shit unless I ask Kal to be my friend.

He must not have any yet, I notice that other pages which hide the specs of the site still show mutual friends and the such anyway....

I think I'll not make him my friend.

Maybe somebody will post a little bit of what he posted as his profile?

Anonymous said...

Look here Korffers. Funny stuff here:


Brit_in_Prague said...

Yes, well it's all very well McConnell awarding Kalvin the Order of the Woo-Woo for claiming to be a Colonel in a mythical organization, and denouncing the "lies of Kal Korff" in his monthly X-Zone newspaper, but the fact remains that he devoted hours and hours and hours of airtime to taking Korff's accounts of the derring-do of S3 at face value.

Oh, and what happened to the lab tests on Kalvin's "nanodust", McConnell?

I hope dear Robert gets as good a going-over as Korff in Mr Kimball's movie. They are two peas from the same slimey pod.

S3 said...

Looks like KKK has finally decided to release his massive 18 volume expose (snicker) on Paul - and all it took was Paul making a movie about poor KKK. I guess this is Kal's attempt at a pre-emptive strike on Paul, which should be fun to watch, in a train wreck kind of way. And then it will be Kal's turn...



Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff. Utter scum. You have no redeeeming qualities whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Korffers,

FN here. I would like to say this about Rob, his involvement in Korffdom and what he's doing now.

I do agree, how could I not, that Rob should have called out Kal a couple of years ago. While I can not speak for Rob, only he can speak for Rob...

I’ll assume that what took Rob so long to make the decision to call Kal out was his long involvement with Kal.

Kal was on that show years ago, and I’m under the impression that back then there was no mention and no discussions of terrorists, CZ, etc. Consumer protection (to the degree it’s going on now) was touched on but it wasn’t a focus as it is now.

My assumption is that Rob saw what we Korffers we’re saying and he just didn’t believe it until he proved it to himself.

Then, an investigation was finally completed, an investigation which Rob had prevue of.

This investigation clearly illustrated to Rob that he was being had, and the internet chatter on our Kernel was not just kids fucking about.

Regarding this up coming exposé, much of what you’ve been asking Rob about is covered, and yes, those nanobot are as well.

So, while I agree that Rob should have pulled the trigger a long time ago, I’m not Rob, with his Korff past.

Plenty of people have been burned by running with internet rumors and assumptions before checking it out for themselves. Art Bell and Hale – Bopp anyone?

It took him a while but, regardless, he got there and he’s now doing the right thing.

Could’a, should’a, would’a... At least he’s pulling the trigger now.

It’s a good time as well. Paul’s movie is closer to release than it was so it’s a one-two punch.

Again, I do not speak for Rob McConnell, only Rob McConnell can speak for Rob McConnell. I love that Korff speak!

Soon Kernel, very soon...


Anonymous said...

>>> Predictably, neither Paul Kimball, his Uncle Stan Friedman, Royce Myers III, David Biedny, nor Kevin Randle will dare to tell the TRUTH about the Kennth Arnold sighting, — THAT IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH "LITTLE GREY MEN" AND WAS IN FACT METEORS. <<<

Hey, dumb fuck. Nobody ever said it was little grey men. And there's no PROOF they were meteors either.

You're assuming, which is okay but in this case, you're postioning this as fact.

It is not.

Fucking wind-bag.

Do a,little research.

On an on about RMIII. Jesus Kal, get over it. Move on, RMIII has.

RMIII = Life with a family
Kal K. Korff = ... =... I'm out.

PS, I called RMIII, nothing, NOTHING was sent to him. No calls, no letters, no contact.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kal will also take credit for South Carolina Gov Sanford's mysterious 4 day holiday?

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Sounds like South Carolina Gov Sanford's mysterious 4 day holiday was spent in Argentina with agent Martina.... udderly a honeypot operation run by the SAPSTOE Col. Korff to force S.C. state acceptance of TARP funds!!!!

(Yes I know, NO POLITICS on this blog, but please allow this exception.)

Anonymous said...

So Kal thinks Kenneth Arnold saw meteors? Well, for such a world famous UFO researcher, Kal sure doesn't know much about meteors, nor much about Mr. Arnold either.
Just like Kal, he was a blatant liar, just looking for publicity and hopefully some big dollars.
Yes, he got the publicity and did make an extra buck or two, but soon faded away, just like Kal is now doing.

I think Rob McConnell just put the last nail in Kal's coffin.
Paul Kimball's documentary 'Worlds Away' won't be just a nail, it'll be the padlock!


Anonymous said...

Rob McConnell now gets to sell his little newsletter about Kal Korff and profit from having that bozo on the show freely splattering the airwaves with his bullshit. What rob McConnell ought to be doing is offering that for free and apologizing to all the people Kal freely slandered on Rob's show.

I wholly disagree with the thought that all is right with the world of Rob McConnell now when he did nothing but exploit Kal and the people Kal was targeting to get even with. What was that Rob said? something like 'Is this more of the same crap?' Anybody with half a brain long ago figured out that Kal Korff was was full of it. Rob McConnell is just as guilty in all of this as Kal is since Rob was a complete enabler in all of this.

Now I suppsoe I can sit back and watch Kal and rob go to war with each other. If Rob becomes one of Kal's main targets, then Rob deserves it and then some.

KIAI said...

FN, got your message there go ahead and send me that stuff you referred to.

Squonkamatic said...

There's no doubt in my mind that Rob McConnell's apparent parting with his buddy Kal K. Korff is a CYA tactic. Most likely Paul Kimball approached Rob and gave him a sobering rundown on his doc, which is inevitably going to have a lot on Kal's enablers and their exploitation of him. It's patently obvious to anyone with a brain that Colonel Kumquat's past seven years or so have been a blatant fabrication. It's one thing for everyday Joe six packs to be suckered into buying it, but a hardened broadcast professional should have known better.

Hence the conclusion that McConnell did know it was horse crap but played along for whatever he could milk out of it. If McConnell was to jettison every one of his guests who's schtick is questionable he'd have a mighty short list to call on every week. Paranormal interest studies isn't necessarily about getting to some cosmic truth so much as it is giving people a reason to keep buying books, so the real reason why McConnell may have finally jettisoned the SAPSTOE might have been that there haven't been any books or television appearances or whatever for quite some time. That coupled with the Kimball doc casting the glare of scrutiny on his own activities might have convinced him that it was time to put some distance between them.

Paul may very well have also invited McConnell to participate in the doc, and even though he's been Kalvin's primary media enabler Rob would have some pretty compelling reasons to play along. Namely additional exposure from an actual professional production that might generate some new listeners. Rob has also had ample opportunity to denounce the Professor in person and hasn't chosen to do so. Starting with just coming here & lettin' it rip, so it's logical to conclude there's more going on here than a personal falling out or sudden realization. And now as someone else points out he gets to play up his reversal on Kalvin and go the other way for a while. Business as usual in the paranormal interests industry.