Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kernal Krapper keeps krapping

I simply do not know where to begin with Kernal Boner's latest shenanigans. The moron has been on a tirade today so I do suppose the first place I will start at is Kal now saying he is publishing a scientific paper on nanotechnology. My response to this? ahahahahahhaaaahhhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaahhhhaa!
Kal is complete off his nut now with the headline BREAKING NEWS! Col. Kal Korff to PUBLISH First Scientific Paper on Nantechnology: HOW It was Used To PROVE Gil Gilbertson, Deputy Jim Geiger ARE CORRUPT!

Now I don't care much about this shooting business or any of that but only care about certain things Kal claims about his involvement and his writing a legal defense and his Internet website slop book thing supposedly being part of some court evidence and the like of his more outrageous claims.

So if Kernal Corndog is going to publish a scientific paper on nanotechnology? So just what education does Kal have that qualifies him to write a scientific paper on nanotechnology? The answer is NONE! What scientific peer panel reviewed the paper. yes you guessed correctly it is NONE! And what proof does Kal have that he actually has any actual nanotechnology? NONE! And just what recognized scientific journal is this going to be published in? NONE! I could go on about how idiotic this nonsense from Kernal Conniving is but it is so patently absurd that not even the most gullible of people would believe it. And yes Kal can say he published a paper on nanotechnology but so can endless grade school and high school students who have already written papers for school. thee are likely preschoolers have made color pencil scribblings with more scientific value than kal could ever dream of.

I could go on about Kal and his "Konfessions" where he confesses how badly he felt about breaking a little girl's heart in sixth grade. But I think I will spare everyone the pathetic juvenile drama Kal tries to create by describing his "going steady" with a girl and then breaking up with her. It is some of the wrost rubbish and brain rot I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I think this little piece also gives one qutie a bit of insight into how little growth emotionally Kal has had since the sixth grade. And remember that Kal refused to dance. ahahahahahhhaaaaaahhha!
I have a much better idea here for Kal. He should start apologizing to the people he has insulted and outright LIED about instead of wasting his time apologizing to a girl who liekly doesn't even remember him and that is IF any of it ever happened to begin with or this is just more of Kal giving his warped interpretation of events. And why would Kal have to say that this sweeping sixth grade romance was not serious??? this all speaks volumes about the level of emotional maturity Kal actually possesses. See kal if you weren't wasting all your time on this nonsense and actually got out a little more socially you might have an idea of what life could really be like instead of the absurdly ludicrous fantasy you live in.

And Kal keeps the hits rolling out with "Lori is a human being, a woman, and I honestly believe that women are the HIGHEST life forms on this planet." this would explain Kal using half naked women in his videos and focusing a camera on a woman's ass and her chest. My opinion is Kal DOES NOT respect women because if he did he would not have EXPLOITED the woman wearing the vest and FAKE badge in those pictures of video or whatever it was. Yet another fabulous example of Kal Mr.Hypocrite Korff at work.

And what in the bloody hell is this with kal making third peson references to himself???????? "But I refused. I refused to dance. Something was clearly wrong, Kal Korff would not dance, and he would not sing."

ahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahhhhaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Straight from an interview with Korff:

Kal Korff: Q: "Are you trying to destroy the UFO field?"

Korff: (Shocked, but laughing) "No. That's an absurd suggestion.

Korff quoted from Kan o' Korff: " AS WE GO PUBLIC, THE US GOVT EMBASSY REPS WILL STEP FORWARD, and we ARE on our way to achieving things that destroy the UFO "field" as we have "known it" since 1947. "

Anonymous said...

Carried over from the last thread:

>>> Since it is a FACT that Rob McConnell, Host of the X Zone Radio Show, was sent the SAME SAMPLES GILBERTSON AND GEIGER WERE, despite Geiger's LIES that this stuff did not exist, and since McConnell has CONFIRMED he did indeed receive what I (Kal Korff) had promised to send him —<<<

Jesus, it's getting deeper and deeper in here isn’t it?

Hey Kalvin, Rob didn't do shit. He confirmed you sent him "something". That's it, liar.

Rob stated that he was going to get that "something" verified, because you can't verify it yourself, because it's another lie.

In any case, Rob couldn't, wouldn't or did get the "something" verified, and he was so em-Bare-assed by the results that he wouldn't release the results, as he said he would, and he was asked to many, many time.

That last rant of Kalvin's is grand. He just told us that he never said he had NANOBOT anything...

Boy, oh boy, you smelly fuck.

I really do think that this is all a ruse, a test on basic human nature, so Kalvin can write yet another book on a subject nobodies going to read.

Sadly, he's bringing down his family and himself in the process.

Oprah wont have another liar, who wrote a book on Kalvin. Sorry to bust your make believe bubble...

... Mr. “I never said I had nanobot’s, but I sent some nanobot dust to Rob and it was confirmed... that I sent him a vile of something that has yet to be VERIFIED to be anything but my own ass dust” Kalvin K. Korff.

I have to say, this is the best Korffing month in a long time. Keep it up idiot.


Anonymous said...

Ode by Kal to Lori:

I didn't dance with Lori
For that I'm really sorry
She was a pretty girl
and we could have done a twirl
But the reason I didn't dance
was the bulge within my pants.
I know you felt rejection
but I had this big erection.
And I know this now sounds corny
but you made me awful horny.
I know this may sound crass
but when I saw your little ass
I thought I'd better pass.
So Lori dear, I love you
and wish you all the best.
But too late now, I'm done and gone
And have no interest.

Kal K. Korff


Anonymous said...

Note to Kal:

Per your website rant today, you said Rich Toone and Dan were your brothers. Wrong!
Richard Harlan Toone, age 45, of Grants Pass OR, is the son of your mother's husband by a previous marriage.
Dan is Danny J. Korff, age 48, of Las Vegas, the son of...well, let's just say not your mother, but someone very closely related to you.
Just the truth Kal, just the truth.


Anonymous said...

Im still waiting for the Czech Police to haul me away like Kal SWORE AND PROMISED THEY WOULD!!!

F1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

still waiting for the cops

Anonymous said...

First Kal is publishing a 4 part "trilogy" (Kal can't count) and now it has morphed into 6 volumes? At least Kal came clean about it being published electronically, but then Kal goes right back to claiming the book is going through an actual publisher?

Here's the problem with this: Why on earth would a publisher ever waste their time publishing a book that is going to be offered electronically by Kal? Based on this last 'book' Kal put out, in my opinion no credible publisher would come within 1,000 miles of Kal.

Something must have triggered this latest episode of Kalhole. Wonder what it could be?

Squonkamatic said...

As I stated before, this blog and the comments left on it by readers now drive Kal K. Korff's actions. Just last week we were hammering away on him about the apparently underage looking girl used on his KalsKorner iPod touch (ewww!) promo video. I myself was the one who speculated on JUNE 5 that:

"From what I gather our sexual tendencies as adults are formed during our childhood years through the early/mid teens. During which period of time Kal K. Korff was a fat, bespeckled little obnoxious nerd who walked around with UFO pictures and JFK pictures trying to lecture people on what they should think about them. While the other boys were having fun and getting dates to go to the mall or whatever with their little girlfriends, Kal K. Korff was throwing temper tantrums about JFK and UFOs and young ladies of his day more than likely refused to have anything to do with him. Especially after he threatened to sue them ...

It must have been very difficult on young Kalvin to know that the guys from the sports teams and the band and the choir group and the other activities groups were hooking up and even getting on base with their young squeezes while Kal K. Korff festered with resentment over being a GENIUS who was SMARTER than they were, but couldn't get a girl to look at him with anything but unbridled contempt ..."

NOW, less then a week later, we hear the doleful story of Kal K. Korff's sixth grade romance, and how he broke her heart. She even has a name, as do every other mythical girl in Kal K. Korff's life. Even more than the nanotechnology and the Super Duper Services SAPSTOE Colonel bullshit, the PhD thesis on psychology (starting to crack up here typing ... hahaha), the Warrant Officers and trips to Iraq to work with the Kurds. Even more than any of that, THIS STORY IS A LIE.

You can tell it's a lie by the level of detail provided, and the only reason for him to invent this myth now was to counter my accusation that Kal K. Korff's unhealthy obsession with young girls who appear to be underage began with his being completely rejected by them at the age of 12 in favor of the more popular, athletic, and talented boys. No, instead, Kal K. Korff was a 12 year old sex symbol and has a photographic memory of that time to share with his readers all over the globe, to warm their hearts and humanize & endear himself to the souls of women everywhere, even when his own fat, pud-pulling fingers posted this:

And of course, Kal K. Korff reveres women, looks upon them as the highest form of life on the planet, in spite of overwhelming evidence to suggest that he's a sexist, misogynistic, cretinous lout who carries fake Mossad and Interpol badges. He is a liar and not even a very good or interesting one, changing his tune a step and a half behind his detractors, of which I am proud to call myself a part.

You're a LIAR, Korff, everybody who knows you knows you are a total pathetic pathological liar with severe personality, mental and learning disabilities.

Squonkamatic said...

Oh yeah and as for this peer group reviewing his scientific paper on nanotechnology -- which he denied last week he was in possession of -- what are you going to do, Professor, get a bunch of retarded inbred unemployed idiots in their late 40s to early 50s with 12th grade educations who sponge off their divorced moms to look it over for you?

That's your peer group.

Anonymous said...

You killed Robert Todd and you destroyed Lori's life.
You are a bad man, Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lori the other day. She was a shell of the girl she was before Kalvin dumped her. She has been on anti-depressants ever since that day, which will live in infamy.
Kalvin - may God have mercy on your soul.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Special Secret meeting held between Paul Kimball and Kult of Kal

Bottom line: I respect Paul Kimball.

It was a pleasure (honor, even?) to spend a few hours with Paul Kimball and his lovely friend & colleague Holly Stevens. A simple evening of pizza and beers was made extraordinary with conversation about …well, do I really have to say?

I figured I’d start this with “I respect Paul Kimball” because respect comes easily for him (and Holly). Just reading a bit of Kimball’s bio suggests it. After sharing conversation with him and Holly, I know he deserves it.

What did we talk about? We covered a lot of ground. I felt like we could have talked for a few days, I sincerely had a good time.
I’ll admit, however, about the fields of UFO & paranormal phenomena, my head just swims since I’m just not that into it and the topic is deep for a newbie like me. Paul clearly demonstrates a historical understanding of the field and its players, past and present (yes, even including Kal). But what also struck me was Paul’s admiration and respect for those truly gifted folks “above him”, e.g. those nuclear and quantum physicists. Those people also tackling the questions of the phenomena and providing value (no, not including Kal). Even as a newbie, I recognize a gap between the serious players and the wanna-be players. (Should be needless to say, but Paul falls under the ‘serious’ category). An oft repeated metaphor was the ant and human. 
And Paul knows those serious players, many of them quite closely, beyond just his uncle Stan. (And I’ll close my mouth here out of respect for Paul).

I found Paul to be a real interesting person to talk with. Speaking personally, I am a modest guy, who believes in revealing my accomplishments and credibility only when asked directly. (Kal doesn’t - a big reason I find Kal so obnoxious).
Paul, on the other hand, is clever at peppering conversation with points to establish his credibility. So, while this makes him not appear as an overly humble guy, he is skilled at marketing himself and I admire that about him. And what really distinguishes Paul from people with similar interests, like say Kal, is that Paul actually has the education, the intellect and the connections “to walk the walk.” For that, I respect the guy. I just had to put this thought into words because to me (and I think to Paul) it’s an important distinction between one UFO guy and another.

Did we talk about Kal and his antics? Naturally. Perhaps even a tad too much. Above all, Holly was a good sport and a couple times her humor saved Paul and I from complete downward spirals. Holly – thanks.

Oh – I about forgot. “Worlds Away” is Incredible. Kal – it just continues to get really bad for you. I think by the time you see the credits roll, being famous is the LAST thing you’ll want to be!

Paul, Holly – thanks for the evening, the great conversation, enjoy the rest of your time here. Shoot-, I don’t think I even properly thanked you for dinner – Thanks! I look forward to returning the favor in Halifax. 


Anonymous said...

Quote -
04 June 2009:
Kal's Korner Returns to 'X' Zone Week of June 10-11th - We Got their Email Msg

Not according to the xzone.
Kal has been 'Korffed'.

Anonymous said...

Look who "is" on:

>>> TUESDAY JUNE 9 2009 / WEDNESDAY JUNE 10 2009
10P-11P MICHAEL HORN - Authorized North American Representative for Billy Meier

10P-11P MICHELLE STABLEFORD - Paranormal Researcher in Hamilton, Ontario

10P-11P JESSE MARCEL JR. - The Roswell Legacy - Speaker at The Roswell-MUFON Conference - July 3 / 4, 2009

12A-1A DENNIS BALTHASER - Underground Bases and Tunnels - Speaker at The Roswell-MUFON Conference - July 3 / 4, 2009 <<<

And assorted tarot card, ghost and angel people...

And no room for Kalvin?

Pull my finger Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

Truly awesome korffing and comedy on this blog lately,

Hey Kal, how does it feel to be passed over for these stellar guests and topics:

12A-01A TARA GREENE - Tarot Card Readings for One and All Who Call - 1-877-528-8255
01A-02A DIANA COOPER - A New Light for Angels

Anonymous said...


>>> Sending the Samples

Of course, as I ALWAYS said I would, I first sent some of the nanotechnology samples to famed radio broadcaster and my friend, Mr. Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show. Rob received the material, there is NO QUESTION about this, and even CONFIRMED RECEIVING IT ON THE AIR, ON A LIVE SHOW WE BROADCASTED BEFORE THE WORLD.<<<

Rob received WHAT Kalvin? Rob will not go on record to state ANYTHING other than he received a vile of SOMETHING from you Kalvin. Something is not NANOBOT DUST Kalvin. You fucking convoluted nut fuck.


Fuck you Kalvin. Once again you are shown to be a liar.

You sent Rob "something" in a vile. You told Rob that is was NANOBOT DUST. Rob has not confirmed that there is anything but your ass dust in that vile.

You nimrod. You sending anything to anybody doesn't prove a damn thing Kalvin. Why? Because saying it is one thing, having it verified is another. And Rob hasn't verified anything other than the FACT that you sent him "something" in a vile which you called NANBOIT DUST.... Rob hasn't said shit.

Boy, this just gets better and better. Kalvin’s going off the train, reading this blog, responding this blog.

Lastly, I read in a current rant of Kalvin’s that he dropped the RMIII name again in regards to RMIII telling Fatty Fingers that his brother doesn’t stand a chance, etc.

Kalvin, why do you care? RMIII has gone into his sunset, he has a life and you’re not in it. The world doesn’t know RMIII and it, et al, couldn’t give two shits what RMIII thinks about you and your dysfunctional family problems.

Get a clue Kalvin, this UFO shit doesn’t tie into your family issues, no matter how hard you try crowbar the material in.

But, as always, please continue fighting the tines of windmill, alone. You pathetic little creep.


PS, why aren't you listed on Rob's suite for this Friday?


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, more from todays post:

Illinois Valley News Gets Contacted - Samples to be Sent

Now that the Illinois Valley News has received IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that Sheriff Gil Gilbertson LIED, they will next receive nanotechnology samples.

Now maybe my "kritics" will understand (as much as they are capable of openly and objectively "thinking" anything through) WHY it is that they are not only ignored, but also WHY it is that when they even send their threats and emails, they are either automatically deleted, or turned over into a file where CyberCrime hatred is monitored and also frequently PROSECUTED.


Don't worry, this is NOT a "threat" — I am simply informing everyone of the truth.

But since Kal Korff is "all talk" and "never sues anyone" and "only threatens" to, it is obvious that these bloggers have "nothing to fear" — except for the CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR AND CERTAIN, SPECIFIC COMMENTS.


We will identify these specific people AFTER legal actions and other activities have already begun, and are already underway.

Earth to Bloggers and People Who Create Hate-filled Blogs which Foster Hatred and Intolerance

The Courts have CONSISTENTLY RULED that BLOGGERS ARE PUBLISHERS. This means that you are DIRECTLY LIABLE, and that Freedom Of Speech excuses will NOT protect you. People who post to such forums which exist only for hate-filled purposes are legally considered to be fellow conspirators and are considered GUILTY under the laws of the United States.

May freedom ring.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, Kalvin. You can't do shit and you know it.

Anonymous said...

LOL he's reading this and other blogs exposing him as a fool on the hour and it just burns him up to know that he can't do anything to silence us. Haha, Kal Korff is a moron and a goofball and a retard and a jerk and a liar and a fool. Everything he does is a mistake. It's funny watching him screw everything up constantly, keep up the good work boys.

Anonymous said...

"Lori is a human being, a woman, and I honestly believe that women are the HIGHEST life forms on this planet.

The existence of women is all the evidence Kal Korff needs that "God" CERTAINLY exists!

I just can't imagine "woman" being the result of "natural selection" nor just random collisions of neutrons, electrons, protons and proteins.

I have yet to see a scientist "show me the science" which does "prove" that women are NOT "God's creation." "

--Kal K. Korff
--Worlds Away from a relationship

Anonymous said...

So I am curious just what it is Kal is going to sue blog posters over? You can't sue someone over the truth, Kal. Even Kal must know this.

Maybe the guy running the Blog "Konfessions" should sue Kal for copyright infringement for Kal using that name.

Kal, if anyone is at risk of being sued successfully, it would be you. Clearly calling people frauds, accusing them of being involved in consumer fraud, calling people liars and haters/racists, and implying people are involved in criminal activities and are "guilty" of such things - these sort of irresponsible actions put you squarely in the crosshairs of a lawsuit that I believe you would seriously lose.

That's the problem with slinging mud, Kal, it sometimes splashes right back squarely in your own face. From what I can find about you, this isn't the first time you've opened your big mouth and ran away from a lawsuit. I understand your good buddy Jim Diletoso was inthe process of suing you but you kept running away from being served with papers.

Care to comment, Kal? This is an open forum by the way, giving you a full and fair opportunity to post your comment here should you choose, Kal. Or will you go run away back to your website and post more blathering threats and nonsense?

Anonymous said...

A list of what Kal's promises, words, accomplishments, and so on:

1> No nanotechnology proof.
2> No proof of claimed 219 IQ.
3> No proof of 500 book deal.
4> No proof of being a coloenl in a legit anti-terrorism organization.
5> No proof of any education accomplishments above high school.
6> Has never sued anyone he's promised to sue.
7> No video showing Kal shipping book to publisher.
8> No 10,000 English phrases for Czechs to be found anywhere.
9> No KMPG audit of Kevin Randle.
10> No prosecutions against anyone for consumer fraud as long promised.
11> No proof of a $25,000,000 budget for books and shows.
12> No appearance on X Zone as promised.
13> Retreated from long planned X Zone debate with Kevin Randle giving ridiculous excuse.
14> Never produced "truth mugs" or "truth Calendars" as promised.
15> Exaggerated computer errand boy role at LLNL claiming he worked directly on the Star Wars project when he didn't.
16> Exaggerated role at Apple calling himself an engineer when he was a phone support operator.
17> Says he never used the word nanobot when his own words betray him.
18> Was never an expert witness in the O.J Simpson civil trial.
19> Police would contact F1 Racer and others - it never happened.
20> Would "expose" Paul Kimball within the next day or so. This was over a week ago!
21> Would expose Milos Bartu. Still waiting for this among dozens or other promises.
22> Was going to expose Steven Spielberg. Zero results again.

I am sure this list could easily hit 100 but my point is that Kal has credibility at this point based on his own (in)actions and words.

Imagine Kal walking into court suing someone and a lawyer raking him over the coals with Kal's own words! No lawyer would ever take this case without a hefty upfront retainer.

Since Kal appears to not have much of a grasp on legal proceedings, he should know that when he loses in court, he is responsible for paying all legal fees incurred by the defendant.

Brad Hudson said...

Kal isn't going to file suit against anyone for one reason: discovery. If Kal tries to drag someone into court then he has to be prepared to have every claim he has ever made put under a microscope without any leeway. Once any competent attorney proves that Kal has pretty much lied about everything (hell, I don't think he can go a week without lying) there's no way a judge or jury will ever take anything he claims as the truth.

BTW, Kal, I know exactly what you're talking about when you claim to "delete all emails or turned over to a file". Why don't you just say that even though I sent you very civil emails you don't have the stones to answer them honestly? And wtf is this about CyberCrimes? The CyberCrimes division of the FBI? Do you think they'd even give 2 shits about any of your complaints? Kal, I have friends in the FBI and with the Secret Service. It's not bragging, it's true. I'll be glad to give you names and numbers should you want them. You're not turning anybody in to the police. You're not suing anybody. And, soon enough, you won't be more than an enormous joke once "World's Away" comes out.

Anonymous said...

Cyber Crimes Division? LMAROTF!! Any law enforcement agency is going to take one look at Kal, his website and his videos and readily come to the conclusion that he has no credibility and often invites responses with his inflaming threats and outright ridiculous claims.

Kal, please come sue me. Kal K. Korff has not provided one bit of evidence, other than his own words, that he has in his possession actual and functioning nanotechnology that Kal K. Korff claims he has deployed for use against terrorists. This is a bogus claim and completely unsupported by even a dust speck sized piece of evidence.