Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kernal Dork and Mr. threats

I found this lovely picture of Kal on the Internet and must say I think it to be no exaggeration and it is likely Kal in his most natural state. But I think Kernal Dork's strong alter ego Mr. Threats--- you know the one where Kal is feeling weak and threatened and vulnerable and Mr.Threats comes on out exclaiming how he will get even with everyone by arresting and suing them and reporting them and ending their careers and lives and how he tried to warn them all it was coming and they should have listened---is really in charge. But everyone knows that nothing ever happens when Mr.Threats comes out other than everyone laughing their asses off at the preposterous threats made.

But I often wonder if Kal might have multiple personalities. Just my personal opinion about this question I pose but anything is possible after all. Look at the various videos Kal has made and the many different versions of Kal you see. In a video where Kernal in such a fashion as only could be found on an actual reality show Kal talks in a depressed fashion about how David Beeidny supposedly threatened to kick Kal's fat ass around. Then there are the videos with the ridiculous cowboy hat Kal wears where we get to see Kernal Crapfest shoot his big mouth off. Then we get see yet another version of Kernal Kal-is-rael on a two video babble-athon. We've also seen Kernal Catnip try and be Mr. Hip by changing his hair style and wearing fashionable tshirts while he wears a shoulder bag trying way too hard to be metro and savvy. Kal even tries to be Mr. Dapper by wearing a short sleeve black button up shirt with his new hair and silly Freddy Mercury mustache. Then there's Mr. Urban Cowfolk Kal with the whole vest and cowboy hat bit going on. There's also Mr. Combat Camouflage's camouflage tshirt and then there's Mr. God I wish I was the Fonz where Kal sports a leather jacket and a tshirt. And who could ever remove the burned image of Kal wearing a work out shirt with the neck and sleeves cut out trying to show off what he must think if a good physique. I know I know I couldn't eat for the rest of the day after seeing that repulsive image of Kal. I'm still traumatized over that video.

I see Kernal Cupcake is making up for not having a video camera with this amateur offering and little hissy fit about Paul Kimball. If Kal was indeed an analyst or had the high IQ he claims then Kal would be smart enough to know that he is being publicly man handled by Paul in absolute brutal fashion. Kal would also be smart enough to figure out that Paul has a billion times more class than Kal could imagine having. It would take a few brain cells to figure all of this out so that should tell you just where Kal sits and his high IQ is utter babbling. I think Paul will have an interesting ten days in Prague tracking down what Kal has REALLY been doing in Prague and this ludicrous rant Kal is on about through his Internet website is fear settling in on Kal. If Kal were any sort of real man or mature adult then Kal would send Paul an email and ask to meet. But we know how scared Kal is of face to face interaction after Kal turned coward and did not accept an invitation made by Paul to fly Kernal Turnip to a face to face debate with Kevin Randle.

All of this silly stuff Kal is saying about Paul is so obviously his cowardice bleeding through. Kal fears being EXPOSED for the lonely and pathetic loon he is. But the past has proved one thing about Kernal Crabby and it is that he will never abandon his delusional safe harbor where Kal thinks the world waits with baited breath for what Kernal Crotch is going to do next. I suppose this might be true in part because there are after all a handful of people in the world can't wait to see what Kal does next but only out of pure curiosity for the next round of crazed shit the little maniac comes out with next be it more threats or nutty claims of having a court actually accept a completely amateur slop work Kal calls a book accepted into some sort of evidence or any other number of rants or outlandish tales spun as only Kernal CAPSLOCK can spin.

I suggest Kal should call his autobiography A little life mae bigger with CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!! Or maybe he should call it I AM THE COLONEL: MY LIFE IN CAPS. Or how about THEY CALL ME HONEYTRAP BOY. Anyone have any snazzy titles for Kal's autobiography that will soon be available in pdf format from an obscure Internet website that has no where near the Internet website traffic claimed because a liar manipulated the data in order to fool the public into thinking he was someone important?

Please keep the laughs coming Kernal Crackhead. ahahahahahahahaha


Daniela said...

Nice rant - udderly!

I can report that the Czech on his latest YouTube posting is perfect. Moreover, in response to one of my emails to the "Colonel" I received a reply in perfect Czech.

So I can only conclude that he does - still - have a Czech collaborator working with him.

Surely "Martina" can't *still* be under his mesmerising spell?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Are Americans familiar with the show "Extras" yet?

It's written by and stars the same guy who devised the British (and original) version of "The Office), Ricky Gervais.

Anyway, if you substitute Ricky with Kalvin in this clip, it's perfect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv6mEv_rDdE&feature=related

Daniela Abrahamova said...

Superb YouTube clip! Thanks for sharing - the song could easily be about Kalvin:)

Nick Fury said...

..I checked out the YouTube clip and I am still feeling a little stunned by the relevance to Kernel Kal-is-Rael Korff...

...what stunned me is not that the actor has the same body-type and facial morphology as lil'Kal, or the uncanny UDDERLY spot-on description in Bowie's song, but the simple visual point that has the actor wearing the same type of pseudo-AAF/USAF A-2 flight jacket (minus Halloween insignia) that the 'Hero of the Nanobot Wars' wears.....

....if someone with graphic editing skills could simply place that iconic cream-colored 10 gallon hat into this video, then you guys would see what I think I see...

Anonymous said...

Kernal Dork! LOL! That pic is priceless! LMAO! I hurt from laughing so hard! That fits the little ceep so well. Hearing about the fake Mossad and bomb stuff Kal K. Korff was supposedly involved is unsettling. Hopefully Kal is just as advertised, and that is a clown with a very large mouth. While I think Kal is a complete fucking nut I just hope he isn't a dangerous nut.

All hail Kernal Drok!

Anonymous said...

From Korff's site: "One day, before moving to Europe, Bob Todd exploded in anger on me. I told myself I didn't need this in my life, and I resolved not to speak to Bob Todd again. Todd, disgusted with the UFO field, and disappointed I had not given him a PC I was leaving behind (I only had not shipped it yet) blew me off, and since I was also "finished" with the UFO field I figured I would catch up with Todd later and we would square things."

It is always someone else's fault and Korff is simply blameless. Yeah right. Korff, why don't you tell everyone the real reason for your blowout with Todd? Inquiring minds want to know hat you're hiding.

And since Korff is such a huge proponent of the Mogul balloon theory, perhaps he can explain why his "Good friend" Brad Sparks tore that very theory to shreds.

So when do we see Korff start holding Brad Sparks to this "higher standard" Korff keeps talking about? Korff should change his name to Mr. Hypocrite.

Brit_in_Prague said...

An earlier tribute to this Robert Todd character (from his "English teaching" column - God knows what his readers made of it):


"Robert Todd was always fascinated by things he did not know."
---Genius, Kalvin

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

I just read Kal's website tribute to his recently deceased friend of many years and researching mentor, Bob Todd.

Kal makes a genuine, heartfelt confession.

Bob Todd died, but only hours before Kal had a chance to tell Bob "It's okay. I forgive you for your outburst at me." Bob never received or responded to Kal's e-mail because he died within a week.

Kal narrates how difficult it is to miss a last opportunity to forgive someone, especially someone who was so special and dear to him. Kal reveals how "guilty and shitty" he feels.

Kal, Kal, Kal, my heart is with you. You were right to assume that Bob was just talking the same ol' "I'm dying from cigarette smoke." He had been saying that for years, right? The cigarettes weren't killing him anymore recently than they had been for decades.
No, the truth is, it's often painful relationships which hurt our bodies more than even cigarettes can. What I'm saying is, it's much more likely that your unresolved argument caused more stress and harm to Bob's mental and physical health than his long-term smoking.
Had your relationship with Bob been mended early on, it's very probable Bob would not only be alive today, but would enjoy years of your friendship to come.

I hope you learned your lesson, Kal. You killed Bob Todd and I'll never forgive you for it.


Well, maybe I'll wait until a day or two before die, as you did.

No, never.

Anonymous said...

IAKOK is right, Kalvin.

You are a murderer! YOU - literally and udderly - killed Robert Todd.

And please, Korffers - do check out BiP's suggestion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv6mEv_rDdE&feature=related

Add the 10-gallon hat or fake Russian military fur hat and you have Kalvin.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Damn, I'm laughing so hard it hurts. That video IS Kal.

The little fat man who sold his soul
Little fat man who sold his dream

Pathetic little fat man
No one's bloody laughing
The clown that no one laughs at
They all just wish he'd die

He's so depressed at being hated
Fatso takes his own life
He blows his stupid brains out
But the twat would probably miss

He sold his soul for a shot at fame
Catchphrase and wig and the jokes are lame
He's got no style, he's got no grace
He's banal and facile, he's a fat waste of space

See his pug-nosed face (Pug, pug, pug, pug)
See his pug-nosed face yeah (Pug, pug, pug, pug)
See his pug-nosed face (Pug, pug, pug, pug)

The little fat man with the pug-nosed face (Pug, pug, pug, pug)
Little fat man, pug-nosed face hey (Pug, pug, pug, pug)
He's a little fat pug-nosed face (Pug, pug, pug, pug)


Anonymous said...

So this is the 'great' Robert G. Todd that Kal befriended?
Notice any similarities?



Anonymous said...

Anybody have experience filing a FOIA request? Any one want to try to file one on Korff?

Anonymous said...

What is a "FOIA request"?

Brad Hudson said...

Wow, that pdf reads like a Kal Korff original (without the ALL CAPS and random parentheses).

Fixation on Roswell investigator? Check.

Misspellings? Check.

My God it's obvious Kal is the hell spawn of this Robert Todd character.

Anonymous said...

>>> What is a "FOIA request"? <<<

Freedom Of Information Act

Anonymous said...

A FOIA request is a Freedom of Information Act request where one petitions the United states government for information on a specific matter or person(s).

Kal claims he worked for the FBI and also has "handlers" at the U.S. Embassy in Prague. Hence, there would be a paper trail of some sort on Kal were his tall tales true.

Make a call to the U.S. Embassy in Prague and see what they have to say about Kal.

About Kal being some sort of murderer, I couldn't say one way or the other if he contributed to the death of this Robert Todd, but Kal has claimed he "takes out" terrorists so I suppose by his own account, since he finally admitted his supposed organization to be private, Kal could be called a murderer I suppose. Kal said anyone he deals with either winds up dead or in court.

I suppose I'd be wasting my time by pointing out the obvious problems with Kal's silly proclamations and the like, since Kal will only give more convenient excuses when someone digs up the truth on him.

Kal does live in a fantasy world. I'm sure I don't have to point out that a true professional intelligence agent would never waste his time with the people posting here and would never have to sell i-pods and would certainly never be stupid enough go this public.

This all would be more comedic were it not so painful to watch it unfold from one crazy Kal moment to the next. I cringe at times watching Kal or reading the nonsense he posts.

I cannot imagine being nearly 50 years old and embarrassing myself so thoroughly in public like Kal has. Most of all, I cannot imagine the utter humiliation I would bring not only upon myself, but to my family, friends, peers.

You'd have to be pretty far out there to try and promote yourself at the expense of a family member who has been shot and is in prison. As Kal likes to say, let's not mince words here.

Kal is exploiting his brother's tragic shooting for his own gain. No responsible person would ever handle this matter by making threats and silly videos wearing t-shirts with photos from the case on them. Kal must be crazy because any reasonable person would see the potential of jeopardizing his brother's case with the insane antics Kal has pulled.

What sort of ironic justice would befall Kal were his shenanigans to cost his brother this lawsuit? After all, Kal says his book is now in official evidence. If this is the case, Kal would actually be a witness subject to examination.

Maybe Kal is attempting to generate an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a key "expert witness" in a trial. We all know it didn't happen with OJ. What better way to achieve your fantasy than doing it at the expense of your family.

Anonymous said...


Website to make a Freedom of Information request.

Go for it!

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

I read that Robert Todd pdf. Now I know where Kal gets his big mouth from. This guy must have been Kal's mentor because Kal's actions and his petty name calling follow suit along with this guy. the name calling, constant misuse of quotations, belittling and inflammatory language and complete lack of professional maturity show the true colors of this guy who claims to be a researcher. Maybe Kal and this Todd fellow had a lover's spat and made up later? I'm just asking a question here and not inferring anything.

Anonymous said...

"I'm just asking a question here and not inferring anything."

"-Not that there's anything wrong with that!" :)

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! 128 Page, 830 Points Motion for Summary Judgment in Kurtis Korff Shooting Gets Filed! PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road.
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 20:48

Dear World,

Today in the United States, a Motion For Summary Judgment in the U.S. Civil Rights violations lawsuits action undertaken by Kurtis Kern Korff against Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Oregon Deputies James Geiger, Alan Johnson; Criminalist III Jeffrey Dovci and Oregon State Police; Josephine County Adult Corrections and Josephine County Sheriffs is being filed.

It has been a long haul, as they say in English. We seek justice — my brother's case rises or falls on the fine, thorough and complete forensic works that Lt. James Pex and Gary Knowles have done.

I remember very vividly when Royce Myers III told me "your brother doesn't have a chance."

Since Royce is part of the "good ol boy clique" of both UFOOLogists and police officers, although Royce is really more of a security guard at a University in Oregon; I am glad he tipped his proverbial hat and told me what his Weltanschauung would be from such a conventional perspective such as a Deputy Geiger or a Deputy Johnson.

Royce is very much like Deputy James Geiger — which is NOT a compliment.

Today, after being found INNOCENT of the charge Royce Myers III was "so sure" that my brother had committed, my brother now stands a potential decision away from victory not really nor solely for himself, but for ALL AMERICANS and human beings who value truth, justice and freedom.

The evidence presented in my brother's Motion for Summary Judgment is definitive — considering the unusual combination of circumstances in this case. They are beyond Ripley's Believe It Or Not, yet unlike Ripley's, they are only true.

Let us pray that God grants us justice, and victory, and that REAL REFORM will result, so that no person is ever considered to be a "throw away" human being ever again. That is the message of my brother's complaint....gee, that makes him "evil" — doesn't it, David Biedny, friend of Royce Myers III.

Biedny, hopes my brother will lose. "Justice" matters not to him, nor does truth.

Just listen to what he says about "UFOs" each week on his Internet show.

No further evidence is required.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kal is confused again!
From the Law Library: 'The legal definition of the term Motion For Summary Judgement' is:

MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT - A request made by the defendant in a civil case. Asserts that the plaintiff has raised no genuine issue to be tried and asks the judge to rule in favor of the defense. Typically made before the trial.
We all know the parties involved.
Plaintiff - Kurtis K. Korff
Defendant - Deputy Jim Geiger, et al.

It doesn't take an attorney to figure that one out!


Anonymous said...

A summary judgment is very common and not some earth shattering piece of news. A summary judgment request can be filed by either party of a lawsuit and is commonly done in hopes of ending a suit early on.

And who cares how many pages or points it might have. Big deal. It comes down to factual and relevant data. Just look at Kal and his long winded rants. Sure there's plenty of stuff there, but mainly it is 99% bullshit.

I want to point out that Korff's brother's innocence is not the topic here. the topic here is Kal and his various claims.

Anonymous said...

Someone should find out who the lawyer is in this lawsuit and contact them and ask if that illiterate piece of garbage Kal calls a book is actually part of the evidence.

I have serious doubts that any competent lawyer would ever allow a rant fest piece of trash pdf written by someone who by all appearances is a certifiable nut into a case.

Anonymous said...

Defense Attorney
"So Kal, can you tell me what your educational credentials are?"

"Yes, I built a nuke in high school, won a science ribbon, solved the JFK assassination, helped expose Bigfoot and was a media darling as a teenager."

Defense Attorney
"Um, ok, I meant what sort of education do you have? Do have any credible college degrees? Technical schools? Any certified training?"

"My name is Kal Korff and I'm a Colonel in the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. I'm also an author, lecturer, columnist, analyst, computer engineer, among various other things."

Defense Attorney
"So what you're saying is that beyond high school, you have no real education or accredited expertise."

"Sir, that is slander and libel and defamation and I will sue you in Prague where I only have to prove you were wrong to win. I have $25mil to come after you with. I will deploy nanobots, er, uh, I mean nanoDUST which I use against terrorists."

Defense Attorney
"So here you are, a self professed expert witness with no established expertise in anything. Did you not claim you were an expert witness in the OJ Simpson civil trial?"

"Paul Kimball has it all wrong and he is a FRAUD and a LIAR!!!! I never said I was an expert witness and never claimed I testified. Paul Kimball is putting words in my mouth!!

Defense Attorney
"Well, I have some material from your own press releases and previous biographies where you state as fact you were an expert witness in that case."

"The San Jose Mercury News put those glasses on me in that photo! I do not wear glasses!! Kal Korff was wronged and I will get them all!! Everyone is out to get me!"

Defense Attorney
"So you've arrived at what your opinion is basing such conclusions not on your own work but by embellishing reports done by actual experts and trying to make it your own work. I understand this is not the first time you've piled the works of other together and slipped in a few of your bits here andthere and then called it your own."

"I have the best selling Roswell expose book of all time!"

I can only imagine what a hay day a defense attorney would have with Kal. Even an inexperienced attorney would shred Kal like a blender full of mushy strawberries.

Anonymous said...

ha ha kal! PWNED'

faff faff faff faff ....

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff's dependence on the "forensic data" provided by Pex et al is interesting because it has not been independently verified and demonstrated to be based on methodology that one would refer to as "scientific". If that's the best he's got then the two KKKs should indeed be hoping for a settlement since they have no convincing admissible evidence that has been independently verified. The world as Korff refers to us as, is expected to take their word for it without any critical analysis of how the data was arrived at. And anybody who actually has an edumacation would understand that a given experiment has to be repeatable for its results to be regarded as scientific. Without independent verification and a predominance of evidence that their conclusion is the only one possible it's just conjecture.

Anonymous said...

Still not seeing the "retraction" Kal Korff boasted of having written for the Illinois Valley News. Links or it didn't happen, Kalvin! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant the retraction Kal Korff boasted of having approved, not written. We must be careful to properly parse our language!

Anonymous said...

>>> Defense Attorney
"So Kal, can you tell me what your educational credentials are?" <<<

That dialog is priceless! Great job to whomever did it! Keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

So, curiously Kal continues with the libel, slander, defamation with deliberate malicious intent whilst pointing the fat finger at F.U. Bartu, et al.

Yet in Kal's Korner #1 posted by Kult of Kal, he says he is a public figure.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, Kal, but do you mean a public figure like the kind of public figure where 1st amendment protects the free speech of those who deign to lampoon, or criticise the public figure?

Or is it that you are only a self-described public figure makes you different somehow?

Mr.Threats=Mr. Have it Both Ways

Bray away, chubby little loser

Anonymous said...

Kernal Cholesterol is going to file charges? Bwahaha! You have to love this bullshit blindly throws while praying he hits on something true. And just exactly where is this retraction that little newspaper didi Kal is doing the whole fifth grade "told you so" dance about? Nothing has been retracted and won't.

Anonymous said...

2:30 PM, EDT June 11, 2009

"Paul Kimball is off to dinner with a secret agent".



Brad Hudson said...

What the hell kinds of charges is Kal hoping to file? I'm pretty sure there was no criminal law broken. Is Kal planning on suing Gilbertson personally? I sure hope so, as Kal will have to testify in court. Let's see you "swear your credentials" before a real judge with the power to send your happy ass to jail for perjury.

Just like the retraction, this is another of Kal's fantasies.

Anonymous said...

But still, the question that pops up here from time to time and is as yet unanswered is:

Just WHO is Kal posting all this stuff for??? WHO could his target audience be?

So far I recall suggestions of:

Kal's Mom
Brad Sparks

(there must be more possibilities)

...his site actually seems like nothing more than a digital Potemkin Village....

Brad Hudson said...

Ooops. Just did some research and I have to say there was a small retraction in the IV News (the news stand version) on June 3. Basically they wrote that they called Kal an agent with the Israeli Secret Service without doing their due diligence.

They wrote that Kal refers to himself in correspondence as "author, lecturer, counter terrorism consultant, etc"

So this is my mea culpa.

Squonkamatic said...

It's OK Brad, that's hardly the public relations coup that Korff was boasting about. Did they add that he claims to hold the rank of Colonel and identifies himself as a SAPSTOE? and spell out the acronym? "Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution"?

At least we have it now settled once and for all that it's just a pile of sweaty horse shit that Kal K. Korff invented to try and one-up Kevin Randle, who served with honor & distinction in Iraq. The Professor deserved to be called to the carpet on it, and deserves it still.

Squonkamatic said...

Just WHO is Kal posting all this stuff for??? WHO could his target audience be?

Basically everybody in the world (and possibly beyond) who is not already familiar with Kalvin's sorry rep. Once you find out what the real deal is you become a "hater", so it's meant for everybody but those who frequent this blog, the less they know about him the better. Especially the clueless who have an interest in paranormal studies or whatever, and stumble upon his little internet nook. Six billion potential suckers out there, if even one percent of them decide to buy one of Kalvin's books he's looking at some decent cash, even at the respectable price of $.42 cents. Of course after reading it and doing some research about who the author is they are prone to become "haters" as well, or those who hate as the Professor would phrase it. Garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...

Things Get WORSE For Sheriff Gil Gilbertson - Col. Kal Korff "To File Charges" Shortly... PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 June 2009 11:37

Dear World,

We are pleased to inform you, in the interests of transparency and justice and in doing what is right, that Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is about to begin the process of being held accountable for LYING to the media, in public statements Gil Gilbertson MUST HAVE KNOWN WERE DEMONSTRABLY FALSE.

WHY Gil Gilbertson decided to suddenly lie is a matter of speculation, only Gil Gilbertson can "explain" himself.

Speculation is, Gilbertson made claims to the media KNOWING he would get caught, HOPING that he will be disqualified from being forced to testify against his own officers to reveal what he said about his own Deputies (Geiger and Johnson) LYING.

CriticalThinkers.org will keep the public informed as to what, if any, disciplinary actions and/or sanctions that Gilbertson will now face — those bureaucrats who refuse to enforce laws and policies will be exposed and held accountable; Gil Gilbertson's credibility is now taking some deserved hits, especially now that a lengthy (and definitive Open Letter) to him (which Gilbertson will predictably ignore) but is now gaining traction and "worming" its way through the Internet.

Gil Gilbertson has not only been exposed and discredited, but his REAL lack of morals where it concerns certain issues, based on his LACK of actions and deliberate avoidance, have PROVEN that Gilbertson is unquestionably guilty.


Anonymous said...

Update: Will Gil Gilbertson RESIGN? Oregon Congress Reps, County Officials Receive MORE Memos INCRIMINATING Gilbertson PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 June 2009 18:23

This is an update concerning the brewing scandal surrounding present Josephine County Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson.

Recently, Gil Gilbertson met with local politicians to discuss budget issues and seek increases in funding.

Gil Gilbertson, enjoyed "playing politics" and manage to easily fool the usual crowd of big wigs and lawmakers.

Now, however, these same parties (plus many others), have started receiving several documents which PROVE that Gil Gilbertson has not only lied, but doesn't keep his promises, nor his words. In fact, these documents PROVE the "unthinkable" — that Gil Gilbertson KNOWINGLY and DELIBERATELY LIED to the media, and general public over the past several years.

CriticalThinkers will report back on what actions, if any, will be taken against Gil Gilbertson after the upcoming trial, if it is so ordered, and we will expose before the public those elected officials who obey the laws and enforce them, even if it is against Gil Gilbertson, versus those who refuse to and by that very act BREAK the laws themselves.

"I don't think Gil Gilbertson will resign. That would take integrity," said Colonel Kal Korff.

"Gilbertson has ALREADY PROVED that he HAS NO INTEGRITY where it concerns certain issues, as the public has been finding out and now are largely agreeing with. Facts are stubborn things, they disprove people like Gilbertson, when they choose to lie."


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! Col. Kal Korff to PUBLISH First Scientific Paper on Nanotechnology: HOW It was Used To PROVE Gil Gilbertson, Deputy Jim Geiger ARE CORRUPT!

Point Blank: Volume II, focuses on and exposes Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger, and publishes all of his email threats against Kal Korff, as well as the warnings he received from Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. The highlight of this book shows the Nanotechnology samples Geiger LIED about, and which were used to document his corruption and untruthfulness.

Dear World,

I am pleased to inform you that a scientific paper, my very first to receive widespread peer review by top fellow Nanotechnologists, is now being sent to Berlin for critique, and WITH COPIES AND ACTUAL NANOSAMPLES OF THE SAME CONTROL SPECIMENS WHICH WERE SENT TO GIL GILBERTSON AND DEPUTY JIM GEIGER, FOR THE PURPOSED OF PROVING CORRUPTION.

The paper focuses on the practical application of using Nanotechnology to monitor potential persons of interest, target and eliminate terrorists, or mark targets such as buildings for various reasons.

The information and "control" experiment launched secretly as part of Operation Forensic Hammer, undertaken by the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services against these rogue officers (both of whom have been now sued in Court for U.S. Civil Rights violations); was told to Gilbertson and Deputy James Geiger.


"I have nanobot detectors who can smell bullshitters like you a mile away.

Predictably, it was HOPED that Geiger would "not believe" any of the "nanotalk" — Geiger, as usual, FELL FOR THE RUSE, and now the very samples Geiger says "Do not exist" are now going before scientists and a U.S. Federal judge, who is now overseeing and will be ruling on Geiger's fate.

Sheriff Gilbertson was WARNED about all of this. He didn't listen, and then LIED by saying it was part of Kal Korff's "fantasy world."

Since it is a FACT that Rob McConnell, Host of the X Zone Radio Show, was sent the SAME SAMPLES GILBERTSON AND GEIGER WERE, despite Geiger's LIES that this stuff did not exist, and since McConnell has CONFIRMED he did indeed receive what I (Kal Korff) had promised to send him — as this new scientific paper proves, we had to make some people wait until the experiments were fully ready, and that we could document the lies and corruption of Gil Gilbertson and Deputy James Geiger.

It is hard to "fight" what one cannot see. This is especially true when one is biased, ignorant and refuses to face the FACTS.

This would be Gil Gilbertson and especially, Deputy James Geiger.

These two men continue to be exposed for the FOOLS that they are concerning certain subjects and claims and the way they have misbehaved at times. Gil Gilbertson is certainly "no Saint" — and he is not truthful.


Anonymous said...

One word for Kal's latest...

drivel - 1. saliva running from the mouth. 2 Stupid, foolish talk; silly nonsense.

Brad Hudson said...

BTW, I emailed Kal about his nanotechnology paper asking what peer reviewed scientific journal will be publishing his work.

I don't expect an answer (or the retraction I asked for if Kal could not prove that I wrote that he was "fat", "gay", or a "nazi"), but I'll post whatever comes my way.

Also, Squonk, I wasn't too worried about my mistake over the retraction (which the IVN doesn't even list as a retraction. The header is "In All Fairness"). I just wanted to show Kal how easy it is to admit when you're wrong.

Squonkamatic said...

""I don't think Gil Gilbertson will resign. That would take integrity," said Colonel Kal Korff."

STILL on with the Colonel SAPSTOE stuff, ehh? So he shined on that IVN editor, got them to print a retraction, and picked right back up where he'd left off. Now he has Nanotechnology, where last week he didn't. Has anyone else had enough of this idiocy yet?