Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kal K. Korff EXPOSED!!!!

Well now lads it looks like Kal K. Korff has reached the end of his rope. I know a little about this program and it will be utterly ace!! This Don Ecker chap is doing an entire program with various people exposing Kal's fantasies and lies once and all. Don't miss it!!!!


Anonymous said...

What it must be feeling like for Kal to be on the firing end of being exposed. LOL! Can;t wait to hear this one.

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL right on man, give it to him!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Can it be? Mighty Don Ecker has gathered together a round table to take out Karlton once and for all?

I wonder if this might be a series?

You know? Like a 50 part audio series on Kalvin...

Kalvin, watch how you respond, it'll only get worse...

Can Youtube be far behind....

Anonymous said...

That little film Paul Kimball promised to make that he said was just to made up to screw with Korff? There might be some truth to that film and maybe it just took a little longer to produce.

Anonymous said...

The sun is setting Kal! Your fantasy world is about to implode. Kiss your ass goodbye Kal. The Czech authorities are on to you. Deportation is not too far away you crazed shithead.

Anonymous said...

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock...

Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Ecker, pulling no punches...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Why should Don pull any punches? Screw being civil. All of the YEARS Korff has harassed, stalked and defamed Don as part of his parasitic mission in life. Actual genuine stalking including impersonating people who never even existed to try and intimidate Don. Korff is a fucking illegitimate dirtbag wannabe compared to Don Ecker, and it can be said that Korff has in part made his reputation by defaming Don and Kevin Randle -- both of whom are decorated combat veterans who served bravely in our armed forces. While Kal Korff made up a lie about being swept off his feet by a make-believe fairy princess to try and hurt someone who had been kind to him.

BURN HIM, Don. Just burn him.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow it all comes down on Kal like a ton of steel to the head. Time for a reality check you wacky little prick Kal.

Anonymous said...

Face Book, Korff free for 16 hours and counting....

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my contribution to this beatdown on Korff could not fit into Don's program. However, I spoke to Don at length and have no doubt this is the full blown USS New Jersey 16 inch broadside to Kal's wooden garbage scow.

still free

Anonymous said...

Comment on an old post:

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Brutal dictator Ghadaffi has FLED Tripoli
and is likely taking up residency in Venezuela now. This info is now
becoming public. Let us hope and pray for the Libyan people so that
they may soon be truly free and democratic and honor universal human rights. Praise YHWH.

Ghaddaffi has appeared live on Libyan State TV (he hasn't gone anywhere lozer).... plus Kal does not mention the fact that Ghadaffi's mother is a Jew.

Praise YHWH!!!

Anonymous said...

Part Two - More Korff Lies
By His Own Words

----- Original Message -----
From: Korffing Korffer
To: FN
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:50 AM
Subject: another fabrication...!

> Another titbit for ya...
> In one of Kal's FB post he mentioned that he is setting a new organization and will have so and so people reporting. One person he has given the name of ANWAR SINGH to be his man reporting from Karachi, Pakistan.
> ANWAR is a Muslim name and SINGH is a Sikh name... the 2 do not go together... another fabrication...!

Original template web site post.

CriticalThinkers Hires New Journalists and Columnists
Written by Public Relations
Friday, 18 February 2011 06:32 has hired several new journalists, who will be contributing content and providing hard-hitting, no-nsense Xpose stories. The first two new journalists hired, are Mr. Anwar Singh, who will be covering Pakistani-Indian relations and the fight against terrorism, and Ms. Dawnellen Pappalardo, who will be contributing hard-hitting Xposes concerning hatred, extremists and Islamofascism and the fight to stop these destructive forces. CriticalThinkers is also hiring a new Editor, to be named soon.
Singh will be reporting from Karachi, in Pakistan, and Pappalardo will be reporting from the United States.

If YOU wish to become an accredited international journalist and write material for CriticalThinkers, and UFO WatchCat, please send a cover letter and your CV to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CriticalThinkers will be adding other columnists, journalists and content partners and contributors, as we begin our five year expansion plan.

sdasdgkajdgaruc said...

"Pappa lardo"?

Anonymous said...

Part 1.0 - More Korff Lies
By His Own Words

Kalvin Karlton Korff screams to the world that he’s an “accredited international journalist” and that he’s hiring or has hired Journalists and Columnists to contribute to his template web site.

This is interesting. Kalvin will now, evidently, ACCTEDIT Journalists and Columnists HIMSELF!?! Read it for yourself below. In the end, there’s no such thing as an “accredited international journalist”, it’s only in Kalvin’s mind.

Anonymous said...

Part 1.1 - More Korff Lies
By His Own Words

Also, we all know Korff is an IT expert and an Apple cheerleader to the extreme. So why would Kalvin use JAVASCRIPT to protect the listed e-mail below from spambots? In any event, it didn’t work Kalvin, another failure.

Lastly, a learned person in Muslim names and the like chimed in with his own facts regarding one of the first Journalists and Columnists to be “hired. For the record, the other person named, Ms. Dawnellen Pappalardo, is a writer of a kind. She will be contacted for conformation that she is now in league with Karlton.

Anonymous said...

please change that shower picture for anything else!

sqfqsrqfgrtujytc said...

D'oh! My bad if that's a real name & Dawnellen another victim of MR. Korff. Questioning everything! but no wish to drag anyone else into this. It just leaped out at me as odd.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: I start legal/criminal proceedings against "Desperate" Don Ecker in 2-3 wks. Ecker gets his first formal notice, in compliance with CA State Laws, in two hours. Ecker is Xposed in a new show which airs February 28th on the web. Among its highlights are my secret trip to the Indian/Pakistani border last year to test nanodust. It includes those who went with me and were secretly involved. They testify on camera :-)

Don Ecker said...

Hello all you fellow Korffer's. I see that you are aware of my little show scheduled for Friday, February 25th, here in Southern California. I was just advised that Kolonel Nut-job is now "starting legal proceedings" against me, and I will be served in two hours. Okay-dokey. As I write this the time is Thursday, Feb. 24th at 3:22 PM Pacific Standard Time. That means that I should be served "legal papers" by, and I will give our boy Kalvin the addtional 8 minutes, until 5:30 PM Pacific. I will report back then.

Oh, by the way you little shit, sue me for what? The show hasn't aired yet Moron. Wait till you hear what we've said before you start your bogus, horse-shit threats. Phil Mantle send you the PR note Moron? Oh yea Buddy, this is one Freaken broadcast you don't want to miss ... MORON!

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker = Man of Honor

Kalvin Karlton Korff - Man Child

Anonymous said...

It never stops....

Kal Korff: My web site is being redone, despite several Denial Of Service attacks, which are predictable, police have now identified the source of them and action will follow shortly. My new show will NOT be hosted on my web site, the bandwidth is too narrow and slow, these haters/extremists have now fallen into a trap, since the server has monitoring/tracking software running which allows tracing. I couldn't be happier. :-)

We couldn't be happier either Kalvin.

Yes Kalvin, you are too slow...

Shock and Awe.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Setting the stage for admitting it's just a YouTube video shot with an iPhone & edited using free video software, uploaded rather than "hosted live" and thus not a show at all. But the Don Ecker hotwire has been set off. All of his Face Book posts henceforth will be about his personal conflicts, which is a turnoff. He won't be getting any sympathy for it. Maybe some initial curiosity about what the big deal is, but likely most of them have already concluded that Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff is an obsessive unstable irritating little untalented psycho just waiting to have a meltdown triggered. Trigger away, boys!

No need to hold back or be civil at all, Kalvin has zero allies within the community he has worked so hard to defame. Who at this point would actually stick up for him? Even Jeff Pritchett threw in the towel, and for what it's worth Jeff no hard feelings. I respect your right to make a living doing what you love to do.

But it's about time Kalvin's ability to make a living off defaming anyone for anything is scuttled for good. Anyone who has come onboard his bandwagon during the Super Duper Services era has been suckered by a con & can't be counted on. Hell they are likely onto him as well since he's dropped the whole SAPSTOE routine as of late, posing instead as some sort of journalist with an expert's angle on Apple. Well that's over as of now. Do we know for sure that he's actually in Prague? He has referred to it in the past tense with enough consistency for me to conclude he may have gotten the boot from whomever was putting up with his toxic presence and likely relocated to Germany. Definitely not Switzerland though, too expensive and hostile to unemployed foreigners.

Anonymous said...

And the ranting continues....

Kal Korff: UFO extremist "Desperate" Don Ecker is featuring cyberstalker "F1Racer" on his show, isn't it amazing? This guy is being pursued by Czech police, Ecker is in good company. While they might "deny" it, the first police doc proving it, debuts Feb 28th and will be posted across the web. Leave it to Ecker to feature stalkers who threaten to "kill" people. It says all we need to know about Ecker, who also endorses torture.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: ‎"Desperate Don" Update: Ecker has now received my warning, his advert for his show and promo of it contains false claims, copyrighted images, and long ago disproved lies, so it IS actionable and under California laws, constitutes deliberate malice aforethought, especially when he features persons who threaten to "kill" me. I'm now moving to take action against Ecker, it's about principles, it's NOT personal.

Anonymous said...

nine minutes left kal! :D

Anonymous said...

... continues....

Kal Korff: FYI. It's about 0130 in Prague, heading to bed and can't wait to start things in motion over the weekend, new show is filmed and ready to debut now on several web sites around the world. It Xposes everyone from the cyberstalkers, to their now proven colleagues, like Ecker, who is now being reported to the police. Details and docs to follow all next week, as well as numerous, stunning Xposes everyone can download acro

Anonymous said...

nah we gotta hear it from don, KALVIN. either he got served or he didn't you little lying maniac

Anonymous said...

.... and continues....

Kal Korff: Thanks for alerting me about Ecker featuring a cyberstalker now under investigation by police as his main guest. I don't blame you for being disgusted.

Anonymous said...

NOW THE SHOW IS "FILMED" AND TO BE UPLOADED!! Ahaha1 its not live, its not a show, its just another YouTube upload from a fringe margin crackpot loser unemployed flying saucer "expert". Five minutes!

Anonymous said...

Time's up! What's the verdict, Don??

Anonymous said...

The out we've been waiting for...

>>> unless police suddenly no longer care <<<

Kal Korff: Thanks, Laura. I am pleased to report unless police suddenly no longer care, we WILL do whatever the laws say one is entitled to, and it will be public once it is safe to release the data and not undercut any prosecutions. First docs come out Feb 28th, I PROMISE everyone.

I wonder what those people will then say who lied and said that this was not true?

Anonymous said...

Korff alerted his FB friends that Bruce Maccabee will be his first guest.

Any takers?

Don Ecker said...

Okay, I just took a quick little "power-nap", my wife is getting dinner ready and checking my clock it is 5:30 PM Pacific .. On The Dot."

Well Kalvin, no process server here yet. Nothing but more impotent rants from a delusional little lost soul like you. I did warn you some time ago Moron that if you kept it up I would take the time to do a show on you and present to the world what an absolute "shit house crazy" moron you are and now we are on the cusp of broadcasting it ..."TO THE WORLD" ... enjoy.

For your information Ass Hat, I don't say it unless I do it. By the way Moron, F1 Racer is not on the show. However some of your closest friends are ... Art Bell, Kevin Randle, David Biedny, Tina, and FN. The Round Table Moron, wanna know who was there? Tune in Kalvin, tune in.

World, can you imagine? Kalvin Korff DOUBTED ME!! Can you imagine??!?

Sound familar Kalvin????

Anonymous said...

Remember what you told Royce Meyers III way back when Kalvin?


Don Ecker is telling you, straight and true...

"You get what's coming to you, you little shit."

Anonymous said...

Take it liar. Take it hard.

No lubricant this time Korff.

It’ll be long, slow, dry and rough.

Ouch, how’s that feel?

Who’s my little bitch boy now Korff?


SAPSTOE my ass?

SAPSTOE your ass, you lying bitch boy.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible you can give your readers information on how to listen in to Jeff's program ? Also will the listeners be able to call in and ask the round table panel questions? I am looking forward to Kal's slaughter tomorrow night, this is long time coming!

Anonymous said...

Korff, I knew the minute you claimed to have a show on the 28th, that you would come up with an excuse as to why it couldn't go on as planned. That's fraud in my world.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Matters Show, with Don Ecker

The Kalvin Kartlon Korff Radio Smack Down ~ You Pathetic Little Shit.

Friday, February 25, 2011 --- 10:00 PM Pacific

This show has been pre recorded. No live callers during the show.

If this show is successful, look for Epsiode 2 - Kalvin Korff, Why?

I made this last part up, I'm hoping for a second epsiode.

Anonymous said...

Some new, some old, but worth a visit.

The New:

The Old and Klassic Korff Smack Down.

Anonymous said...

Ode to Kalvin Karlton Korff

What it must be like to go through an "adult" life; fighting, struggling, screaming, fuming, ranting and raving, all in the vain effort to BE SOMEONE, to REGAIN THE PAST.

You asked for this attention Kalvin.

Here it is.

How's it taste; that annoying "thing" in the back of your throat, that thing you can't seem to shallow, that thing you can't drag off the back of your vile fat tongue your dirty little index finger (dig deep Kalvin), retching that false puke, refluxing a foaming bile you can't control?

You like what you're tasting Kalvin. Taste like.... karma, dipped in shit, doesn't it.

Lick your lying lips Kalvin, savor this flavor, this flavor of absolute failure.

Your lies are now confirmed. Zero actions, zero response, empty words, empty threats.


That little voice it talking to you Kalvin, do you hear it?

Kalvin, 24-7, 365, the entire world, all of humanity with a net hook up, have easy access to our crazy? My God, what have you done?

God Damn, that must suck? Tell me Kalvin, does it suck?

Or is this your absolute dream.

This is what you asked for.

The wave has broken.

Truth is awash.

Korffers unite.


Anonymous said...

Don Ecker

Friday February 25th, 10:00 PM West Coast on Dark Matters Radio ...

The Kal Korff Expose.


Only on

Anonymous said...

If there is a second episode I hope this time I get to participate as I relish the chance to rip into KKKal even more.

BTW Kal I know you read wife, Mrs Racerova, has a relative that works for the Prague Police...for a LONG time...guess what...they don;t have a single thing from you pursuing or filing charges against or serving notice to ANYONE, especially not me.

Fuckhead, I have had lunch with President Klaus more times than I care to remember...if I REALLY wanted to I could make a fucking phone call and your ass is toast. According to my wife's relative, they have been chasing you for the whole Bartu/Sedlecek fiasco for some time. But since you are here ILLEGALLY with NO VISA and move from flat to flat living out of your MOMS money, its a bit difficult to find your fat ass.

You are banned from working at almost every language school in Prague, even Caledonia knows NOT to hire you and they will hire ANYONE.

Did you REALLY think you could RIP OFF a frakkin CHARITY ORGANIZATION and get away with it!??!?!?

Don Ecker and the gang are going to rape you so bad even Roman f'n Polanski will be taking notes.

free forever

February 25, 2011