Friday, February 25, 2011

Kal K. Korff FAIL! FAIL!! FAIL!!!

So lads the big news has been dropped like a bomb right on Kal's pointy head that Don Ecker is going to do a 2 hour show FULLY EXPOSING Kal K. Korff!!

And just Kal not to miss a chance to open his big mouth and let out some threats Kal tossed out his usual legal nonsense about Don Ecker being served with legal papers in 2 hours. Here is what Conniving Kal said " I start legal/criminal proceedings against "Desperate" Don Ecker in 2-3 wks. Ecker gets his first formal notice, in compliance with CA State Laws, in two hours. Ecker is Xposed in a new show which airs February 28th on the web. Among its highlights are my secret trip to the Indian/Pakistani border last year to test nanodust. It includes those who went with me and were secretly involved. They testify on camera :-)"

 That chap Don Ecker said "Hello all you fellow Korffer's. I see that you are aware of my little show scheduled for Friday, February 25th, here in Southern California. I was just advised that Kolonel Nut-job is now "starting legal proceedings" against me, and I will be served in two hours. Okay-dokey. As I write this the time is Thursday, Feb. 24th at 3:22 PM Pacific Standard Time. That means that I should be served "legal papers" by, and I will give our boy Kalvin the addtional 8 minutes, until 5:30 PM Pacific. I will report back then."

Time came and went and there has been no notice of any kind served to Don Ecker other than the ramblings of Kal Korff via the internet. ahahahahahahahahhhaaaahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!

But then poor dumb desperate Kal Korff cannot even bother to check his facts before he ASSumes that F1 racer will be on the show. Kal said "UFO extremist "Desperate" Don Ecker is featuring cyberstalker "F1Racer" on his show, isn't it amazing? This guy is being pursued by Czech police, Ecker is in good company. While they might "deny" it, the first police doc proving it, debuts Feb 28th and will be posted across the web. Leave it to Ecker to feature stalkers who threaten to "kill" people. It says all we need to know about Ecker, who also endorses torture." This from Kal who claims to be involved in assassinated terrorists.

Kal K. Korff gets CAUGHT AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!! For someone with such a high IQ it seems that poor confused Kal cannot even keep simple facts straight before he ASSumes so much. Kal starts with the bollocks again about the police and legal threats and again Kal FAILS to deliver! ahahahahhhaaaaa!!!

We all know that the police ARE NOT involved.  We all know there IS NOT going to be any lawsuit. We all know there NEVER HAS BEEN and that there NEVER WILL BE. There is NO nanodust. Kal IS NOT involved in counter terrorism.  Kal IS NOT an accredited journalist and cannot make you one. Kal IS NOT a colonel.   Everyone knows that Kal K. Korff has done one thing and one thing only and that is FAIL. Kal you should change your name to FAIL.

So tune in tomorrow 10:pm Pacific time in the states to listen. It is over Kal. ahahahahahahaaaa!!!


Anonymous said...

You are such a LIAR, KalIsrael...

Anonymous said...

Tune in....

Anonymous said...

Korff posted those 6 posts regarding Ecker, Korff's new show, Ecker threats, etc., 13 hours ago.

Korff got two responses.


Nobodies listening.
Nobodies reading.
Nobody cares.


Anonymous said...

Truth never changes, lies do.....

Anonymous said...

This is going to be the best explosion since the Hindenberg


Anonymous said...

>>> Truth never changes, lies do..... <<<

I like this.

Even without the glare of the white hot internet interrogation spot light, it remains true.

The sweat puddles.

The unwashed smell arises.

The head aches with the anticipation.

The handle has been pushed.

Kalvin's life swirls the bowl.

Await your comeuppance with a modicum of self respect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, it's not an imaginary field, unlike your personal and professional life.

It exists, again, unlike your professional and personal life.

Kalvin Karlton Korff - Imaginary Life, and haters of the gays...

"I used to like Judas Priest until I found out the lead singer was gay" Kalvin Korff, Face Book, 2010.

Suck on it Korff.

Kal Korff: Obviously, QaDAFFY has been taking too many "halluciongenic" drugs himself. What a predictable farce, he has made such nonsense claims in the past, very bizarre ones. It reminds me of many CONsiracy nuts and the imaginary "field" of UFOlogy. But at least he's not "blaming" Chem trails! :-)

Paul said...


Years later, I've never been served with anything (and I was threatened with lots). Same old, same old...

Part of me thinks that Don and everyone else should just leave Kal (still not an "expert witness in the OJ trial) Korff alone to his madness.

Having said that, I'll be listening to the show, because I have no doubt that it will be amusing, and because, at the end of the day, Korff isn't just crazy (which would be sad) - he's bad and harmful to others crazy.

Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

Less than 10 hours left Kal! It is coming and you cannot stop it! You're done Kal. It's OVER! LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be listening. But I have to say: Internet-based, pre-recorded Skype interviews with a bunch of people sounding off about how they loathe Kalvin - that sounds about as much of a radio "show" as Kalvin's own YouTube efforts. I note too that Mr Ecker's spelling is no better than Karlton's.

Two bald men fighting over a comb.

Anonymous said...

I note as well that if you don;t like it go get your own radio show KAL.


Don Ecker said...

Good day all. Just a quick note but here it is just a bit after 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time and no papers, no strangers walking around looking at addresses, no strange cars cruising about. I guess the Israeli founded Special Secret Services must be busy protecting the people of Earth against the consumer fraud of Royce Myers III!

A bit less than 10 hours until launch Kolonel Nut-job. And!! Last evening I had on as a guest Kevin Randle, a show I scheduled some time ago on a completely different topic and during the call in question period (and I also take emails) I received a question from a (spelling as received) Andy davis. Well! Here is his question... "I read online that a man named Kal Korpt says that you think waterboarding is ok? and your a CIA agent.

is this true?" Well, of course I read this on the air and then answered him. Gee Gang, could it be our little "shit-head" using another pseudonym?? What ever happened to Avim or Martina Kal?

Kalvin, please feel free to kiss my radio producing and broadcasting ASS. Clock is ticking Moron.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! I'm happy to report that I have now hired a law firm to sue "Desperate Don" Ecker. The first suit will cover his lies and false claims in the promo he did for his show, the next lawsuits will be over each individual claim, filed separately. Police have also contacted me now re his soliciting of stalkers who make death threats. I hope he doesn't take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

Part One Korff vs Ecker Face Book Rant

Kal Korff: Freedom of speech is one thing, lying with deliberate malicious aforethought and intent and promoting cyberstalkers and people who make death threats against others are all serious crimes. Freedom of speech dies NOT apply to libel, slander ...and defamation.

If any of my exposes of Ecker, please see the video links I posted showing videos filmed years ago are in error, I would retract and correct them. Ecker has no such morals.

Ecker outright LIED when he said I never worked at LLNL, as the video Xpose proves. He LIES when he says I did not do nanodust tests nor put nanodust along the Pakistani and Indian border. Ecker was not there, he was not involved. He is NOT in a "position" to say anything about this subject, let alone lie and say I did or did not do whatever. I went public with what I did because it is all in my new book series anyway, and dozens of people HAVE this nanodust, video of me giving it away to students in India was public months ago when one of the two haters and stalkers Ecker conspires with was also Xposed.

Anonymous said...

Part Two Korff vs Ecker Face Book Rant

So video if my doing exactly this, with video from some if the people who escorted and protected me on this secret trip, is getting released. It was going to come out anyway, since my show was long planned before Ecker started his latest game. As the video proves my bodyguards are black belts, for obvious reasons. I WANT terrorists to know that we ARE using nanotechnology to help nail them. They cannot fight what they cannot see. My new book series has lots of new scoops in it. Ecker refuses to believe I am a Colonel in a PRIVATE organization, the Hebrew name of which he does not know. I reveal it in the new book and specifically cite Ecker and other UFO extremists as examples of how NOT to behave and be, and they're busted. By not disclosing info until the books are out, this gave them all the rope needed to nail them.

Anonymous said...

Part Three Korff vs Ecker Face Book Rant

Their behavior is predictable. It is time it gets Xposed for what it is. Ecker will be given one chance as per laws to retract what he said and tell the truth, or face rightful consequences. Restraining orders can't be issued this fast and I have no interest in them.

Since he broke laws and lies, he deserves prosecution and court action. Now I get to cite this in the new books as even greater examples, and I will, he can't stop me nor truth.

Torture is illegal, period. It is also not needed to obtain truth, and once breaking laws and violating human rights are allowed, the human race has no future. We are Americans, supposed to be better than this.

Torture lovers like Ecker are not.

Anonymous said...

Korff, losing his mind Part 1

Kal Korff: Here's another video Xposing Desperate Don Ecker and it covers my earlier work as a counterterrorism analyst where I wrote articles widely praised after the attacks of 911 by al- Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

Korff, losing his mind Part 2

Kal Korff: Here's another video Xposing "Desperate Don" Ecker, by popular request. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Korff, losing his mind Part 3

Kal Korff: Many of you have been asking me about the videos which Xposed "Desperate Don" Ecker years ago, before his recent lame attempts to get even. Here's one of them:

Anonymous said...

Oo, kalvin is having a real meltdown. Go kalvin, you go girl. Show us that bitchy spite you dribble out so well. I can see it now, kalvin is foaming out his mouth, hair standing on end, spittle dribbling down his chin, stomping his ittsy bittsy footsies in rage!

U go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I got a 6 pack of Staropramen and some tlacinka all set for my listening pleasure tonight.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin K. Karlton is completely distracted and revealing his delusional obsessive psychosis to his Face Book enablers & NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK! Nobody is messaging privately to ask about his videos, one look at any of them is all anybody needs to know that Kalvin is Kompletely Krazy. Lying to the end like a sniveling little bitch. Cuz that's all he is. A sniveling lying little toxic asshole. Burn him Don!

Anonymous said...

Just sent off a huge archive of Kalvin's Face Book posts, going way back, to the admin for use on this blog.

Might as well use the man own words to make our point.

Like karlton says, nobody can speak for Kalvin, except Kalvin.

There you have it.

Good luck Don.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just 3 hours and minutes until launch Kalvin, tick tock tick tock tick tock ----------

KRandle said...

I wonder if Korff knows the docrine of clean hands.

He rants about others making death threats, but he does the same thing.

On March 8, 2007, Korff was demanding that I take down my post about him. He wrote, "Please don't do anything stupid to get yourself in my show. EVERYONE 'featured' in it, either ends up dead, or nailed in court, Kevin."

This is a death threat against me. Of course, I didn't take down the post... Korff, bring it on.

Kevin D. Randle
LTC (IA) Ret.

(That makes me a real colonel.)

Anonymous said...


Shortly, the next salvo will be posted on the internet.

Get ready Kalvin...

See you there.

Anonymous said...

Ah Oh! Looks like just 49 minutes to go. The countdown is ON! What will Kalvin do then? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Got my beer
Got my tlacinka

took care of mrs racerova so now shes alseep



Anonymous said...

3 minutes to show time. It's 5 AM in the CZ. I wonder if Kalvin even slept?

The new material is coming along nicely.

Time for the show.

Anonymous said...

LOL Don called Kal a little shit



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOW the first shot is fired by Art Bell thats like opening your battle with a fucking tactical nuke

rofl rofl rofl


Anonymous said...

1:42 am Eastern - Feb 26 2011 - is down!

Paul said...

A slight correction. While Kevin Randle did indeed accept my debate offer, within a couple of hours of it being made, Korff never accepted it. What Don Ecker is referencing is a subsequent offer made by Rob McConnell to debate on the X-Zone, which Randle also accepted, as did Korff. It was that offer that Korff backed out of with the bogus counter-terrorism charge.

So in the end, it's even worse for Korff than Don made out. One debate offer totally dodged, and another one accepted, and then chickened out of.

Great to hear the Bell segment!

Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

Korff's site seems to be done.

I would hazard a guess that he's working on it and sense he doesn't have a clue about building a web site, he's f'ed it up.

He’s not smart enough to know that you build it "off the net", test it to ensure that it works okay, and then you push it to the server.

I'm positive that he's trying to post some kind of grand response to Don Eckers smack down.

Good luck with that Karlton.

BTW, the first “new” material has been sent out for review.

Anonymous said...

Great show, but I was hoping I would learn something new! SOS, he is so whacked but 99% of the world already knows this.I would love to be on the show if a Part 2 comes to fruition.I know what makes him tick, it's a small thing, minute as a matter of fact,called penis envy!

Sacha Christie Infomaniac Housewife said...

He used to be in my friends list until I realized what a first class butt munching asshole he was.... Stealing my weirdy wordy lingo.... Kal fuck off you sad cunt....

Anonymous said...

Korf... not had much interaction with you... but you're still an absolute shiteatingbrownnosingpillowbitingfucktard....

Anonymous said...

Listened to the Don Ecker show. Not too bad a job, although nothing particularly new that I haven't heard before. The guests did a fine job of putting Kal down, as he rightly deserves.
I think the highlight was when Ms. Tina expressed her opinion about Kal with the use of the word 'frikking', then followed up with the real F-word.

Anonymous said...

The Don Ecker Internet Show (?) was a waste of time, poorly done, very amateur and it was obvious why Mr. Ecker, like Kal Korff, have to depend on the internet for their so called "radio" shows. What was discussed was already known. Nothing new but I hope that a few more eyes were opened.

Anonymous said...

that was the intent.,to open eyes that this guy is a liar...his if he says they are lies, the lies came from no other than him...we have the lies

Anonymous said...

We have more new stuff to reveal. Problem is, there's only so much time, so, why not release what is immediately known and VERIFIED by the guests so the "general public" understand why the show was being produced in the first place?

Korffers know all of it.

We have more new material.

That material is being investigated.

Once vetted, it will be released.

Anonymous said...

It speaks... Lash out Kalvin, that's the reason for the show, don't you know.

Kal Korff: Update: we will receive from India in a few hours the videotape of some of the witnesses who say that Don Ecker is "stupid" for his LIES concerning my using and mixing nanodust at the Indian Pakistani border as I have always claimed and told the truth. Next, they are signing sworn affidavits so that I can SUE ECKER for what he did.


Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! On my new show which airs on Feb 28, one of the segments features some of the people who went with me to the Pakistani Indian border to do the nanodust thing, testify on camera and call Ecker a liar. He deserves it. More definitive Xposes of this hater and extremist will follow, praise YHWH.

Anonymous said...

The words "Haters" and "Extremists" are constantly being thrown out there by Kal describing anyone who disagrees with his ideas and philosophy .... and I didn't know you could sue someone using another country's police and lawyers just for having an opinion. If you don't agree with KAL, sueing is his solution. Politicians disagree all the time without suing each other. Common sense needs to get on board here.

Anonymous said...

>>> Common sense <<<

This is a novel idea indeed.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Let's get one thing clear -- There's a huge difference between the way Don's show is hosted & shared and Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff uploading crap to YouTube. The similarities are superficial and only an IDIOT would consider what they are doing to be the same thing. Don Ecker has a weekly show with a reach and audience. Kalvin Korff does not. He could, but he doesn't and likely never will. Not only would nobody ever have him but he lacks the professionalism and thoroughness to follow through on producing one every week. Kalvin wants to be regarded as a journalist without any real journalism being produced. He's also a liar, a cheat, a con artist, lives off defaming the reputations of others and steals valor from the men/women of all nations fighting the war on terror.

Big difference! And as for the "nothing new" criticism not everybody has been following this drama as closely or long as those who participate on this blog. For some any/all of the information about Kalvin Karlton Korff's fraud in life is brand new. Stating that "it's just all old hat" is remarkably self-centered and doesn't afford others a chance to hop on the learning curve.

Don's show wasn't for the adavcned Korffers, it was for people in general to be alerted to Kalvin's fraud & provide examples of it at work. One also cannot possibly cover ALL of the lies, frauds, con jobs, gross exaggerations and deliberate misrepresentations of Kalvin Korff's professional career as a scam artist in one evening broadcast. His whole life has been one big bullshit routine and Don did his best on scratching the surface for those who didn't know better before they tuned in -- However they tuned in. Over the web, on the air, doesn't matter.s

Anonymous said...

Well said Unknown.

Maybe there will be a part 2? Who knows? Won't really matter...

We have big plans; call it our own "5 year plan" starting with a huge launch of information in a few days.

Unlike Korff, Korffers try to confirm their information.

You know, like the Klassic Art Bell mistake Korff made.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it - the internet radio shows - whether streamed or on YouTube are for people who cannot make it in the real broadcasting world, and listening last night just reaffirmed that reality. Ecker and Korff have one thing in common : they are both want-to-be broadcasters playing out their fantasy on the internet. Neither one of them would be allowed to get away with the manner inwhich they conduct their "interviews" on a professional radio network. Internet radio is one step up from a CB Radio. Ecker and Korff have quite a bit in common - maybe that is why they are at each other all the time.

Anonymous said...

Right on! People on this blog have been laughing at Korff for his template website... isn't Eckers' a template website as well? Bird's of a feather! LOLOLOLOL!

Anonymous said...

Don's personal site is a blog, the radio station site is not his, dummy.

And that's not the point; Korff calls himself out as an IT and web software EXPERT.

He is not.

Onward, it's now 14 days for Don to receive his "action - police - lawyer", documents.

I believe him, do you?

Also, it was 4 PM CZ time, on Sat when Korff supposedly got this information.


Kal Korff: I was just told by my lawyers that we have every LEGAL right, to start billing "Desperate Don" Ecker for the legal docs now being made against him, including the first Cease and Desist letters and Demands for Formal Retraction and Renouncement. They told me that within 14 days, Ecker WILL receive his notices, and also a bill for each one. Should Ecker refuse to comply and pay, it will only cost him more. Praise YHWH.

Don Ecker said...

Well, well well. I see Kalvin has made the jump over here. You keep fucking with me Kalvin, got something really neat planned for you on Dark Matters Radio. One final radio broadcast strike. Keep playing around dummy.

Just received this note in my email from Kalvin. And by the way for general information ... I do DMR 5 nights a week, not one.

The email address that sent this is
Dave U. Random []

Mr. Ecker.

This is OFFICIAL notice to notify you that you are being SUED for LIBEL, SLANDER, AND DEFAMATION OF COLONEL KAL K KORFF.

You have been warned many many times to CEASE your LIES and SLANDER against Colo.Korff, yet you REFUSE TO DO SO.

You have left Colonel Korff with NO CHOICE but to press charges against you, in a court of LAW and bring you to JUSTICE.

We will also be issuing a restraining order against Cyberstaion usa to STOP THEM from broadcasting your amateurish attempt at a radio show.

We have also notified several newspapers of your SUPPORT OF TORTURE AND YOUR THREAT TO WATERBOARD COLONEL KAL KORFF.


Law Office of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Phone: (949) 429-7500
Fax: (949) 429-7505

This fucking moron really does not get it, does he?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Point well taken on your 5 night a week schedule, Don! That's simply not something that Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff would be capable of.

So now "Robert D. Coviello" joins the ranks of other individuals i.e. Martina, Avimi et al, who just happen to type with the same verbal inflections as Kalvin K. Karlton Korff, and share his obsessions as well including press coverage.

(flushing toilet sound)

Anonymous said...

Hello there Korffers:

Here is a bit on intel for you:


During the past eight years as a mediator/arbitrator, Robert Coviello has worked on a number of cases involving a variety of employment and general business disputes. He has been mediating and arbitrating matters involving health care companies, telecommunications corporations, restaurants, hospitals, major hotels, construction companies, national retailers and institutional lenders. Relying on his extensive negotiation and trial experience, Mr. Coviello has mastered the art of bringing parties together to resolve their conflicts. As lead litigation counsel, he has participated in over 100 formal employment mediations involving sexual harassment, wrongful termination (contract and violation of public policy) and all forms of Government Code Section 12940 discrimination. Furthermore, he has personally litigated many complex class action wage and hour claims and as a mediator he has assisted in the successful resolution of numerous large Class Actions and Business and Professions code § 17200 claims.
Robert Coviello, Esq. has been an attorney in California for over 30 years. His extensive civil litigation practice quickly evolved into specialized representation of individuals and management in employment and general business and contract related matters. As a recognized authority, he is a frequent speaker on employment law issues, including sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour litigation issues under both state and federal law. He has conducted several hundred depositions in employment and business dispute cases, has become a designated expert by trial counsel in employment litigation matters, and is further personally responsible for the litigation and trial of matters ranging from harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, wage claims and other related employment torts, business disputes and class actions claims.

Anonymous said...

More on Korff's alleged Lawyer:

•Commercial Contract/General Business
•Real Estate
•Class Actions
Alternative Dispute Resolution Training
•AAA 2007 Annual Review of ADR Law
•AAA Arbitrator Ethics & Disclosures, May 2006
•AAA Employment Arbitrator II Training, San Francisco, 2002
•AAA Employment Arbitrator Training Workshop, San Francisco, October 2000
Professional Associations
•Orange County Bar Association
◦Past Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section
◦Judiciary Review Committee
•California Employment Lawyers
•National Employment Lawyers
•American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)

Anonymous said...

Contact Info for alleged lawyer:

Law Office of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: (949) 429-7500
Fax: (949) 429-7505
Click here for Map.
Email: To Robert D. Coviello:
To Kristin Butler (Asst to Mr. Coviello):

Keep up the great work Korffers!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Excellent work indeed! It also begs the question of why would Mr. Covolio resort to using an identity shrouding anonymous email address to send Don Ecker an email written in the well-known style & prose of Kalvin K. Karlton Korff? I don't doubt for a second that Covolio is a real person, just that he'd send Don such an infantile and absurd email message. If he did then hey, two peas in a pod, and Kalvin struck paydirt by finding the only lawyer who types exactly like he does & shares his obsessions. Including getting press coverage.

Anonymous said...

That email letter to Mr. Ecker was written by none other than Kal himself.
For one thing, attorneys don't make extensive use of all caps. (a common Korff trait).
Secondly, the wording would be a little more 'legalese' not a crude attempt like that one.
I believe there is a law against that sort of misrepresentation.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Coviello has his own website and email address, not the anonymous one.
Incidentally, his fee is $5000 per DAY. That's 5 thousand!
I'm sure Kal can easily afford that.


Anonymous said...

Someone want to call this lawyer and find out if he is legit.?

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker called him. He's for real, this Korff threat, is not.