Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW!!! The OFFICIAL Kal Is an IDIOT Youtube channel!!!!!!

To all the Korffing lads out there here is our very own channel courtesy of the one and only FN!!!

This channel has the utterly ace interviews EXPOSING Kal K. Korff that were heard on Don Ecker's Dark matter radio show with our own EXCLUSIVE not yet broadcast on Dark Matters where F1 racer tells the world his story about Kal K. Korff impersonating a chief financial officer in order to allegedly STEAL electronic goods!!

In response to the first show EXPOSING Kal K. Korff it looks like Kal has shut down his websites and impersonated a barrister to issue a FALSE THREAT to Don Ecker!! ahahahahhhaaahhhaaaahahaha!!

Kal K. Korff has been EXPOSED on a worldwide level!!  I understand the media here in Prague will also be publishing in several papers here stories EXPOSING Kal!!  I also hear that the Czech police are looking for Kal and that criminal charges and deportation are not too far down the road here.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha,! Yeah! Let's hope your local media picks up in this and feeds the beast!

We're not done yet kalvin.

We have more to release but, I think we'll take a break...

Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I just check out the youtube thing. Aces!

I also noticed that Paul Kimball and Guy Weddle already found the channel and friended it.

Go friend and subscribe to this site people, lets make it viral!

Anonymous said...

Yet another deadline missed.

Notice he says many "SEGMENTS", I guess he's already been to the new Youtube channel and he saw the word SEGMENT used repeatedly.

And he tells you that the server load will to high for his FREE server to handle it. Ha, ha, ha,. Check out his Youtube totals to see the truth.

Kal Korff: Video from my new show and its many segments, covering topics from politics to the paranormal, should be up on the new web sites over the upcoming weekend. It won't be on my web site because the server load is too high. I'll post the URLs for the new sites when I have 'em, I answered 17 questions, Ecker and many others all got Xposed. After the vids air, I'll leave it to the lawyers, I'm onto more productive things.bout an hour ago

Anonymous said...

youtube away kal! as long as you didn't sucker anyone into fronting for a show for you ever again i could care less. upload all the bs you want, it ain't a show & you know it. and when all is said and done that's good enough for me. you knowing the depth of your repeated failure once again. while real personalities of interest like don ecker and stanton friedman keep succeeding, doing what they love. you're doing what you love too: lying to people, amounting to nothing, and deluding yourself into thinking you're somebody who matters. you don't.

Anonymous said...

The Youtube channel was just launched a few hours ago and look at this!

#32 - Most Viewed (Today, 2/28/2011) - Reporters - Czech Republic

Yeah! The truth will win out.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Finally having a chance to enjoy Don's fantastic show via the entertaining YouTube channel. FN great to hear your voice! and also Dr. Randle, it's inspiring that you all are willing to take a stand like this. FN sums it up best when he says Kalvin MUST be stopped. I wish I could get more involved but don't know what else there is to add. I can't subscribe to the YouTube channel, unknown means unknown ;D but I've saved the links and will be sending them out to my own posse.

The one thing that kept coming to mind while listening to Don's show is how difficult it is to sum up for others all of the madness that is Kalvin K. Korff. Where to start?? So I think Don did the best thing possible by just diving in and calling the little turd out for what he is. Some great laugh out loud moments even for the initiated, and for the novice or those just being introduced to this saga its like the layer of grated cheese on top of the spaghetti. The real stuff is all woven together & twisted up so completely that pulling out any one strand leaves the rest of the mass more or less intact.

My favorite moment was the very brief discussion of the Royce Meyers connection. Specifically the bafflement in Kevin's voice when remarking that Royce hasn't done anything with the site in four or five years. And that it was just one guy's website, his own personal opinion, and as though it really matters. Kalvin's inability to just drop it and get on with a life of some sort is impossible to comprehend. So great moment there guys! that really hit at the truth of the Korff thing better than anything else. None of it makes any sense to someone who thinks about it objectively for a minute. Even his so-called detractors are more confused & taken aback by being targeted than motivated by the hatred that Kalvin has made part of his own mantra.

Keep up the great work guys!

Anonymous said...

Thx Unknown.

Listening to the Monday Dark Matters Show. More Korffing. F1 Race is on. So cool!