Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kernal Klown still making empty threats

It looks like some things never do and never will change there lads. Blowhard bollocking loud mouth Kal K. Korff has let fly a barrage of laughably new threats to sue again. Don Ecker who hosted a public information session with some of Kal's victims says he has received an email from someone claiming to be from a law office in California. Don points out that the email was sent through some sort of anonymous service but it is obvious it was sent by Kal K. Korff.  A pathetic attempt by Kal to continue stalking and harassing one of his victims. By doing such a thing Kal has ILLEGALLY impersonated someone and has a used a computer for CRIMINAL purposes.

Kal posted this on facebook "I was just told by my lawyers that we have every LEGAL right, to start billing "Desperate Don" Ecker for the legal docs now being made against him, including the first Cease and Desist letters and Demands for Formal Retraction and Renouncement. They told me that within 14 days, Ecker WILL receive his notices, and also a bill for each one. Should Ecker refuse to comply and pay, it will only cost him more. Praise YHWH."

Kal you bloated twat! Barristers do not get to instantly bill someone they do not represent!  And the barrister to which Kal claims is representing him only does mediation and business case. That fucking idiot Kal cannot even bother checking his facts before anonymously sending his own threat! ahahahahahahaha!!  And Kal you do know that when you add the letter S to something such as the word lawyer that means more than 1 lawyer? The barrister you pretend to be representing practises alone!!  You fuckwit numbnutted cunt Kal! You really are that stupid Kal!!! This what Kal sent to Don and Kal actually thinks anyone is going to take this as anything but more bollocks? ahahahahahhhhaaaaa!!!  YOU ARE A JOKE KAL!

Mr. Ecker.

This is OFFICIAL notice to notify you that you are being SUED for LIBEL, SLANDER, AND DEFAMATION OF COLONEL KAL K KORFF.

You have been warned many many times to CEASE your LIES and SLANDER against Colo.Korff, yet you REFUSE TO DO SO.

You have left Colonel Korff with NO CHOICE but to press charges against you, in a court of LAW and bring you to JUSTICE.

We will also be issuing a restraining order against Cyberstaion usa to STOP THEM from broadcasting your amateurish attempt at a radio show.

We have also notified several newspapers of your SUPPORT OF TORTURE AND YOUR THREAT TO WATERBOARD COLONEL KAL KORFF.


Law Office of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Phone: (949) 429-7500
Fax: (949) 429-7505

No actual and professional barrister would ever bother with such rubbish.  YOU AREN'T FOOLING ANYONE KAL.   Also Kal you need to actually have enough money to hire a barrister and everyone knows you are living spare these days jumping from flat to flat hiding out. Only an extremist coward and hater like Kal K. Korff would ever send an anonymous message like this. Only a fucking fruitcake like Kal would drag Mr. Coviello into Kal's twisted and sick little fantasy without regard for anyone else. And just remember Kal that these anonymous email companies will not protect your identity when you commit a crime like criminal impersonation and stalking. While there might be humor now and then about Kal K. Korff it is my opinion that he has the potential to be a dangerous lunatic and this latest in a long list of stalking and harassment Kal has made against his victims is usually where nutjobs start making plans to get even. Kal K. Korff is turning into a religious extremist if you have not noticed. Just like the Jihandists Kal pretends to fight Kal K. Korff is no better than any of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, stealing the identity and posing as a lawyer?


Anonymous said...

Ron Garcia: You are the Man Kal

Kal Korff: Thanks for the compliment, but I am just me. I'll keep everyone informed and make it all public so that everyone knows the truth about Ecker, vs. what he falsely claims.

Ron Garcia: Kal I like all your informative post ,look forward to reading them everyday.

Don Ecker said...


I called the Law Offices of Robert D. Coviello, left a message with my home telephone number and Mr. Coviello called me back. I informed him of what korff did, then forwarded the note to Mr. Coviello and needless of me to say, but he was not amused at all by any of this. What is he going to do? He said he was going to give this all the due consideration and make up his mind shortly.

Now, how in any of "God's green Earth" did korff expect to get away with this? With my law enforcement background, did he think I wouldn't call this attorney? As soon as I saw this email I knew it was not real. korff only managed to give me more ammunition to use against him. This person MUST be clinically insane.

Anonymous said...

Just heard from a Fellow Korffer. They gave us the okay to release a very private and very telling Korff transmission.

Activity at Korffing Centre is in over drive, and we have so much material to go through, with many items almost ready to push to the server, that we're sorry to say, this amazing "document" will have to wait its turn in the queue.

It'll be worth every minute of the wait.

You'll be gobsmacked!

Anonymous said...

Another Face Book smck down and Korff's long, ranting, crazy response.

Part 1

Michele Risso: Obviously he isn't stupid, frankly Kal you sound like a fifth grader ! I'm so sick of your crap, I know you relish the attention. I guess bad attention is better than no attention for a Narcissist like you!

Kal Korff: Michele, I do not hate anyone, period. I have always said this and was raised not to hate people. I do not hate anyone, and you know better.

Since I am the only person qualified to speak for me, your position concerning me here is wrong, sorry to have to correct you here. If you were right, I would admit it, I don't mind being wrong. Being wrong is often a key part in learning.

No I do not "relish" the attention, especially from someone like Ecker, since i have no extremists and haters who are my friends, i never associate with such types.

Ecker was exposed in several videos i did years ago only because like now, he lied back then and targeted me. Had he not done so, I would ignore him, and did for 11 years until HE broke laws and attacked.

Anonymous said...

Another Face Book smsck down and Korff's long, ranting, crazy response.

Part 2

I can't let stalkers and people who make death threats against me get away with such behavior, it is wrong and illegal. The police and courts agree. So does state and federal govt. Reporting them to police and taking action is the right thing to do. Freedom of speech does NOT apply here. It is not relevant.

In the interest of truth and doing what is right, I have a moral obligation to do so.

I wish people would not make things up about others, not make death threats just because they "disagree," but they DO. And if people let those who terrorize others get away with it, then what is called civilized behavior has no chance of winning and humanity loses as a whole.

I am NOT narcissistic, period. I am an average looking guy, always have been. I don't care if I am on tv or radio or not. Been on it plenty of times, it isn't an ego thing at all. It is also part of what I have done since high school as you know firsthand.

The Unknown Korffer said...

He absolutely had to know this would explode in his face and did it anyway because he's bat shit crazy. Cut & dried impersonation or identity theft of some kind. And the Colonel Korff bullshit is back in full force too. He's lost any control he had over his behavior. I hope whomever is harboring him in their home is aware that he is out of control and likely capable of some grand act of supreme stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Another Face Book smsck down and Korff's long, ranting, crazy response.

Part 3

I am also not acting "spoiled" on this issue either, you could not be more wrong. What I AM doing is disproving and Xposing Ecker and his various claims. As the legal victim in this case, I have that right.

Ecker broke the laws, period. The laws do not allow libel, slander, defamation and malicious intent, such actions are in fact hate crimes. I have every right to defend myself and get the facts out there and let the public decide as they will.

Since Ecker makes up his "facts" one cannot just let such claims go unchallenged and refuted, unless one does not care about the truth and fighting against stalkers and extremists.

Nowhere in any dictionary on this planet is the definition of narcissism one who is suing and defending against libel, slander, defamation, lies, cybertstalking, death threats, and with deliberate malice. Ecker has either done all of this, or has chosen to aid and abet it. His decisions to act illegally are deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Another Face Book smsck down and Korff's long, ranting, crazy response.

Part 4

Santa Claus didn't force him into anything. Instead, Ecker CHOOSES to behave this way, and as long as the laws in nearly every country on this planet continue to say that it is illegal and wrong, it is illegal and wrong and only actionable, unless one does not care about defending truth and doing what's right.

Anonymous said...

And more....

Michele Risso: Typical narcissistic trait, reflect the mirror and talk about what hatred these are when you are a hater too. At least be a man enough to own up and say Yea, I'm human, there are things and people I hate, but that would be too mature for a ...fifth grader, huh?

Kal Korff: I'm not a fifth grader, so I can't add anything to what I already said. Until the laws support your position and various dictionaries do, they don't.

Kal Korff: I don't own a mirror, sorry to disappoint you. I don't own a hair dryer either, nor cologne, nor any designer nor fancy clothes, and the only jewelry I have is my Jewish wedding band. YHWH gives me this right, especially as a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Michele Risso: I believe that because he's seriously "torturing me" while I wait for the untruths and truths to be revealed tonight on his show at, the, so tune in fellow "friends and fans" of Kal, then we can start some healthy dialogue to post whether you believe these grand delusions as truth or fiction.

Anonymous said...

lol he doesn't know what narcissist means

RICHARD said...
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RICHARD said...

provide a bad

sqijuaygwdfwdgric said...

Here's a few:

and of course

where you will find Kalvin Korff listed under "Victims of Cyberpaths & Predators Speak Out About..."

Anonymous said...

Boo Woo.

Keep lying Kalvin.

Notice, his book series will be released in 60 days, having already posted an announcement to post the "upcoming video" Korff NEVER posted, of Korff mailing off his manuscript, over Two (2) years ago.


I predict that we will see a video of Korff, rummaging through the Indian soil, planting... nothing and then discuss the testing of the planting of, nothing.


.PDF imaage sent to admin for future posting, maybe, maybe not.

Kal Korff: Here's two images which Xpose "Desperate Don" Ecker. They show one of the eyewitnesses and participants in the nanodust soil experiments I conducted secretly along the Indian-Pakistani border, then went public about. The full details are in my new book, as are exposes of extremists and haters like Ecker, who promotes cyberstalkers and... people who threaten to "kill" me, and advocates torture. Ecker is now the subject of legal action and formal complaints with the police. More details and video from this direct eyewitness proving that Ecker lied, will be featured in my new show which airs Feb 28th. The full story, including video and photos taken during the actual operation itself, are all in my new book series which should be in the publisher's hands in about 60 days. Ecker is called "Desperate Don," because a longtime colleague of his who no longer supports his antics, says this nickname fits him. I agree.

Anonymous said...

What legal action!?!

Your "lawyer", you know, the one you impersonated, already went public. He's never heard of you.

Law Office of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

You're busted AGAIN, in real time by real people of identity theft and impersonation.

What more will it take?

Run away Kalvin before we release even more information you can't hide from.

Anonymous said...

Newest rant from kal on facebook says don ecker lied.....I think kal is getting his words mixed up, lying and not believing are words with two different meanings. If you don't believe someone is using nano dust, that is not lying and is one's personal opinion. Only crazy people would think they could sue because someone doesn't believe their many fabrications.

Anonymous said...

Just did an interview with the mighty Don Ecker. It will air tomorrow night!! I go over the whole Milos Bartu/Sedlacek thing.


Jimmy_D said...

Good on you, F1.

Kalvin - your disgraceful treatment of Mr S is what drove me into Korffing. Before, your abysmal, crappy, "English language" column drove me to exasperation and a kind of desperate hilarity. But your public humiliation of this fine gentlemen (whose honor - as far as he is concerned - you stole) inspired in me an implacable, sheer, molten loathing.

You are scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after Kal 'stole' those 2 iPods and a Macbook from Cables & Simms, charged to Mr. S and company, (worth $3000+ USD), he later put up a YouTube video which shows him selling them on a street corner and to several women.
Later, after receiving a simple demand for payment from Milos Bartu, he took it as a threat to his person. Later on, he got some used junk pieces and sent them to Cable & Simms as restitution and payment in full. Of course that offer was totally rejected, So then Kal went ballistic. As a result, another YouTube video claiming he did the right and proper thing, but after several more tries with that, Kal finally said (on YouTube) 'Fuck you Milos'.
Hopefully someone has saved those deleted videos somewhere.

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL $5k/hr lawyer. Has Mr. Covolio indicated any interest in helping to send Little Kalvin crying back home to his mommy? Little Kalvin could look at his flying saucer books and lecture the grown-ups all the live long day.

The Unknown Korffer said...

*Coviello, sorry my bad.

We need someone with a background in psychiatry to explain why in hell Kalvin would set himself up to be caught so easily. He must seriously get something out of being caught and having to concoct counter-lies to explain for the apparent lack of foresight.

In any event this lawyer now joins the ranks of individuals who have been victimized or targeted by Kalvin K. Karlton Korff without their even being aware he existed. The only people in his world are his victims, alibis, and innocent bystanders not yet targeted. Now we see that profession, success and standing do not make one immune. He will target anybody he thinks can be useful.

Don Ecker said...

Korff, you Village Idiot .. I do hope you check this site.

From my FaceBook page.

Dealing with someone that does not make any sense can be frustrating. An almost 50 year old man that "pretends" to be in a real intelligence organization, and who attacks, smears and libels people he disagrees with is even more frustrating. And now this "village idiot" tried to intimidate me by stealing the ID of a practicing attorney and telling me he is going to sue me for libel and slander because of my "Kal Korff Expose Show" on my radio program .. Dark Matters Radio. So, in light of the phony attorney letter I ended up doing a bit more investigating. On Monday February 28th I am going to report on the theft of over $3,000.00 of electronic equip. that Korff perpetrated against Czech Humanitarian Mr. Vojtech Sedlacek. You see, Korff was hired by Mr. V. Sedlacek as an English Teacher for his employee's. He however mis-represented himself as a "Chief Financial Officer" for Sedlacek's firm and under this false identity he convinced a Mr. Milos Bartu of the firm of Cables and Simms to give Korff electronic equip. and bill Mr. Sedlacek who had absolutely no knowledge of what was going on. Then when all this was discovered and Korff was caught he tried to get his mother to cover for him. Whew!! What a tangled web we weave when we attempt to deceive ....

I spoke to someone in the Czech Republic today who was involved in investigating this theft and will report on this with his interview. By the way, the Czech Police still are looking for this thief ... Kal Korff.

At one point Korff did a double video where he "tore into Mr. Milos Bartu" in a vicious and vulger manner" and later removed the videos. The videos however were captured and if you would like to see a man whose mind is melting down on video and is desperately lying to save his ass ... well here they are.

By the way, Korff is wearing his phony military costume and claims he is a "Colonel in Counter-Intelligence." Keep it up Korff, keep it up. Lots more to come.

After I posted the above, I heard from Canadian Film Producer Paul Kimball. Kimball has had his own share of experiences with our favorite village idiot. Paul shared this link which he titled "The Kal Korff Jam." If you listened to video 2 above ... well then you will get it .. and I add the following here on KKIA blog,you will laugh your ass off!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE in these videos how Kal "justifies" his theft of Cables and Simms by stating that they inflate their prices too much and therefore got what they deserved. And that somehow, because Kal would sell these items he STOLE for cheaper than Cables and Sims would SELL them, that it makes his theft PERFECTLY LEGAL.



Anonymous said...

How's that show prep coming, Kal?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Yeah he's got on them colonel's wings here, clearly using US Military rank insignia to further his fraud of being some sort of war on terror soldier/volunteer and give him an instant voice of authority or legality. Total fraud, tempted to run this video past the POW Network folks.

What was the excuse he'd given for why the Super Duper Services uses US Military rank insignia again? It's been a while. Stolen Valor all the way and he looks like a total fucking retarded idiot. Now if only we can find the video where he is distributing the stolen goods to his buyers in Prague who unwittingly became accomplices after the fact.

Anonymous said...

wondering what that round badge on his left shoulder above the eagle insignia is. us marshall's maybe? its not there by accident, thats for sure. its supposed to mean something just like the eagles. along with the flags behind him he looks like somebody trying to appear official as an intimidation tactic.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff has pulled down all template pages from this site:

What's it all mean Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

More template web site news.

Korff pulled off all the links at the top of his template web site menu, except his link with pull down.

No more Martina,, Critical Thinkers, ufowatchcat, etc.

I'm POSTIVE that when he figures out HOW to repair this issues, that those links will be back up there.


Maybe things are shaking up Kalvin's world?

No matter. There's a huge release of information, coming today....


Anonymous said...

So how'd the show go, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Not to digress but I have seen a pattern emerging when I'm on facebook since I'm friends with both Kal and Martina, the aging, fictitious grandma model Kal is Bff's with! Strangely enough they both post comments within seconds of each over! How uncanny an unsurprising there! Of course Martina usually only posts what homely, unsuspecting, friends might think is "normal" for an aging hipster like herself would post, especially cool video clips from such groovy dudes like Snoop Dogg feat. Dr Dre on such wholesome tunes like "I wanna fuck you" and other garbage like that! Funny.., my only comment I could respond with was "Kal, I wanna fuck you too, fuck you over!"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... maybe his telephone booth was occupied! Still no change at Is it possible that this ia another Korff Failure?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Korffers,

The information has been pushed to the servers.

Listen to Don Eckers show tonight to find out more.

I'll send to URL, etc., to the admin as well.

Time for a new thread!

Anonymous said...

Well, we still have 5 hours left on the west coast. Still waiting Korff.