Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel still in TOP 5!!!

Well lads it looks as though our very own youtube channel put up by FN is still holding in the TOP 5 with the Czech media as the the 3rd most subscribed to by Czech reporters!!! My understanding is that it is only a matter of time before many stories about this cracked fool Kal K. Korff are seen in the larger more reputable media in the Czech Republic. It must be embarrassing for Americans to have this arse running about at the mouth with his wild tales and crazy antics and whatnot. I want to address this nonsense about Kal being what he makes reference to as an accredited journalist. The simple truth behind this title Kal has anointed unto himself is IT IS A BLATANT LIE!!!!  There is NO SUCH THING as an accredited journalist!! Another lie coming from Kal is not at all surprising considering he is living a lie.  I just wonder how Kal can say he is a patriot to his country when he LIES claiming to be an Israeli agent?????? How many more times does Kal have to be EXPOSED for the PRETENDER and LIAR he is???????  Where are all the free ipads Kal????  FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!!!  Speaking of failure and Kal because they go hand in hand............................
We can handle the truth Kal but it looks like you cannot. Add another notch to the FAIL stick that is Kal K. Korff. FAIL FAIL FAILURE!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post and update KIAI!

More videos are being made. Expect another post very soon.

Kalvin, you see what's going on?

Your ass is being handed to you.

Your Flake Book friends no longer respond.

Your lies are known far and wide.

This will not stop, until you do.

The CZ media are working on a story asshole.

Grants Pass OR., expect to be contacted, soon.


Jimmy_D said...

Karlton - I ... we .... keep telling you.

Stop the lies.

Take down your website and cancel your FB and YouTube accounts. Oh - and then crawl back into your hole.

That's all you have to do, and all of this will stop.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You know, Kalvin really is a master of disguise ... a chameleon.

The hobo in the shower looks nothing like the North Korean despot figure in the photo accompanying the previous post; and neither resemble - for example - the Karlton who appears in the YouTube clip entitled "David Biedny THREATENS Colonel Kal Korff with Physical Harm".

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

"KalIsrael"- not only are you as mad as a sackful of frogs, you are also very, very, VERY stupid.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Serial killer Ted Bundy was also renowned for his chameleon like changing appearance from photo to photo, including an apparent ability to gain or lose weight quickly based on need. He was also known to carry fake badges and impersonate law enforcement officers, and enjoyed slapping the cuffs on in person for real. Interesting how many attributes Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff shares with known psychopathic monsters isn't it. I would be very very concerned to learn that someone like KALVIN were living on my block. The term "registered sex offender" also enters the mind: Perhaps fleeing such registration requirement is a reason why Kalvin chose the Czech Republic as his haven? It wasn't just the cheap rent.

Anonymous said...

All bloviating and bullshit.

13 days ago:

March 10 at 8:18am

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! The Intl Law firm of Narinder Chhibba/Lahkvir Mohd (which does NOT have a web site); have FINISHED their letter and ULTIMATUM to Don Ecker, who is arguably now more desperate, if not unstable.

Followed up by a 724 word rant. Way to use Face Book dummy.

And then?

Nothing. ZERO. No follow up, no more lawyer e-mails...

Oh, a couple of meier videos showing Kalvin, bloated and ranting.

"Forget what I posted 8 days ago..."

Sue Don Ecker Kalvin.

You lying loser.


Anonymous said...

Been off Flake Book for 24 hours. Guess he's gone an assignment for another day, saving the world.


Anonymous said...

well it could be that he is off getting his asshole bleached. he has gotten butt fucked here so much lately.

Anonymous said...

>>> well it could be that he is off getting his asshole bleached. he has gotten butt fucked here so much lately. <<<

Ha, ha, ha,! That's freaking great!!!!


Your New Agent said...

Kal! I have a great idea! Do you still have access to that shower? Cool. Now steal a nice towel and some safety pins, charge up your camcorder, grab a can of Old Spice and start making some fake commercials. It's perfect for you! Your You Tube numbers will sky-- er, at least increase. You can entertian people in an honest way, and you can stop all the Walter Mitty nonsense. It just makes you look retarded, and who needs that?

Anonymous said...

Yet another video up on our youtube channel!


Korff has got to be hating this!?!

How could he not?

I know I would.

Kalvin Korff, "What goes around, comes around."

Kalvin Korff, "I used to like Judas Priest, then I found out the lead singer was guy..."

Korffing for a Korff-Free Interent.

Korffers Unite.

God Bless Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

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